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Red=Original members

Name: Steve and Debbie Kleinendorst
eBay ID: tevek1@msn.com
Email: tevek1@msn.com
APS: 18842
Interests: U.S. Classics Back of Book Hawaii Just organizing World Coll. Greenland

Name: Fred Moore
eBay ID: tilton
Email: fmoore1@maine.rr.com
APS: 162436
Interests: World Wide Collector US Plate Blocks US First Day Covers Philatelic Literature
Name: Teresa L. Weigand
eBay ID: tersa
Email: terryw@ix.netcom.com
APS: 190156
Interests: Anything to do with the year 1957 on stamps
Name: Bill Herbert
eBay ID: tycophil
APS: 182302
Interests: U.S. Classics, Postal History, CSA, etc.
Name: Tom Riccio
eBay ID: trihard
Email: TRi9650694@aol.com
Interests: U.S. especially PB, LP, PNC, airmail & special delivery, incl. covers
Name: Joe Tarchie
eBay ID: tarchie
APS: 187553
Interests: 1847-1868 US Postal History-stamps and rates, plating #11 Pl 3L 3 rows, US general, Canada. Also interested in starting Stamps Club in Colonial Beach, VA to get youth interested.
Name: Thaddeus P. Bejnar
eBay ID: Thaddeus-B
Email: thaddeus@trail.com
Burma, Southeast Asia, Albania and fringing into cinderellas - and the rest of the non-US world.
Name: Tim L. Sommer
eBay ID: tsommer@pclink.com
Email: tsommer@pclink.com
APS: 188125
Interests: WW2 patriotic covers, Advertising covers (Furniture related). WW2 German Propaganda Cards. Part time dealer in WW country lots and collections!

Name: Todd A. Hirn
eBay ID: thirn
Email: thirn@ucnsb.net
APS: 135806
Interests: PO Seals, US Private Perfs
Name: Tom McGinty
eBay ID: Thosmcg@aol.com
Email: Thosmcg@aol.com
WW used. Kiloware and packets
Name: Tom Rose
eBay ID: trose3
Email: tomrose@redshift.com
U.S. Mint
Name: Bill Graney
eBay ID: toeswest
New Zealand - 1893 Advertisement Stamps.
Name: Tim Anderson
eBay ID:
APS: 25 year member
Used British Caribbean through 1936
Name: Yves Pollart
eBay ID: the-keydet
Email: yep@paonline.com
US (Mint & Used) BELGIUM ( MINT & USED)
Name: Kermit Johnson
eBay ID:
U.S.,used; Canada; Brit. empire. buaetiful and historical topics.
Name: Patricia Havis
eBay ID: thavis
Email: sunnyblu@mail.com
Collecting year of the Rat stamps and souvenir sheets, other rat/mouse/rodent stamps, goldfish stamps and souvenir sheets
Name: terr y dover
eBay ID:
Interests: german republic..berlin..australia
Name: David Minshew
eBay ID: texasstamps
Email: dminshew@flash.net
20th Century US Used Commeratives,
Name: Brian McInturff
eBay ID: tiedonseals
Email: philatelist@earthlink.net
APS: 184486
Interests: "Tied On Seals" and US classics & postal history
Name: ed kroft
eBay ID: tabul
Email: ekroft@mccarthy.ca
israel and palestine
Name: Tina Hovlin
eBay ID: theswedishtiger
Email: tina@theswedishtiger.com
British Commonwealth
Name: Reuben D. Cedino
eBay ID: triddd
Email: cedino@cdo.weblinq.com
Spanish-Philippines, Revolutionary Government, USPI Period, Japanese Occupation, Republic Stamps.
Name: Terence Hines
eBay ID: thines
Email: terencehines@gateway.net
APS: 87960
Interests: Hanover, NH postal history. State revenues of the New England states. Dutch Indies & Indonesian revenues. US special delivery stamps, E12 to date on cover. Reconstruction of Warsaw, Poland stamps and postal history.
Name: Maarten Willems
eBay ID: trianglemaarten
Email: elvicma@wxs.nl
1. Worldwide triangular stamps, mint + on cover (advanced collection)
2. Palindromes on stamps/covers (recently started collection)
Name: John Forsyth
eBay ID: tidbinbilla1
Email: jforsyth@pacific.net.au
APS: 149267
Interests: US, Greenland, Latvia
Name: Dirk HR Spennemann
eBay ID: thurgoona
Email: dspennemann@csu.edu.au
Interests: German colonial Pacific, particularly Micronesia
Homepage:  http://life.csu.edu.au/people/dirk
Name: Allan Oliver
eBay ID: tallan.ent
Email: allan@tallanent.fsnet.co.uk
Interests: GB Pre-stamp - circa 1951 Used, Canada up to 1951 Used, India up to independence Used, South Africa up to independence Used, Ireland up to circa 1968 Used, British Post Office Training school Mint and Used.
Name: Stanley Beerenfenger
eBay ID:tasmanian-devil-2001
Email: sbeerenfeng@inspection.gc.ca
I collect the 1952 Jehudi Ashmun issues of Liberia
Name: Tad Mackie
eBay ID: tadmackie
APS: 167389
Other Memberships: ARA, Mepsi, USPCS, USSS, OSSG, etc.
Interests: registered eBay September 1996
Name: Tracy Chan
eBay ID: tracelaze
Email: KismetStalker@aol.com
Interests: Collects stamps of all sorts
Name: John Van Oort
eBay ID: Twicetied
Email: jvanoort@adelphia.net
APS: 195090
Interests: US, Canada, Southern Africa and WW Classic
Name: Michael Schmiedl
eBay ID:topraven1
Email: Briefmarken@Michael-Schmiedl.de
Member of: BDPh
Interests: Germany & Areas from the Beginning to 1959
Name: Roger Bucknall
eBay ID:the_whizz
Email: roger.bucknall@ntlworld.com
Interests: My collecting interests are varied as I have collected just about anything over the years. But my main interests are France, Australia, Canada, Lebanon, Isle of Man and most Commonwealth countries. I collect GB but not as a main subject. I also like silk covers and miniature sheets together with a thematic interest in Butterflies.
Name: Duane Nielsen
eBay ID: tankerdood
Email: tankerdood@comcast.net
Interests: MNH Dino and prehistoric singles, sets, sheets, S/Ss.
Name: Bill Phillips
eBay ID: tuckben
Email: tuckben6@aol.com
APS: 177980
Interests: Worldwide to 1965
Name: Steve Taylor
eBay ID: taylor66
Email: taylor.61@osu.edu
Name: Stephen Bickers
eBay ID: the-friar-sven
Email: stephen@friarsven.freeserve.co.uk
Interests: British Commonwealth (especially "dead" entities), Hungary and General Postal History
Name: Ken Wiebusch
eBay ID: timesurfer-lv
Email: timesurfer3@cox.net
Interests: U.S. Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps (Duck Stamps); U.S. color missing error stamps; day of birth U.S. cancels on cover; and uncommon and/or rare U.S. issues.
Name: Sherri Henry
eBay ID: top_totty
Email: jah888@msn.com
Interests: Victorian GB & Commonwealth; Triangles
Name: Theron Hunter
eBay ID: thunter43
Email: yakimaboy43@msn.com
Interests: US, Canadian, British Commenwealth
Name: Tsu Soo Tan
eBay ID: tants_bsac
Email: tants_bsac@yahoo.com
Interests: Scuba diving, rugby, seashells, medicinal herbs, wine, biotech, Eiffel Tower, lenticular stamps.
Name: Tony Evans
eBay ID: tonyevans1
Email: tonyevans2@bigpond.com
Interests: Helgoland/Heligoland and UPU
Name: Tom Schackmann
eBay ID: tschackattack
Email: tomschackm@aol.com
Interests: I collect canceled stamps from the US, Russia, Israel and Greece.
Name: Kirill Parakhin
eBay ID: traderussia
Email: traderussia7@gmail.com
Interests: Mint fauna, cosmos, aviation, automobiles and etc.
Name: Hakan Yilmaz
eBay ID: toplayici
Email: hakan.yilmaz@fnss.com.tr
Interests: Ottoman period stamp, cover all interest...

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