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We counted 517 members on March 14th, 2005
New Board of Directors as of April 1st, 2008:
  • Milenko Obilinovic (eBay ID: lluehhhb) is President
  • Bill Seymour (eBay ID: billsey) is Executive Assistant
  • Peter Gorton (eBay ID: greenwave4u) is Media Relations Officer
  • Matthew Liebson (eBay ID: paperhistory) is APS Representative
Special thanks go to the outgoing 2007/2008 directors:
President Mitchell Ward (eBay ID: antonius-ra)
Executive Assistant Bill Seymour
(eBay ID: billsey)
Media Relations Officer Peter Gorton
(eBay ID: greenwave4u)
APS Representative Matthew Liebson
(eBay ID: paperhistory)
whose assistance and advice will still be welcome.

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This is a community creation by eBay Stamp Board users. Thanks to all who contribute!

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Many Special thanks to the webmaster Rob Faux for all the work he did!

And thanks to George and Gavin Lipscomb for prior work and efforts on these pages.

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