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Name: Jon Papadimitriou
eBay ID: evrytania
Email: evrytania@geocities.com
APS: 191166
Interests: Greek Hermes Heads, Early US, Mexico, interesting covers.
Name: Eric Hochman
eBay ID: erich@echonyc.com
Interests: British colonies, U.S. Revenues, fakes/forgeries/cinderellas/strange stuff
Name: Clive F. Jacks
eBay ID: expcman
Email: cfjacks@comcast.net
collect first day covers, not stamps; besides US, I also collect Canada, Great Britain, France, Israel, Japan and China (PRC).
Name: Elliott Vorce
eBay ID:
Email: evorce@linkny.com
US 19th and early 20th centuries Canada, especially Newfoundland British Colonies
Name: Lisa Wooldridge
eBay ID: ephempress
Email: woolee4@aol.com
APS: 185338
Interests: The Panama-Pacific Exhibition, Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area) post cards and covers, Catalina Island related, and unusual vintage post cards.
Name: Eric J. Rieger
eBay ID: ejrieger
Email: ejrieger@hotmail.com
Pre-1914 American Stamps, Japanese Stamps
Name: Alison Ruttenberg
eBay ID: eddiephilatelic
Postal History from Wars (either occupation overprints or postmarks or content relating to wars), especially US Civil War, Russian Civil War, WWI, WWII (and immediate aftermath), the most recent Balkans War, the 1981 Falkland Islands War and various Middle East conflicts.
Name: Eddie Benson
eBay ID: ed845
Location: Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Interests: Belgium Railway Parcel Stamps, used.
Name: Dr. Edward Field
eBay ID: ecf2000
Email: ecfjr@adelphia.net
Other Memberships: AAMS, US Classics Society
Interests: US 1869 pictorals, Zepps, WW airmails
Name: Edgar Russell (Russ)
eBay ID: eerussell
Email: eerussell@comcast.net
APS: 120167
Interests: US Mint and world wide
Name: Enrique Setaro
eBay ID: ensetaro
Email: ensetaro@gmail.com
APS: 195446
Other Memberships: Hollywood & South Miami Stamp Clubs
Interests: Pre-1940: Argentina, West Europe, Antarctica, Zeppelins
eBay ID: egvid
APS: 119022
Other Memberships: Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society #561 and Site Manager for www.ryukyustamps.org
Interests: Ryukyu Islands, US EFO's, French Colony Proofs & Essays, Global Airmail, Isle of Man, and Modern US Postal History.

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