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Red=Original members

Name: Lee Neads
eBay ID:
Email: lneads@aol.com
Name: Larry Manke
eBay ID: lmanke7744@aol.com
Email: lmanke7744@aol.com
APS: 190473
Interests: U.S. mint 26 used
Name: Ron Robertson
eBay ID:
Email: rrobertson@home.com
APS: 164897
Interests: Latin America, Scandinavia, Postal History
Name: Albert C. Emanuel
eBay ID: lazyaceaz
Email: LazyAceAZ@aol.com
APS: 191002
Interests: Collect Germany (all areas), US Classics, Philippines (especially U.S. Administration), Hawaii
Name: Len Bell
eBay ID: Len100
Email: lbell@loop.com
Interests: Canada, Australia, Cinderellas and Cats on stamps
Name: Mark M. Morrison
eBay ID: luxmark
Email: mark@americancoatings.com
APS: 66851
Luxembourg, Western Europe, General
Name: Bill Lenarz
eBay ID:
APS: 65112
Interests: Chile (exhibit Presidentes), Latin America, US precancels and perfins, fishery related stamps and covers
Name: Leif Petersen
eBay ID:
I collect Denmark, Faroe, Greenland, Aland, Ireland, Israel, Vatican and Europa (CEPT)all in MNH.
Name: Dave Southgate
eBay ID: Luca007
Email: dave.southgate@chelseafc.net
GB stamps all issues Channel Islands Isle of Man Gibraltar
Name: Bill Longley
eBay ID:
Canadian postal history
Name: Michael Straube
eBay ID: lineking@earthlink.com
Email: lineking@earthlink.com
APS: 183867
Interests: Germany and all related
Name: A. Lavar Taylor
eBay ID: lavart
Email: lavartaylor@earthlink.net
APS: 156501
Interests: German colonies, German seapost and shippost, Germany, Hong Kong, [stamps and postal history for all of the above]. modern US officials on cover.
Name: J.M.S.
eBay ID:legiposta
Philatelic achievements: I am a serious collector of 50 years standing (I am 71 years old). I am a member of the Spanish Study Circle, the Hungarian Philatelic Society of G.B. and a past President and Life Member Of the Southampton and District Philatelic Society (England)
Interests: Hungarian Postal History 1900-1950 and Postal History of the Alphonso XIII period of Spain (1900-1931).
Name: Laurel Alves
eBay ID: Laura598
APS: application being processed
Interests: New collector US 1880-1950 maybe japan or china
Name: Derren Carman
eBay ID:letimbre
Email: vedraco@uniserve.com
Member of: Member and past treasurer of B.C. Philatelic Society, Member of International Society of Japanese Philately
Interests: My main interests are:
Postal history of the Axis nations; esp. General gouvernement, Manchoukuo,
German occupied Luxembourg and civil censorship. Greater Vancouver ( B.C. ) postal history, World's Fairs and Expositions
G.B. Machins ( mint ), with several lesser collections centered around whatever-strikes-my-fancy :-)
Name: Larry LaFoe
eBay ID: llafoe
Email: lafoe@comcast.net
Interests: Indiana Stampless Covers - Anything from Crawfordsville, Indiana or Wabash College
Name: Milenko Obilinovic
eBay ID: lluehhhb
Email: mobilino@gmail.com
Interests: Chile
Name: Lou Newby
eBay ID: lou4cards
Email: lou4cards@comcast.net
Interests: I now collect general WW stamps. I get more enjoyment helping an old timer who is not computer savvy add to his collection. I take him to local estate and stamp auctions. The biggest thrill is my grand daughter who collects every thing. She then looks for stamps with what she collecting today.
Name: Lloyd de Vries
eBay ID: LloydStamps
Email: stamps@pobox.com
APS: 126181
Other Memberships: VSC, APS, AFDCS, ATA, NSDA, others
Interests: Modern and unusual first day covers, mostly U.S.

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