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Red=Original members

Name: Jim Watson
eBay ID: jimbo
Email: nfn05917@naples.net

APS: Life Member #7318-52620
Interests: US, US 1861-67, NE Colo PH, UN, Jamaica, Tiny Covers, etc

Name: Jed Dorman
eBay ID: jrdorman
Email: jrdorman@yucca.net

Interests: German States, Germany to 1946, German Occupation

Name: James W. Long
eBay ID: jim824
Email: jim824@warwick.net

Interests: US Flag Stamps
Name: Jim Owens
eBay ID: jowens1
Email: jowens@gwis.com

APS: 185629
Interests: Federal / State Duck Stamps

Name: Jack F. Friedman
eBay ID:
Email: jfreedom@niia.net

APS: 158617
Interests: Germany Pre 1960 (East & West) Israel, Belgium
Name: Jack Phelps
eBays ID= jphelps@globalsite.net
Email: jphelps@globalsite.net

Interests: US 1847 to 1997 and Indiana Postal History
Name: Alan Andrews
eBay ID: jogger

APS: 148682
Interests: GB Booklets. Victoria, Edward VII and ER II all mint/used.

Names= Jason Stephens
eBay ID:
Email: Jabarten@aol.com

APS: 157839
Interests: Generally WW 1870-1950
Name: Jim Dougan
eBay ID: jdougan1

Colonial-era issues, especially Portugal & Colonies, and British Commonwealth; US general; US Airmail covers
Name: John Goyette
eBay ID: john 9913
I trade with over 200 traders around the world for 2 stamp clubs. I'm mostly looking for information on material that I get from the members that I have no knowledge of.
Name: t & m stamp company
eBay ID: jsbms
Email: jsbms@aol.com

large accumulations and dealer stock, collections and other  philatelic
material at wholesale (dealer) prices....
Name: Jim Haifley
eBay ID: james.l.haifley@lmco.com
Email: james.l.haifley@lmco.com

APS: 153902
Interests: World wide A - Z, 1840 - 1940
Name: Jim Allen
eBay ID: Jim1
Member of:
RPSC #19300
Interests: Canada, semi-official airmail, British colonies, worldwide
Name: Jim Lawler
eBay ID: jim_lawler
Email: jlawler@comteck.com
Interests: Ireland, Mint, Used, Postal History, Revenures, Christmas Seals, and perfins. Indiana Precancels, General, dateds - printed and handstamps, perfined and on cover. Stained Glass Windows on Stamps. Must be able to discern design elements of window. Press Printed MPP's. World Wide Used. 1971 British Postal Strike material. Strange material that catches my eye.
Name: John Seidl
eBay ID: jseidl@dttus.com
Email: jseidl@dttus.com
Interests: Cayman Islands Postal History
Name: Jeff Barclay
eBay ID: jcb37
Interests: United States World-Wide Pre-1940 France Germany Canada
Name: Jim Haifley
eBay ID: jimstamps@att.net
Email: jimstamps@att.net

APS: 153902
Interests: Britain and British commenwealth - 1840 - 1950
Name: John Lever
eBay ID:
Interests: Italy, Italy States and Colonies, San Marino
Name: Jon Fishback
eBay ID: jpf1@aol.com
US only. Flyspecking early 20th century.
Name: Jim Canon
eBay ID:
Interests: Souvenir Pages, Commemorative Panels, Canada, Finland, Costa Rica
Name: Jim Fowler
eBay ID: jimstamp
Email: jimstamp@aol.com

APS: 175012
Interests: U.S. Revenues (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Proprietary) Mint/Used U.S. (General)
Name: Billy G. Burch
eBay ID: jackstay79
Email: jackstay@cableone.net

APS: 177422
Interests: World-wide up to 50's-70's depending on the country. Not interested in third-world.
Name: Joe Christofaro
eBay ID: jozep@borg.com
Email: stamps@borg.com

APS: 188090
Interests: Zeppelin Cards, Covers, Stamps; Turkey Charities and Revenues; Vatican Covers and stamps; W/W Souvenir Sheets; US covers, FDCs, FFCs, Mint stamps, Mint/Used Classics, PNBs; Canada Covers and Stamps; Australia Covers and Stamps; Japan; Ryukyu's Islands; W/W Airmails.
Name: Mary P. Nelson
eBay ID: justchumtosome
APS: 165059
Other Memberships: None
Interests: U.S. stamps
Name: Jerry Smiley
eBay ID: jsmiley9999
Email: JSmiley273@aol.com
Interests: Any U.S., Canada, Romania and Poland Stamp plus any country topical stamps of lighthouses
Name: Jack Holloway
eBay ID: jackh2000
Email: jackholloway@home.com
APS: 173117
Interests: US, Canada, Most of Europe, North Africa, some Middle East. Ancient places and Archaeology on stamps. Native American themes, Art and Crafts on stamps.
Name: Joy Tilton
eBay ID: joynest
Email: joylark1@earthlink.net
Interests: 1850-1940 World; Japan; Modern Africa
Name: John McLauchlin
eBay ID:johnmcl473@msn.com
Email: johnmcl473@msn.com
Interests: US stamps only wanting to trade. Have mint FDC'S, PB'S, Booklet's, coil's, single's. About 300 issues mostly 1976-1996. Lots of useds stamps.Get more from the Web.
Name: Jackie Lombardo
eBay ID: JHL317
Email: lombar692@cs.com
Other Memberships: Corbit-Calloway Philatelists in Odessa, DE
Interests: I'm a relatively new collector of US stamps.
Name: Jim Carmack
eBay ID: jhcstriker
Email: jhcstriker@aol.com
APS: 58534
Other Memberships: PNC3, USSS, UPSS
Interests: US/USPS any shape, form or fashion (I really like modern postal history though but collect everything US)
Name: Alan Payne
eBay ID:
Email: payne_groups@bigpond.com
Other Memberships: Austrian Philatelic Society (UK)
Interests: Austria 1918-1938, Saar, Bavaria Prince Regent Luitpold Issues, Levant Issues, Kedah, Perlis and Penang. And various other odd and not so odd places
Name: John Knudsen
eBay ID: johnsim03
Email: knudsen@correspondencechess.com
APS: 145467
Interests: German Area
Name: Jean Yves Moise
eBay ID: J.Y.M.75
Email: jean-yves.moise@wanadoo.fr
Interests: Albania Postal Stationaries, Albania Stamps and Covers, Wallis and Futuna Stamps and Covers
Name: John Kingsland
eBay ID: john1914trains
Email: jkingsland@kwic.com
Other Memberships: Norfolk Stamp Club
Interests: Brit.Colonies, Canada Semi Official Airmail, Iceland, Luxembourg.
Name: Jim Dire
eBay ID: jaywild
Email: uswa.2018@yahoo.com
Interests: Classic US; Prexy- Liberty- and Prominent American-solo usages; non-philatelic inaugurals covers; US Civil War items; early US machine cancels; Arizona postal history and license plates; early large format US revenue stamps; stamps and covers with October 5 dates on them.
Name: Joseph Stewart
eBay ID: joestew
Email: joestew@comcast.net
APS: 123705
Interests: Ireland mint.
Name: Hektor Dodbiba
eBay ID: jus1win99
Email: facehek75@hotmail.com
Interests: I collect stamps from all over the world, with a special interest in historical stamps and about historical events in Europe.
Name: Jerry Wilson
eBay ID: jean95404
Email: jerry95404@hotmail.com
Interests: German inflation, any and all. Bahrain covers.
Name: Jack Rhind
eBay ID: jarhind
Email: jrhind@therock.bm
Interests: Czechoslovakia

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