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Report of the APS Representative

We have recently submitted the annual report required by the APS. To sustain our free APS membership we have to have 1/3 membership in APS and at least 12 APS members. We met that requirement -- 170 members with 76 giving APS numbers -- as of the date of the report. BTW, if anyone is an APS member but it isn't listed, please send an update message to our webmaster.

We also submitted "a current membership roster" to APS. Although APS probably expects the usual names and street addresses, we, of course, don't have any. APS says it will verify our "eligibility and will send non-members invitations to join with the Chapter listed as proposer."

I built a list which includes the e-mail addresses of the members from the listings at the ESC site. I told APS that's all we have and reminded them that we are experimental in that regard. I also suggested that, if any contact is planned, they work out some way to send an e-mail to the non-members. They have also been reminded to be sensitive to many people's aversion to spam.

-- Respectfully submitted, Jim Watson, APS Representative

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