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Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-06-08 at 23:32:47 PDT   Listings
Breffington, you lost me, where did I say

" big ticket items don't enter into the equation ",

To get a high medal (Large Vermeil, Gold & Large Gold) any collection DOES need some big ticket items but it doesn't mean that it needs all expensive & rare material. Commoner material should be left at home as there is no need to show it but interesting material, no matter the value should be shown. Points will be lost if common, run of the mill, everyday material is shown.

re your comment

" Subjectively money has to talk and influence grading "

The points system allocates 20 points for rarity and it has to be exceptional to attain high points. It all depends on what is being exhibited as some entries can attain high points without outlaying large amounts of money but if a very popular and expensive area is being shown then of course the better material is going to be expensive,



High points are often given for material that is of low value but scarce.

I mentioned that I have just finished a one framer, most of the material is worth $10 or less but I have only managed to find 5 items in almost 40 years and have been looking all the time,

David B.
Posted by ladynouveau   ( 1679 ) on Apr-06-08 at 23:01:21 PDT   Listings

I don't have a UV light, but I do have a bright lamp on my desk. Your method seems to work pretty well. I can see the shine - and lack of shine - on the stamps I'm sure of. I'll look around for a UV light to provide further confirmation of my visual identifications. Thanks a lot!

Dave (Ladynouveau's husband)
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-06-08 at 22:13:43 PDT   Listings
ladynouveau -

One other method may be to hold the stamp at an angle to a bright light and see if the pronted surface of the stamp looks shiny. This would be the "glazed surface" usually a chalk filler between the paper fibers. The unsurfaced paper wil not appear shiny, but instead will have a dull look no matter how you angle the stamp to the light.

Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-06-08 at 22:10:23 PDT   Listings
ladynouveau -
If you have access to a UV lamp, place both stamps together under the light. You might discover the greyish paper does not show bright white, but the whiter paper will. Some old Swiss stamps can be separated in this manner. Brighteners that make paper whiter, fluoresce. Once you have determined if this method works, all stamps from that series can be identified easily.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by breffington   ( 407 ) on Apr-06-08 at 21:26:46 PDT   Listings
D.Benson: While I respect your in-depth philatelic knowledge and your experience as a judge I do take exception to your comment that big ticket items don't enter into the equation. Subjectively money has to talk and influence grading. Subtle but I would bet it's there. Unless human nature has been suspended.
Posted by ladynouveau   ( 1679 ) on Apr-06-08 at 21:12:51 PDT   Listings
I'm seeking help on how to identify the two different printings of the Nauru Freighter stamps. The first was on "unsurfaced, grayish paper" and later printing on "glazed surfaced, white paper." When I have both in front of me, it appears that the "grayish" stamp is darker than the "white" printing, but the paper doesn't look terribly different. There must be a way of telling which is which without having both available. Are there any experts online who know what I should look for in determining which printing is which?
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1513 ) on Apr-06-08 at 19:06:04 PDT   Listings
Richard (1covers)
Neat exhibit!!! :8^ )
Jim L.

Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-06-08 at 16:39:34 PDT   Listings
Redlion; Your comment that only a fool sells gold...etc.
is ludicrous. In that type of market you had better have a sell price ready, or you're a sheep ready to be slaughtered.
People who sold at $1000 and bought it back at $900 made some really nice profits! I suspect that some bought at $1000 and had to bail on it at $900.
They look like the fools (oops, I mean poor unfortunates who tried to get rich quick in commodities)to me, but... I'm no expert.
I try to follow it, but it looks to chaotic for me to try to guess the path of the prices.

It's commodity trading, and not for the weak of heart.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-06-08 at 16:13:08 PDT   Listings
On second thought ,I think MANHATTENCONCEPTS was correct that most exhibits are done by collectors who spent a lifetime searching and researching to form a worthy collection .

As a side note .......did you know that no research has been done on worldwide collecting and no information is aviable on the subject in the past 40 years .Nothing !!!!! other than a few old farts who were worldwide collectors 10,000 years ago

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 606 ) on Apr-06-08 at 15:15:37 PDT   Listings
Richard, what a beautiful exhibit. thanks for sharing
Posted by redlion48   ( 2617 ) on Apr-06-08 at 14:46:48 PDT   Listings
PAUL wrote on Apr-05-08 at 13:59:31 PDT

"REDLION I thought you were going to say something nice about me selling GOLD at $1,000.00 a ounce before it went to $900.00"

1. Can't you read either? I am REDLION48

2. In this time of economic downturn, only a fool sells gold. Gold & silver are the only tangible commodities to remain after small businesses fall by the wayside, city governments go bankrupt thus offering non-sustainable contacts to contractors, Wall Street bailouts of huge underwriters like Bear-Sterns so you won't lose your 401K, etc, etc, etc.

What did you do? Turn the "profit" from your gold sales into stocks? Bonds. Cash? Oil futures?

I wonder...
Posted by 1covers   ( 1379 ) on Apr-06-08 at 14:42:12 PDT   Listings
A fun collection that will not win anywhere: English Setters In AMerica
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 606 ) on Apr-06-08 at 14:27:13 PDT   Listings
Exhibiting, I agree with David, it is a wonderful way to focus your attention on your material, put it together in an orderly way, and it also helps you to realize what you are missing!

'our' collection is definately my husband's collection, not mine, but I did all the required typing of the exhibition pages etc! His attitude is similar to nomad's friend, he followed the exhibition guidelines of course, but put up what he wanted to show, and doesn't worry about what level medal it achieved. He did well at several Exhibitions, and I'm glad he did because now the collection is in a form which can be enjoyed by anyone who cares to look, not just covers in boxes and cover albums with little or no explanations.
Vic did the same thing with his Postcard Collection, and although we have hundreds NOT mounted, the Exhibit is a great journey through Putney, S.W.London, which can be read and enjoyed like a book.

So, collectors, to focus your collection into something non-philatelic friends can also enjoy, exhibiting is one way to go!
It also brings you to the attention of others, both dealers and collectors, who remember the exhibit and sometimes find another 'gem' for you!

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1513 ) on Apr-06-08 at 14:24:53 PDT   Listings
Posted by 1covers   ( 1379 ) on Apr-06-08 at 14:08:17 PDT   Listings
David B - I agree completely with you. Also, it lets others know what you collect which can act as a magnent for adding new material.

PS - There is no documentation regarding authorization for the PI stamps in Macau.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-06-08 at 14:05:25 PDT   Listings
Richard, and most importantly of all, it is the best method of organising your material. Two weeks ago I remounted a collection I started in about 1970. It was originally on 10 album pages and my aim was to make it a 16 page One Framer. In the period from 1970 when it was last annotated to now I had acquired about 5 new items (all cancels on stamps, no covers) even though I have been looking from them all the time, but they are exceedingly scarce (but not huge monetary value except covers) and very seldom turn up at Auctions or at dealers. I managed to make 14 pages and will either have to enter it as is later this year or redo some pages to make the 16.

David B.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1379 ) on Apr-06-08 at 13:56:01 PDT   Listings
Exhbiting is a great way of sharing what you collect with similarly minded individuals. It is not about who has spent the most, or who can mount a better exhibit, or even whose exhibit tells the best story. It is about sharing your passion. It should always be fun rather than a medal hunt.
Posted by nomad55   ( 972 ) on Apr-06-08 at 13:37:24 PDT   Listings

People have different perceived goals when they exhibit.

A collector here in northern Calif. has the goal of obtaining a gold in every one of the US national shows, and he's well on the way of achieving it with absolutely gorgeous material that's well researched and presented.

When I exhibited expo and worlds fair covers, my goal was to educate and increase interest in that particular field of collecting, and I believe I succeeded.

A colleague of mine exhibited his specialty a few times, with the attitude of "this is what I got, you either like it or hate it". The judges must have liked it, for it would receive vermeils. I have been pressuring him to redo and reorganize his pages for I'm sure he can get a gold, but so far he's not interested.

And having personally seen Roger's razor exhibit, its a beauty, and shows what can be done in the way of new research in an area that no one has delved into before.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-06-08 at 13:25:41 PDT   Listings

I presume the comment you made about the Royal member was a misunderstanding. His reply would have been in reference to the Medal level not the entry. It is very often that the exhibitor is one of the last to know the medal level as the Ribbons are placed on the frames overnight and others had noted it before he had. I know that from experience as it happened to me a couple of times.

David B.
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 1025 ) on Apr-06-08 at 12:42:11 PDT   Listings
Hi All

Regarding the posts on exhibiting, I personally quit after exhiting twice, as to go further I would have to spend #1,000's for a rare or scarce high denomination cover showing correct usage. This was too rich for my blood, so I see where it may be a sticking point or turn off to some!

Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-06-08 at 12:22:08 PDT   Listings
Other criteria I omitted were " knowledge & research ", collections like Roger's " Razors " would do extremely well in both aspects.

My original comment was concerning " Traditional " stamp collections which is much more difficult to attain high medals than some of the other types of entries,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-06-08 at 12:07:40 PDT   Listings
Paul, my comment about exhibition value was " tongue in cheek " in reply to your insulting remark that they can be bought for a few $1000, change the title page and walk away with a Gold. That is an idiotic remark and doesn't occur.

It doesn't matter what the value is as judges don't judge on the value of the collection but on the various aspects of the entry including presentation, importance of the material, rarity and most importantly treatment of the entry. To receive a high medal each criteria has to attain high points. It is only those who are ignorant in the method of judging make remarks such as you usually do.

To enter a major exhibition each entry has to firstly enter local exhibitions and if passes a certain level can proceed to the next level and eventually if good enough can enter full Internatioinals, the entry levels vary in different countries,

David B.
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-06-08 at 11:50:03 PDT   Listings
Aloha -
Interesting discussion about cost of exhibiting.

I have just under 300 items in my exhibit, including maybe 10 which cost over $50. I bought one group of 17 items for $450, all ended up on the pages. There are many under $5 each (can I say hundreds?). $50 seems to be my comfort price - anything over must have philatelic value beyond razor significance. Any item I now purchase must fit directly into the exhibit replacing something else, usually a much clearer strike, or unusual destination, or more colorful cover (sexy value). There are many exhibits I've seen where each frame has items having more resale value than my whole collection.

The line is this -I've seen my exhibit, Iknow what it's about, and I understand how the different items fit into the story. Some exhibitors apparently haven't a clue!

I say go for it. The further I got into accumulating period, the more I learned what was scarce and what was common. I also learned a heck of a lot about the time period and geography (using internet maps is critical to learning about destinaitons).


Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-06-08 at 10:20:32 PDT   Listings

My idea of "shoe-string philately" would be something that cost less than $10 per frame not $100 per frame.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 902 ) on Apr-06-08 at 09:27:30 PDT   Listings
I guess I will have to keep looking.
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1999 ) on Apr-06-08 at 09:06:56 PDT   Listings
At the international level, the judges are explicitly free to consider not only what is there, but what is missing and why. (Under US national rules, the exhibit is supposed to be judged based on what's there, not what is not, but sometimes the holes are hard to miss). Successful international exhibiting tends to require a focus on weightier, more "significant" subjects as well. For example, my Ohio exhibits probably wouldn't do too well internationally.

But it is certainly true that national golds need not be too expensive. My gold one-framer (on the integral rate postmarks of Cincinnati) didn't cost more than $2500 or so despite the presence of a 10 cent 1847 cover and a Brown's local post cover. I suppose I could jack that up if I added some of the other rare local posts that exist with Cincinnati integral markings, or a first day cover of the 3 cent 1851 issue from Cincinnati (a couple exist). But I don't need to.

The WSP show in Milwaukee this fall will test the concept -- they have a theme of "shoe-string philately" this year -- a special subset of the exhibits where the material is not permitted to cost more than $100 per frame. Will be interesting to see if any golds come out of that.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 382 ) on Apr-06-08 at 09:05:32 PDT   Listings
due2 - Yes, you are right. This board scrolls slower than it use to and I'm sure that other people check in every couple days or so, just to "catch up".

So, if anyone has anybody knowledge of early Colombia, please check my message on: Apr-05-08 at 07:25:27 PDT

I'll check back later.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 593 ) on Apr-06-08 at 08:48:38 PDT   Listings
Manhattan Exhibiting is for me not a question of how much over many years how valuable the collection has become. Whether one day I achieve an International Gold remains to be seen. I think that for the majority of exhibitors at any level they enjoy the "sharing aspect" far more than being able to brag about their medal status.

Though I do know of one member of the Royal PS without naming names who was being congratualted on having won a large Gold and when asked what the collection was about he replied, "I don't know, I haven't seen it yet." That said I do know of other collectors who are far from being rich who have also achieved Gold at this very high level.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-06-08 at 08:47:16 PDT   Listings
it may take a while but if you show it they will come.
SA is/has always been one of the litest discussed areas here.
The least discussed country , imho, has been Austria.

I'm sure that the Webz and the abiliity to find those rare odd uses have now made exhibits a little more affordable.
I'm sure ROGER's GOLD level exhibit is fairly reasonably priced (Mostly) material.
It's the know;edge and effort it takes to find them
ESP when the Search system consistently being IMPROVED.

SCOTT To bad it does not say YADA-YADA.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 382 ) on Apr-06-08 at 08:03:40 PDT   Listings
It appears that during my absence from this board, some of the other regulars have disappeared as well?
Wasn't there someone here was really into South American countries?
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 87 ) on Apr-06-08 at 07:20:06 PDT   Listings
Surely the defintion of a few thousand is less than ten thousand? Certainly not one cent less than a million Rainer:-) Interesting debate.....
Posted by manhattanconcepts   ( 13 ) on Apr-06-08 at 06:48:43 PDT   Listings
Just popped down from the balcony.I'm nowhere near exhibiting, in fact more a beginner but surely the monetary value of any exhibit is immaterial ? Most of the International Golds won are won by the efforts of ordinary collectors, no ? Yes, no doubt some may have collected/formed with unlimited financial resources but I'd have imagined most would have been formed by the collector who has spent a lifetime searching for,researching and forming such a worthy collection.
Posted by 22028   ( 1692 ) on Apr-06-08 at 05:49:55 PDT   Listings
Paul, with an exhibition collection worth a few thousand $ you will not win a Gold Medal at a international exhibition.., on the other hand, a few thousand $ can be up to 999,999.99 $ and then you might be correct. It must not be million of $$$
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-06-08 at 05:02:24 PDT   Listings
DAVID B. There are very few stamp exhibits that won Gold Medals in international exhibiting worth over a million dollars but the run of the mill exhibits that win some 50 -80 gold medals each year thats some 2,000 exhibits won in my life time are far from that value {most a few thousand }......we must keep this board correct ...right "colonel "
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-06-08 at 02:54:00 PDT   Listings
Yeah, I'm almost ready to work on just Sweden. They are my favorite stamps, they always have been.

Mitch: Your Jayhawks won, but the next one should be a real battle. Those guys from Memphis look determined.
I don't usually watch much basketball, but the NCAA tournament is always enjoyable, to me.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1513 ) on Apr-06-08 at 02:42:51 PDT   Listings
"from the I smiled" should be "from the back I smiled"
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1513 ) on Apr-06-08 at 02:41:01 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Nice precancelled perfins. The only Precancelled Perfins I’ve kept as such are from Indiana, all mixed in with my General collection.

When I saw the Perfin from the I smiled also. That’s a keeper all right.

FWIW I started with US and quickly expanded to World Wide. So, since age nine I’ve been adding to my World Wide used collection. Once I got to where I either wasn’t finding much offered or that I could afford I stumbled into a Cowboy boot box of soaked precancels for $10.00. Spent the next several weeks sorting them out and quickly decided that I could not cover the US, but that Indiana, my home state, I’d give a try. Later I added the Bureaus. I prefer the Noble albums for them. It’s been over 30 years and in the mean time I’ve learned a few things and gotten two new Indiana listings added to the PSS catalogue. I still don’t consider myself an expert in market value by any means.

Jim L.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-06-08 at 00:34:22 PDT   Listings
Second line of last post should have read:
The more I know about stamps the more I realize that I do NOT.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-06-08 at 00:29:41 PDT   Listings
Dragon There is a difference in actually knowing something and thinking you do (especially if it is for self gratification).
The more I know about stamps the less I realize that I do NOT.
I would never hope to presume I knew something I did not and post it on this board of intellectuals (well there may be a few exceptions to the intellectual title)
I'm no expert by a long shot (never have claimed to be).
I do however have one large crap load of WW stamps!
Having that, I at least have a good recognition of many items. I've always (since 8 years old, 50 years back) collected the world. I'm probably not intelligent enough to specialize?

My advice young man is GO TO Swedish stamps!!!
I have been buying many over the last year.
As far as I can tell it is the single most country that is selling way below cat prices.
I just noticed the other day I had not scanned and put-up my Sweden on the site. After I get the last Swedes I won last week, I should do so. Only getting down to a few tough ones there.
The World of Stamps
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-05-08 at 23:57:51 PDT   Listings
I have been a worldwide collector since I started to be interested in stamps.
There is no way for me to learn as much in any focused area as someone who is a specialist.
I think that's true for almost everyone.

I don't think that should start fights in this forum, but I SEE that it does.
(At least I'm observant.:)

Since there's no stopping the fighting, I guess I'd like to know how many specialists started out collecting World Wide before getting interested enough to just collect one area?
Or did you start out with a narrow collecting area from the start?

I've been narrowing my collecting, as I don't seem to have the time (or interest?)lately to complete even the most common of stamps for WW.
I'm down to 2-3 serious areas, and 10-20-(50?) areas each lessening in interest.
So maybe I'll end up collecting just one area, who knows?
My guess is someday I'll just study early Swedish stamps.
I wish they weren't so expensive... That might make it more difficult.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-05-08 at 23:41:17 PDT   Listings
Wrd3 Bill, I have to agree with most of what you stated yesterday. I did, however, have a problem with your numbers though. The 70% prize should go to another long time poster, guess who?
Doubt if he will be happy till he reaches 90%.

On the otherhand, BS is BS and some people cannot back away from it and have to call it what it is!

I'm guilty also but I doubt much more than 15%.

Anyone that is interested might go to that other board that was caused from a mass exile from this one (years ago) and take a poll.
No not Richards but Pennies.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-05-08 at 23:31:09 PDT   Listings
Paul I'm sure you do not know the meaning of the word "presumptuous". It does describe you on many occasions.
If you had worded your post something like: "Does anyone know of a listed plate flaw on this particular stamp". There would have been no reason for me to respond.
You, however, stated it was an unknown plate flaw variety. You do not KNOW this. It was PRESUMPTUOUS for you to say so!!!
You wouldn't want to fool all those NEW READERS AND COLLECTORS would you?
One of the only things that continually boggles my mind is the meaning of your exsistance.
No fear, I'm no expert either just a World collector of types.
Are you related to Joe Pesci?
Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 150 ) on Apr-05-08 at 23:17:35 PDT   Listings
Thanks David B on the information regarding the IPO and IJPO.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-05-08 at 22:21:44 PDT   Listings
Paul, you made a mistake in estimating Gold Medal collections, it should be a " few Million " not a few Thousand ",

David B.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 902 ) on Apr-05-08 at 20:53:55 PDT   Listings
Here is a perfin that made me smile. I guess I am easy to amuse.



Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-05-08 at 20:45:57 PDT   Listings
MITCH It boggles my mind how few philatelic experts there really are .We now call people experts because they own a book about the subject .We also call people who buy gold medal collections for a few thousand dollars and rewrite the title page and then enter another exhibit they are also experts .

We even got people who can find things on the internet and also call them experts . It truely boggles my mind what others think a philatelic expert is .

But have no fear Im a collector only .

We have many people who know German stamps here and they have references let them speak and then I'LL show them proof ,but you have nothing to base your opinion on other than you dislike of me ,which means you don't have a intelligent opinion on the stamp .

Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-05-08 at 19:34:13 PDT   Listings
Maybe a stamp commemorating the abuse of stamps is in order.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 19:32:22 PDT   Listings
and then stick em on envelopes

man o man

Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-05-08 at 19:30:24 PDT   Listings
Stamping them with ugly black ink wasn't enough, then they had to put holes in them ;-)
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 19:24:37 PDT   Listings
back of perfind
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 19:16:00 PDT   Listings
HOW about

I have more than a few of these
BUT I really like the OLDER Precancels as seen on left


or any perfin guys i think 56.7 78 and 123 on the perfins
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-05-08 at 19:08:46 PDT   Listings
Paul It boggles my mind that you could know (or state) it is an "unknown" plate flaw? If it is actually a plate flaw, I am sure many people know of it. Perhaps a fly just speckled on it.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1513 ) on Apr-05-08 at 18:55:55 PDT   Listings
We precanclers just have to keep asking. Unfortunately for me I lived in the same area as one of the semi-annual mail auctions. The area dealers got very use to holding them for him and would not show until he’s passed on the item or lot. Sure cut my pickens down quite a bit. But I’m not complaining, He’s been a great help several times and I count him a good friend.

Jim L.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-05-08 at 18:51:20 PDT   Listings
NEW DISCOVERY FOR ME ------ SAARLAND unknown variety -plateflaw .......paul
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-05-08 at 18:41:04 PDT   Listings
Matt Thanks, It was either list em or trash em.

I might have to go too town tonight. Methinks there's going to be a big party.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 902 ) on Apr-05-08 at 18:18:09 PDT   Listings
Thank you Ken C Due2cents for the posting.
You can see the difference in the color of the two programs.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3850 ) on Apr-05-08 at 18:06:22 PDT   Listings
Mitchell - Yes... top 2 have coil line pairs, bottom has nice label. If I owned them I would list them.

But, they're not going to realize all that much, IMHO.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:54:41 PDT   Listings
Prexie buffs Would any of these be worth listing? Top two are coils and the bottom (upside down one) obviously, kinda, philatelic.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:44:56 PDT   Listings
AS I SAID EARLIER Civil War general who defended Little Round Top -------should read "Civil War colonel who defended Little Round Top " .......In American miltary history a person is addressed with the title at the time of action ,not what was earned later in his career .....sheees
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:38:09 PDT   Listings
Pro If you come across any high-grade fungus let me know. Found a crop of Morels last year but they're not my favorites.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:15:48 PDT   Listings
yep I'm the type
But really in todays world SHE picked me
I took a little hard postcard sleeve full of early Turkey , found a nice spot to sit, nursed an expensive drink. Acted like I could care less ifin anyone even looked my way.
She knew the stamps were from Turkey.
Her dad had tried to get Her into stamps for years.
Told my sad story of missing the Little one , mean o granama, thought I'd have a drink before I went home to an empty house.
I have a hard time finding stamp supplies locally and must cross a bridge to St Pete for even the simpliest thing.
Grumpy Dealers are a Hoot.
Hope he knew the BUYER of those gold coins
I have seen a lot of dealers getting stuck with funny money.
2 weeks ago at the flea market, announcement over the PA
all dealers stop taking Fifties.
I heard about 4 grand passed in a few minutes buying Nice things.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9041 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:13:16 PDT   Listings

The Portuguese India used in Macau is an interesting item, do you know if it was authorised (as in the Antigua 1d. used in St. Kitts because of a shortage) or a sheet was inadvertently supplied to Macau.

David B.
Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:12:20 PDT   Listings
Evening all - I went to our local stamp show here in Southern Oregon. It's in conjuction with the annual Pear Blossom Festival. 11 dealers there, small show, but a friendly show, and they get a healthy turn out. Had to do my annual canvasing of the dealers to see if they brought any precancels. 11 dealers, precancels 0. I do it every year just for S's & G's. But this year bing bing bing, one dealer finally asked a question about them. Wanted to know if there are any catalogs for them. So, maybe I might have generated some interest in them. I usually get the response, "oh I just throw THOSE in a box when I find them", and then they look at me like I have herpes. Then they take my name and number but never call...oh well.
It's an annual thing, so I did my duty this year.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:07:56 PDT   Listings
two friggen works
ken it must be catchin
Posted by wrd3   ( 107 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:07:42 PDT   Listings
due2cents you're who I keep warning my teenage daughter about. : - )

NOIP I've been trying to get my kids interested in stamps for years ... no luck. My son has just been bitten by the coin-collecting bug. I took him to his first coin show today - the first coin show I've attended in 30 years (I briefly collected when I was about his age). Although a bit different from what I recall about coin shows (the most positive change was no smoking), this coin show was very familiar, as it felt just like the stamp shows I've attended these past 4-5 years. Lots of older people, with a smattering of younger people. Some dealers very cordial, very much interested in helping a pre-teen get hooked by the collecting bug, other dealers grumpy, unwilling to spend even a minute with a young collector. The most surprising thing to me was the complete lack of supplies .... not a single dealer (out of perhaps 15-20) had any supplies. One transaction I witnessed was a different than any I'd seen at a stamp show .... a man bought a number of gold coins for $9900. He pulled a wad of $100 bills out of his pocket, removed one, then paid the dealer with the rest. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable walking around with $10,000 in my pocket!

Bill D.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:06:49 PDT   Listings

Posted by kchrist499   ( 1279 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:02:46 PDT   Listings

http://www.members.aol.com/kchrist499/space1.jpg”> here

http://www.members.aol.com/kchrist499/space2.jpg”> here

Posted by kchrist499   ( 1279 ) on Apr-05-08 at 17:00:52 PDT   Listings

Yes, that's the one, only I didn't think I scanned it that big!

By the way I think I have the HTML thing right... I made it into a file, so now all I need to do is copy it. (I'll bet you guys have been doing that all along!)

Anyway, here goes: the Twin Space Stamp Ceremony.

http://www.members.aol.com/kchrist499/space1.jpg”> here

http://www.members.aol.com/kchrist499/space2.jpg”> here.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 15:10:58 PDT   Listings
that's why they call them Actor's :-}
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-05-08 at 15:09:34 PDT   Listings
You can also watch the movie Gettysburg.

It's long and has a few flaws, but it's worth watching for the little round top scenes alone.

Then watch dumb and dumber. (J/K)
It's hard to believe the same guy could play both roles.
Posted by 220man   ( 174 ) on Apr-05-08 at 15:03:05 PDT   Listings
All: For anyone interested in Chamberlain and the critical part he played at Gettysburg, I heartily recommend Michael Shaara's "The Killer Angels." It is one of the best historical war novels that I've ever read.


Posted by thines   ( 1594 ) on Apr-05-08 at 14:44:57 PDT   Listings
Oops - He died in 1914, not 1913. And David B is right. He should have been honored long ago. It's amazing he wasn't on one of the 1995 Civil War stamps.

Terence Hines

Posted by thines   ( 1594 ) on Apr-05-08 at 14:35:48 PDT   Listings
Chamberlain was a colonel when he defended Little Round Top. But he ended the war a general. He went on the be governonr of Maine 4 times and President of Bowdoin College. He died in 1913. For those interested, there is an excellent biography of Chamberlain:

"In the Hands of Providence. Joshua L. Chamberlain and the American Civil War" by Allice Trulock, published in 1992 by the University of North Carolina Press.

Terence Hines

Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-05-08 at 14:29:51 PDT   Listings

just read the bio of General Chamberlain,


Should have been " stamped " many years ago,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-05-08 at 13:59:31 PDT   Listings
REDLION I thought you were going to say something nice about me selling GOLD at $1,000.00 a ounce before it went to $900.00 not that Im a bad spelling ,but thats OK .....at least I didn't call Colonel Chamberlain a General ......paul
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Apr-05-08 at 13:33:03 PDT   Listings
Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-05-08 at 13:10:29 PDT   Listings
Ken C
Is this the program you were trying to post?


It is an interesting program in that in comes on 3 different types of paper and several shades usually similar to peach.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-05-08 at 12:38:59 PDT   Listings

I was not on the hunt for anything postal when I left last nite.
BUT the hunt was successful met a nice young lady from UConn (go huskies)
she made me breakfast using my bacon.
Mom was right
Go have fun , get out your house, have a beer or two
R&R is a necessary evil ;-}
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1510 ) on Apr-05-08 at 12:36:48 PDT   Listings
Glad you liked the cover. I’ve not been able to chase down much info on the cover. If someone knows about how many were flow I’d love to hear to so I can add that note to it’s page.

I don’t consider myself ignored when you have no reason to be chatting. I’m glad to chat about precans that are not from Indiana, but they are my first love when it comes to collecting. IF you ever find some neat Indiana item and show it here on the board I’ll be delighted to look. Who knows, you just might find something that would teach me a thing or two.

Jim L.

Posted by redlion48   ( 2616 ) on Apr-05-08 at 11:41:27 PDT   Listings
As PAUL so eloquently stated on Apr-04-08 at 21:28:26 PDT
"It is the fun of the hunt.... perf.varities,and unusal plate varitions."

What are varities & varitions??

Are they just as unusal as nucular weopans??
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1017 ) on Apr-05-08 at 11:38:51 PDT   Listings
Hmm, did someone mail a letter from the toilet?
Posted by keleofa   ( 3848 ) on Apr-05-08 at 11:03:56 PDT   Listings

I thought it might be something local other than an official town name. I guess back then people assumed letter carriers knew how to get letters to their destinations without ZIP+4!

Matt in Arizona
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1999 ) on Apr-05-08 at 11:00:01 PDT   Listings
Matt: there's a Marble Springs Road just south of Arcade if you look on google maps. I don't see a Bunker Hill, though.
Posted by 220man   ( 174 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:43:05 PDT   Listings
Chamberlain was also a Medal of Honor recipient.
Posted by 220man   ( 174 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:41:53 PDT   Listings
Terrence: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Posted by keleofa   ( 3848 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:38:51 PDT   Listings

RFD Carrier cancels -- Yes, but I can't locate those 2 towns.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by keleofa   ( 3848 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:38:06 PDT   Listings

Forgot about Bradbury -- is Heinlein still alive?

Matt in Arizona
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1999 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:33:26 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ: those are almost certainly RFD carrier cancels. I like your idea for the sci-fi block of 4. It'll take 5 years though (the 10-year rule was recently changed to 5). Or maybe we hang on and do a strip of 5 once Ray Bradbury is gone. But my guess is that Vonnegut will get a stamp and the rest will get shafted.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3848 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:16:42 PDT   Listings

Block of 4:

Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Kurt Vonnegut

Matt in Arizona
Posted by keleofa   ( 3848 ) on Apr-05-08 at 10:12:46 PDT   Listings

You really shouldn't have included yourself at the bottom of that list --- I'm sure you think you're important, but you need to be dead 10 years to be commemorated on a US stamp! :-)

I remember reading Bob Keeshan was a war hero on Iwo Jima.

My answer from that list: Issac Asimov

Matt in Arizona
Posted by thines   ( 1594 ) on Apr-05-08 at 08:51:02 PDT   Listings
Topic for discussion:

Whom do you think should have been honored on a stamp (US or other nation), but has not been, yet? I'll start off with a small list.

Isaac Asimov

Johnny Carson*

Joshua Chamberlain (Civil War general who defended Little Round Top at Gettysburg)

Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo)*

H.P. Lovecraft (horror fiction writer)

B.F. Skinner

Alos Alzheimer

*Not dead long enough yet

Terence Hines

Posted by deh3   ( 2363 ) on Apr-05-08 at 08:20:16 PDT   Listings
The error (for anyone who is interested) pointed out by Taodave in Richard's wonderful page is "Portugese" for "Portuguese". Not only have I made this error, but when I was editor of BNATopics, I "corrected" all the occurrences (many dozens) of the correct spelling to this incorrect one in an article dealing with mail from Newfoundland to Portugal. [Despite that, the author won the Pratt award---including $1000---for best Newf'd article that year.] That's my mea culpa for the year.

David H
Posted by taodave   ( 140 ) on Apr-05-08 at 08:11:00 PDT   Listings

Wonderful Macao page. But there is a common spelling error (I've committed it myself on exhibit pages, more than once)
Posted by keleofa   ( 3848 ) on Apr-05-08 at 08:11:00 PDT   Listings
New York State postal history questions...

I have come across a small correspondence, early 20th century, almost all originating in Cattaraugus County or Erie County, New York. Very nice machine cancels on some, but I have a question for the audience on two of them:

They both have proper postage applied, both have manuscript cancels, both have original correspondence enclosed.

Bunker Hill, New York - I cannot find this town listed in 'New York Postal History' by Kay & Smith, nor in Helbock's 'United States Post Offices', nor on line. The manuscript pencil cancel is 3/9 which corresponds to the docketed date on the letter.
The letter is posted to Marble Springs, NY, which doesn't seem to exist either. No backstamps.

I have other covers to Miss Kittie Higgins at Arcade, NY, with backstamps.

Arcade, NY - This Post Office exists in Wyoming County, NY but for some reason the stamp was manuscript canceled Sep 19, 1/05. Also to Kittie Higgins at Marble Springs.

I understand that sometimes an estate name is used as a town, but that seems to be more in England than in the US 20th century.

I would appreciate any thoughts and ideas.

T I A,

Matt in Arizona
Posted by spain_1850   ( 381 ) on Apr-05-08 at 07:25:27 PDT   Listings
Are the early stamps of Colombia a popular area? I have a couple scans here of some earlies, that were sent me on approval. I know NOTHING about Colombia. Are these even genuine? Reprints? Forgeries? Is there anything here of great value, beyond Scott catalog, like better cancellations, shades, varieties?

scan 1
scan 2
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1017 ) on Apr-05-08 at 07:07:24 PDT   Listings
NOIP: a lucky find? I just bought (on pure speculation) a lot of 63 "russian covers" to a business in Norway from the 90's. A number of these covers were actually from Ukraine. One cover features a Kiev provisional.

The lower values of this set are listed at just 10c in Michel despite being issued in only about half a million copies each. Presumably lots of these were hoarded by dealers and collectors. But this is the highest value, 50 rubles on 1 kopek with only 32,400 printed, in correct usage with a 20 karbovanets regular stamp on a commercial cover to Norway. A rarity?

Michel includes a warning sign FALSCH indicating that philatelic forgeries exist, could someone have been tempted to use one for postage? The postmark looks like PISOTSNALNOV.O.?????? but I can find no such city, and the sender's address appears to be something else. The year in the cancel is unclear but I think it's 93, based on the postage and the other covers in the lot.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1378 ) on Apr-05-08 at 07:00:15 PDT   Listings
My favorite Macao stamp is the one at center, bordered in red, on the page here. The Mayer collections has 3 of the 4 known.
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 87 ) on Apr-05-08 at 06:13:15 PDT   Listings
Hi board et al...:-)
Nice to see your posts conflicts and all! Sorry not been posting much lately but too much work. Currently back in Hong Kong trying to prepare a large tender so no time for stamps:-(. Sorry D2 haven't forgotten your contacts in HK but time too limited. Also minus luggage for 3 days such is the fun of travelling through T5 at Heathrow! At least they have finally come clean today it is the baggage system, owned by BAA not BA at fault it crashed again! Well at least I am stamping my carbon foot print all over the world...whoops shouldn't have mentioned Global W:-) Must look at my Macau when/if I ever get home....
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Apr-05-08 at 02:14:45 PDT   Listings
Its early in the morning, and I'm preparing to go fishing.

I see a couple of people have been advising me to "check my email", in which absolutely nothing is going! I have no idea why, and I've just about had it, for this is not a new annoyance. Tonight I'll be setting up a couple of new email addresses (with OTHER providers) and slog through the pain of contacting everyone who would have reason to contact me.


My apologies for those trying to reach me, I'm not intentionally hiding.
Posted by putney32   ( 1911 ) on Apr-05-08 at 01:30:42 PDT   Listings
bookmark... daylight savings ends here (in most Australian States) this weekend.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-04-08 at 21:56:57 PDT   Listings
Richard, I know, I have always been on the lookout for the local overprints, they are always missing from collections, they were the 1st. 4a. I have ever come across (and there was two of them) and was none of the other values, not even the commoner ones,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 21:30:32 PDT   Listings
DRAGON All the ones that I think are tough to find are the ones that I don't have ...lol..
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 21:28:26 PDT   Listings
DUE It is the fun of the hunt and to add over time thousands and thousands of different color varities ,watermark types,perf.varities,and unusal plate varitions to a collection . Just give it something extra to view .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 20:58:52 PDT   Listings
NEW READERS and COLLECTORS If you need a comparsion of the Macau overprints ,here it is .Notice how the overprint lettering is not straight on the red stamp .Also all the letters of the overprint are different . MACAU
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:58:09 PDT   Listings
Pro Been a while since that video has bee posted to the board. Seems like they should have showed at least one stamp in it?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:49:13 PDT   Listings
The big S cataog
heck ifin he did not have one in staock he just printed em and sold em
at least that's the way I heard the story.

Face it we all enjoy a hobby/vocation/avocation started by a guy who could have out Barnumed Barnum
and a guy who boughtb the left overs triangles and built an empire.
That's what makes it so fun.
the allure, the doubt, the mystery, the discovery ,
the hope, the dreams,
BUT the "apostrophe" is what keeps me coming back.
" i've got one from spain and two from japan"

ifin this song was in the Karakoe machine I would be a rock star.
and it's hard to do accapella
trust me I've tried.

one from Chad and two from nepal
You know I Can't believe I'm telling everyone I know
that I like stamps.
It's ok it's alright I've got aplace for you to sleep tonight.

Off to the Hunt.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:30:44 PDT   Listings
Hiya Jim Lawler
I don't mean to ignore you but Indiana precancels are not my bag.
I do, however, much appreciate the support you have given me and your general presence on the board.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:28:12 PDT   Listings
less than 4.6 in last 30 days i think

I am always interested in the evolution of this venue
it is an interesting study and the proof that
the "Peter Principle" is still alive and well.

The women's NCAA final four is in my little berg this weekend , i just got a Spot report from the city"ybor"
that there seems to be an abundance of out of town ladies.

" Hi there
I'm a Philatelist
I have an unopened bottle of 1974 Crown Royal at home.
Want to see some nudes on stamps. "

MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm might work.

Time to find my "Lick 'em and Stick 'em " Shirt
" No not you, do not take offense I'm a Philatelist,
oh your dad likes stamps, let me show you why"

I mean really, how threatening in this scary world
far from home ,looking for fun could a young woman be
of a goth dude who does stamps like her daddy.

I'll be your daddy

Neat item
any idea on how many were flown?

Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:27:27 PDT   Listings
Paul: You should post some of the tough to find .20s.
Somebody might have them.
Or they could be slighted by the catalog as you suggest....
I forget what stamp it was, but my 1922 Scott offered a stamp that didn't exist. No one has it.
The catalogs are often wrong.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1510 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:19:13 PDT   Listings
Gary (gary.nes) [& anyone else that’s interested]

I do know what it is to be ignored, and your not being online on the weekend is NOT that at all.

Here’s what I’ve found about your first pic.

These were prepared by Allan M. Grant, Rushstamps, of Southampton, Hants. His service has over 100 different stamps designs or denominations. I see a lot of covers and labels from this service.

Clive Smith’s catalogue says these were issued in January or February. It on the 1969 Stroma Fish issue, overprinted “EMERGENCY STRIKE POST / INTERNATIONAL MAIL” and revalued except in the case of the 1/- value. The name of the island is obliterated by three horizontal lines and the old value by a sold rectangle (Where revalued). There were printed in sheets of 6 and comb perforated 10 ½. There is a mini sheet that goes with these also overprinted. In 1986 Mr. Smith estimated 2,000 copies of each were made up. I strongly suspect the numbers are underreported by Grant. Grants labels were primarily made up for collectors and/or philatelic purposes rather than for commercial mail. This specific set is identified as common, as are most of Grant’s issues. I’d expect to see the set priced in the $5.00 to $10.00 range, but not selling well at $10.00.

Grants’s also known as having the same set of Stroma labels, perfed and imperforate, overprinted in black.

The second pic:
The BEA Labels are familiar to me, but I’m not really sure where I’ve encountered them. I’d pick up the set myself, just to have them on hand while trying to find out exactly what they are. There are still many loose ends on the monumental task Clive Smith took on in the compiling of the 1971 British Mail Strike Issues. If they are in Smith’s work I’ve overlooked them. I do have what appears to be Decimal Day or First Day Cover for a BEA issue. Here’s the link to it.
BEA cover.

I’ll repost the info Sunday night or Monday, just in case itmight scroll off the page. (It’s been a while since this page scrolled that fast, but we can at least hope.)

Jim L.

Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:17:47 PDT   Listings
I don't sell on here that often, so I'd prefer all auctions were treated the same via search engine(s).
I don't like it at all.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 678 ) on Apr-04-08 at 19:04:52 PDT   Listings
I do like the:
"In addition, to reduce the negative impact of excessive Shipping & Handling on the buying experience, sellers with the lowest Detailed Seller Ratings for Shipping & Handling Charges will also see a decrease in the exposure that their listings receive in search results."

It always really ticks me when I see people trying to make their money off shipping and not the product.

Posted by 1covers   ( 1378 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:37:14 PDT   Listings
David B - That Macao "Republica" overprint is the rare local variety which cats 2500 HKD in Yang (#186). Worth every penny of price it fetched if not even a bargin. That and the 8a are the keys of the issue.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:30:50 PDT   Listings
In the next few days we will be making an update to our backend technology. After we make this update, some buyers who have used the "Customize Display" link on search results to change their default sort order may find that it's been changed back to Best Match.
To change your sort order (such as to "Time: Ending Soonest"), simply use the Sort By drop-down menu at the top of the search results, or use the "Customize Display" link to create a new permanent default.

We expect this to be a one-time update, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Since its launch, our data show that Best Match has a better buyer conversion than any of our other sort methods. As our executives announced during the eCommerce Forum in January, starting this week Best Match will be the default sort method site-wide

In addition, to reduce the negative impact of excessive Shipping & Handling on the buying experience, sellers with the lowest Detailed Seller Ratings for Shipping & Handling Charges will also see a decrease in the exposure that their listings receive in search results.

the concept of an annual price change would no longer exist at eBay and that further pricing adjustments could come at any time. He also said Tilenius promised "even bolder and faster changes at eBay, stating that eBay's goal is to deliver a more retail-like experience."

the above are for those that might have missed the notes

I always thought this was an auction venue
not a retail site
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:24:20 PDT   Listings
Well, I can't find my Minkus book with those types of stamps.
Dang nab it. I found a $5 catalog one in my WW book. Nice.
Anyhow, thanks, I got a needed workout moving books around.
To no avail.:(
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:22:49 PDT   Listings
well I guess you all might be stuck with me afterall
The Power/allure of Granmother is Not to be denied.
I guess I am second best to a sidecar excursion to Gatorland and environs.

Mom said "Hey" to some of you and to others the universal wave. (uknw wh u r)
She did ask about the Mule man
who I have not seen here in a Long time.

nice sale there

Thanks for the link to that Corea postal nice.

Keep trying it will work

I am always amazed by anyone who looks at stamps that close .

neat presidential sheet there.

well guess i'll stamp till the clubs get going at midnight need to find a friend /with benefits
if only for the weekend.
Crown Royal always adds to my philateic enjoyment
think i'll get another.
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:17:52 PDT   Listings
Yeah, scott 2006 has it at $125, close enough to 2x.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:14:19 PDT   Listings

no. it may be 2 x Scott's but it is about 1/2 the Portuguese catalogue value, it is no wonder that Scott's have to adjust their values to the real world and not in dreamworld,

David B.
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:09:16 PDT   Listings
It's still 2x the catalog. :)
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:06:41 PDT   Listings
Roger, not from Florida, they came from a collection that was formed before he was born,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:03:46 PDT   Listings

that was for the local overprint, not the Lisbon printing which is very common,

It is interesting as the buyer had two extra bids up his sleeve for the second one,

David B.
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:03:35 PDT   Listings
David -
Not from Florida, right? The guy just didn't wait to see what was valuable with rubber stamps. )'>)

Posted by dragonstamps   ( 502 ) on Apr-04-08 at 18:01:38 PDT   Listings
DavidB: Wow, that got my attention.
(Looking for my Port. colonies book now)
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-04-08 at 17:45:10 PDT   Listings
Sometimes realisations can be amazing,



I had two of them, wish I had more as I have had enquiries if I have any more for sale.

David B.
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1275 ) on Apr-04-08 at 16:45:59 PDT   Listings
"Posting ain't my business
posting is my curse

Why can't all them jiggles
Line up from the first?

I have the "how to" post
In the HTML introduction.

But damned if I can follow
The simple instructions!

Suffice it to say
I'm a long way away
from adding to knowledge
and I even went to college.
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1275 ) on Apr-04-08 at 16:39:01 PDT   Listings
Boy did I screw that up!

Space program #1 front inside
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 16:38:06 PDT   Listings
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1275 ) on Apr-04-08 at 16:35:20 PDT   Listings
I have one program from the Twin Space Commemorative Ceremony
here>/a> to contribute.

Reading about the popularity of mint Columbians is good news for me. I have most of them, including a rare MNH $5 here.

No way I'm going to get $100,000 for mine!

Ken C.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 16:30:07 PDT   Listings
NEW COLLECTORS and READERS Just a interesting note about the subject of hard to get stamps. Most people think only the higher price stamps are hard/rare to find. But actually there are many stamps that are extremely hard to find at a reasonable price .What the catalog says on some is a lot of times out dated information or even based on a old price list from a dealers who may or may not have the stamp listed in his price list .

My experience is that there are stamps listed in the catalog for the minnium of .20 cents and there nowhere to be found .

It would be interesting to have a list created of all the want list to see what truely is diffucult to find,because in 50 years of collecting and spenting huge amounts there are still the elusive 5%,which can't be found or never show up .

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 15:57:13 PDT   Listings
ALEX Thanks for that heads up on that Algeria stamp ,its one that im missing .It must be classified as one of those cheap stamps that very few have .

Here is something interesting its the joint between the "AP " in the second line ......UKRAINE JOINT LETTERING

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-04-08 at 15:36:31 PDT   Listings
OLD REGULARS and SPECIALIST Last week there was a discussion about Polish stamps used in Danzig .The subject was were they correct and they weren't because they had regular Polish cancels on them .But nobody shown a correct cancel.

I was in town today and picked up my Polish collection and here is a scan of the correct cancellations .... POLISH OFFICES IN DANZIG.....paul

Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-04-08 at 15:25:30 PDT   Listings
Bjorn -
Sort of a "textboob" example of why one should NOT use high initial eBay Proxy bids. They don't scare away anyone, for the reason the bid is unknown, a point made perfectly clear by eBay. And if we could determine the extremely high initial bid, what's to stop someone from continually running up to the high bid and stopping?

SNIPE, SNIPE, SNIPE. Where's my CAPS LOCK when I need it. LOL

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-04-08 at 14:47:22 PDT   Listings
stamps, they have nothing to do with each other,

IPO was used by Chinese Post Offices to tie Hong Kong stamps to the cover at the receiving Chinese Post Office before they were forwarded to British Post Offices in China where the Hong Kong stamps were cancelled. Before the IPO marks were introduced there was a lot of theft of Hong Kong stamps from the covers.

IJPO was the acronymm for Imperial Japanese Post Offices which had various offices in China & Korea,

David B.
Posted by dogbert_consulting   ( 5 ) on Apr-04-08 at 14:44:19 PDT   Listings
wrd3 you hit the nail on the head on both points.

Mr Wild you have so much to share but will not refrain from comment and must have the last word which you will probably do to us too. Do not bother with me. I will be in the balcony and do know how to let comments go by.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1017 ) on Apr-04-08 at 14:30:29 PDT   Listings
Roger, ouch! The current high bidder p***s may learn a lesson about the advantage of sniping; not sniping may have cost him over $2,000...
Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 150 ) on Apr-04-08 at 14:30:23 PDT   Listings
Just a short note to follow the one I wrote on the IJPO and IPO.

I have the Webb book on Hong Kong Treaty Ports, it mentions the IPO but nothing on the IJPO which makes me wonder if they are the same.
Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 150 ) on Apr-04-08 at 14:26:30 PDT   Listings
With the stamps of China and Japan, what is the difference in cancellations of the IJPO and IPO.
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-04-08 at 11:49:58 PDT   Listings
Glad this card doesn't have a razor cancel:
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 11:39:28 PDT   Listings
again part slips into the ether

have a nice weekend , pumpkin gets spring break next week
and we are heading out

and remember in these times of economic uncertain
You can't Drive your house But You Can live in a car.

We be taking our cameras so ifin we catch,kill,find,eat,see,meet,smell,hear,step on or in or outof, anything interesting ; we might have pics when we return next week sometime.

Till Then we have just used three cans of

and for those that like extra meanings in most things

impotant question here
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 11:29:00 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ - EP came, many thanks. Machines went out a couple of days ago, forgot to email you.


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 11:17:55 PDT   Listings
i 2nd

in the real scheme of things we are less than a mote's in gods eye

interesting comparison here about the real scope of life in general.

Posted by wrd3   ( 107 ) on Apr-04-08 at 11:10:09 PDT   Listings
jaywild I hate to say this, but .... I REALLY wish you would drop this war you have with several posters on the board. In my opinion, your posts are infinitely more disruptive to the chat board than the posts by afeht and stamps12345. They cannot post anything, even the most innocuous, stamp-related post without your knee-jerk reaction to find something to jump on. I have no data to back up this claim, but I believe you are the nexus of 70% or more of all chatroom flare-ups and ill will.

PLEASE take your own advice ... IGNORE all posts by stamps12345 and afeht. Choose to not respond to them, as you cannot seem to respond in a positive manner. If you stop responding to their posts, non-stamp related postings as well as acrimony on the board would be cut at least in half.

I prefaced the above with "I hate to say this" because your positive posts are informative, interesting and valuable to the board. But your negative is starting to outweigh your positive in my opinion.

Bill D.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1068 ) on Apr-04-08 at 11:01:02 PDT   Listings
NOIP… If I can suggest a Cream performance of my own. The sound quality is not the best—it was recorded live, but gives a solid idea of what that band was capable of.

Notice how there is no jumping around, no swooping lighting effects, no “Roman candles”, no smoke machine—just pure unadulterated music.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 10:56:38 PDT   Listings
due2 - Sweeet.. nice attitude adjuster for Friday afternoon..
Who said music is dead? They just announced Kid Rock is coming to Ft Myers.......anybody want tickets?
Last show I saw was Elton John. My wife is a big fan and it was our anniversary. Must be gettin old my ears hurt after a piano player! Think what you will, he puts on a hell of a show, and yes I would go see him again!<
Posted by jaywild   ( 1068 ) on Apr-04-08 at 10:40:16 PDT   Listings
NOIP… Well guys, you might consider my post part of the “argument”, but I am merely trying to get across a very simple point. When the guy with the crazy opinions makes a post, any post, on any topic, he will use any response to insult, denigrate, belittle, and savage some of our most cherished contributors. That’s why they no longer make appearances here. All due to this one churlish poster.

Any of you who wish to consider that I am prolonging an argument are free to do so, but I will continue to make the following suggestion—


If you leave even the tiniest crumbs under the stove in your kitchen, you will attract cockroaches. The same principle is at work here.

I really miss the contributions of people like Rainer, Paolo and Knud-Erik. Therefore I will continue to encourage people to ignore the rude, opinionated poster who has driven them away.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 10:29:47 PDT   Listings
Mondays do always come to fast
but we can always hope for
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 10:25:45 PDT   Listings
Linda -- Checked the US ad covers...sorry, my "well" is dry. I do a lot of shows and will keep an eye out for you. BTW, I have started a new folder...chat ID's w/ wants..thanks to you ;-)

Jim L. -- I rarely come in the office or play with the computer over weekends....don't think I am ignoring you....Mondays always come too fast for me as it is!


Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1510 ) on Apr-04-08 at 09:54:24 PDT   Listings
The set of labels you posted are Strike Mail, but I’m not at home right now. I’ll post more on them tonight.

Jim L.
Posted by wrd3   ( 107 ) on Apr-04-08 at 09:51:20 PDT   Listings
Precancels I haven't been pursuing my bureau precancel collection for the past year or so (more interested in chasing perfins), but here are the two pages I'd most like to complete in my home-made albums: George Washington and experimentals. I expect eventually I'll complete the George Washington page ..... these are the last two 804 bureaus I'm missing, and eventually I'll find these two stamps. But I doubt I'll ever complete the experimental page .... way too much money for me spend on precancels.

Bill D.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 09:46:04 PDT   Listings
enter the ether
i have tried a couple of posts
look like they became toast

Back from the beach
Little one wants Feesh for dinner

I figure it has to be a ladder
if stairs we would have more is-it-ors
and I have oft wished for an Elelator
for the Olde guys
yeah I said Olde Guys
you know who you are
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 08:53:33 PDT   Listings
srailkb - Aaah yes, I remember those. $25-$50? I remember giving them to kids at stamp shows years ago, no-one would buy them....only the admission tickets. Does Frank B. still collect this expo? I recall he had quite a collection years ago...


Posted by srailkb   ( 3211 ) on Apr-04-08 at 08:37:24 PDT   Listings
gary.nes, my partial roll contains >4,000 of these.
Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-04-08 at 08:21:22 PDT   Listings
POSTALHYSTERIA - Good to hear you just got the rain.

WRD3 - Nice strikes on those precancels. Have always admired those "spider cancels" even though they look more like a brittle star fish.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 07:35:46 PDT   Listings

Watch the ladder is for the balconeers who come down, don't want anybody to fall! Also for any of you who are having ominous thoughts....

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 07:05:01 PDT   Listings
Jeff - Glad you guys squeaked through. At least with hurricanes we get some much needed advance warning down here. Did you see my link at 6:55AM yesterday?
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-04-08 at 06:51:40 PDT   Listings
Good Day


I noticed you are into ink wells, etc. I have a box of US ad covers, I'll take a peek today and let you know. Probably not anything in non-US.


Thanks for the pic, I see so much stuff and would probably never open a folder like that, now I will!!

srailkb - Thanks for the 1893 info. I was in total shock at some of the prices. Can't recall a wheel ticket I ever owned, but at $2,000 not suprising! WOW. re:Roll - Are they engraved like the admission tickets. Can't seem to pull up a mental image. Sounds like a heck of an item.

Jim L.
British Mail Strike. I would guess these are from there. A customer picked them out a couple of days ago from a book on the shelf and I can't find any reference in my library, pretty modern for me though. Any idea of value?
Or British European Airways labels/stamps?

Sorry, no precancels :-((


Posted by jfr   ( 749 ) on Apr-04-08 at 06:12:31 PDT   Listings

Thanks for the response and info. Looks like nothing special.

By the way, what does "watch the ladder" mean?

Thanks again,


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4104 ) on Apr-04-08 at 05:45:15 PDT   Listings

Big storm swung south of us, ended up with much needed rain overnight.

That message from the Bowie C of C had me really worried. Jeff

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 05:21:48 PDT   Listings

Thanks for the Info, I could not access your pages yesterday, But this morning they are up .

White was a builder of Motor Coaches kinda like what they were using.

Columbian Expo
I noticed in the Fall that all the Columbian Expo material I was used to seeing, most had been in the same shops for years, was al gone.
One of my Regular dealers mentioned that at least three different people had come into his shop actively seeking anything related/part of/associated with.
Items I had seen for years in the same shops over and over is all Gone.
Wonder what's up.

Posted by oggilby   ( 1262 ) on Apr-04-08 at 05:13:42 PDT   Listings
Greetings from foggy, rainy, cold central MD!

thebriguy--CYE, please!

Listening to Lonestar 92.5 on the web (TX)! Great mix of C/W, Blues, Allman Bros, Clapton, Zep, etc. DC/MD radio stinks!

Dave, Dave, Dave? Dave's not here man! Dave, Dave, Dave? I told you man Dave's not here!
Posted by 22028   ( 1692 ) on Apr-04-08 at 04:46:56 PDT   Listings
the Baghdad Overland Mail used cachets, labels, imprinted envelopes and even manuscript markings on letters to be transported by them. Im my me-page archive you find several Overland Mail covers with labels, imprinted envelopes etc...

I do not know the White Motor Company so i can not say if they did business with them.
Posted by srailkb   ( 3211 ) on Apr-04-08 at 04:19:05 PDT   Listings
gary.nes, 1893 Columbian Exposition tickets are a very hot area right now. Not only are the engraved admission tickets seeing significant price increases (Handel tickets often sell for >$100,) but the midway tickets have also gone parabolic ($2,000 for a ferris wheel ride ticket, $1,700 for a soda ticket, and many others which sell for $100-$500+.) There are fewer mint Handel tickets than mint $5 Columbians, so maybe the tickets are just playing "catch up" :-) I have a nearly complete roll of Columbian Exposition "return passes" in my collection (about 4,000 tickets) which is the largest known "multiple" of any Columbian Exposition ticket. Maybe now's the time to sell, as I often see individual return passes selling for $25-$50...
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-04-08 at 03:58:34 PDT   Listings

I agree that polls are extremely unreliable. However, they convey some information. This particular poll, by a German magazine, shows that there is a very significant amount of Germans who still hold such views, even if 20% number is exaggerated by the conditions of the poll.

As to my "sick opinion" (as you ungraciously expressed it), I emphatically did not express an opinion. I said: If this fact hurts your sensibilities, then you have a problem with the truth. If it doesn't hurt your sensibilities, then you are all right, and you don't have a problem.

Wird alles jetzt verstanden?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 03:38:16 PDT   Listings

So some of you are not confused.And to head off emails.
Dave's not home.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-04-08 at 03:36:25 PDT   Listings
Did the Baghdad Overland mail, always use a Cachet type of marking
and would you know if they ever did business with the White Motor Company,.

Nice Precanels to mollify the guys I was gonna post a few But those should satisfy most of their cravings,if not create more.VERY Nice.
too bad theyare not on something ;-{

Maybe Hysteria took his own advice and "Moved to Cover"

I'll Bring the Coke
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1510 ) on Apr-04-08 at 03:31:15 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all
No offense towards you taken by me. Just venting a bit of frustration about how uneven some infrastructures are in some areas. I know when I lived in a medium sized city I was pretty much unaware of how much better the telephone infrastructure was than compared to areas that are not very far off. Back then, with fiber optic lines I got used to downloading between 10 and 25K per second. I moved about three years ago and I’ve still not completely adjusted to the slow download speeds. With having just replaced my home computer, the merchant assuring me that I’d have faster download speeds, I’m now about 20% faster than my old computer and getting between 3 and 3.5K as the average download speed. I’ve emailed a lot of sites and ezines to let them know they are practically unusable for me, just far to many far to large graphics used constantly. I’m sure glad not every site or ezine is that way.

Jim L.
Posted by 22028   ( 1692 ) on Apr-04-08 at 02:52:16 PDT   Listings
Afeht, such anonymous polls I do not even bother. In fact, I doubt that such the poll you had mentioned ever took place, and even if, it always depends where such a poll took place, whom you had asked. Eventually, in USA there are more Nazis then in Germany. Do not trust any static / poll you have not manipulated by your self.
Furthermore, I do not know from where you get your sick opinion that I have a problem with the truth?
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-03-08 at 23:32:50 PDT   Listings
Good picture, Roger!
One of your Scandinavian friends, I presume?
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-03-08 at 23:03:30 PDT   Listings
I sell poke plate lunch. Mo betta! Broke da mouf.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Apr-03-08 at 22:55:50 PDT   Listings
This is getting comical.
I still say we issue the two of them Taser guns.
Send them out in the street for our own amusement.

I call dibs on the popcorn concession!
Posted by spain_1850   ( 381 ) on Apr-03-08 at 22:47:38 PDT   Listings
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-03-08 at 22:47:02 PDT   Listings
Posted by jaywild   ( 1068 ) on Apr-03-08 at 22:13:34 PDT   Listings
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-03-08 at 21:55:05 PDT   Listings
Re: Truth vs. wishful thinking

Just to correct infla-alex's prejudiced perception:

Couple of weeks ago, answering to sayasan's positive remark about Ukrainian pogrom-maker Nestor Makhno, I mentioned that many Western Ukrainians are rabidly anti-semitic. I added that, at least, unlike Germans, they are open about it.

I neither implied that all Germans are "anti-semitic Nazis," nor do I think so.

Recent anonymous polls have shown that approximately 20% of Germans (1 out of 5) still approve of National Socialist policies, though they would never, under any circumstances, sign under such statement if their identity would be known.

If this inconvenient fact hurts Rainer's sensibilities, his problem lies with the truth, not with my opinion of Germans, which in some individual cases is very high.

Sorry to bring this up again, but I will not allow any lies, however timid, being spread about what I've said.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1068 ) on Apr-03-08 at 21:32:58 PDT   Listings
Bill D… Those are pretty nice. I’ve never seen the Montclair N.J or the Amherst or Northampton MA. The Lansing Michigan is on a very late stamp, from 1932. I don’t know when that cancel dates from though—is that possibly a favor cancel?

Posted by jaywild   ( 1068 ) on Apr-03-08 at 21:27:17 PDT   Listings
re1wind… I checked the weather maps after Jeff’s post and the storms seem to have been blowing out of his area. I’m sure he will check in tomorrow.

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Apr-03-08 at 20:50:39 PDT   Listings
My deep apology to Mr. Lawler, my crack about dial up was terribly insensitive. Especially considering until less then a year ago, I was stuck in a dial up only world myself. I understand the pain, and will try harder to be less of snooty unlimited broadband elitist in the future.

Please resume the showing of Irish over prints.
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-03-08 at 20:43:14 PDT   Listings
Re: Irish material

There was a good article on varieties of Irish overprints on Sea Horses in one of the last issues of Linn's.
Posted by wrd3   ( 107 ) on Apr-03-08 at 20:11:37 PDT   Listings
precancels I posted this image several years ago, but since the subject if precancels came up .... I'm a US Bureau precancel collector, but I also dabble in local precancels where I think the design is interesting. Here is a group of precancels I picked up at one precancel show (I think it was the big show in the summer, probably in 2006), and here is a couple of the Fort Wayne tombstone.

I picked up these patterns because I thought they were neat looking, and all were pretty good strikes.

Bill D.
Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-03-08 at 19:41:37 PDT   Listings
Evening all - Have noticed that after Postalhysteria's weather forecast we haven't seen any new messages from him. Hope everything is fine with him and his family and his collection isn't in the next county.

Not really new to the board, have been a lurker since I became of member of eBay. I have been to other boards on the bay and I must say, this one stays on task more than any other I've seen. I'm with Jim_Lawler, just need more precancels post :-)....and as I've heard before....Go to Precancels! - The junk (mail) bonds of Philatily
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1510 ) on Apr-03-08 at 19:19:15 PDT   Listings
“makes life difficult for those of us out in the African bush struggling with dial up issues.” And for some of us in Rural USA. :8^ (

There are far to few postings about Indiana Precancels!

And Irish material of any kind,

And the 1971 British Mail Strike,

:8^ )

Jim L.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 18:09:35 PDT   Listings
Nice Scott thanks for sharing

Here is an interesting (to me) little recipet
dated Oct 9 1856 I know the corner is missing off the
GB Revenue stamp, But thats ok with me
An Interesting ship the Gertrude carried folks all
over including to OZ was a part of the Leith,Hull and Hamburg Line later lost off Norway.(1865)
Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-03-08 at 17:06:32 PDT   Listings
The previously illustrated United Way program has an interesting story. It was originally printed with the orange inside as illustrated. The postal officials decided it was ugly and decided to print it with a white interior. That is the way it was distributed at the ceremony. Some collectors at the time requested a copy of the program from the postmaster of Washington DC. He sent them the program from the wrong box. I was told that less than 12 were sent out and all the rest were destroyed.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-03-08 at 17:02:35 PDT   Listings
Here is the cover you requested:

Most of the programs from the 1930's are event programs (programs for the venue where the stamp was released).

An exception is the program for (i am going by memory here and could be wrong) the constitution ratification issue of 1938. That was a combination Ceremony and event program. The earliest strictly first day ceremony program is for the Samuel Clemens Famous American issue. There are 2 known, 1 with stamp and cancel.

There were rumors that a program existed for the 11c Rutherford Hayes 1922 issue. However when I finally saw the program it was an event program dedicating the Library annex of the Hayes Memorial, the soldier's memorial parkway and several other roads. The stamp was not mentioned.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:44:00 PDT   Listings


pane of 6 4.25
single .65

booklet not shown listed

watch the ladder
Posted by jfr   ( 749 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:34:31 PDT   Listings
Hello All,

Down from the balcony with a question. Can someone tell me if this U.S. Telegraph Booklet is listed in Scott. If so, what is the Scott number and value? Here is the inside. There appear to have been 6 or so panes of 6 telegraph stamps originally. There is a single, a pair and one full pane of 6 with some glassine interleaving left.

Thanks in advance for your help


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4104 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:30:59 PDT   Listings

and this:

Jeremy and (now he says about 18) other stormchasers are headed to the
area and will arrive around noon. They are going to use Bowie as their
staging area and stay in the area until danger is over. They are most
trained in emergency response and certified by NOAA and NSW for
response. The hottest spot for tornadic activity according to these
will be from just west and south of Wichita Falls from 3 until 5 p.m.
moving into the Bowie area between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. One discussion
forecasts 36 possible tornadoes in a triangular area with Bowie almost
center. A dryline is beginning to form just west of the area, the cold
is on time and a warm from approaching from the south as well so the
scenario is set. Jeremy said the timing is important, if storms begin
developing now they may not have enough daytime heating for tornadoes,
after 4 p.m. would increase the chances. I will have information more
likely before warnings are issued and will begin calling everyone if a
tornado threatens this area. Oh, Jeremy said there is a 10% "hatch"
probability for tornadoes to develop here, that sounds low, but he said
2% is considered high and 15% is about as high as they will go.
National Weather Service

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4104 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:29:49 PDT   Listings

Looks like my weather is going to get interesting:

A Tornado Watch is in effect northwest of an Gorman...Weatherford... Gainesville line until 900 PM CDT. Severe storms are now moving into Montague County. This storm has produced hail of baseball size or larger. More severe thunderstorms are expected to develop beginning in the northwest counties as the afternoon progresses. Elsewhere across North Texas...scattered showers continue to slide across North Texas south and east of the severe weather producing storms. A few of these storms may develop into thunderstorms as well. Everyone...especially those with outdoor activities...are advised to monitor the weather because conditions can change rapidly.

Posted by balkania05   ( 763 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:27:18 PDT   Listings
Watch your pockets when you go in Bucharest !
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:21:01 PDT   Listings
There are not enough postings about thematics and PVI's.

Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-03-08 at 15:13:44 PDT   Listings

last week there was a complaint about too many non US postings, then a posting about too many US postings, wonder what the next one will be,

David B.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 264 ) on Apr-03-08 at 14:53:52 PDT   Listings
David B

thanks for your thoughts! I will give your regards to Tsironis if I meet him in Athens.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 602 ) on Apr-03-08 at 14:48:52 PDT   Listings
less overseas chatters ..?? says 123456789etc!!!
daivd, alec, milenko, alexios, knud, moi..

mmmm. interesting!

Gary Love your NSW cover, now,... do you have any similar advertising INK companies? Australian or ANY country, any period.??
like this Paul's Inks, NY and NJ 1900 pref. with stamps Not Damaged, but stamps are not what I'm interested in for this collection.

Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-03-08 at 14:36:18 PDT   Listings

don't worry about only having 5 frames, it can be a blessing as you made 87 in St.Petersburg with 5 and increasing it to 8 may actually decrease the points unless material of the same calibre is included. There are many collections which get the 90 plus with 5 frames.

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-03-08 at 14:32:49 PDT   Listings

British Levant Postal History is most probably going to be judged by British Judges and they know about the Crimean War cancels and the Orient Express labels. By excluding them, even though you have your reasons may lose you some points especially under " importance ". (p.s., this is my opinion only and I do not know what they will actually do).

Please give regards from myself & my wife to Mr. & Mrs. Tsironas if you meet them soon,

David B.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 264 ) on Apr-03-08 at 14:20:34 PDT   Listings
David B

St Petersburg was my first entry in an international exhibition and as such was 5 frames. Unfortunately, by the time my application was accepted in EFIRO, the st petersburg result was not known, so I have to compete again with a 5-frame axhibit instaed of 8. You are a judge, you appreciate the difference!

I do not include military post offices, just the civilian ones. That's why I start from 1857.

alec: you are always willing to help, I appreciate your effort, you may show the cover anywhere you like. Thanks!
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-03-08 at 14:01:05 PDT   Listings
Alex, there is a lot of material like that which orginally was philatelically inspired but over the years have overcome their upringing.

I noticed that your start date is 1857, As GB opened a Post Office in Constantinople in 1854 for the use of the military during the Crimean War why do you start in 1857,

David B.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 593 ) on Apr-03-08 at 12:55:58 PDT   Listings
Alexiosp Zeppelin experts do exist in Germany though I'm not sure exactly who would be qualified to expertise a Greek cover. Whether that particular one is rare or not I don't know but can ask if you wish in a couple of German speaking forums. The best guy i know for Airmails especially Zeppelin mail does not speak any English and if anyone can tell you anything he is the one.

Knud Some time ago I mentioned my having a Registered GB wrapper. Finally found it here Feel free to comment please.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-03-08 at 12:55:41 PDT   Listings

found this on Google,

Παπαδόπουλος Αλέξιος (Papadopoulos Alexios - FIP no. 6651)

"British post offices in Levant (1857-1923)" [PH]

FIP: St. Petersburg 2007 (87/LV)

Εθνική: Φιλοτέλεια 2005 (90/G)

Διεθνής: Balkanfila 2007 (90/G)

congrats on the Large Vermeil at St. Petersburg,

David B.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 264 ) on Apr-03-08 at 12:43:23 PDT   Listings
David B,

Thanks for your good wishes. I do not have orient express labels in my exhibit as these are all philatelically produced by Antoine Doursoun, a local Constantinople dealer and as such they are of little postal history value (I know, they still fetch high prices in auctions, as they find purchasers among the naive or uninformed philatelsts.
Posted by xzephyr   ( 999 ) on Apr-03-08 at 12:13:47 PDT   Listings

I just wanted to share my latest acquisition – which I have been looking for for about 5 years. I have had to be satisfied with a wavy line cancellation and won the lot, # 140216330268 for $36.60. including S & H. I only wanted one stamp with a cv of about $5, but I should be able to recoup most of the rest by reselling
the other Japanese Airs (hopefully)– things seem to have changed a lot between eBay and my image host Auctionpix since I last put a lot up!

Colin the happy.

Posted by dbenson   ( 9032 ) on Apr-03-08 at 12:12:41 PDT   Listings

good luck in Bucharest, British Levant is a difficult area. Do you have any of the Orient Express labels as they are a great plus in obtaining a higher medal,

David B.
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-03-08 at 11:59:56 PDT   Listings
Knud-Erik -
Also, congratulations from Hawaii. Prague is a very appropriate location to show your exhibit. Good luck.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by alexiosp   ( 264 ) on Apr-03-08 at 10:32:56 PDT   Listings

It's great that you are accepted in Prag! I have not applied for Prag as I had been already accepted for EFIRO 2008 (Bucharest)where I will be shownig my British Levant exhibit. In fact I am getting a bit lazy but must start working for it as it is only 3 months away!

The greek airmail rates are complex for the infla period as there is not a complete listing of these - except for the very expensive Tiberius volumes. When I go to Athens to visit some friends in the Hellenic Philotelic Society, I will make arrangments -if permissable- to copy the airmail sections from the relevant volume.

Could you email me a couple of email addresses of German Zeppelin expertizers (if you know any)?

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 10:32:55 PDT   Listings

I did say like kinda ,
i have some others but where o where
i have aneat one for Duck stamp signed by all the major attendees
right below their photos.
One Day I'll see it again.
Just found 6000 Doanes
and Those always grab my interest.
off to see ifin any LKU EKU
those have their own Box and the New Unknowns their special place too.

Scott The yellow box stuff was having problems
and of course with the Change of Command etc.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-03-08 at 10:28:22 PDT   Listings

I screwed up when I said program, should of caught that. I recall (dimly) things from the late '30s that I would guess are actually presentation folders. Never anything near as early as you have with the 651. Great item. Is there anything on the front of the folder? If so, please post a scan. I specialized in FDCs many moons ago and can not recall anything like that.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-03-08 at 10:12:20 PDT   Listings
BTW if you can't read the autograph on the olympics program it is Jessie Owens.

Thank you due2cents and Gary for your comments.

I applied for membership to EUSC a couple of days ago and not heard anything. Perhaps my posts have revealed too much.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-03-08 at 10:06:48 PDT   Listings
That is a nice show program. In order for it to be classifed as an event program it would have to be the venue where the stamp was released.

The 651 is actually the earliest presentation album for a first day event that I am aware of. I was told that it was given to dignitaries at the event. It is not a ceremony program since that would need the listing of speakers for the occasion. I have been advised that there are only 3 or 4 known.

Here is the front of the cover for the joint issue:


and another autographed program


Finally, the earliest event program I am aware of (not rare): http://www.ceremonyprograms.com/programs/Centennial.JPG
Posted by knuden   ( 2417 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:54:38 PDT   Listings
alexiosp - Hello Alexios. :O)
I'm sorry I haven't said hello before but I did'n realize, you were the one I had change emails with. (I'm Knud-Erik). :O)
By the way my Greek inflation collection is at a stand still at the moment, as I'm working with my Sudetenland exhibit, which are going to the world exhibition in Prag, Czech Republic (PRAGA 2008) in September. I just got the confirmation today so I'm happy. :O) Another reason to wait with the inflation collection is I still need the Air Mail postal rates of this period, as many of my item are sent as such.
Regarding your Zeppelin cover I belive you have a very rare item here. You should contact one of the German expertizer, who have this area. :O)

K.E  I'm a catalog King, Expert and Philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:19:38 PDT   Listings

"Old 'Happy Families' (or 'Quartette' or 'Go Fish') card game. Lots of different designs were used -- authors, royals, animals, etc. "
Play and learn
learn while you play.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:17:13 PDT   Listings
while I go look around

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:15:41 PDT   Listings
Missed that one image sorry
Posted by balkania05   ( 763 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:08:11 PDT   Listings
U can see in the pictures , some blue design
Posted by 220man   ( 174 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:07:58 PDT   Listings
All: Booted-up this morning to find over 100 spam "Mailer-Daemon" messages in my mailbox. Wish Verizon would filter it out.

Posted by balkania05   ( 763 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:07:20 PDT   Listings
The back is not blank
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:03:28 PDT   Listings
are the backs Blank
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 09:02:01 PDT   Listings
The World's Fair Collector auction in Feb was fairly strong, if i remember correctly.

I have some odds and ends like that
Posted by balkania05   ( 763 ) on Apr-03-08 at 08:59:26 PDT   Listings
Need your help. Looks like the trading cards chat room can't help me. I just got this collection from one of my friends and he doesn't know nothing about, I don't know nothing about. For me are like trading cards. Can somebody help me please. In total I have over 100 cards like the ones in pictures. Thank you very much
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-03-08 at 08:45:13 PDT   Listings
Anyone know what the heck happened to 1893 Columbian Expo ticketes? Cripes, I found a few in a lot I just bought and the prices are obscene on eBay! The Handel was always good, but $150-$200 good? Saw a Manhattan Day go for $275. Am I way,way behind the curve on these? Granted I haven't had any in a while, but $25 was strong if I recall...


I'm considering "losing" that in the safe for a while...I always liked early Texas stampless..


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 08:39:58 PDT   Listings
has anybody else noticed all those washed self adhesives being sold as unused no gum?

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Apr-03-08 at 08:34:49 PDT   Listings
gary.nes - Nice Texas cover.


Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Apr-03-08 at 08:28:12 PDT   Listings
Guys, Guys....this isn't hard.


We who've committed to letting postal things consume all our bits of available gray matter and sanity, need our stimulation. Got something postal you've always wondered about? Found some stamps in a safe deposit box? Old letters/envelopes in a drawer somewhere? Quit wondering about them, drop us a link. We'll tell you if they're the way to pay for your kids college education, the method to put a few extra gallons in your cars gas tank, or something so common you can just shread them up for colorful hamster bedding.

We do this for.....FREE!

No approvals sent. No credit card numbers required. Let the EBay users stamp club curmudgeons postal gurus emit their vast knowledge. You show it, and we'll tell it like it is! Amaze your friends with your new philatelic knowlegde.

We have but one requirement, PLEASE link to scans of the item you'd like to know about. Massive gifs and jpegs right on our chat board tend to freak us out, and makes life difficult for those of us out in the African bush struggling with dial up issues.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 07:17:01 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 07:13:42 PDT   Listings
Neat Items , I love to see what others collect.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-03-08 at 07:12:47 PDT   Listings

I think you can shed the armor. Those programs are much scarcer than most realize. I always wondered why they have not caught on better, possibly because of the size. The 651 is an official program? I have never seen anything that early.

Alexios Conrats, should be a few Drachmas there!


Posted by alexiosp   ( 264 ) on Apr-03-08 at 07:11:58 PDT   Listings
deu2: My information is that Airmail rates from Greece in the period 1933-36 did not vary between airmail carriers. They were dispatched via the most immediate flight. In some cases that would be via zeppelin. In any case, zeppelin carried covers should have the confirmation cachet.

I am not sure I know the czech auction site you mention.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-03-08 at 07:01:36 PDT   Listings
Just noticed only the back of the joint issue shows. Will try to post the front at lunchtime.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 900 ) on Apr-03-08 at 06:56:15 PDT   Listings
Here are some items from my collection. I am afraid it is a little different than items usually shown. But it does include a properly cancelled $1.00 liberty;>). OK so it is not what you are looking for Jim.







The united way item is a rare variety with less than 12 having been released. They were released by mistake.

I tried to include an item not completely US.

Anyway this is what I find interesting.

Donning body armour.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15514 ) on Apr-03-08 at 06:55:52 PDT   Listings
Good Day

David - Would love to get to you, haven't made it past Hawaii yet. Loooong way from Florida.. Alas, no Thai, we had wonderful Cuban instead. Quite a drastic change, but 5 minutes frome home, not 30.

Aaaah the smell of New South Wales potatoes in the morning!
Common 2c Washington head? Not when it is a 2c AEF single, wide top is the dead give-away.
Nice strike of the Capetown fancy crown.Cape
Clarksville Texas Stampless, written by C. Demorse who was a major under Albert Sidney Johnston in 1836 and commanding officer at Poison Springs Ark in 1863, which stopped the Union advance to Texas. Texas
Any US Postal Stationary students out there? U552 with overprint on back. The envelope was flipped and upside down when applied on back. Is this recorded? I know Scott is pretty slow to list this stuff.
Jeff - Something like this? No content...


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 06:55:26 PDT   Listings
That's great that the rates are what they should be.
I hope it turns into a Score.My next question is was regular airmail often sent Zepp style. looking at the Czech auction site I see a lot of zepp mail I am trying to dtermine if a lot of it was just reagular airmails.

Infla-alec- I have a few more in the time frame you were looking at and will also post the date on that Card for you.(a little later)with the others.

Thanks For the Baghdad Overland mail ID

NOIP and Everyone who reads this
Have a good philatelic day, would you.

now that you have started encompassing all G's cancels
you want to see some of my earlier Suisse postals.

Thanks to 12345
i heavily Redacted this post , you are all on a luvcky streak Play the Lotto.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 06:00:22 PDT   Listings
Hey 12345
want to see some of the emails I get.
I was in the middle of a long post when on another window your statement popped up. and i had to respond.
Been pinkslapped lately , I have, over a postcard i shared.
BTW what you working on got any scans, wish you collected on cover.
"Go To Covers" I heard that somewhere.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-03-08 at 05:39:15 PDT   Listings
TO THE REGULARS Got a mean e-mail ......all I said it changed weather its positive or negative is for each person to decide ........its just a different place to me in my opinion .....paul
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-03-08 at 05:37:47 PDT   Listings
I think you have it wrong, I think most one or two time posters are just trying to get eyes on their listings.
I also think that many folks post a question about a collection they just got, hoping to get an offer in an email. They do many times by the way.
I think the recent discussions of the uses of Prexies
has been very informative. and some of the material we have seen lately and the ongoing (a couple of years now) grading ideas/thoughts are an indication , at least according to some, I think know and have enuf experience in the market and the world to give us a view on where it might be heading.
Sorry ifin you did not like my reaction to A's remarks
about the Muppets , BUT sometihings are Sacoscant .
The board has always waxed and waned in participation.
I myself try to spur/help/promote Philatelic content here, albeit with little success some times.

BUT then again I've said it before and i'll say it again.
"I Come here for the PHILATIO"
I can not help ifin like a Bar band I vamp in between.

Besides I prefer something,
Bookmark Yellow box.
want to get more posters here, help me anyone that is new and asks a question, look at their listings ifin stamps
watch a couple of items, that keeps em coming back.
I Gaurantee.
spelling wonks i know I missed a few.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-03-08 at 05:09:09 PDT   Listings
INFLA-ALEC-------THIS CHAT ROOM HAS CHANGED Over the past few months it has become a different place .

The chat room now has five dominate chaters,who talk mostly to each other.

There is less discussions on philately

There is little infomation on ones own collection .

There is less and less vists by the old time regulars .

There is less overseas chaters.except one .

The underlining agreement not to talk to certain people has also hurt this board .

This board has become less a place of philatelic worldwide discussions and more of a U.S. board

There is less retension of new posters more and more we see the one timer come and go .

Nothing here for most of us.....no reason to be around as often .

Posted by infla-alec   ( 593 ) on Apr-03-08 at 04:40:19 PDT   Listings
Due2 Thanks for showing the infla card. Hard to read the date but that type of cancel, oval shaped is a railway type if you didn't already know. Usualy with the word Bahnpost somewhere in the cancel. Though sometimes with the word "Shf Bahnpost or Schaffner Bahnpost," it is either of the later two types that are quite scarce.

Haven't seen much of Rainer here lately and I can't say I blame him after someone here a couple of weeks ago wrote and accused all Germans of being anti-semitic nazi's. But if you do have something interesting to show Rainer write to him via ebay I'm sure he will respond and help if he can.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 264 ) on Apr-03-08 at 03:51:14 PDT   Listings

Gary, due2, knud: Two knowledgable friends specializing in greek airmails told me that the Zeppelin franking is correct:

8D for basic surface mail up to 20gr
additional 18D (per 10gr)for airmail to USA

The 18D per 10gr airmail rate to USA was applicable throuought the period 2.5.33 - 30.10.36.

Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-02-08 at 20:31:15 PDT   Listings

Nobody is feeding you, if that's what you are worried about.

Writing is not for you, find another hobby.
Party dress sucks.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 19:58:41 PDT   Listings
due2 The guy you want is Rainer, eBay ID 22028.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1509 ) on Apr-02-08 at 19:37:38 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 18:46:14 PDT   Listings
Digging thru material been parked for a couple of years is fun
Have no clue where i got this
bet I bought it cause of the Date.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 18:42:14 PDT   Listings
HELP anyone

The Baghdad Overland Mail by Car guy
anyone know his ID need to see if his Overland mail stuff is on ME page.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 18:24:22 PDT   Listings

Here's better I think
Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 18:16:38 PDT   Listings
NOIP Dont feed the troll, folks. If it is asking what seems to be a legitimate question, behind the scenes it is still working its troll agenda

We really dont need another one of those go arounds, do we? Im sure every one of you can remember a childish insult directed at you not so long ago. So please


Posted by sac47   ( 272 ) on Apr-02-08 at 18:07:58 PDT   Listings
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 18:04:28 PDT   Listings

not really, just a very greedy seller,

David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 17:33:31 PDT   Listings
46 pounds must be one BIG Book
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 17:17:25 PDT   Listings

did you catch this one

Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 17:15:34 PDT   Listings
Alex, that's exactly what the Europeans ( and the Australians) say about shipping charges from the US. In my opinion $2-3 should be ample but as you know there are greedy sellers out there.

Yesterday I looked at a book I was after from England, the seller wanted 46 Pounds postage which was ludicrous.

David B.
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:58:11 PDT   Listings

There's a lode of interesting material on Delcampe but shipping charges to the US seem to be excessive in most cases, unless one gets many stamps from the same party.

Re: Muppet warriors

I am not getting into an argument on Sesame Street level, nope. Music died in 1849, with Frederic Chopin.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 593 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:56:22 PDT   Listings
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Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:55:08 PDT   Listings
Bill Monroe was 3rd generation
i gots my GreatGranny's edison cylinder records
Jerry Garcia. well let the smoke clear and we will talk. man.
dave's not home.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:48:27 PDT   Listings
You people are all mistaken.
Music died with Bill Monroe.
Performance art with Jerry Garcia.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:29:13 PDT   Listings

High five!!!

I shouldn't have said that
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:20:51 PDT   Listings
Big a

Like this
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:17:56 PDT   Listings
My stamp album, far from complete is the one I inherited when granpa George died
he long had an eye for centering and liked MNH, as a photo
interpreter,photographer, ngineer, bombigator,
and more for the USAAF and beyond he was back then a detail man.
and today i guess would be labelled anal-retentive.
he even broke out the micrometer for his centering views, .he also built my mom RR an almost complete Used US album. with the same parameters.
Wil see mom this weekend and get my book out of her safe. will share a couple of scans.

"Second on our list of the spoilers of fun are the philatelic politicians.............

ifin anyone wnats to read about those try the Mercury stamp journal, #42
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:14:39 PDT   Listings

we don't call them Shrimps, they are called Prawns on the Barbie.

The other dishes are not main meals and we don't eat Platypus and usually Crocodile & Kangaroo are for tourists.

The main meats are Beef, Chicken & Lamb in that order,

Yes, Seahorses should be graded but unless the grading fees are less than $1 then most would not be worth grading. There should be a note in the catalogues " All Parcel & Registration cancels are worth 5% of catalogue value)

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:13:40 PDT   Listings
I also seem to remember Arthur Fiedler appearing on Sesame Street along with the SS characters playing roles from Prokofievs "Peter and the Wolf".
Posted by malolo   ( 893 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:12:03 PDT   Listings
Bottom fishing this week. St Moritz-Dorf was one of four post offices to receive a Guller test canceler made to determine if DeCoppets device could be mass produced. Early uses seem to be very difficult to find, so this will most definately go at the bottom of this page. Its amazing what one can find and put to good use bottom feeding on eBay.

Swiss Razor Cancels

PS: An unknown violinist and the Muppets - http://www.nme.com/video/id/16XQTpm_OIk/search/sesame
An unknown cellist and the Muppets - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHiSqTbNEoM&feature=related
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:07:26 PDT   Listings

no problem,

I have no idea what the Algerian item as I do not use Scott's (except for US Specialised).

Delcampe can be overwhelming, especially for Western Europe and for French Colonial & Ex Colonial material and because of the low listing fees has been flooded by the French dealers but amongst the quantity are some very fine material. A friend of mine collects Algeria and her aim is to complete every Algerian Petite & Grand Chiffre and cds. cancels of every Algerian Office on different French stamps & covers if possible. She has been buying on Delcampe for 5 years since I recommended it to her and her collection has most probably increased 10 fold because of it (her finances most probably have decreased as well). She showed her collection last month at a club meeting and I was amazed by the improvement. The period up to about 1870 has increased from about 2 album pages to about 10,

David B.

Posted by chipmunkian   ( 333 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:03:37 PDT   Listings
Jean-Pierre Rampal and Rudolf Nureyev have also appeared on the Muppet Show.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-02-08 at 16:01:15 PDT   Listings

Possibly the Seahorses to eradicate all those parcel cancels and poorly centered stamps.


Any number of them - shrimp on the barbie :-)

BBQ'd emu, wallaby, roo, etc.

Not sure how to cook duck-billed platypus.

Then there's Melba toast, Peach Melba etc.

And who could forget vegemite?
Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:51:06 PDT   Listings

Thank you for the links. I am sometimes too addicted to eBay to think about different venues.


The one I bought for $5.50 was perf. 11 (supposed to be more expensive).


The fact that you call these people "classical musicians" says it all. If Itzhac Perlman or Daniel Barenboim would appear on Sesame Street, then, maybe, I would scratch my pate. Musically, we are from different planets.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:46:29 PDT   Listings

yes, Surface Printed will be the 1st. to be succumbed, although it could possibly be the KGV Hi Face Value, Seahorses & PUC One Pound.

David B.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:39:15 PDT   Listings
Number one good centered quality stamps always bring a premium and have no relation ,imho, to the grading craze.
As part of the Sesame Street generation (really an Animanic) I ask you please do not disparage the gang.

most of the classical musicians of the last 50 years have sought them out to share their stage.
ex1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHr6GbWPBVQ alice Cooper

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4TRvYAyt3k&NR=1 johnny Cash

buddy rich

rita moreno

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBOohuZlAiM&feature=related harry belafonte

shirley bassey

julie andrews

Need i go on.

Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:39:01 PDT   Listings

good luck, hope you have the time,


14,200 Alegria items listed,

David B.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:38:12 PDT   Listings

I will not disagree with you.

Though at the moment I am unsure as to how the GB market will embrace grading.

I think, if anything, the surface-printed Victorian high values will fall first to the fad.

Gee, alliteration!
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:35:43 PDT   Listings

re your comment,

" But i looked at a couple of stamps where only 11 or so have been graded and what they have on their site
i have better examples of and I do not collect stamps ",

This is what graded stamps are all about, to get other opinions, you state that you have better but that is only your opinion and may be biased or using only one aspect whereas Graders use various aspects,

Postal, not really, there are a many Australian innovations but not any that I would call typical,

Alex, try any major dealer in France, they would have that item in stock or even try Delcampe, they have a lot of Algeria.

David B.

David B.

David B.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:24:29 PDT   Listings

afeht - what about the one you bought for $5.50?

Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:16:39 PDT   Listings
Grading has many negative effects. A practical example:

I am missing one stamp in my otherwise complete collection of pre-independence Algeria, Scott #78 perf. 12-1/2, valued at $15. The slightly rarer perf. 11 I already have.

I've been waiting for this stamp to appear on eBay for some time. I would be satisfied with a lightly hinged or accurately canceled copy, average centering.

Bit no, the only one that appeared on eBat recently, had to be NH and ideally centered. So it went to some dude in Russia (not without my participation, out of curiosity) for $38!

I don't worry, I'll find it for $5 -- but it will take more time now, because of this grading craze.

P.S. If I were to say that I don't care for Sesame Street subculture, that I find flat bearded jokes about killing wives tasteless and boring, and that I don't consider such topics to be philatelic, would I be accused of "trolling" again? I am sure local everybody's bootlicker will find some cowardly way to insult me for this.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:08:52 PDT   Listings

David - are there any dishes that are typically Australian?

Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 15:07:15 PDT   Listings

that may be correct for 20th. Century issues but not for the earlier items, most of the graded are for better quality as the owner knows that damaged stamps submitted are going to get low grades and not worth submitting.

The Graded market hasn't hit GB yet but it will and will encompass 1d. Blacks but will be mainly focused on the later surface printed and Hi Value QV, KEVII & KGV issues. There is so much 4th. rate material being sold at high prices and will realise that 3rd. party grading is the only way to get the quality appraised,

David B.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-02-08 at 14:52:35 PDT   Listings
If nothing else, the graded stamp issue is an interesting study of the economics of supply and demand.

Most of the stamps that have been sent for grading were issued in relatively large quantities, but, they have a relatively large speculative clientele, thus their prices rise.

On the other hand, stamps which were issued in relatively small quantities are rarely submitted for grading.

Mostly because their owners know their worth without having anyone else tell them.

How many MNH graded penny blacks are out there?

Is this pfishing week on eBay chatboards?
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 14:52:17 PDT   Listings

the census is a different aspect of the grading system. The main reason for grading is to get a 3rd. party opinion of the quality of a particular stamp in relationship to other examples. It stops the usage of hyperbole's and flowery descriptions to entice buyers and virtually guarantees the quality of the item without needing a 5 line auction description. Whether any collector accepts the idea or not is up to them but whether they agree to it or not, it ain't going to go away,

David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 14:45:42 PDT   Listings
OK making me hungry

while not a proponet of grading I do admire the marketing.
IMHO the total census of stamps in many categories is too low to make a reasonable judgement on the market.
Zepps, (they have always had that cachet) and the truly rare stamps I understand and do not find fault with
whatever market you can Drum up.
But i looked at a couple of stamps where only 11 or so have been graded and what they have on their site
i have better examples of and I do not collect stamps. Nor do i wish, personally to ever have any in capsules
Mark em up , so you can mark em down.
Nor pay some one to call a stamp fat, jumbo whatever.

But we bottom feeders lnow so little, maybe with a ring in our nose we can be lead. Oops won't worl for me when i cane home years ago with a nose piercing, my Dad taught me the old saying " led by the nose"
it healed real well.
Just my 2c
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-02-08 at 14:39:55 PDT   Listings

Though I live in Scarsdale, I was not the owner of the Westchester set.

I collect neither airmails nor US stamps.

I do like Indonesian food though.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 14:11:52 PDT   Listings
Gary, just checked, Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup without the Matzo Balls)

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 14:08:37 PDT   Listings

come here for a visit, we have Indonesian food almost every night, last night my wife made Beef Rendang, not sure what's on for tonight,

David B.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:59:26 PDT   Listings
See everybody tomorrow. Have to take the better half for Thai tonight. Wish we had Indonesian, been hankering for ricestaffel (sp?). I'm sure that can't be right...
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:52:41 PDT   Listings

Those are called "traveling" sunglasses. That way whatever country you are in, a local can translate how to use them. I guess you can't go to Japan though.....No Pig Latin?


Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:46:29 PDT   Listings
NOIP I got some sunglasses delivered today, and the product information leaflet was printed in, in addition to English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Estonian
  • Slovak
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Lithuanian
  • Turkish
  • Latvian
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Polish
  • Bulgarian
  • Romanian
No Japanese, I see

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:30:56 PDT   Listings

I agree totally with modern grading..a total farce, and it has certainly "slowed" the market because of the controversy. Your premise of lower grade US, is a little off the mark. I sell tons of US "stellar stamps" in less than stellar quality. #1,2, $ value Columbians, Trans-Miss, Zepps etc. 10%-15% was typical. Now you do not get close. Any minor auction house in the US can confirm this. Stamps are appreciating in all categories, not just graded (although they probably have been the biggest percentage-wise, certainly press-wise!). Not a personal belief, just business. I have 100 customers that want a $1 Columbian, 99 will take a "front" at a fraction of cat. 1 wants VF/XF NH...go see Steve!

KL: Please don't go there...we are both on the same page!! I have bitten my tongue more than once in VSC...

BTW The Aussie States "proof" has a lot of watchers, you said it should do well...


Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:23:51 PDT   Listings

talking about KL, about a week ago on VSC he was ranting and raving about Ebay, he stated that all Ebay stamp buyers were bottom feeders, how is that for a generalisation, everyone knows it is only about 50%, the rest are serious buyers looking for material for their collections,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:17:20 PDT   Listings
Gary, I know, I have been watching the Graded idea unfold over the past few years and have also been following Steve's & Ken's comments. It is a pity that a few got on the bandwagon with the grading of modern stamps and the hype that was involved. I think that most of the opponents of grading are those who have material that they are afraid to get graded as they will be disappointed in the results or from dealers who see low graded or ungraded depreciate in value whilst high graded appreciate as the demand increases.

David B.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 13:11:45 PDT   Listings

From my wall of chuckles. An actual classified ad from 4/16/07 Linns. Email addy has been cropped.


I know Steve very well. He has spent considerable $$ and time to build that business, in a storm of extreme opposition (a certain VSC member as I am sure you know), and succeeded. Not my field, never handled a graded stamp before, but he is the leader in that market.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 12:55:48 PDT   Listings

David - I guess if one is to put a price on perfection, then that's a pretty good price. Jeff

Posted by dbenson   ( 9019 ) on Apr-02-08 at 12:39:51 PDT   Listings
There was a comment the other day about the drop in prices realised of US graded stamps, this may be an exception,


David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 12:00:14 PDT   Listings
rule 74 Knowledge equals profit
Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:39:42 PDT   Listings
VIRUS ALERT Got this from a very good source (ex-IBM guy) and also checked it out through Snopes.com.

If you get an email titled Mail Server Report DO NOT open it. It may even come addressed to your name (culled from computers already infected) and it may appear to come from a friend or directly from your email or ISP host.

Norton is working on it, I would advise doing manual updates throughout the day.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:31:51 PDT   Listings
Jeff S I did get the Lincoln solo on eBay, but the seller did not realize it was a wet print. I am guessing he had some personal connection to it because he dated it to 1954, which means it had to be the wet print. I confirmed this with my trusty microscope once I received the card.

Here are some dry-printing earliest dates, compiled by Ken Lawrence
  • 3 sheet stamp, August 1956 [possibly earlier]
  • 3 booklet stamp, April 17 1956
  • 1 sheet stamp June 8 1956
  • 4 untagged sheet stamp July 3 1956
  • 3 large hole coil October 16 1956
  • 6 sheet stamp March 18 1957
  • 2 large hole coil May 13 1957
  • 30 sheet stamp May 29 1957
  • 1 large hole coil August 26 1957
  • 3 untagged small hole coil March 6 1958
  • 40 sheet stamp April 9 1958
  • $1 sheet stamp April 10 1958
  • 50 sheet stamp April 17 1958
  • sheet stamp May 12 1958
As you can see a lot more work remains to be done.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:17:07 PDT   Listings
Got me on the time frame, my parents to be nice are electic in their musical tastes.
Just like them I have music on anytime I am awake, I am just warming up o the Utube versions of many things, BUT i still like putting a stack of lp's on the old maganavox and not changing, or clicking anything for -3 hours.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:14:00 PDT   Listings
jeffS just trying to get an idea , they need the endorsement on the envelope. I see a laundry basket of this stuff on a regular basis. will see if anything interesting (more than that dime item) in that basket.I have a tub of metered stuff, happened when i got an old Meter postmark book.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:02:14 PDT   Listings

Jay-Jim - the 4c Liberty wet, did you recently get that on eBay, I recall a similar description but don't recall the image.

Guess I need to do some printing research.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:01:19 PDT   Listings
Jeff - I am not shocked. 1st pile I picked up. $9 is pretty much my min. Too much to do, so little time, etc. No sweat, I'm a learnin', plus I'm up to counting to 11 w/o taking off my shoes. Just happened this AM, can't wait for tomorrow...
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-02-08 at 11:01:09 PDT   Listings
Pro That seems like long ago music. Saw him twice but can't even remember those songs.
Here's one from one of the most underrated bands ever. I usually listen to this song a couple times a day (as well as many of their others).
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:59:58 PDT   Listings

due2 - yep, but I have a half dozen of those from various pattern people. Thanks.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:57:45 PDT   Listings
Jeff - Smart a@# (grin), those I can handle actually. Haven't a clue what the Canadian thing is, w/o reading your desc. Bet it takes a lot of snooping to find something like that on the Bay and do so well on resell.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:54:09 PDT   Listings

Gary - IMO your 1.25 and 2.5 are high by a factor of 3.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:53:04 PDT   Listings
stuff like this
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:49:19 PDT   Listings

Gary - don't forget, small perf holes and large perf holes.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:47:17 PDT   Listings

How do you make money on eBay?

You Buy

and you


Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:46:54 PDT   Listings

Looks like all carmine (shades there-of). Carmine-Lake is quite "deep". Best reference: 319f, keep one handy, it is an inexpensive stamp 30c used.


Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:44:41 PDT   Listings

You'll see a 2.5c on the Bay. I think I am biting off more than I can chew with these things.....Couldn't figure out how to merchandise them at shows (never really had any calls), now I am getting deeper and deeper on eBay...

Wet/dry, UV/non-UV, block tagging aaarrggghhh I'd rather light my hair on fire and try to put it out with a ballpeen hammer.. On cover? Fuggetaboutit.. Give me a pile of 1c blues I'll be in the corner looking for a #5 ;-)) You guys must have the patience of Job....
PEN - Don't hold your breath, ....but I shall try.

Jeff - neat stuff, I have no shred of relative scarcity (not suprising, huh?)- see above re:Job.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:44:38 PDT   Listings
as a mostly colour blind person wish i could help.
I always thought (from reading ) that the real secret to colour reconition in the world of philately is to always remember that the second color in a hypened colour description is the dominate one, Not the first colour listed.
so when looking for Carmine-lake
it's the Lake colour that should be dominate.
roger how's that for no bangs on the return key
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:40:57 PDT   Listings

You said cookie
Posted by poppadawg   ( 829 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:35:03 PDT   Listings
NOIP: Never mind. Got it figured out. Matter of accepting a cookie.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:33:19 PDT   Listings
A couple is married for forty-seven years. The wife dies. At the funeral, the pallbearers swing the coffin, which hits the wall. From inside the woman yells Oh my God! She lived another four years.

She died again. The pallbearers are swinging the coffin. The husband yells Watch out for that wall!

The New Yorker, Old Jewish Comedians

Posted by kchrist499   ( 1266 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:33:03 PDT   Listings
First, many thanks to due2cents for directing me to the toolhaus site. It was extremely helpful.

Next I have another problem. Its about a US stamp, the 2 cent Washington coil issued in 1923-25, depending on type and color. I know the type of mine, but darned if I can figure out the color differences. If they are all carmine, they are fairly common. However, if one of the pairs happens to be carmine lake, it's value jumps considerably.

Please look at
these and give me your opinions: all carmine, one carmine lake?

Thanks! Ken C

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:32:38 PDT   Listings

Thanks Jim, floor sweepings to most. (grin)

Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:21:25 PDT   Listings
Jeff S Very nice Liberty items!! You make me envious...

Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 10:19:14 PDT   Listings
Gary Thanks. I appreciate your asking that fellow with all the paper. The PEN magazine for me is more nostalgia than anything else.

Here are a couple Liberty solosthe Bunker Hill coil precancel, and the only one of these I have ever seen, a solo use of the Lincoln 4 wet printing. The dry print came along in 1956, well before the first class rate was bumped up to 4, so there were very limited solo uses for the 4 Lincoln when it first was issued.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:58:20 PDT   Listings
NOIP Speaking of Sesame Street, this was always a favorite.

In its early years SS was a place to find exquisite animation, clever skits, and of course the inimitable Grover

Posted by poppadawg   ( 829 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:57:04 PDT   Listings
NOIP; Have they made some changes at Paypal? I usually transfer money from my Paypal account to my checking account. Now I cannot find a tab for that function. Am I missing something?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:48:05 PDT   Listings

your post last nite brought to mind


my dad hums this all the time

but maybe you just need


my mom used to reccomend he try it.

Thanks JEFF
I see Now Thought it had been opened and then Redone.
guess I do Not need to show you my opened stamps..
Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:48:01 PDT   Listings
due2cents - Strangely enough I have a copy of that 1928 catalog and a 1940 Hoover Catalog. The 1940 Hoover is still the standard for Washington/Franklin precancel collectors, seems to be the most comprehesive one out there, so I've been told. They are nice catalogs to have but I use the T&T and Buro catalogs on CD. So I did upgrade my reference library to CD, but still like to refer to the catalogs published before my time. Way before my time....way way before my time! :-)
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:35:06 PDT   Listings

I think so, the stamp was cut around and not slit, as long as it is not slit I would take it.

Also, I note I don't have an example of the small 2.5c precan envelope, nor do I have a local precan coil.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:31:19 PDT   Listings
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:26:28 PDT   Listings

I am interested any any bulk rate meter mail if they still have the contents.

the bridge on that "New added" card
is that acceptable for showing.I don't understand the question.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:21:39 PDT   Listings
heck jeff I did not know you liked meters too
i have a big tub o that stuff

the bridge on that "New added" card
is that acceptable for showing.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:16:03 PDT   Listings

As I have said before I am a big fan of third class mail. Here are some examples of my 2.5c material.

2.5c stamps, sheet and coil, not precanceled

2.5c local precancel sheet stamp, self mailer w/ BRM card

2c + half-cent local precancels

5 half cent precancels, Look Magazine mail

pairs of 1.25c precancels

2.5c precanceled PSEs

2.5c permit, forwarded at first class rate

2.5c meter mail with contents

Lower value meters uprated to 2.5 cents

I left out the 2.5c precanceled coils. Hope I did it correctly.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 09:12:08 PDT   Listings
how about the Smashing Pumkins for the younger crowd

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 08:52:21 PDT   Listings
Can you picture that

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 08:40:06 PDT   Listings
With apologies to the fairer sex...you can change the punchline.

A man with a gun went into a bank and demanded their money.
Once he was given the money, he turned to a customer and asked,...
"Did you see me rob this bank?"
The man replied,... "Yes sir, I did."
The robber then shot him in the temple,... killing him instantly.
He then turned to a couple standing next to him and asked the man,...
"Did you see me rob this bank?"
The man replied,... "No sir,... I did not,... but my wife did."

Posted by afeht   ( 1305 ) on Apr-02-08 at 08:25:37 PDT   Listings
Re: Touva

Can't find a decent collection of Tannu Touva lately -- anywhere. In October-November of the last year there were quite a few on eBay. Some countries and topics seem to seasonally disappear.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 08:24:26 PDT   Listings
Gary purchased for the effort.
he did get better.besides maybe a good perfin
m one day i'll find out.

wonder ifin any o the numbers in this Directory are still ringable.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 08:18:41 PDT   Listings
Jeff - I heard a rumor that a single 8c Prexie was getting listed on the Bay today....not the rate you're huntin' tho...

Due2 No offense, but your daughter would not be fooled by that! Maybe PC people think a stamp helps...stamp people must be dumb if they don't look at the pretty picture first...
I have a "closet" perfin collector, has a box in my shop I fill up as I find them.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:51:16 PDT   Listings
not yet but getting closer
did find this
figured you may already have one.

Here is an example of a faked postcard
dealer (antique store) sees me 2 or 3 times do a quick stop to ceheck his postcards,
Finally asks What is it youlook for.
I have a pretty pat speil, i give it while looking.
low and behold next time I'm there in his Shop
5 or 6 things I look for

guess I need to update my reference shelf a little.

ZEPP Surely there exists out there in the Ether more thoughts on this Item. Climb down the ladder .

I hold the bottom steady.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:41:46 PDT   Listings
the lack of arrival b/s is annoying indeed, but I have seen 2-3 items of this period to USA w/o arrival. I think the point that will determine if this is genuine is postage. As soon as I get an answer I will let you know.

BTW, in all other respects the cover is genuine (correctly examined by greek customs, the Dobrowolski correspondence is quite frequently met, Thessaloniki airmail cancellations in good order)
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:30:52 PDT   Listings
Hey Jeff - wacky, wacky...tell me about it. Had plenty of NARU's, but never one that scam sold and then starting buying....guess he needed to raise some cash first....

Alexios - I really didn't count the posatge, just took a quick peek. I get lost if I have to take my shoes off to count over 10 :-)


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:25:56 PDT   Listings

the response below showing the cover as UNDERPaid
is what I thought
, Altho i have no way to look up he greek rates other than a handful of greek stuff lying around.
Nice Clear strikes in opportune places on otherwise low end material
always makes me go Hmmmmmmmmm.

Not that I would not buy that for 2 bucks (pencilprice on the cover) But
the bell (ding ding ding) for me was no recieving mark.
Not that i am an expert (far,far from it)
I have a few Zepp pieces and even the postcards have a recieving mark. US incoming
Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:21:34 PDT   Listings

Knuden: many thanks for your info! Good to hear from you.

Gary: Bennet's lot 1115 pays the same minimum airmail rate of 18 drs (I think there's a 1dr airmail stamp affixed at the back). Will check with a friend who is an expert in greek airmails and will let you all know. Thanks for your thoughts!
Posted by knuden   ( 2417 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:13:13 PDT   Listings
Alexios - According to my Sieger cat. from 2001, it's Z437 and there is no mention of a Greek connection.

K.E  I'm a catalog King, Expert and Philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-02-08 at 07:08:07 PDT   Listings

Mornin' Gary - its a wacky, wacky world at eBay, just glad I have not had any probs like that. Jeff

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:54:47 PDT   Listings

BTW Seiger # is 437, I have an old one only shows 65DM, never got around to buying a new one.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:51:33 PDT   Listings

I am by no means an expert on Greek rates or Zepps, but yours seems severely underpaid compared to the Bennett links. I don't see anything wrong with the cover, just the postage looks short...


Odd start today. Couple lots sold in my store and I tried to send an invoice through eBay. They blocked it because the user is NARUed. Checked his FB, 11 negs in the past week or so for over $10,000 worth of lots he sold. Turns out he was using a 2001 Feldman Swiss auction for his pictures....then starts buying stuff? How screwed up are these people? geesh, now I have to do FVF's, relist, PITA.


Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:36:14 PDT   Listings

Just to help a bit, covers from the 1st and 3rd North American Flights of 1936 are recorded, just see lots 1114 & 1115:


I have also seen a perfectly commercial cover from Athens to Argentina carried on the 1934 special Christmas flight.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:26:56 PDT   Listings



IMHO the Cachet and the Berlin backstamp were added to this item BUT I could be wrong
I hope someone can answer this for sure.

I can not understand how or why a Greek airmail item
would be routed thru the Zepp system
I think a way for a dealer to turn a nickel into 2 dollars ink was cheap.

Corrections actively sought.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15511 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:23:40 PDT   Listings
Good Day

This is turning into the Prexie board.....


Can't help you with the magazine, but I do have a guy that has the strangest paper material for stock. I see him next month and will ask, if anyone can help, he is the guy.

2.5c: I didn't think they were very good, but like you said, I can't remember the last time I had one in my paws. For something that was used so heavily, it seems they should everywhere.


Don't know which is more harrowing: the clothes you were wearing or the emergency room visit :-))Heck on a slow news day, you may of made CNN in this world we live in ;-)With a big 'ol microphone in your face: "NO,they are stamp tongs. I use them to play with my stamps....ohhh just forget it.." Limping off red-faced.


I slipped your tongs back when I gave that poor lizard a decent burial yesterday, don't think I am going to do it again though....I'm a hoarder you know..


Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:12:59 PDT   Listings

scans duly sent!
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 06:04:07 PDT   Listings
check your ebay messages Alex
Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:49:41 PDT   Listings

how do I attach a scan here? or you cound send me your email address.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:43:51 PDT   Listings
the great Peter Lorre

was into stamps

seen here
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:37:57 PDT   Listings

Is your cover noted as a Z-240 flight

I can find No mention of the Sept 1936 flight to North America as having any Greek connection.
have a scan.
or photo
or describe the Cover / card
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1509 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:37:50 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:20:03 PDT   Listings
thanks for the rapid reply! is Z-420 the listing for Greece? Whats the price quoted?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:16:48 PDT   Listings
for those that are into Pristine gum


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:15:03 PDT   Listings

would that be the Z-420
Posted by alexiosp   ( 262 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:06:27 PDT   Listings

Hi all! Can anyone tell me if there is a listing for Greece for the 8th North American Flight(17 Sep 1936)according to Sieger or Michel zeppelin catalogues?

Many thanks!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Apr-02-08 at 05:03:31 PDT   Listings
TONGS RUN WILD ---------even gold plated tongs in leather case ...... some of them .....paul
Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 150 ) on Apr-02-08 at 04:30:54 PDT   Listings
Regarding the Hong Kong 1938 Provisional use 5 cent duty stamp which was only use for a shor time, was this only for local use or was it also used for foreign use.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-02-08 at 03:11:43 PDT   Listings
My tongs mysteriosly
I do NOt think it had anything to do with mentioneing it to a certain
seven year old I know.

Posted by dragonstamps   ( 501 ) on Apr-01-08 at 22:03:33 PDT   Listings
I can't find my favorite tongs.
I'm back to using the ones I started out with.
They work.

I've lost at least 2 tongs so far, though I can't explain how.
I don't like thinking that anyone would take them, so I must have lost them.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 21:57:41 PDT   Listings
Briguy I take insult of your post!
Here are my 4 sets of stamp tongs (yes, I can find them all).
I keep one on the computer desk, one on my stamp room desk and the other two in desk drawers. My favorite one is the best tooth picker. Only woosey boys use paddle tongs. Are you trying to paddle up the Amazon? Had them when I was a kid. It took a little rethinking but after 25 years of pointies, the others really suck.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1066 ) on Apr-01-08 at 21:19:39 PDT   Listings
Hail to the cheese Heres another version. You have to watch it to the very end

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 21:00:32 PDT   Listings
Jeff I had the same problem with a starter for my Kubota tractor/mower. It was a grey market item and I could not find it anywhere. Finally my father found one on ebay for $35.00. Moral to the story is have patience and seek the ebay for your need, it will appear in time.
However, truth is something you may not find on ebay.
I was thinking about offering it but it seems new rules prohibit digitally delivered items.
I'm really not kidding, I would never do so on such an important issue. All you think you know is crap!!!
Unknow and find truth.
I'm in the middle of a more than philosophical coonversation at the moment. Also have a $700 stamp soaking that I need to retrieve.

Life and the secrets of the universe are so much more simple than the human mind has any business messing with.
No kiddin....................
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:49:23 PDT   Listings
Ahhh yes, the annual tong/tweezer topic.

Near and dear to my heart, and shockingly......almost to my manhood!

Been a while since I had the chance to delve into a bit of self depricating humor. Good humor you'd better have, if you happen to be the only philatlist you know of, who was rushed to the hospital following a horrific tong accident.

I was a teenager. It was the 70's. An era when young men wore really tight jeans, with 3 inch "man heels" graced by faux aligator skin pattens,...in fashionable brown!

Wandering around the local bourse, I'd forgotten I'd slid my trusty tongs into my front pocket, then bent over reflexively to pick up a dropped stamp. Oh yeah. They went right into my thigh, very deep and very NEAR that most cherished of all male parts. It was bad, but not nearly as bad as ending up in the emergency room for medical treatment and the requisite tetnus shot. There I was, resplendent in my 70's garb, bleeding profusely from a 2" deep hole in my upper thigh, a pimple faced teen -- being told to strip out of my pants by a very good looking 20-something nurse. Somehow in my dreams, that first time disrobing on command for an attractive woman, had always played out quite a bit differently. :o(

And now you know why I'll ONLY use paddle type tongs. Heck, even toothpicks scare me. :o)
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4095 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:19:02 PDT   Listings

P-O Point of Order. So official sounding.

Still online looking for a generator for my tractor. Froze up this evening. New one doesn't appear to be outlandish.

1.5 + 5 would be ordinary third class with 5c insurance. Don't have one with coil franking. How about a solo 8c paying double weight third class + insurance. Sweet dreams Jeff.............

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 361 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:13:43 PDT   Listings

Thank you pro for the music, it gave me a really good laugh!
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:11:37 PDT   Listings

Forgot we are an international board for a momment

I give you appropriate music

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:08:41 PDT   Listings
and the appropriate music

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:06:35 PDT   Listings
all hail the chief
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 360 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:05:48 PDT   Listings
Hi everybody,

Excuse me for being late, but I've had some terrible days at work and I don't fell really well phisically.

As the new President, I'd like to thank Mitch for the last year work at the charge. Also, thanks for all the support in the election!

I have plans to start with a poll to the eusc members about diverse matters. But first I need to recover myself!

I'll be absent for the rest of the week I think, but I'll be back with news for everyone.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 20:00:35 PDT   Listings
1.5 prexies on cover ifin they were worth anything I'd be in hawaii harassing the Razor man.

Kathmoon or any regular/lurker/semi regular
or just a reader of this post.
Need scans linked message me.

Out with the Old Prez and In with the New.
Now maybe under new leadership even I could be enticed to join :-}

I am not a joiner
just an occassional coupler

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:58:08 PDT   Listings
P-O ?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:47:02 PDT   Listings
Jeff Sounds to be worth the bother of listing.
Actually, I have several 1 1/2 prexies on cover. Can't recall the 5 cent combo though. I guess I should double check as you seem to infer a great value there.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:42:17 PDT   Listings

P-O, you ain't prez no more!

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:41:19 PDT   Listings

Time for lights out, see you all in the am.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:41:10 PDT   Listings
Jeff I would be remiss if I did not inform you that it is against the rules to post personal information on an a ebay chat board. <:~`)
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:40:41 PDT   Listings

Not to just waste a post below, anyone is welcome to send me checks whether thy bought anything or not!

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:38:18 PDT   Listings

Domestic air, I would guess would bring $20 in theBay.

Wouldn't happen to have a 1.5 + a 5?


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:36:46 PDT   Listings
crap - doing 2 things at one time!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:33:39 PDT   Listings
Jeff Thanks for the response. this is the one I thought might be the better. Seems I cropped the top a bit but the item is solid with top intack.
Quantos pesos? Dollars better??
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:32:19 PDT   Listings
Mitch… Yep, I agree with Jeff S. 5¢ prexy coils solo usage are not easy to find. I have one sent to Scotland, miserable centering but correct solo rate.

Posted by kathmoon   ( 500 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:17:38 PDT   Listings
due2cents: thanks for linking my scans.
Matt in Arizona: thanks for your input. I have about 55 of them. Nick
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1509 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:17:30 PDT   Listings
Let me add another “Many Thanks to the outgoing President Mitchell (Antonius-Ra) and congratulations on a job well done!”

Jim L.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 19:10:23 PDT   Listings

A-R: you will be pleased with the single, or multiple, 5c Prexie coils you list.

Posted by keleofa   ( 3839 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:59:43 PDT   Listings

Depends on the definition of 'worth'.

If they were mine I would list them. They are collectible but not very valuable (scarce). They might bring $5 to $10 a piece.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by oggilby   ( 1261 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:54:06 PDT   Listings
Paolo--CYE when you awaken this morrow, please!
Posted by oggilby   ( 1261 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:50:32 PDT   Listings
Good day to all!

The real April fool!
Posted by dbenson   ( 9010 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:49:39 PDT   Listings

it seems that the original Dies of each value were still in perfect condition and new plates were manufactured specifically for the printing in 1964.

David B.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:35:27 PDT   Listings
Are 5 cent prexie single use coils on cover worth messing with? I have several prexie covers and a few with single coils. Not my cup of tea but if they are worth something,
papa needs new shoes.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:29:39 PDT   Listings
Paolo Hi buddy, thanks for the kudos.
Don't stay away from the board for too long.
It's easy to take a break sometimes but only whimpy scaredy cats run from the bozos.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:17:07 PDT   Listings
David I cannot help but wonder how many original plates there were? If the plates used to create the first issues were so worn, why did they reuse them for the next perforated issue (which are extremely blurred and should not have met government standards)? Makes sense not, to me.
Here is a better scan of the ones I recieved today.
I most appreciate the design of the classic engraved stamp. If it is newly printed (from original plates) then of course it has not the value of the issued item. If they were the originals they would cat for over $10,000. These of course are more like 100 year post trial color proofs. For $12.00 they are most welcome to take a space in my collection (duly noted).
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:17:06 PDT   Listings
here are the Prexie
covers From Kathmoon



I do not actively collect these
but with all the talk lately I am sure someone can tell all of us if they are worth listing.

Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:15:55 PDT   Listings
err... "cogratulations" = congratulations, of course!
Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Apr-01-08 at 18:14:30 PDT   Listings
Many Thanks to the outgoing President Mitchell (Antonius-Ra) and cogratulations on a job well done!!!

Welcome to Milenko as President of the eUSC!

Good continuation,
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:51:21 PDT   Listings
check your injured ducks lot for a question from memeber.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9010 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:50:05 PDT   Listings

in my opinion, it was a waste of money, both yours and the buyer who bought the blocks at $230. I have a pet aversion to modern posthumous plate proofs as it means that the plates are still in existence and can be printed ad infinitum.

David B.
Posted by kathmoon   ( 500 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:46:20 PDT   Listings
Mitch: Thanks
due2cents: I do not know how to create a link to the scans. I can attach a scan to an e-mail, but do not know how to create a link for here.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:39:35 PDT   Listings
David Thanks, that makes me feel like $12.00 was a pretty good buy for the set <:~`))
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:35:11 PDT   Listings
Hiya Nick Congrats on your new star!
As I recall you collected strips of three of early Banknotes.
I had set a few back for you (hope I can remember where).
Nothing real exciting but they seem to be looking for a home.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9010 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:33:07 PDT   Listings

see this for blocks of 4, sold at $230,


David B.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:31:41 PDT   Listings
Lynn Yes that is the watermark. The pic does show a little more than Scott does but I think it is just a small portion of the entire and not the part I'm needing to see.

Got your email and not sure how to respond. If you lived close you could come and get them. There is to much weight involved to ship reasonably.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:16:50 PDT   Listings
got any pics
Pointy hands are a collecting catagory for some,
proper rated single uses are good things + aux handstamps better still in my mind

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:16:38 PDT   Listings
Billsey Recieved these today. Quick 10 day ship from Argentina. They are beautiful, much better than the scan on the auction page. I was going to send you the second 15 centavo but they are different. One is on white paper the other on buff.
Curious that the auction scan does not show the difference.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 257 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:10:10 PDT   Listings
Is this what you wanted?
Posted by kathmoon   ( 500 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:09:43 PDT   Listings
NOIP: Question about Prexie Covers. Just sorted out a box lot and there are several Prexie covers - all are from a law firm - sent Certified or Registered. All have "Returned to Writer" in a hand shaped stamp. Some have single 25 cent Prexies and some have pairs of 20 cents Prexies. Are these common? not common?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:09:41 PDT   Listings
Pro Thanks anyway. I could pull a bunch of others with the same watermark and check them but the real problem is that the "O" is likely to be on none of them as it's occurance on a sheet seems limited. Lot of trouble to ID a 90 cent stamp, but we do like to get them in the right spot, heh.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:06:28 PDT   Listings

Thanks for clearing up the differences in that article and the info you have put together.
Most Philatelic info (when new) needs to be tweaked, and then a few years later adjusted, and then later corrected.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:04:45 PDT   Listings
Sorry RA nothing that current my SA stock seeems to stop at 1905 or so.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Apr-01-08 at 17:01:02 PDT   Listings

Interesting article.

However, my web site is still on the web and the article has a few goofs. But none of us are perfect.

I must thank Terry for some new PVI's which arrived Monday.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:52:14 PDT   Listings
Prometheus Looks like it was used between 1924 and 1928. If I just knew the shape and height of the "O" it would help me identify the stamp in question.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:51:26 PDT   Listings
Gary… There was a magazine we used to get when I was a kid, called PEN (Public Employees Newsletter—my father did some work for the State of Arizona) that always came with a precanceled 2½¢ Bunker Hill paying the postage. I have never seen that magazine since, and Google has no reference to it that I have been able to dig out, but it was the most amazing magazine for a kid, because in the back there was a page listing all the free things you could send away for. My favorite was a reference book showing aircraft development from the Wright Brothers to the then-present (1950s), each one photographed beside all its specs and details.

I am hoping one day to run across a copy of PEN for sale on eBay.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:49:35 PDT   Listings
Cloaked upon further review of the Item
a Clearance paper MIGHT be worth the listing fees
shows he was paid up and in good standing and could move his membership, and his right to work
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:47:09 PDT   Listings
what years It just so happens I have some Stock books with Brazil on the couch, handy
Still looking for that Texas Republic letter for

Gawg In Georgia.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:46:46 PDT   Listings
Cloaked figure Please do, I'm sure someone will give you the answer you seek but it may take a while.
Posted by cloaked_figure   ( 445 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:46:00 PDT   Listings
Ok i have reported my first post and added this one, my apologies.


Could someone give some idea wether this item is worth listing on ebay on its own or would it be a waste of listing fees.
I hope you dont mind me asking as i normaly dont sell stamps.
Its seems like some sort of hand bill for the Amalgamated Society Of Carpenters & Joiners. Its a half penny stamp with two franking marks.
Thanks for your time. Here are the pics



Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:45:24 PDT   Listings
Cloaked figure Welcome to the stamp board!
Unfortunately you have just blown up the board for those with slow dial up.
It is preferred to post links to images instead of the image itself on the board. If you could do that it would be appreciated and then you can hit the report button next to the date stamp to remove your last post.

Anyone have a link to full watermark 101 (stars and casa da Modea) from Brazil? Scott only shows a fraction of it and as Brazillian watermarks often do, it's driving me nuts.
I found this site while trying to Google the answer. It did not have what I needed but looked pretty handy.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:43:18 PDT   Listings
Jeez, sorry about that I guess I hadn't cut and pasted anything since last night and really screwed that one up.
It should go away soon.
Posted by cloaked_figure   ( 445 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:38:28 PDT   Listings
My apologies. should i remove the post and just put in links
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 16:36:47 PDT   Listings
Cloaked figure

Proper rated item
I would imagine that someone who knows GB will chime in soon

I do not know if the subject matter helps BUT i see that type of usage in the Dollar box

OH and welcome to the Stamp Chat Board
I would ask before the biters bite that you
and you are always welcome
in the future use links
Many of our room users are ON DIALUP
and they are in places where they still buy minutes of use.

thanks for stopping by.

Posted by tigerpaws*   ( 434 ) on Apr-01-08 at 15:50:34 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 15:49:31 PDT   Listings
Thanks I was wondering...

I have been aquiring all the below mentioned itmes for a while.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 15:47:51 PDT   Listings
due2… Just a resource for Liberty usage, I think.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 15:27:02 PDT   Listings
at 10 bucks a month for the Classifieds where few ever look for anything.
seems stiff
or no more penny downloads no FB
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 15:20:01 PDT   Listings
I thought a LIBERTY BOOK had been done
or is it Sans valuation.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 15:15:25 PDT   Listings
Lindy… Hey girl. No r&b today, eh?

Gary... There were many of the Bunker Hill stamps used, but they seem to be scarce on eBay. Perhaps most were simply thrown away, along with the junk mail they paid for. I personally think the market for solo prexies-Libertys-Prominent Americans will continue to strengthen. I wish Scotts or somebody would do the research and produce a value guide for solos on cover.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 601 ) on Apr-01-08 at 14:42:59 PDT   Listings
Good morning from a windy Melbourne. I'm not sure if it will effect any stamp literature catagories, possibly Album Pages, but the new ruling just brought in by eBay Australia prohibits the sale of digitally delivered items. eBay USA is somewhat kinder and allows the listing of digitally delivered items, but only through listings in Classified.
So if any collectors out there usually use eBay to purchase downloads of album pages or whatever, see the new Announcement dated March 27.\http://www2.ebay.com/aw/core/200803.shtml#2008-03-24125416

re1wind lots of the Samoan footballers head off to Australia to play Rugby too.

Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 257 ) on Apr-01-08 at 14:04:58 PDT   Listings
The Oregon stamp society newsletter had an article about PVI's. Thought you might be interested.
page 1, page 2, page 3.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9010 ) on Apr-01-08 at 11:47:26 PDT   Listings

re your comment,

" The international listing showing in other countries can only mean sloly but surely eBay.com and its other sites are finanlly making categories compatible. I hope sellers check the categories their items will show in before listing items. The only way for sellers to confirm thier listing is working will be to log-in on the international site and search for their item. ".

I doubt that was the motive, that would have been handled by the " IMPROVE EBAY " department, the changes were approved by the " IMPROVE EBAY PROFIT " department,

David B.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Apr-01-08 at 11:19:13 PDT   Listings

I hope you got a good chuckle, I know I did. Back to school now... is the 2.5c 1056 coil precanceled bulk rate single usage of any value?

Something that just popped up on my desk:

ELVIS has left the building.


Poot and rascalest? I am in awe of your vocabulary...

Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 11:14:10 PDT   Listings
Gary… I’m the rascalest…

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Apr-01-08 at 11:01:24 PDT   Listings

You rascal! I figured the "unique" comment would be overlooked! Just check eBay, there are more "mostest uniquest" items I have ever seen in my life!

Still an unusual cover, I fear the customer is scarcer or "the utmost mostest uniquest".

psssst.... Wanna buy some tongs?...cheap man and the best I promise!..

Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 10:52:57 PDT   Listings
Gary… And the term you want is “mostest uniquest”.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 10:52:04 PDT   Listings
Nothing like opening a fresh Box of Pencils.


For Gliding smoothness.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 10:51:42 PDT   Listings
Gary… Yes, and after you got me all excited. I have to admit I’ve never seen a cover quite like that one, but alas it falls just outside my collecting parameters.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Apr-01-08 at 10:42:18 PDT   Listings

Sorry...I could not help myself :-) By your extreme lack of enthusiasm, I would have to presume this would not fit into your collecting categories? And here I figured I had the most unique 1052 solo usage in the entire universe......back to the drawing board. :-))

And I thought I was going to be well compensated....another pipe dream...dangit.


P.S. I stole your tongs...ha-ha...and due2's, but I swear I did not do that to that poor lizard....

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 10:28:44 PDT   Listings

below is a link to the aftermath
to a baby owls first
Get it's own attempt.
Too hard
too fast
Squeexed to much
only got

No soup for you
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 10:19:56 PDT   Listings
Matt… Thanks anyway!

Motorcycle battery failed last night. Had to push the bike into the garage. And the dealer is out of them at the moment. I put a trickle charge on, with luck it will squeeze a couple more days of life out of the battery.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 09:48:46 PDT   Listings
did you see Hillary's April Foll's Press Conference
I really do not support her.
" Let's go bowling for Delegates.

We haven't a moment to spare"

but I like the NEW Writer's

wonder who

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 09:45:27 PDT   Listings
NO Problem
used moms way
just lick the Tip of your finger
picksup most stamps.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3839 ) on Apr-01-08 at 09:06:44 PDT   Listings

Gone through my last cover box -- no 3¢ coils. Sorry. Thought I had one.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Apr-01-08 at 09:03:10 PDT   Listings
Gary… Boy, that is some cover…

due2... I am an inveterate loser of things, and in light of this I bought five pairs of stamp tongs, of which I am usually able to find at least one pair when I need them.

I am fairly even tempered, although I lose control entirely when I can’t find that %@#&%@# [fill in blank] that was here just one second ago, and I haven’t moved an inch, so where the &%#@#&$%# is it???

Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-01-08 at 08:25:54 PDT   Listings
due2cents - I do the same thing with tools when working with them, I lay them down and forget where I put it. Get a tool belt, one pocket for the tongs and the other pocket for the perf gauge. Or pat your desk continually until you feel a lump in all the papers you have on the desk. Or take your album with one hand, turn it on end and shake, they usally hit the floor then.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 08:09:53 PDT   Listings
Where /how do TONGS
fri888ken disappear too all the time.
I swear every time I wnat to handle some of those
stupid loose stamps
mine (tongs) have always crawled off somewhere.

Soory for the Rant..
Stamps are going to make my head explode one day.

Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-01-08 at 08:06:09 PDT   Listings
MATT IN ARIZONA - Like I said Beautiful place and wonderful people. I remember when our group met with the Lt. Governor to discuss our role there, he said something about the mainlander's coming over to the island and taking their women, and how the pro football teams have faired with the Samoan players, all tongue and cheek of course. But I think it was some type of warning to leave the island as we found it :-) They all sing beautifully!
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1509 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:54:36 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:47:42 PDT   Listings
Breaking news. Hillary to announce her withdrawal from her run for Presidency today.


Posted by keleofa   ( 3839 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:45:13 PDT   Listings

That was the smell of money. I went down there on a 2 year contract and stayed for 15 years (and came back with a wife & son!) I still have a house there... backup retirement plan.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:41:52 PDT   Listings

My oddest cover came yesterday, a day early apparently, with the $20,000,000 Nigerian Scam letter. 1st one I have rec'd by mail.

real junk mail


Anyone in the market for 13" x 8" photographs of used 3c stamps with no perfs at just $150 a crack? Got this in my SPAM this AM.....

Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:40:24 PDT   Listings
I worked in America Samoa for 3 months four years ago doing disaster relief for FEMA as an independent contractor. They had a massive amount of rain in a short period of time and had flooding and mudslides. Beautiful place, wonderful people, too totalitarian for me. Can to this day, smell the barge leaving the bay with the tuna guts from the processing plant there.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4087 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:32:24 PDT   Listings
>P>Good morning everyone.

A nice start to a new month Brazil DOX


Posted by keleofa   ( 3839 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:15:30 PDT   Listings

1052: And on Christmas Eve!

I use to live in Pago Pago.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by keleofa   ( 3839 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:11:39 PDT   Listings

re: Eastern Philatelist - March 1895

email me - check 'About Me' page.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Apr-01-08 at 07:08:36 PDT   Listings
THE Elusive 1052 $1 single franking. Drum roll please....

First the build-up. Feast your eyes on this amazing philatelic treasure, for you may not see another in your lifetime. 1052 $1 single stamp, re-used from Pago Pago Samoa, by a Doctor no less!, at the Danbury Hospital with a DANBURY CONN DEC 24 1958 CDS and slogan cancel. Overpaid (obviously), defrauded the USPO for 4c (obviously), nothing "correct" about the cover, but that barely detracts from this magnificent item! Thank you, thank you, you're welcome, you're welcome...

close-up 1052

OK, let me catch my breath..... I'm ready, give me both barrells. :-))

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:44:34 PDT   Listings
Good Day


Pretty early NES blurb. It was established in 1893. I have a few boxes of material, 1st pricelist, 1st journal, even the original stock certificates in the receipt journal. One of these days, I'll get around to a one-framer. It is, as far as I know, the oldest retail stamp shop in the US. Scott, of course, is older, but them guys just sell books now! Couple of auction houses may be older, but not retail shops. I would have to do some digging, but if I don't have something along those lines in an 1895 or earlier publication, I would be interested in it. Always nice to see those early items, thanks for showing.


Nice blocks. I always enjoyed those KC's. Were they signed by Pat Hearst? He handled most of them (even heard he "made" a few when stock ran out.....). Finding covers is pretty difficult. I tried once, too many were doing it, so I switched to the 505 errors on cover. Had a pretty good holding, with the different rates (WWI emergency), philatelic and non-philatelic (counted as 2c postage), etc. Was a good challenge. Never got a 467 though, those are tough to find on cover (and a tad pricier).


Got your attention? I'll put up a scan of the 1052, gonna have to wait. plllfffffft! Fair warning, you won't be happy, but it is a "story" of a cover. Give me 10 minutes.


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:39:20 PDT   Listings
Here's a topic for this April Fools Day. What is the most unusual cover you have ever received. Here is mine.


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:37:21 PDT   Listings
Here's a topic for this April Fools Day. What is the most unusual cover you have ever received.< a href=http://www.glipscomb.com/Main/italy.jpg> Her is mine.


Posted by matthew1999   ( 177 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:25:20 PDT   Listings
Thanks once again to all who posted kind thoughts about my father, and to Jimbo for posting the link to my father's obituary.

It's sad to realize that our philatelic times together are now but a fond memory...

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:18:14 PDT   Listings
Thanks Gawg in Georgia

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:18:07 PDT   Listings
Thanks Gawg in Georgia

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:17:24 PDT   Listings
Ken C

Toolhaus dot com
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:16:46 PDT   Listings
due2cents - I heard it's double feedback day.


Posted by kchrist499   ( 1266 ) on Apr-01-08 at 06:13:48 PDT   Listings
I'm having a problem getting one of my buyers, a "power seller", to pay up. so I did a check of his feedback and find that he has over 60 negatives!

However, no negative comments appear in his file. Can anyone explain why?

I recall someone here posted a link to a site that lets you see negative feedback only. Would someone be so kind as to post it again?

Thanks! Ken C

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 05:53:10 PDT   Listings

Here is one you might want to see

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Apr-01-08 at 05:32:01 PDT   Listings

I understand the dilema
I do Not know yet what I want to collect
so I just buy it all


I have a box just for precancells used as closures
on cheap advert mail.
Posted by malolo   ( 892 ) on Apr-01-08 at 02:57:30 PDT   Listings
Linda -
Congratulations on your 600 feedback.

David B - Belated Congrats on 9000.

The international listing showing in other countries can only mean sloly but surely eBay.com and its other sites are finanlly making categories compatible. I hope sellers check the categories their items will show in before listing items. The only way for sellers to confirm thier listing is working will be to log-in on the international site and search for their item.

My international searches return fromt eh US,German, Swiss, French, and a couple of other European sitss. One can't necessarily tell since most ofthe sites are in Euros.

have fun sellers, it's only a dime extra. But remember those nickle and diems add up..........

Posted by dbenson   ( 9010 ) on Apr-01-08 at 01:51:13 PDT   Listings

I don't think that affects most stamp sellers as most lookers use search and don't go through the various country lists.

David B.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 601 ) on Mar-31-08 at 23:48:39 PDT   Listings
N.O.I.P. interesting announcement by eBay.. if USA or UK sellers want their listing to show in both countries, they can now pay EXTRA to list worldwide!

details in Stephanie's latest NEWSLETTER...

dated March 31, so not an April Fools Joke after all.

Mitch thanks for a job well done and an interesting 12 months of topics.
Milenko Hello, Mr.President!

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-31-08 at 22:51:15 PDT   Listings
Presidential Decree

As my last act of President of the EUSC, I am appointing Bill Seymour (aka billsey) Treasurer of the EUSC.
This position has hither-to not exsisted.
Bill is the backbone of the EUSC, the keeper of record of many years now. He is the most invalueable member the Club has. nuff said!
(they are no pardons, not even for me)

There is $100.00 in the clubs treasury (a gift from Infla-Alec) I have held on to it for the last year as there was no treasurer. It is in tack as no club member brought forth a means to use it.
I do hope the EUSC will get some "SPUNK" from members to use it and hopefully some new donations in the future.

You guys really need to understand that this is probably the largest 24/7 stamp club in the world. Make it work!!

Thanks to all my suporters in the last year. I sincerely appreciate the confidence you gave and hope only the best for the club in the future.

Viva El Presidente' Milenko (aka lluehhhb) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitchell aka antonius-ra
Ebay Users Stamp Club

Posted by re1wind   ( 284 ) on Mar-31-08 at 22:12:54 PDT   Listings
JIM_LAWLER - you are very welcome! Glad it found a nice home.

DUE2CENTS - Thanks for sharing the precanceled PC's. I like the double strike Racine, WI. Makes me want to start....no, no, noooo I have enough to keep up with all the 50 states and the towns and types within them. Had to put a limit on that so I only collect the 1922-26 regular issues all perf and denoms, inverts, double strikes, triples, dated's, errors, ect, ect.....start collecting precanceled PC's and I'd be totally crazy and possibly divorced :-)

Good Night
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-31-08 at 21:56:10 PDT   Listings
Try this

Why does ebay have to screw everything up?
Lets build a community.........
Then throw hand grenades at it.
Gee if you thought you were starting to understand HTML some young punk, fresh out of school will try to make you feel like an idiot.
Superior business practice methinks. Make your customers feel like total idiots.
Onwards and forward (through the fog) EBAY!!!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-31-08 at 21:49:28 PDT   Listings
Gary are a couple genuine KC rouletted blocks.
I owned them for a couple years but they passed-on with a "happy dutie doo" W-F's are nearly as bad as Machins.
I'm no fly-specker, just give me a nice copy from the original die of any first issue of a type.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3837 ) on Mar-31-08 at 21:31:40 PDT   Listings
Jim (Jaywild),

OK, perfs the other way. I thought I had it both ways... let me look.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-31-08 at 21:28:14 PDT   Listings
Jimbo With all the highest respect and regards, I would submit to you that; life ain't worth livin without butter!
Perhaps you should give up the sex, drugs & Rock N Roll
musick. Life is too short to delete thee butterrishness.
Hint: put enough fresh GARLIC with it and it should even-out quite nicely!!!
Posted by philatarium   ( 256 ) on Mar-31-08 at 21:01:15 PDT   Listings
Matt H: In case you haven't seen these reflections on your father's contributions, scroll down to the "Press & Publications" section:


-- Dave
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 20:57:20 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ No, I need the one with horizontal perfs, or vertical coil.

Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-31-08 at 20:42:19 PDT   Listings
Jim: I hope you find a good home for her. She's a beauty. So is the other monkey.

I've never understood how someone can just dump a pet like that. When you adopt an animal, you assume responsibility for them for their lifetime. If you can't take care of them any more, then it's your responsibility to find someone who can.

Goodniight to all and to all sweet dreams of felioitous felines, prized Prexies, and perfect perfins. Anne
Posted by keleofa   ( 3837 ) on Mar-31-08 at 20:35:25 PDT   Listings
b>Jim (Jaywild),

Thought I had one laying around

Close Up (Note small tear)

Matt in Arizona
Posted by keleofa   ( 3837 ) on Mar-31-08 at 20:27:29 PDT   Listings
Jim (Jaywild),


Does it need to be solo use?

Matt in Arizona
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 20:25:24 PDT   Listings
Anne Thanks for the cat info. The little charmer (here) was apparently dumped in our neighborhood overnight. Shes also in heat, or at least thats how I interpret her posing and howling

Since we do animal rescues in this area there are no wild unfixed males, so her siren songs have fallen on uninterested ears. I put up posters in the neighborhood and if no one calls by Friday the kitty is going to summer camp (i.e. neutered) early next week, and then we have to find a home for her.

Cant have her herelocal zoning allows only one monkey per household

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1508 ) on Mar-31-08 at 20:08:06 PDT   Listings
Mike C.
Thanks much. The partial Indiana Box Cancel is mounted on a page in a binder and on the shelf. :8^ )
Jim L.

Posted by keleofa   ( 3837 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:55:08 PDT   Listings
New England Stamp...

4 out of 5 N.E. collectors visit New England Stamp offices once a year

1895 Eastern Philatelist

Matt in Arizona
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:45:36 PDT   Listings

Anne (a repressed cat person living in a feline-allergic family)
Posted by 19bls70   ( 22 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:45:23 PDT   Listings
I appreciate the additional information on the Perfins Club and the catalog. You have saved me from searching for that information. I will look for your information on collecting perfins. Thanks again.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:42:16 PDT   Listings
Nice feline. Not that I'm an expert in cats, but she sure looks like a tortie. Also she looks like there's some Persian blood in there. We had a Persian mutt who had similar coloring, although her tail wasn't as lush. She also had a little more grey and less brown in her fur. Her face looked owlish when she put back her ears. She was 7 years old when we got our first puppy. She was not amused.

There is a recognized breed called "Exotic Shorthairs" that is a cross between Persians and Domestic Shorthairs.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:30:30 PDT   Listings
CAT QUESTION Is this a tortoiseshell cat? I know the coloring is lighter than usual. Also, is it true that all tortoiseshell cats are females, or is that calico?


Posted by wrd3   ( 106 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:11:31 PDT   Listings
19bls70 you are welcome for the info I posted earlier. I was too tired from camping or I'd have added some info, so here goes. The two patterns based on a 4x4 grid are shown here. I assume your pattern is the one on the left. A catalog of United States Pefins can be ordered from The Perfins Club. Membership is relatively inexpensive .... if you are going to order the catalog I would suggest becoming a member and therefore saving $10 on the catalog ..... becoming a member through next June would only cost $9 more dollars.

About a year ago I posted information about collecting US perfins ..... that post was saved in the EUSC "A-Z" pages, which are usually accessible via the yellow boxes posted below. Unfortunatley the server that hosts the yellow boxes appears to be down, so I can't link to that info. If you are interested you can try the check the "Philatelic Links and Other Resources" link in the yellow boxes, then under clubs find the eBay Users Club and from there you should be able to find the A-Z entries. The one on perfins is (surprise) under P.

If you ever decide to get rid of the 12 hole perfin let me know. : - ).

Bill D.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 892 ) on Mar-31-08 at 19:09:32 PDT   Listings
Thank you for your added opinion. I will advise my friend to check further.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 18:30:41 PDT   Listings
dl youngblood Please describe your stamps, and we almost surely can be of help. Country? Booklet pane? Self-stick? Denomination? Any chance of a scan?

paperhistory... Oooh Im all excited! That darn vertical coil 3 solo prexy has been eluding me for years. If you do indeed have a 4 Liberty coil solo on cover, those are extremely hard to come by. You too Gary. Please expect to be paid well for your efforts

Is this business? Probably, butwhatta ya gonna do?

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 18:29:09 PDT   Listings
dl youngblood

Irregular how,
Errors, miscuts, misperfs, odd amounts,
got any photos

welcome to the Stamp chat board
we like to look at stamps.
Describe the first stamp you see in the book
if scans or photos are not possible.
Posted by 19bls70   ( 22 ) on Mar-31-08 at 18:15:22 PDT   Listings
Bill D.
Thank you for the information about Schermack control perfs. This is a new area for me. Looks like I will need to get my hands on a copy of that catalog. Thanks again for your help.
Posted by dl_youngblood   ( 0 )   on Mar-31-08 at 18:12:52 PDT   Listings
i have a book of irregular stamps. any idea where to get a value for it?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:52:34 PDT   Listings

anyone got any thoughts on a good book on the early stamps of Turkey.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:36:32 PDT   Listings

No offense, it was in Boston....until the mid '70s.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:32:31 PDT   Listings


New England Stamp is in NAPLES FLORIDA, not quite around the corner from BOSTON.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:26:46 PDT   Listings

Bill, I am sure, "relieved" you of a small amount of cash :-)

Sorry to say, when the shop was purchased by me, most material was sold already. 20 years later, I have actually gotten through the "floor sweepings."


I'll send you a 1052 single usage tomorrow......hope you sleep tonight. No I am not doing this for fun, well maybe, the cover is at my office not the house.


Posted by dbenson   ( 9007 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:14:58 PDT   Listings

in the mid 1970's I relieved New England Stamps in Boston of some nice Niger Coast covers, any more left at the same price,

David B.
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1997 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:09:29 PDT   Listings
jaywild: I'm pretty sure I have a 3 cent vertical coil prexy and a 4 1/2 cent liberty coil on cover. Unfortunately most of my stuff is in storage while I move. In a few months....
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:08:28 PDT   Listings
and Richard D
and his great gauges .
Those were the glory days, at least to me.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:06:55 PDT   Listings
Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
provide LINKS to pictures
rather than posting them directly to this board.

Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

Yellow Boxes
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Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 17:05:55 PDT   Listings
Not that I now that much but that looks like some A'baum work there.

Reperfing ain't bad some say.

I sometimes miss the old chatters who were/are so full of knowledge.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:53:37 PDT   Listings
GARY------I don't care were you buy your merchandise , how do you get that stupid idea from me asking if you attend a stamp auction in Boston .Since your New England Stamps I thought you were there last fall or was going to attend the next auction which I plan to attend ........sorry I asked .
Posted by scottpel3   ( 892 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:38:44 PDT   Listings
That should be Jim not Jay.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 892 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:37:59 PDT   Listings
Thank you Jay. I greatly appreciate your opinion.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:37:09 PDT   Listings
gary.nes Yep, Im going to be whistling Dixie a long time waiting for a solo $2 prexy properly used. Im not even considering getting a solo $5. I think there are a couple known, but I could be mistaken.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:33:41 PDT   Listings
scottpel3 My opinion on your stamps, and bear in mind that it is only an unschooled opinion, is that the 1 1869 is reperfed at left and bottom. Having one clipped edge doesnt necessarily mean the stamp is reperfed, having two is more suggestive of a reperf, but the clincher for me is that the size of the holes, and that they are so neatly cut, is in direct contrast to the remaining two sides.

As for the Columbian, I think the perf holes on the sides look smaller than the ones at top and bottom. This stamp I am less sure about. A 40X binocular view of the gum side would reveal the truth.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:22:05 PDT   Listings
Milenko Hi, and yes, I do collect solo Liberty usages as well. The ones I need are
  • 4 coil stamp, The Hermitage
  • 25 coil stamp, Paul Revere
  • 50 Susan B. Anthony
  • $1 Patrick Henry
Thanks! If you run across any auctions of the above, I would be most appreciative.

Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 256 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:20:30 PDT   Listings
dbenson: Once again, Thank you!

jimbo and 220man: Yum, finger lickin' good.

Finally, as necessary as food to eat and air to breathe is wine. I think I am stating to catch on to this "waxing eloquent" thing.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 892 ) on Mar-31-08 at 16:19:18 PDT   Listings
A perf question.

A friend of mine asked me to look at some stamps he recently purchased. On two of the stamps the perfs on esch side don't seem to line up. I have read that this is a sign of a reperfed stamp. I would appreciate your looking at these two stamps and giving your opinion.


TIA Scott

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-31-08 at 15:50:45 PDT   Listings
On the opposite side of the coin, being a secretary of a gun club, I need to email members the number of the combination so that they can unlock the gate to the range.

Yahoo has a filter, however, in that you could only send an email to a maximum of 100 recipients.

That was fine, I just split the email into two groups.

Now I find that I can only send a maximum of 100 per hour emails.

These pfishing a#$%ole's are making life unnecesarilly complicated for the rest of us.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-31-08 at 15:42:11 PDT   Listings

No they weren't penny downloads.

Most appear to have been hijacked user sites.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 15:39:54 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 15:39:43 PDT   Listings
Free ink Refills at walgrins wed apr 2

coupon link here no canon/epson

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 15:34:10 PDT   Listings

were all there feedbacks among each other. Or penny downloads
they never stay up long enuf for me to look.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1015 ) on Mar-31-08 at 14:08:35 PDT   Listings
Looks like all the phishing posts lately refer to the same site. Maybe they should think about automatic responses: any attempt to post a link to that site is rejected, and the eBay account is immeditely suspended and all auctions cancelled.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:58:59 PDT   Listings

I have been active in the Prexies for about a month now, thanks to the wrapper :-)

I "paw" through tons of covers at the shows I do and will be on red-alert for Prexies. You will be the second to know if I find anything of great interest. $2 solo must be almost impossible.


Where I buy my merchandise is really none of your business, thanks.


Posted by bjornmu   ( 1015 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:58:41 PDT   Listings
Dcderoo, a member of my local club sent a postcard from South Georgia recently which took about three weeks to arrive here.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 360 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:55:47 PDT   Listings

Do you collect Liberty series too? What solo uses do you need?
Posted by jimbo   ( 435 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:43:59 PDT   Listings
Yes, I remember those bags which had to be kneaded after you broke the plastic ampule. Those were the next steps in undoing the dairy lobby's attempts to protect butter from, heaven forbid, "Precolored oleomargarine!" They also required exorbitant taxes on margarine which had been colored at the manufactuer. The terms had the same sort of bite that some of today's political denigrations have (or at least are supposed to have).

Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:42:58 PDT   Listings
220man Congratulations! An easy way to spot the Holmes TYPE II is that tiny gap in the necktie, where one engraved line is incomplete. (See blue arrow here.) You can spot that a mile away.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:35:06 PDT   Listings
gary.nes Solo prexies can be super-hot items. I have them through $1 except the 19 Hayes and the horizontally perfed 3 Jefferson coil (Scott #851). If you run across either of these, or a legit $2 solo, you have a ready customer right here.

Among the ones hardest to find are the 11 and the 14 used solo, exact postage. I paid a pretty penny for my 14, and consider it well worth it.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:31:47 PDT   Listings
GARY.NES Do you attend the Dan.F. Kelleher auctions in Boston ?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:28:59 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:28:44 PDT   Listings
a true Philatelic Pion Albert C. Roessler
Can anyone who is aware of tsome of his stuff imagine what he would have done on Ebay.

Somewhere i have one of those Graf Zepp covers with the Overprinted stamps he created.
I also have something with his Facsimile autograph.

A stamp Dealer with the skills of a printer, scary thought kinda..
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:19:39 PDT   Listings

A.C. Roessler just popped into my head for some reason. He had the technology and was in quite a bit of trouble w/ the US PO a little later than that time frame for monkeying with US stamps for his covers. Probably wrong, but you may want to investigate that aspect, if they are from him they will have decent value. Any Roe students out there??

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:13:26 PDT   Listings
wish they were on an Olde postcard :-{
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:11:50 PDT   Listings

Stamp dealers/collectors did some strange stuff with the imperfs back then. Private perf is as good a term as any. They were not official, that is the critical part. Pretty well done, typically they are very poor. Still a neat item.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-31-08 at 13:02:02 PDT   Listings
gary.nes - Guess it was a private perf.


Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:53:02 PDT   Listings

408 and 409 are the KC roulettes. Yours is probably a philatelic creation/novelty.


Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:46:17 PDT   Listings
776531 with unofficial roulette perfs. Kansas City did some 1c and 2c (most seen today are fakes), but I do not recall an offset ever having them. Interesting item.


Posted by dcderoo   ( 1727 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:41:50 PDT   Listings
Thanks for the quick responses.
I see that I need to wait a bit longer.
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:36:06 PDT   Listings
What is it? No watermark. Looks like a 531.


Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 256 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:29:01 PDT   Listings
Found an address here. Sorry, no phone #
Posted by malolo   ( 891 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:24:53 PDT   Listings
dcderoo -
Since January I've had a couple of items take 6 weeks to arrive from Germany, another in three days over a week end. I don't think any contact with the British agency will accomplish anything. I believe there are mail bags all over the US that are lonely, awaiting a human to reintroduce them into the mail stream. It's all a matter of getting the 40ft container carrying first class mail in front of the 40ft containers carrying bulk mail. We know we get the bulk mail!! So it's only a matter of time until some worker looks at the old rusty container and asks his supervisor, "Why don't we get rid of that old container, it's been here for weeks." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Thanks again to those who commented on my exhibit. It is gratifying to repeat. Even now I have a couple of items to change and add. I'm not sure how long I will be looking for razor items. It has become a fetish, but I only consider "quality" razors, rather than "must have" every one I see. The ones I do see confirms the rarity lists that common ones are common.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:22:19 PDT   Listings

From their (United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust)

The Trust also runs the post-office at Port Lockroy on behalf of the Government of the British Antarctic Territory which donates a proportion of the Post Office revenue to the Trust. Around 70,000 cards are posted each year for over 100 countries. Mail usually takes 2-6 weeks to arrive. There is no express service available!
Posted by dcderoo   ( 1727 ) on Mar-31-08 at 12:07:27 PDT   Listings
I need a bit of help from those here somewhat familiar with the British postal system.

When we took our Antarctic tour earlier this month we stopped at the British station at Port Lochroy (Lockroy.)
We mailed some post cards at the station using British Antarctic Territories stamps.
To date the cards have not been received (approximately 3 weeks.)

Would someone point me to the correct postal authorities?
I can't find them with Google.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 11:39:25 PDT   Listings

Close... New England Stamp (no s). I only stock one stamp at a time, can't keep up with inventory any other way :-)

Prexies: Thanks for the info. As I said, I know there were no 13c at the time, but would expect to see the rate made with different stamps, not just a single Prexie. Still good info to have since I am now prowling for these at the Fla shows I attend.


Posted by 220man   ( 174 ) on Mar-31-08 at 11:37:51 PDT   Listings
jimbo: My sister and I looked forward to mixing in the coloring. Finally they packed it in its own plastic bag and you broke the color pod, then kneaded the bag. Remember that?

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 11:32:19 PDT   Listings
more Philately

I like finding new to me Return to sender markings.
esp private ones. Am trying to decypher the blue handstamp instructions underneath real faint

This less than Pristine cover
Has three seperate forms of franking
the PSE
the Booklet pane
and just a stamp
it traveled for weeks trying to catch Mr Atwater.
Hope it got there.

I have quite a few booklet pairs on cards
i always get them when i see them, still have no real reason.
Posted by jimbo   ( 435 ) on Mar-31-08 at 11:29:43 PDT   Listings
Yes, I remember those oleo tax stamps well. They were a tribute to the power of the dairy lobbies.

They came typically on a case of 24 1 lb packages of Nucoa. The Nucoa was packaged in a waxed cardboard box like butter - generally flatter in shape (~1" x 3 1/2" x 7"). The fatty stuff inside was wrapped in a single sheet of waxy parchment. Inside was a thin 3/4 " container of coloring.

My job was to soften the margarine and then to mix in the coloring. That oleo did not compare to today's margarine. It resembled colored lard.

Posted by 220man   ( 174 ) on Mar-31-08 at 11:21:20 PDT   Listings
jayjim: This 1305E was sold as a ty.I but turned out to be a 1305Ej ty.II(to my surprise!), see here

Posted by dbenson   ( 9007 ) on Mar-31-08 at 11:12:22 PDT   Listings

re. the Danzig,

The cancels on the 1st. 3 do not appear to be Danzig, unless they are clearly Danzig then the overprints are suspect.

David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 10:54:11 PDT   Listings
They are prints, signed limited editions
I found the refs for them
I thnk they did not do too well because
the Exhibiton was right after 9/11
There was not much collecting going on for the first few weeks
I guess I'll pick em up
have serached every where i can think of and only find the We had an exhibtion and these were there.
your right 5 bucks is not much
to me it's like 20 postcards tho.

maybe Fodder for ebay
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 10:48:40 PDT   Listings
due2 Ive never heard of Kenny Rogers as a photographer, which merely shows how far I am out of the loop.

People who market art/photography often play fast and loose with the term print. Some artists allow their oil paintings to be reproduced by offset lithography and call the result a print when in fact it is a reproduction. (Doesnt matter whether it is signed by the artist or not.) Photographs are sometimes run off the same way, via offset, and referred to erroneously as prints. The only true print of a photograph is one made from the negative, or nowadays from the original digital file.

Also, if the edition size is large, the value is correspondingly small. For every print (and bogus print/reproduction) there should be number at the bottom that looks like this


The figure on the right is the edition size, in this case only 250 were made total. This print is the 144th in the edition. 250 is about the maximum you can expect to see from a true fine-art graphic edition (or photograph). Any more than that is just a money-making machine, and the stuff wont ever be worth much.

Another thing to consider is whether the signature is original (signed by Rogers) or done with an Autograph Pen. These can be spotted pretty easily in person, almost impossible from a scan.

But hey, if the item costs only $5, its pretty hard to go wrong.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 10:17:52 PDT   Listings
Great Britian

I do not see this usage very often
so I got it for a quarter
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 10:01:38 PDT   Listings

Here is a Photo question for you
Kenny Rogers the Musician has published a book of Photos and I guess has made somewhat of a name for himself doing that.
Right after 9-11 he (in sept) did a show that was at a gallery
where some signed prints of his work were sold. That isthe only referance i can find to seperate prints signed were distributed/sold
have you ever seen one and are they worth 5 bucks each?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 09:50:13 PDT   Listings
You misread
I did not purchase the Classic as I do not know the difference in the stamps, and while I am sure the little olde guy knows his material ,he talks a good line. I am not comfortable enuf to buy any of the first few stamps of the US He had some great stamps
and if they are all (and I really do not doubt him)
what they are labelled at least I got to see them
besides they were not on anything.
He is going to bring me a Nice #1 on cover in three weeks his next monday. I like /trust him enuf I paid for it today. sight unseen. 200 bucks .
i see him about 9 times a year or so.
have never failed to learn something at his table.

I saw the Balconeer give him 700 for something
and they both had a big smile afterwards.
and I think the 'neer knows loose stamps. Just does
not have Deep pockets.
you know a collector.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1065 ) on Mar-31-08 at 09:33:00 PDT   Listings
due2 Post some of your classic US to the board, and Ill take a look. You can also click my page and at the bottom are several identifiers for US classic types.

briguy... Im going to pretend I didnt hear that crack about mesquite

gary.nes... It just dawned on menes must mean New England Stamps. Anyway, theres no concrete rule for appropriate time-period cutoff for prexy use. (Also, even some mail from stamp shops are not necessarily philatelic. If the shop was mailing merchandise to a customer and didnt go out of the way to make a fancy picture of the postage then thats legitimate use in my book.) I looked up the sender of that 13 solo prexy item before I bid on it and since he was a sports/aviation writer I determined that the usage was not philatelic.

Jimbo...Thanks for posting the link to that nice article about Barth Healey.

Now if I can put on my nags hat for a moment: Your breakfast sounds delicious with the exception of one itemmargarine. That stuff is not food! Chemically it is only one small bond away from plastic. Use butter in moderation instead, or talk a nice brisk walk after breakfast to ameliorate any bad effects.

Jim, Surgeon General of the US (Self-Appointed)
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 256 ) on Mar-31-08 at 09:20:07 PDT   Listings
I am sure there are some here who still remember Oleo
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 09:05:45 PDT   Listings

The first three look to me like the ovpt is on top of cancel
while number 4 is under
might just be me
I'm sure those with more knowledge will help us .

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 09:04:06 PDT   Listings
here is better example of the Precancel
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 256 ) on Mar-31-08 at 08:58:10 PDT   Listings
Just waking to a large cup of Kaanapali Moka peaberry myself.
Is anyone familiar enough with Polish offices in Danzig to say if these overprints are okay?
TIA, Lynn
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 08:55:29 PDT   Listings
Sneeky or any other Naval Interested folks

I keep running into a problem that I have a hard time reconciling.

This USS-Virginia
Cleraly shows the Virginia in Rhode Island.
But when I look it up at the Danfs site I get.
.She was placed in reserve on 20 March 1916, at the Boston Navy Yard, and was undergoing an extensive overhaul in the spring of 1917 when the United States declared war on Germany.
Clearly she was in Rhode Island in July
Help / or thoughts would be welcomed.


lets also add Precancells to the list
in my experience
the most common of all food advertizing cards from the early 1900's is this


I have seen a few hundred of those over the years. .
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 08:06:55 PDT   Listings

I'll meet you half-way, say exit 131? 30 minutes? Sure smells good from here...


Posted by jimbo   ( 435 ) on Mar-31-08 at 07:50:39 PDT   Listings
Good Morning, All!

Lynn seems to have started something.

Today's breakfast menu starts with home-squeezed Florida Tangerine juice.

We'll have some delicious home-baked cinnamon raisin toast with margarine (for health's sake) and your choice of Montana huckleberry preserves, WhiteHouse apple butter, or Palmito guava jelly. All are absolutely delectable.

And for a wake up accompaniment, we'll have coffee brewed from home-ground and -blended Eight O'Clock Colombian and hazelnut coffees.

The aroma from the toasting cinnamon-raisin bread and the brewing coffee makes getting up worthwhile.

Just wanted to share our breakfast with you!

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your father. He'll be missed not only by his family but in other communites as well for his contributions: Barth Healey.

I knew you'd find some use for those old razors other a scratchy shave! Congratulations on the Gold!

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 07:47:28 PDT   Listings
Nice touch at the bottom...sorry I had to wipe a tear from my eye.

Return address at bottom: Refugee Asylum Camp Madrid.


We already had Chris Hansen in Ft Myers for Dateline...close enough to Naples, no need for any news coverage here, just a quiet little fishing village..

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 07:41:30 PDT   Listings
Gary ifin they use email
that guy from NBC just might show up at the hotel.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 07:38:48 PDT   Listings

1st piece of mail I opened franked with .78 Euro stamp from Spain.....order from Spain right? Wrong. The $20,000,000 Nigerian Scam....1st one I had by letter, get 10+ each day by email. UV'd the stamp, is phosphor, figured it would be a fake. Now these idiots are SPENDING money on postage for this ruse? Unreal..

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15507 ) on Mar-31-08 at 07:23:57 PDT   Listings
Good Day

Back from a weekend off, yeah!! No stamp show, just yard work....

Roger and Nomad

Congrats on the golds, I hear that is not an easy show to do it at.


Nice 13c Prexie! I'll be on the lookout now.... Question: When is the single Prexie considered "too late" i.e. probably philatelic? I'm not knocking it, I know in '59 there was not a regular issue 13c, but did the PO still stock Prexies that late?

Mondays are always looong... time to pull orders, run CC's, do email, snail mail from Sat....etc


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 07:04:02 PDT   Listings
Home again

Mini donuts and Beer breakfast. Thanks Balconeer.
might share a few things.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-31-08 at 05:55:26 PDT   Listings
Anne - I'm in the same boat as you. I keep all of my duplicate Spanish stamps. There's no telling how many hundreds I have, of some of the earlies, hoarded away, awaiting for closer examination.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 256 ) on Mar-31-08 at 05:09:31 PDT   Listings
Yo dude,
SSSSssssshhhhhhhhh! Quit bangin around with that big ole flashlight. I think you knocked over a shoebox full of US I had and now its stuck to the balcony floor and stay outta my beer.
I might trade for a couple of them cover thingys.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-31-08 at 04:19:08 PDT   Listings
GOOD Morning/afternoon/evening
to all

from the webster westside (the west side is the best side) They have beer.

Waiting for the sun to come up. already hit my regulars with my flashlight, found a couple of things.
need to find a mobile scanner to hook to my laptop.
Some real Nice stamps in the Orange area. But they are those loose ones not on things. That and he has a new Specialized Scotts and is holding at 40% of cat.
Wish I knew more about the early US might be some bargains there. Might/ I do Not always trust other peoples identification on stamps that are the same but have diffferent numbers. Thanks mr scott et all for making it hard to sort. RECUT where? sure
Posted by dbenson   ( 9007 ) on Mar-31-08 at 01:53:28 PDT   Listings

re. the China plate crack.

I have to agree that most plate cracks initially appear on the impressions as very thin lines but can graduate into larger faults. I would presume that in that particular case it started of as a minor crack and an attempt to repair it was tried, possibly by applying metal over the crack and burnishing the waste off leaving the unsightly inking. Most probably the printers had no other option as the plates could not be made locally and repairing was the only alternative.

There must have been some study over the century since it occurred and specialists should be aware of it and possibly the various stages the repair went through.

Peetah, if I was you I would consign the item to an Auction that specialises in Chinese material,

David B.