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Posted by sheryll*net   ( 91 ) on Jan-27-08 at 23:36:15 PST   Listings
I joined the board in 2001, just at the time Mitch and Rob F were getting Mitch's webpages going. Io soon joined in from NY and that got me motivated to convert my CANPEX 2000 New Hebrides exhibit scans to a HTML intro page and frame webpages along the same lines (thanks to mteton for the basis of my layout).

One of the many benefits of having my exhibit online was having D2 critique it as I prepared it for Stampshow Melbourne '02. Thanks, D2!

I'd have liked to do something along the lines of Billsey's webpages when he first started, but found mapping the individual stamps too hard at the time.

I've also liked what Richard F has done with HTML exhibits, but haven't had the time to convert over. I had planned to do a separate web exhibit this January, but problems with my eyesight put paid to that idea. (New monitor glasses arrived yesterday - yay!!)

We're off on a road trip to Mexico (San Carlos, Mazatlán and possibly even Guadalajara) till latish March, so I plan to work on my COALPEX exhibit after we get back.

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 22:18:28 PST   Listings

I was offered payment in what looked like brand spanking new hot off the press WA gold unc die proofs, but i took the cash which was passed under the table in a very smart kit bag from the Korean War, and as it was passed i was told the he was a fighter pilot in the Korean War. I said pull the other one and he did.


Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-27-08 at 22:10:13 PST   Listings
D1, by chance was the money paid in a small Brown paper bag dropped off in a trash can in a park, (Queensland humor)

David B.
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:56:15 PST   Listings

What a guy alright, he spent some serious money with me, it just goes to show being an expat pommie Londoner living in Queensland i will take any bodies money and ask no questions!!.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:51:45 PST   Listings

It was 4 years ago, can't remember what it was. I didn't know it was him, if I would have known I would have still sold them to him as I always abide by Ebay's rules.

I like the feedback you left him,

" Fast & Friendly 5* all the way thank you what a guy "

David B.
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:49:37 PST   Listings
My vision for my online collection is to have a database for the images, with various attributes included, and generate the page displays automatically from that database. This would allow me to update the collection without rescanning each changed page. Instead I'd only need to add the new stamp scans to the database, and change the positioning parameters if I've moved stamps around on the page. It would also allow nifty elements like a comment describing details about the stamp in question by hovering your mouse over the image and generating a .pdf of the collection or the blank pages 'on the fly'. This type of web page is actually fairly easy to do these days, most of the shopping pages you see on the web are formatted out of a database and generated as needed. It will, however, require a lot of free time... Something I've been pretty short of over the last few years. :-(
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:47:05 PST   Listings
yep Dave, he's had that goldfinger nick since the 1970s...funny as he lost 2 or 3 in prison!!
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:44:53 PST   Listings

Just had a look at davidlightfinger's feedback and noticed you also have sold him some goodies.

Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:43:48 PST   Listings
OK, on to the collection page itself. I create a 1x3 table with the navigation panes, a 1x1 table where I'll put the page image, and duplicate the navigation table at the end. In the middle table, I place the -small image and create a map for that image. I then enter the map elements for each stamp (position in the big image, plus size) and then link that element to the stamp image. When I'm done with mapping each stamp on the page, I'm done with page! Fifteen pages later, I've got the first frame ready to go.

Needless to say, this sounds like a lot more work than it really has to be. I create frame pages by copying another frame page, then changing the images and links. I do the same when I create a page page, copy another and change the images, links and map entries. I also use a web publishing program to do the grunt work on the image maps. I'm currently using Microsoft Expression Web for that, I used to use Microsoft FrantPage.

I scan using the software provided with my HP scanner (I buy my scanners used from Goodwill, typically for under $10 each, and have one for each computer). If I just need to do a quick HTML edit, I'm more likely to use Notepad++ than firing up Expression Web. I can publish from Expression Web or use FTP (I use wither FileZilla or just the Explorer that comes with Windows for FTP transfers). I let Expression Web do some of the linking from page to page for me, I do some manually.

Next up, what I'd *really* like to do for my online collection...
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:38:41 PST   Listings
PS to Gee

He is davidgoldfinger on eBay [what else!] his son has been using his handle to buy model toys which he collects.

Somewhere back in his feedback i should be there as a seller to him.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:36:40 PST   Listings
Rainer, the Australasian Philatelic Traders worked with the Federal Police on his activities.. he has been in jail before for much bigger forgeries, including gold. (ONLY 3 years in the 1970s)
there is an interesting book about him called, HEADS I WIN by Jeffrey Watson, Don Thomas & Jack Bennett. 'The true story of David Gee Australia's most audacious Coin Forger'
It is a good read!
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:33:14 PST   Listings
Not quite right, but not too back for this venue... :-)
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:32:45 PST   Listings
If I'm at the start of a country, I add that country to my list in the [World, Title Page] web page shown below. I actually have three of these, with countries grouped alphabetically, by geographical placement in the world, or by political affiliation during the period I collect.

I then create the CountryIndex.html page, with appropriate info and links to the other countries, as well as back up to one of the world pages.

I then create the first frame page, with an empty 4x4 table with appropriate formatting.



Next, I create a 1x2 table within the first cell of the main table, and enter the page title in the top cell and place the thumbnail in the lower cell.

Azerbaijan Title Page


I repeat this process for all the pages in the frame. Next stop, the 'page page'...
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:32:10 PST   Listings
Gee fans:

He phoned me offering some revenues talking about an inverted OS on a railway stamp which Prestige sold [last sale] and a dinner out on the Gold Coast all of which i turned down BUT i have had dinner with him several years ago when he wanted to get into revenues and i had a nice holiday on what i sold him, he said he had been in hospital for 6 months.

Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:20:07 PST   Listings
First step, make the master scans. I've found that (for me) the best method is to scan the whole page, scan the individual stamps on the page, then scan the stamps on the next page, then scan the next page. That allows me to most easily put the pages in one directory and the stamps into a different directory. Here's the directory structure I use:

[alphabet letter]
Frame002.html ...
Page002.html ...
[page thumbnails]

I scan the whole page at 300DPI, then scan each stamp on the page at 300 DPI as well. If I have more than one example of a stamp (ie,. a used, a mint and a CTO) I pull them out and scan them as a group. I try and do about a frame's worth of pages at a time, before any HTML work.The -small and -thumbnail images above aren't yet created, I'll use the original scan to do that. Since that scan is much too big to be used for much other than printing a copy of the page, I first resize it, using any of the graphics manipulation software, to a size that fits well on the web. In my case this is about 600 pixels wide by whatever high that matches the aspect ration of the whole page. I save this image as the -small file, then resize again to get the thumbnail (150 pixels wide). When I'm done with this process for a frame's worth of pages, I can start on the HTML generation...
Posted by 22028   ( 1681 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:11:53 PST   Listings
mini*lindy, in regard to A. Machin, i remember him very well..., and ones (1995 or so) was involved in some China-Tibet forgeries. Me and some other Tibet specialist tried to trap him in UK but failed. At that time i also tried to get the Australian Philatelic association or how ever it is called, involved but failed. I still have the images of items which went thru my hands..., a dealer prepared even a draft of a publication which eventually never was completed and published. I did not lost money as I only was the middle man but some others lost quite a considerable amount of money.
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 21:04:49 PST   Listings
When I started this process several years ago, I was simply following in Mitchell's footsteps. I really liked the way he was putting his collection online, but I wanted to expand that to show better images of the individual stamps. I decided to take his hierarchal structure and expand on it to allow the inclusion of individual stamp images. Here's the hierarchy:

[World, title page]
[Individual countries]
[Sixteen page frames]
[Individual pages]
[Stamps on the page]

The top layer is the easiest, unless you do as Mitch did and actually use a world map. You simply introduce your collecting interests, then list the countries you wish to show, with each country linking to a country page.

In the second layer I put a map and/or a flag of the country, a quick blurb talking about the history of that country's stamp issues, and a link to each of the frames that encompass the collection.

For each frame I display a 4x4 grid showing thumbnail images of the pages. I add links to move up to the country level and links to the next and previous frames, wrapping from the last to the first. Each page thumbnail links to the 'page page'.

For each page I display the page itself, with navigation links as above, moving up to the frame level and forward and backwards through pages. The last page for the frame wraps to the first page on the next frame, and the first page for a frame wraps back to the last page of the previous frame. I also add mapped links to the page image that link to the scan of the actual stamp.

The stamp display is the only one that opens in a new window, I've done some testing with stamp image pages that open to the correct size for the stamp, but that turned out to be more work than I was willing to do. :-(

Now that the hierarchy is designed, we'll step into the actual creation process...
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-27-08 at 20:49:21 PST   Listings
...one of those aliases being A.MACHIN of Sydney !
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-27-08 at 20:46:05 PST   Listings
Meeting Topic

I've been out of town more often than not this weekend, but I'm back at home as of this evening (until Tuesday AM sometime, when I head out again), so I've been catching up quickly. Forgive me if I don't comment on the many great postings.

As most of you know, I have a fairly good portion of my worldwide collection on the internet now, though I haven't been updating it regularly for the last couple of years. Hopefully things will settle down now and I'll be able to work at getting it caught up soon. :-)

I'll quickly go through the process I use to create the web site, how I update it, and how I hope to revamp it in the future in the next few messages...

Bill Seymour
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-27-08 at 20:33:05 PST   Listings
Hey Greg...Where you been?
Posted by philatelic.com   ( 11361 ) on Jan-27-08 at 20:22:23 PST   Listings
Hey. Wow. This board is still here? Who all is here?

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-27-08 at 20:17:37 PST   Listings
Maybe I ought to elaborate further.

David Gee (with 70 other aliases) according to V.E.Tyler, has been prosecuted for forging stamps, from Burma, among many other places. It seems that Purves and Lowe were the only people willing to take a public stand in condemning his concoctions at the time.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-27-08 at 19:51:52 PST   Listings

Like I wrote, must be at least 74.
Looks like he's 78.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-27-08 at 18:54:11 PST   Listings
io, David Gee was born ca. 1929 in Canton, (Guangzhou). He arrived in Australia in 1939
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-27-08 at 17:00:12 PST   Listings

Gee must be at least 74 years old!
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-27-08 at 16:54:38 PST   Listings

I hope your not involved with any of David Gee's business activities " stamps ", " coins ", " girls " and I heard a rumour " boys " of course that may have been after he had a " vacation " which you helped pay for,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-27-08 at 16:51:40 PST   Listings
Nelson Eustis life history,


David B.
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 16:44:02 PST   Listings
Used to see and chat with Nelson Eustas and his brother when he lived on the Gold Coast he never mentioned a David George, i remember a David Gee [who phoned me 2 days ago] but that's another story.

Posted by breffington   ( 402 ) on Jan-27-08 at 16:33:36 PST   Listings
Nelson Eustis also acted as agent for Tokelau at one point. And I collect Tokelau and forerunners.Frank
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-27-08 at 15:27:07 PST   Listings
Richard S,

Sorry, the name doesn't David George doesn't ring a bell. Nelson Eustis was the philatelic consultant to Burma for many years and was behind the design, printing and distribution of some issues. I don't know the complete capacity that he was involved in and which issues they were.

David B.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-27-08 at 14:07:08 PST   Listings
jaywild and "paper dust" as well (whatever that is).
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 13:51:43 PST   Listings

Many thanks for your kind words. I have had a lot of fun getting both of them together; i feel it is very important to put something back into our hobby, if they can help a few people it can make it all worth while. Besides i have done very well out of my private treaty pages.

You ALL may be able to help, on the Revenue Society site i have set up a Departure Tax page you may have a Departure Tax stamp sitting on an old air ticket from one of your holidays, if you do have one that is not on the page can i please have a scan along with your name and i will get it loaded up.


Posted by keleofa   ( 3722 ) on Jan-27-08 at 13:39:57 PST   Listings
D1 (Dave),

Your site is beautiful --- looks like a lot of work went into it.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-27-08 at 13:38:44 PST   Listings
NOIP… A good example of someone who got carried away with catalog values…

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-27-08 at 13:09:04 PST   Listings
sayasan, Richard, I have not come across the name David George that I recall, but you could try emailing Charles Leski. He publishes the Australian Air Mail Catalogue (8th edition released this month), originally compiled by Nelson Eustis. Charles also runs regular Air Mail Auctions. He handles more Air Mail material than any other auctioneer in Australia.

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-27-08 at 12:48:52 PST   Listings
My contribution to this months meeting:

As a self taught web designer [big deal] i built my own site here:


I also built The Revenue Society web site here:


Both sites have complete Exhibits which I could improve, with a page by page forward reverse button but I am in to deep now to change things I have enough problems remembering what I have done and how I done it.

I am working on getting 3 x Tasmania Revenue exhibits on line I have 2 of them and once I can get the third exhibit coming up from Canberra on a CD people can then see virtually the same material in 3 exhibit but will be able to see how 3 different exhibitors have chosen 1, write up 2, layout. This should/may help up and coming exhibitors in preparing exhibits. The 1st exhibit [National Gold UK] is on the revenue society site here:


The second [National Vermeil Australia] which is mine but not linked to a site just yet here:


And the 3rd as I said is still coming to me.

Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 10:47:08 PST   Listings
Richard - thanks for your comments. Yes, I'd go along entirely with you in a situation, such as you describe, where there is "no way now to sort out conclusively what happened", and a formula phrase is needed to pencil a boundary around certain items. But in the case of all the Burma JO reprints, the history is known - the plates stayed in the possession of identifiable postal officials who used them to make private reprints for their own profit. I can name the issues, describe the papers and perfs, name the men responsible and even give you one or two addresses in Rangoon where the reprinting most likely took place. All this is fairly well known, but kept at a kind of unspoken, unofficial level, and I'm not sure that "uncertain status" is really an adequate warning here, that's all. But I take your general point, and respect your opinion, of course. And yes, if we cross certain boundaries we have to accept the consequences, granted.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1464 ) on Jan-27-08 at 10:19:53 PST   Listings
Posted by bjornmu   ( 970 ) on Jan-27-08 at 09:42:41 PST   Listings
Meeting topic: I haven't done much in the way of "digitizing" my collection, in fact I haven't done very much organizing of it since 1995. :-(

Until then, I've been making up my own album pages for Norway, Denmark and Sweden (Sweden currently up to 1971 or so). This was a 100% manual process using empty album pages with a control grid. And when I eventually start up again, I will continue to do this manually for consistency. Besides, those sheets are too big for a standard A4 printer.

I have preprinted albums for Iceland, Finland, GB, Germany (DR and BRD) and China (PRC), all except Iceland bought as collections. I standardise on Leuchtturm hingless albums, so it took me quite a few years to find a DR collection in the right type of album where the collection itself wasn't too expensive.

For the one exhibit (one-frame) I've done, I scanned all items, then used StarOffice, which is Sun's extended version of the OpenOffice office suite to create the 16 page text document. Scans were imported and scaled to "original size"; this requires the scanner program to store this as meatdata in the JPG file. That way, when printed, the image is exactly the same size as the real item.

The actual StarOffice document was just 14K in size, as it didn't include the actual images, just file references. To print the pages without the scans (for the actual exhibit sheets) I used an option to "protect" the size of the image in the document, then replaced the image with a dummy image which was just a small white rectangle.

I have also produced a PDF version of the exhibit (NB almost 3Mb), I didn't have time to experiment with creating an HTML version.

Oh, and for FTP to upload stuff to my ISP hosted home page, I use, well, ftp of course. :-) That is, the standard, basic, no-GUI ftp program that comes with any Unix (or Linux) system...
Posted by 1covers   ( 1374 ) on Jan-27-08 at 08:57:37 PST   Listings
Richard - As so many tell me, each collector must set his/her own boundaries as to what they collect. The phrase serves as a adequate warning to all those who choose to play, or not play, outside the traditional boundaries.

Currently, I am working on Costa Rica and there are many expensive surcharges that I would use that phrase to describe. They bring big money when sold but I use a strict criteria: if it doesn't exist on a genuine, postally used cover, I consider the item of uncertain status. On the 1881-82 surcharges for example, only the 2c exists on cover (1 example known). Personally, I beleive that one of the 1c types and one of the 5c types were prepared but not issued (I have the decree with the three stamps affixed). The others were not ever issued and they may all be fakes, or prepared but not issued. As the raw stamps were turned over by the government to a philatelic dealer, along with cancel devices, many of these things, in innumerable varieties exist both mint and "used". No way now to sort out conclusively what happened in the 1880's and 90's. So, "of uncertain status".

Posted by thines   ( 1552 ) on Jan-27-08 at 08:11:31 PST   Listings
Got an interesting cover in the mail (that is, delivered by the USPS to my POB) yesterday and wonder if anyone else has.

The cover is franked with a single copy of an Angola stamp overprinted CFA 500 and CABINDA. The stamp is cancelled by a machine cancel with an unreadable date and place. I can't even tell if the cancel is from the US or, maybe, Britain. It's probably British since there is a British-type orange OCR spray-on on the reverse. Also a USPS bar code sprayed on on the front. The cover bears a sort-of return address of the "Republica de Cabinda / Legal Officer" along with "PAQUEBOT OFFICIAL MAIL". The address looks like it was printed at the same time as the return address. The envelope is a Cunard Line envelope. Inside is a handwritten "Merry Xmas!" note signed by "J. Levy", whom I know not. The note is on stationery from the Hyatt Regency in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

So, anyone else get one of these?

Terry Hines

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-27-08 at 08:01:01 PST   Listings
RICHARD /SAYASAN -------Thanks for your help ,your right it could of been 15 years ago .The binder wasn't purchased as a seperate item at auction but came out of one of those massive accumlation lots .Before E-BAY became popular those end of the stamp auction lots were almost given away .

I remember Richard Drews stamp auctions were he had huge crowds coming to his auctions for better U.S. material and me being one of the few foreign country bidders.Then after the auction his staff would call me to his store and he make me a " offer, I couldn't refuse " to take everything foreign that didn't sell at a special price.Threw everything into cigar box lots and sold hundreds of boxes for $18.00 each from a stamp newspaper ad .....paul

Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:49:17 PST   Listings
Paul, the pencilled in Gibbons catalogue values are only a few years old. But no matter.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:45:05 PST   Listings
Thanks, Paul. The peacocks are id'd OK - Myaungmya type 1, Myaungmya type 2, ditto, Pyapon (so-called) type 4, Henzada type 5, in the Gibbons types. Not easy to be 100% sure from these scans, but I think all five peacocks are forged - the second and the fifth certainly are, and the others look like it to me. The imperf one anna "farmer" lower left is imitating the imperf proofs on laid paper, but it's too orangey, and is in fact a modern Indian forgery. The "state crest" lower right is also a forgery, from the same source.

You say you bought this lot "twenty years ago", but the court fees type were first issued around 1990 onwards. Well, yes, fifteen years maybe. To be honest, these mixed collections that turn up in auctions seem to be put together in India by someone with a contact in Burma (I think I may know who), and usually contain some Occupation, mostly forged, lots of Chettiar covers, and some decent but fairly cheap modern stuff, all mixed in together. Sorry about the peacocks.

Posted by djs127   ( 645 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:36:35 PST   Listings
philaweb Thanks for mentioning Picasa software from Google. I downloaded last night and used it to categorized stamp and personal images on my hard disk. I am not ready to start scanning my worldwide used collections or any of my mint specialized collections at this time as I am still buying small collections on Ebay and through dealers and need to merge them into my Scott internationals for used and the scott specialty albums I own for mint. As I win more specialty pages for mint I will expand the number of countries I will try and collect mint.
David Snyder
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:27:24 PST   Listings
Richard, the phrase is a useful catch-all for the expertiser, as you suggest, but if one is not privy to the code, it's hardly helpful - with the sort of result seen in this case. If an expertiser knows that an item is an official reprint, or a reprint from a plate in private hands or whatever, they should say so in so many words, IMHO. Exactly the same language is used, for instance, by Gibbons in their sales descriptions of these reprints, though the actual and precise status is not at all "unknown" or "uncertain", but is perfectly well known, I'd suggest, by those selling the item.

I suppose one could say, learn the language before you bid, much as it is the new bidder's responsibility to check out the meaning of phrases such as "school of", "follower of" or "in the manner of" (i.e modern pastiche) in the small print at an Art sale. But let's face it, the practice of using these sorts of euphemisms smacks of duplicity, doesn't it?

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:20:59 PST   Listings
BATTLE GOING ON ???????? ........who's fighting who
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:17:39 PST   Listings
RICHARD Thanks for your help ,I made notes from your postings .As you can see ,I had no reference point on this material so left it on the original pages for the past twenty years because I wasn't sure of its status.Got about thirty pages in the original binder of covers,stamps,BOB material and telegraphs with stamps on them.

Here are the Peacocks ,as you can see someone else ID them but the accuratcy is questionable. BURMA 4 ....paul

Posted by 1covers   ( 1374 ) on Jan-27-08 at 07:10:19 PST   Listings
I rather like "of uncertain status" as an expertising phrase - it encompasses fakes made from original devices in private hands, copies made from original devices in corrupt official hands, reprints made officially, items manufactured and never released or issued, and in many instances, fakes made so well that nobody can tell them from any of the above.

It really means to me "they are crap that some people like to play with and I could care less about the battle going on about what the exact status is, as it is possibly not resolvable anyhow."

The above is a comment on the phrase, not any particular items which it may apply to.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 862 ) on Jan-27-08 at 06:15:28 PST   Listings
No problem opening when I used Internet Explorer. FWIW
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 06:10:16 PST   Listings
Sorry, I meant to say that the 2C imperf pair on eBay like Paul's finished at £65 GBP, not $65 US - $127 in fact. But I emphasise again, that was a bit of a freak price.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 06:03:21 PST   Listings
Paul - Post links to some Burma JO peacock overprints here that give you problems and I'll be happy tell you straight off what they are and which are good and bad. If I don't know, I'll say so. Only my opinion, but it might help.

PS - your Aol hosting seems a bit hit and miss, but your windows open for me 2 times out of 3.

Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 06:00:53 PST   Listings
- Bill, thanks for the advice. Appreciated. I'm comfy with pdf, and use Cute pdf writer, which Acrobat reader seems to open just fine. So maybe that's the way I'll go ...

Paul - Looks like you've bought one of those mixed, rather random, Burma collections on gridded album pages that seem to have been coming from India, or maybe Burma itself, over the last few years, ending up in auctions all over the UK and USA.

image 1 - There's a lot of this used postal stationery about, thanks to the archiving habits of the Chettiar caste, South Indian moneylenders who were very active in British Burma, Malaya, etc. These are all chettiar letters, and the script is Tamil, rather than Burmese.

Image 2 - The insurance revenues are fun. The lower postcard is an interloper, not used in Burma - postmarked in South India.

Image 3 - the long stamps are modern court fee revenues, nice copies. Bad news on the imperf Occupation items, I'm afraid - mostly forged. Sorry. The 1C at top left and right (same stamp) look like a modern forgery, probably made in India, and quite often passed off as "proofs" etc. The set of three 1943 Independence on piece below are all forgeries, clipped from a "Japanese Special Service Post" fake cover, probably produced in Bombay - the cancel is the giveaway, as its a forgery of a Malacca (Malaya) cancel, which the forgers insisted on using for no apparent reason. However, the 2C green marginal pair at top centre is better news - these are from a postwar reprint sheet - original plate but with new numerals inserted. The 2C seems to be the most common imperf reprint. The reprints are not clearly mentioned by the catalogues - just hinted at in Gibbons. A similar 2C pair just finished on eBay and fetched $65 after 9 bids, but that was exceptional, and the result of bunch of starry-eyed newbies bidding in ignorance, despite an accompanying BPA cert that defined this pair as "of uncertain status", i.e. BPA-speak for reprint. $20 or less would be nearer the usual price.

Hope that helps. Cheers,

Richard W.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-27-08 at 05:55:06 PST   Listings
Bill Tried accessing via IE 7 and Firefox neither will open for me. No idea why. Other links here I can open ok just seems to be the mm rule, Fournier/index and the Forgery id site . Damn annoying if nothing else.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-27-08 at 05:48:20 PST   Listings
DCDEROO----The ones that give me a problem is the Japanese issues that are known as the Peacock overprints.
Posted by dcderoo   ( 1718 ) on Jan-27-08 at 05:33:21 PST   Listings
I recognize some of your "burma3" items as Japanese occupation issues.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-27-08 at 05:27:33 PST   Listings
FOR NEW READERS an COLLECTORS This is the type of material the BURMA group would study . burma 1 .........burma2.......... .....burma3.........paul
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-27-08 at 05:02:35 PST   Listings
Sayasan My thought is that PDF is great if you have it and are comfortable with it.

CD format is great because, as mentioned earlier, the printing costs are minimal and it is easy to update and print more.

Alec What browser and version are you using? THe MM gauge is somewhat browser dependant and even has browser detection code in there.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-27-08 at 04:54:42 PST   Listings
Alec I am using Microsoft Internet Exploder 7 and it all works for me.

Mozilla FireFox:
Fournier Works with ruler
Austria loads but no MM scale

Fournier works with ruler
Austria works with ruler

Sayasan CD Formats Html is great for indexing and clicking.

PDF is great for album pages, especially because you can protect the pages images somewhat with special settings.

Adobe Acrobat is expensive, however. THere are some other Acrobat clones for Distiller which are free.

I would still say HTML is great for browsing and Indexes. Acrobat is nice for lots of text and picture mix content.

PDF is easier to convert from other documents such as Word.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-27-08 at 04:43:10 PST   Listings
midnight, the tennis is over, Novak Djokovic (the Serbian) won.. great game.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 02:21:02 PST   Listings
Alec - I edit (and print) the Burma PSC journal, so there's no problem with that as such. It's more that (1) the subject is tangential to Burma (it's the "Chalo Delhi" unissued stamps of the Indian National Army, printed in Burma in 1944), so maybe not right to ask the Study Ciorcle to bear the initial cost, and (2) we don't have a lot of spare cash to finance publications anyway, and (3) we're financing another separate publication soon anyway, so a second one might be unwise at the moment. So all in all, I thought I'd do it myself. The cost isn't really the problem, but I was wondering what might be the most economical and efficient format. But thanks for the thought.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 02:15:50 PST   Listings
David B, or anyone else out there in the antipodes - have you come across the name of D V George, maybe David George, as an Australian collector in the 1960's? I've come across what seems to be his signature on a flight cover created by the late Nelson Eustis - whose name I'm sure you will know - and I think he worked in Burma in the 'sixties. There's a reason for asking (research related) though I won't bore you with at right now. Thanks,

Richard W.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-27-08 at 02:12:36 PST   Listings
Bill S The mm gauge and Fournier/index pages won't open for me. Comes up "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" Refresh isn't allowing access either. Is the web site ok or it just me ?

Richard Would it not be possible for the Burma PS to finance the publication ? I assume your research does involve Burma in some form or another. I know the Germany and Colonies PS here in the UK do finance publication of monogramms which are suitable for smaller philatelic subjects.One day I also hope to produce a monogramm on my collecting area but that could be several years away yet. I'm not due to retire for another 17 years or so.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-27-08 at 01:59:04 PST   Listings
claghorn or anyone - What do you think the best format is for a cd publication? Word, pdf or web page? In the sense of most accessible / user friendly?
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-26-08 at 22:52:15 PST   Listings
Publishing on CD is very simple. If you can make a web page you can make a CD. Just use HTML and JPG and the CD is readable on PC or Mac or LINUX. You can put your INDEX on the root and do a simple AutoRun and the CD will even come up when you put it in the drive.

Forgery Identification Site

Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-26-08 at 22:32:53 PST   Listings
Here is a Better Example of Millimeter Gauge which is movable.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-26-08 at 22:22:06 PST   Listings
To make the movable millimeter ruler I scanned a perf gague at 600 DPI.

I then used Java to make it movable.

If you right click on the main page and look at View Source you can see the Java. It is simple text. You are welcome to use it and the millimeter scale as you see fit. The Java is public domain.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-26-08 at 22:14:09 PST   Listings
Meeting Topic

archiving collections on computer and internet display

HERE is an example of the Fournier Album project. If you click on a stamp you get a 600 DPI image. There is also a millimeter rulet which you can move around to make measurements.

HERE is the index of the entire album.

FIrst I scanned a page, I think at 100 DPI. THe pages are large so it is a large image.

THen I set the scanner to capture each stampat 600 DPI by setting the scanner area by click and drag the outline using the scanner software.

I then saved the images as JPG.
I numbered the master pages according to the index in the Ragatz book.
I numbered each stamp with the page number and starting with a and incrementing the alphabet for each stamp.

Using Notepad I made a master template for the main page and a stamp page.

I made a folder tree with folders numbered for each page.

I then wrote a simple program and batch file which parsed the folder with all the pictures. It used the template HTML files and named and numbered them and put the pictures and HTML pages in the folders.

I used "Happy Lad Image Mapper" to create the clickable image map. You can Gogle that name and get the download. I am sure there are other free image mapper programs now, but that one worked for me five years ago when I made the pages.

Actually I bought two different original FOurnier Albums, one on eBay. I scanned the first at 400 DPI and then decided that the second one would be at 600 DPI because that gave better images.

THe resulting collections were too big for the web so I made a CD.

Another project was to scan the House of Stamps catalog as a gesture of good will for the philatelic community. Maybe some day I will publish all the House of Stamps covers and images I own.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:52:47 PST   Listings
STAMPS and ITALIANS don't mix ,they started trouble once with their Fiume stamps and now as can be expected here we go again ---------- italians again ....paul
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:50:04 PST   Listings
Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
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rather than posting them directly to this board.

Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

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Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:43:53 PST   Listings
JAY-----I don't have any double overprints in my collection that I know of ,you got me mistaken with someone else .That smuge stamp was a mixture find bonus for me.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:39:23 PST   Listings
FARNSWORTH ----There is a firm in BETHEL CT. that can give you a free apprasial of your stamps it is H.R.Harmer .
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:33:06 PST   Listings
Paul… You misunderstood my post, but that was my fault because I didn’t make it clear. The item you showed was the rejection note from the expertizer, and it was that note I was referring to. But congrats nevertheless on the “q” for “p” type.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:28:29 PST   Listings
NOIP (Richard F, if you are familiar with these)… I have a sense that the Postmaster’s Provisional at right here is a fake. The genuine is shown at left, taken from Scott catalog.

The left tail of the “J” is not consistent, neither is the “P” or “D” of PAID. The color also seems too light.

Ideas, anyone?

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:18:16 PST   Listings
On topic regarding page making:
Two borders are shown here.
Which one is which?
Hint, one page costs twice what the other does.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:17:20 PST   Listings
go good ==NO GOOD
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:16:24 PST   Listings
See the Italians are up to go good and starting trouble again .......more later
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 21:12:00 PST   Listings
JUST FOR THE RECORD ----That Zanzibar stamp and decline Cert. came from a mixture lot ,the cost was zero because it wasn't factor into the purchase price .

JAY----Your wrong about the Zanzibar stamp ,it does make you look foolish with your statement . David B. -----much happier, for a $12.50 stamp now about $50.00 not bad .

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-26-08 at 20:47:47 PST   Listings
Paolo Thank you for responding, old friend.
Your input is always valued.
I did have a "warm fuzzy" feeling about those.
Under the cuff; Unfortunately they are not damaged in any way (other than HR)so I should best put them in the trash. Wait a minute, I could just put a steel hinge on, then rip it off to form a thin or maybe just make a nice tear or something possibly a smudged overprint or cancel would rate. They wouldn't fit into my collection without a major fault. You know, life use to be simplier. I could look at damaged stamps at dealers shops and stamp shows and scoup them up. Now, buying off ebay I mostly get stamps without faults, what a let down. I usually just through them in the trash.
As everyone knows, I only collect damaged stamps .........
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-26-08 at 20:33:29 PST   Listings
Sorry, I am temporarily at short of useful input for the present interesting eUSC meeting topic.
It is not excluded I will intervene later.
I joined the Helvetia Study Group at the last bourse I Loosdrecht and gained some literature of interest. I will be present tomorrow (in a few hours) as well.

Short report:
A certain guy asked me whether a stamp of Tuscany in his collection for sale was genuine or not; on the field of real life stamps I don't forgive neither mistake most of the times: an obvious forgery.
Later he complained with me, together with the president of our club, he could not sell the collection for 4000 euro to that Sir because, upon bilateral request, I said the stamp is fake and he had heard it. No comment (I got angry, as usual).
Among the things I hate the most are bad education and tacky behaviour.

If hypocrisy was living and material, I could risk my life to kill it.
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-26-08 at 20:12:37 PST   Listings
Both the red overprints you showed a few days ago of those Provisional Postage Due Stamps appear to be genuine, due to the correspondence of the characters and the marked presence of the foulage (indentation) on reverse.
Jaywild- Jim, Thank for your kind words.
Nomad55, I am transliterating your document right now.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-26-08 at 20:12:33 PST   Listings
Of course that should be inverted " q " for " b ". It occurred as the printers ran out of type and had to improvise with what they had to make up the printing plate,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-26-08 at 20:10:38 PST   Listings
Paul, the kiss print has the variety " inverted Q for P " which Gibbons cats. at 4 times normal which should make you happy. it is surprising that the experts at BPA didn't notice it but these things happen, happier now,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-26-08 at 19:53:43 PST   Listings
Paul, please read the form properly, the 3 boxes at the top are the non certificate. I didn't plan the form that is the way they issue them. It states that the item is on no philatelic significance however I slightly disagree with that comment, it does have some slight philatelic significance and I, for one, do collect Kiss Prints and think they should be part of a collection but they shouldn't have catalogue status or considered to any more valuable than a normal overprint but they are still collectable. You must remember that the machine that was used was extremely primitive and was applied at the Zanzibar Gazette, a newspaper office using their printing equipment was would have been used for printing newspapers. The paper had to be moved by hand many times to complete a sheet and it was liable to be smudged very easily.

I know you think I am always running down your material but if you ever showed nice material I would praise it but I have seldom seen anything nice that you have shown. Just because it may be expensive doesn't make it nice to me, it just means that you can hold your hand up longer at a sale than other people. Show something rare and I will be the first to compliment you,

David B.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-26-08 at 19:43:17 PST   Listings
Paul… What you showed was, alas, worthless. The overprint shows an example of sloppy printing, nothing more, yet the person who submitted the item (you?) thought, with starry eyes, that it was some kind of rare/valuable double impression. Essentially you showed the return notice from the expertizers stating the item wasn’t worth bothering with.

You have shown other smudged items here in the past that you thought were “double-printed”. Study the example in front of you and you will be able in future to recognize this very common, very undesirable “type”.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-26-08 at 19:42:06 PST   Listings
Farnsworth No matter what the collection may contain the actual method of storage of the stamp volumes is also important. Climatized storage is a good start but even that needs be at a certain temperature. I forget which it is so maybe someone else can confirm the best storage temperature and humidity levels.
Albums should be stored vertically and also not jammed in tight against each other. The pages need room to breath so to speak. If jammed in tight or stacked horizontally the pressure can cause sweating and this is one sure way to damage any mint stamps that may be in the collection.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-26-08 at 19:05:04 PST   Listings
farnsworth1135 Hmm... Connecitcuticut. Can't recall anyone on board from there. <:~`(
Photograhs will give a precursory glimpse but scans are much better. Usually the best items are on the first couple pages of a country. That would be the best place to start.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 18:58:18 PST   Listings
DAVID B. ----Thanks for the additional info .

Can always count on you to say something negative to whatever I show,the form that was scanned has boxes for different reasons one of the boxes was "It is of minor philatelic significance or value " they didn't check that box because the applicaten was asking if its a double impression and the answer was it was a smuge .whatever ......

If you read the form the committee declines to issue a full certificate----so I would call it a request .whatever ...

NEW READERS and Collectors who are not familiar with the subject here is a scan ZANZIBAR STAMP WITH SMUGE....paul

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-26-08 at 18:44:39 PST   Listings
NOIP… Here is an attempt of mine to put some stamps online. Not complete though.

Posted by farnsworth1135   ( 138 ) on Jan-26-08 at 18:18:39 PST   Listings
antonius-ra- I'm from Central Connecticut.Everything is in a climatized storage bin.What would you suggest I photograph? My cousin's collection was also his father's collection, and categorized carefully in stamp volumes.My Uncle started collecting in the early WWII days. I also have a lot of first day covers and postcards.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-26-08 at 11:01:52 PST   Listings
Phil - yes, that's a good point. Thanks.

nomad, io - more good points. Yes, I think the cd option is staring to make sense. Thank you for the coments. Useful.

Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:54:08 PST   Listings
Richard W.:It seems to me that the break point is whether you are planning on illustrating your work with color stamp scans. If so, then you'd have to consider relatively high printing costs.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:40:34 PST   Listings
Try doing a thematic exhibit without research! Impossible.


Too true.
Apart from some catalogs (Scotts) not illustrating all stamps of a particular set, the compilers often have no idea what is depicted on a stamp.

Moreover, the stamp designers often do not know what they are depicting.

For example, because of its size, shape and location, Mt. McKinley (Denali) is assumed to be a volcano, but it isn't.
Likewise New Zealand's Mt. Cook.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:31:49 PST   Listings
I wonder what is the ratio of CDs to hard copies sold for Scott Catalogues.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:19:26 PST   Listings
Another buyer advantage for a CD is the ability to use the computer search functions to look for specific data.
Posted by nomad55   ( 960 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:18:27 PST   Listings
Richard W

When I undetook the project to update and revise Bill Bomar's book on Expo postal history into a third, I wanted to start fresh from page 1 to page (whatever it came out to be - I set no end limit).

I was thinking CD from the beginning with the option of print copies. However I wanted to incorporate color scans and pictures as opposed to the putrid line drawings in the second edition. After page numbering, the final version came out to just a tad over 800 pages.

That killed the concept of print. The "book" was released CD only, and I have been quite pleased with the response from the collecting community.

Advantanges - No inventory, burn a CD on receipt of an order and send it out.
Disadvantages - some people don't have computers, but they are in the minority. There are some initial costs incurred for CD and jewel case software plus the CDs and cases themselves.

For me, CD was the right decision.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:11:11 PST   Listings
Richard W

Difficult question to answer.
But, since I have my CD on eBay at the moment, I guess I should take a stab at an answer.

CD disadvantages: I think the greatest disadvantage is that people do not expect to pay the same for a CD that they would for a hard copy book.

Secondly, not 100% of potential buyers have computers, whereas everyone (almost) can read hard copy. However, even the RPSL has a computer in its library for use by members and probably someone to help out users.

Hard to stop people from copying it.

CD advantages: Easy to update quickly.

Saves space enormously. My file takes up 170 pages at 3/4 size as a printed PDF file.

Ability to reproduce color images. 6,000 color images in hard copy is financially prohibitive.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-26-08 at 10:03:23 PST   Listings
Richard W… It sounds as if it might be best to offer both options. How many copies would you expect to sell? If it’s only 20 pages, stapling etc. might not be too onerous. The thing is, most experts are likely older and thus might be less inclined to use computers. If you had to collate/staple 30 copies yourself, that wouldn’t be so bad. I don’t know about the UK but in the US we have copy shops that can staple/bind stuff relatively cheaply. Just charge enough to cover the cost of this service.

Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-26-08 at 09:48:01 PST   Listings
Mmmm. Thanks, Jeff-raff, point taken. My own website is currently dismantled, while I try to find the time to put right all the revisions that were needed, which has kind of put me off web publishing, big-time.

But thinking about it, burning a cd to order allows for any number of necessary "editions" that can incorporate tweaks and amendments. So that also inclines me to the cd idea.

On the other hand, this is a paper that (he said, modestly) will set out to show that the reigning "experts" and the catalogues have got it arse-over-elbow in regard to this one small topic. As the paper is essentially a complete reappraisal of all the evidence, I thought a physical publication might have more impact, as compared to a website that few people might ever stumble across.

Anyone here had experience of cd-only publishing, and have an opinion?

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-26-08 at 09:37:15 PST   Listings

Richard W. - why not publish online? A great chance for immediate feedback and changes, unless you can publish in print the "perfect" paper



Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-26-08 at 09:26:46 PST   Listings
Serious question that relates, at a bit of a tangent, to the meeting topic, and also to the debate on research sparked off by Paul.

I want to publish a research monograph. Fairly slim - 20 odd A4 pages, maybe. My instinct is to go for cd-rom. No outlay on an initial print run, cheap and quick to produce to order, light and easy to mail. Printing I can cope with DIY, but binding or stapling is a nuisance.

But do we feel that the time is right yet for cd-only philatelic publications? My collector friends and acquaintances seem to be divided between two camps - pc literates and pc diehard illiterates. The latter must include potential purchasers, but ... I know some people have gone down the cd-only path, but is it realistic yet?

Comments welcome, Richard W.

Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-26-08 at 09:18:34 PST   Listings
Whoa, Paul is getting battered. Is this what is known as "cage fighting"?
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-26-08 at 09:17:19 PST   Listings

BTW - Richard, congratgulations on your "excallant" work!


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-26-08 at 09:14:21 PST   Listings

NOIP - Richard is correct in that a philatelic exhibit should not be constructed like a research paper. This point was brought home to me by Peter McCann at my first national showing of an obscure Canadian censorship subject. His advice was publish the research and get rid of much of the (wonderful) text. An exhibit had better demonstrate the exhibitor's research into the subject. The degree of original research is often a tiebreaker in jury deliberations (from my experience)

Try doing a thematic exhibit without research! Impossible.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-26-08 at 08:51:32 PST   Listings
NOIP… Paul, now that you have both feet in your mouth, perhaps you can kill two birds with one stone. Use your shoelaces for dental floss.

Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-26-08 at 08:42:02 PST   Listings
Perhaps I shouldn't have posted that last post, but to quote Flip Wilson as Geraldine, "the devil made me do it".

Bill D.
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-26-08 at 08:40:21 PST   Listings
NEW READERS asnd COLLECTORS DISCLAIMER for PAUL/STAMPS12345 -- nobody on the board has expressed more disdain for exhibitions and exhibitors than Paul has over the past years. Naturally he is going to profess to be an expert and claim he understands more about exhibits (and writing books) than Richard, who is indeed an expert.

Bill D.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-26-08 at 08:06:27 PST   Listings
Paul - All the books I have written are owned and sold by the various non-profit organizations who published them. I have to buy any books at wholesale, just like any other dealer. I don't even try to stock them as it is too much work, for little profit. Most of the copies I buy I give away as gifts to clients. So, no exactly a bookseller by any normal definition.

However, I do sell exhibits. It doesn't make the owner a researcher or an expert just because they own an exhibit collection.

The study of philatelic subjects requires familiarity with the material and is not dependent upon ownership.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 07:47:04 PST   Listings
NEW READERS and COLLECTORS DISCLAIMER for RICHARD/1 COVER --- naturally Richard is going to say buy the book.He is a researcher and a seller of his books .He has done a few books which I understand are excellant works ,so his comment about research should be in books is correct for a seller of books .....paul
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 07:20:43 PST   Listings
SORRY -RICHARD --------If you want a story go to the book store and purchase a book . If you want to learn something about the stamps in front of your face ,some research needs to be done by the exhibitor.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-26-08 at 06:27:55 PST   Listings
Re downloads of software before downloading best make sure the system is compatible with your own PC's system ie XP, Vista etc. No point in downloading anything that won't work.

As for actual mounting and presenting an exhibit there must be thousands of different possible combinations. In my opinion each should house and mount their collection the best way they see fit. By all means ask around if method "x" or "y" is safe beforehand.

Which brings me the point I mentioned the other day which could seriously affect anyone who has material from the classics up to about 1900. There is a lot of strong debating going on in Germany at the moment over the effects the philatelic supplies made of a hard type of PVC has on stamps and covers.
There has been a paper produced by a well known researcher and postal historian by the name of Peter Feuser who has shown that because such hard PVC based products contain sulphur in their manufacture and many classic stamps and papers contain lead, when the two come into direct contact with each other there is a strong chemical reaction. Usually a very distinct colour change to either the stamp, the cover or both !

Already some material which was in a Gold medal exhibit has been totally ruined. So be warned !!!!

To date there has been very little response from any of the main philatelic supply manufacturers and this in itself is quite worrying. One only has to think of the cover protectors virtually every dealer uses to carry around his stock to wonder how much unseen damage is being caused.

Ok so what constitutes being made of a hard PVC ? In short the heavier sheet exhibition protectors and and the cover protectors such as dealers use springs to mind as being two obvious examples. I hasten to add that such things as Hawid mounts and stockbooks with cellophane based protective strips are perfectly safe to use. Not only because they are acid free but also because they do not contain sulphur.

My advice for anyone with classics material housed in something made of a hard PVC material is to remove them immediately. What other storage methods there are which ensure safe housing I honestly don't know about. Maybe this report is hard to believe but knowing the credentials of Herr Feuser I'm playing safe until such problems are sorted out one way or the other. Wether others here agree or not isn't something I will debate here. I feel I have done the responsible thing and informed the English speaking community of what could be a very worrying and dare I say expensive situation for everyone.

Work is under way to have this report translated professionally into English and possibly other languages also. But that may take some time as the guy who can do this sort of work on a free basis is currently on National Service in Afghanistan.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-26-08 at 06:24:33 PST   Listings
Good exhibits should tell a good story. Research belongs in books, articles and presentations, not exhibits.

For raw images and data, an image census site, such as the new Phila Mercury site, and similar, provide data in a fashion that can be useful for students as well as a "regitery" site for a collection.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 06:22:06 PST   Listings
RAINER ----Faulty stamp as in your case is not applicable .Some covers of historical value are not found with perfect stamps so your example is not correct .....paul
Posted by scottpel3   ( 860 ) on Jan-26-08 at 06:20:00 PST   Listings
I rechecked the front of the catalogue and see it is type II making it a BK 5d. It is amazing how helpful you are just by proding me to check further.
Thank you.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 06:14:36 PST   Listings
RAINER -----I don't have to prove anything ,We have highly educated and experience readers here. Even the new readers are not fooled with some of the stuff.

They know when a nickel and dime buyer or seller on e-bay starts showing their highly valuable stamps something is not right . For the more experience members here they also question people who pop up here with expensive collections but are never seen at stamp shows or stamp auctions ,that something is not right.

Fun with putting stamps on the internet for disply for others to see is also going to bring out all the ones who will look for way to con others to be included in that group.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 860 ) on Jan-26-08 at 06:13:14 PST   Listings
Thank you for your help. Just conversing with you gave me the courage to check my booklets further and I found a couple of good ones (BK 10 b and BK 9b).

One of the less valuable but more difficult to catalogue follows:




The small portion for the scans were do to my not wanting to damage the cover further by opening it more. If this is insufficient I can take a photo.

I suspect it is either BK5 c or d but would appreciate your opinion.
Posted by philaweb   ( 360 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:54:15 PST   Listings
All you will need to archive collections on computer and internet:

  1. Flatbed scanner.
  2. Graphics program.
  3. Picasa software.
  4. Google picasaweb account.

Posted by 22028   ( 1679 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:53:58 PST   Listings
Paul, can you prove your claim that many faulty stamps now have a second life as show pieces displayed in mounts when in fact they are purchased for a small fraction to compete against a collector who is known to buy better material.
I can confirm that my collection does not show any faulty stamp that was purchased just to show it as good one in my collections...
However, my Tibet exhibit has a faulty stamp...
One stamp in the upper item is damaged...
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:45:27 PST   Listings
MINI-LINDY ----Your posting lost the word "SPECIALIZED ", in your last posting . It should read a ---specialized collector
Posted by philaweb   ( 360 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:39:38 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!

Feedback is all panoramic.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:31:10 PST   Listings
SHOWING YOUR COMPUTER COLLECTION -----One thing that I noticed with this new area of displaying your collection on pages for exhibit on the computer is the raisen price of DAMAGED and Heavey Hinged stamps any defect stamp such as thins,creases and faults that don't show up on the face of the stamp can be added to a collection.Many faulty stamps now have a second life as show pieces displayed in mounts when in fact they are purchased for a small fraction to compete against a collector who is known to buy better material. ....paul
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:24:05 PST   Listings
Rainer I agree!!

Servus, Max!

Oh hahaha, rich, coming from a collector who has not shown ONE written up page from his collection in the last 2 years.

Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:23:27 PST   Listings
paperhistory, you might consider using TurboLister (free) or other 3rd party listing programs. I gave up trying to use eBay's site to list once they couldn't figure out how to get everything on a single page (when was that, 1999?)

Even if you're an infrequent lister posting just a couple lots at a time (like me these days...,) the TurboLister download is worthwhile. It's a quick learning curve, and it's nice to be able to save templates, preview listings, and prepare everything in advance (on your own PC.) The actual process of starting the auction requires nothing more than the click of a button.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-26-08 at 03:10:57 PST   Listings
NOIP----------Nothing turns me off like ,when looking at someones specialized collection and there is a lack of RESEARCH ,they write whats in the catalog and write what is obvious off the cover. No research puts any specialized collection at the itermediate level ,just one step above a beginners hole filling printed albums .

If your a specialist know something thats not in the general catalogs ------buy the research books not just the S.G. OR Michels ........paul

Posted by 22028   ( 1679 ) on Jan-26-08 at 02:08:24 PST   Listings
antonious-ra, your list is almost complete, however, one item is missing.

TIME, which is always in short supply...
Posted by sammlermax1   ( 983 ) on Jan-26-08 at 01:59:51 PST   Listings
Hello to all collector's friends.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-26-08 at 00:07:50 PST   Listings

Things you will need to archive collections on computer and internet

1. Flatbed Scanner (digital camers are not well suited for the task)
2. Graphics program for croping, sizing etc.
3. HTML editor
4. Web storage space*
5. ftp program for uploading page scans and html pages*
6. Patience

* = (needed for internet)

It's my bedtime so I trust you will continue without me.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-26-08 at 00:06:57 PST   Listings

Ebay Users Stamp Club Meeting

For January 2008 is now in session

The meetings topic will focus on collecting methods and presentation of stamps.

This will include page making, mounting, archiving collections on computer and internet display,

mounting, wantlists/inventory, storage etc etc.

Basically anything having to do with the mechanics of collecting and displaying.

The meeting will have no set ending time, but will continue until the subject has run its course.


El presidente'

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 22:57:21 PST   Listings

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-25-08 at 22:32:48 PST   Listings
HaHa Jim, 2 days at week volunteering at the Thrift Store is not enough Community Service to qualify I'm afraid!

Oh we wouldn't be celebrating TODAY perhaps, or even speaking English, but we'd be here!
Speaking French or Dutch.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 22:28:06 PST   Listings
Linda… Any chance of you being named “Australian of the Year”???

Happy Founding Day!!!!! If it weren't for our Revolution there would be no Aussies celebrating today.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-25-08 at 20:31:22 PST   Listings
to all our Aussie Readers !

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-25-08 at 20:00:46 PST   Listings

Scott - can you post a scan of the booklet text versions in question?


Posted by scottpel3   ( 860 ) on Jan-25-08 at 19:55:09 PST   Listings
Thank you for trying. The Catalogue referred to the APS Admiral book. I Have looked through it and am still having difficulty. Maybe someone on the board is familiar with the Canadian Booklets. My father brought some back after visiting probably in the late 1920s.
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-25-08 at 19:44:57 PST   Listings
Jeff: unfortunately I did not. I guess others are also collecting the stamp.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-25-08 at 19:42:37 PST   Listings
Lynn Yes I did. I am usually pretty busy on the weekends. My son comes over every weekend and we usually work on cars till quite late. I hope to give you a call
this weekend.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-25-08 at 19:08:32 PST   Listings

matt - I see you won the Ohio Phoenix cover.

I lost my bookmark for the 5x franking cover, it was going steep, did you end up with it?


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-25-08 at 19:05:34 PST   Listings

scottpel3 - mia culpa. I read Unitrade and Canada and glazed over the rest, and thought you were mentioning the Unitrade Canada Catalog. We are indeed referring to the same book: Standard Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps, Third Edition, 1996 by Bill McCann, Unitrade. Unitrade catalogue of the booklet stamps of Canada. Spiral-bound, 204 p. 14.95

I don't have a copy so unfortunately I cant field a specific question about wording your originally asked about.


Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 228 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:58:40 PST   Listings
Did you get my reply email?
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:55:49 PST   Listings
Jim: Now just find those dates from Washington DC! :)

just listed my first two auctions in several months -- what a huge mess listing something has become. The system is almost unrecognizable from what I remember (and almost unusable). Maybe I'll get used to it in due course.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:45:48 PST   Listings
Mike & Matt… Yep, inaugural covers.

William Henry Harrison died on April 4, 1841, one month after taking office. Since this was the first time a president had died, a controversy arose. The wording of the Constitution indicated that in the event of the death of the president, the vice-president shall assume the duties of the president. Does that mean “act as president while remaining vice-president” or “assume both the duties and the office of president”? It was a real controversy because Tyler had angered many in his own party and they did not want to see him as president. The Senate and Cabinet met on Monday, April 5 1841 and decided in favor of Tyler’s assuming the office of president. He arrived in Washington April 6, 1841, was sworn in as president and delivered a traditional inaugural address.

The decision to allow Tyler to assume the presidency was ratified later that year by both houses of Congress, but Congress could not legislate that he be accorded respect. He was lampooned in the press as “His Accidency”.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:37:41 PST   Listings
603jd0 There really isn't a world wide catalog on line (at least for free). Copyrights on numbering systems from the major catalog publishers, pretty much prevent this.
Best you can do is look at completed auctions on ebay.
Posted by mikedak   ( 1329 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:36:20 PST   Listings
I just happen to be making my weekly pass through.. Should have left that one for an Ohio guy I guess..
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:33:22 PST   Listings
does being 5 seconds late give me some kind of board "dangit"? :)
Posted by mikedak   ( 1329 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:33:09 PST   Listings
They look at awful lot like inauguration dates to me.. The oddball being Tyler taking over for Harrison..
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:32:49 PST   Listings
Thinking in terms of March 4, probably inauguration dates. The 1841 was Tyler taking over from harrison upon Harrison's death.
Posted by mikedak   ( 1329 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:32:44 PST   Listings
They look at awful lot like inauguration dates to me.. The oddball being Tyler taking over for Harrison..
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 18:08:20 PST   Listings
NOIP… Here are a few items that recently came in—

April 6, 1841
March 4, 1857
March 4, 1893
Reverse of above

Anybody know why these might be significant?

Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-25-08 at 17:52:18 PST   Listings
Jaywild - Thank-you for the invitation. I have been a regular reader here for over a year. Occasionally, I pick up useful bits of information. But, if I were to be completely honest, in my heart of hearts, I think I come here so regularly for the same reason folks can't help but stop and look at a train wreck. You folks fight a lot. Very entertaining at times. (Big Grin) But perhaps I will contribute from time to time. I think I can take it. I am familiar with some of you from a couple of other chatboards.
Posted by 603jd0   ( 0 )   on Jan-25-08 at 17:44:54 PST   Listings
I was wondering if any body knew of a web site that I would would be able to look up the value of my stamps for free.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-25-08 at 17:06:11 PST   Listings
Just got done updating one of my favorite areas to my website. Havn't updated it for 6 years, wish I'd been able to add more. German Colonies
This is one of the last collections I would get rid of. I thought possibly in my old age to specialize in it. Unfortunately it would get quite costly especially with covers.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 860 ) on Jan-25-08 at 16:19:32 PST   Listings
The Canada The Admiral Issue is by George C. Marler.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 860 ) on Jan-25-08 at 16:15:22 PST   Listings
Thank you Jeff for the reply. The Unitrade Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps is by Bill McCann. Has he published a more extensive catalogue?
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-25-08 at 16:12:51 PST   Listings

scottpel3 - if your interests are serious in the Canada booklets you might try to get a copy of Bill McCann's Canada booklet catalog.


Posted by afeht   ( 1249 ) on Jan-25-08 at 16:08:11 PST   Listings
Gooffalo Jim,

Crap is what next few years will make out of your gorebull warming faith.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 860 ) on Jan-25-08 at 16:07:34 PST   Listings
Is there an internet site that illustrates Canadian Stamp Booklets? I have some booklets from the Admiral series and am having difficulty cataloging them. I am using the 1996 Unitrade Standard catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps and the APS book on the Admiral Issue. Especially having difficulty with large and small Type I and Type II text.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 15:10:32 PST   Listings
Crap… here

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 15:03:17 PST   Listings
NOIP… We’ve had just about 24 hours of straight rain, and prior to that another heavy downpour. It’s a welcome change from last winter, which was the driest ever recorded, but enough already. Not to be, however—another big storm is coming.

Also Ottawa Mike, don’t be such a stranger in future. Join the fun!

Posted by bjornmu   ( 969 ) on Jan-25-08 at 14:13:04 PST   Listings
Alec, that sounds odd, since I can't remember having seen this VII on any censored mail from Norway, and it's not mentioned in the special article in Norgeskatalogen 1999. But that article also says mail from Norway was usually censored in Hamburg (code letter f), which is consistent with what I've seen. Berlin would however handle patent applications (!), also from Norway.

Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-25-08 at 12:20:40 PST   Listings
Alec -
Thank you. Other emails are in the transit. Seems you are a known reliable person. We all knew that. Nice to have it confirmed through international emails.

Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-25-08 at 11:47:01 PST   Listings
Thanks, Infla-Alec, that is very helpful. Your efforts are appreciated.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-25-08 at 11:00:02 PST   Listings
Ottowa Mike Yes the VII cancel is indeed a special handling censor cancel as a reply in Germany states also.

"Die Überwachung des Auslandsbriefverkehrs während des 2. Weltkrieges durch deutsche Dienststellen" wurde der Stempel VII bei der Auslandsbriefprüfstelle (ABP) Berlin benutzt. Es handelt sich hierbei um einen Prüferstempel der eine Arbeitsgruppe kennzeichnet.
Bei der ABP Berlin erfolgte die Überwachung folgender Postverbindungen: UDSSR, Norwegen, Schweden, Finnland und die Flugpost von, nach und über Berlin-Tempelhof. Ausserdem wurde hier die Post deutscher Kriegsgefangener und Internierter in alliierter Hand bearbeitet."

A rough translation being,

"The supervision of the foreign country incoming mail during the 2nd world war through German offices the censor stamp VII was used by the foreign country letter examination office (ABP) in Berlin. In the ABP Berlin, the supervision of the following postal service connections took place:- USSR, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the airmail post from to and via Berlin Tempelhof. Moreover the postal service of German POW and internees in allied hands was processed there."

Roger Hopefully you will have my response to your question and I hope everything arrives safely.
Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-25-08 at 10:46:45 PST   Listings
Infla-Alec / Postalhysteria - Thank-you for your assistance regarding the VII marking on the POW mail I posted. I sent an e-mail to John Frith who was able to get an answer for me from one of his contacts. Apparently, that VII marking was used to direct mail to the Special Handling Censors in Berlin.

Again, thanks for your help. Back to lurking.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 09:13:49 PST   Listings
Er—“they” being my hosting service.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-25-08 at 09:12:34 PST   Listings
NOIP… FINALLY got Filezilla to work. The problem was that they changed their password policy, and my old password wasn’t long enough, so instead of telling me, they let me spend a week figuring this out for myself!! (Their staff had no clue whatever.)

Now, grasshopper, you have snatched the pebble from my hand…You are ready to go out into the world…

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1464 ) on Jan-25-08 at 08:47:13 PST   Listings
Home compter is dead. :8^(
Guess I didn't realize just how much I use it.
Jim L.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-25-08 at 05:50:04 PST   Listings
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Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 141 ) on Jan-25-08 at 05:12:59 PST   Listings
Could anyone give me a little background on the Hong Kong Temporary Postal Office the University Postal Office which operated only a short time in March of 1912.
Posted by afeht   ( 1249 ) on Jan-25-08 at 04:33:45 PST   Listings
Posted by afeht   ( 1249 ) on Jan-25-08 at 04:25:25 PST   Listings

As to Kraus' handwriting I wouldn't know, my fascination with old opera recordings doesn't go that far! It is entirely plausible, though, that Kraus would send your souvenir sheet to himself, the address is written with utmost care. Autograph collectors may be of help: people do collect early opera memorabilia, and pay crazy money for it. I bet some of them would beg you to sell your item.

BTW, you can see from my recent feedback that the buyer of OSTROPA sheet (very meticulous gentleman who insisted on certified mail) is very happy with his purchase.

I have virtually nothing in Monaco, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg. San Marino and Andorra yet -- these small European countries escaped my attention so far. And my Hungary is so much weaker than yours that I am totally ashamed; next time I am on the buying spree I shall purchase a decent Hungarian pre-1940 collection/accumulation.
Posted by stampmad   ( 1093 ) on Jan-25-08 at 01:03:12 PST   Listings
Mitchell I too met Bonham backstage once. Feb 29 1972, a date firmly engrained in my mind. He gave me 2 drumsticks he used on the night. I gave one to a friend and sold the other on ebay about 5 years ago.
Posted by afeht   ( 1249 ) on Jan-24-08 at 23:55:33 PST   Listings

Tolkien seems boring, mediocre, and shallow compared with Jack Vance: that's where you find real imagination fireworks and breathtaking adventure (not to mention deep understanding of the human nature).
Posted by oggilby   ( 1250 ) on Jan-24-08 at 21:15:12 PST   Listings
chaswilly & ant-ra--the drummer for Delaney & Bonnie & Friends tour was Jim Gordon (now in jail), and he also drummed for Joe Cocker on the Mad Dogs and Englishman tour, two great concerts that I attended in my youthful days.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:37:51 PST   Listings
He knew but did not care so much. I did fine out of the deal though..........
adious for now
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:36:06 PST   Listings
That wasn't so hard now was it?

I guarantee you, when I saw Bonham he was the worst I'd ever seen.
A funny subnote came to that story a few years ago.
My son got a DUI and had to do counselling. Seems his counselor told them a story about how he gave John Bonham
a 5th of Black Jack one concert night in K.C. It had to have been true because only a few people knew about this.
My son immediately recounted the story I had told him about that night. Synchronisity is wonderful..........I've had lots in my life.

I gotta go know the misses is needing attention. We are doing the ultimate cinematic marathon. I got the extended
Platinum edition of Lord of the Rings a couple years ago.
We have never watched but the first one (although I saw all the released editions at the theater 2 times each). Two and a half additional hours for the series should be lots of additional wonderment. Read all the books 3 times as well a long time ago.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:29:16 PST   Listings
ant-ra Mitch, no haven't seen Mr. T. in years. Didn't even know he was still at it. Thought the Feds might have caught up with him by now. If he's still at it, will have to give him a shout. Got a lot of nice stuff from him through the years - don't know the provenance, but then he probably didn't either.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:24:24 PST   Listings
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:22:47 PST   Listings
Charles Yes, that would be the word. I thought you were more my age, guess ye be older than them thar hills!

Have you seen John T. lately. Guess he is still going at it.
I haven't seen him for a couple years but need to drop in some time. Let me know if you ever come up for E & D's auction.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:20:14 PST   Listings
ant-ra No, this guy wasn't Baker, although I'll give him his due (not so much). Moon was a goof. Guys in the band hated him, but he won critical accailm because of his chops. Best rock drummer of all time - BONHAM.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:17:20 PST   Listings
ant-ra Mitch, Peter Green yes, Ian Anderson, the guy with (all I can think of is Aqualung) isn't that gay?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:17:20 PST   Listings
Charles Ginger Baker was a good one but I don't think he is who you meant. Best craziest drummer I ever met might be Kieth Moon (on Nov 21st 1967 my sevententh birthday and another wild story). Perhaps you mean the drummer who hacked up his mother and is serving life an asylum.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:14:05 PST   Listings
ant-ra Mitch, no it's 2 blocks east of Main. One block North of 7th (U.S. 66). As far as 73 Sedalia, my oldest son was there, I wasn't. But I know the drill. Very ugly, very druggy (what's that mean?). Wish I could have been there for the euphoria - is that a word? Perhaps, the Oracle knows. Wasn't he in the Matrix or was that his wife?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:09:06 PST   Listings
Peter Green, Ian Anderson
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 19:07:52 PST   Listings
Charles You know you should listen to Paul. He has a desk down at the courthouse, because he is sued so often. At least that is what he once said he needed.

Is that old bar on the south end of the main st?
Looks a bit familliar.

Did you happen to attend the infomous Sedalia "Blue grass"
festival back in 1973 (date, if memory serves)?
That was as crazy as it gets! Nearly a hundred top rock N roll bands (nearly anybody who was anybody at the time) 110
degree temps and lot of !$> etc. The state fair grounds never allowed anything like that again <:~`(
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:59:34 PST   Listings
ant-ra Thanks for changing things up. Saw Hendrix, Clapton, Bonney & Delaney (with Clapton), - the original Fleetwood Mac (Peter something or other was the guitar guy - and Mick Fleetwood was the drummer) before the girly thingy - guy with the flute thingy - Ian something and a bunch of English guys playing blues. The thing I remember the most, is the drummer with Bonney & Delaney had the biggest bass drum I've ever seen in my life and it was COOL and loud. Best drummer ever, and I don't even know his name, but Bonham had to be in there somewhere.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:46:32 PST   Listings
My favorite rock n roll tradgedy night was in the winter of 68-9. While back stage with Led Zepplin I witnessed John Bonham dowing a 5th of Black Jack. Well the show did not go as planned. For the entire show I was standing right behind the backdrop curtain, a couple feet from Bonham. He kept passing out on his drum kit and it had the rest of the boys quite upset, not to mention the audience. Plant and Page took turns going back to him and kicking the crap out of him to wake him up. Of course he never really got it together and the audience was quite let down. I, on the otherhand, had the best seat in the house.

Another one was in a nightclub in Seattle. George Thorogood was on the bill and he was rockin the house down. His coming out on the dance floor playing and signing drove the place crazy. After a bit, people were throwing their drinks and beer bottles helter skelter. It was like a war zone, soon the riot police arrived.

Last one was Marilyn Manson on, of all nights, Halloween, three years ago. He came out and played 2 songs then the crowd broke down the baricades and civil unrest ruled the rest of the night. We were able to make a quick escape but I never saw so many cop cars in my life getting out of there.

Acme Thanks for the kudos and the tip!
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:40:19 PST   Listings
stamps ad nauseum Ten four - back door!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:38:34 PST   Listings
The building inspector must of been in my graduation class at school but in the upper 99% of the class.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:34:27 PST   Listings
stamps 12345679 as usual, your an idiot. Building passed inspection code. There are 2 handicapped parking spaces and there is a handicapped ramp (accessible}. Your out of line, but then 5 of 6 ain't bad.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:30:46 PST   Listings
yawild yes, it's is called the "Spook light" - you can Google it and get info. It's real and about 2 miles from where we live. We can spit on Oklahoma - and in most cases I would.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:30:03 PST   Listings
CHASWILY------Nice pictures but something is wrong with it ............Your pictures have one handicap spot for parking and the yellow hash marks for unloading needs to be 8 foot ,which it is not ,you also don't have a sign on a post or on the building for handicap parking .Your picture of the bathroom shows that it is not handicap accessible . Something is wrong no city inspector would approve that place for public business .Also you need a handicap ramp for front door access . ...as I would say that place never got a business license .
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:26:40 PST   Listings
chaswilly… When I was a kid traveling through Missouri with my family we stayed one night in Joplin, and I heard about the local legend The Ghost Light of Joplin Missouri. I only vaguely remember the story, something about a wavering light appearing on lonely country roads. You ever heard of it?

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:22:22 PST   Listings
nope Jay, I was an old married lady at 21 with a son in kindergarten!! (and a 6'4" husband)!
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:18:55 PST   Listings
yawild We had good looking lady bartenders as well. But, alas, we didn't have the forsight or hindsight that the Oracle has. Durnit.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:15:47 PST   Listings
Lindy… I’ll bet it was your saucy looks that started all the trouble.


Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:15:17 PST   Listings
oh wow Chas! mine was TINY, seating for approx.25, bar for about same number!! I was 21 hubby was 26, majority of our clients were under 35yrs old!
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:08:23 PST   Listings
mini When we ran our bar in Joplin, Mo, we always found that that the gays were far more engaging than the Oracles,/b>.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-24-08 at 18:00:06 PST   Listings
When I ran my own bar in Germany, I always found a bucket of cold water behind the bar kept the peace. That, and my very loud voice!
Only had it for a few years, but they were fun years!

Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 17:58:04 PST   Listings
stamps ad nauseum You rock. You rule. Your sh*t doesn't stink. I adore you. I love you. I want to know your secret. Can you email me through ebays system and give me your secret to wealth? Or can you email me with your email address to give me your email address to get my winning number for the lottery. I will give you my bank account number for nothing, or maybe, an options account.
Posted by acme_books   ( 201 ) on Jan-24-08 at 17:57:37 PST   Listings
Mitch, sure enjoyed looking at your Belgian East Africa and Congo. You'll want to change the < title > tag on your East Africa page as it says British Congo.

Good subject for this month's show 'n' tell. I'll be travelling from the Palouse of Washington (Go Cougs! -- They've even got an Australian basketball player -- Aron Baynes) to the big City of Seattle tomorrow for a funeral, so I'll have to make sure I can drop in and save the pages. Unless you can keep it going until Wednesday, when I'll be back.

Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-24-08 at 17:54:49 PST   Listings
I was on the outside.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 17:46:51 PST   Listings

many years ago I was in a bar in Detroit with a Polish friend who was in the Peace Corps. It had similarities to the bar in Star Wars except it was rougher.

David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-24-08 at 17:41:49 PST   Listings
D2 & 220… When I was in college I went once with a friend to a redneck bar in Tucson whose crowd was so rowdy and obnoxious there was a chickenwire screen between the crowd and the stage where the band played. The reason? To protect the performers from thrown beer bottles and other debris.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 17:17:33 PST   Listings
220man, who was in the drunk tank, you or the fighters,

David B.
Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-24-08 at 16:59:41 PST   Listings
David: I used to watch that going on in the drunk tank!
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-24-08 at 16:43:24 PST   Listings
Paul… About the losses at the French bank Societe General, which you mentioned earlier, they had nothing to do with the subprime mess. The $7+ billion losses were the work of a single trader dealing in futures without authorization.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 16:42:54 PST   Listings

it's where masochists get their kicks,


David B.
Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-24-08 at 16:27:14 PST   Listings
Whatever is cage fighting?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:56:22 PST   Listings
Today sucked weatherwise, freezing rain and fog.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:39:21 PST   Listings
UPDATE -from this mornings story Today went to Dr.BOB STAMP STORE to pick up my winning e-bay lot{the Polish cover for $36.00 } .After ringing the bell to enter and got access to the back work area. There were three employees there and all three knew me well .

Dr. Bob,s son looked at me and said you look like sh-- and all banged up, what happen .So I told him im doing some cage fighting ,the computer guy says that they were watch some of the national fights over the computer on a live feed the other day .I said I was going to school later and have my equipment in the car outside.They wanted to see it ,so I brought it in .Bob's son wants to see the grapping gloves which I fight with ,so he puts them on and throws my much softer Karate sparring gloves over to the computer guy who puts them on and the two start swinging at each other while im laughing and writting a check .Something to see over $200,000 worth of stamps on tables and albums and binders all over the place and stacks of binders all over the place and these two are enjoying themselfs ...oh well nothing else happen today .

CHASWILLY -----Don't feel bad ,I did improve over the schooling years ,I finally graduated school in the upper 80% of my class .

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:30:07 PST   Listings
D2 You can take anything you hear here to the bank!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:28:25 PST   Listings
Alexander I suspect that Ernst sent that too himself. It would be fun to find a sample of his handwriting.
It seems they had a strong (secondary) connections but doubt they actually ever met. Liszt died 7 years before Kraus made his debut at the age of 30.
Not that I know anything about this, off the "top of my head", Google RULES
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:27:06 PST   Listings
This Chat is amazing, I asked the other day if someone would tell the major US banks to stop selling A$ as it was causing the A$ to drop and look what happened it worked and the A% has risen again (it may also be because the US had dropped it;s interest rates and the smart money has placed their funds in Australian banks which pay higher rates). We well never know the facts but if it was because of this chat then " thanks ",

David B.
Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:18:53 PST   Listings
Lindy - Here's the message I get whe nattempting to use eBay's email system to Alec.

" Attention!
We have determined you are trying to contact an eBay member with whom you are not currently involved in an open transaction. For the protection of the eBay community, we sometimes block these types of communication. To prevent this occurrence from happening in the future, we recommend the following:

If you are a seller, respond to all bidder questions before the auction ends.

If you are trying to contact the seller of an item that has not yet ended go to the item page and click the “Ask seller a question” link.

If you are the winning buyer of an item go to your My eBay page under the items I’ve Won section. Click the action drop down menu and choose the “contact seller” action.

If you are a seller trying to contact your winning buyer, go to My eBay and under the Items I’ve Sold section, click the action drop down menu. Choose the “contact buyer” action.

Reply to seller/bidder through personal email provider (if the sender has not hidden their email address).

Thank you for your understanding."

No eBay, I don't understand!!$#@!

Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-24-08 at 15:02:52 PST   Listings
Lindy -
I tried contacting lec via the eBay system but after filling in the 6 digits and clicking send, I got a page that told me that since we had no transactions between us for security reasons my messsage could not be sent. This used to happen all the time when attempting communication with German sellers. It is an eBay control between different national sites. I just realized as I typed this I should try logging in on eBay.uk, maybe it will work then. Off to try it.

Alec - no email from you yet.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 14:52:32 PST   Listings
Alexander Thanks, it seems (the famous) Ernst Kraus did have a strong connection with Budapest. It makes me think he is actually the addresse. That combined with the beautiful script makes me think it's pretty special.
It should have a strong attraction to classical music philatelists.
Would you like a higher res scan that I can email you? Might be a nice footnote for your collection.

Regarding the small european countries, I'm still working on them. Was Monaco one I should be looking at?
Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-24-08 at 14:33:23 PST   Listings
Postalhysteria - That's a good suggestion - thanks. I have purchased a few items from John just recently and had the opportunity to meet him in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I'm actually expecting to hear from him shortly about some items he had that were outside of my monthly budget for December (that he had already stretched beyond it's limit! lol).
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3863 ) on Jan-24-08 at 14:21:31 PST   Listings

theottawamike - you might try to contact John Frith in Sudbury, I believe his eBay handle is canmilitary. There once were several military collectors in Ottawa, but I believe they have permanently closed their albums.


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 13:34:36 PST   Listings
David My inquiry was just for helping others to play with the code for the upcoming meeting.
Perhaps you can explain (your notepad) method during the meeting if you like. I don't really understand it but I don't need to. I can't imagine how there could be any instruction with that method. The site you and Alec posted seems perfect as it has a tutorial. The whole point is to
introduce internet page making and HTML to those members who have no clue as to how it works.
I use Arachnophilia for my HTML editor and find it quite adequate, especially as it is a free download.
Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-24-08 at 13:33:42 PST   Listings
Infla-Alec: It's definitely VII. Sorry, I should have picked a clearer example. I have the mark on a few items from Canadian POW camps to Germany. Here's another one:

POW Card 2

And here's one from a camp in Egypt:

POW Card 3

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-24-08 at 13:32:53 PST   Listings
Roger you can simply contact any eBay member by clicking their feedback number, then along the top next to their name is a link CONTACT MEMBER, that takes you to an email message box, and a 'confirming' number, if you cannot read the number simply hit refresh the image below the number or hit Listen to the verification Code to have it read to you, and you type in the Audio box.

every eBay member is contactable that way, transactions or no transactions.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-24-08 at 13:16:00 PST   Listings
Ottowa Mike Any chance the cancel reads "VB" and not VII ? Do you have any other cards with the same cancel and if so can you post a link please ?

Mitch To be fair David posted the practice board first and it really is very user friendly. If you don't see a result on the practice board it simply means your HTML is wrong.
I'm really looking forward to the meeting this weekend. Not sure I can help out much but if I can I will. Though I will share at the meeting a topical debate curently going on in Germany which may well set alarm bells ringing for those that collect pre 1900 material.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-24-08 at 13:14:48 PST   Listings
mitch...It's still easier and faster to just bypass the boards and do it all on your own computer.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 13:06:35 PST   Listings
David & Alec Grin, great minds seem to think alike. That one will do great!
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-24-08 at 12:49:26 PST   Listings
Roger You should have mail from me
Mike I have posted your link in two German speaking Forums so if there are any replies I'll let you know.
Mitch Try this one for HTML practice
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-24-08 at 12:44:36 PST   Listings
Straight out HTML practice board.

Here's how I practice. I open a notepad file or any plain text editor file and save the file as pradtice.html. Then I open the practice.html file in my browser. Then I write my HTML in the notepad file and save and switch to the browser and reload to see the result. I keep both windows open, notepad and browser, and can quickly switch back and forth when making changes. Very quick and easy.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 12:28:41 PST   Listings
David M. Thanks, that's a start but it would be nice
to find a straight out HTML board.

I've updated and added a few pages to Belgian Congo I need to get duplicate pages as I'm collecting mint and used and it is rather a mess now.

I've also just added Belgian East Africa to my site.
Nothing fancy, I don't think I've actually added a stamp there in 10 years.

Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-24-08 at 12:26:05 PST   Listings
Thank-you, Infla-Alec, that is very kind of you. Here's the link again:

POW Card

It is the "VII" marking I am trying to identify.

Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-24-08 at 12:00:12 PST   Listings
Alec -
I tried to send you an email through the eBay system, but since we are not "partners" in a transaction, my message won't go through. Would you please go to my "ME" page and scroll down below the hotel card, my email address is there, and send me a message so I can reply. I need help paying for a German auction. According to the seller Paypal is not secure!

Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:46:02 PST   Listings
Paul -
Esnipe, esnipe, esnipe! Don't throw our money away bidding early! )'>)

Swiss Razor Cancels

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:35:01 PST   Listings
Mitch...Hereis an HTML practice board that can be used to practice postings to be used on eBay chats.

Note that this board treats HTML a little differently than a true HTML board and this practice board duplicates what is done on the chats.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:23:16 PST   Listings
Does anyone know where to find the ebay HTML practice board?
Or have they got rid of it?
It would be nice if we had that to work with for this coming EUSC meeting. If anyone knows of another site where such an HTML tutorial exsists please post it.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:23:07 PST   Listings
Richard, 100%. the one at the left is a German fake produced about 1900, it is not known who made them. The one on the right is genuine but with an extremely heavy A of Auckland, New Zealand arrival cancel.

David B.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:18:03 PST   Listings
Ottowa Mike If you care to post a link to your cover in question again and your specific question I will ask for you in a couple of German speaking Forums i participate in.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:17:51 PST   Listings
PS - the one at right doesn't look great either - I thought these were more clearly printed.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:10:26 PST   Listings
D - The 2d ultramarine at left doesn't look right to me. How is my memory?
Posted by theottawamike   ( 172 ) on Jan-24-08 at 11:04:48 PST   Listings
I posted a question two days ago (Jan 22, 12:35:16) asking if anybody knew anything about a particular German marking on a POW card. Unfortunately (for me) there was no response - not entirely unexpected as it is a very specialized area, so I knew it was a long shot. Does anybody have any suggestions as to other internet sources I might try? I'm afraid my language skills are limited to English only. I'm quite new to this cover collecting stuff, but the research is turning out to be quite enjoyable - just frustrating on occasion.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 10:53:20 PST   Listings
Anyone want to guess which one is genuine,


David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 10:31:35 PST   Listings
Paul, please do not call me a sheep farmer, they are much wealthier than me.

You have fallen into the same trap with $$$$$ signs in your eyes. You see that value is the most important aspect of any item.

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 10:28:46 PST   Listings
Lyndal, I was not discussing value, that is something entirely different. The others have the demand by Airmail collectors which add to their value.

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8813 ) on Jan-24-08 at 10:26:17 PST   Listings
Alex, by correct usage I meant cancelled at the Exhibition with a special commemorative cancellation,

David B.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-24-08 at 09:01:06 PST   Listings
stamps123456789, You have my tears welling up on your childhood story - 5 F's out a possible 6 grades (impressive) - and now you've crowned yourself the Oracle of Asphalt. I am a true believer and bow down to your superior skills.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 08:28:28 PST   Listings
OOOOPS -------Yesterday I posted that some of the European banks are hiding their loses ........Now the Financial Minster of French has confirmed it ,apolygies for making that statement ahead of time before the press got it .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 06:35:41 PST   Listings
new =never
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 06:32:59 PST   Listings
TRUE STORY with your morning coffee There once was a little kid who collected stamps.Once at Sunday School he was given a stamp album by his Sunday School teacher.Now the kid really was from a ecomoncial depress family of 8 other borthers and sisters .He really enjoyed his treasure and inside was a cover to be more exact it was a Poland FDC with a s/s used on it from 1954 ,wasn't worth much then but a treasure no less.

One day he took his stamp collection to school,While there his 5 grade teacher looked at it .Not much of a teacher because he gave the budding collector 5 F's on his report card out of 6 possible grades. The teacher "took" the cover in exchange for 5 or 6 low value San Marino stamps ,the kid knew he was taken but what can he do .

The youngster grew up but new forgotten the rip-off.Over the years at different shows he always looked for "his" cover .Never finding a replacement bother him .But other interest came up and money spent on other stamps .

49 years later while watching markets and financial quotes all day .Just to refoucus his head ,he started looking at e-bay stamp sales .LO and behold right there and close to his house was the 1954 Polish FDC cover.No matter what the price was and who thought they were going to get it ,it was his.Using money from his high interest CD ,he wanted his cover back.

SO today he will drive over to the local stamp dealer and drop the money down and get his beloved first cover again .

E-BAY LOT 180207301135,sorry don't know how to link a auction link.

Posted by cobbie10   ( 6490 ) on Jan-24-08 at 06:14:37 PST   Listings
I started running gallery pictures on my lots a couple of months ago. I did find that my ending prices went up, so it was worth the extra 35c in cost.

P.S. I don't have a scanner - couldn't find one that was quick enough and easy enough to use. Also, I find it very hard to take pictures of box lots with a scanner :o)
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-24-08 at 05:20:04 PST   Listings
The rumor I heard was that they were going to go to "category-specific" pricing (that is, the fee structure for "stamps" might be different from that in "computers".) I've not heard anything more on that though...
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-24-08 at 05:18:48 PST   Listings
mini*lindy, I run gallery on every one of my lots, and so do many others. If the rumors are true and gallery will be free, my listing fees will drop substantially. It sounds as though the listing fee reduction will be across the board, not just for "big sellers" too. Time will tell, but if gallery is free, it won't be "pennies" for me, it will be hundreds...
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-24-08 at 05:12:00 PST   Listings
MINI-LINDY-------Slap that old sheep farmer for me .He doesn't see the same cancel on my airmail cover with the clear cachet as you rightly pointed out . That guy never posted a positive comment to any of the hundreds of scanned links which I posted here and NOW do you think that he is going to say different . Airmail covers will always add premium to the price .
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-24-08 at 04:27:25 PST   Listings
True David, but Jim's is a Wilson cover and they do tend to fetch less than some others.

srailkb, talk was that the fee reduction would be for the Big Time Sellers, while fees for the smaller sellers would Increase.
Time will tell, either way, its pennies..
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-24-08 at 03:46:11 PST   Listings
For those planning to list items, you might want to wait. In the investor presentation yesterday, eBay basically said they will be lowering listing fees & offering free gallery images...

Link to the Reuters article.

Link to the earnings presentation (471 kb. See page 10 "Pricing").

My personal opinion is that they will probably have to make the fees effective "immediately." (...if they don't, listings will plunge as everyone waits for them to take effect.) eBay said they would announce the 2008 fees "next week," so it's possible the effective date could be as early as Feb 1.

Posted by afeht   ( 1249 ) on Jan-24-08 at 02:54:01 PST   Listings

The exhibition Liszt-sheet cover is the cleanest one of the 3 but I don't see how it's a "correct usage." Real mail usage is much more "correct," IMO.
Posted by afeht   ( 1248 ) on Jan-24-08 at 02:49:30 PST   Listings

Yes, Ernst Kraus was a dramatic Wagnerian tenor ("Heldentenor"), one of the first to be recorded (in 1908-11). Later, in the 1920s, he appeared in Wagner's operas in Bayreuth and Berlin Staatsopera. I believe by the time your souvenir sheet was mailed, Ernst Kraus was already old and retired. No doubt he would be pleased to receive a Liszt souvenir sheet.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-23-08 at 23:47:29 PST   Listings
Interestingly the 3 Hungarian covers all bearing the same Souvenir Sheet are different. Mitch's cover is used on a special return airmail flight from Debreczin to Budapest, Paul's on the outward flight, Budapest to Debreczin whilst Jim's cover is used correctly at the Exhibition. My vote for the best cover for usage, quality and cleaniness goes to Jim's.

David B.
Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-23-08 at 22:51:04 PST   Listings
Mitchell -
Great topic and even better idea to keep this one going. It will give people an opportunity to get advice, make multiple adjustments in their attempts to meet their specific needs, and for us all to see the results.

I hope nobody has the audacity to show stamp and page images using a camera! So here's advice to those who don't have a scanner. Buy one this week, read the accompanying instructions, and come prepared. Learn how to present you collection without enduring all the pitfalls of those pioneers who's names shall remain anonymous.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-23-08 at 20:10:34 PST   Listings



Ebay Users Stamp Club

The next meetings topic will focus on collecting methods and presentation of stamps.

This will include
page making, mounting, archiving collections on computer and internet display, wantlists/inventory, storage etc etc.

Basically anything having to do with the mechanics of collecting and displaying.

The meeting will begin midnight January 25th (ebay time).
Meeting will end when the subject has run its course.

I know it's a huge topic so I'd like to keep the meeting open ended.

El presidente'

Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-23-08 at 20:05:14 PST   Listings
Paul in Chicago and Mitch

HOW ABOUT 3 for 3!

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-23-08 at 19:15:40 PST   Listings
copakebri ?, I would think, you would have known that answer, before you spent $695 for it? Would be nice to have a cert.

Jimbo2 Nice to know. Can't remember what I spent for it but probably around $30. It is quite clean and I suspect it was addressed to a famous German opera tenor.

Paul Touche'

David Grin! I can't imagine why you were shouting.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 576 ) on Jan-23-08 at 19:10:26 PST   Listings
Paul, yes yours is a nice card with that min/sheet. However it appears to be missing the LIGIPOSTA...BUDAPEST cds, and the other exhibition cds beginning MKRK....etc.
It does have a nice clear airmail cachet in violet (not a cancel).

there, feel better now?
Posted by copakebri   ( 198 ) on Jan-23-08 at 17:41:43 PST   Listings

Has anyone seen this sheet before:


Has this sheet been reprinted? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-23-08 at 17:24:31 PST   Listings
Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
provide LINKS to pictures
rather than posting them directly to this board.

Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

Yellow Boxes
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Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 17:09:09 PST   Listings
I think my cover will be worth more because of the clear airmail cancel ----ROTFLMAO

IOMOON ----I also come from Providence so go PATS

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 17:04:47 PST   Listings
JIMBO 2 Thanks im glad you like that cover.You really think its worth that much?

Mini-LINDY the question is, are you going to also tell me nice cover .....everybody wants to know ?

MITCH Your not going to believe this ,remember all those empty albums I keep showing everybody ,look what I found in one of them FOUND JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO ........paul

Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-23-08 at 16:39:55 PST   Listings
Peetah, they are the reference numbers used in Marcus Samuel's Specimen Stamps of the Crown Colonies, an indispensable for collectors of that type of material.

W stands for Waterlow and B for Bradbury Wilkinson,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 16:02:02 PST   Listings


Having lived for several years in Providence, my sympathies lie with the Patriots.
However, all the rest of my family are stolid NY'ers.
I hope that perfection may be achieved for the second time in football, at least.
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-23-08 at 16:01:17 PST   Listings

However, it is a lot more valuable than you may think! 30,000 Forint worth in the 2007 Hungarian catalogue for on cover, to be precise! That's over $150.00 US!

Congrats, Jimbo2
Posted by peetah   ( 515 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:54:49 PST   Listings
dbenson Samuel's type W8 and Samuel's type B9 Please tell me what that means. Thanks for the hole count info.
Posted by peetah   ( 515 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:51:34 PST   Listings
iomoon perfection - excellence. Kinda like The New England Patriots huh? Excellence achieved! The quest for perfection will be decided Feb. 3.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:46:14 PST   Listings
To quote Antoine de St. Exupery-

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Vince Lombardi

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:37:35 PST   Listings
sorry Mr. Perfectionist,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:28:49 PST   Listings

Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:23:38 PST   Listings
Peetah, the perforation was applied by the printers, Bradbury wilkinson printed the 1d., 3d., 4d. 8d. & 2s.6 whilst Waterlow printed the 1/2d., 1 1/2d., 2d., 6d. & 1s.

Waterlow perfs. is a straight line with 70 holes, Samuel's type W8 usually with a pin missing from the letter S.
BW perfs. is the horseshoe, Samuel's type B9 with 67 holes.



David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:10:16 PST   Listings
Bill D

Just google - flint uvalde formation.

It'll give you articles by Hill and Winchell dating back to the 19th century.

AFAIK they haven't excavated all of it yet.
Posted by peetah   ( 515 ) on Jan-23-08 at 15:10:03 PST   Listings
British Collectors Specifically, Pitcairn Islands. The first set of stamps in Gibbons has the word "Specimen" perfed into each stamp. Several have the words formed in an arc, and others have the word on a diagonal. Is this typical of this set?
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:54:59 PST   Listings
iomoon I've tried googling several times, with no success (I think because I haven't figured out a reasonable search term). I did find about Alibates Flint Quarries, a national park (where you can't take away samples) that I found interesting. I'll keep trying to refine my search criteria ..... at least now I know there should be something in the area. I had come to a conclusion that perhaps there is nothing in this area.

Bill D.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:45:27 PST   Listings
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:34:25 PST   Listings
Bill D

Austin Chalk has lots of it.

But more easily recovered from the Uvalde Formation.

Do a google. Banks of Frio river would probably suffice.

I was tempted to say Flint, TX, but I've never been there.
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:25:17 PST   Listings
CNN is reporting that Meg Whitman will step down as eBay CEO in March.
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:22:59 PST   Listings
iomoon are there any locations close to central Texas where you can find flint? My son is very interested in finding flint so he can make a flint arrowhead or knife blade. I've told him it will be harder to make than he thinks, but he's anxious to get some flint to try.

Bill D.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:10:43 PST   Listings
Thanks for the explanations.

All my remote sensing stuff I do in terms of wavelengths rather than frequencies and energy levels.

Sometimes I get brain overloads, especially with structural geology when I'm dealing with Pressures.

Dynes/cm sq, lbs/sq inch, bars and kilobars, hectopascals, inches of Hg, slugs etc.
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-23-08 at 14:05:22 PST   Listings
For the experts:-) but that's not me!
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:57:51 PST   Listings
I/O Jim, the CB system in the US is not compatible with ours. I think yours operates around the 27MHZ AM band, which I guess is used by others, whilst ours is on the FM band. The 88-108MHZ is the FM band that all our local and national radio stations operate in. Importing this kit and setting up a pirate radio station, which happens, would be illegal. Possibly radio mikes operate in similar bands which would interfere with police/coastguard frequencies.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:53:24 PST   Listings
Jim...Not particularly. Megahertz is millions of repetitions per second so Mhz per second would be repetitions per second squared.
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:53:04 PST   Listings
iomoon Mhz is millions of cycles per second, so MHz per second isn't correct. megacycles per second is correct. I assume the mica/cut glass is to minimize damage to the sorting/canceling machines.

Bill D.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:46:55 PST   Listings

Yep, I just cut-and-pasted it.

Means absolutely nothing to me.

Is it significant?
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:24:39 PST   Listings
jim...Do the restrictions really say Mhz per second?
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:10:39 PST   Listings
Meg stepping down as of March 31
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-23-08 at 13:02:00 PST   Listings
Just been reading up on some of the mail restrictions to the UK.

Some are strange indeed.
The following being prohibited:

Citizens Band Radios, walkie-talkies, microbugs, and radio microphones that are capable of transmitting on any frequency between 26.1 and 29.7 megacycles per second and 88 to 108 Mhz per second. (Has the BBC cornered the market?)

Seal skins except those from an accepted source. (are seals acceptable?)

Horror comics and matrices. (We scare easily!!)

Cards decorated with mica or ground glass or similar materials unless they are placed in envelopes.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 576 ) on Jan-23-08 at 12:54:02 PST   Listings
nice used sheet. The cancellations are from an Airmail Exhibition, held in Budapest.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-23-08 at 11:49:44 PST   Listings
Paul Strange scan especially at bottom but nice looking group. I can't help but wonder why you need all those NH blocks, pairs and singles. If you were to keep a single and a block that would seem quite adequate. If you sold the rest you could get some new additions to your collection and the wife could, probably, not complain.

Here is the latest addition to my Hungary collection. A rather tough sheet to obtain but the value is not real great. I thought this one was pretty nifty. If someone could help me understand all the markings I would appreciate it.

I have also done some updates and added a few more pages for Liechtenstein on my online collection.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-23-08 at 11:32:20 PST   Listings


David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 10:17:35 PST   Listings
JAY ---THANKS ,just delete the "hindsight" part ,I knew we were friends . Off to workout .
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:49:09 PST   Listings
Paul… OK, you are better at assessing the market in hindsight than anyone I have ever seen.

How’s that?


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:42:57 PST   Listings
WRD 3 ----First i don't look at the market for advice. When I said the interest rates are going to change ,Jay correctly stated nobody and I mean nobody was saying it . When I said in OCTOBER corn was going to rally in December ,there was no market to give advice as to two months into the future .

We are talking about market advice weeks or months before the public or even wall street looks for information or decusses it thats what you and JAY can't understand .

About perfins they have been going into the boxes that are consign to be sold at stamp auctions,never understood them .

THANKS FOR THE PAT ON THE BACK.....feels good ...paul

Posted by afeht   ( 1248 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:36:58 PST   Listings

IMO, it's much more entertaining to have bragging chaps here who couldn't spell than annoying conceited clowns lecturing everybody.

Paul, don't be depressed, not being friends with insects is rather hygienic policy.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:31:34 PST   Listings
RESPOND --------My statement about GETTING OUT of silver was last Friday before the crazyness of yesterday hit .

BE SURE ----what I do in the Futures market is never {NEVER} given as advice to people to do the same thing ,they don't understand ,stop-limit or trailing stops,writting puts and calls to limit losts and other investment moves to protect a professional trader day for day .

Your crying ,can't you just say Paul can call the markets better than anyone I ever seen .....lol .. light-up

Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:31:11 PST   Listings
Paul I will break my New Year's resolution (which is to stay out of these discussions on the board) for this one response to your post. I never said you were wrong in predicting the market would drop. What I said last year is you prematurely claimed the market already showed your advice was correct. At the time you claimed victory, the stock market was still yielding a better return than the CDs you touted. You were right, but your claim of accuracy wasn't supported by data until 4 or 5 months after you claimed it was. But, since it appears you need a pat on the back - congratulations, you were right - the market fell.

Stamp-related question for you, Paul. I assume you've accumulated bunches of perfins in the lots you've bought over the years. What do you do with them? Do you have any on pages (stock pages or otherwise) you could share scans of? I'd be interested in seeing any images you'd be willing to share, especially US stuff.

Bill D.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:20:31 PST   Listings
billsey… Yes, FileZilla is what I have been trying to get to work. It worked fine on my old computer, but on this one it stalls for some reason on the password. My hosting service is looking into it. I will try your Explorer suggestion though. Sounds like it might help.

Posted by billsey   ( 877 ) on Jan-23-08 at 09:13:09 PST   Listings
I also have used FileZilla with good results. I have also used Windows Explorer for FTPing. You type ftp://URL into the address bar and it opens the FTP site just like any other directory on your computer. If a login is needed, it will give you a login dialog where you enter your username and password, couldn't be simpler.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-23-08 at 08:37:03 PST   Listings
Paul… Writing covered calls is the safest method of investing in the stock market. Period. You are always bragging about how much money you make in futures trading, which is far more speculative than options trading, so I don’t understand why you are denigrating options trading, unless you don’t understand what options are all about.

This is a direct quote from you today—

“…talking about any investment when the markets are going NUTS is stupid.”

Seems to me you were bragging yesterday about your investments in silver, so I suppose that makes you ------. Fill in the blank with your own words.


If, for once in your life, you could stop bragging, people would start to take you seriously. I guarantee you it won’t happen until then.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 07:51:29 PST   Listings
STAMP RELATED POSTING Just got the HARMER INC. catalog for the 2-15-08 auction of British Commonwealth .That catalog can be used as a reference book to postal history and stamp variations ...really a nice reference book to have ....paul
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 07:45:35 PST   Listings
TO NEW READER Last summer on this board I stated that I was putting my money into CD's and the U.S. government was giving away money at rates of 5.40 -5.25% and locked up my funds .The critics went crazy here and started to cry ,and said the stock market was the place to be .

WELL--WELL the government dropped rates to 3.75% and the markets burn-out. Well do I get my expected pat on the back from them------NO ..... they are still crying .

AND THEY WOULDN'T TALK TO ME .....looking for my pat on the back ..lol..

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 07:33:28 PST   Listings
JAY ----You look ridiculous........first stock option trading is not for people who read this board,its high risk and a loseing game for 95% of people who try it. Second talking about any investment when the markets are going NUTS is stupid.These are older investors looking for security and reasonable returns .

They are not rock-in-rollers in high risk investments .Speaking for myself and many other traders we don't like and try not too get involved in the crazyness of days like we are now watching .

Also please stop picking one option trade out of 10,000 trades and looking back inhind sight and saying what a great profit could of been made ----thats a cheap shoot .

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 07:21:14 PST   Listings
PETER Im going to take your advice and try to put money into STAMPS instead of cash ,only problem is convincing my wife .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-23-08 at 07:17:33 PST   Listings
SAYASAN ------To answer your question the dollar looks to be holding in a tradeing range which should continue for a few weeks.

The European public and their governments have been much more conscientious than the American public and their government.The problem seems to be the large banking groups of Europe,they are into the American mortgage mess greater than they are making public.The talk already is that some of these European banks are into this for close to one billion dollars in loses.

The question is how many European banks are hideing their losts and how will it effect the Euro.......paul

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1463 ) on Jan-23-08 at 06:50:48 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by deh3   ( 1981 ) on Jan-23-08 at 04:55:45 PST   Listings
David B,

One country destination the collection is missing is Canada, of which even I have a few examples, albeit from the 1870's.

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-22-08 at 23:30:44 PST   Listings
linda or Lyndel

If you go to advanced search it will bring them up, i have had to do this for several weeks now. Frustrating when you know the seller has material on and the 'view other items'button tells you the seller has nothing at all on.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-22-08 at 23:27:32 PST   Listings

some may be overpriced and some aren't. I have bought a few items from their Auctions and they weren't overpriced. What I bought I have never seen offered by any Auction in the last 30 years and have been very happy with my purchases.

What they sell on Ebay has very little to do with their main Auction business and shouldn't be compared,

David B.
Posted by saphilatelics   ( 528 ) on Jan-22-08 at 23:00:08 PST   Listings
I've come across Soler y Llach material in my areas of interest as well, unfortunately, at least here on ebay, most of their stuff is hopelessly overpriced. I have had some items in my watch list for a year, hoping one of these days they'll relist them at more realistic prices.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 576 ) on Jan-22-08 at 22:51:18 PST   Listings
grrr.... eBay is trialing ANOTHER new search, now when you click on the LISTINGS LINK over there >>> you do not see items from other countries, (like Australian sellers), and there seem to be no gallery pics for USA sellers ?

maybe it will ''correct'' itself soon, here's hoping!

who does have items for sale even if the Listings Link says otherwise!! :o)
Posted by dbenson   ( 8809 ) on Jan-22-08 at 19:30:36 PST   Listings

time to see your bank manager,


Switzerland to Foreign Destinations 1854-1880, 436 covers to all corners of the globe,

David B.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1463 ) on Jan-22-08 at 18:57:08 PST   Listings
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-22-08 at 18:36:43 PST   Listings
MITCH------Here is the info. you requested the other day. Yes they are mine . .Spent the whole day working in the backoffice of a trading firm {Margin Dept.} too tired .Tomorrow should be a quiet day .
Posted by afeht   ( 1247 ) on Jan-22-08 at 18:27:45 PST   Listings
Re: FTP Software

FileZilla is an FTP program that works without a hitch, connects fast to anything with an FTP address, and uploads/downloads on a simple drag-and-drop basis. To use it, one doesn't need any special computer knowledge, and it never let me down.
Posted by sekersky   ( 5 ) on Jan-22-08 at 17:48:41 PST   Listings
Posted by antonius-ra ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:53:12 PST Listings
sekersky Welcome to the stamp board.
I assume you are talking about these sorts of things Possibly even the one at bottom, although it is Silver foil. Notice the top ones are Bhutan. A few countries issued these things more for curiousity and collectors than for actual usage. I have quite a few of them but am really not sure of todays market. I have never valued them for much but todays market is different than when I obtained them 20 years ago or so.
Many of the Trucial states that use to produce a bunch of crap, have seen some of "their *" stamps become recognized and with a decent catalog price.

*= many stamps produced with Trucial state names (or made up ones) seem to have been produced in some camel dudes sand bar.


Thanks, yes thats the exact one. The pink and gold/yellow areas seem to be "foil-like' material also.

So there's no clue to know how much this stamp is worth? Are they rare?

Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-22-08 at 16:34:37 PST   Listings
Antonius-ra & David,

I believe David is right. After examining my Ceylon 4P & 8P all the 4P seem to have the same spacing. The 8P does have a wider space. Unfortunately my scanner IS broken. Actually it needs to be reprogramed and I can't find my owners manual after our last move. I, however, was not referring to the L spacing in my comment last night. It appears to have a stronger outline and some coloring inside the letter as does the I. That does not compare well with any other 4p's I've seen. However, that may not mean a lot because as I said last night this is a new area to me. I do not have a later 2 SH so I can't compare it.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-22-08 at 16:28:40 PST   Listings

nearly got knocked over by Bambi on the way home.
Whitetail came out of a side street and bounded across the road in front of me.

Cute FTP is great.
Nice to know it works with vista if I ever upgrade.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-22-08 at 16:05:17 PST   Listings
Paolo Thanks so much again. I shall add them to my Bozen page. It is nice to know there might be some good cat there as well, Rather thought that was the case.
I got a collection from a dealer whom I have done more business with than anyone else (the base I have been adding to for 18 years). There was much specialty BOB in it that
was not listed in Scott. I think since he could not find values on these they got the big bad NC (no cost) <:~`)
I do have a good feel about them but mostly only the knowledge you have shared.
Here are the reverses of the 1c and 25c "porto St". I really need to re educate myself on the position of expertizer marks. Does It appear that there might have been some disagreement on the first one.
Do you recognize the marks and if so educate me.
Posted by cobbie10   ( 6488 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:34:59 PST   Listings

Have you tried Cute FTP ? I stumbled upon it the other day and found that it worked first time, even with Vista.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:19:39 PST   Listings
Dave… I’ve got messages into my hosting service now, so I’m hoping they will provide a way out of this jungle...

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:17:55 PST   Listings
Paolo… Nice to see you here. You too Dave F. Now all we have to do is round up Anne.

Posted by philatarium   ( 244 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:16:54 PST   Listings
Jim: A few months ago, when I had the same problem, I discovered that my web host provider now had capabilities within their browser-oriented control panel that would allow me to upload images. It would be a pain to do for a bunch of images, but for a few at a time, it works quite well. (I've never installed a new ftp program as a result.) Perhaps your provider has the same feature.
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:11:14 PST   Listings
Err. "much later" = later :-(
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:10:38 PST   Listings
NOIP… Almost all of the work getting my files and programs loaded onto my new computer has gone fairly easily, with the notable exception of installing my FTP program. I don’t think I have ever installed one that did not provide maximum aggravation. I have followed the instructions over and over, and still I cannot connect.

It has always been that way with FTP programs however—a fruitless struggle to get it to work that usually lasts a day, and then all of a sudden it begins to work. So far this latest round is following true to form except for the very last part.


Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-22-08 at 15:06:08 PST   Listings
Not at all! This is totally out of my field, I cannot judge on the genuinity of the overprints (I pose this as a disclaimer) but the ones you have just shown are Provisional Postage Due stamps (P.P.D. stamps) for the region of Trentino.
Venezia Giulia region had Issues of Postage Due stamps already from half December 1918, the Italian "segnatasse" ones overprinted in black with denomination in "centesimi di corona", whereas Trentino received these with the adequate overprint much later, only from 7 january 1919.
These P.P.D. stamps where overprinted locally. Even thereafter these P.P.D. stamps continued to be used.
There are several different types of prov. overprints, e.g. the ones you show appear to be all from the Post Office of Bolzano 3 (Bozen 3). The first three stamps, with violet overprint, in unused condition catalogue 330 euro in Sassone (vol. 2) [ I do not know whether the overprint is meant to be in violet]
All are from scarce to very scarce, in used condition especially!
The other ones have the diagonal overprint "PORTO / S.T." (=PORTO / Segna Tasse, bilingual) in red (these correspond to the images I have), the toppers being the 1c. brown with a cat. value of 40.00 Euro for unused and the 25c. blue with 55.00 euro for unused and 90.00 euro for used (Sassone 2005).

All the best, Paolo

Posted by philatarium   ( 244 ) on Jan-22-08 at 14:52:53 PST   Listings

I don't have an authoritative answer to your question, but, in light of the conspicuous silence here, will attempt a couple of thoughts, and then encourage others to pile on and correct what I've said.

Now that you mention it, I could really use these capabilities too, so I'll be interested to see what information comes forth on the board.

In the meantime, it's my understanding that a free software package, Irfanview, actually does what you're asking about it. Or at least does the multiple acquisition piece.

I know there are people on this board who have used it for some of its image conversion and resizing capabilities, and perhaps they can explore these capabilities you're asking about it.

If it turns out Irfanview works for you, then you can get pretty much any scanner you want because you wouldn't be dependent on the software capabilities of the manufacturer.

By the way, someone asked a similar question on a software dicussion board, except they asked "other than Irfanview", so I perhaps some info will be forthcoming as well there (including why not Irfanview):


Here's the link to Irfanview:


Oh, it just occurred to me that there may be another eBay board (computers?) where there are folks who can answer your question. (If so, please come back here and let us know what you found out!)

Hope this is a little bit helpful.

-- Dave
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-22-08 at 14:16:50 PST   Listings
Paolo Thanks as always for your kind words and valued input. I actually have several pages of information
(n my album) you gave me 7 years ago on those and others.

Would you know what the additional overprint "porto st" is on these?
Posted by theottawamike   ( 171 ) on Jan-22-08 at 12:35:16 PST   Listings
If y'all will forgive the interruption, a question from a long-time lurker from the frozen North:

Does anybody recognize or know the purpose of the "VII" marking on this card from a German prisoner in a Canadian internment camp during WWII? I am fairly certain it is a German marking, as I have the same one on a card to Germany from a British run camp in Egypt dated 1943. I also have a couple of other items from Canadian camps with the same mark.

POW Card

Thank-you, and I return you now to your regularly scheduled programming.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-22-08 at 10:21:55 PST   Listings
Options… As an example, anyone who bought spreads on Sears Holdings this morning has cleared up to $9 per share. A call purchase of 100 contracts at market open would have yielded a profit of just short of $100,000, not bad for a morning’s work. The same amount of money in a cash account would have earned about one quadrillionth of a cent.


Posted by emoat   ( 222 ) on Jan-22-08 at 10:21:17 PST   Listings
"Multiple stamp image scanner"......I would like to buy a scanner that has the "multi photo mode" facility which supposedly gives you the facility to place a good number of stamps on to the scanner at once and the software will auto align/auto crop and give each one a file name.
I do a lot of scanning and anything that simplifies the process would be most appreciated.
What literature I have found for the Canon 4400f informs me that this can be done with up to 10 items at a time,but,and please do correct me if I am wrong,at least one side of the card etc has to be 2 inches in length for the software to work.Too large to be v.useful for stamps in most cases.
The Epson Perfection V200 information I have found states that it can autocrop but I cannot find any further info about that facility.
There is software available that will do all that I ask but it is another $100 on top of the price of the scanner.
All suggestions/answers will be most welcome.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-22-08 at 10:12:47 PST   Listings
NOIP… The people who made money today—gobs and gobs of it—are the option traders. The people wringing their hands and chewing the corners off their hankies are the ones holding dollars.

The banks, hedge funds and brokers don’t want people to trade in options, because it can force wider swings in securities that they are holding or promoting. As a result they will always scream “Go to cash!” in times of crisis because it is in their self-interest.

If anyone wants to see where the real market action is on any given day, look up “options, open interest” on any online trading site. This will not only show options currently held, but will summarize option activity for that day, and today’s action has been fast and furious.

The market opened with the Dow down about 400 points. It has currently recovered well over 300 points, so the sheep who fled to cash earlier are now flooding back trying to scoop up bargains.

Posted by rioroyal   ( 392 ) on Jan-22-08 at 08:44:57 PST   Listings
NOIP--Looking for info on a MNH corner margin block of 4 imperf of the German Postal Tax stamp PT1. Thanks in advance.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3861 ) on Jan-22-08 at 07:34:03 PST   Listings

pappadawg - I turned this at Bansner's up in a Google search, look under Hanmer. It is the second edition, there is a newer third.


Posted by mikedak   ( 1327 ) on Jan-22-08 at 07:27:42 PST   Listings
re: machine cancel book
The Hanmer book can be useful for basic identification, but the types used to not match the standard nomenclature used by more specialized works on each machine.

If you are at all interested in machine cancels, seriously consider joining the machine cancel society. http://www.machinecancel.org/

Also, The Machine Cancel Handbook, available here
is a good basic reference.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-22-08 at 06:53:20 PST   Listings
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Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-22-08 at 06:48:59 PST   Listings
Good day all from sunny Shoes!

Nice finds!

Nice pages!
Regarding your unused 5 CENTES. of LV, you may tell whether it is a reprint by checking the dots on the shield:
the type III has the dotted background re-engraved (in two or three directions) and doesn't exist as genuine for this denomination.
The reprints of the 5c. I know of are Type III.

The genuine 5 CENTES. of 1850 only exists as Type I with the unmodified dotting on the shield.
The genuine are always on hand-made paper .

The reprints of 1887 (printing 10000 pieces) are on thin and white yellowish paper, which shows granular in translucency. This kind of paper can be tricky to be confused with printings of the genuine stamps on that thin to "pelure" paper, which shows through the reverse.
The other reprints, of 1866 (printing 500 pieces) and 1870 (printing 5000 pieces), of the 5c. are on thick and white paper (these are better in terms of value).

To conclude, it is of course possible to find fake cancels on the commoner reprints.

Greetings, Paolo
Posted by poppadawg   ( 801 ) on Jan-22-08 at 06:28:52 PST   Listings
Thanks Jeff. BTW can you (or anyone) recommend a reference book on US machine cancels? The Hanmer book is on several search lists but has proved to be very hard to find.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3861 ) on Jan-22-08 at 06:23:20 PST   Listings

pappadawg - it is a "Columbia", a rather common style.


Posted by poppadawg   ( 801 ) on Jan-22-08 at 06:02:54 PST   Listings
drats! messed up the html. Let's try it again. this
Posted by poppadawg   ( 801 ) on Jan-22-08 at 06:01:38 PST   Listings
Good morning all Could someone identify http://www.currenttechgroup.com/~dbosquet/new/picture%20745.JPG>this machine cancel? Value?
Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-22-08 at 05:44:28 PST   Listings
Paul, as the recession hits in the USA, the mighty cash dollar will lose value same as everything else, no?
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-22-08 at 05:38:11 PST   Listings
Cheer up Paul! GO-TO-STAMPS instead:-)
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-22-08 at 04:55:47 PST   Listings
Funny---- how I heard things and see things nobody else sees or hears .........I hear a freight train rolling down the tracks and everybody is just having a gay-ole-time .It should hit you in the a$$ in a few hours ,as for me i'll be working on stamps and then going to the bank to put more money in {remember I sold silver on friday and got a check}.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-22-08 at 04:42:23 PST   Listings
IM DEPRESSED ------No friends here and can't spell ...its depressing , maybe we can get JAYWILD or WRD3 to come on here today and tell Paul how wrong he has been about the stock market and his silly GO-TO--CASH thing .All these older philatelist who read this board and have money in real estate and the stock market will all feel better ...........
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-22-08 at 04:03:12 PST   Listings
Sorry ---MITCH , I got distracted yesterday buy a freight train that smacked me in the a$$.It should hit the U.S. today ........its called the GO-TO-CASH express ..........anybody wants to tell Paul he was wrong ,can you do it in a few hours .
Posted by 22028   ( 1678 ) on Jan-22-08 at 03:55:36 PST   Listings
Does someone knows a stamp collector named Donaldson as on this item?
The name rings a bell but it seems i am becoming old...
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1463 ) on Jan-22-08 at 03:43:42 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Does anyone know if Philip Wolf of Calgary, Canada is up and about? He’s not answering emails or his phone and I’m trying to contact him concerning a lot I’ve won. I hope he’s not under the weather.

Jim L.

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-22-08 at 02:40:13 PST   Listings
Lets try it again

Did somebody mention A SYDNEY DEALER....?

I sent the guy a cheque for $250.00, must be 15-20 years ago it got
cashed i am still waiting for my purchases. I know i won’t get them
because they are in a collection in Newcastle. From memory Jones just
took over the shop and found a book of revenue and railways in the
back of the safe [or so he told me] i brought a stack over the counter
and said i would consider others came back to qld, a letter or two
later, and my cheque was sent, never to be seen again.

Moral of the story, never deal with Sydney dealers

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-22-08 at 02:35:51 PST   Listings
Another Gee

Gee, tell the truth and poof your post is removed!

Thanks to the dobber inner.

To others reading this, it will make for bad reading as a post of mine has been removed, with possibly this one to follow.

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-22-08 at 02:26:27 PST   Listings

Gee time flys maybe Jones said he just found this album in the back of the safe?? BUT i remember the 250 well enough, well enough never to trust a Sydney dealer again.

Posted by putney32   ( 1839 ) on Jan-22-08 at 02:18:03 PST   Listings
D1 was more than 15 or 20 years ago. Alan took over that shop in the early 1970s !!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-22-08 at 01:44:44 PST   Listings
While on the subject of Austria, I decided to update my pages tonight. 9 new pages added and 5 exsisting pages updated with new stamps.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-21-08 at 22:54:55 PST   Listings
oh...David,... two of my favourite Gentlemen... Rod was such a great man, traded as E.Ferris, I used to joke and call him Edmond !!!

and Harry, wow what a lovely man he was. Always bought me chocolates for Christmas and my Birthday!
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 22:50:50 PST   Listings
Linda, and a couple more departed Sydney dealers, Rod Wyatt, Harry Nott, they must have sold more Papua New Guinea & Pacific Island material than the rest of the world put together,

David B.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 22:35:23 PST   Listings
Linda, and a few more, Otto Kugel (the kiosk in the Royal Arcade) and Kurt Elsner (the kiosk at the tram (bus) stop
on the corner of Park and Elizabeth.

David B.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:57:52 PST   Listings
yes, David knew them, but not Bernie. My time was Allen Jones at Cohens, Ron Brett at Shiaks, Mrs Daniels was still at Martin Daniels, and of course good ol Alf (and Ivy) at Campe's - Graham was still working in WA.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:51:09 PST   Listings
Mitch, there are vaiarnces in the designs of the values. It wouldn't matter which printing, there was only one plate used,

That 4d. was from Souvenir Sheet and was printed using an original die,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:46:42 PST   Listings

And don't forget Max Cohen, Kevin Duffy & Ken Baker. My favourite old time dealer was Bernie Moloney, the nicest person who ever graced this earth. As an aside did you know he was President of the Great Synagogue Stamp Club, bit strange with a name like Moloney and an Irish accent,

David B.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:41:25 PST   Listings
David Maybe it's Apples to Oranges. I just noticed the second stamp was an 8 pence (DUH) but the L-O spacing is the same on my Ceilon item as the first. I don't have any later 4 pence to compare.

Anyone have a later perfed 4 pence to show so I don't have to feel like a bozo?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:33:11 PST   Listings
David Here and here.
First one is a reprint but is consistant with the spacing in the catatlog.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:27:44 PST   Listings
No David, was probably when I was living o/s. I only came back to Sydney in 1974. (I was away for nearly 10 years), prior to that I wasn't interested in Stamps. When I started at Kennedy's David G. was running Harmers, Barry Cooper still had his shop in Bondi, Hugh ran PENNY BLACK AUCTIONS, and SG were only doing annual tours of Australia.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:26:59 PST   Listings
Linda, he anglicised his name to Shelly. He had an office in King Street near the corner of Castlereagh St. and specialised in Eastern Europe. It must have been in the early 1970's. Not sure if he died or was run out of town,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:15:04 PST   Listings
Linda, do you remember way back there was an Auction House in Sydney run by a Mr. Szekeley. It was called " Number One Stamp Auctions ". It didn't last long, too many irate customers,

David B.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-21-08 at 21:00:46 PST   Listings
Jimbo2, by Hungarian Dealer I meant that the gentleman in question is Hungarian. He deals in World Wide (particularly New Issues), his name is Robert Kennedy of Sydney,Australia. The former owner of his shop was also Hungarian, (Stephen Gero), so we had many Hungarian customers and always had good stock of Hungary, back in the 1970s!
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:59:06 PST   Listings
Mitch, I don't know what you mean by additional spacing. There was only one plate for the 4d. and that was used on all the printings and every position from every prinitng would be the same unless of course the position was retouched and there are no reports of retouches on that stamp.

David B.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:49:26 PST   Listings

Thanks for sharing & goodnight!

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:39:40 PST   Listings
Gary The position of the "L" does look at bit odd but it is consistant with the earlier types (this one would be Scott #19) on the later issues some additional spacing was added between the "L" and "O".
I have no idea whats up with this stamp, only what I see.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:29:37 PST   Listings

The I & L look suspicious, hard to tell in a scan, perhaps some type of overlay? I would love to see it in person. I know what you mean about a pro & I would be interested to know what they said!

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:22:13 PST   Listings
Gary Yes, watermarked "large star". The rest of the paper looks good also.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:14:58 PST   Listings
Gary Here is my favorite stamp from Ceilon.
David told me a long time back it was impossible but I would like a pro to look at it in person to see what is really going on with it. Under some magnification I can't really see and scraping or added lines. Of course it does look a little scruffy around the "I", but not in the inking or paper. A curiousity, at least.

Paul Is your scanner broken? If not lets see those
mint 1930 Liectenstein regulars with all the perf variations you showed last month also. With a little date marker to if you don't mind.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:14:05 PST   Listings

Very interesting. Is it watermarked? Have you compared paper, etc?
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 20:02:23 PST   Listings
David B,

I had pulled up the Postal History on a prior search several weeks ago. Was not sure how good it was. Thanks for the tip.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:53:12 PST   Listings
sekersky Welcome to the stamp board.
I assume you are talking about these sorts of things Possibly even the one at bottom, although it is Silver foil. Notice the top ones are Bhutan. A few countries issued these things more for curiousity and collectors than for actual usage. I have quite a few of them but am really not sure of todays market. I have never valued them for much but todays market is different than when I obtained them 20 years ago or so.
Many of the Trucial states that use to produce a bunch of crap, have seen some of "their *" stamps become recognized and with a decent catalog price.

*= many stamps produced with Trucial state names (or made up ones) seem to have been produced in some camel dudes sand bar.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:50:08 PST   Listings

If I was you I wouldn't be using Specimens as spacefillers but collecting them for what they are. Trying to build a respectable showing will be a challenge but it will be worthwhile in the end. Of course there are also Postal Stationery Specimens and they can be elusive but not very expensive,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:45:52 PST   Listings

Proud's Postal History,


David B.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:41:51 PST   Listings
David B,

I know, (sigh) I was wishfully thinking. I am, however, truly enjoying the challenge. I have accepted some specimens (and that started a new collection) and some fiscal cancels (few high value). But as I grow my collection I need to educate myself more I feel.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:38:56 PST   Listings
Gary, you should also try to obtain Proud's " Postal History of Ceylon ", it will help you immensely with many aspects,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:33:14 PST   Listings
Gary (AKA Andrew), there is no such a thing as completeness. The closest thing would be completeness according to a simplified catalogue. There is no way you could get the high value KEVII & KGV unless you accepted fiscal cancels and/or Specimens and even then it may take a life time and a double mortgage. If I was you I would limit your collection to whatever you felt would suit you. There is plenty of interest in the early cancels but you need the literature, RL is a start but there are also specialist handbooks.

David B.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1463 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:26:04 PST   Listings
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:20:12 PST   Listings

Hi Linda, Who was the Hungarian dealer if I may ask?

Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:15:14 PST   Listings
David B,

You are right!!! Unfortunately my fledgling collection has few of those stamps (especially in those conditions). I have, however, purchased 4 or 5 stamps from that company. (Ceylon)

Andrew is my son's name, on a personal note, and he was born in 1998. My name is Gary. Enjoyed your "me" page!

I started my Ceylon collection with the thought that it should be easy to complete. I have NO complete collections and have often longed, as most do, for completeness. I have now expanded to complete mint, complete used (postally) and have started on FDC's, stationary, specimans, and covers. NONE of these are complete-----but I am enjoying the chase!!! IF my pocketbook can take it!!!

Posted by sekersky   ( 5 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:14:00 PST   Listings

I have this weird stamp from Qatar. It's circular and is made of silver/pink/golden foil-type material. It has a picture of an Arab guy in the center (embossed in the foil), palm trees and Arabic font (that I can't read) at the top and right side. only English is "Postage 1 Naye Paise."

I have NO clue the date, or anything about this stamp, and I was hoping for an ID on it, and if possible how much it is worth.

Oh, it's unused, in amazing condition, the whole thing has raised font, and there isn't a mark or anything on it. Most of my stamps are in the 60s, so I'm wondering if it might be from then.

I know its not a stamp board, just point me in the right direction and I'll go there :P
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 19:00:15 PST   Listings

time to salivate,


David B.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:44:47 PST   Listings
Thanks Lynn,

I have been on this site before. It seems to still be a work in progress. It appears to be well done and may become a great site however!
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:42:51 PST   Listings
98Andrew, most of the high value KEVII & KGV were used fiscally and telegraphically. Most are easy to tell.

I have never seen or heard of (apart from the comment in RL) about fake SERVICE overprints on Pence issue. If you are worried about an item post a scan. Someone should be able to give you some advice.

Some of the major problems are rebacking of the early imperfs., clipped perfs., added margins, etc., etc.,

David B.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 227 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:38:45 PST   Listings
A quick google turned upthis.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:26:48 PST   Listings

I know that most, if not all, of the Ceylon overprints have been forged. I specifically want more info on how to distinguish between fiscal & postal cancels, known varieties, postal stationary, revenues, post offices & cancels, and other general info.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:16:33 PST   Listings
Jimbo2 Thanks, I did not know that.
As far as the Lombardy Venetia goes, I have only added the 1862 3s Green and the 1863 2s Yellow since the last update.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:06:31 PST   Listings
98 ANDREW ------Robson Lowe states that all OFFICIALS of Ceylon on both the pence and cents issues are known forged on genuine stamps . Hope that helps ....paul
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-21-08 at 18:01:36 PST   Listings

Hi Mitch, Looked over your Austria and L-V pages, and saw three cancels that would be considered Hungarian. You probably already know that the first stamp, the 1kr yellow with a PESTH cancel, is a desirable one, with the capital city cancel on a NO.1.
The other two cancels are SISSEK and FUNFKIRCHEN, which I already have. You may want to consider replacing the 50kr from the 1874-80 series as that looks to me to be a coarse print.
On the Lomb.-Ven. pages, I see a few gaps that need filling, or do you have them but didn't put them in yet?

Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 17:23:05 PST   Listings
No, I haven't. Thanks! The prices are not a great concern.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 17:19:59 PST   Listings
98Andrew, have you tried Robson Lowe, Asia, it has a lot of info but the prices are slightly out of date,

David B.
Posted by 98andrew   ( 374 ) on Jan-21-08 at 17:18:07 PST   Listings
Anyone else out there a Ceylon collector?

Anyone know of a more detailed catalogue than SG or Scott in regards to Ceylon?

I have been a collector for years, but only started on Ceylon 2 years ago.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-21-08 at 17:10:21 PST   Listings
Hello Rainbows, selling stamps is much like selling anything else. You need to know your product before you can acurately describe it. Saying -- here's a stamp, it's old-- will not get as many lookers or bidders as an acurate description, however, a good scan (not digital photo) will help.

Scroll down the board and you will see a Large Yellow Box. there are lots of good links there to assist you too.
Good luck, and yes, you can get lots of helpful advice here on the chat board. Just ask your question, sometimes it may take several hours, or even a day or 2 for a reply.

Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 17:07:57 PST   Listings
"I discover more that I don't know" -
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 17:07:01 PST   Listings
Mitch - with apology for mistake in spelling, I was referencing your 5c L-V which is a reprint.

Jim W-S - Humility has never been my strong point. It is simply a statement of fact that each day I more that I didn't know. Still have most of the elephant to climb actually.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:42:24 PST   Listings
Paul You might consider cutting back on that.

When you get done scanning one of those 5p blocks and showing it as requested. You could break it up and send me one, that stamp has avoided me although I have looked. The two lesser props also have, even though they are of much less value. Those three are on the top of my Hungary needlist.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:40:07 PST   Listings

it is the nickname given to the small size circular date stamps. They are widely collected as they are usually very neatly struck and usually complete on the stamp.

David B.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:34:37 PST   Listings
David "stupid" question, what is a thimble cancel.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:33:52 PST   Listings
SPEAKING FROM WRONG END OF THE BODY-------Wonder if thats due to the high protein whey I have been taken .....you might be right about that
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:28:26 PST   Listings
Richard If you happen to know a better "expert" that gives sage advice as freely as you do, let me know. For now,
like it or not, you and David are the guys.
Unfortunately I don't live down the street from Herman Herst jr. anymore. Even if I did I've lost my ability of talking to ghosts.

Plz disregard boldface below

Back to work bending metal that doesn't want to...........
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:19:26 PST   Listings
Richard & David Thanks for looking.

Richard, I assume you are talking about that #1 Yellow of V.L.? I concluded it was probably a reprint quite sometime ago. It does need the additional notation "?" above it if not the dreaded "R".
If it is another item please let me know.

Collecting is a lot of things to me. Competition is not one of them, partially because I do not have the finances to think about such things. Being called a liar many times by a certain unapologetic person does leave me quite negative in his regard especially when he continues to speak from the wrong end of his body.
Posted by rainbowsforu   ( 420 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:18:14 PST   Listings
lol see this is a room full of knowledge or is it just full of insults anyone help me in understanding how to sell stamps
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:16:40 PST   Listings

Anyone with humility never considers themselves an expert.
Others, with lesser knowledge, acknowledge those with more knowledge to be experts.

Sorry, but you are an expert.

Maybe 20 years from now, you might reconsider your statement!!

Though you might want to improve your spelling and punctuation.

Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 16:08:00 PST   Listings
PS - Mirch, I just noticed your comment. I do not consider myself to be an an "expert" in anything really. A student of it all (well, at least all prior to 1876). I learn a little every day which has made the last 40 years fly by faster that I would have thought possible.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 15:58:16 PST   Listings
Mitch, thanks for the compliment,

I can' see much in the way of better cancels. To me the best one is a Salcano (Solkan) thimble on a Franz Josef 5kr.,

David B.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 15:40:56 PST   Listings
It seems unfortunate that some of you seem to view stamp collecting and philately as a competition. Makes for some harsh comments that spirals downward more often than not. Hardly conductive to civil communications.

Mitch - I don't notice any exceptional cancels in either group. I see what may be one of your "+" marks above a reprint. Collecting cancels of both Austria and L-V can be a lot of fun and mostly inexpensive. Go for complete cancels either on the stamp or on piece. Have fun!
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:54:43 PST   Listings
worked for a Hungarian Stamp Dealer for too long. Got sick of all the perf/imperf moderns. Put me off Hungary for a long time.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:48:57 PST   Listings
The the first sentence in Scott has nothing to do with the second sentence. Do you think only unused stamps are better centered than used ones (naturally). ROTFLMAO

Would someone else with a Scott catalog clarify this.

Back to work. BBL
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:46:55 PST   Listings
gee wonder if im going to get a compliment for also showing some nice Hungary .
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:44:48 PST   Listings
Paul Unfortunately, I doubt those airmails are yours. If so please seperate one of the 5p propeller blocks and add a note containing todays date.
Even if I am wrong regarding as to their present owner, they have nothing to do with the first two sets regarding grading.
Blocks of four are not single stamps either. The value of the best block (the 5p) is still around half the value of the 1871 #2.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:37:28 PST   Listings
some people can't even read a Scott catalog----UNUSED is not the same as for used copies ....gee
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:34:50 PST   Listings
Paul If you might ever grasp what you read, perhaps you might learn to write something that makes sense and does not make you look like a fool.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:33:29 PST   Listings
NEW READERS ------Here is a sample of top grade Hungary , HUNGARY AIRMAILS mint never hinged ......paul
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:29:06 PST   Listings

Hi Richard,

WOW! That's a beauty of a cover with the KOSTAINIZA straight line cancel on it! RYAN lists it as No. 767 with 30 points. There are two other cancels from this town, both with the spelling of KOSTAINICA, listed by RYAN, with the straight line on a 1864 Austrian stamp having the highest point value of 150.
Thanks for showing a true classic cover from a area of my interest, I'll have to show some of mine one of these days!

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:26:17 PST   Listings
Jim & Richard Although I must admit, I am very much lacking in the "rarified air" of postal cancellation knlowledge (for the world>. However, I find it extremely interesting.
I've kind of figured that after I get every stamp in the world I can afford to get my hands on, that in my old age I can start to study them more closely.
So it goes with the Austrian. Austria seems to have, as a whole, more interesting cancels than much the rest of the world. Often very nice CDS strikes and others that are outside the norm of the era. For now I would at least like to know if I have any that are scarce. On my collection pages I usually make small notation above stamps to signify whether they are better stamp ot ones that need replacing because of some fault. I put from one to five "+" marks above stamps denoting their better value. 5 would be one well over $1,000. An "X" denotes a stamp with problems that I would like to replace.
If You guys might have a look I would appreciate any input of any better cancels I might have.
Austrian occupation, L.V., Bosnia

I do find it rather intimadating asking many questions on this board. There is such a wealth of knowledge to be had here that often times one feels like an idiot to ask a "stupid" question.
On the other hand one should also realize that no one is an expert on the world! We are very fortunate to have Richard F. and David B. here. They are probably two of most likely people to claim the title of "Expert of World philately".
There are others that seem to think they are, but it would probably be best if they considered that there are people in the world so much more intelligent that have a much better chance of attaining that impossible title.

I'm no expert on anything philatelic but have a pretty good
recognition of world stamps. I am a catalog queen because I was not born with the knowledge they contain. I might be Riff but I ain't Raff.

P.S. Everyone, don't be afraid to ask questions of the board! There is no shame in lacking knowledge, only without seeking it!!!
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1463 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:24:46 PST   Listings
I meant:
not answering emails or phone calls

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1463 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:23:57 PST   Listings
Anyone here know about Peter Wolf from Canada? He's not answering emails for phone calls and I need to get in touch with him.

Thanks for your time,

Jim L.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 14:13:39 PST   Listings
TRUTH and ACCURACY DEPT. MITCH did you make that up about the first issues of HUNGARY or did you misread the Scott catalog when they are talking about the stamps -----WHICH IS IT ......the catalog talks about unused stamps not the used as shown here ---what is your reference ,or is it made-up ......
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 13:04:35 PST   Listings
PS - A favorite because the lower cover was part of my Bosnia collection shown at SIPEX, Washington 1966 (or to same addressee my memory is not that good).
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 13:02:54 PST   Listings

I also like cancels on Austria and L-V. One of my favorite pages is here.
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-21-08 at 12:56:07 PST   Listings
dbenson, iomoon, AntoniusRa, and 1covers

Thanks again for your answers, help and support! Should be an interesting weekend here on the board.

Dave B. That seller is 100% correct in his statement!

Jim I will try and use the "link opening in new window" addition this weekend.

Mitch I did look over your Hungary pages using the view source and as you say, "it's overwelming" at first!
I did show it to my wife, who knows a lot more than I do about computers and programming, and wouldn't you know it, she had a page set up exactly like yours in about a half-hour! The only trouble she had was with getting the scans to show both small and large, I'll tell her about using THUMBS. THANKS!
PS The 1 and 2 on piece was one of my prize possessions, soon to go with the collection to a new home, if you know what I mean!
My main interest now is just the town cancels on the early issues of Austria and Hungary, so I have half a dozen collections of Hungary in various stages of completion that will be going to some other caretaker, so to speak.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-21-08 at 12:15:17 PST   Listings

Forgot to answer the second part of your message.

To open link in either a new tab (firefox) or new window (IE), just add target=_blank before the > and after the ".jpg".
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-21-08 at 12:05:47 PST   Listings
postalhysteria: thanks. Hadn't seen one of those before -- it's a commercial variation on the House of Farnam cachet. Not listed in the standard FDC literature.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-21-08 at 11:19:40 PST   Listings
Re Hungary The grading bar for the first two sets of Hungary is much lower than most any other stamps in the world.
Scott states:
"Very Fine examples of Nos. 1-12 will have perforations touching the framelines on one or two sides"

Yes, the 1871 3K (no 2) is far and away the key stamp for Hungary. I would not doubt that this single stamp accounts for %20-25 of the catalog value for the entire country (excepting possibly some obscure BOB's).

Hungary is a beautiful country to collect. For the most part the stamps are relatively inexpensive and most anyone can come up with a decent looking collection.

Jimbo2 I'm not sure if you saw the post I made the other day too you, so I'll do it again.
If you right click your mouse onthis page then select "view source" it will show you the HTML code. It is confusing but ya gotta start somewhere. Notice the different URLs for each of the pages that are numbered 1-17jpg and 1-17t jpg. The 1-17t's are the thumbnails shown on the Hungary index page. The 1-17 jpg's are those of the full size individual pages. The other big trick is that you need a storage site to store your scans on. There are many options for getting web/storage space and some of them are free but you need to make sure you will have enough space to house all of your collection you which to archive. I would think 100 megs
would be plenty (for the whole country) unless you decide to do it like Bill S's.
Then you will need much more for the individual stamp scans.
Once you get your storage space you will need an FTP program to upload your pages. These can also be found free
on downloads.com or several other sites.
I would also recommend Arachnophilia it is a HTML editor and can also be found free. You don't need to know how to use everything in this complex program just what is required for your task.
It is rather a difficult task getting started with but I'm sure you can find enough help here to "get er done".

By the way, I really like your #'s 1&2 on piece!
Posted by dbenson   ( 8807 ) on Jan-21-08 at 11:14:54 PST   Listings
Hungary Jim,

interesting disclaimer,


David B.
Posted by joensons   ( 163 ) on Jan-21-08 at 10:29:54 PST   Listings
Thank you!
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-21-08 at 10:24:48 PST   Listings
Thanks for the correction David

Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 10:21:45 PST   Listings
My first post has an error: "via San Francisco" should have said "via Salt Lake City" when discussing the overland route.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 10:20:41 PST   Listings
It was 6c prepaid and 10c if due between July 1, 1851 and April 1, 1855 when the rate was raised to 10c paid or unpaid. There were many additional routes that were used after about 1857.
Posted by joensons   ( 163 ) on Jan-21-08 at 09:54:27 PST   Listings
Thanks - do you know the rate after July 1,1851
Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 09:51:45 PST   Listings
Joensons - There were only 2 mail routes from New York to San Francisco in 1851. The one used almost 100% of the time, was by American steamer to Aspinwall, across the isthmus of Panama by rail (just completed) to Panama City and then by American steamer to San Francisco. The other route was overland via San Francisco and really never used on mail from New York - usually used for mail to Salt Lake City only as it was very slow .... Prior to July 1, 1851, teh rate was 40c.
Posted by joensons   ( 163 ) on Jan-21-08 at 09:45:53 PST   Listings
Hello everyone,

I am looking for a free website that has more information on US classic stamps than the scott specialized catalogue. Its not prices that I'm interested in but rather things like any information about the Ocean Mail and rates between New York and San Franmcisco in 1851. Also I would like to see better examples of Type A5, A6,A7 and others
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-21-08 at 09:43:11 PST   Listings
Jim...That's tucows.com.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-21-08 at 09:24:12 PST   Listings

All you need is a web writing program.
I use adobe pagemill which is no longer produced.
However you can find many freeware html programs on the web.
Go to toocows.com.
Posted by tishahhh   ( 3 ) on Jan-21-08 at 08:45:54 PST   Listings
yes it is
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 08:19:10 PST   Listings
TISHAHHH------Those stamps are of no value .The 1923 stamp is the one with a child sitting in front of a fireplace ?
Posted by tishahhh   ( 3 ) on Jan-21-08 at 08:05:47 PST   Listings
I found a 1923 Merry Christmas stamp stuck in the front of an old book I bought. I know nothing about stamps. Is it worth saving? Should I remove it? How do you remove them?
Also in book..Father Flanagans Nebraska 1959 Stamp-stuck also-none stamped..Any advice appreciated. thanx
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 07:59:48 PST   Listings
HUNGARY JIM -----Argee with you on the fakes of the occupation stamps ,but mine are signed and purchased from Shreves Stamp Auction House.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-21-08 at 07:57:43 PST   Listings
Paul… Fishing for praise or compliments is always in bad taste. Doing something helpful then griping because no one gushed over you because of it is worse than if you had just kept your mouth (or keyboard, as the case may be) shut.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-21-08 at 07:52:38 PST   Listings
RICHARD ----Your correct,stamps of those early issues are very diffucult to find in very fine condition and would be a prize ,and sell at a high rate of catalog or maybe higher .But the ones we seen here are just average .

On the subject of scarcer stamp ,the value is more based on demand ,There is not much demand for that stamp, as to the French 5 franc . I believe its said that there are South American stamps that are very scarce with less than a 100 aviable but sell at 20 or 30 dollars according to catalog ,so demand is key to price ,just look at the C3a....

Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-21-08 at 07:52:09 PST   Listings

Hi Jim, I have tried finding the html code for linking multiple pages together to no avail. Sorry to be so inept with this and wish I could be better at it, some of us old timers need a helping hand once in awhile!

I also took note that you have any links shown posted to this board opening in a new page, that would be another skill I would like to learn! Is it because you have your own website and can link to it easily?

Posted by dcderoo   ( 1717 ) on Jan-21-08 at 07:49:08 PST   Listings
Some information on possible eBay changes to their fee structure:


Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-21-08 at 07:43:06 PST   Listings
Jim - You are wise in your decision from a financial aspect. It is a rare dealer who will value any of the overprints for anything even though many collectors like to play with them.
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Paul in Chicago

Thank You for your straight foward reply to my question. One word of warning for you though, most of the occupation stamps of Hungary are FAKES!
I personally avoid them and consider any found in a collection worth very little to the catalogue value given for them in Scott.
I would much rather have the first set of Hungary complete with color varieties even though they may have a fault, especially if there is a good town cancel on them!

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Paul - Actually, the Hungary lithographed 3k 1872 issue (Scott #2) is a much scarcer stamp than your France 5 franc (#37). The centering is usually dreadful and finding a nice looking example could take much more time to find. Such an example would bring a good price at auction.
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JIMBO 2 -----I never put much interest into the early Hungarian issues ,first they are usually found in poor quality/condition ,and sold at a low fraction of catalog and are easy to find.As proof here is a recent lot up for auction EARLY HUNGARY.

My interest {this is worldwide} are the long sets complete and the key issues of each country . On the subject of Hungary these would be some of the better material like the airmails and the overprint occupation stamps which sell at a high percentage of catalog .

Oh by the way -------the scan that I put up on this chat room,the other day was to show you a sample of what early Hungary looked like scanned as to your photo picture ,sometimes its nice to get a thank you but again courteous is lacking to some here .......

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and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

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Ohio Matt - Ohio Phoenix FDC


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IO - volcano cover elsewhere.


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Alex -
I try to have msssages translated that may add to my knowledge of the postal history aspect. It's my feeling that someone in the family at some point sold or gave away the card or letter at which point it became "public". I blame those who sell (or give away) private letters much more than I blame those of us for attempting to discover the message.

This card is an example - On the other side of the Chur card (middle of page),
the message states in part:
“It would make me happy to be able to renew our old business relation after the long interruption.”

That message says a lot about the conditions following WWI. It helps explain the postal markings on the front.

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