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Posted by afeht   ( 1242 ) on Jan-20-08 at 22:17:13 PST   Listings
postalhysteria, your guess is way of the mark as usual. I wonder how you tell your love nest from the hole in the ground.

keleofa, what's OK to you may not be OK to others. To me, "philatelic" or not, private mail is always private mail.

To WIMC: Just got an invitation to join "Power Sellers" rarefied circle. I declined: don't see any $$$$ in it, only more promotional waste of time.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-20-08 at 21:25:00 PST   Listings
riff-raff opps...no I listed the blotter....;o) not her!
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3859 ) on Jan-20-08 at 21:15:49 PST   Listings

I guess it takes an illiterate Russian to read illiterate russian.

Posted by keleofa   ( 3708 ) on Jan-20-08 at 20:15:02 PST   Listings
Afeht Thanks for the Russian ID & translation! It's OK to read mail once it's become philatelic.

Jeff & Jim - Thanks also. Jim - the flag looks like red-peach-cyan and didn't ring a bell.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by afeht   ( 1242 ) on Jan-20-08 at 20:01:48 PST   Listings
postalhysteria & jaywild,

If your philatelic knowledge equals your linguistic education, there is only one question I could ask each one of you:

¿Por qué no te callas?

Posted by afeht   ( 1242 ) on Jan-20-08 at 19:51:38 PST   Listings

It's Russian, though not very literate Russian.

It says (if you are interested -- I don't like reading private mail, even if it's 70 years old):

"My dearest, I am already in New York, I am not lost. But right now I am in a hurry, and writing to you just so you wouldn't worry. I'll write later. Kiss you. Ira (pet form of "Irina")."
Posted by jaywild   ( 1041 ) on Jan-20-08 at 19:47:11 PST   Listings
Jeff… HA!!!!! That’s the good one of the day.

Matt… I would learn toward Hungarian, but this is only a guess.

Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-20-08 at 19:40:18 PST   Listings

Its the Giants and Pats in the Super Bowl
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3859 ) on Jan-20-08 at 19:27:58 PST   Listings

Who can forget the horrific Battle of Iowa Jima Cows and corn were slaughtered on the spot.


Matt - Czech??


Posted by jaywild   ( 1041 ) on Jan-20-08 at 18:31:15 PST   Listings
Posted by keleofa   ( 3708 ) on Jan-20-08 at 16:58:38 PST   Listings
Need Language Help...

1944 Postcard

Can someone please tell me in what language the message is written?

T I A,

Matt in Arizona
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 76 ) on Jan-20-08 at 16:23:56 PST   Listings
Thank you very much, I bookmarked that site, it's gr8 for a rookie like me. ;)
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 227 ) on Jan-20-08 at 15:51:57 PST   Listings
grateful This site may be of some assistance in clarifing terminology.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-20-08 at 15:39:45 PST   Listings
Whoo hoo Patriots.

Now just for Green Bay.
Posted by saphilatelics   ( 528 ) on Jan-20-08 at 15:02:27 PST   Listings
a more accurate translation would be "There's lots to see in Berlin"
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 76 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:42:59 PST   Listings
Oh ok Thank you Matt. Then what I am referring to would be perfins. Your explanation has been most helpful. :)
Posted by keleofa   ( 3708 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:40:10 PST   Listings

The term 'Perforation' is normally reserved for the holes between stamps on a sheet. For the small punch holes, usually the initials of a company or gov't agency, is referred to as 'Perfins'

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:32:50 PST   Listings
thines...Just to be clear, that translation is not literal but gives the sense.
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 76 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:32:14 PST   Listings
Matt Thank you so much. Interesting how when I searched through stamps, many people only used one term or the other. Rarely do they use both in description.
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 76 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:29:25 PST   Listings
If it is of help I often refer to babblefish.com. There you can translate numerous languages into English. It's not always perfectly accurate, but still helpful.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3708 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:28:16 PST   Listings
perfin=perforated initials

Matt in Arizona
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 76 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:25:02 PST   Listings
Afternoon all. I feel I did fairly well with my North Borneo stamps, so thought I would try a few Angola stamps.
I have found 2 terms for the letters punched through the stamps. Some people say Perfin and others say Perforated. Have a question: Is this like a pO-ta-toe OR pA-ta-toe thing (as in there is no difference between the words) or is there an actual difference in the process???? Once again I appreciate your knowledge and help. :)
Posted by thines   ( 1549 ) on Jan-20-08 at 14:22:14 PST   Listings
Thanks stamphick! That makes sense.

Terry Hines

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-20-08 at 13:43:55 PST   Listings
What to see in Berlin.
Posted by thines   ( 1549 ) on Jan-20-08 at 13:30:21 PST   Listings
Yesterday at the White Plains (NY) show I picked up a cover from West Germany with an interesting meter. In the slogan are 1) a rhinocerous 2) a radio tower 3) an airplane 4) the Brandenburg Gate and 5) something that looks sort like a cross between a train engine and a sports stadium. Under this puzzling assortment are the words "IN BERLIN GIBTS WAS ZU SEHEN". The meter is dated 14.7.69. Can anyone translate the German? Thanks in advance.

Terry Hines

Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-20-08 at 12:51:34 PST   Listings

Regarding your earlier post inquiring about the Hungary scans I posted, the album maker of that particular collection does not include pages for perforation varieties, which is the norm for most major album makers pages. I do have these perf variations in another collection however!
Now I have a question for you. Earlier this week you posted a link to your first page of Hungary and I saw on that page 12 stamps, 2 of each denomination, all of which were the engraved printing. So my question to you is, Where's your litho stamps from the first issue? I would very much like seeing them also, especially the Number 2 stamp of Hungary!

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 574 ) on Jan-20-08 at 12:43:33 PST   Listings
Mitch Notgeld is papermoney, issued by various banks due to shortage of coins during the German Inflation Period from the first World War thru to the 1920s. I am sure Alec will tell you more about it. The notes are not uncommon, and many are easy to find (although I am sure there are also very rare ones).
Some are very pretty indeed.

ioJim mmmmmm expensive Volcanos !

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-20-08 at 10:45:14 PST   Listings
Another one.

With a price to match.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-20-08 at 10:33:02 PST   Listings
Check out this awesome collection. I don't think I've ever seen any of these before. I'm not even sure what they are.
Posted by lloydstamps   ( 605 ) on Jan-20-08 at 08:08:36 PST   Listings
Lawrence To Head Americover 2008 Exhibition Jury

Ken Lawrence of Pennsylvania will be chief judge for Americover 2008, the annual show and convention of the American First Day Cover Society.

He will be joined on the exhibition jury by Harvey Tilles of North Carolina, Peter Martin of Connecticut, Tony Wawrukiewicz of Oregon, and Charles Verge of Ontario. Steven Zwillinger of Maryland is the apprentice.

The three-day World Series of Philately show will be held August 22-24 at the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel in Falls Church, Va., and will feature a large mostly-FDC bourse, cachetmakers bourse, top exhibits, a banquet, meetings, seminars, youth booth, pre-show area tour and post-show dinner event. A first day of issue ceremony and a forum by postal officials involved with first day covers is also likely.

Eliot Landau, a veteran WSP and first day cover exhibitor, won the Grand Award for best exhibit at Americover 2007 for his "The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Series of 1945-46 and It's First Day Covers and Use." He will represent Americover at the WSP Champion of Champions competition one week before Americover 2008, during StampShow 2008 in Hartford, Conn.

Lawrence is a prolific researcher and author on many philatelic fronts but especially 20th century United States stamps and postal history. His articles appear in numerous journals and he has authored books on plate number coils and the Liberty series of postage stamps. He has been a consultant to a number of collectors and exhibitors of first day covers.

Martin is a past editor of First Days, Scott Stamp Monthly, and the American Philatelist, and has authored many articles in the philatelic press on revenue stamps and postal history of the National Parks, among other topics.

Tilles was a founder and first president of the North Carolina Postal History Society. He currently serves on the boards of the Postal History Society and the Military Postal History Society.

Verge is immediate past president of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and is an international author, exhibitor and FIP judge. He is also past president of the Éire Philatelic Association and the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, and a consultant to Canada Post, the Canadian Postal Museum, and the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association.

Wawrukiewicz is a specialist in the postal rates and auxiliary markings of the United States. He has exhibited modern U.S. postal history and authors a column on this subject in Linn’s Stamp News.

Zwillinger collects, exhibits, and authors articles on the cachets of Burma, India, Aden, British Somaliland, and Sudan, and has exhibited these areas at Americover and other national shows.

The Americover 2008 prospectus and exhibit application may soon be downloaded from the AFDCS Web site, www.afdcs.org
Posted by 22028   ( 1678 ) on Jan-20-08 at 08:03:26 PST   Listings
Rogaz37, show also an image of the back of the stamp where you paste the word "FORGERY" on the image only. Any decent graphic program will do that.
Posted by rogaz37   ( 178 ) on Jan-20-08 at 07:06:13 PST   Listings
About a month ago I listed a Hirose forgery of Japan #1--described as such--and it was removed by eBay as violating their policies. I assume this was because there was no "forgery" notation ON the stamp.

Such a notation on that Japanese "native paper" would probably ruin the stamp as it wouod show through.

Any advice?

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-20-08 at 06:23:32 PST   Listings
MITCH----Congrat. on your daugther becoming a minster. I don't agree with their Bibical interpertations but they did help out a lot of DP's after the second World War in Europe and my parents were amoung them when times were tough,so in a sort of way ,I like the group.
Posted by dcderoo   ( 1717 ) on Jan-20-08 at 06:08:51 PST   Listings
jim_lawler, sorry. philatarium edged you out in asking for the Japanese returned cover.
Posted by auctionhope   ( 157 ) on Jan-20-08 at 06:04:38 PST   Listings
Auctionhope You have ignored very good adice given here and also by email. I for one do not give a squat what
happens to that lot. $30 bucks, yep he's your buddy. I do not know of anyone that counterfiets those. High res scan tell it all!
Trust is a strange thing, you should develop the skill to know where it belongs.

P.S. Don't hope, seek to understand!


For one thing, I didn't ignore good advice. I listened to the advice and got opinions. The person who emailed me, I told them that I would take closer pictures of the stamps and they never contacted me with thier email. I did my job there.

And the person who offered me the money for these stamps is NOT a friend, in which you think. He is a stamp collector that comes to our auctions when we do stamp auctions. Yes, we had a stamp auction last night that had some rare stamps, these stamps I didn't place on ebay. In which one book sold for $4,500 and had about 40 or 50 stamps in it.

I understand alot in life, that is why I ask questions.

Thanks for your advice and opinions, I am be glad to accept all advice.

Thanks, Hope
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-20-08 at 06:01:09 PST   Listings
COUNTERFEITERS WITH TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS -------After they made this overprint to put on the Hidalgo issue {1st. issue of Mexico} They looked around and found a stock of remainers of the Emp. Maximillian issue unused which were plentiful, so they filled in their spare time with this new variety. MEXICAN FANTSY STAMPS.....paul
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-20-08 at 05:42:37 PST   Listings
JIMBO 2 Nice showing of early Hungary .Have one question for you and that is ,why didn't you break down those early issues into the different perforations types.

I thought those stamps are collected by specialise by perforations also putting different color types on seperate pages makes it more challenging for the viewer to see color types .

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-20-08 at 05:06:10 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Thats a nice piece of modern postal history. If no one else has asked for it Id be glad to have it.

Re: Bills pages
I just this month received his CD and the info on it indicates one needs Page Maker to alter his pages. I suspect that if youve got the software for making pdf files you ccould use it and modify his pages.

Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-20-08 at 00:33:30 PST   Listings
That be my
Evil Twin
for sure.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1039 ) on Jan-19-08 at 23:11:38 PST   Listings
Jake... Then who is this??
Posted by billsey   ( 875 ) on Jan-19-08 at 22:19:50 PST   Listings
ostend2158, thanks for the tip! I'll watch for that catalog... I see several offered on the Belgium eBay site, but none currently offering shipping to the US.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-19-08 at 22:12:22 PST   Listings
Here is that MATE fifty years later.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-19-08 at 22:05:47 PST   Listings
This Mate looks like he has more of the devil in his eyes, than anything Noble.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:37:33 PST   Listings
Jake You do not have to be sure what "The noble path" is, it is in your genes.
Luv you buddy
(I ain't gay) but I'm a hugger to friends.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:34:17 PST   Listings
Auctionhope You have ignored very good adice given here and also by email. I for one do not give a squat what
happens to that lot. $30 bucks, yep he's your buddy. I do not know of anyone that counterfiets those. High res scan tell it all!
Trust is a strange thing, you should develop the skill to know where it belongs.

P.S. Don't hope, seek to understand!
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:25:08 PST   Listings
Not sure about it being the Noble Path, just the world is full of choices, mine is to leave feedback when paid, for me it has worked.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:23:54 PST   Listings
It requires MS Excel. If you don't have it there are free readers available from MS that will allow you to read it but not modify it.
Posted by auctionhope   ( 156 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:19:08 PST   Listings
Hey everyone for all your comments, I appreciate all your help. I talked to someone at my work tonight and he told me that if the stamps don't sell on Ebay that he will buy them outright for $30.00 so I said cool. But I told him that I have to keep them on ebay, he said he may look into it. But he did tell me that I may not get the money on ebay for them because people counterfiet them and alot of times people won't bid on them because they like to buy what they can touch even if they are old and real, which I totally understand.

I don't think I will try to sell stamps on ebay again though, the seem a hard sell where everything else I put on I usually have a bid within 24 hours.

Have a great weekend

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:18:48 PST   Listings
David I do not know either.
All I know is what I have that is quite recent.
I do however know that Bill Stiener is a Godsend for our hobby. I would not want to detract from his "just do", for his contribution.
Maybe I shall give him a call to seek clarification of his thoughts on the matter.

BTB....do you know how I might open the Australian cross reference spreedsheet you sent me. I much appreciate it but am not sure how to put it to use?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:10:18 PST   Listings
Jake You have no reason to apologize.
What you do is the Noble path.
Unfortunately not everyone is as pure in heart as you.
Ebay is filled with scoundrels, sellers and yes the buyer (who pays nothing in to the Giants coffers).
Do what you think is right!
I use to have the same philosophy as yours. Lately it has been tempered. I often leave feedback immediately for buyers if they pay quickly and most importantly, if I have a good "feel" about them. There are many, however that I do not get the "warm fuzzy" feeling from. They will have to wait until I get feedback from them.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:03:21 PST   Listings
antonius-ra...Hmmmm. I don't have the CD but the files I have were downloaded by subscription. Maybe that's the difference. I have permission to share with anyone or post the files on a bulletin board.

My subscription expired a year ago so I don't know if he has changed the permissions.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 21:01:01 PST   Listings
Ok maybe a bit vaque but non commercial purposes definetly relate to the state of interpretation of the Koran and Bible. Sorry I have a bit of a personal problem with my daughter who has recently been ordained (by a bunch of hacks) as a pentecostal minister.
And she is possesed by demons, goin to hell goin to hell.
Geez , God ain't broke, God is everything!
But God may not be what you think (not that grey haired bearded guy).
The energy that powers the universes.
There is a reason for it and it is quite simple.
If you can quiet the MIND it becomes obvious.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-19-08 at 20:55:23 PST   Listings

Let me make it very clear, in no way was it my intention to make it sound like I was speaking for any other member of E-Bay stamp community in my feedback statement. If it sounded that way,please let me apologize to the chat board.

My statment was a reflection on the old days here, when most sellers left feedback when the buyer paid.
It now appears that this has changed some what with some folks, but as stated, its still my policy to leave feedback when I receive payment, as its always worked for me in the last nine years.
Yes there have been a number of buyers and sellers who have not left feedback over the years, but thats their choice, not mine. Would like to add here, have always left feedback on all transactions.

To say you will only leave feedback if you receive it still sounds like blackmail to this old Geezer, but Its Just My Opinion.

Thanks Bill Claghorn1p for posting the E-Bay guide line on feedback.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 20:48:54 PST   Listings
David I do not read that the same way. Here is the permission granted in the CD I have that is 2 months old:


You have my permission to use, modify and print
these files for your own use, or for any other
non-commercial purpose. You do NOT have my
permission to use these files in any commercial
or money-making activity unless you have a
written agreement with me to do so."

Granted this could be interpreted in many different ways.
But I think the "spirit" of the statement is clear.
It is to bad that things like the Koran and the Bible do not have disclaimers as easily "interpreted" as this!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 20:09:09 PST   Listings
I don't get what the point of this site is? They say they want to build the most complete collection of world wide stamps on the internet. Cripes I spent a half hour surfing there and did not see any stamps, just flak.
Anyways I submitted my site anyway. If they know what to do with it, it will at least give them something to work with.

Methinks that most of these sites are not about philately but just trying to make a buck!

If you don't love the hobby don't mess with it!
My furnace has been out all winter (it is 6 degrees now and I'm not talkin celsius). I havn't had hot water for over a month now (just like the old days). I have recently bought some stamps, though. OK, maybe my priorities are all screwed up but
I LOVE STAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The World of Stamps

Duh Prez (I will not be able to say that for much longer) <:~`(
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-19-08 at 20:01:35 PST   Listings
I find it a little odd that even the Steiner pages I have paid for have the same permissions statement as the one on the site linked below.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 19:03:32 PST   Listings
Jimbo Hi Jim, yes I read that.
It may be possible that Bill has given permission recently. However, as I recall those pages have been available on that site for a long time, I think before Steiner started charging for access. Seeing how it may not be worth the money for single country collectors to purchase a subscription to his site or the CD, he might allow such things. On the other hand if all the country specific sites offered them, then many people would just bypass him. As for my site I would not be comfortable to even ask him permission to make available the pages for all the countries I show.
Im rather funny about asking people for something when the answer should or even could be NO.

If possible, It would be a great thing to add to my site but I can't even seem to get it together to add other site links to my pages, some of which I am indebted to. Even updating my pages is something I have a hard time doing.
Posted by jimbo   ( 427 ) on Jan-19-08 at 18:03:05 PST   Listings
PS: Did you read the front page of the .pdf? It looks to me like Steiner knew what was going on.

Posted by jimbo   ( 427 ) on Jan-19-08 at 17:59:55 PST   Listings
I believe that the Steiner pages are provided by Steiner by some arrangement. I doubt very much if the Society for Hungarian Philately put it up without his concurrence. I would suspect that he would be happy to make a deal with such an organization to advertise his work and, in general, to promote philately. I would certainly be pleased to learn that my society had made a deal with him to make some of the countries of interest were available. Perhaps the albums should be foreshortened to cover only the period of 1840 to 1940. In any event, it would be a good help.

Posted by thines   ( 1549 ) on Jan-19-08 at 17:43:13 PST   Listings
Jim W-S:

You're right - a comprehensive collection of the postal history of the Machins would make up about a 200 frame exhibit!


Posted by dcderoo   ( 1717 ) on Jan-19-08 at 17:37:20 PST   Listings
philatarium, see your regular e-mail.

On eBay's "Send a Message" I believe there is a button that causes the number to be spoken.

Posted by philatarium   ( 244 ) on Jan-19-08 at 17:12:12 PST   Listings
Jim W-S: A couple of times I have not been able to read the obscured number, and it turns out there's a link just below that says something like "refresh the number", and it gives you a new (and, to me, more readable) number. Hopefully that would keep you from having to attempt to resend the message multiple times.
Posted by ostend2158   ( 786 ) on Jan-19-08 at 17:05:57 PST   Listings
The definitive reference catalog for Belgium is the "Catalog Officiel de Timbres-Poste" (COB) published each year (usually November) by the Belgian Stamp Dealers Association. I use it and Michel exclusively for my Belgium collection. Forget Scott!!!

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-19-08 at 16:23:21 PST   Listings
When you use eBay's send a message, why do they obscure half the code number so you have to guess it?

I have to admit I sometimes get annoyed at sending the same message three times cos I can't read the number.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3703 ) on Jan-19-08 at 16:16:10 PST   Listings

Thanks re: Barbados perfs

Matt in Arizona
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-19-08 at 15:45:37 PST   Listings
Thank you iomoon, AntRa,and philatarium for your comments and suggestions. I will try to learn some HTML, I have already changed the compression ratio for the pages, and I will be in attendance for next weekends meeting.

Thanks for being there, Jimbo2.
Posted by billsey   ( 875 ) on Jan-19-08 at 15:38:11 PST   Listings
I'm doing a little bit of work on Belgium today... Can anyone recommend the best specialist catalog for this country? Or is it best to just work with Michel?
Posted by philatarium   ( 244 ) on Jan-19-08 at 14:28:14 PST   Listings
DC: Please see your ebay messages ...
Posted by dbenson   ( 8801 ) on Jan-19-08 at 14:26:39 PST   Listings
thines, they wouldn't have deleted it unless someone reported it,

David B.
Posted by dcderoo   ( 1717 ) on Jan-19-08 at 14:01:33 PST   Listings
Anyone interested in this item?

Modern undeliverable letter to Japan; returned

Posted by thines   ( 1549 ) on Jan-19-08 at 13:44:19 PST   Listings
Jim W-S

Please email me. The idiots at Dead World deleted my last post because they are too stupid to know the difference between "giving" and "trading". Sigh, the dumbing down of America continues.

Terry Hines

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 13:42:11 PST   Listings
Jimbo That is a nice idea but I think there might be a serious problem. Bill Steiners pages are no longer free to download from his site. I would think he might object if someone was offering them too everybody for free. I do have his latest disk but would feel uncomfortable doing this. I believe he states that the disk can only be used amongst family members.
He has done an amazing job with his site and it is one of the greatest contributions to recent philately. I think he deserves the modest reward he gets from subcriptions and disks.
Posted by jimbo   ( 427 ) on Jan-19-08 at 13:14:02 PST   Listings
There was a link on Mitch's Hungary page to the Society for Hungarian Philately. That in turn included a link to a .pdf of Bill Steiner's pages for Hungary.

It seems to me that this is a wonderful thing for a country-related organization to do. It gives a new collector (or an old one, for that matter) an opportunity to get a complete set of album pages for the country in which the organization is interested. Should help start new collectors for the country. Most philatelic organizations would do well to try the same gambit.

Posted by philatarium   ( 244 ) on Jan-19-08 at 12:29:55 PST   Listings
Jimbo2: It may not be that you need to rescan your pages at a higher resolution, but rather that you need to pass those scans through an image compressor at a higher quality (i.e., larger file). Your original scans may be perfectly fine, but you might have compressed the images too much for good web viewing. I think it takes some practice to develop a feel for this.

If you happen to have a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements around, it has a feature that will show you what the compressed image will look like beforehand, so you can decide "on the fly" what the image compression should be.

I'm not sure, but I believe the freeware application Irfanview also provides this helpful feature. Someone who knows for sure will chime in, I hope.


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 12:15:19 PST   Listings
Jimbo2 You might want to brush up on HTML.
If you right click on this page and select "view source" it will show you the HTML code used to construct the page. You can do that with any page on the net! Bill's will be more complicated but would be worth learning.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-19-08 at 12:08:24 PST   Listings
Well it's better than before but they still need to be scanned at a higher resolution.
I cannot really tell the difference between the lithos and engraved first issues. You are wasting a lot of file and page size by not cropping down your borders. The stamps will also be bigger if pages are cropped, while still maintaining the same page size (width 781)
Here is my first page of Hungary. While not as high res as I would like, web space is in short supply with so many pages. Notice that you can distinguish between the lithos and engraved stamps.

I think you should follow Bill Seymours type layout. Being able to click on a specific stamp and enlarge is very nice.
Especially if you are only doing Hungary you can take the time to do it that way. Doing the world forbids me from presenting that much nicer way. It would be insane too attempt for me.

I was going to follow your suggestion as to collection scanning, web pages and also add page making, storing, mounting, needlists and anything else that has to do with stamp care and presentation.
>This will be the topic for next weekends EUSC meeting
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-19-08 at 11:34:23 PST   Listings

you need to increase the dpi when you are scanning.
The images are becoming too smeared.

Here is an example where size and dpi are optimum.

To get all five in one link, put them into an html file.
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 984 ) on Jan-19-08 at 11:15:57 PST   Listings
Hi All

I finally had some time to scan in some pages from a Hungary collection for viewing. YES, I did heed the advice of this board about using a scanner rather than a digital camera!

HERE is the first page again.

THIS page shows color variants of the first issue.

PAGE2 is the second issue with watermark "kr".

MORE of the second issue, without watermark and "crown".

PAGE3 is the start of the "Turuls".

Hope all five links work! If anyone can tell me how to do multiple pages into one link I would be greatful!

Posted by billsey   ( 875 ) on Jan-19-08 at 11:12:07 PST   Listings
Matt, someone screwing around...
Posted by keleofa   ( 3703 ) on Jan-19-08 at 10:49:29 PST   Listings
Barbados Question...

Barbados... 1p carmine (1930)

According to Stanley Gibbons (#231) and Scott (#167) this stamp should be perf 14. This copy is perf 14 on the bottom and sides, but the top is irregularly perforated, approximately 10.7

Someone screwing around or is this a legitimate variety?

T I A,

Matt in Arizona
Posted by figmente   ( 906 ) on Jan-19-08 at 10:26:19 PST   Listings
Cardboard warning:
One of the frustrations of buying stamps on ebay is the frequency with which items arrive with creases received during shipping. The use of corrugated cardboard instead of smooth card types for envelope stiffening, and the use of bubble-pack mailers are frequent causes. Either of these practices will raise the incidence of such damage to very high, maybe over 50%.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-19-08 at 07:57:55 PST   Listings
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Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-19-08 at 07:56:41 PST   Listings
Sneeky Here is the eBay page excerpt about feedback:

"While leaving Feedback is voluntary, eBay encourages all members to leave Feedback after each transaction is complete."

The transaction is not complete until the buyer has received the item and accepted that the item is as described.

Therefore, according to eBay guidelines, the seller should leave feedback only after receiving positive feedback from the buyer.

EBay guidelines say that if the buyer is not satisfied, the buyer should try to resolve the issue before leaving feedback.

Feedback can not be withdrawn. THerefore, if a seller leaves positive feedback and then the buyer filea a PayPal chargeback or other, the fact taht the seller left positive feedback puts the seller in a weaker position to respond to the buyer.

These are several reasons why a seller should NEVER leave feedback until the buyer leaves feedback first. THe positive feedback from the buyer indicates that the transaction is complete. Until then, the seller is premature in leaving feedback.
Posted by redlion48   ( 2408 ) on Jan-19-08 at 06:55:47 PST   Listings
I am in TOTAL agreement with Mark (cobbie).

I too am occasionally asked to falsify a customs form as to the true value of a parcel. As to feedback, a buyer will leave feedback if the buyer is happy irregardless of who leaves it first. Some buyers never leave feedback. So what?? But to say that leaving feedback before the seller does is blackmail, is really obtuse and smacks of paranoia.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1039 ) on Jan-19-08 at 06:49:54 PST   Listings
NOIP This was where we got to go on
field trips. Had to drive a long way through the desert to get to it, just long enough to drive the teacher crazy by the time we got there.

Posted by cobbie10   ( 6488 ) on Jan-19-08 at 05:40:51 PST   Listings

Re: feedback.

I always used to leave feedback first until I got hit with 6 negatives from one guy because I never lied on his customs form as he instructed me to do. I'd already left him positive for prompt payment, especially as he was a regular cusomer of mine and I'd never had a problem with him before.

And also, the transaction isn't over until the buyer has received their items and is happy with them. Feedback is a reflection of the complete transaction.

Just my 2c worth.
Posted by saphilatelics   ( 528 ) on Jan-19-08 at 05:27:36 PST   Listings
re: feedback
I don't think it is fair to say that sellers who wait for buyers to leave feedback first are blackmailing them into leaving feedback. Nor is it accurate to say that most sellers in this community leave feedback first. Finally, I think it is inaccurate to say that the buyer has completed his/her part of the transaction once he/she has paid. In my opinion, the buyer has completed his/her part of the transaction when he/she has expressed satisfaction with the item he/she purchased. I used to leave feedback first, immediately after payment was made. After some bad experiences with buyers attempting to blackmail me with their feedback, I have moved to leaving feedback after the buyer has indicated that they have received the item, have verified its condition, and are satisfied with it. Whether they do so by leaving feedback for me or by sending me a friendly e-mail, I don't care. I just want to know that everything is ok.

Yes, I know we have had this discussion before, and I don't want to restart it, I just wanted to auctionhope to know that not everybody agrees with what sneeky37 says, or that sneeky37 speaks for everybody on this board.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-19-08 at 05:03:47 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 572 ) on Jan-19-08 at 04:09:14 PST   Listings
I agree David, at least living in Canterbury, we got to hire a bus to go to Vaucluse House on a school outing!
L. !
Posted by philaweb   ( 358 ) on Jan-19-08 at 03:11:13 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-19-08 at 02:56:16 PST   Listings
David, absolutely, my daughter went in 10th grade for 10 days to Iran, last year the went to Kuwait for a Badminton championship, in addition they planned to go the Bangla Desh but my daughter missed that..., well, maybe the next one will be a trip to the moon...
Posted by dbenson   ( 8801 ) on Jan-19-08 at 00:38:49 PST   Listings

Just to let you know that my daughter heads out on Monday morning to Vanuatu for a school trip for a week. We never got to go to exotic places like Vanuatu on our school trips, usually somewhere within walking distance,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8801 ) on Jan-19-08 at 00:36:33 PST   Listings

there are two types of fakes. Philatelic forgeries from manufactured plates and forgeries made from plates using the genuine cliches made up into new plates. The latter can easily be identified as the cliches were placed differently on the plate than the originals and the stamps are 1/4mm. taller. They paper of the forgeries are thicker and more grayish. You are showing a 25f. Gray which was unissued orginally and your example looks taller. The Philatelic forgeries differ in design, colour and usually poor workmanship and your 5f. Violet looks like it falls into that category.

David B
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 22:39:28 PST   Listings
Actually, I do have a couple reference copies of that type.
Unfortunately they do not answer the question I asked.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 22:36:47 PST   Listings
Auction Hope
You are right, there is no rule that says feedback has to be left by either the buyer, or seller, but its what helps make this site work, so we can get some idea who we are dealing with.
It has always been my policy to leave feedback when a buyer pays me,as has been with most of the regulars in this stamp community for his end of the transaction has been completed by paying. If he leaves feedback that is his choice, he should not be blackmailed into giving it first.
Yes, know there are sellers who practice the same policy you do,but those are the ones I try to stay clear of in the future.
Posted by bradstonian   ( 1439 ) on Jan-18-08 at 22:04:49 PST   Listings
Hi Alec,

Ceres, Dallay and Y&T are all in colour,and the Vera Trinder prices are 22, 19 & 17 respectively.

The 2006 SG is also now in colour, and costs 35, but this catalogue does include the Colonies.

A cross-reference of catalogue numbers would be very useful. SG tend to group stamps into sets, while Y&T (& Schaubek) use a more strictly chronological approach.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-18-08 at 21:43:38 PST   Listings
MITCH-----Here is a sample of the real stamp and you could check it out or have one of your friends link the two pictures on the screen .The details should be the same on the 50 cent stamp and the 5 francs stamp . Comparsion
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-18-08 at 21:31:08 PST   Listings
auctionhope-----With that attitude your going to have a bunch of people here e-mailing each other "to not talk to you" ....lol.....The policy here is "the beatings continue until attitudes are changed" {seen that written on a tee-shirt }
Posted by auctionhope   ( 156 ) on Jan-18-08 at 21:13:40 PST   Listings
It doesn't matter anyway if this item doesn't sell, I have other means of selling it. Just thought I would get a bigger crowd looking at them here.

I work for an auction service that appraises and they told me that they would sell them for me.
Posted by auctionhope   ( 156 ) on Jan-18-08 at 21:12:05 PST   Listings
Linda, I am happy with my terms and am not upset if I don't get as many buyers with the terms that I have.

Sneeky, I always wait for the buyer to post me a feedback first. The business that I work for always does this and they have 100% feedback.

Why should I post feedback first? There is no rule in that......
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-18-08 at 21:10:50 PST   Listings
MITCH---Your scan is too poor to tell on the Belgian Congo stamp
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-18-08 at 21:03:27 PST   Listings
MITCH You hurt my feelings ........You if anybody here knows that we in the commodities business serve a important function of taking the risk of weather and market conditions away from the American Farmer.They can put their attention to what they do best and leave the risk and damages/dangers of changing prices to people like me who really understand the risk game.

Why right now thinking of selling soybeans up in the $13.00 range or maybe im already in the trade, , I just think were going to have a wet spring and good weather next summer {actually ,I got the harvest figure on Brazilian crop production}.

Took some of my own advice and started to sell junk silver at these levels and if the market goes up another dollar and stays up there for three days will sell another 100 oz. of silver ,then each dollar up do it again and again but it has to sit at the level ,understand ....going to cash go-to-cash.....paul

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 20:46:41 PST   Listings
Seeking some advice on this Belgian Congo? The color is certainly not Violet and some of the details do not match with similar stamps I have.
I am quite aware that there are counterfeits of this stamp but which might this be? Are there any other catalogs besides Scott that list a color of this type?
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 20:31:26 PST   Listings
Can see you are right, should proof read LOL Okey Dokey
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:56:29 PST   Listings
Jake Should not that be "Okey Dokey"?
Perhaps some of the more literates on the board can clarify.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:50:05 PST   Listings
Okay Dokey Mitch
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:44:27 PST   Listings
Jake Plz remember to proof read your posts!!!
Whats a matter for you? <:~`))

Lynn & David CYE

Gratefulheart Do not use cardboard, it will not pass thru the sorting machines. A thin card stock like recipe cards will work just fine. In lieu of a glassine envelope just chop down a regular envelope to contain the items.

Assphault Thanks so much for the respond last knight. It was absolutely choice and perfect in every detail. I could not have asked for a better one.
Quite revealing (as if that was neccesary), methinks.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:44:14 PST   Listings
stamphick Just wanted see how long it would take you to open, now I know you cheated LOL
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 572 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:32:02 PST   Listings
hee heee StampHick, but you DID enjoy the sandwiches!
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:28:45 PST   Listings
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 75 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:28:04 PST   Listings
Thank you Sneeky and LOL stamphick.
I will put between cardboard and put in a sandwich bag. p.s. no worries about the typos sneeky ;)
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:23:03 PST   Listings
Don't listen to sneeky about packaging. Last time I got some nice items from him I had to hire two high school football players to help me open the package.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:14:07 PST   Listings
must learn to proof read before posting.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:13:40 PST   Listings
your stamps should be placed
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 19:12:41 PST   Listings
You have the right idea,you should use something to stiffen the envelope, also you stamps you should be place in a glassine, or a small plastic snadwich bag.
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 75 ) on Jan-18-08 at 18:58:11 PST   Listings
Good Evening All, Once again I come seeking advice. I have sold a few stamps. They are still mounted on pieces of their original envelopes. They will fit in a regular business size envelope. Is sandwiching them between to sheets of cardboard the best way to protect them from damage. Any suggests are welcome.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 18:42:56 PST   Listings
Auction Hope
Noticed this in your fine print"I will gladly post a feedback after I have received one", it sounds like you will not give feedback unless the buyer gives you one first. Strange statement, because as a seller, once you receive payment, you should in all fairness post feedback.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 572 ) on Jan-18-08 at 18:10:14 PST   Listings
Hope as the guys have said, better scans of the stamps are needed to sell. A few other points I would make are that you do exclude a lot of bidders on your auctions with 1. no PayPal, 2. no International Buyers 3. no Return Policy
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 17:28:36 PST   Listings
As you know I hang out pretty much over on Munchero's auction site these days, but do try to stop bye every nite to check out whats going on hereand still list a few items here on e-bay.
Thanks for keeping our veterans in mind, especially those that have been disabled.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 226 ) on Jan-18-08 at 17:18:39 PST   Listings
no problem, glad to help.I had to go back to work today, so, don't know when I'll have the time to check another country out for you, but,will keep you in mind.
Catalog cross-references I have a 'Concordance of British Stamps' by Lord Byron Stamps (aka Tom Current- member Oregon Stamp Society) which cross references Gibbons, Scott and Minkus catalogs, circa 1984. In need of a loving, warm home with frequent page turnings.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1039 ) on Jan-18-08 at 17:12:26 PST   Listings
sneeky Nice to see you posting here. I sent a whole bunch of stamp the VA in Tucson several years ago. Im glad they still have a program.

auction hope The stamps you have listed are collected avidly, but only if they are in good shape. As has been mentioned, your image is way too small. Also, you state in your auction description--

I dont do returns or refunds.

You cannot rely on that disclaimer if you are selling stamps on eBay. It is against their policy, and besides, nobody in his right mind would bid on stamps based on a murky, too small picture if he knew you were going to hassle him about returning them.

In addition, lose the expensive S/H.


Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-18-08 at 16:45:58 PST   Listings
Auctionhope...If you do decide to remove the stamps from the page so that you can charge reasonable shipping do not pull the hinges from the back of the stampe. Leave them attached to the stamps.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 16:32:47 PST   Listings
Auctionhope I forgot to add, that if you did the things I suggested below you might actually realize another $30.00 ++ for the lot. Crappy scans usually mean to me that the stamps are crappy and the seller does not want to show them "in the true light of day".
The set catalogs for $185.00 in my 2005 catalog. Of course catalog prices are for Very Fine specimens. Condition and centering determine what percentage of catalog they will actually be worth. With a good scan they will bring that
price on ebay.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-18-08 at 16:25:42 PST   Listings

Your parcel post stamps might be worth more than you expect if people could actually see what they are bidding on and were sufficiently oblivious to laying out money.

The image is way too small.

But you got free advertizing, so go with it, unless eBay removes the last post.

Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-18-08 at 16:18:23 PST   Listings
stjohn: Thanks!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 16:10:55 PST   Listings
Auctionhope Looks good except for the scan. I cannot hardly tell what denomination is what much less condition, cancels and centering.
If you can put up a better scan it will be worth your while.
Ebays photos are pretty worthless for stamps especially pages. If you have no other means to put up a better pic, you could email me one and I can put it on my storage site and email you the link. Then you could update your listing.
I would also advise getting rid of the $6.00 priority mail shipping. Simple say the page is not included (no one would probably want it anyway). Remove the stamps and send them off first class with a cardstock stiffener charging a buck. You can put the extra $5.00 in your pocket (people do consider shipping when they bid).
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-18-08 at 16:08:46 PST   Listings
Posted by auctionhope   ( 156 ) on Jan-18-08 at 15:59:32 PST   Listings
Hi everyone,

I just went ahead and placed the stamps on last night anyway. I just hope I get a bid on these. I didn't want to mess with trying to find anything out on them. Thanks

Here is my ebay number if you actually want to look at them.

Posted by stjohnstamps   ( 874 ) on Jan-18-08 at 15:19:12 PST   Listings
220man - not considered a precancel and not in the PSS catalog... per listing ground-rule (b) single line devices with no lines or bars are not listed unless proven to be used for precancelling only. There are few such listed - examples: Montvale NJ & Edella PA.
Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-18-08 at 14:37:43 PST   Listings
Is this a precancel, perhaps by a local PM? See http://cgi.ebay.com/SCOTT-667-US-STAMP-KANSAS-9-CENT-USED_W0QQitemZ190191534137QQihZ009QQcategoryZ678QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 13:49:20 PST   Listings
Alec Thank you, your kind thoughts are much appreciated. Differences in catalog numbers are a stumbling block for most of us in this "New World Market" in philately. I did make a suggestion that specialty collectors of the EUSC might compile catalog cross reference numbers to add to the clubs files.
Unfortunately no one responded.
I am still grateful for the Berlin stamps you sent me a year ago or so.
Although my online collection pages show many needed spaces to be filled but I have some updating to do. Also it only represents a small percentage of the total collection.

The World of Stamps
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-18-08 at 12:54:10 PST   Listings

Posted by philatarium   ( 244 ) on Jan-18-08 at 12:35:20 PST   Listings
Knud-Erik: Happy to help with what limited knowledge I have in this area. I do wish I knew more. (Some day ... perhaps after retirement ...)

-- Dave
Posted by infla-alec   ( 569 ) on Jan-18-08 at 12:28:03 PST   Listings
Martin Re France I have the Dallay catalogue and it is in colour which makes it very easy especially for the commemoratives to be identified which though part of the same set don't really look anything like belonging together.

Dallay use their own numbering system however there is at the reverse a list of corresponding Y&T numbers. This catalogue is usually available from Vera Trinder in the UK also. Cost I think is around 15.

Mitch I'd love to be able to look through the world stamps I have by the thousands here and help out with your wants list however unfortunately I noticed your list only uses Scott numbering and so until such times as I come across an old set of Scotts for the world I can't help much.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-18-08 at 10:40:57 PST   Listings
Lynn I recieved my "stamp fix" in the mail today.
Thank you so much for taking the time and responding to my pathetic plea <:~`)
I was much more than pleased as it reduced my needlist for Thailand by 30%, and it was a pretty big list! I had not added anything to Thailand for nearly 10 years so that made it quite exciting.
Posted by bradstonian   ( 1439 ) on Jan-18-08 at 10:17:45 PST   Listings
Hi Paolo & billsey,

Thank you for your comments. As I have a very nice, second hand Y&T pre-printed album, I'll probably start with their catalogue. All three are available from Vera Trinder in the UK, at very favourble prices when compared to SG's offering.

Posted by knuden   ( 2406 ) on Jan-18-08 at 09:39:20 PST   Listings
philatarium - Thank you for your comments to my Japanese cards - they were very useful and I have saved them. :O)

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by knuden   ( 2406 ) on Jan-18-08 at 09:36:23 PST   Listings
Hello Paolo - I have been looking for such a cover for some time and got this first but it's not as perfect as I like. I was for some time ago bidding on a pneumatic Air mail cover to USA but it went too high for my dislike. :O(
To day I received this cover ( thanks to lluehhhb) sent to Chile.
For some time ago I found this card. This I will give as a gift as he collect pneumatic mail worldwide and don't have anything about the US pneumatic mail. :O)

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-18-08 at 08:37:29 PST   Listings
Hello Knud-Erik,
I had not noticed your post!
Interesting usage, the rate is perfect for the weight up to 20g. in 1954,
Pneumatic post right of 5 lire was paid for the quicker transportation of the postal object within the town of Milan.

Posted by knuden   ( 2406 ) on Jan-18-08 at 08:12:45 PST   Listings
Vonbag - Hello Paolo. It's nice to see you around. :O) Would you care to comment my new cover at Jan-17-08 at 09:33:33 PST. I can see in my Unificato Vol. 3, that the postage are correct. :O)

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by billsey   ( 875 ) on Jan-18-08 at 08:00:07 PST   Listings
Both Ceres and Y&T are pretty easy to find here, I haven't sen a Dallay for sale on eBay in a year or so of looking. [Of course, I might have is spelled wrong in my search too!]
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-18-08 at 07:35:23 PST   Listings
P.S. when cataloguing France, I use them both.
Both are useful, some info. in one is better explained in the other and vice-versa.
However, I think to recall I heard from Christo (who used to post here and collected Crs Issues) that the Dallay catalogue is better... not having it, I can't say anything about it.

Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-18-08 at 07:29:45 PST   Listings
Hello Martin,

I only have Crs and Yvert&Tellier for France.
In the first there are more varieties listed.


Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-18-08 at 06:13:01 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by bradstonian   ( 1439 ) on Jan-17-08 at 23:57:54 PST   Listings
Good morning to all.

I am in the process of organising, and developing my rather basic collection of France, and would like to obtain a catalogue published in France.

Do any readers have any comments on the relative merits of the catalogues produced by Ceres, Dallay, and Yvert & Tellier?

I already have a copy of SG France Part 6, 2001.

Thank you very much to anyone who responds.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-17-08 at 23:49:43 PST   Listings
MITCH-WHAT CAN I SAY ? -----Wall Street finally agrees with me, the government is lowering interest rates after giving me the highest rates in years last summer, and sold my paving business before the recession hit,....what do I say other than -LIFE IS GOOD .

and your concern about my translation of South American Spanish ...read the disclaimer below

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-17-08 at 22:51:08 PST   Listings
J.D. Grin! I feel ya. I've been deleting those cap lock keys for years. First thing I did when I got my new computer and wireless Dell (awesome keyboard) was to throw that sucker away. It's been a year now and I have never missed it or had to retype text for that annoying slip of the hand. I don't have enough problem with insert key and less the num lock, so I let them be. Good luck with your new puter.

portlandrosetessa Hmm, I must wonder if you needed money why would you spend some on something you knew nothing about?
1st thing you should understand is that most stamps are not worth the time it takes to deal with them (unless you are a collector). I have probably 200,000 duplicate stamps and I would rather give most of them away than try and getting any money out of them. It is just to much work and I've been collecting stamps for 50 years.
If you can make some scans of then and email them to me, I can give you an idea if you have anything worth messing with.

A&S I hear that many of the employers who hire illegal aliens are now selling their businesses, for obvious reasons (not neccesarily for getting incorrect stamp cancel advice). Seems many are moving to Florida.
I've seen some evidence that some are turning back to betting on crop futures. That's a much more ethical track and perfectly legal (although not in my mind, moral). Yep, lets all hope those hard working farmers loose their "stuff" in the next few years so some nimrod can get a swimming pool. Seems to me like negative prayer, wishing someone else suffers to pad your pocket.
Some people wonder what is wrong with this world.
It ain't over till it's over. Are you ready to dance with the dealer?

Posted by greatfulheart   ( 75 ) on Jan-17-08 at 22:25:11 PST   Listings
Sneeky, than even more than wonderful to hear from all over the world the feeling is felt. Thank you again, just for being you.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 572 ) on Jan-17-08 at 21:06:18 PST   Listings
Friday afternoon bookmark. *
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-17-08 at 20:55:48 PST   Listings

Wanted to mention, its not only Americans, but world wide stamp collectors who have made the donations for the disabled Veterans. Over the years, have had collectors from Austrailia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and U.S.
Many are members of the E-Bay stamp community, many of the Canadian donors are from the other auction site I'm a member of. So you see its not just us Americans who thin of the disabled veteran, but the whole world of stamp collectors, so the salute goes to all of them.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-17-08 at 20:45:11 PST   Listings
Many thanks, its always nice to hear the positives.
Being disable and a Vet of the Korean War Era, know what pleasures stamp collecting can bring, there are many other vets out there who enjoy this hobby, even the ones who are not disabled.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1039 ) on Jan-17-08 at 20:40:03 PST   Listings
Hi Folks...

I'm logging in with my new computer, just arrived today. It's loaded with Windows Vista, and yes I am aware of all the horror stories!! I am going to remain hopeful however...

This keyboard will take some getting used to. (First thing will be to pop the CAPS LOCK, INSERT and NUM LOCK keys off and throw them away!!) Already I have hit the CAPS LOCK key 12 times by accident.


Posted by greatfulheart   ( 75 ) on Jan-17-08 at 20:28:18 PST   Listings
Sneeky, Just wanted to say thank you for all the vets. This is a wonderful hobby for them to be involved in. For you to make the effort is a blessing to them I am sure. Acts like this are what make us say "We are proud to be an American."
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-17-08 at 19:45:34 PST   Listings
> member
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-17-08 at 19:43:38 PST   Listings
1covers, thanks for the information re Peter Kenedi. Well, it seems it will be quite a task to find his 1974 auction. I just purchased a Tibet cover that was sold in 1974 at his auction and since then forgotten..., a unique cover..., more as soon as the cover is in hand...
Posted by portlandrosetessa   ( 0 ) on Jan-17-08 at 19:42:39 PST   Listings
I have quite a few stamps from an estate that I need to sale ASAP for income. I am not a stamp collector nor profess to be. There are quite a few uncancelled stamps in mint condition from the Deutsch Reich, East Germany, and many other countries as well, dating back to the early 20th Century. How do I determine their true value, sell, and do I sell individually or in groups? Also, I have cancelled stamps - i.e. USA 1 1/2 cent stamps are these of value? Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by varunhotmail   ( 3 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:41:15 PST   Listings

Thankyou for all your replies.I didn't get any objections from the jury in my state level exhibition. i have not yet participated in a national level exhibition but since i belong to youth class i think i can directly participate in the international.thankyou all

Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:35:55 PST   Listings

First off would like to say THANK YOU to all my fellow stamp collectors who have donated stamps and stamp collecting supplies for our disabled veterans.
After several months of trying to work with our two local VA Hospitals to take these donations, they have told me they no longer have stamp hobby programs, so tried working working with our local VA Agent to find a disabled veterans group that have a stamp hobby program, this to did not work out either.
So today went to our local Post Office and mailed sixty pounds of stamps and stamp collecting supplies to the Veterans National Stamp program in Tucson,AZ, know they will be happy to receive them and they will distribute these donation to disabled veterans.

Due to the expense of these mailings, which postage fees were helped paid for by our local Amer. Legion Post, which I'm Past Commander, am requesting in the future, that I'll accept the donation of stamps to sort out and send along, but would prefer you to mail heavier stamp collecting supplies directly to the VA Hospital in Tucson, AZ.
If anyone would like the address, that doesn't have it, please ask and I'll post it here.

Again MANY THANKS for your kind donations and when I receive a letter of acknowledgement from Tucson, I'll post it here.

sneeky 37
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:25:32 PST   Listings
LLUEHHHB----OK, the person who gave me the info was a Mexican ,im sure their word usage is a little different.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:21:19 PST   Listings
Nomad55 The seller of the item might have actually wandered into this chat. Either that or someone alerted him to the comical nature of his description. Its been changed. Originally it read possibly a #10, I see framelines, perhaps you do too......or something to that effect. It made me chuckle enough when I read it, to plunk it here.

btw - I think your dot is possibly a pin hole.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8801 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:20:27 PST   Listings

no problemo,

I don't want to get involved in the Marconi/Popov/Tesla argument besides I learnt in school in school that it was Marconi so that's final,

David B.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 334 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:16:38 PST   Listings

Believe me it's a train station in this case.
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:11:26 PST   Listings
David B.,
Thanks for your kind mention of Marconi for that (???) case.

kind regards,
Paolo Bagaglia
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:09:17 PST   Listings
ok ---......a communication point maybe even a railroad stop or station or telegraph point and later a radio station ,its how the Spanish language was used locally.
Posted by nomad55   ( 958 ) on Jan-17-08 at 18:02:44 PST   Listings
Briguy....I don't see no stinkin' framelines!

Can this particular stamp be plated by the small blue dot nicely centered in the right margin?
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-17-08 at 17:00:54 PST   Listings
Paul, just for your interest, I doubt it was a Radio Station cancel, Marconi hadn't invented the radio at that time and Radio Stations were about 40 years in the future,

David B.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3855 ) on Jan-17-08 at 16:47:55 PST   Listings
For Matt L: Ohio Commems on cover

Haven't scanned anything yet


Posted by philatarium   ( 243 ) on Jan-17-08 at 16:37:59 PST   Listings
Hi, Knud-Erik!

re: your Japan cards:

on the red card: I believe that is a commemorative cancel. Typically this means the sender was in attendance at some sort of event and had it stamped there. I'm afraid that not only is my Japanese not good enough to determine what the cancel is for, but the characters in the inner circle are of a stylized type that's always a challenge to read, and the entire card is from an era that used a greater number of characters than modern Japanese does. Finally, that sort of calligraphic-style brush-writing is way beyond my skill set, so I can't make out much about the handwriting on the card. I wish I could be of more help.

I can add, however, that the card is an International Mail Postal Card (UPU-compliant) and I believe was part of a 2-part reply card, but I can't remember my characters well enough to recall whether or not this was the originating or the reply portion. (I am away from my reference materials.)

on the blue card: I think that slip indicates that the intended recipient has moved. I can't tell well enough whether or not that slip indicates the forwarding address or if it's been returned to the sender. I am pretty confident in saying that it has nothing to do with a postage due condition. (There's a special handstamp for that that I would recognize.)

Sorry I can't be of more help, and I hope someone else will come along who can answer with more precision.

-- Dave
Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-17-08 at 16:00:51 PST   Listings

If you could give the country for which the stamps were issued and their face values, it would help no end.

Alternatively, a link to a scanned image of the stamps would be better.
Posted by auctionhope   ( 154 ) on Jan-17-08 at 15:55:57 PST   Listings
Oh, and if anyone reads this, I have about 200 stamps, they are older, some are cancelled and some aren't. How should I sell them on ebay?

Or should I sell the whole book itself, I am like not knowing what to do
Posted by auctionhope   ( 154 ) on Jan-17-08 at 15:51:09 PST   Listings
Thanks iomoon
Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-17-08 at 15:49:55 PST   Listings

This is a discussion board, not a real time chat board.

You can always leave a message and it will probably be answered if it doesn't scroll off after 250 submissions.
Just check back later to see if you got an answer.
Posted by auctionhope   ( 154 ) on Jan-17-08 at 15:46:40 PST   Listings
HI, Is there anyone in here at this moment?

I have a question about 12 parcel post stamps from 1912-1913 that I would like to stick on ebay, but don't know if they are worth anything.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-17-08 at 15:17:07 PST   Listings
DISCLAIMER----The only Spanish Paul knowns is "when do we eat " and "when do we get paid"
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-17-08 at 15:13:52 PST   Listings
"post office of the train station of Nos" ----- maybe should read -----Delivery point{post office} at information station {more likely a radio station} in the region {not a city} of Nos
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-17-08 at 13:04:03 PST   Listings

have passed on your comment,

this was his original thought so it looks like collusion between the two of you,

" What do you think E de la E de Nos stands for? I think the town of Nos may have developed from what was called Estacion de Nos. So maybe this refers to the station at Estation de Nos? ".

David B.

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 334 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:43:55 PST   Listings

OK, this is a bit difficult:
the town is called "NOS"

and the cancel is "E. de la E. de NOS"

There isn't an official explanation about the E.'s but it's usually read as "Estafeta de la Estación de Nos"

"Estación de NOS" is the train station of the town. Sometimes the station wasn't in the town but more of less far from it (and maybe with some houses around it), so you can have a cancel for the town and another for the train station.

and "estafeta" could be roughly translated as post office in this context, so finally:

"Post office of the train station of Nos"

There is a similar cancel for the town of Lampa.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:29:32 PST   Listings


A friend of mine wants to know where the cancel was applied,

David B.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 334 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:26:41 PST   Listings
A quite happy seller!

I don't remember seeing this cancel before, could be the first recorded one in a long time since it's mentioned in a list of registered postmarks that was compiled in 1900 or so. Also it's a virtually perfect strike.

Yes, price is high but not too out of the line for really scarce Chilean postmarks
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:19:05 PST   Listings

must have been one happy seller,


David B.
Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:18:20 PST   Listings
jaywild - some following! It went in the end for $785 - about £400. Lots of mint, but nothing unhinged. (Except some of the bidders, maybe.)
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:14:13 PST   Listings
NOIP… For today’s laugh, check out this. For those of you who speak Dutch, it will be a special treat, however the rest of you won’t be left out, because the important elements are visual.

It will take a moment to load the “products”.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-17-08 at 12:07:39 PST   Listings
Richard W… Yes, nystamps has acquired a following. In trying to figure things like this out, always remember P.T. Barnum—There’s a sucker born every minute. Many naïve stamp buyers look only at the centering on a stamp, and if that’s decent then they think the creases, pinholes, tears, blob cancels and thins don’t matter. They also tend to take a literal view of catalog values. If they see a lot with 10,000 common stamps (each CV 20¢) in it they truly believe it is worth $2,000 and will bid accordingly.

Ken S... Of course! Now why didn’t I see that???

briguy... Before you stir up Roger any further, please remember that he plays with razors and knows how to use them.

Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-17-08 at 11:14:45 PST   Listings
Brian -
Hey, wait an minute!
Never mind, you can't provoke me. I'm neutral.

Swiss Razor Cancels

Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-17-08 at 10:59:08 PST   Listings
What is it with nystamps, recently discussed here?

310012818177 is about to finish - a very decent Burma collection, with a handful of genuine peacocks (but not expensive ones), and the pricey top value (25R) has been removed from the 1937 set. But 29 bids at over $660 already?

Does this seller have a following or something?

Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-17-08 at 10:04:40 PST   Listings
22028 - Peter Kenedi was the name of the firm (I knew him)and he operated out of Detroit. It won't be easy to find a catalog as virtually none were "savers".
Posted by oggilby   ( 1249 ) on Jan-17-08 at 09:43:07 PST   Listings
Wheeeee! Central MD is finally getting a well deserved snow storm, two inches already and the blind panic has sent in. How would these people deal with a UP MI snow I wonder?

briguyif they wish hard enough, they could maybe fly, with a little pixie dust!
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-17-08 at 09:40:59 PST   Listings
Does someone know Kennedy Auctions? Apparently they operated in the 1970th..., I am looking for the catalogue of their 1974 auction.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-17-08 at 09:36:42 PST   Listings
So the USPS got the chemical formula wrong. Big deal. They are the same bright bulbs who delivered a letter to my house last week, postage being a 39 cent stamp paired alongside a USED 1970's postage due! Can't blame the scanners for that goof either, it has one of those red counter hand cancels, indicating a living, breathing, USPS rocket scientist took a personal human look at it ....and said "Eh....good enough!". A fellow collector and I used to play these games, to try and see what sort of hapless things the USPS will accept as valid.....canceled postage dues, cut outs from booklet covers, trimmed Pitney Bowes indicias from 5 year old mailings (glued back on), etc. It sounds like an exciting game, but it turned out to be boring. Nearly everything just sailed right on through! Wheres the fun in that?

I agree with Roger. 41c stamps just sound too weird for me anyway. Stick to collecting dead countries, CSA, Siam, Ceylon, Switzerland.

And now.....todays "If I just hope for it hard enough, I can already start to see it" award. Framelines, framelines, framelines everywhere!

Posted by knuden   ( 2406 ) on Jan-17-08 at 09:33:33 PST   Listings
I have recieved some Postal cards from Japan and need some help.
What is this cancel on the lower right?
What is this label - change of adress or due or?? (scan 2.)

If Paolo is around (Hi!) I will show my latest Lavore cover - a pneumatic cover sent to Switzerland in 1954?

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-17-08 at 08:16:57 PST   Listings
I believe the error in the stamp design is that the line should go to the first "O" of the OPO3(2-), not the second. Ken Srail (Chemical Engineering 1987, Polymer reserarch & development 1987-1997). Here's a good picture of the stamp.
Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 139 ) on Jan-17-08 at 07:25:59 PST   Listings
When measuring a Circular Date Stamp on stamp or cover, do you measure the inside of the circle from top to bottom or the outside edge of the circle from top to bottom?
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-17-08 at 05:23:57 PST   Listings
I didn't see an image of the stamp when I followed cobbiestamps' link. For the chemists in the audience, here is a link to an article with an image of the stamp with the error. It doesn't state specifically what the error is, and I'm not a chemist, so I don't know.

Bill D.
Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 360 ) on Jan-17-08 at 05:06:06 PST   Listings
Real Gerty Cori stamp error :

Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 360 ) on Jan-17-08 at 05:03:46 PST   Listings
USPS stamp recall :

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3855 ) on Jan-17-08 at 04:25:06 PST   Listings

JW - obvious grammatical error, should be "No wimmen..."

varun... - from my experience here in the US mounting techniques are not to detract from the philatelic material displayed. It is your choice to determine if the black tastefully sets the better material off, or detracts. Mounting everything in black would be a no-no in my book

It's a chilly-willy morning here in north Texas


Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-17-08 at 03:33:56 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 223 ) on Jan-17-08 at 00:55:10 PST   Listings
stamps/Paul 10-4, Thank you.
Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-16-08 at 23:35:37 PST   Listings
Aloha -
Gerty Cori sounds like one of those cinderella countries. And whoever head of a stamp denomination of 41¢? What's the world coming to!@!

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-16-08 at 22:54:38 PST   Listings
19th centpostal----Its the chemical formula on the Gerty Cori stamp
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 223 ) on Jan-16-08 at 22:34:47 PST   Listings
NOIP Did anyone happen to listen to Paul Harvey today? Apparently he made mention of a 41c US stamp that had been recalled for a spelling error. I missed which issue he was speaking of.
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 74 ) on Jan-16-08 at 21:50:56 PST   Listings
Thank you Stampmad for your replay.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-16-08 at 21:34:34 PST   Listings

to enter International Exhibitions you would have to attain at least a Vermeil medal at National level. Were there any comments on your presentation at that level,

David B.
Posted by stampmad   ( 1092 ) on Jan-16-08 at 21:24:55 PST   Listings
greatfulheart Yes, the South African stamps must be joined to be classed as a bilingual pair.

varunhotmail My recommendation would be to only highlight feature items with a darker background and leave most of it clear. If you insist on bordering everything then make it a thin dark border. Others here may have other opinions.

Posted by varunhotmail   ( 3 ) on Jan-16-08 at 20:58:39 PST   Listings
hello everyone, i have a question regarding presentation for international exhibitions.Can there be a black background behind the stamp and otehr materials or should they be left transparent? there are no rules in the GREV OR THE FIP as far as i have read.please reply
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 74 ) on Jan-16-08 at 20:54:12 PST   Listings
Hi Thank You Claghorn, I will search on Kiloware. I have also been searching by country. The information from those like you is a great help. Thx again. :)
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 74 ) on Jan-16-08 at 20:50:12 PST   Listings
Hi, Another question. I have 2 stamps, they are not attached to each other, but are on the same envelope with the cancellation over both. They are Suid-Afrika and South Africa. From the 30's or 40's. Same denomination and picture both stamps. Ok now the question.. Do they have to be attached to each other to be considered a Bilingual Pair??

Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-16-08 at 20:42:33 PST   Listings
greatfulheart Bank Mixtures are sold by the pound. You should probably sell it that way too. Put the most interesting stamps on a scanner and list it that way. Since you already sorted by country, you can list your count or sell by country or region.

Look up the search word Kiloware in eBay stamps. Look at completed listings to see what sold and you will see how to list them.
Posted by nomad55   ( 958 ) on Jan-16-08 at 20:30:12 PST   Listings
Hello 22028 in Abu Dhabi from Nomad in California.

It must have been a reduced listing day, as I have waded through piles of pure dreck in my searches, plus a surplus of miscategorized 'qwap'.
Found only 2, maybe 3, items worth even considering.
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 74 ) on Jan-16-08 at 20:04:33 PST   Listings
Thank you Matt for your information. I am going back and forth on putting up the whole lot. I am not stamp smart, but I must say I am learning alot from this purchase. Stamps are amazing ;) Thank also for the information on the cancel of the stamps, I hadn't been looking for that information.
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-16-08 at 19:51:10 PST   Listings
Good morning from Abu Dhabi...,
Has there been a cheap listing day? Ebay is full again with well know items...
Posted by keleofa   ( 3700 ) on Jan-16-08 at 19:46:33 PST   Listings

By country is the best method if the stamps have any value. Your listing fee for the North Borneo stamps exceed their catalog value, although that is a nice Paquebot cancel.

Anyway, without being able to identify and value your stamps you may do better listing as one lot with a good scan. If you have more valuable stamps, then by country.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by greatfulheart   ( 74 ) on Jan-16-08 at 19:10:06 PST   Listings

Hoping for a bit of help here. I purchased approx. 100 stamps from the 1930's & 1940's. They are from all over the world. I read and understand it's called a bank mixture? They are still attached to parts of the original envelopes. I have divided them by country, but I am not sure if this is a recommended way to put them up for auction. Would I be better dividing them in a different way, and if so what would you suggest. Thank you for your help.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-16-08 at 19:09:55 PST   Listings
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-16-08 at 18:14:03 PST   Listings
A new level of achievement in ludicrous email come-ons…

In my junk mail folder today—

“No woman cann't help from from getting laid with you”

Who could resist that??

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-16-08 at 14:30:59 PST   Listings
The "PhilaMercury" website may be of interest to collectors of 19th century US postal history (or collectors of other countries interested in mail to or through the US).

The site serves as an online visual census of 19th century covers, is searchable in fine detail, and provides image hosting. Although only about 2000 covers are listed thus far, there are many interesting items, and of course the more people participate, the more material becomes available for search and review.

I strongly encourage anyone with 19th century material (to, from, or through the US) to take a look and to submit some items! (I have about 100 items listed under user ID "liebson")
Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 132 ) on Jan-16-08 at 14:19:48 PST   Listings
On second thought I bet the description of the WWI "Post Office" is just a bad choice of words, and probably refers to a military headquarters (I orginally thought it was for the movement of military mail).

The barricaded upper windows are a nice touch.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-16-08 at 13:58:42 PST   Listings
Dunc… As I recall, but am too lazy to look up and confirm, the first full-color film feature was Becky Sharp, a costume drama, in the mid-thirties. Another notable fact about that movie is that one of the extras was a young aspiring actress named Thelma Ryan, who would later become Mrs. Richard Nixon.

Posted by 220man   ( 166 ) on Jan-16-08 at 13:19:01 PST   Listings
dunc: Thanks for the neat WWI site!
Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 132 ) on Jan-16-08 at 13:02:59 PST   Listings
That's really interesting, Jim,!

Especially when one considers that even WWII film footage was often black and white. Back around 1939 The Wizard of Oz was in color but the beginning portions were black and white, but then again Gone With the Wind was in color.

Just to keep it philatelic, here's one of the WWI color photos, not much color quality in this one but it is a post office. Neither wind or rain or hail of bullets...


Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-16-08 at 12:55:18 PST   Listings
Dunc… There exists color film of Woodrow Wilson’s trip through Paris upon his arrival for the Peace Conference at Versailles. It was shown on the PBS documentary series the Magnificent (?) Century. It was not hand-tinted, but actual color footage.

Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 132 ) on Jan-16-08 at 10:55:04 PST   Listings
Just a quick drive-by posting, a little bit off topic but interesting from a historical perspective...

How about some old color photos from WWI?


Or try a Google search of Autochrome - add a couple other terms to the Google search, though, to eliminate modern usages of the word autochrome.

The original Autochrome photos usually have a strong yellow tint. They can be tweaked in PhotoShop or most graphics programs to yield even better, more realistic images.

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 334 ) on Jan-16-08 at 07:10:38 PST   Listings

You're right! there is only a small portion missing from the stamp. I should have noted it. Thanks!

Now I think I shouldn't try to sell that postcard with such a damaged stamp :(
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-16-08 at 06:57:34 PST   Listings
BILL S. and DAVID B. Thanks for your help in ID those Turkish stamps .
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-16-08 at 06:47:09 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by buzones   ( 1051 ) on Jan-16-08 at 06:10:57 PST   Listings
Hello @ll!

Just a few words on the "bisected" Austrian tax stamp an the Yugoslavian PPC: It's not bisected but affixed torn. The 10 Groschen tax stamp paid the general delivery (poste restante) and that's the meaning of the handwritten "postlagernd" on the card.

Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-16-08 at 00:17:48 PST   Listings
P.S. just found it!
I needed to fork on my spectacles! ;-)
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-16-08 at 00:13:53 PST   Listings
Hi Mitchell,
Thanks for your kind words.
My best new year's wishes to you as well!

Hi Nomad55,
At the bottom of my "me page" there's an email hyperlink.
Feel free to send the letter. However, I can't guarantee I am able to decipher the writing.

Aloha Roger,
On the Italian Forum of eBay stamps, the Chinese electronic spammers have struck once again subverting the order of all threads, even after the introduction of a "link filter", which damages us as well. They sure know which buttons of ours to push; on my end, I'd resort for the big red button with written "flush" for them all.
For instance, I can't find anymore the thread on De Coppet Razor cancels I opened, it must be back in one of the 43 pages with 40 threads each...


Posted by babusalem   ( 0 )   on Jan-16-08 at 00:08:25 PST   Listings
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-15-08 at 23:12:18 PST   Listings
Bill, there were many overprints around that period, that is the only one cat. in Yvert but there were many other local overprints issued for visits by the Sultan to various cities. Some are very scarce but have to be certified if not then the buyer should be.

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-15-08 at 22:49:57 PST   Listings
Bill & Paul,

they were issued in 1909 for the installation of Sultan Mohamed V. They are not listed in Gibbons but are in Yvert # 139-143.

David B.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 334 ) on Jan-15-08 at 21:41:21 PST   Listings
It's time for the $1 cover box return!

Lately I've been quite lucky finding stuff in $1-$2 cover boxes. Last weekend I found a new one that had some interesting ones:

I'm always looking for free covers for my board friends. This time was for
Jim Jaywild, Two lettersheets from South Africa to USA, one from oct/5/91 and the other from oct/5/94. The postage due marks are a nice extra!

and for Knud-Erik, another Italy lavoro item, this time a QSL card to Chile

will be in the mail soon for you!

A personal favorite and a long waited item, a Chile solo franking with the $5 from the landscapes series. This time is a quintuple weight (20g x 5) for a domestic letter. Now I'm missing just two solo frankings, the 5c (3 possible rates) and the overprinted 20c over 40c (just one possible rate).

Another favorite, This letter was sent from New York to Chile in 1952. The rate was 10c, and the sender tried to pass an USED Chile $3 stamp as an USA 3c one. Of course it was marked as "not good" and taxed. I'm sure prexie collectors would love this one, but I'm keeping it. Sorry.

Now some items I don't collect but were too nice to pass:
- Zambia, a reused stamp in a cover to USA
- Nigeria, a scam letter franked with fake stamps. Chile must be a rare destination for these ones.
- Ukranie, three post-USSR items with emergency "stamps": the first has a pair of photocopied stamps, the second has a computer printed stamp in cheap paper (and an old USSR and regular Ukranie stamp too), and the third is franked with a receipt from a electronic teller machine! in this card, you can see a taxed mark and the 44.00 value. This is not postage due, I saw in a page that these tax marks were used to indicate the paid amount. Quite interesting ones!

Finally, some items I picked for resale on eBay:
- A 1946 taxed cover from Iran to Chile, front and back. I have no idea if this is saleable, but my philatelic instinc says that the destination should attact bidders.

-And the mistery for the last one, this postcard was sent from Yugoslavia to Gurgl in Austria. Apparently it was taxed and a hand bisected copy of the 10 groschen tax stamp was affixed and cancelled. I tried to look for other Austrian bisects in eBay but found nothing. Anyone has an idea of the value or rarity?

Thanks everyone for reading. I just love to find and share unusual stuff.
Posted by billsey   ( 874 ) on Jan-15-08 at 21:39:01 PST   Listings
Paul, I don't recognize those overprints. Maybe when I get the ISFILA folks to finally fix their web site so I can order their catalog it'll have some info on them. In the mean time, post that scan on the OTTOMAN & TURKISH STAMPS COLLECTORS CLUB eBay group. Someone else might recognize it. The date seems right (14 something 1320) for the 1908 issues, I'm guessing it's some sort of private commemorative overprint. In my experience, I'd guess the top line translates to a city (I don't recognize the first letter, and don't have my references available, perhaps Fatan?), the center line to the event being commemorated and the bottom line to the date (the month might be Haziran or June). turkish script can be quite tough, since it almost, but not quite, matches Arabic. It hasn't been in use since 1928, so there are few who read it these days. Any of the Arabic script are made doubly tough for me since they use different characters for the same letter, depending on where it's placed in the word!
Posted by nomad55   ( 958 ) on Jan-15-08 at 20:15:45 PST   Listings
Roger H....appreciate your note and the info therein.

I mentioned to my SO, who descends from a long line of Swiss ancestors, that you specialize in Swiss Razors. She said "Switzerland is famous for watches and cheese. What razors?"

Ah, the uninformed ;)
Posted by bjornmu   ( 966 ) on Jan-15-08 at 15:15:35 PST   Listings
Milenko, thanks but the price is a bot too high for me too, for an invert (most common error I have) which looks somewhat blurry. And Chile is already on my list of coutries I have errors from. :-)
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 334 ) on Jan-15-08 at 13:54:27 PST   Listings

this Cover may be useful to you, a Chile revenue used as postage with day reversed.

The price is just a bit high for the local market.
Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-15-08 at 13:31:07 PST   Listings
Paul -

)'>), it's bookmarked.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 570 ) on Jan-15-08 at 12:50:47 PST   Listings
oh wow! Bjorn that is certainly a high price for a Cinderella!
I have purchased from that seller, he is a good eBayer, and has some great Cinderellas.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 223 ) on Jan-15-08 at 12:26:50 PST   Listings
NOIP Take a trip around the world on me.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 966 ) on Jan-15-08 at 11:39:59 PST   Listings
Correction, sixtupled!
Posted by bjornmu   ( 966 ) on Jan-15-08 at 11:39:21 PST   Listings
NOIP: looks like also Cinderella collectors know their rarities. The first bid for this one from a yeast factory was at $50 and while I was typing, it has quadrupled!
Posted by oggilby   ( 1249 ) on Jan-15-08 at 09:31:38 PST   Listings
Paul--in looking at other ebay chat boards, it seems that ebay is mandating that "best match" will be the default on all searches in the near future. He/she who hold s the scepter will make the rules!

Hello to all from a very flurry, cold (36 F) Central Maryland, where there has been no measurable snow since Mid December (where's spring?)
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-15-08 at 06:20:03 PST   Listings
BILL S. --------Can you ID these overprints of these Turkish stamps? TURKISH OVERPRINTS ....paul
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-15-08 at 03:29:05 PST   Listings
Jay, the A$ just jumped again today, well not really, the US$ dived would be more correct,

David B.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-15-08 at 03:13:07 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by putney32   ( 1834 ) on Jan-15-08 at 02:32:11 PST   Listings
Philaweb...I had same problem this evening, I clicked on the BLUE link Customize Display... changed the view by from ENDING SOONEST.. to Newly Listed.... and it worked.
Long way around, but it does work

Posted by philaweb   ( 358 ) on Jan-15-08 at 02:05:59 PST   Listings
Well, for some reason the eBay search feature is broken. It is impossible for me to sort search results according to "newly listed". Only possible choice is "ending soonest". Anyone else with this experience?
Posted by philaweb   ( 358 ) on Jan-15-08 at 01:35:42 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!

The declining value of the dollar makes a summer vacation this year in the US very attractive to us Europeans and tempting to some of us.

Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 23:28:51 PST   Listings
One more time - http://www.japhila.cz/hof/0088/index0088a.htm
Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 23:27:59 PST   Listings
Czech site - Swiss Razor Cancels

Sorry for screwup!
Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 23:26:16 PST   Listings
Scanning of pages -
My indvidual exhibit pages are about 250k each. Swiss Razor Cancels

For some reason the pages on this exhibit are around 450k. The web site operaators downloaded my site to theirs and adapted as necessary.
http://www.japhila.cz/hof/0088/index0088a.htm l target=_blank>Swiss Razor Cancels
I notified them I had changed my 2006 exhibit and I preferred to have the updated version posted. They accomodated with no problems. There are many views on that site. I highly recommend anyone with a scanned exhibit to email the owners and have your exhibit posted.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 22:03:35 PST   Listings
David B… I think the worst of the US dollar’s troubles are yet to come. But if it begins to stabilize against other currencies, it will not be a good sign. Instead it will mean that the woes of the dollar are spreading around the world. The dollar won’t have stopped slipping—the other major currencies will simply have joined in for the ride.

I foresee a mess…

Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:58:10 PST   Listings
Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
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rather than posting them directly to this board.

Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

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Posted by billsey   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:25:35 PST   Listings
David M., thanks for the heads up, I've got the correct link for the Marshall Islands stuff there now.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:23:16 PST   Listings
thanks -----HUNGARY
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:19:46 PST   Listings
paul...It's members.aol.com not member.aol.com.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:15:04 PST   Listings
JIMBO2 ---Here is a scanner picture. HUNGARY
Posted by billsey   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:13:22 PST   Listings
Jimbo2, size isn't really the problem, or at least not as much of a problem as you might think. Take a look at the scan and tell me if you would be able to compare the two 15k stamps to see the difference between the lithographed and engraved designs. I think you'll really want to scan them instead of using digital photos. If you scan you can easily start with nice big images, then copy out images for the individual stamps and resize down for page views. If you look at my pages, I have three images for each full page. A thumbnail that's in my case 160 pixels wide and about 8K in size. A page view that's around 600 pixels wide and 80K in size. A finally a 300DPI scan of the whole page, suitable for framing, but not much else (call it 500K in size). :-) I also have scans at 300 DPI for each stamp on the page, they typically run 20-30K in size.

BTW, that partial Yugoslavia collection (I really need to get on the ball and finish scanning them) takes up about 20M of disk space so far. The largest collection I have online is Turkey, at 115M.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 21:00:48 PST   Listings
JIMBO 2 -----Thats not a good picture ,try using a scanner .
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-14-08 at 20:26:59 PST   Listings
billsey...The link on your page to German Marshall Islands Collection has moved. If you click on your link you will find directions to its new home.
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 983 ) on Jan-14-08 at 20:14:33 PST   Listings
Greetings again all

Thanks to Alec and Billsey for your kind offers of help. I will certainly get back to you when I have done some more work. In the meantime, here is a sample page taken with a digital camera by my wife on Sunday.
Is it an adequet scan? I managed to get it down to around 175kb, is that still too large?

Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-14-08 at 20:11:14 PST   Listings

There appears to be two types of separation used. On some the rouletting was by the separation on the indentations caused by the lines that were engraved on the plate whilst the others were by line perforation. I would presume the actual printed sheet was larger before being separated into the size needed for the booklets and that was done by perforating them,

David B.
Posted by billsey   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 20:09:28 PST   Listings
Rainer, I agree with the others, they look a lot more like pin perfs than roulettes. They *might* be serpentine roulettes though, since those also can give that shape. Several of the European countries used serpentine roulettes for a few years in the first third of the 1900s.
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-14-08 at 19:48:17 PST   Listings
David B, yes, the stamps were issued in booklets, here is my page for the RP-1 stamp, showing also a booklet pane. I am surprised to see this perforation on the stamp shown earlier as it does not match anything i have seen before o these stamps.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1683 ) on Jan-14-08 at 19:33:05 PST   Listings
infla-alec Alec, I should say on the "original" scan there was an OPD stamp - not on the final scan. I don't know what's going on there.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1683 ) on Jan-14-08 at 19:28:19 PST   Listings
infla-alec there was an OPD stamp on the verso of that wrapper - I looked at it and passed. Maybe a competitor of sorts.
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-14-08 at 19:20:29 PST   Listings
jim I lived in Tucson for 4 years, 1980-84, and unfortunately didn't see any of the Colorado hairstreaks (although at that time I wasn't into butterflies). Here is a map showing the distribution of the butterflies .... Tucson is square in the area.

paperhistory I collect on various Boy Scout campouts, and also travel to South Texas for a collecting trip in the fall. I've been fortunate to find at least half a dozen new county records, which is really pretty cool. My grandfather in the early 1960's rediscovered a species in Florida that was thought to be extinct in the US after some hurricanes in the '30s. The population was protected by various lepidopterists, and the butterfly is doing well now, although it could also have repopulated from some Carribean islands.

thebriguy1 sorry if the butterfly discussion causes distress. I'll try to limit posts in future. : - )

Bill D.
Posted by billsey   ( 874 ) on Jan-14-08 at 18:51:31 PST   Listings
Online Stamp Collections, I'd be happy to help anyone who would like help on putting theirs up. Be forewarned that it's a lot of work, though it can also be quite rewarding!
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-14-08 at 18:32:18 PST   Listings

Jim L.

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-14-08 at 18:23:56 PST   Listings
butterflies....my wife took an entomology class in college and her senior thesis involved butterfly monitoring in central Ohio. She obtained the first county records for a number of species. I helped out a bit with that so still know a few scientific names. We haven't been out in the field since we had our first child, though. (that said, my 4-year old can identify monarchs now).
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 17:54:44 PST   Listings
RAINER/22028 First ,should added that no one stamp auction or one countries auctions reflect the whole philatelic market . But the HARMER-SCHAU auction of last weekend was a broad base auction with a lot of different areas represented.So im eager to down load the prices realised and then write the prices in the catalog book .Just a good cross range of philatelic material to watch how prices are trending .
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 16:40:33 PST   Listings
wrd3… I have seen these many times when I lived in Tucson, although the blue was not quite so vivid. (Tucson is in Pima County, and the Santa Catalina Mountains are on the northern edge of town.) Though quite small, they are the most fascinating butterflies I have ever seen. At rest, they move their hind wings in a rhythmic, hypnotic sort of way that seems to have no purpose. Until yesterday I didn’t know they were called hairstreaks.

I left Tucson in 1978, so I don’t know if any still visit the urban area. There are virtually no butterflies left in the LA area, I suppose because of rampant pesticide use. Over any given summer I may see a total of three butterflies, and it’s not for lack of flowers in this neighborhood. In the 1970s literal clouds of butterflies used to visit the lantana in my mother’s yard. I doubt that’s still the case.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-14-08 at 16:27:15 PST   Listings
No problem or rush Peter.

Thanks for the quick response.
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-14-08 at 15:41:02 PST   Listings
I/O Jim picked up your mail, have answered not a problem, in Munich at the moment but back on Thursday.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:58:32 PST   Listings
Alec, I don't know if Exponet has an easy way to change displays but I presume they do. There are a few regulars here who have their collections displayed there. They would know more about the system than I do.

The " plus " side is that it has a large European audience which should create interest in both your collections,

David B.

p.s. talking about buying dollars, would someone tell the US institutions to stop buying A$ with their US$, it is creating a much higher exchange rate for ours.

David B.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 966 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:38:19 PST   Listings
Alec, in any case I didn't desparately need this item, since I already have one "fake" Dezemberbrief, meaning a cover postmarked in month 12 which by the rate must have been month 11. So in hindsight I'm perhaps glad I didn't win and saved that money. :-)

Posted by infla-alec   ( 567 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:32:32 PST   Listings
Bjorn Zeitungdrucksache isn't usually that expensive. Though the rate itself isn't rare, usage as Zeitungdrucksache isn't so easily found as most newspaper wrappers were simply thrown in the bin. That one had the stamps applied first, then machine canceled and then the newspaper was sealed in the wrapper. Pretty sure that is the case because there was no way for a wrapper to be machine cancelled once the paper was sealed. In German known as Vorausentwertung. I have no idea if the Perfin added any value to the final price though.But buyer does buy a lot of wrappers so maybe he knows something we don't ?
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:28:24 PST   Listings
Jim the three metalmarks can really only be differentiated by examining the genitalia. The various species do in fact interbreed (I saw a photo of a male nemesis and female perditalis yesterday), but the offspring aren't terribly viable. "The" article on Calephelis was published by Wilbur McAlpine in 1971, and is available on the web. For those curious about the differences between the species, see Pages 115 - 120 or so in his article. The images in the web site I linked earlier are somewhat an unfair challenge. The males are easier to differentiate with wing patterns (not easy, just easier), but the females are truely difficult to differentiate from wing pattern.

There is another species pair, Pyrgus communis and Pyrgus albescens, that can only be differentiated via genitalic examination, and even then only the males can be differentiated. The females can only be differentiated by seeing which males they mate with. I haven't yet tackled that pair of species, as I have my hands full with just the Calephelis.

Despite collecting both butterflies and stamps I haven't yet started to collect butterflies on stamps.

For what it's worth, this is the butterfly I'm hoping to find this summer in New Mexico.

Bill D.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 567 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:21:04 PST   Listings
David B Yes that is one possibility of course but I quite like the idea of being able to change things around as and when I like and not rely on someone else.
My collection isn't all written up ready for competion, in fact far from it. Besides what I do have wriitten up is on pages larger than the standard A4 size scanner takes which I think would make it difficult for me to try and show in Exponet. Plus I have acquired so many things since I last exhibited in 2005 the entire collection needs remounting. Talking of which that is another thing on my to do list because I have applied to exhibit at IBRA 2009 in Essen, Germany. Won't know until later this year if accepted or not but no matter what I will be there for sure.
Posted by philatarium   ( 243 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:19:34 PST   Listings
On the subject of preparing web pages: I'm still using Microsoft FrontPage from 2002, and I know it doesn't have some capabilities that have become commonplace in the last 5-6 years.

Is there an open-source or freeware/shareware program for html and web-development that anyone can recommend? The FrontPage upgrade price is so high that I'd just as soon not do that if I don't have to.

If the answer turns out to be "no", then I'd also be interested in what commercial applications folks use these days.

Thanks in advance to any and all thoughts on the subject!

-- Dave
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:18:05 PST   Listings
Io… One of many soft spots…


Posted by bjornmu   ( 966 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:15:45 PST   Listings
Yikes! I got "carried away" and bid more than originally planned for this Infla wrapper but got outbid. But why were the others bidding so high? Surely an 8 milliarden wrapper from Frankfurt to Bern can't be that rare?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:08:15 PST   Listings
I'm sure you have a soft spot for Canis Dirus.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:04:18 PST   Listings
Io… And that’s without Canis familiaris!

Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 14:01:22 PST   Listings
wrd3… Also, I find the names of butterflies to be quite entertaining. “Metalmark” is a good example, with a nice ring to it, and “fritillary” has always sounded to me like a humorous combination of the words “frivolous” and “artillery”.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-14-08 at 13:57:25 PST   Listings

The question of what is a species has been haunting biologists (and geologists) for a long while.

The binomial naming convention, later formalized in the biological codes of nomenclature, was first used by Leonhart Fuchs and introduced as the standard by Carolus Linnaeus in his 1758 classical work Systema Naturae 10th edition.

For just dogs we have:

* Canis acutus
* Canis africanus (African wolf)
* Canis anceps
* Canis antiquus (Great wolf)
* Canis apolloniensis
* Canis armbrusteri
* Canis arnensis
* Canis atrox
* Canis avus
* Canis brachypus
* Canis brevirostris
* Canis cautleyi
* Canis cedazoensis
* Canis chiliensis (Chilean wolf)
* Canis cipio
* Canis condoni
* Canis dirus (Dire Wolf)
* Canis edwardii (Edward's wolf)
* Canis ensenadensis
* Canis etruscus
* Canis falconeri
* Canis ferox
* Canis khomenkoi
* Canis kuruksaensis
* Canis lepophagus
* Canis lupaster
* Canis lycanoides
* Canis majori
* Canis medius
* Canis megamastoides
* Canis michauxi
* Canis moreni
* Canis mosbachensis
* Canis nehringi
* Canis neschersensis
* Canis palaeoplatensis
* Canis petenyi
* Canis protojubatus
* Canis protoplatensis
* Canis robustus
* Canis strandi (Strand's wolf)
* Canis suessi
* Canis temerarius
* Canis terblanchei
* Canis troglodytes
* Canis ursinus
* Canis variabilis
* Canis velaunus
* Canis volgensis
* Canis yuanmoensis

as paleontologic forms.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-14-08 at 13:45:05 PST   Listings

I was just perusing Exponet and there is a collection that should interest you,,


David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-14-08 at 13:42:13 PST   Listings
Alec. & Jim,

why go to all that trouble, load our collection into Exponet,


it will be easy for anyone to find it,

David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 13:39:24 PST   Listings
wrd3… I had forgotten that you were a lepidopterist. I spent a nice afternoon yesterday trolling through sites featuring butterflies, thanks to your posts. I found it incredible that the three types of metalmarks you showed are distinct species. While I think I can see slight differences amongst the three, I would be very hard pressed to definitively identify one that was put in front of me.

Which leads me to a puzzling question I’ve always had about speciation—many species are so close in appearance yet cannot interbreed because they are in fact distinct, yet dogs, all one species, are wildly variant. If in fact natural selection produces mutations which lead to different traits, why aren’t different types of dogs (i.e. a Pekingese and a Newfoundland) different species? They only difference in the acquisition of new traits in dogs is that they were selected by people rather than the environment, but shouldn’t the result (i.e. the creation of new species) be the same?

A possible explanation that occurs to me is that new species must be isolated from their progenitor species for a certain length of time in order for mutations to accumulate that do not produce new traits but nevertheless preclude inbreeding with related species. In the case of dogs, not enough time has elapsed between the time breeds were developed and the present.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 567 ) on Jan-14-08 at 13:34:05 PST   Listings
Hungary Jim: Scanning the collection to show online is something I am also in the process of doing. I am probably the last one to give advise on how or what is best way to go about it because I'm being taught myself at the moment how to go about it. But basically I bought myself a domain name, learnt how to use FTP which is a file transfer system. Then with a web host build yourself a web site.
I'm using a template web design at the moment because I don't know enough computer skills and HTML code to design my own. But once you have a place to park your images so to speak you can upload as many pictures and collections as you like. I'm not ready yet to show what I have done so far. I'd like to keep the URL a secret until I at least have all the content online.

I'd like to second the idea though as being a Eusc topic at some point to be a monthly meeting topic. I'm sure many of us here would like to hear what those here with computer skills do and of course try and explain to us dumbo's how they do it.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 567 ) on Jan-14-08 at 13:22:17 PST   Listings
Rainer Sadly the Billig Handbook buyer wasn't me.
Regarding your question about rouletted perfs in my opinion the first scan has what appears to be some kind of roulette. The second looks like some type of pin perforation. But I am no expert on perforations.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:46:00 PST   Listings
Nope. We got a little rain but not even as much as we would have liked. Got some terrible winds though.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:37:19 PST   Listings
stamphick… Thanks!

Did you get washed away in the recent rains?

Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:27:55 PST   Listings
Rainer, there are many types of rouletting including some which look very much like perforations when they are separated. The technical difference is that perforations have paper removed when the paper is punched whilst rouletting doesn't have any paper removed only indentations.

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8798 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:23:58 PST   Listings
Rainer, were the stamps issued in sheet or booklet form.

David B.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:18:08 PST   Listings
or 402-935-2050
Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:15:12 PST   Listings
Brian - That's a useful archive. Thanks for the link!

NOIP - Buy dollars? In the wake of the sub-prime mortgage scandal and the credit crunch??? Don't think so ....

Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:13:15 PST   Listings
Rainer - In my humble opinion the stamp in the first scan is perforated at left, not rouletted, though the perf holes are small. On the second scan, put up for comparison, I notice that the rouletting at lower left gives the appearance of short slits, but further up that side looks more like holes. This seems to happen when the roulette blades get blunt and make a cut at each end only, giving the appearance of a sort of pin perf. This is a persistent problem on eBay with (for instance) a Burma issue of 1943 where the roulette is common but perf is scarce, and sellers are forever offering blunt perfed copies as some sort of "pin perf". But I think your first stamp is perfed. Others may disagree?


Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 11:09:21 PST   Listings
NOIP… Anybody know how to contact PayPal when a claim seems to be stalled? I entered a claim for undelivered goods more than a week ago, and have heard nothing but an acknowledgment that the claim had been filed. I was hoping to get some kind of progress report. Usually these things are settled in less than one day.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 10:54:02 PST   Listings
stamphick… A careful reading of Paul’s posts is always necessary! Paul may have been ridiculing something, but he’s also tooting his horn—

”GO-TO-CASH is the talk of wall street ,wonder where they got that idea from?????? maybe they read the stamp chat room ....lol”

Several months ago Paul indicated he thought the smart investment was cash, and now he’s telling us he thinks Wall Street has come around to his point of view. (I disagree—cash is seen as a big, big loser.) However my post was in jest.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-14-08 at 09:34:37 PST   Listings
jaywild...A careful reading will reveal that Paul is ridiculing the advise to go to cash.
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-14-08 at 09:26:40 PST   Listings
A normal rouletted stamp of the same type is here...
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-14-08 at 09:24:12 PST   Listings
What is your opinion? Is the perforation on the stamp under the link of "rouletted" type or already a real perforation?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-14-08 at 09:07:56 PST   Listings
Paul… Since your advisory to “go to cash” the dollar has plunged in value, and because interest rates have been cut dramatically earnings on cash are back to a pittance. Now you’re advising going to cash again? The run-up in gold and silver suggests that the talk of Wall Street is “go to commodities”.

I’m just trying to predict your next hindsight market killing.

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-14-08 at 08:57:48 PST   Listings
Man. I leave for a day or two, and you guys wander into butterflys? I mean.....BUTTERFLYS?!?! Quick, someone go find our Scandinavian poster Maarten, so he can handout some whiskey samples, before talk meanders into who can draw the prettiest unicorns.

On a more serious philatelic note. The Siegel auction firm has apparently decided to digitize all their "Rarities of the World" auction catalogs. All the way back to 1964!! The famed "Trepel Archives", just keep getting better and better. :o)

See them here
Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-14-08 at 08:00:37 PST   Listings
Paul, Harmers-Schau was also listed on ebay..., so you can do a search here...
Posted by cheryl_philatelic   ( 29 ) on Jan-14-08 at 08:00:08 PST   Listings
Hi, Stamps12345


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 07:51:50 PST   Listings
KENNY----Was over in your part of the world ,got to do a little THAI-kick boxing ,they are good and very respectful to older fighters ,had a nice time .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 07:45:53 PST   Listings
JIMBO2 ----Excellent idea ,this whole internet and e-bay has become the center of the philatelic world. Too bad the major philatelic organizations are still fighting it .

Waiting to see the stamp auction realizations from the HAMER-SCHAU auction last weekend .

Posted by cheryl_philatelic   ( 29 ) on Jan-14-08 at 07:36:58 PST   Listings

Hi jimbo2, nice to meet you here. Hope you can share your knowledge to us too....

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-14-08 at 07:35:38 PST   Listings
LIFE is GOOD ----Back Home Again Good to be back home after vaction .Spent two weeks with daughters and wife .

MY MY ----What a good year ahead stock market nosed dive ,gold and silver hit new highs ,financial markets in confusion,Corn and Soybean at new highs {beans in the teens}.MY-MY you don't have to be DIE-LAX-IC to make money this year any retar can profit from this market .

GO-TO-CASH is the talk of wall street ,wonder where they got that idea from?????? maybe they read the stamp chat room ....lol....WHAT A EXCITING YEAR AHEAD .....

Posted by hungaryjim   ( 983 ) on Jan-14-08 at 07:25:50 PST   Listings
Greetings All

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and are still sticking to their New Year Resolutions! One of mine is to scan a stamp collection into the computer for viewing by all and that's where I could use some help from this board.

Maybe this could even be the discussion for this months EUSC meeting? I also would like to learn how to create a link to multiple pages so that in the future I can sell some duplicate collections.

Looking forward to any hints, suggestions, or maybe even a online workshop for Januarys meeting.

Posted by cheryl_philatelic   ( 29 ) on Jan-14-08 at 06:04:00 PST   Listings
Good Day to all of you here
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1460 ) on Jan-14-08 at 05:46:59 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.

Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-14-08 at 04:13:11 PST   Listings
infla-alec, have you won the Billig books at Harmer-Schau auctions?