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Can't figure out why this doesn't have more bids!



Swiss Razor Cancels
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Try the following category and do a search for errors...
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I'm going to post this to see if anyone has an idea or suggestion where I might go.

My question

Where can I look on E-Bay for United Nations error stamps?

Thank you
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Hi Mitch
Sure enough, we be Finer Than Frogs Hair.
Some great Football this weekend, looks like the Pats may still get to play against a Manning??
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Evenin Jake! Hope you and Mrs Mouse are livin sweet.
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Hi Jim. Good to see you on the board. I hope you don't mind me posting the information you provided on the triangular perfins (you'll note I copied it directly, with your signature!). I still have all the info on litho versus engraved for the first issues of Hungary, and will probably some day find a #2 when I'm in the mood to spend some money. : - )

Yes, I'm still into scouting .... although I've gone from the Den leader for my son's Cub Scout den to a troop committee member for my son's Boy Scout troop. It gives me a great excuse to go camping monthly! I have successfully avoided getting hooked on Boy Scout theme stamps, and I also try to stop in 1960, so I don't need the souvenier sheet, thanks.

If you do get an update on the prices for the three hole punches I would appreciate an update. I haven't yet gotten around to creating album pages for those I've collected - they are on black stock sheets. I've found 94 of the 100 so far (haven't looked in several years).

Bill D.
Posted by hungaryjim   ( 983 ) on Jan-13-08 at 15:00:50 PST   Listings
Hi Bill, long time, no chat! How have you been? Are you still a Boy Scout Leader? If so, there were a ton of new issues released last year for stamps with that theme, as it was chosen as the topic for the EUROPA 2007 printings. If you need the Hungarian Souv.Sheet I have an extra!

I also wanted to let you known that in your earlier post regarding the 3 hole triangular punched Hungarian stamps that the reason for this being was a futile attempt by the government to try and curb speculation and rampant inflation at the particular time period!
Hopefully I'll be the winner of the 2008 Hungarian catalogue on CD so that I can update the price increases for you!

Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-13-08 at 14:29:09 PST   Listings
jimbo although not all butterfly collectors/watcher are interested in skippers, skippers are indeed butterflies. From Wikipedia, "Presently butterflies are classified in three superfamilies, Hedyloidea, consisting of the 'American moth-butterflies', Hesperioidea, consisting of the 'skippers' and Papilionoidea or 'true butterflies'." The reference books I have only refer to Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea, either because the are not current, or because there are no species of Hedyloidea in North America.

Not stamp-related, but I spent an enjoyable day yesterday at Texas A&M University, where the entomology department had their annual open house. I was able to talk with an expert on the genus I'm interested in to understand how to differentiate the three central Texas species of Calephelis from wing patterns and examination of the genitalia (I know, not everyone's cup of tea : - ) ). Anyone who is interested can see pictures of females of the three species here

Bill D.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 566 ) on Jan-13-08 at 12:30:18 PST   Listings
Webtransact looking at your FDC it appears to me that the right hand stamp (green train), has a blemish, maybe a hole eaten by silverfish around the value area.

Jimbo, yes I'm afraid narrowing your field does end up being a bit isolated. I attend the annual Pen Show here in Melbourne (mainly fountain pen collectors), just in case I find a nice advertising piece. In N.Y. in 2004 I attended the USA National Bottle Show, and found a wonderful 1880s perpetual calendar from Davids Ink Coy. It was on the first table, just inside the door. I thought, oh great this will be a wonderful show ~~ only thing I found all weekend.

Posted by webtransact   ( 441 ) on Jan-13-08 at 12:20:22 PST   Listings
Thanks all. I have about 40 of these with different designs so if/when I list I will put them together as a group since they are of such low value.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-13-08 at 10:48:45 PST   Listings
I wouldn't advised listing it in 2 categories, if you did that the Ebay fees will be higher than the realisation,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-13-08 at 10:07:36 PST   Listings
WEBTRANSACT------Also add the word "Metallic" in your title ,since that is what some Japan and other country collectors look for and specialise in .It looks like you have a metallic cachet FDC,but still start it at .99 ....paul
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-13-08 at 10:03:26 PST   Listings
David, Alex and Richard Thanks much for your input.
Posted by afeht   ( 1237 ) on Jan-13-08 at 10:00:39 PST   Listings
Re: Hungarian perfins.
Thank you for comprehensive explanation!
I copied your list into a separate file for reference.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-13-08 at 09:45:07 PST   Listings

In addition to what Jimbo wrote:

Your have a Japanese First Day Cover. There is a category under Stamps, Worldwide, FDCs. There is also a Japan category under stamps. You could list it in both categories.

The stamps were issued in 1977 and have a minimum value as used stamps. I don't know the value of them on a FDC.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by jimbo   ( 426 ) on Jan-13-08 at 09:42:29 PST   Listings
I would use this title: "Japan 1977 Subway unaddressed FDC." Since the used stamps catalog minimum value, the FDC can't be very valuable. I'd start it at $.99 and hope a couple of bidders would be interested in it.
Posted by jimbo   ( 426 ) on Jan-13-08 at 09:28:24 PST   Listings
I was aware of your passion for inkwells and similar ink-related items. I wasn't sure whether it expanded to include pens.

I'm reminded of a story Herman Herst told concerning a dinner party for which he had two renowned philatelists as guests. He had found that both were serious lepidopterists as well and anticipated a fascinating evening listening to their exchange of ideas.

It turned out to be a dull evening. The two had little in common. One was only interested in moths and the other was only interested in butterflies. (Neither was interested in skippers.)

Posted by webtransact   ( 441 ) on Jan-13-08 at 09:27:30 PST   Listings
Hi, can some one tell me how I should list this Japanese cover and what catalog value is? Thank you.


Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:57:29 PST   Listings
afeht one of the posters several years ago posted information about the Hungarian three hole punches. I have the information he posted about which stamps have the punches (I'll post below), but can't find the information on their background. From what I recall, the post office punched the perfin in some stamps (I think two rows of stamps from the sheets) to reduce theft.

Below is the information on which stamps have the perfin.

Bill D.

HARAMASLYUKKAL (Three hole triangle punched stamps of Hungary)

1. 1916 Arato (harvesters) and parliament

  • 115 20f

  • 118 40f

  • 122 1K

  • 123 2K

  • 124 3K

  • 125 5K

  • 126 10K

Total 7 values

2. 1920/24 Arato(harvesters) issue;

  • 335 5f

  • 336 10f

  • 338 50f yellow green

  • 339 50f blue violet

  • 340 60f

  • 341 1K

  • 342 1.5K

  • 343 2K

  • 344 2.5K

  • 345 3K

  • 346 4K

  • 347 4.5K

  • 348 5K

  • 349 6K

  • 350 10K

  • 351 15K

  • 352 20K

  • 353 25K

  • 354 40K

  • 355 50K

  • 356 100K

  • 357 150K

  • 358 200K

  • 359 300K

Total 24 values. MNH set 2,200Ft.; hinged at 50%; and used 1,700Ft..

2. 1921/23 Parlament(Parliament) issue;

  • 2.50K, 3.50, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, 400, and 500.

  • Total 12 values. MNH set 1,200Ft.; hinged at 50%; and used 500Ft..

  • 3. 1921/25 Madonna and Child issue;

  • 50K, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000.

  • Total 6 values. MNH set 2,400Ft.; used 900Ft..

  • 4. 1921/24 Hivatalos(Officials) issue;

  • 10f, 20, 60, 100, 250, 350, 500, 1,000, 5K, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 500(grey moiré), 1,000(grey moiré), 15K on 20f,
    25K on 60f, 150K on 100f, 350K on 350f, and 2,000K on 250f.

  • Total 21 values. MNH set 2,500Ft.; hinged at 40%; and used 1,700Ft.

  • 5. 1921/25 Porto(Postage dues) issue;

  • These postage due stamps are the surcharge in red harvester stamps, 1921/1925, also know as Provisional postage due stamps.
    The following are the only three stamps that don't have the triangle punch, all of the rest do. The three without are;
    100f/15f, 500f/15f, and 3K/15f. Subtract these from the set of 24 and you have 21 with triangle punch.
  • I also forgot to add the
    conversion rate from Forint to US dollar for set values given. It's 1USdollar=230 HUF(Hungarian Forint).
    The Hungarian Katalogue doesn't give a value for this set, figure on double the regular sets value.

    6. 1915 postage due with the green background and red numerals. There is a total of 9 stamps with the 3 hole and they are as
    follows;10f,20,40,50,120,200,2k,5 and 50.

  • Total of 9 values

  • Total values = 100

    Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 350 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:50:32 PST   Listings
    Thanks Richard, just sent a reply.
    Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:39:48 PST   Listings
    Mark - just emailed you again.
    Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 350 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:30:52 PST   Listings
    Richard - I've had nothing from you, not even in my spam folder. Can you resend them to markbardell2000 at hotmail dot com ? Much appreciated.
    Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:27:12 PST   Listings
    Mark - I sent 2 emails to you and didn't received any response (that I saw anyhow).
    Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 350 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:19:56 PST   Listings
    1 Covers

    Morning Richard - Did you receive my email from last weekend in reply to the one you sent me ( this is Cobbie10 )?

    Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 350 ) on Jan-13-08 at 07:18:45 PST   Listings

    You can still cancel the bid that is there even though you cannot end the auction - that is what Ebay suggests when less than 12 hours to go with a mistake in the listing.

    I had some early Russia up for sale last year and was getting at or above Scott Catalog on most of the mint early sets. Even sets that only cataloged a few dollars were going for full cat and above. MNH blows the Scott CV out of the water. I think you need to look at Michel if you are going to list any Russia, or buy any, as thier prices are much more in line with current value trends.
    Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-13-08 at 06:49:56 PST   Listings
    Mitchell - I agree in general with what Alex wrote. There is a lot of "big" money right now buying better Russian and Chinese stamps. On the Russian material, it may be more anticipatory to widespread demand. A good cultural foundation that has been prohibited from forming individual collections for many years. The big collectors of Russia in the recent past were of Russian decent living elsewhere. The material is now going back to Russia - but mostly to "players" and big money holders.

    China is a little different, already widespread demand and market manipulation have taken hold in certain modern areas (post 1949 material) but the good material of the classic areas were often held previously in Hong Kong or in "Western" collections. Much of that material still remains in "Western" hands and will likely remain so for some time.

    I can't give any advise as to to hold em or sell em. I think you know that in general, for investment, I would sell stamps, take all the money received and buy a only a couple classic postal history rarities and hold them instead.
    Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-13-08 at 05:30:36 PST   Listings
    ALEC----Those Hungarian three pin cancels are called HARAMASLYUKKAL, when I get back to the USA ,i'll scan my page of them .
    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 566 ) on Jan-13-08 at 04:14:51 PST   Listings
    Thanks, Jimbo that is a nice Poster Stamp. One of my main collecting interests is Inkwells, and as a side line I collect Ink advertising (but not pen advertising), and have found several Poster Stamps over the last 10 years or so.
    Here are a few from my collection.

    and this one is interesting in that it advertises INK for Stamp Collectors.
    Bobtol Ink

    My collection also includes Ink advertising blotters, brochures, envelopes and postcards.


    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1458 ) on Jan-13-08 at 03:41:23 PST   Listings
    and an Indiana "Good Morning"
    to you all

    You might cancel (or keep canceling) the bids as they occur and inform the bidders that the lot is no longer in your possession and is unavailable for sale.

    Jim L.

    Posted by afeht   ( 1237 ) on Jan-13-08 at 03:30:47 PST   Listings
    To WIMC:

    I have a question about common Hungarian stamps from 1920s. Many of them have the same strange perfin: three small perforations forming equilateral triangle. Does anybody knows, what kind of perfin is that, and what it means?
    Posted by afeht   ( 1237 ) on Jan-13-08 at 03:26:47 PST   Listings

    Chelyuskin set is certainly undervalued in Scott (compared to its GB or Switzerland prices, for example) but it's not as difficult as current frenzy on eBay might suggest. The following Moscow-San Francisco Flight overprint is actually much more difficult to get. IMO. the fair price for Chelyuskin set in good MLH condition should be around $200.

    There are some moneyed people in Russia these days (though most of Russians still live in relative poverty). At the same time, in Russia (as in China) there are no effective laws or social mechanisms protecting real estate and other fixed assets. People don't trust in banks, which let them down regularly, and lately see dollar exchanging for less and less. At the same time, nobody really believes in the long-lasting strength of euro. Hence the popularity of pre-1956 Russian stamps, which are bound to retain their value, since philately is traditionally very popular in Russia. The same effect is observed in Chinese philately, only in China it is even more drastic, because of the population explosion (in Russia, population is falling).

    If one is to believe that 10 or 20 years from now there will be laws protecting real estate investments in Russia, and that these laws will be enforced, then the prices for early Russian stamps may eventually drop. I, personally, don't believe that Russia is ready to uphold such laws; socialist habits, class envy and all-pervading corruption don't ispire much hope. Maybe, when today's teenagers, who grew up in less socialist society, will form the new, more business-savvy ruling elite. something will change. But that's 35-40 years from now.

    In other words, prices for better early Russian stamps should remain high in the foreseeable future, as long as investment in stamps is more reliable than investment in Russian real estate or industry. It's a good time to sell -- but no hurry.

    Posted by jimbo   ( 426 ) on Jan-13-08 at 02:17:50 PST   Listings
    You might be interested in this cover. It has an interesting advertising stamp on the back.

    Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-13-08 at 00:54:44 PST   Listings

    your the only one who can decide whether to cash in on what you have or continue collecting. On the plus side the realisations will be higher than Scott's catalogue value and will give you some funds but on the minus side they will be gone and if you ever decide to start collecting Russia again then it will be at a higher price.

    No one can tell if the prices are at the top of the market, time will tell and making predictions shouldn't be stamp collector's aim, only investors.

    Most of the collectors of Russia use Michel and I have no idea what the current cat. value is of stamps of that period or what the various dealers who specialise in the area are buying or selling items at. There is also the problem that Scott's is in an outdated US$ exchange rate to the Euro which is a vast difference to what the current rate is, I am only guessing and may be way out but would hazard a variance of about 30% in the Euro's favour. It all dedends on when the catalogue values were decided on,

    David B.
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-12-08 at 23:49:12 PST   Listings
    By mistake I had listed on item which i do not have anymore but noted it only today, less then 12 hours before the auction ends. I can not end the auction anymore..., but haver changed at least the image of the item and have canceled the bid on it..
    Is there anything else I can do?
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-12-08 at 23:31:07 PST   Listings
    I was thinking of asking this seller if he added a little more crap to the back of this stamp if I could pay a little more. Or if he'd take a couple minutes to soak it and bend that UR perf back if I could give him a little less.
    What planet do these people come from and why are they here?
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-12-08 at 22:28:11 PST   Listings
    David Thanks for responding I had almost given up, but hoped you would give the sage advice that is always most welcome (i'm not a "lap-dog" just know who know's what's i needs to noe's).
    I have been noticing great increases in many items during the period you mention. Do you think the trend will continue, or even expand? Or would it be a good time to stop collecting the Russian and sell?
    I would appreciate Richard F's opinion on this also.
    I really love my collection but baby needs new shoes and I ain't too shure were to find-em.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-12-08 at 22:18:57 PST   Listings
    Micth, yes, most of them pay by Paypal usually within a split second of the sale.

    David B.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-12-08 at 22:17:47 PST   Listings

    I suggest you check the realisations for Russia for the last few years. Most of the early & middle period up to about 1950 have been selling for multiples of catalogue value. Most of the buyers have been Russian dealers buying for the local market & they have been adding their markup,

    David B.
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-12-08 at 20:57:00 PST   Listings
    Geez, what is up with Russian stamps now? I was hoping to complete my collection thru 1992 as I only need 18 stamps out of the 7,000, or so, up to that date.
    One of the stamps I need is in this set. My 2005 Scott values the stamp at $9.25 and the complete set at $165.50.
    With one day left that set is up to $816.00.
    There must be money in Russia now, I hope they use paypal cuz it must be time to sell instead of buy that countries stamps.
    Knowledgeable input appreciated.
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-12-08 at 19:19:50 PST   Listings
    Hi Paolo It is good to see you back!
    I've recently (in the last couple months) added some goodies
    to my Italian collection. Nothing real special but I will make a point to show you when I update my pages on the web.
    Best of the new year to you!!!
    Posted by nomad55   ( 957 ) on Jan-12-08 at 19:18:22 PST   Listings
    Paolo...I have recently acquired an 1866 letter written in the Italian language, at least it appears to be Italian to me.

    Would it be possible to send you a scan for a possible translation?
    Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-12-08 at 18:45:21 PST   Listings
    Uhm, I certainly could improve my English form ! :-(

    Ciao, Paolo (:-( -- flabbergasted by my new, that maybe the last, approach to this board)
    Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-12-08 at 18:33:24 PST   Listings
    Thanks for your kind note.
    At the moment I am very busy plating UPU 1900 and Stehende Helvetia, secondarily, for "plate faults" and "retouches".
    The latter is much more difficult, for me. So I diverted on the first (I have several hundrends copies to plate, I hope I can construct something for the others with it)
    I am sure the other (censorship! - Zensur! ) recently viciously married to T.H.M. (what a scandal) would not give a drat. As you maybe know, I do nourish hatred for them and I do not give a s**t of their disrespectful "opinion"!!!
    It is great fun to plate stamps during my free time in the evening! I had to start learning German language (since February 2006)!

    In the meanwhile I keep on my study on Italian stamps and Postal History, and marcophily there of. (rather easy easy tasks these, in several occasions , thanks to my rich literature on the subject, and references, and , last but not least, my easy understanding of italian language ;-))

    All the best,
    Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-12-08 at 18:00:33 PST   Listings
    P.S. you know who you are, regarding "my friends"! I sure hope I did not overestimate on anything! (neutral on purpose!)
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-12-08 at 17:57:35 PST   Listings
    Aloha Paolo -
    Great minds think alike.
    I was just thinking of you. )'>) But since we have mental telepathy there was no need to write a message. You broke the silence so I can write - Happy New Year - back to you.

    I had to write a sad email to four Swiss sellers yesterday. It looks like 6 different auctoins never arrived to me after being bought in October, and the end of November. I've reported through US postal inspectors, and asked the sellers to report the losses to Swiss PTT. The monetary value is about $100 for 6 different auctoins, but the cancels were really neat for my exhibit!
    Still typing with sticky keys. DARN!

    Swiss Razor Cancels
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-12-08 at 17:51:12 PST   Listings
    Alaska to give me a Guinea.

    Myanmar went on a boat ride to watch the Wales.

    Kyrgyzstan is a great Scrabble word.


    Finnish here!

    Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-12-08 at 17:48:16 PST   Listings
    No results for "Pao" or "von" in the search, for "ital" neither, thus I remain silent.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year to all and only, this is very strictly restrictive, my friends!

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 16:53:48 PST   Listings
    Iran to the store to get a Poland a Cuba sugar.

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-12-08 at 16:33:44 PST   Listings
    I was thinking more of Chile served up on my best China.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 16:24:13 PST   Listings
    Io… If you’re going to have Turkey, don’t slip on the Greece…

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-12-08 at 16:11:53 PST   Listings

    I'm starting to get quite hungary :-).
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 16:10:39 PST   Listings
    Linda… Yipes—apparently it’s me that’s old. I couldn’t remember the movie title exactly, knew one word started with C, so I guessed.

    I just watched Zodiac again. A terrific movie with masterful performances. I liked it so much when I rented it that I bought a copy on eBay.

    There are very few movies that I like unreservedly, and this is one. Every note it strikes is right on the money.

    It’s been a while since we had a really atrocious mixed metaphor…


    Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-12-08 at 15:58:18 PST   Listings

    this ones tastier,


    David B.
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-12-08 at 15:21:56 PST   Listings
    I know there's a first time for everything but.....

    Delicious volcanoes collection????

    BTW, do not load on dial-up.
    Or hit "stop" the moment the first page comes up.
    Posted by lluehhhb   ( 333 ) on Jan-12-08 at 14:58:34 PST   Listings

    OK, if you don't have a graphics software, I can recommend GIMP (www.gimp.org), it's an open source program (free) and quite good. At least you can give it a try without much trouble.

    In my opinion it's a bit difficult to use, so here is a quick and dirt way to decompose the images:

    1)Download and install GIMP
    2)open an image. It will open in a different window
    3)in the image window, there are some menus. Select Image -> Mode -> Decompose
    4)a new window will appear. There you select "CYMK" (the cyan-yellow-magenta-black pattern that was used in the web page I linked). Be sure to uncheck the "Decompose to layers" option.
    5)four new windows will appear, each one with a piece of the decomposed image

    of course you can play with the other types of decompositions available.

    If you have any trouble just ask.
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 566 ) on Jan-12-08 at 14:39:20 PST   Listings
    Milenko Thanks for that link but I don't have a graphics program or at least not one that I know of or even have any inkling how to use such a thing. My computer skills are still very basic.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-12-08 at 14:26:32 PST   Listings

    If it exists used then there is a major possibility it also exists mint but has never been recorded and that is why Gibbons doesn't price it. Inverted watermarks are hapharzdaly catalogued in Gibbons and generally they are worth about the same mint or used. it would be impossible to put a value on it as it is an item that would only be in demand by a few ultra specialists.

    RL states there were only 6428 of the stamp issued and if one sheet was used with inverted watermark that would account for a large percentage of examples with inverted watermark. I would guestimate the value around $400-$500.

    Could you link a scan of the stamp,

    David B
    Posted by scottpel3   ( 854 ) on Jan-12-08 at 14:19:52 PST   Listings
    Missed items
    There were three circa 1948 first day ceremony programs that I needed that came upwithin a minute of each other. I set two computers up to be ready to bid on them. A few minutes before they were to go off there was a power blip and both computers reset. I lost the three programs and within a couple of weeks I signed up with a sniping service.
    My bids were a number of multiples of what they went for.
    Posted by eliseot   ( 4773 ) on Jan-12-08 at 14:02:28 PST   Listings
    By the way no one from the Zululand specialist study group ever followed up on getting back to me!
    Posted by eliseot   ( 4773 ) on Jan-12-08 at 14:01:35 PST   Listings
    I have come across a stamp that appears to be known to exist but not recorded. It is mint Zululand Scott # 7var (Stanley Gibbons #7w (watermark inverted) In Gibbons it has a cross marking for mint which means 'Does Not exist'. Anyhow I got an APS certificate for it and they state it is genuine SG #7w.I got it out of an old time collection. I contacted somebody from the Zululand specialist study group and asked them if they had ever heard of one and whether or not I could place some kind of value on it. For the moment it is not for sale but I would be curious if anyone can contribute to my search for valuation . Cheers
    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 566 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:31:20 PST   Listings
    The Golden Compass, .. ok, good animation and effects, story a bit hard to follow for most kids, made easier for grannies to watch by the inclusion of such great British Actors ! :o)
    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 566 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:29:03 PST   Listings
    I am NOT old!!
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:28:59 PST   Listings
    Linda… How was the “Conquest” movie?

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:27:35 PST   Listings
    stamphick… Yep, few thing more chilling to a child than hearing “I beg your pardon” spoken by certain indomitable old ladies, with a slight widening of the eyes at the word “beg”.

    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:27:26 PST   Listings
    I've also seen British censor applied above the German one, on letters from occupied Norway to the US. But the majority of such mail has only German censorship (done in Frankfurt).
    Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:08:32 PST   Listings

    Aloha & Mahalo!

    Wow, how cheeky of them.

    Matt in Arizona
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-12-08 at 13:05:24 PST   Listings
    Matt -

    Nearly all Swiss mail went via Lisbon and Bermuda, where the British censors did their work. Yours probably went the saem route.

    Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:58:20 PST   Listings
    World War II Censors...

    Barcelona to USA in 1941

    I am still working on a number of censored covers and came across this one. It is postmarked Barcelona, 09 August 1941. Addressed to the USA, it was censored by the Brits (based on the tape). It is an airmail cover. What route would this have taken and why would the British Military censor mail from 2 'neutral' nations?

    Matt in Arizona
    Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:47:48 PST   Listings
    Darn - I didn't win the inverted Jenny!

    This from Stampwants:
    John Shedlock of California
    is the Winner of the C3a Inverted Jenny!
    Catalog Value is $275,000 $400,000!
    Congratulations to John Shedlock!
    Pictures and Full Story to Follow Monday...
    And Congratulations to Michael Flanagan - winner of the surprise Runner Up Giveaway Item
    A Set of Mint Zeppelins!

    Matt in Arizona
    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 566 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:45:28 PST   Listings
    Feedback ~ as eBay has left the giving and receiving of feedback as a voluntary thing, many buyers and sellers just do not bother.

    Personally, when selling, in the majority of cases (after I check the feedback left by my buyer for others), I leave feedback on receipt of payment. However, ~~ there are sellers who are of the opinion feedback should only be left once you know the transaction has COMPLETED in a satisfactory manner. i.e. that your buyer has the item, and is happy with the item, and that is why they say f/back will be posted after buyer posts.
    If seller leaves f/back first, saying prompt payment, good communication, and the buyer turns out to be a problem, complaining that the post office took 2 days too many to deliver, or that the 6 inch high vase was only 6 inches high and they thought it would be larger (yes it happens!!), the seller has not given a real feedback on the complete sale, and quite often gets a Neutral or Negative f/back from buyer.
    My very first transaction under this ID was the sale of a piece of China, buyer left me a negative, saying item had unmentioned chip, (it did not), and then promptly bid on several of the other pieces I had up from the same collection. His negative to what he saw as a 'newbie' seller was to warn off potential competition from other collectors. I was not a 'newbie' just a new ID, so I quickly added him to my blocked bidder list and sold the collection at a nice profit!
    Usually looking at feedback left tells you more about the person you are dealing with than reading feedback received.
    Just my 2c worth on the subject.

    JayJim nice woodwork!

    Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:19:04 PST   Listings
    roger..."I beg your pardon" is a very simple phrase but if you heard it delivered in the same tone of voice that I did as a youth you know that it is a very effective phrase with a not so subtle meaning.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8792 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:13:07 PST   Listings

    my daughter studies English Advanced & English Extension and I asked her about the word " whilst " as she often corrects my grammar. She said that the word must be used in assignments if it is warranted however it is usually only written and not spoken as the spoken usage is archaic.

    David B.
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:11:48 PST   Listings
    Jaywild -

    "beg the question" reinds me of one of the phrases used in O'Brian's books. When a character interupts another's dinner oration, etc., to correct a mistake or incorrect fact, the phrase - "beg pardon, my dear John" is most effective.

    It is obviously a shortened version of "I beg your pardon", which I heard used a lot in my childhood.

    Posted by lluehhhb   ( 333 ) on Jan-12-08 at 12:11:05 PST   Listings

    this link has some info about it:

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 11:02:38 PST   Listings
    stamphick… Thanks for linking to “World Wide Words”. They have a very lucid definition of the term “beg the question” which set me straight on the subject. I had often wondered exactly what the phrase meant, and where it came from, and have been guilty of using it in its newer, corrupted sense. Always glad to learn something.

    Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-12-08 at 10:48:51 PST   Listings
    Dennis-----Until e-bay does something about the pratices of a few power-sellers,who cleary state no feedback given on purchases until the buyer postes their feedback.This will be the way things are done.E-bay needs to put a warning out.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 10:42:37 PST   Listings
    Nick… Motorcycles also used to come from Asia crated in mahogany. Nowadays they use some sort of compressed plastic or woodchip stuff. I’m sure there’s a million board-feet of pretty mahogany moldering in landfills all across the US.

    Posted by red-dog9   ( 3489 ) on Jan-12-08 at 10:22:14 PST   Listings
    Sniped by Alec
    Posted by red-dog9   ( 3489 ) on Jan-12-08 at 10:21:40 PST   Listings
    Just wondering why you'd be concerned with feedback at this point, with you having 1567 postive feedbacks @ 100%?
    Posted by kathmoon   ( 374 ) on Jan-12-08 at 10:07:14 PST   Listings
    To The Other Woodworkers: When I lived in New Jersey - Kubota Riding Mowers were shipped in crates made of mahogany (as noted - a cheap wood in asia). You may want to check out their stores. Nick
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 566 ) on Jan-12-08 at 10:03:09 PST   Listings
    Does anyone know and can explain exactly please how one can take an image of a used stamp and be left showing just the cancel ?

    Abelstamps I long ago gave up worrying about feedback. As a seller I give it immediately payment is received and as buyer when the item is received.Sometimes I get a response and sometimes not.
    Posted by abelstamps   ( 1567 ) on Jan-12-08 at 09:53:45 PST   Listings
    Out of curiosity, do any buyers who read this keep a list or record of sellers who DO NOT give you feedback promptly even after you have paid in full for your purchase? In other words, even after you have fulfilled your obligation completely and there is nothing more you can do to earn feedback the seller still will not give you + feedback until you give them a feedback.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-12-08 at 09:43:15 PST   Listings
    Sad Philatelic Story… I have only one missed opportunity that I truly regret, because I accidentally let a cover go that was one in a million.

    Years ago, before there was such a thing as esnipe, I spotted an October 5, 1927 cover for sale on eBay, and the odd thing was it was postmarked Huntington, West Virginia. What was even odder, and made it truly priceless to me, was that my father, a six year old boy at the time, lived in Huntington West Virginia at that time, and that very day he and his mother boarded a train in that town to move to Tucson Arizona, where he grew up and eventually raised a family of his own.

    I got home from work that day in plenty of time, the lot was closing in five minutes and I had a manual snipe all set, when someone knocked on the door. It was the exterminator, who had come to get rid of a nest of hornets that had made their home in an air conditioner unit outside. I quickly showed him where the nest was, and when he prodded it a furious stream of hornets (not known for their serenity on any occasion) came swarming out at him. I ran, watched from a safe distance—and forgot completely about the 1927 cover. The lot closed, sold to someone else.

    I tried to buy the cover from the person who had purchased it, but he never replied to my emails. I must have sent half a dozen messages, all ignored.


    briguy... There is a commercial thoroughfare (Santa Monica Boulevard) a couple blocks south of me, and pallets pop up behind the buildings frequently. In particular there is a flower shop, The Empty Vase, that gets many shipments delivered on pallets, which they throw unceremoniously into the dumpster once they are unloaded. Most of them are fir, but some knotty pine, tulip poplar, mahogany, maple, oak and hickory. (Mahogany is something of a junk wood, believe it or not, in some Asian countries.)

    Jeff S... Yep, the hardest part is taking the pallets apart. Years ago they were simply nailed together, so with a little patience they could be deconstructed without damaging the useful wood too badly. But now they are put together with corkscrew nails, cement-coated nails (heat activated—the act of driving them home heats them up enough to activate the glue) and lately nails with copper wires that somehow entangle themselves into the fibers of the wood and hold tenaciously. The idea is to keep the pallet from falling apart in use, because they get a real banging around, but it makes it very hard on us poor salvagers. Sometimes, with very pretty wood, I resort to drilling the heads off the nails then prying the boards apart that way.

    Here are a couple of slotted-top boxes I made, one of maple and one of tulip poplar. Both were from wood that had been simply thrown away.

    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-12-08 at 08:42:14 PST   Listings
    I concur, I will be especially nice to Jaywildnow, particularly because I overheard my wife make a comment at a dinner party, that "the only messy & disorganized place in our house -- is HIS stamp den". I could sure use some custom made racks and cabinets. :o)

    Cloely related is the question "where are you guys finding these pallets?" The ones I see around print plants are made of hediously poor scrap wood. Looks like they use whatever cheap pine got left with the bark side. Of course it could be we have a renoundingly cheap purchasing agent......

    Ahhh the 150 year old lore of the lost Confederate treasury! There are about 50 versions of it by now. The closest to reality is the one involving the silver kegs, as that one is the sole one backed up (bearly) by the last few pages of official CS records. That story is shortly after the fall of Richmond, the southerners made Danville VA their new capitol (many claim because the ONLY remaining rail line in southern hands ran to there). That capitol didn't last longer then a few days, when reports of northern armies closing in again, forced Davis, a few members of his cabinet, and a few assorted hangers on, to flee in a wagon convoy southeast towards Northern Georgia. Along with them was the last of the treasury, consisting by then of no more then four heavy kegs of French minted silver coins. Along the way they hid in forrested groves, slept in mosquito infested swamps, and made ploddingly slow progress as they tried to avoid union cavalry patrols, (which were by then basically wandering unopposed in all parts of the yet unoccupied confederacy). At some point between Danville VA, and where Davis got captured, the silver disappeared. Most claims are someone ordered it burried, so as the already slow wagon caravan wasn't dragging around a couple of more tons of weight.

    To this day if you stop at a greasey spoon diner anywhere in the rural south central Virginia countryside, there is a good chance some toothless old sage will wander up, and whisper in your ear -- "wanna buy a map to the lost treasure?" I assume that area looks like an artilliary range by now, so many holes having been dug by stary eyed dreamers in the moonlight. I remember reading a news story about the frustration of the farmers and ranchers in that area.....waking up daily and finding 4 foot deep holes have appeared all over their property. LOL! The true reality is while the silver once DID exist, it likely just evaporated in the fog of the last few weeks of the CSA.

    By "evaporated", I mean it wandered off in various pockets and was dispersed forever.

    No use telling that to the treasure hunters though.....they're too busy digging holes.......
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-12-08 at 07:14:32 PST   Listings

    J-W: nice cabinet! I like working with rough woods. My biggest problem in dealing with pallet wood is getting the dang things apart. I use them mostly for picture frames. I read an article once about a fellow who bought a planer and used oak pallet wood to make his flooring. Final result was astounding.


    Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-12-08 at 06:34:37 PST   Listings

    Thanks! I was glad to see you were on the Board this morning. Yes, the margin condition is poor, but it is what it is.

    I appreciate your knowledge and input. Thanks again,

    Matt in Arizona
    Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-12-08 at 06:31:32 PST   Listings

    Cobbie: Good one! Are you bidding? That's what happens when Sellers hijack images!

    American English:
    I will venture a guess as an American. When it comes to language we're undereducated, undisciplined and lazy. It seems as if the British view proper diction and usage as an important indicator of abilities (or class, breeding, the right education) more than Americans.

    So Americans, being more isolated from the Empire than say the Australians, Canadians, Kiwis, tend to go their own way on usage and errors. Our usage and spellings are wrong, we know they're wrong, but they begin to sound right when spoken.

    Whilst this may seem like a large issue today, just wait until today's kids are in charge. With the abbreviated English used for Texting and Instant Messaging, spelling, syntax, grammar and usage will be altered by a great deal.

    My personal peeve: 'My Bad' in lieu of an actual apology.

    Now I am running the Microsoft Spell Checker (spelling according to Bill Gates)

    Matt in Arizona
    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-12-08 at 06:29:52 PST   Listings
    Matt, that stamp is genuine. 11 or 12 bar grid cancels are the most common and this looks fine. No it can't be from a stationary; the first of those came in 1872. There were reprints made in 1914 and 1924 but I think they look quite different. Besides, they're quite rare so it would be stupid to place a fake grid cancel on one.

    So it must be glued on some other paper. BTW the watermark is usually not very clear.

    The margins are not good though, they "should" be at least 1.3mm on all sides, much more than on most other classic imperfs due to the wide spacing between the stamps in the sheet. My guess is that someone's cut this out from a cover, taking off much of the margins in the process. :-(
    Posted by keleofa   ( 3698 ) on Jan-12-08 at 06:14:14 PST   Listings
    Norway Question...

    Norway - 1855 1s Blue

    I have a question on this stamp. I am breaking down a Norway collection and came across what appears to be a genuine 4 Skilling Blue, issue of 1855. Facit #1 (also Scott # 1).

    Referring to my copy of Album Weeds, the stamp appears genuine. It does not match Earee's descriptions of 1st & 2nd Forgeries.

    2 issues:

    1) The grid killer postmark. Is it genuine?

    2) The paper. This copy is on thick card. My first impression was that of a postal card stationary cut-out. It is that thick. I doubt this plate was used for postal cards in 1855. Perhaps it is glued to card material? Did Norway issue this on thick card material?

    3) Is it a reprint? Because of the thickness I cannot tell if a watermark exists.

    I am looking for opinions on this stamp. I was considering soaking the stamp to see if the stamp floated away from whatever it is adhered to.


    T I A,

    Matt in Arizona
    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1458 ) on Jan-12-08 at 05:58:00 PST   Listings
    and an Indiana "Good Morning"
    to you all

    Jim L.

    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-12-08 at 05:43:24 PST   Listings
    Rarities: well, my next most expensive purchase on eBay was still a bargain: $413 for an until then not known to exist FDC from 1937. Sold it a year later for $4,500. The next edition of the catalogue listed it with "(1 known)", but now there are 5. 6 with the new one I've found. :-)

    If it hadn't been for another eBayer who also asked the seller for the postmark date, I would have got it for around $10...

    One "rarity" I'm still waiting to find is a cover/card/stamp postmarked on the non-existent Feb 29, 1900. :-) I do have an old Serbian court document hand dated on that date, which is not an error since they were on a different calendar.
    Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 350 ) on Jan-12-08 at 05:40:14 PST   Listings
    Is this someone familiar ?

    Posted by myauctionpal   ( 3411 ) on Jan-12-08 at 04:11:07 PST   Listings
    Good Morning All! I hope Everyone is having a nice weekend! Stay Safe!
    Posted by sheryll*net   ( 91 ) on Jan-12-08 at 03:27:57 PST   Listings
    Alec - I once bid too low on a New Hebrides cover sent to Geneva with German censor markings. I still haven't seen another cover like that.

    Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-12-08 at 02:46:56 PST   Listings
    Alec - I once bought a small rarity entirely by accident. After a frustrating day with no purchases at a large stamp fair a few years ago I was reduced to going through the 50p boxes and picking up one or two undistinguished Burma commercial covers, just for the sake of taking something home.

    Looking at one later, I found it bore a copy of the 1949 Burma 1 rupee perforation variety (perf 14), which is modestly priced in the catalogue (too modestly, given that they are very few and far bewteen), but practically unknown on cover.

    I think I've only seen one other on cover, which was owned by the late Gerald Davis. He acquired it this way - spotting a sack full of thousands of commercial Burma covers in an auction, he reasoned that the chances were that one of them might show this variety. On the viewing day, he took along a home-made "perf gauge" consisting of a common perf 14 stamp glued to a piece of card, emptied out the contents of the sack on the floor, and went through the covers one by one. As luck would have it he found a copy withoput having to dig too far down into the heap, and repacked the sack with the precious cover on top so he could find it again easily. In the auction he bid as high as he needed to win, took out his one cover and promptly offered the entire remainder to the happy underbidder at one bid step below what he'd paid.

    Which was a good story. I think he was both mildy impressed and annoyed that I obtained my own copy on cover without making any such effort.

    Apologies if I've told this story before ...

    Richard W.

    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 564 ) on Jan-12-08 at 00:16:33 PST   Listings
    Oh,alec, shame. What a great cover. I particularly like the fact it's from Norddeutsche Lloyd, and has one of their Poster Stamps on the reverse. I particularly love Poster Stamps, and have several INK ADVERTISING ones in my collection.
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 566 ) on Jan-11-08 at 23:38:31 PST   Listings
    I should have bid on this Local Express item. Rate is correct at 200 Milliarden Marks used during the four times face period. But that alone isn't anything special. The "Aus dem Briefkasten" cancel was applied by the post office simply meaning that the letter was found posted inside the letter box and had not been handed over in person at the counter as Express or Registered mail should have been. The timing of the cancel reads 5-7 N . N denotes Nachmittag = afternoon. So for some reason it seems the actual Post Office was closed early. Remember in those days it was not unusual for Post offices to be open until very late in the evening. Ok so that explains why the sender simply popped the envelope in the letter box.
    Now on the reverse we see a one line minute type cancel, showing the same day 29 Nov and the time 9.36 N (= pm) This shows that this particular cover went through the München Rohrpost(pneumatic) mail system. Usually mail sent via Rohrpost was charged an extra fee. But because of the delay in delivery due to the letter being placed in the post box I can only assume that a caring worker decided to make up for lost time and passed this item through the Rohrpost system.
    Further research shows that the sender and addressee are only about 1 Kilometer in distance apart, quite easy walking distance. However a nice combination of Express local mail sent via Rohrpost without the extra fees being paid.

    Why didn't I bid is nobodys fault but my own. Oh well some you win some you lose.

    Does anyone else have a story to tell about something they should have bought and didn't ? Or how about something you did buy and later found it to be something much better than you at first thought ? Every collector likes to hear a good story so please do share your experiences here be they good or bad.

    Jaywild Jim Yes the fun & excitment is in trying to find items.Though it is getting harder each year to find things I really need. Most of what is missing falls into the scarce bracket but every now and then I get lucky and find something at a bargain price. Strangely enough even though there are several friends who collect the same things as me we all know when something we may have would fit better into another friends collection. Hence we often end up trading material with each other. Or giving each other tips on where something is currently on offer that they not have seen or be aware of.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-11-08 at 22:35:56 PST   Listings
    Roger… I think Jeff was gently pulling your leg, and did not intent to insult “whilst”. I enjoy seeing it used here, but they’d beat me senseless if I ever used it in conversation here in California.


    Among the words that have evolved through the years are “terrible” and “awful”, both of which can nowadays be used in place of “crappy”. But their original meanings were, respectively, “inspiring terror” and “inspiring awe”.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-11-08 at 22:24:04 PST   Listings
    David B… “I couldn’t care less” is correct. The other way makes less than no sense, but that obstacle never stopped people from using it.

    It’s similar to using qualifiers for “unique”, such as “more unique”, a truly pointless description. Similar trains of thought have led people to swear that the 21st Century began on January 1, 2000.


    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-11-08 at 22:03:50 PST   Listings
    Jeff -
    Whilst awaiting the arrival of a friend, I took a quick glance at the Board. I could care less what anyone else thinks, but I like "whilst" as well as "whereupon". They often are the simplest words to express the thought.

    I just completed reading the biography of Patrick O'Brian and it was a wonderful description of a man who used words in his novels that are no longer used today. Comments from editors and reviewers who suggested he simplify the words met with caustic replies. He wanted his readers to think, and if necessary work, and look up the words in a dictionary. One of the most interesting aspects of reading any of his 20 novels is seeing words used in their original 18th century context. One says to one's self, "Ah ha, that's the derivation of that word." It is surprising to read words in his books and discover they had a more specific meaning circa 1800 than at present.

    I actually hate the modern simplification of spelling, harbor, Chur, etc. are just a couple of originals where there was no reason to change. Billboards and company names have atrocious corruptions of words, just so the corporate names can be trademarked. Good nite.

    Swiss Razor Cancels
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-11-08 at 21:01:50 PST   Listings

    David B. - other errors common at least to the South in the US are using "irregardless" for "regardless," "Going to hell in a handbasket" instead of "in a hand cart" (mining term) and our colloquoial double negatives, "I don't have no (fill in the blank)"

    What is the plural of "y'all" ?

    "All y'all"

    Another common saying is "Gotta (or gonna)get me some (fill in the blank)"


    And we NEVER use the word "whilst" %^)

    Posted by dbenson   ( 8787 ) on Jan-11-08 at 19:24:31 PST   Listings
    stamphick, thanks, I have only noticed it within the past year and it appears to be coming more prevalent,

    David B.
    Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-11-08 at 19:17:31 PST   Listings
    dbenson...That expression is nonsensical and seems to only be used (by some) in the US. An interesting discussion of its origin is here.
    Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-11-08 at 19:16:23 PST   Listings
    TAL. WATER-----Without better details about your collection,nobody can give you accurate info. or the best way to sell it.Try giving a more detail valution to its contents.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8787 ) on Jan-11-08 at 19:05:35 PST   Listings

    an English question for you,

    I have noted a few comments from US based chatters using the phrase " could care less " whilst we would never use that term but instead always use " couldn't care less ". From the context of the discussion the meaning is supposed to mean they have no interest in the idea which would be " couldn't care less ",

    David B.

    Posted by talblndeblu.water   ( 44 ) on Jan-11-08 at 19:00:57 PST   Listings
    Hello! Can anyone here perhaps give me some advise on what steps I should take in listing a European stamp collection. Individual listing, as a set? I've no clue and am still kinda new at this.
    Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-11-08 at 18:30:20 PST   Listings
    IAN B.-----Thanks for the info. on the A.P.S. and E-bay
    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1457 ) on Jan-11-08 at 18:09:24 PST   Listings

    Jim L.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-11-08 at 16:16:24 PST   Listings
    Alec… Your inflation material is extremely interesting to me. I congratulate you on your finds, and wish you continued success in the hunt. The hunt is perhaps the most enjoyable part, certainly the most exciting.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-11-08 at 15:14:56 PST   Listings
    NOIP… Off-topic post!!!

    Here is a glimpse of a project I am just finishing up, a cabinet made exclusively from wood salvaged from old shipping pallets. It is almost entirely of knotty pine, with one panel in each door of tulip poplar.

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-11-08 at 14:25:54 PST   Listings

    Just teach Baxter to flap them ears and he'll break the deers' legs.
    Then just a matter of the coup de grace.
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 566 ) on Jan-11-08 at 14:22:00 PST   Listings
    Ooops sorry for the HTML screw up. The last scan should be two days earlier
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 566 ) on Jan-11-08 at 14:17:02 PST   Listings
    Mitch I also am in the drooling stage after having received some scans from a friend who collects the same area as me. A very scarce multiple franking of the 800/200 Michel 303 Then confirmation of a FDC Mi 331 Before now this date was although given in Michel was not believed to exist earlier than 10 Nov. Then just after I'd finished writing up one of my covers as being a single franking only possible as such for one day, (19 Nov 1923) he goes and shows me one franked two days earlier than any recorded dates.

    However I will be meeting my friend in München in March and as I happen to have two covers that he needs I'll be doing my damned hardest to get a trade done for one or two of the above. But should he not be willing to part with the above he'll still get the two items I have for him. The fun part will be in trying to see how much he really wants what I have.

    Rainer Congratulations on your very nice unique find. For the buyer on ebay knowledge certainly pays dividends.

    Which reminds me later I must check a few facts and then be humble and admit why I goofed on not bidding on something.
    Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-11-08 at 13:21:27 PST   Listings
    I/OJim all this talk of deer is making Baxter hungry. In our area he is famous for tracking and flushing deer, trouble is he doesn't know what to do with them when he has rounded them up! Of course we are not allowed to shoot them. Ta for the camel ditty, long time since I heard that one:-)
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-11-08 at 10:40:17 PST   Listings
    BTW -
    My next major philatelic project will be to research and mount my Sitting Helvetia collection. Some will have information such as below, others will be simple local letters with no additional information than rate and distance. As mentioned by Jeff, non of this could have been done without the internet. Library research would eventually yield the information, but maybe not worthe the time unless one is writing a book.

    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-11-08 at 10:37:22 PST   Listings
    Jaywild -
    Interesting information I came across. Here's the account of the division of the loot. Keep in mind this took place just before the documents and "state papers" arrived at Mr David and Mrs Yulee's Cotton Wood plantation.

    "A month after Lee surrendered his army in Virginia, a number of high ranking government officials were still trying to make their way south, carrying with them important state documents and the remains of the Confederate treasury, in hopes of eluding Federal troops and setting up a government in exile in either the Bahamas or Cuba. On May 15, a wagon train carrying about $25,OOO in gold coin--all that was left of the Treasury--and personal baggage of Jefferson Davis, crossed into Florida. They made slow progress, having to stop frequently to elude Federal patrols and bush-whackers.

    Finally they arrived at Cotton Wood plantation on May 22 at which time they learned from Mrs. Yulee that Jefferson Davis had been captured near Irwinville, Georgia on May 10th. Their camp that night on the grade of the Florida Railroad (built by David Yulee) was, according to one of the men there, a gloomy one. During the night they discussed what they should do. In the morning, after the bitter debating was over, the ten men that formed the wagons' guard decided to split the treasure equally among themselves after laying about a quarter of it aside for Mrs. Davis. Each man received about 400 gold sovereigns, or about $1,940. They also allotted themselves $55 each for traveling expenses and another $975 was paid out to their scout Howard, Jefferson Davis' bodyguard, Staffin, and five black servants who had traveled with the wagon train."

    Swiss Razor Cancels
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-11-08 at 09:30:20 PST   Listings
    Briguy I had that post removed. I was going to retype it to where it made more sense. I got sidetracked and forgot about it.
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-11-08 at 09:19:41 PST   Listings
    I have updated my ME page..., a nice ebay find is shown. The cover shown proofs that even today you can find treasures at ebay.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-11-08 at 08:30:12 PST   Listings
    Roger… Good work! The Confederacy’s last hours were frantic but also bizarre. There was quite a bit of gold and other valuables that left Richmond with Jefferson Davis when he fled. When the CSA finally disintegrated in Georgia the surprised escort of soldiers were the recipients of the booty that remained, which was divided up amongst them.

    Davis was captured by a Union patrol that stumbled unwitting onto his camp. In an effort to get away, he grabbed a cloak from a tent peg, and threw it over his shoulders and head to disguise himself. Unfortunately for him, the garment belonged to his wife, Varina, so the story grew (to be magnified in the Northern press, with unkind illustrations) that Jefferson Davis had been dressed in women’s clothes when he was caught.

    Io... You forgot something—there, their and they’re. ;-) Yes, Sir Edmund was a great human being, who worked very hard in his life to improve the lot of the Sherpa, who did so much to help him in his ascents. At least now when the conquest of Everest is referred to it is said that the first to the top were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, his Sherpa guide. When I was a kid, you never heard of Norgay, kind of the way you never heard of Matthew Hensen (a black man) or Ootah, Ooqueah, Seeglo and Egingwah (Inuit all) when reading about Robert Peary’s attainment of the North Pole.

    dcderoo... I think everybody should load the catalogs on their computers. Switching disks back and forth in a disk drive is like making flapjacks using different frying pans for each one.

    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1457 ) on Jan-11-08 at 08:09:54 PST   Listings
    and an Indiana "Good Morning"
    to you all

    Jim L.

    Posted by dcderoo   ( 1716 ) on Jan-11-08 at 07:06:00 PST   Listings
    jaywild, those instructions of yours about how to load the Scott Catalogue CD to my hard disk have worked like a charm.
    So much easier looking things up.
    Thanks again.
    Posted by dcderoo   ( 1716 ) on Jan-11-08 at 07:02:26 PST   Listings
    Thanks for the comments on my Sc# 4.
    Like I said, that one took a long time in coming.

    I'd really like to complete Page 1 of the Scott National Album, but it's not going to happen.
    Unless I hit the lottery, but same statement, "it's not going to happen."

    Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-11-08 at 06:15:56 PST   Listings
    nysilverplace Condition is everything. Catalog prices are reference and only for stamps in very fine condition, which is not the usual case.

    The first and prime question is the state of the collection. Random stamps thrown in a shoe box are probably not worth as much as carefully mounted stamps in a well kept album. The album also makes it easier to look the stamps up in the catalog.

    Forgery Identification Site

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-11-08 at 06:00:51 PST   Listings

    IO - FYI latest American Philatelist has article about Mt. Fuji and different postmarks available to those taking the climb.

    Roger - that is neat, the things we can find out online that were impossible 10 years ago.

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-11-08 at 05:56:55 PST   Listings
    I was saddened this morning to note the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary.
    One of my childhood heroes.
    He was the guest of honor at one of my high school prize days.
    Meeting him was more rewarding than getting a prize.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-11-08 at 05:42:48 PST   Listings

    nysilver - If there is a stamp dealer in reasonable driving range why not take the lot there for a quickie appraisal to find out if it is a bunch of common items or worth persuing.

    Or get a Scott US Specialized catalog (couple years old will be fine) and start looking them up. It can be a bit overwhelming. The min value in Scott is 20 cents which is a meaningless figure as these can wholesale for a penny or less in collections.

    And like any other collectible condition is everything on better items.

    Check out US collections here on eBay, there is such a category.

    And if you can list it here on ebay with good scans (not digital camera pics) the market on eBay will give you the market value in about 7 days.


    Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-11-08 at 05:30:03 PST   Listings
    nysilverplace You can post a LINK to a scan here. You could go to a club meeting. http://www.syracusestampclub.org/
    Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-11-08 at 05:14:41 PST   Listings
    Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

    It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
    provide LINKS to pictures
    rather than posting them directly to this board.

    Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

    Yellow Boxes
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    This is a community creation by eBay Stamp Board users. Thanks to all who contribute!
    Click here for board code download.


    Posted by nysilverplace   ( 1177 ) on Jan-11-08 at 04:37:17 PST   Listings
    how would i know what us stamp worth , i had deal and i end up with 1000's stamp and do not know what they worth
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 23:42:21 PST   Listings
    I have now found a family tree which includes Senator David Levy Yulee showing he had four children, one son and three daughters. The son’s name was C. Wickliffe Yulee followed by another family tree stating the son was born 1849, died 1921. My letter is addressed to D.W. Yulee, so I guess I’ll never know whether the letter was addressed to father, David L. (most likely) or son, C. Wickliffe. I sure haven’t discovered what the C. stands for, nowhere is he listed as other then C. Wickliffe Yulee.

    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 23:04:42 PST   Listings
    Aloha -
    I had fun this evening. An 1872 cover arrived today that had me curious. Why would the Legation of the United tates of America in Switzerland be writing a letter to an Hon D.W. Yulee in Fernandina, Florida? (I’m ignorant, I’d never heard of Fernandina.)

    It was easy to discover biographies of David Levy Yulee,
    source one
    source two, but the D.W. Levy on the cover proved more difficult. I assumed he was a son and googled in that direction and finally found a reference.

    “Mrs. Yulee tentatively agreed to hide Jefferson Davis' trunks and bags as well as the secret government papers, She asked a Lieutenant Purviance to help her son hide the chest where it could not be found....
    “Purviance later reported, "I informed her that I thought I could bury it in Charlie's stable; Charlie was a Cuban Poney that was kept apart from the other horses in a log cabin stable, by himself. That night, after all the people were gone to bed but Mrs. Yulee, I turned the poney out of his stable, and dug a pit in the middle of his stable, and went with the wheelbarrow to the House, and took the trunk and buried it". Two other chests and another trunk containing papers and personal items were hidden by Wickliffe, Yulee's fifteen year old son, in a cow barn that same night.”...
    “ David Yulee was arrested in Gainesville a few days later. He had already made plans that should he be arrested his wife and family were to return to her father's home, that of former Governor Wickliffe of Kentucky.”

    So, David Wickliff Yulee, in May 1865, was 15 years old and burying documents and valuables belonging to Jefferson Davis in a cow barn, and at 22 year old in 1872, received this envelope from someone in Bern, Switzerland. How and when it went back to Europe to be bought by me from a German seller on eBay in 2007, is anybody’s guess.

    Swiss Razor Cancels

    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 21:55:42 PST   Listings
    Whoa. I see our President's duck stamp post has disappeared. That'll teach him to refer to something philatelic on a stamp chatboard!
    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 21:53:42 PST   Listings
    Actually, the topic of the quickly dying duck stamps is one to cry over. Many of the individual state duck issues are now GONE. More disappear every year. Oh, the hunters still pay the requisite fees, but the "stamp" is now just a printed out line on a thermally generated paper slip. Many of the states still also produce in tandem their traditional artistic stamp as well (send in your $'s please), but thats done more as a revenue producing thing (squeeze the non hunting collector for every possible penny) then as a day to day functional issue. So its doubtful if any of those ever see the genuine use they were once created for. A boon for those hoping their now truely "limited edition" stamp will escalate in future value, but one more something lost for a hardened revenue use collector to lament in its passing.
    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 20:35:49 PST   Listings
    Actually, since I moved to Northern IL, I haven't pestered a single deer. I even had a 10 point buck walk right up to my duck blind, sniffing inquisitively. It bolted away finally when it realized there was a live human with a gun....sitting only three feet away behind nothing more then camo netting. With just me and the wife, shooting a 200 pound+ deer is just too wasteful a thing to do. Same deal with the local geese. They are a plague around here, with even some very well known fortune 500 corporations, eagerly allowing any licensed hunters who will come to thin them out, open access to their properties (although they don't openly advertise that lest the bunny huggers have their own field day screaming). Even the state has obliged with special goose seasons with liberal and/or even non existant bag limits. However again, with just the two of us, a goose is daunting mass of bird to consume. This year with the Thanksgiving feast being held at our house, I decided to shoot one. That quest took all of 10 minutes into day one of the duck/goose season. I could have shot 50 more.....but without a herd of other diners lined up to help "chow down" on them, the rest of those Canadian geese got a pass like usual.

    By the way, that goose weighed in at 16 pounds,...and the guests managed to pick it clean in a hour!

    I promise to focus now back to philately....or at least on belittling EBay's stamp knowledge.
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-10-08 at 19:44:05 PST   Listings
    Patty Congratulations! I for one believe in synchronisity. It has come into my life many times in ways that would blow the minds of mere-mortals.
    This board has heard many stories over the years and you should understand that it's a tough crowd.
    At least you will not have to pay the $10,000 reward. Who knows that might have been more than the collection was worth. At any rate I recall you stating that it was more about family than the the worth of the collection. I assume you will be collecting stamps from now on to build on the legacy. I welcome you!

    As long as we are sharing sad stories, I would like to share one.
    I am a world collector who is totally broke at the moment <:~`(
    I am having severe stamp withdrawls because of it. I have not added a single stamp in the last 3 weeks to my collection (here the violins weep).
    If there are any kind souls out there needing to contribute to a "worthy" cause. I beg you have a look:


    I'm so ashamed but desperate as well...........plz forgive but know your generousity will be most appreciated (I can back date any contributions to last years taxes)

    Have you ever heasr a sadder tale?

    Posted by 220man   ( 164 ) on Jan-10-08 at 19:39:27 PST   Listings
    Anyone know what this monogram signifies? Previous owner, maybe?
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-10-08 at 19:20:30 PST   Listings
    Io grin.....groan

    Briguy Even though my property has produced record holding White tails, I have not hunted the precious Bambi in over 25 years. When I did, my favorite device was my 22 cal semi-auto target pistol. See one on the side of the road and quickly pop off 5 or 6 in the skull cap worked everytime. Do you have some good road kill recipes?
    A young friend of mine took one off the property last week. He brought over some steaks and ground a couple days ago.
    Havn't even tasted the Bambis here but I bet they're tasty.
    I'm bordered by an apple orchard and corn fields.

    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-10-08 at 18:50:44 PST   Listings
    DC Excellent! You have been adding some very nice items to your collection lately. All I can do is drool <:~`{
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 17:57:56 PST   Listings
    Io… Well!!

    —Jack Benny
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:56:24 PST   Listings
    IO -
    Could explain a couple of things about the Mona Lisa.

    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:52:59 PST   Listings
    Brian -
    Your technique is making waves within the deer community. There is now a successful nationwide business chain accomodating the deer population. You may have to swerve a little more radically to achieved your dinner.

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:47:42 PST   Listings
    Can't help myself.

    The last post reminds me of an old ditty.

    It might appeal to Anne.

    The sexual life of the Camel
    Is stranger than anyone thinks.
    In the height of the mating season
    It tries to bugger the sphinx,
    But the sphinx's posterior sphinctor
    Is bunged up by the sands of the Nile
    Which accounts for the hump on the camel
    And the sphinx's inscrutable smile

    This post may not last a long time!
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:21:06 PST   Listings
    briguy… I don’t question that stamps were stolen, I just am doubtful that they were worth anywhere near a million dollars. Of all of the suggestions given to pattyb about how to track them down she took none of them, so I am left to wonder what the motive is. Lastly, the story of the stamps’ sudden reappearance was just too much for this old camel to take.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:16:09 PST   Listings
    briguy… Maybe you can write an eBay tutorial on deer hunting…


    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:13:41 PST   Listings
    damn. It, it's, its sad when I embarrass myself with my spelling. Shut up Brian....eat your deer.

    Jim Actually, if you Google the Yuma stamp theft, it is in the paper. Assuming the journalists in Yuma didn't do their internship at The New York Times, this would indicate its likely a real event.

    Of course, that $1,000,000 valuation could be Scotts catalog value. In which case, the colection can be expected to retail on EBay for around $50 to $60.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 16:03:13 PST   Listings
    pattybs… Sorry, but your story has more holes in it than George Bush’s head er, I mean a woodpecker tree.

    For starters, what an amazing coincidence that you should come on here a couple months ago with the story of the theft, then again two days ago, and when you are given advice—again—how to proceed you get angry and then lo! like the Wise Men the stamps suddenly reappear.

    (Also, what happened to the lady you were sure stole the stamps in the last installment?)

    Being of skeptical temperament I was curious enough to see if your story would hold up. There was no intent on my part to aggravate you, but that seems to be what happened.

    If, as you say, the “million dollar stamp collection” has been found, you should be happy, so I don’t understand the waspish attitude.

    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:59:29 PST   Listings
    Oh....make SURE you attempt this redneck food acquisition trick in a Pickup. If you try it in a passenger sedan, the deer tend to go airbone, and the laws of physics dicate they WILL smash your windshield ("Windscreen" for you Pax Britania folks). Pickups however are just right, deer go under one of those when struck.

    Hope this helps.
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:55:49 PST   Listings
    Bicycles do not thump deer :-)


    It's sorta like reperfing only the recipient of the re-thing can't get back at you.
    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:44:32 PST   Listings
    Jim, Jim, Jim......centerfire rifle ammo cost a scary $1 or more a round. Why waste such perfectly good money shooting at deer a mile away?......especially when one has a pickup truck. One little swerve, a thump, and you get a nicely tenderized dinner. :o)
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:34:59 PST   Listings
    Dang Brian that 22 ammunition ain't goin' to do you much good out in the west Texas desert.
    Ain't no squirrels nor muskrats.
    Ya need something that'll take down a white tail at about a mile.

    White lightning is a good entree for Sotol.
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:33:34 PST   Listings
    Brian -
    That's called a straddle. One foot on each bank.
    I would include it in a Confederate collection only if it was a certified bisect.
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:30:58 PST   Listings
    I have just one question for the Yuma police. Did you know the guys in the car were going to have $1,000,000 worth of stamps with them, or was this just a random safety check?

    I guess it's possible for someone to keep their collection in a car for many months, but that is not the practice of normal collectors. They must have finally come out and tried to get an offer from their local dealer.

    Patty -
    Why criticize someone for lacking information, when you are the only person to offer up any information. If this was a significant heist, I'm certain it would have been validated in stamp publications. What are we looking for, how many albums, etc? If you knew they were worth $1,000,000, why on Earth did you put them in a U-Haul to start with? To decoy the crooks who knew about the stamps?

    I can't wait to read in the Yuma papers about the outcome of this case. You have me intrigued, but I can't spend much time helping as you are forthcoming with any verifiable information. Good luck.

    Swiss Razor Cancels
    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:29:41 PST   Listings
    Dang it. I checked agian. Bridgewater COLLEGE is in West Virginia. Bridgewater the town -- is in Virginia proper. In that case, the stamp in question is likely a perfectly real usage. Nice strike if real, not sure if a #12 on cover is worth $87 though, no matter how nice......
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:27:08 PST   Listings
    It's the same the whole world over
    It's the poor that gets the blame
    It's the rich that gets the pleasure
    Ain't it all a "crying" shame

    (1) “it’s” always means “it is” or “it has” and nothing else. (2) Try changing the “its” in your sentence to “his” and if it doesn’t make sense, then go with “it’s
    Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 221 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:18:25 PST   Listings
    Uh, sorry about the spelling big bird! Also, forgot to tell you go to the second group of Cuba on the left margin. Page 2.
    Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 221 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:14:27 PST   Listings
    bug bird
    Oops, Sorry! I should know better than to guess when I can't even remember what I went into the next room for. Try this instead. Lynn
    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:13:56 PST   Listings
    Oh great, more "spellin" lessons from the Brits and their colonials, the very people who tend to insert a vestigial "u" into all sorts of nouns. Colour me disinterested.

    Besides, I speak a phonetic based redneck dialect, taught to me by the fine public edumacation skrools of West KY. You people are lucky I'm wearing pants.

    A few more local colloquialisms, and me N muy kin may soon be able to declare ourselves a distinct indiginous tribe (shoes optional). That means casinos! Ya'all bees inviteed to thar grandy opener of "RiverBottoms", the casino of the west KY swamp folk. You kin bets on what hole a loosed squirrel runs into, noodle the riverbank for dollars or catfish, and roll them bones at the craps table fur luxurious muskrat pelts. As always my kin will feed ya's fresh (aged at least twenty minutes) 187 proof white lightning, all ya wants! Justa few swigs and ya'll not care if you win or lose anyway. Mint US and UK postage accepted as currency, as well as any needed used car parts, Bic lighters, and of course, as always, .22 caliber ammunition.
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-10-08 at 15:02:04 PST   Listings
    Eye ham pleezed that wee R in a chord.
    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-10-08 at 14:59:17 PST   Listings
    One thing that irritates me is when even well educated native English speakers write it's where it should be its.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 14:41:36 PST   Listings

    aye lassie!

    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 564 ) on Jan-10-08 at 14:39:16 PST   Listings
    and eye agree with ewe two
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 14:33:24 PST   Listings

    IO - eye agree with ewe

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-10-08 at 14:30:13 PST   Listings
    Maybe we should forgo the "hard" words like character and caricature and stick with the more commonly used ones like

    to, two and too

    there and their

    A large number of USA posters seem to have no clue as to their correct usage.
    Posted by knuden   ( 2405 ) on Jan-10-08 at 14:00:38 PST   Listings
    Wow - it looks like it's happy slapping day (again) :O(

    K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 564 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:58:15 PST   Listings
    bri of course Kristi can't spell and sometimes confuses Pink with her other favourite colour blue! -- good story line from you, thanks!
    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:55:21 PST   Listings
    For know it all Jaywild, Listen, you don't know one quarter of this case because you only know of the stamps being stolen. You don't know enough about the case to even comment anything more. Why don't you just go fishing or play golf or better yet go climb a mountain. Maybe up there we won't hear your arrogant comments anymore. Signed off and done with you Jaywild
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:48:12 PST   Listings

    J-W; Kristi can't spell

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:46:36 PST   Listings

    dcdeero - that is really beautiful, congratulations.


    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:44:15 PST   Listings
    To Whom it May Concern…


    Posted by big_bird   ( 671 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:41:18 PST   Listings
    No,They are not Not telegraphs. All telegraph stamps of Cuba have either "TELEGs" or "TELOGRAFOS" on the stamp.

    Of course I could be wrong, which is nothing new.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:37:44 PST   Listings
    briguy… Hilarious! Except you make Kristi sound way too smart.


    Also, Bridgewater is in the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia (not WV) between Staunton and Harrisonburg.

    dcderoo... That is one nice stamp. I have it as a proof but not a stamp.

    pattybeads... If the police were keeping this thing quiet, why did they tell your lawyer, who has nothing whatever to do with the criminal case? That doesn’t make very much sense. If an investigation which requires careful handling is ongoing, they don’t blab it around until they find out what they’re after. You yourself have already indicated that the story is out of the bag, so forgive me but I find it strange that nobody but you has heard of it.

    By all means, keep us posted.

    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 564 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:34:55 PST   Listings
    bambi as alec has stated all you need to know about starting out to sell your stamps can be learned from the links in the Big Yellow Box below, as well as from the eBay site Map. But be warned, eBay prohibits the term 'cash only' as a way of receiving payment. If you want to sell on ebay you must accept paypal, money orders or similar forms of payment. you may not state Cash Only in your auctions.
    good luck Linda
    Posted by big_bird   ( 671 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:29:52 PST   Listings
    jeff-raff, dcderoo, 19thcentpostal
    Thanks for your replies. I thought that that's what they were. Just needed to verify it.
    Thanks a million for your responses.

    Now try to find a revenue catalog of Cuban revenues.... no such luck I’m sure.

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:25:13 PST   Listings

    NOIP: "We really don't want any thing to go out to the paper untill we go to court. It could hurt the case."

    As Scoobie-doo would say, "Huhhhh?"

    Too bad someone didn't tell OJ that.

    I>Is something really screwey about all this??

    Matt - got email, will scan with next lot of scans.


    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:14:44 PST   Listings
    Jaywild, I to know someone at the Yuma Sun. We really don't want any thing to go out to the paper untill we go to court. It could hurt the case. I wish now that I never said any thing to began with. Why did you feel like you needed to run to the paper. I'm sure that when the time is right the paper will get there story. Please just let the police do there job and hopefully the people that took the stamps will stay in jail.

    Posted by infla-alec   ( 566 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:10:18 PST   Listings
    Bambi Yes you can get help here on how best to sell your unwated stamp collection. I suggest you first scroll down to the big yellow box page and search there first to get some basic tips.
    To be honest your statement "as is" will not attract many serious collectors. In philatelic terms you are as good as saying the stamps could be forgeries and if so too bad I have your cash.
    Before selling though I suggest you get yourself some feedback points on the board. Sellers with "0" are unlikely to inspire confidence in buyers especially if you have any better material.
    So please read the tips below and then come back to us with any further questions you may have.
    Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 221 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:08:58 PST   Listings
    big bird
    I think those are telegraph stamps, unfortunately, I only have pics of the older issues.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:08:06 PST   Listings

    big-bird: they are revenues, you will need a revenue catalog. They are of minimal value.



    Posted by dcderoo   ( 1716 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:05:39 PST   Listings
    big_bird, I believe they are Cuban revenues.
    More than that I don't know.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 13:04:45 PST   Listings

    Bambi - Put them in the trunk of your car and take them to your nearest Walmart parking lot. Put up a sign that says STAMPS FOR SALE - CASH ONLY - AS IS -SUCKERS ONLY.

    Am sure you will have no trouble.


    Posted by dcderoo   ( 1716 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:57:51 PST   Listings
    It took a long time to be able to get this stamp, but finally.

    US Scott 4

    Posted by big_bird   ( 671 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:41:52 PST   Listings
    Anyone know
    these cuban
    stamps? I can't find them listed anywhere.

    Thanks for any help.

    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:34:28 PST   Listings
    Jeff Good thing I saw your question a day later. The lot was still in my temp history, viewable HERE. I Googled it, and Bridgewater is indeed in the modern day West Virginia. Although.....I also seem to remember the town was the scene of a nasty cavalry battle in late 1864, so not unconceivable a late war Confederate usage came from that area. My problem is I've never seen a use of that canceler before, I couldn't tell you if its real or not.....
    Posted by bambikiely26   ( 0 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:27:32 PST   Listings
    they are used and non-used
    Posted by bambikiely26   ( 0 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:26:49 PST   Listings
    i want cash only and they are sold as is(my opinion is they are in good condition.
    Posted by bambikiely26   ( 0 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:23:00 PST   Listings
    does anyone know how i can sell my whole collection of stamps(dont want them, they were givin to me by friend)?"
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8787 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:13:38 PST   Listings
    I can't see any mention of internal staff experts, hopefully they will use the experts that the SCW was already using. The only difference will be that it will bypass the APS.

    Has there been anything mentioned about the listing warnings that mention APS recommendations.

    David B.
    Posted by malolo   ( 874 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:12:37 PST   Listings
    Brian -
    My first thoughts exactly! LOL

    Actually I lied. What will happen is the return to the "can't tell from a scan" policy. The chief screener (I really like that job title) will work for the accounting department and his sole job will be to determine the total monthly fees paid to eBay by the seller. The higher the monthly average the more likely the seller will be allowed to keep the item up. The next step will be to pass on the decision making to Biff, who only comes in after lunch, the wind blows out the surf by 10am. His primary job is to respond to "reporters" signing off in a friendly manner, "Like something will be done, man!" biff@ebay.com.

    I wonder if all internation venues are adopting this new policy or just the US.

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:11:28 PST   Listings

    Briguy - thanks for your response to my Confederate question. I forgot to bookmark that lot, and it has alrady scrolled off, do you have it?


    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 12:07:39 PST   Listings

    If it ain't fixed, break it

    Briguy - that was really good!


    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-10-08 at 11:45:57 PST   Listings
    Place me in the file of skeptical "glass half empty" believers, when it comes to internal EBay stamp expert policing. I can see the scenerio play out now.

    ACT ONE/scene one - opens in a San Jose meeting room.

    (Biff the surfer, hired because EBay needed a surfer for its affirmitive action quota, is slapping some "schmear" on a bagel. Holding the gavel is Patel Verhisapendeldumsason. Patel was hired because he's good with codes, not so much people or English. Sitting next to Biff is Kristi, spelled with an "i". She got her poition because she walked Meg's dog for two summers)

    PATEL: OK now. Very much listen to speak. Eh-Bay is not very longer working with the Ahh Pee Esss..... We needs to appointment some peoples to the positions of new.

    You there
    (pointing to Biff)

    BIFF : Yo duuuude......whaaaaas up?

    PATEL: You now do the experts of red stamps, OK?

    BIFF: Yeah, cool dude.....whatever.

    KRISTI: Ooooh! Ooooh! (thrusting hand violently in the air in a simulated Nazi salute) Can I like watch the blue stamps?? Puuuleeeease??, cause like blue, ya know, is like my favorite color, ya know. (giggles).

    PATEL: OK, experts of stamps in blue to be of you now. Topics done now. Next speaking is who wears the suit of pink, to being the rabbit God of the spring Easter festival of eggs, for the company event party gathering??

    KRISTI: Ooooh!, ooooh! Can like I do it? Pink is like, ya know, my favorite color........

    Posted by dbenson   ( 8787 ) on Jan-10-08 at 10:41:10 PST   Listings
    In the long run it may be a good idea. At the moment it is too time delaying and too many obstacles. Firstly a query to Ebay then decisions whether it go to SCW. If sent to SCW then a queries from the co-ordinator to members, awaiting replies then decisions. It took days, under the new system they should have members of their own SCW (or whatever they want to call it) who make instant decisions to pull lots if they deem them unworthy. It is then up to the lister to decide if he wants to fight for relisting the item. The important aspect is where do their in house experts come from and what their expertise is.

    David B.
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-10-08 at 10:15:11 PST   Listings
    norvic, this sounds too good to be true..., I just hope they will keep my expertise as Tibet specialist...
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1038 ) on Jan-10-08 at 09:23:19 PST   Listings
    norvic… Well, that’s terrible news. How hard could it have been to work with APS? I have a feeling eBay wants to get back to the streamlined way they used to do things—when someone complains, they turn a deaf ear. I also really wonder who these “experts” will be. I sincerely doubt they will hire serious philatelists.

    I think this will constitute the “appeals” process. (That’s Meg in the lower corner, the one stirring the pot.)


    Posted by norvic   ( 973 ) on Jan-10-08 at 09:00:53 PST   Listings
    Greetings: news from the APS Board meeting in Charlotte, via the Virtual stamp club message board (http://forums.delphiforums.com/stamps/messages?msg=29570.1)

    "eBay is terminating all "industry specific" agreements in 2008. The APS agreement will end June 30. eBay is going to new standard reporting tool where items will automatically be taken down when questioned by an expert. eBay indicates that an appeal process will be available. They have sufficient faith in their new tool that they will be eliminating the Stamp Community Watch."

    Thought you might like to be aware of this. The meeting is in progress at this moment, but I think reporting on this aspect is over.
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-10-08 at 05:50:15 PST   Listings
    re chilli-dawg I also think his price is a typo, a typical European error since we have a comma (,) as separator between units and tenth and ebay.com expects a dot (.), ands there seems to be no error routine on ebay.com indicating that.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-10-08 at 04:54:19 PST   Listings

    re chilli-dawg I think his price is a typo, he has similar covers at $3. He also has this US item that from the front looks purdy. Don't know if it is catalogued correctly.

    Linda - The cancel is nothing special on the cover, and I have 2 more of them.

    Ohio Matt I looked and I have but a couple small commercial 1st class and a Farnham-Phoenix FDC with ad insert. I like to include "commercial" FDCs in my collection, that is FDCs that were used by a company to promote its product or services via an enclosure. I have a second Farnham-Phoenix addressed to Canada with pencil address correction. e-mail me if curious. I could part with either one.

    Nomad55 - small world. I had an exhibit of Canada Mourns which I took to National Level Gold and then sold thru a Detroit auction. I privately printed 10 copies of the exhibit, perhaps that is how he knows. (I would be curious to learn off-board who ended up with it but understand if you have to decline. Also what auction you got it through.)I don't think there are a half dozen of that combo franking and about that many who know what it is about.


    Posted by lluehhhb   ( 331 ) on Jan-10-08 at 03:04:57 PST   Listings

    I wouldn't give more than $2 or $3 for that cover.... the market is flooded with these ones
    Posted by knuden   ( 2404 ) on Jan-10-08 at 00:54:28 PST   Listings
    Malolo - Aloha. Thank you for your mail. :O)
    Here is my latest wrapper from Switzerland. It's uprated and sent to Cuba 1922 - an unusual destination. :O)

    K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

    Posted by philaweb   ( 355 ) on Jan-09-08 at 23:34:57 PST   Listings
    Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-09-08 at 23:14:37 PST   Listings
    Linda… It’s in topcondition though!

    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-09-08 at 21:55:16 PST   Listings
    not sure where Chilli is but the censir that censired it may know!
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-09-08 at 21:53:04 PST   Listings
    Hmmm… An interesting cover from CHILLI, wherever that is.


    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-09-08 at 21:40:56 PST   Listings
    Jeff Wow! well done on the pen cover! -- it must be a good postmark!
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-09-08 at 19:54:53 PST   Listings

    great news..., i would advice you to have the collection checked for quality and value by a professional. It will help dramatically in case you wish to sell the collection ones.
    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-09-08 at 19:31:25 PST   Listings
    Thanks Jim! I can't say much more about the stamps untill this all plays out in court. Patty
    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1456 ) on Jan-09-08 at 19:11:23 PST   Listings
    Congrats on the recovery of the collection. Thanks for letting us know.

    Jim L.

    Posted by nomad55   ( 956 ) on Jan-09-08 at 18:30:28 PST   Listings
    Postal Hysterical One (aka Jeff) -

    I don't own the cover, but did have it in my possession for a few days a couple of years ago. I bought it acting as the purchasing agent for a colleague, in whose collection it now resides. I scanned it last summer when I borrowed a few of his album pages for another project of mine.

    Anyhow, I was talking with him last week on the subject of cross-border covers, and he mentioned that cover as being "ex Switt". I have no idea how he knew, but he did. He can be rather sneaky like that.
    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-09-08 at 17:37:26 PST   Listings
    Yes! I have great news about my Uncle Ed's stamp collection. Just today my sister and I got a call from our lawyer in Yuma. He said that the Yuma police pulled over a car and in the car was my uncle's passport and the stamp collection. This is unbelievable news. The two men are in jail. We don't know if they were the ones that stole the stamps or they were just trying to sale them. One of the guy's is will know for selling stolen things. Thank you for all your great advice, my sister and I appreciate the ones who had faith like us and wished us luck. I will keep you informed on what happens next if you like. Patty
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-09-08 at 14:22:52 PST   Listings
    Io & Richard W… I think it can be construed as either libel and slander, or both. At any rate a lawyer would insist that both terms be included, just in case. (Pun intended.)


    Jeff S... I agree. Purty nice stuff.

    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-09-08 at 14:16:13 PST   Listings
    Saysan/Io, et al. Who cares?. The important thing is we actually DO burn a witch,...these marshmellows are growing stale.

    postalhyteria EXCELLENT CSA question yesterday! So good I have to admit, I'm clueless. :o(

    The best I can do is offer some observations. I believe Bridgewater VA (where are you Bob in WA?) is located in one of the nine far western Virgina counties, very pro union, and so very incensed by Virginia state secession.....they decided to fight fire with fire. They seceded not from the union, but the state! The US congress further thumbed their noses at Virginia proper, by admitting them into the union (in July 1863) as the brand new state of "West Virgina". Knowing that history....it seems VERY unlikely a CSA stamp first produced AFTER the cancel on it was applied in a now union occupied/official US state....is real.

    The upshot is I just don't know for sure (damn it), as a Bridgewater VA strike is one of those MANY still missing from my CSA cancel collection (again, damn it). If anyone can shed further light on this, there are now two interested parties......
    Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-09-08 at 12:37:17 PST   Listings
    Jim, maybe it's both, as CF himself implied!
    Posted by chaswilly   ( 1682 ) on Jan-09-08 at 12:13:59 PST   Listings
    iomoon, Jim, if that were true, then this board would be target rich.
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-09-08 at 12:00:45 PST   Listings

    That quote brings up an interesting legal point, which I'm sure has been addressed somewhere.

    If one places a defamatory message on a chatboard, is it considered libel or slander?
    Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-09-08 at 11:40:51 PST   Listings
    "but someone" = "by someone".
    Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-09-08 at 11:39:45 PST   Listings
    Linda - well, 67 or 68 isn't old. But yes, perhaps a good thing you didn't have to deal face to face. His impact on your company and the subsequent shenanigans are pretty well documented, if one reads the relevant back copies of the London Times and Sunday Times.

    Just for old time's sake, and to honour his passing, here's an excerpt from an email received but someone (not me, I hasten to add), who had the temerity to post comments on the net to the effect that (rather self-evidently, I would have thought), Mr F sold illegals:

    "This person who is not personally known to me, has issued a statement on the net vilifying my company, and libelling and slandering myself personally. There is no truth, and no substance in anything he says. I have never had a complaint of any kind upheld against my company, or myself, and I am a member in good standing of several Philatelic Dealers Associations. The scurrilous nature of this attack is reminiscent of the blood libels against my people, and the disgusting media inferences against people generally, and particularly, from time to time, of which we are all familiar. We shall be taking all legal measures to bring this vicious slanderer and his Society to justice, in every country where he has published the various libels. Even if he is a man of straw, one cannot let such evil go without taking any and all steps that are open to a normal professional and responsible British Citizen.

    Yours Respectfully ..." etc etc.

    In the event, no legal action was forthcoming, but that gives you the measure of the man, I think. Ah well, perhaps we shall not see his like again.


    Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Jan-09-08 at 11:09:49 PST   Listings
    jeff-raff: good stuff. What do you have for the 1953 Ohio Sesquicentennial? (Scott #1018). I've had a dog of a time getting interesting commercial covers for that stamp. My best is one along with other things on an airmail cover to Jamaica, probably.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-09-08 at 10:04:41 PST   Listings
    Rainer… Yes!!! You are correct, the “Y” is a “K”, and after ANA is a round letter (Q), then a letter obscured by a palm and then what might be an N.

    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-09-08 at 09:44:01 PST   Listings
    Jim, I guess the city name is "Khanaqin City", Your "Y" i guess should read "K", in addition, their was only one railways station with the name "City" in it...
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-09-08 at 09:36:59 PST   Listings
    Jim, thanks..., lets see what I can do with it. But if the characters in front of "CITY" are a town name, then I have some other problems. What city was it and did every station/halt had their own cancel? And, what was the purpose of the cancel?
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-09-08 at 09:04:14 PST   Listings
    Rainer… This is the best I can do. Eliminating the red was fairly easy—not so easy with the blue, because it has a lot of gray in it.

    I believe I can see RAIL at the top, 31 AUG 19- in the middle, and –YHANA CITY at the bottom. There are letters between YHANA and CITY which are indecipherable.

    Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-09-08 at 07:04:36 PST   Listings
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    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-09-08 at 07:01:18 PST   Listings
    Of course, I like to have an image of the cancel only...
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-09-08 at 06:59:35 PST   Listings
    On my Iraq Railway Stamps web site I have added a stamp (the large image in the middle of the page) with an almost complete but not very clear oval Iraq Railway cancel. Who can electronically, with the help of an graphic program, lift the cancel from the stamp so the details are more visible?
    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1456 ) on Jan-09-08 at 06:48:30 PST   Listings
    and an Indiana "Good Morning"
    to you all

    Jim L.

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-09-08 at 06:33:55 PST   Listings

    So you really expected me to do everything correct? They are pages 1-6.

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-09-08 at 06:32:08 PST   Listings

    My largest collection by far is US XX century commemoratives on cover. Sure, sounds a bit boring. Here are 6 pages from it, postal uses of the 1-cent Army commem of 1936. These are mounted, so page descriptions should be enough.

    page 1

    page 1

    page 1

    page 1

    page 1

    page 1


    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-09-08 at 06:18:22 PST   Listings

    Linda - remember this cover?


    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-09-08 at 02:39:54 PST   Listings
    Richard, fortunately when Mr Figtree was our boss he was a good 11,000 miles away. We rarely had dealings face to face, however his impact on the company was not a favourable one.
    I'm guessing, but I think he would have been about 67/68yrs old.
    Posted by sayasan   ( 739 ) on Jan-09-08 at 02:05:59 PST   Listings
    Just caught up with posts below, and haven't seen VSC yet. Whoaoaahh?? CF has passed on?? That was sudden. Last time I saw him he was sitting at his booth at London Philatex schmoozing the clientele as usual, and well on form. Yes, KL is correct, I could add some "rich detail" all right, and not just about illegals, either. Though I expect Linda knows more than I do ...

    I suppose son Jonathan will carry on the business(es). CF must have been in his mid-sixties, I think - not much of an age, really. The obituaries will be interesting. I suppose one thing you can say is that for four decades, starting as something of an outsider, he has driven a coach and horses through the snooty philatelic establishment, which you have to admire in a way, I guess.

    Regarding the "anarchist" tag from KL, David - it gets a bit irritating time after time, but it's true enough that I was active in the anarchist movement in the UK for many years, so I wouldn't want to dispute it. These days, I am a pillar of respectbility, heh heh.

    Richard W.

    Posted by malolo   ( 873 ) on Jan-09-08 at 00:37:48 PST   Listings
    Aloha Ralf -
    Thanks you very much for the information.

    The card was posted in Cadiz, which is between Portugal and Gibraltar, so this was probably a regular item in the local post office and used by many businesses in Cadiz. I guess it is quite unusual to go uprated to Switzerland.

    I love this Board. A guy living in Hawaii, collecting 19th century Switzerland, asks a pretty esoteric question about a postal card mailed in Cadiz, Spain, in 1898. In less than 2 hours another collector in England, who collects 1920's Germany, mentions help may be obtained from a German collector of Spanish material. In less than two hours the question is answered giving me a problem. It is going to fit in my exhibit; what do I take out?

    Swiss Razor Cancels
    Posted by buzones   ( 1051 ) on Jan-08-08 at 23:41:55 PST   Listings
    Roger (21:59:31 PST)

    Nice item! :-) This is a Spanish postal stationery card issued in 1893 for correspondance with Portugal and Gibraltar. Due to special Postal Conventions the postal fee was reduced to 5 céntimos for this two destinations (regulary 10 c. to UPU countries). These PSCs can often be found uprated with an additional 5 c. stamp used to other countries than P & G.

    Posted by infla-alec   ( 565 ) on Jan-08-08 at 23:02:16 PST   Listings
    Rainer I don't know about US mail but I believe in the UK there no longer exists the option of "sea mail" Post. Airmail for such a bulky lot would I'm afraid make such a buy far too expensive for me at this moment in time. Many years ago I did own a complete set but the guy I loaned them to died and I didn't want to hassle his relatives for their return. Since then I have alays wanted another replacement set. Of course not much information in there that relates to my own speciality. But a massive amount of information that refers to other areas I like to read and learn about. Occassionally I do see single sections of the set offered here in the UK but even these can be very expensive. Depending on which issue #'s are being offered.
    On another subject Rainer you asked in .de Cafe if anyone has a graphics program that could enlarge a file for you without losing detail. Sorry not something I have or even know how to use even if I did but perhaps worth your while explaining here exactly what you need and someone may be able to help you further. Some pretty clever computer people on this board. Sadly I'm not one of them.
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-08-08 at 22:56:03 PST   Listings
    ... however, it seems there is not surface/seal mail anymore... ;-(((
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-08-08 at 22:34:10 PST   Listings
    Alec, I have a complete set of these books but do not remember the shipping costs but I do remember that shipping was done by sea mail and it was reasonable. But I paid more for the books then the estimate from Harmers.., single books usually are charged at $ 20 - 25, some of them are even higher. There is a complete set currently at ebay for $ 1295...
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 565 ) on Jan-08-08 at 22:08:12 PST   Listings
    Roger Try contacting Ralf alias "buzones" he I'm sure can tell you more about Spanish related Postal history.
    Posted by malolo   ( 873 ) on Jan-08-08 at 21:59:31 PST   Listings
    Aloha tarjeta postal afficianados -
    Here's a card I just received and I'm curious as to the correct country designation. Portugal, Gibraltar, España?

    BTW - The Bellinzona razor canceler was only used for 14 days in 1898. Now I have a receiver example, but no space on an exhibit page. (;>(


    Posted by philatarium   ( 242 ) on Jan-08-08 at 21:05:44 PST   Listings
    pattybeadsbeads: I think it's that experienced collectors (and dealers) are jaded about the "million-dollar" collection phrase, especially when the article indicates that this is an estimate from the family. They are skeptical because of a lot of people show up on eBay (or at stamp shows, for that matter) thinking that they have a more valuable collection than turns out to be the case. So, I think that makes this particular chat board a "tough house", as the comics would say, to persuade.

    That said, I don't think you should give up hope yet. If I'm following you correctly, you have a police report filed. I think I would send copies of that report and of the Yuma article to these two major dealer associations:

    American Stamp Dealers Association:


    National Stamp Dealers Association:

    In fact, I think I would call them first and get their advice on what you can do.

    Just thinking out loud here, you might also want to send copies of the police report and the article (either regular mail or email) to any brick-and-mortar stamp stores in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and maybe California (at least San Diego and maybe the rest of Southern California, if not the whole state).

    You might also want to do the same thing with brick-and-mortar coin dealers, because some of them also buy stamps.

    You might also want to contact local pawn shops for advice, and I think they have their own networks about stolen property.

    I know that's a fair amount of work, but it might feel more fruitful for you than just sitting on your hands and waiting for something to happen.

    (And it just occurred to me that you can also find stamp dealer listings here:
    http://www.stamps.org/directories/dir_DealerMembers.htm )

    Finally, I don't think it's inappropriate to check back in here from time to time. As you can see, there are a number of regulars here with good memories, so you just need to let them know that you're checking back in. Hopefully you'll have some good news to share!

    Good luck with all of this. It's a situation no one would want to face.

    -- Dave
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 20:48:23 PST   Listings

    OK Confederate collectors, too good to be true?

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 20:30:36 PST   Listings

    Oh Yess, do you own it????

    Posted by nomad55   ( 956 ) on Jan-08-08 at 20:19:52 PST   Listings
    Jeff aka Postal Hysteria.....do you recognize this cover?

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 20:19:41 PST   Listings

    patty - I think the turn-off here is the glitzy "million dollar collection" angle. Did your relative SPEND a million on it? Or is it a Million in "catalog value". Or is it 5 million common stamps that catalog at 20 cents each? Million dollar ACTUAL CASH VALUE collections are not generally put together by retired postal workers. I know there is always that chance, but about the same as one of my wife's donkeys winning the Preakness.


    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-08-08 at 20:12:17 PST   Listings
    Jeff By all means take it as a compliment! I did not even understand what I wrote but it sounded purdy gooood. I would never knowingly pass anything untoo thee in the deragotory.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 20:08:28 PST   Listings
    patty b… Aha. Now, some questions.

    The only thing that can identify the stuff your uncle owned is his name on envelopes and/or binders, etc. The person you think stole the stamps is aware she is under suspicion. In light of this, how likely do you think it is she will sell or otherwise dispose of items that still have your uncle’s name on them? If you find that extremely unlikely, how do you think you will be able to identify anything that belonged to your uncle, since you have no records of them whatever? Even if she were to brazenly set up a roadside stand next to your house and sell stamps from it, there is no way you could ever identify them as having belonged to your uncle.

    It’s a sad story, and I very much doubt there will be a happy ending to it.

    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:50:29 PST   Listings
    The woman that helped my Uncle on e-bay is the one we think took the stamps. She isn't going to talk to us. The police have already talked to her and she knows that we are watching her very closely. She told my sister that she felt that she deserved the stamps because she helped him buy stamps on e-Bay. So asking her for help is out of the question.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:49:00 PST   Listings
    patty b… I guess we will expect you to come back here in two months, having again taken no one’s advice, asking if any of us have heard of the “million dollar stamp heist”.

    If you do some research, as has been spelled out by more than one poster here, please come back and tell us what you found out. Otherwise this is kinda going in an endless dopey circle.

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:46:43 PST   Listings

    grin ... i'll take that as a compliment, as I have not had one all year!

    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:44:07 PST   Listings
    I have to go now and to all of you who care enough to respone to me thankyou. My family and I can only hope that one day something good comes out of this. God Bless you all! Good night.
    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:38:53 PST   Listings
    Maybe I get what you are trying to say jaywild. Tell them the stamp collection is worth alot of money and we will never get it back, tell them it isn't worth a penny and who care's, we get it back. Either way we want it back and there is a Ten Thousand dollor reward.
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:35:59 PST   Listings
    Jeff I find that quite presumtious, unless of course I have underestimated you (something I had hithertoo
    not thought possible) doodoodooodooododododododododododododo
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:34:56 PST   Listings

    I sure aren't no Einstein

    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:33:33 PST   Listings
    Patty Then, that "women" would know his ebay ID, correct?
    Looking at his feedback you might be able to track some items down via the seller.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:29:50 PST   Listings















    deep doo doo

    sorry, I am a sucker for the obvious

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:27:58 PST   Listings

    And now, for something completely different ...

    I picked this card up recently elsewhere, franked with a single 8c Einstein of the Prominent Americans issue, addressed to Czechoslovakia.

    Things would have gone OK if the sender didn't add the Air Mail etiquette which upped the required postage ante from 8c to 13c.

    It was assessed 10c postage due (see the numerator of the 10/13) this being double the deficiency in postage, 2 x 5c. Whethere this was ever paid for at destination isn't shown.


    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:25:37 PST   Listings
    NOIP… I think the perfs on this stamp look pretty funky to me, especially on the right.

    What say all?

    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:23:42 PST   Listings
    Yes! you are right the stamp collection was worth alot of money. One of the woman that knew where the stamps were help him buy stamps from e-Bay.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:21:27 PST   Listings
    Mitch… Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo—

    (Twilight Zone theme song…)


    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:09:13 PST   Listings
    Jeff Hehehe.....I kinda like it. Might not buy or sell anything else on ebay.
    Anybody remember the bar-code, Hopi, bear, beast connection?
    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:07:05 PST   Listings
    Jeff & Patty I find the article interesting in the fact that nothing else was stolen! It does raise many questions, not the less, that someone might seemed to have known there was something good in the collection.
    Who knows?
    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:03:45 PST   Listings
    Thank you for the good tips. .What makes this so difficult is that only two people in Yuma knew that the stamps were in the U- Haul and where the U-Haul was parked. Since we can't prove it the Yuma police can't do anything about it. This is why we hope that maybe someone will get stupid and sell them some where. We do know that he had lots of envolpes and binders and his name was on lots of those things.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 19:01:18 PST   Listings

    mitch - waaay spooky feedback number. Please go buy or sell something quick!


    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:53:44 PST   Listings
    pattys-beads… This is what was said the last time you were on here.

    If your uncle had a valuable collection, he had to have bought from major dealers and/or auction houses. Even if thieves took everything in his house including the wallpaper, the auction houses or dealers would have records of the transactions, and archived images.

    If you go to Google, look up “stamp dealers” and then contact the dealers who show up on the list. (You don’t even have to pay for stamps—all major dealers have email.) Do the same thing with “stamp auctions”. If none of them dealt with your uncle, then two things are clear. One, the chance of you getting the stamps back is about one in a billion. Without images, or even a list of the material involved, your quest is sadly, utterly, and completely hopeless. Secondly, and perhaps equally painful, is that the collection probably wasn’t worth very much. Major dealers and auctions (and now eBay) are the only ways to acquire top-notch material. The only other sources of material are trading with friends, buying new issues at the Post Office, steaming stamps off mail, and buying mail order stamp packets, none of which will yield a collection worth more than a couple hundred dollars at most.

    My advice? Do as I suggest in contacting dealers and auction houses. If none of them ever dealt with your uncle, then do yourself a favor and let the matter drop.

    Posted by antonius-ra   ( 666 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:49:32 PST   Listings
    Pattybeadsx2 It is not known to us what you have pursued in the hopes of unraveling this heist. I would imagine that you have contacted all of the stamp dealers in Arizona to see if they are familliar with your uncle?
    If that was a no-go you should inquire to all the major auction houses. This board is read by many many people who do not post, perhaps someone will recognize his name.
    Stealing stamps is rather an unheard of thing for theives
    (unless of course they do not care what they are hijacking).
    The reason being is that some "dirt wad" would most often have no clue as to their worth or how to dispose of them.
    Your best bet is trying to find a dealer or a collecting friend who is familliar with what he collected and might have had. Every stamp is like a fingerprint. They are all somewhat unique especially when cancelled.
    Paper trails in stamps can become very vague, however.
    Many people do not save those reciepts (for one obvious reason or another)
    Whether your uncle was rich or the renegade black-sheep of the family might answer that question!?!
    Many a disposed King or Queen has fled their countries with
    stamps sown into the linings of their clothes (really good ones of course). I doubt they included the receipts. By weight there is no more valuable item on the planet as a "top" stamp.
    Good luck with your pursuit!

    Addendum: Getting ripped off really sucks (for so many reasons). However most people overvalue their stamp collections in a ridiculous manner.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:45:03 PST   Listings

    stamp heist article

    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:24:36 PST   Listings
    For any one just tuning in my Uncles name is Edwin Cherry and the stamp collection was stolen in Yuma Arizona
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:23:26 PST   Listings

    duhh .. I just noted that I replied to J-Ws reply to Linda.

    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:10:58 PST   Listings
    First of all I did not ignore your suggestions. We have called all the people that we could to see if they could help out and they are trying. Second of all does it really matter what the collection is worth? This collection has been in our family for over 60 years. So we really don't care how much it is worth at this point. We just want the collection back. Like I said before we are hoping that someone might see my uncles name on something. The receipts for the stamps that were in the collection were stolen also. The inventories of stamps were stolen also. So you can see that it has been very difficult for us to use that information to help find the stamps. I just happen to be a very positive person and know that someday we will find the stamps and prosecute the persons you took them.
    Posted by doh1953   ( 533 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:10:14 PST   Listings
    Thank you Jeff
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:04:53 PST   Listings


    went to babelfish and got this translation:

    "it is contiguous"

    I am more familiar with "bonita"

    perhaps a lawsuit for slander would be appropriate??


    (I am only the messenger, don't shoot me)

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 18:00:33 PST   Listings

    doh: Sealed is fine, sealed or tucked in. Slitting the top flap is a no-no.


    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:55:48 PST   Listings
    patty-beads… You brought the story of the “million dollar stamp heist” to this board a couple months ago. You were given some specific suggestions to help you in your quest, which you ignored.

    If you’re going to retail the story here again, you might save yourself the trouble. As was pointed out to you earlier, if the collection was worth $1 million, it must have cost very nearly that much to put it together, and if so, there will be a trail of receipts and other documentation a mile long. If you found no such evidence amongst your relative’s papers, then it is simply not credible that the collection was worth a million dollars.

    Posted by doh1953   ( 533 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:42:29 PST   Listings
    Hello out there.I do not know much about stamps so could someome please answer this question for me.I just bought a bunch of first day covers and the envelopes are sealed.Befoe I put these on line could tell me if they are supposed to be sealed or not.Thanks.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:38:49 PST   Listings

    It woudl be interesting if soemone made a study which stamps of certain countries actually were on sale to the public instead of only at philatelic bureaux & fdc's. or contrived covers were the only actual usages,

    I would guess that only about 50% of all listed stamps of some countries from 1980 onwards would pass the test whilst in some others would be lucky to be 10%. The only reason they are considered legal is that the receipts for the sales went into government coffers instead of individuals pockets,

    David B.
    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:35:23 PST   Listings
    Has anyone heard anything about the million dollar stamp heist in Yuma Az on Aug 23,2007
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:24:56 PST   Listings
    Miss L… You know “Linda” means “pretty” in Español…

    Strangely, online translators render “linda” as “it is contiguous”. There is a Loma Linda in Tucson, a beautiful hill right north of River Road.

    Posted by pattybeadsbeads   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:24:16 PST   Listings
    Looking for Connie Bowling. Does any one know how I can find her. I was told that she had some stamps for sale.
    Posted by nomad55   ( 956 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:20:33 PST   Listings
    Duncan D is correct in identifying that stampless NYC cover as a Boyds. The red 'smudge' marking at the right edge reads "Paid JTB".
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-08-08 at 17:15:02 PST   Listings

    Bad move on his part.

    If he signed an agreement that no illegal stamps would be sold.
    Effectively he agreed that what he was selling were illegal?

    I don't think Ken L. and I will ever agree as to what constitutes legal or illegal in terms of the country which is supposed to be authorizing the use of stamps on letters used for real mail.

    Since most countries will now cancel "FDC's" months after the issue date for a usage which for unaddressed mail I consider to be worthless in the first place.

    Admitedly, there is room for argument in a country where two opposing parties vie for international acceptance.

    However, in such a case, it is often not the first thing on the overwhelming parties list of priorities to issue new stamps proclaiming their victory and getting them OK'ed by the UPU.

    For the most part, they don't even want their civilians communicating with each other.
    If in fact they can.
    People in the countries cannot afford to buy stamps (in many cases) so contracts are made to external printers to produce stamps for collectors, stamps which have not a chance in hell of being sold to the countries inhabitants.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-08-08 at 16:20:33 PST   Listings

    it as only because he signed an agreement that no illegal stamps would be sold.

    Like I mentioned yesterday, there is nothing in the recommendations of the APS about not selling illegals and I have to agree with KL that there are many that are very difficult to prove are illegal or not as the contracts for the production were made by a member of the government although in many cases the contracts were not recognised by the party in power. However non existant countries or stamps designated in US$ instead of their own currencies should be easy to identify,

    The other problem is that AFAIK there are no philatelic Ebay Stamp Managers,

    David B.
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-08-08 at 16:09:20 PST   Listings
    Tut tut D2,

    Fancy that.
    A report on stamps being sold as issued by non existent countries being kicked out of an international exhibition.

    I wonder why eBay isn't able to come up with similar criteria to remove "illegal" stamps from their auctions.

    Well, apart from the fact that eBay employees don't appear to have a clue about stamps;

    that illegal stamps bring in profits;

    hmmmmm, I can't think of any other reasons.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-08-08 at 15:28:49 PST   Listings

    I like one of the comments that was made about his productions of jam tin labels which he called stamps,

    " They are a good way of introducing new collectors into the hobby as the colorful productions & their themes attract young collectors ",

    I only met him once at Philakorea where I had the honour of inspecting his stand to report to the organisers about the various items he had for sale from non existant countries. My report led to his expulsion from the exhibition,

    David B (the snitch)
    Posted by rayrobertson27701   ( 3 )   on Jan-08-08 at 15:25:32 PST   Listings
    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-08-08 at 14:43:38 PST   Listings
    oh not gooood at all JayJim.
    but, an ex-Boss of mine :o(
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-08-08 at 14:31:48 PST   Listings

    bad to 99.999999999999%, good in the opinion of one person (initials are KL)

    David B.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 14:19:00 PST   Listings
    Yipes… Looks like more rain in store for “sunny” SoCal. The yellow arrow is the direction of the storm, the blue X is me.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 14:11:37 PST   Listings
    NOIP… Who was this Feigenbaum person? Bad guy or good guy?

    Posted by chaswilly   ( 1682 ) on Jan-08-08 at 13:32:57 PST   Listings
    jaywild, Congrats - looks like a nice acquisition.
    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 13:21:41 PST   Listings

    J-W: nice prexie tag!

    IO: and also that character has at least 4 meanings!

    jeff-raff (who has only 1 meaning)

    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-08-08 at 13:03:56 PST   Listings
    oh, OK thanks Jim. think I like being Linda here!!
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:59:28 PST   Listings

    or can we call you by your real name, now that you have "come out of the closet".

    Seems I get the wrong magazines.

    Feigenbaum's departure must have been as early as November to make all the magazines I don't read.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:56:45 PST   Listings
    Alec… Thanks. I have always wondered how Germany could suddenly hack inflation off at the roots like that, and now I know.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:52:37 PST   Listings
    NOIP… Today’s indulgence. Here’s a peek at the dateline…


    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:48:12 PST   Listings
    David Feigenbaum died? when? how?
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 565 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:22:57 PST   Listings
    Charles A remarkable FDC indeed.
    Jaywild Inflation ended officially on 1 Dec 1923 as you know with the introduction of the new Renten Mark currency which was tied to the very stable Gold Franc. What many don't realise is that this was the idea of a Dr Haldjar Schlacht (spelling) later to become the paymaster for the Reich in 1933 under the infamous Adolf H.
    By late November the new notes were I believe already in circulation. Though 1 Dec is recognized as the day postal stamps could be accepted at the fixed exchange rate of 10 Milliarden = 1 Renten Pfennig.The older stamps were now no longer sold at post offices and only those in private hands could still be used up to 31.12.23. Although some examples so exist that went through the postal system without surcharge in the early months of 1924. I also do not believe any of the Notgeld could be officially exchanged and were by 1 Dec 1923 invalid.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:17:11 PST   Listings
    Waiter, there’s a Fräulein in my wine…

    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:15:00 PST   Listings
    I taut eye sore ay poosee khat a chreeping hup ohn mee!!
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 12:09:56 PST   Listings
    Iomoon… Good examples!! Now here’s an English spelling riddle for you—how do you pronounce GHOTI? Answer in white below.

    The answer is FISH. GH as in couGH, O as in wOmen, TI as in naTIon.


    Bjorn... Not only does English have the “th” sound, we have two of them—voiced and voiceless. Voiced as in “the”, voiceless as in “thin”.

    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-08-08 at 11:06:03 PST   Listings
    Oh I didn't catch the "typo". Surely they meant to write thought, but Norwegian doesn't have the "th" sound so those not too well taught (pun intended) might pronounce it "tought". Well that's what I tink. ;-)

    I also note it's addressed to a Miss in Vienna, rather than a Fräulein in Wien.
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-08-08 at 11:01:43 PST   Listings

    Try these two:


    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 10:42:48 PST   Listings
    Bjorn… They first need to teach themselves how to spell taught!!

    I think, though, they were trying to say “thought”. English is an undisciplined, heartless monster when it comes to spelling. For every “rule” there are 5 dozen exemptions. The only way to learn to spell English (which you do superbly, by the way) is to memorize how every word in the language looks.

    Posted by chaswilly   ( 1682 ) on Jan-08-08 at 10:38:45 PST   Listings
    bjornmu to paraphrase Johannes Nawrocki in his forward to Gebührenstempel der Inflationszeit "And if one thinks of this plethora of markings, available only from August to December, 1923 - when emergency measures developed because of a lack of stamps - then we must admire the adaptability of the post offices - which knew how to manage through the most difficult of sitatuions - and because the Reichsdruckerei (sic, although it wasn't imperial at this time) was busy printing money during this 4 month period of the most rapid monetary depreciation of all time."

    I would assume officially printed banknotes could be traded for Rentenpfennig on December 1, 1923, but I doubt Notgeld or "emergency notes" would be valid. I am not certain on this issue.

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-08-08 at 10:35:56 PST   Listings
    NOIP… I won this yesterday, a correct parcel post solo usage I believe. Here’s the reasoning—

    Scott 832
    1 dollar Woodrow Wilson
    WEIGHT: > 6 ? 7 pounds
    TYPE OF MAIL: parcel post, zone 6
    RATE: 28¢ first pound, 11.95¢ each add’l pound
    RATE PERIOD: 1 Oct 1953 through 31 Jan 1960
    Beecher/Wawrukiewicz p. 163 table 30-1

    The distance between Charleston WV and Denver CO works out to parcel post zone 6. Although this tag is undated, there is a “1.00” notation which suggests that the postage charge was exactly $1. This weight/zone/rate-period combination comes to 99.7¢, which would be rounded up to $1—there is no other combination that allows a zone 6 parcel post mailing to come out to exactly $1.

    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-08-08 at 10:20:08 PST   Listings
    Interesting concept: how do you teach stamps do do something? Note the text in the bottom left. :-) (Image is from a current auction)
    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-08-08 at 10:05:35 PST   Listings
    Chaswilly, nice cover! "Gebühr bezahlt" means just "fee paid", not necessarily "in cash", this cancel could be used in lieu of stamp until Dec 14. Speaking of which, I wonder how people got cash on Dec 1, or could infla banknotes also be used they same way stamps could?
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-08-08 at 09:42:07 PST   Listings


    I think I hear your name mentioned,

    " No doubt my anarchist stamp cop friend can add rich detail now that the man can no longer serve writs upon his accusers "

    David B.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-08-08 at 09:39:56 PST   Listings
    Interesting comment on Virtual Stamp Chat,

    " This issue of Linn's also includes an obituary for Clive Feigenbaum, the bête noir of the Internet stamp police. "

    It goes well with the comment I made yesterday " Illegals are another problem as someone whispered in Ebay's ears that Illegals are collectable and should be allowed to be listed "

    David B.
    Posted by chaswilly   ( 1682 ) on Jan-08-08 at 09:11:31 PST   Listings
    infla-alec Alec, liked your reused postcard. I have a favorite reused cover in my collection as well which I acquired from Gerhard Binder several years ago.

    Here is the front and first usage - from November 7th, 1923 paying the postage for a domestic letter of 1 Billion Marks for the period beginning November 5th, 1923 and ending November 11th, 1923 from Hecklingen to Norden, Germany.

    Here is the reverse or the second usage from December 1st, 1923 and paying the 5 Pfg. Rentenpfenning currency reform rate for a local letter for the period beginning December 1st, 1923 within the small town of Norden, Germany. The amount is noted as 5 Pfg. with a manuscript "K" which is the initial of the postal clerk and red boxed "Gebühr Bezahlt" (Fee paid in cash) marking mailed from the Prussian District Court locally. A remarkable (IMHO) first day cover.

    Posted by scottpel3   ( 853 ) on Jan-08-08 at 07:27:59 PST   Listings
    Jeff: Thank you also for your input.

    Posted by scottpel3   ( 853 ) on Jan-08-08 at 07:15:07 PST   Listings
    Thank you all for your replies.

    Jay: I had also checked Scott's specialized without success. I appreciate your insight.

    Roger: Thank you for the information on the frequency of delivery. It explains the enclosed letter.

    Dunc: I thought it looked like it might be a Boyd's cancel so was disappointed that Scott didn't list it. I completely missed that the stamp was removed until you pointed it out.

    I appreciate all your guidance on a cover that has been bothering me for several years.

    Posted by goldenplans4u   ( 2 ) on Jan-08-08 at 06:55:04 PST   Listings
    Hi all!
    Any one has idea about current pricing of stamps dating 1888 North Africa region? Thanks
    Posted by buzones   ( 1051 ) on Jan-08-08 at 06:24:02 PST   Listings

    Thanks again for the tip! :-)

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 06:09:57 PST   Listings

    Jim L. - thanks for the reply a couple of days ago about the precancel


    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 06:08:27 PST   Listings

    Ralf - I am not aware of any published handbooks on US duplex cancels as a subject. There is a well-known book on Chicago Postal History which likely shows this city in detail. Likely other city-specific books/articles lurking in the APS library. An e-mail to Ms Horn there could get you started. I suggest your best bet is right here on eBay doing a lot of clicking, copying and pasting.


    Posted by buzones   ( 1051 ) on Jan-08-08 at 05:40:52 PST   Listings
    Jim & jeff

    Thanks for the fast answers! Any idea where can I find images of the different "killer" types with the numbers inside? I thikk there are at least four or five different designs.

    Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3852 ) on Jan-08-08 at 05:06:31 PST   Listings

    Billsley - your Argentina link doesn't work for me this morning.

    buzones - New York City and Chicago duplexes from the 1880s can be found with numbers in the 50s, maybe higher for NYC.

    I second Duncan's observation on Boyds


    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1456 ) on Jan-08-08 at 04:54:29 PST   Listings
    and an Indiana "Good Morning"
    to you all

    Subway is not doing as well as in the past. I’ve been buying from them off and on since the 1970s. Back on Nov. 21 I tried to order a batch of Minkus & Scott Irish supplements over the phone. I’d told Subway that if they did not have all the years to not send any of them. They did fine with the Scott supplements. But they really messed up the Minkus part of the order. There were three years they did not have and they shipped the order any way. I called and they told me they were going to check with another source to see if they could locate the missing years. I did not hear from them and laid it at the busyness of the holidays. It was not until my January statement that the charge showed up on my charge card. I called and they told me they had been unable to find the years I’d ordered. They just did not tell me until I called them. I’ve had to return the supplements they sent at my expense and they stated they are not refunding the shipping charge. So, their mistake is going to cost me almost $14.00. It sure would be nice if they did not list items they do not have. I’ll be much less inclined to order supplements from them in the future.

    But, I was told that Minkus is discontinuing their Irish pages. So, I guess I’ll be looking for another album or will be adding another area where I’m making my own pages.

    Generally the number stands for the workstation. Occasionally, usually in the smaller offices, the number represents a specific clerk. Sometimes the number merely indicates how many devices they had on hand as that office used them indiscriminately.

    Jim L.

    Posted by buzones   ( 1051 ) on Jan-08-08 at 03:25:52 PST   Listings
    Hi @ll! A question from "abroad".

    Could anybody provide me some information on the usage and types of this kind of US duplex cancels? Best would be a link to a adaquate website but all other details will be apreciate, too. What does the number in the killer part stands for? Counters in a post office? Thank you in advance for your answers!

    Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 132 ) on Jan-08-08 at 00:24:40 PST   Listings
    To scottpel3,

    The red handstamp looks like "BOYD'S CITY / EXPRESS POST." and it looks like a Boyd's stamp has been roughly removed.

    Posted by malolo   ( 873 ) on Jan-07-08 at 23:55:01 PST   Listings
    scottpel3 -
    Just for the record this week I was researching some numerals on 1870-85 items addressed within the Geneva, Switzerland locale. The numerals represented which delivery they went out on. Guess how many numbers there are - 6. That's right six deliveries per day in and around Geneva. The first delivery was 7am, last was 5pm.
    As a child in Coventry, England, I can remember two deliveries a day in a small community on the outskirts of the city. I recall redaeing that in the 19th century in London one could write Invitations to be mailed during the morning delivery and expect a reply prior to an afternoon tea. The recipient would have time to receive the letter, write a response, mail it and have the response delivered. No Fedex, all for a penny!

    Swiss Razor Cancels
    Posted by afeht   ( 1231 ) on Jan-07-08 at 22:22:43 PST   Listings

    Did you receive my CD? I shipped it more than a week ago - though this time of the year everything moves slowly.

    Also: Is there any particular reason, why there is no OSTROPA souvenir sheet in your otherwise very solid Germany collection? I can see NOTHILFE sheet there but no OSTROPA or IPOSTA. OSTROPA is usually readily available - for example, look at the current eBay listings.
    Posted by afeht   ( 1231 ) on Jan-07-08 at 21:43:15 PST   Listings

    Thank you very much - this is exactly what I need. Descriptions in Album Weeds are good but nothing replaces seeing actual stamps. Awesome!
    Posted by billsey   ( 871 ) on Jan-07-08 at 21:30:45 PST   Listings
    afeht check out my Argentina collection. Pay special attention to the genuine examples in frame 1 of the stamp collection and forgeries in frame 1 of specialist topics. BTW the common forgeries are very easy to tell, the 10 and 15 centavos values have a narrow 'C' in Centavos (they were created from the last 5 centavos design) and the 5 centavos typically don't have the right colors. The only ones that are at all tough are the forgeries of Scott 7H.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-07-08 at 21:29:08 PST   Listings
    scottpel3… There is a 10 Rutgers Street in New York City. I didn’t check any other cities though…

    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-07-08 at 21:22:38 PST   Listings
    scottpel3… I think your cover is a “local handstamped cover”, carried by a private company rather than the USPO. They operated much like messengers do today—you call for a messenger (or send the servant back then) and they take a note wherever you want in the city that same day.

    Scott lists examples of some of these, but I didn’t find yours. I’m assuming it’s from New York City. The fact that the mark is poorly printed (and the tears at right on the cover) will have an unpleasant effect on value I’m afraid.

    Posted by afeht   ( 1231 ) on Jan-07-08 at 20:51:01 PST   Listings
    If anybody has a link to a site showing in detail the difference between genuine Argentina Scott ##5-7 and their Gibbons reprints, I would appreciate it very much.
    Posted by scottpel3   ( 853 ) on Jan-07-08 at 20:30:43 PST   Listings

    Does someone recognize this cancellation. It appears to be an 1854 cover. The CITY and POST in the cancellation are clear and it appears to have paid on the right of the envelope.

    The note says "I much regret that I am unable to fulfill my engagement with you this eve as I am indisposed."

    I found it interesting that the writer expected the letter to arrive before their engagement the same evening.

    Warning the image is 840K


    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-07-08 at 16:28:41 PST   Listings
    Roger… Bite your tongue!

    Alec... Very nice! I noticed the difference in the rate right off. It’s amazing to me how the authorities in Germany kept such close track of inflation, and issued new postal rates almost weekly. Another mystery is how it was all stopped on Dec 1 1923. Did they impose wage/price controls?

    Posted by malolo   ( 873 ) on Jan-07-08 at 15:47:29 PST   Listings
    Alec -
    No problem now. Green was a favorite color, eh? I hope this card doesn't lead us into another discussion.........


    Posted by bjornmu   ( 965 ) on Jan-07-08 at 15:32:17 PST   Listings
    Kavendor, could be a typical case of bad programming in their web application. Something went wrong during processing of your order, but instead of being completely cancelled, the "order" part went through but the "payment" part did not.

    Just an educated guess.
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 565 ) on Jan-07-08 at 15:31:43 PST   Listings
    Kavendor Holiday season delay ? Temporary staff screw up ? Simple oversight ? No end of possibilities why the web site displays the wrong information. But being honest and contacting Subway is the right thing to do. Just be sure they don't go charging you twice.
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 565 ) on Jan-07-08 at 15:27:32 PST   Listings
    Roger Try this upload to another host for the Infla card
    Posted by kavendor   ( 20 ) on Jan-07-08 at 15:22:57 PST   Listings
    About 2 weeks ago, I placed an order with Subway Stamp Shop; the order never changed from "Web Order Received" status on their website, and three email requests for info on the order went unanswered.

    A couple of days ago, the hold on my credit card in the amount of the purchase that was placed when I initially placed the order was released by my credit card issuer, as it had not been charged within the 10 day period allowed. But when I got home from work today, the order had arrived; I still have not been charged for it, I still have not received any communication from them, and the website still lists the order as "Web Order Received".

    I feel kinda silly having to call them to get them to charge me, but it looks like that's what I'm going to have to do. Anyone have any idea why this would have happened?
    Posted by malolo   ( 873 ) on Jan-07-08 at 14:58:02 PST   Listings
    Alec -
    Interesting rate story, but no can see image - forbidden access.
    Posted by infla-alec   ( 565 ) on Jan-07-08 at 14:24:54 PST   Listings
    Time to share Thought I'd share this nice little Infla card with you all. Yes it is part of my own collection and I really like it. Why some may ask ?

    Ok firstly it was sent from Cöln - Leipzig on 9 Oct 1923 as a Bücker Zettel (book order)This was classified as being Drucksache,(printed matter)so the correct rate of 400 Thousand marks was applied. The addressee then replied using the same card on 11 October and it was sent from Leipzig back to Köln this time a fee of 2 Million Marks was applied. This being the correct rate for an Inland distance postcard.

    Now double use of covers is not rare, not common either though. Covers can be found simply turned inside out and re-used or with labels stuck on over the original and then reused. However it is very scarce to find cards doubly used more so when it shows two different rates and best of all from two different postal periods. The printed matter rate ran from 1-9 October and the rates changed on 10th.
    Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-07-08 at 14:00:40 PST   Listings

    The website "philatelic tidbits" now has a live link to this chat board. Their description reads: "A very noisy board, but some extremely knowledgable people there."

    (Emphasis on extremely theirs)

    I claim no responsibility for this having happened.......
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-07-08 at 13:00:59 PST   Listings

    for some obscure reason APS bans the sales of Computer manufactured replicas on their sales venue, Stampstore but Ebay allows them for sale even though they state they follow APS suggestions on what is allowed and what is not,

    David B.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-07-08 at 10:46:50 PST   Listings

    Fakes & Illegals are two separate issues. Ebay has a problem with discerning between modern fakes and classical fakes and can't see the difference. Illegals are another problem as someone whispered in Ebay's ears that Illegals are collectable and should be allowed to be listed,

    David B.
    Posted by dbenson   ( 8784 ) on Jan-07-08 at 10:43:50 PST   Listings
    Apisbee, it is a problem between Paypal & the South African Government, I suggest you write either of them a letter, they will file it in the appropriate place,

    David B.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-07-08 at 10:43:46 PST   Listings
    Richard F… Thanks!

    Posted by apisbee   ( 68 ) on Jan-07-08 at 09:58:51 PST   Listings
    It woould seem that Ebay sales made from South Africa are unable to be paid via Paypal
    Posted by 1covers   ( 1373 ) on Jan-07-08 at 08:25:43 PST   Listings
    US Penny Mail Phila Pa - used on carrier mail in Philly.
    Posted by jaywild   ( 1037 ) on Jan-07-08 at 08:17:44 PST   Listings
    NOIP… Does anyone happen to know what this mark says? At top I can read US ***Y MAIL, and at bottom PHILA PA. (The date is May 4, 1863—there’s a clear CDS on the stamp.) A pencil notation on the cover says “carrier stamp”. I consulted Herst-Sampson and found something similar, but not that one exactly.

    Anybody recognize it?

    Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1456 ) on Jan-07-08 at 07:03:29 PST   Listings
    Posted by iomoon   ( 1056 ) on Jan-07-08 at 06:21:05 PST   Listings

    Yes I was being politically correct.

    I do indeed know about the Armenian genocide following long conversations with my now deceased father and mother-in-law, along with the Bishop of St. Vartan's and many other prominant Armenians in NY.

    It is somewhat telling in that there are 3.2 million Armenians in Armenia and 4 million in the rest of the world, including over 1 million in the USA.
    Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-07-08 at 04:34:22 PST   Listings
    do_not_bid! The only thing which gets eBay's attention is a Rights Violation complaint filed by the original copyright holder.

    For example, if the Attorney General of a particular country filed a complaint that certain "illegal stamps" violate copyright, then eBay would pull the listing.

    Anyway, eBay is not clear on what constitutes an "illegal stamp". WHat makes it "illegal" anyway? What legal jurisdiction is involved and does that directly affect eBay?

    THe whole question of "illegal stamps" is political anyway. Ebay does not care as long as sellers sell and pay comissions and buyers do not complain.
    Posted by mini*lindy   ( 563 ) on Jan-07-08 at 04:19:27 PST   Listings
    Frank breffington. NO. You can only find an eBay seller by their eBay ID or by their email address.
    Advance Search/by seller / Find Member link on left.
    Posted by 22028   ( 1677 ) on Jan-07-08 at 03:18:43 PST   Listings
    do_no_bid!, ebay does not care at all..., they will receive their listing fees so they are fine.., in addition, they leave the responsibilities to the seller as the seller have to confirm (in short) that the item listed complies with the ebay listing policy...
    Posted by do_not_bid!   ( 180 ) on Jan-07-08 at 02:19:03 PST   Listings
    Does anyone at eBay care that there are 1000s of fake, illegal stamps listed?
    Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-07-08 at 01:38:01 PST   Listings
    The only research Scott does is price discovery
    Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-07-08 at 01:08:21 PST   Listings
    ALEX-------Scott does not do any research on those Armenian stamps or any other countries stamps.

    They go to the speciality societies and both the experts and major dealers to get input before the listing is published and even after it is published it is continueous reviewed by those in that speciality field.

    So its safe to say Scott leaves what is printed has been reviewed by the experts ,but thats not to say all experts agree.....paul