Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1159 ) on Dec-30-06 at 20:01:25 PST   Listings
In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s another “C” value “Q precancel, this one from Chicago, but the company is unknown in my old catalogue.

Jim L.

Posted by bjornmu   ( 854 ) on Dec-30-06 at 06:14:03 PST   Listings
While we're on the subject of executed tyrants, my obvious choice for Q would have to be Quisling, who appeared on stamps to mark that he had himself appointed "minister president" of a new "National Government". The stamp was issued with and without date.

The left stamp has been put there temporarily as I haven't soaked it. These are hard to find with good, non-FD cancels, especially from smaller places. On the other hand, I don't want perfect cancels, because 90-95% of these are fake.

A third stamp was issued for the first meeting of the "National Assembly". Note that I have put all those names in quotes... All these stamps were invalid from May 15, 1945.

Finally, he appears on two stamps for the European Postal Congress in Vienna. These were also invalid from the same date. Without his face, they probably still would, but they might then have become valid again from Sep. 1, 1981, along with a few other WWII issues.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1158 ) on Dec-30-06 at 04:33:48 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Bill C
Guess it’s all those ups and downs of Cincinnati that got me sticking in the extra “T.”
Thanks for re-posting the link for the “Q” perfins.

The MW AP 41 on the precancel means that the total cost of shipping the package was over 6 cents and that the Montgomery Wards Company had to date the stamps they used on that package. The package would have been mailed in April of 1941. It’s one of the Printed Dateds rather than a handstamp dated.
I don’t know about the rarity of the invert on the Nashville Precancel, but the type is a common one. It was an electro plate that the used on a printing press to precancel sheets of 100 stamps at a time. The inverts are less common than the normal, so I’d call it a “keeper.”

They have gotten the “Revise your lot” pages working again this morning.

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s another C valued “Q“ Perfin from Quaker City Rubber in Philadelphia, PA click here .

Jim L.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1158 ) on Dec-29-06 at 20:52:19 PST   Listings
Bill D.
Thanks much for the info. I’ve got three more “Q” perfins to post and then we should be on to the “R”s.

All at once eBay’s “revise” links are not working. I wonder what’s up. :8^(9

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a “Q” perfin from
Cincinnatti, Ohio.
My old catalogue rates it as a “C” which I take to mean it’s common.

Jim L.
Posted by stjohnstamps   ( 837 ) on Dec-29-06 at 20:38:03 PST   Listings
More US Q-perfins... Q1-Q1-Q3-Q4 / Q5-Q6-Q8-Q9-Q10 I just got the Q8 last week. The other 3 are on my wantlist Q0.5 Q0.6 and Q7.

jaywild you sniped me out of the Arizona precancels today :-( didn't know you collected them.
Posted by wrd3   ( 99 ) on Dec-29-06 at 14:09:39 PST   Listings
jaywild I'm glad the cover made it there safely. Too bad the cancel is so faint - but at least in person you can make out the letters.

jim_lawler yes, the Queen City Supply perfin, number Q2 in the catalog, is still rated D.

Q perfins. There are 12 patterns in the US Catalog, of which I have 7 in my album.

rolyrj I have no reference literature for non-US perfins, so I'm unable to help identify the perfin in your German air mail stamp. From the scan it looks like a partial pattern, so it's likely you'd need someone who collects German perfins to be able to identify it.

Bill D.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1158 ) on Dec-29-06 at 03:34:54 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

JeffI’d sure like to find similar items from Indiana. Those are neat ½ cent surcharges!

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a perfin from Queen City Supply in Cincinnatti, Ohio>.
In my old catalogue it’s rated a “D” rarity, which makes it very common 25 years ago. Someone else will have to tell you what the new catalogue says. ;8^ )

Jim L.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1158 ) on Dec-28-06 at 17:51:51 PST   Listings
Jeff (postalhysteria)
I’ve mailed a number of payments for under $10.00. Usually it’s because I felt that was the best way to get the seller something more for a lot that probably should have brought more. And I did use current commemorative stamps on the inside the USA mailings. But, I’d also be interested in doing it to get my stamp back as it’s pretty hard to come by the current US definitives used. Guess I’d better check you auctions more closely. :8^ )

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a Quaker Oats

Jim L.

Posted by greenwave4u   ( 71 ) on Dec-28-06 at 13:18:34 PST   Listings
Thought for a long time to come up with a Q, looking for something a bit different. In the end liked the sound of quetzal. So here is a quoggle of quetzals. The national bird of Guatemala and appears on a lot of their stamps. Confess I know little about these stamps but guess that like a lot of others collectors I tuck the SA stamps away and hope to pick up a good catalogue to study them one day:-)


Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1157 ) on Dec-28-06 at 04:54:34 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a Scott Q-9 from Indianapolis, Indiana click here .

Jim L.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1157 ) on Dec-27-06 at 20:06:49 PST   Listings
In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a scan of a deleted Fort Wayne, Indiana type on Q-3 click here .
This type was deleted years ago when it was found to have been used on parcels also. Back then that disqualified the devices that had been used to precancel stamps as they only officially listed devices used exclusively for precanceling stamps.

Jim L.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1155 ) on Dec-27-06 at 04:39:47 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

We really need more information to give you a good answer.
It sounds like you might me making up packets, which do sell, but mostly to those begining to collect. I clicked on the "Listings" link and find that you don's have any of them up right now. Could you provide a link to a sample closed auction.
It would also help to know what country(s) the stamps are from.

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a Q-8 from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Jim L.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1155 ) on Dec-26-06 at 19:45:13 PST   Listings
David Snyder (djs127 )
FWIW, I start mine at 99 cents and very few sell for that. Guess you’ve got a better sense of the market price for things than I do.

Roly (rolyrj)
Neat card. But, I’m unable to be much help. Regardless, keep on posting links to the stuff you’ve got questions about. Someone on the board will probably be able to give you more information about them than you’ll know what to do with.

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a Q-7 (Scott #) from Elkhart, Indiana.
click here .
I’d expected to see some covers or on piece examples before now.

Jim L.
Posted by prochute   ( 64 ) on Dec-26-06 at 16:16:34 PST   Listings
Q is for Queen as in Freddie Mercury.

He was an avid and fastidious philatelist. His extensive collection is still exhibited at stamp shows world-wide as being under the estate of his birth name, Farrokh Bulsara.

He was also featured on one of the Millennium Stamps, a series of Royal Mail stamps issued in 1999
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1153 ) on Dec-26-06 at 04:30:34 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s an example of the Quincy, Indiana machine with out any other overstrikes click here . This one also lacks the year slug so…

Jim L.
Posted by stampmad   ( 1072 ) on Dec-25-06 at 20:12:57 PST   Listings
Lindy I also have one of Dodgson's correspondence HERE. That second cover you showed also has a Type 3a Dingo cds which I would rate as very scarce.

What a bummer...I am at work today and Warnie is bowling in front of 100,000 people at the MCG and I can't see any of it till I get home. Looks like the test attendance aggregate will be surpassed. 400,000 watching a test cricket match!

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 303 ) on Dec-25-06 at 20:02:38 PST   Listings
Q is for Queensland used to Putney (of course!)
Both of these covers are addressed to Hassard Hume Dodgson, the uncle of author Lewis Carroll, and addressed to his house at Putney.

this 1866 cover, franked 10d per half ounce was posted Via Marseilles and re-addressed to Horsham upon arrival in Putney.

This 1877 cover, franked 6d per half ounce (double rate letter), was posted via Brindisi.

alec when I was listing on ebay for a local auctioneer we had many of those Exhibition postcards, the ones with special exhibition postmarks usually sell around the US$10 each, ordinary cards around US$5 each.

Jimbo nice to see you here, some of your old friends from the ebay café said to say HI


Posted by stampmad   ( 1072 ) on Dec-25-06 at 12:13:38 PST   Listings
Q is for Queensland Chalon. THIS is the earliest use on cover of a Queensland chalon stamp. So named because the Queens image was taken from a portrait by Alfred Chalon. Also used on stamps from New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.
Posted by jimbo   ( 385 ) on Dec-25-06 at 10:29:28 PST   Listings
Here are some Qs for this week:

Queensland to the United States in 1908

Queensland to the United States in 1894

(Sorry for the dead links on these. That's one of the problems with using the internet - unless you duplicate the material, links disappear.)

And a wish that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a successful 2007. I hope that all of you who are celebrating today are having a fine relaxing day with family and friends.

Posted by 1covers   ( 1264 ) on Dec-25-06 at 09:59:58 PST   Listings
Q Means only one thing to me - "quality" as in quality material, quality life, quality friends and a quality MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

PS - quality over quantity in all things
Posted by due2cents   ( 23 ) on Dec-25-06 at 09:31:03 PST   Listings

On the right side of this Postcard
is a Q Cinderella

I have only seen this one of these labels tied.
Posted by 22028   ( 1533 ) on Dec-25-06 at 09:29:27 PST   Listings
Q stand for Queen Victoria. The design of the first stamps of Tibet is based on stamps from India with the head of Queen Victoria of England on.
Posted by due2cents   ( 23 ) on Dec-25-06 at 09:19:47 PST   Listings
Appear to be harder to find then I thought
Posted by stamps54321   ( 6 ) on Dec-25-06 at 08:59:47 PST   Listings
Q is for Quelimane

Quelimane was once a province but now is a port city in Mozambique, on the east coast of Africa.

The Portuguese established a trading station at Quelimane in 1544, and it was a slave market in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many different stamps would have been used in Quelimane: Mozambique first, then Zambezia, then Quelimane from 1913 to 1920, and back to Mozambique again. The general issue stamps for Portuguese Africa could also have been used there.

Thank you for the jubilee line fact.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1036 ) on Dec-25-06 at 06:51:45 PST   Listings
Try again

Q is for Qualibou
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1153 ) on Dec-25-06 at 04:04:01 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

And on this the first day of Christmas I wish you a


With last years computer crash I’ve yet to locate my back-up copy of the multilingual “Merry Christmas” list I posted last year. If any of you happened to keep it, feel free to post it.

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s that same Quincy, Indiana handstamp with the elliptical killer with the machine they had in Quincy.
click here .
You’ll note that the machine does not have the year slug inserted. I’ve only a few copies, and none of them have the year slug. The hour slug has a serifed inverted number 1, all the rest of the type is san-serif.

Jim L.

I've reported the "Bad" HTML posts. :8^ (

Posted by sheryll*net   ( 90 ) on Dec-25-06 at 01:43:49 PST   Listings
Ooops! Make that "Island".

D1 - Great Queensland exhibit and congrats on your gold award at Adelaide. Nice to see one of Dad's old swine duty receipts in there!

Speaking of Queensland, here's the only recorded usage of a Queensland stamp on a cover posted in the New Hebrides (Sarakata collection).

Whilst on the New Hebrides, I have a Q entry, which some may find quite questionable.....
It shows a 1978 Christmas letter from the Rev Derek Rawcliffe, the first Anglican bishop of the New Hebrides. It mentions the political events that led to the archipelago's independence on 30 July 1980.

Posted by de66   ( 1026 ) on Dec-24-06 at 21:56:00 PST   Listings
Happy Holidays

Q for Queensland

Posted by iomoon   ( 1036 ) on Dec-24-06 at 15:29:35 PST   Listings

the only other Q volcano I can find at the moment,
Q is for Quill.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1153 ) on Dec-24-06 at 15:08:44 PST   Listings
prochute et al

I’ve enjoyed seeing what others are showing and showing of some of the oddments I’ve gathered over the years. What I’d suggest is that we do 0-9 and then begin with “A” again. This time attempting to not show repeat items.
Or, we could try and make every post a double letter “AA” as some have already done.

Either of these would be more difficult for me, as so far I’ve tried to include a scan of at least one item for the letter of the week for every post I put up on the board.

In keeping with the "Q" theme:
Indiana has a hand full of towns that start with the letter “Q.” But, this is the only one I’ve found.

, Indiana. This one’s from a 2X4 :8^ (.

Jim L.

Blast those HTML errors :8^ (
Posted by billsey   ( 837 ) on Dec-24-06 at 14:18:59 PST   Listings
And my entry for the Qs has been seen here before. This Full Face Queen is one of the nicest I have... The rest are mostly here. Note the later pages with both First Side Face Queens and Second Side Face Queens.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 486 ) on Dec-24-06 at 13:42:41 PST   Listings
Eureka I have a Queer But can anyone tell me please what they are ? Or even hazard a guess. I at first thought some sort of parcel card labels but the cancel is nothing like any parcel cancels I have ever seen before. I have a bundle of such labels and all seem to be franked with between 4 & 9 of the 10/- stamps, which would to me seem to be a very high franking for that period.
Posted by jaywild   ( 893 ) on Dec-24-06 at 12:06:06 PST   Listings
Q… is for Queen Creek, Arizona, featuring the 4c Lincoln precanceled with the same color ink.


How to do a “flip-comparison” test on perforations
► US Stamp Identifiers:
| 10c Issue of 1855-57 | First 3¢ Stamped Envelopes | Grilled Stamps | Large “Banknotes” | First Bureau Issues | Abe Lincoln’s “tiny eye”
                                    | Washington-Franklin stamps of 1908-22 | 2nd & 3rd Issue Revenue Designs

Posted by iomoon   ( 1036 ) on Dec-24-06 at 11:51:28 PST   Listings
"Q's" are not easy to come by.
But here's Q is for Qatar (without a "u"), pronounced "cutter" by CNN news.
One of the notorious "sand dune" States.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 408 ) on Dec-24-06 at 07:58:56 PST   Listings
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 408 ) on Dec-24-06 at 07:57:53 PST   Listings
Q is for Quintana Roo and Queretaro
Posted by iomoon   ( 1036 ) on Dec-24-06 at 07:04:27 PST   Listings
Good day all.

Thanks Bill C

Q is for Quindio.

And, volcanoes don't stop for Christmas:

BEZYMIANNY VOLCANO: 55o58'N, 160o36'E; Elevation 2,895 m

Seismic activity significantly increased. Series of ash explosions and ash avalanches began from 23:52 UTC on December 23. Ash plumes rose up to 6.0 km (19,700 ft) ASL and extended to the north-east from the volcano.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1153 ) on Dec-24-06 at 04:52:07 PST   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

FWIW: I’ve been selling off some duplicates. The reason I backed off listing is that I’ve not extra time for that right now and wanted to let what payments had not finished up getting to me time to do so before I started another batch. The weeks before Christmas require more work hours than normal for me, just as does Easter. :8^ )

In keeping with the "Q" theme here’s a Bureau, Liberty series, precancel from Quakertown, PA click here .
While it’s not a high value stamp, it’s the only Bureau town starting with “Q

Jim L.