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Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-30-08 at 22:22:46 PDT   Listings

You are looking for Leviticus 11:7, and the Lord spoke unto Moses, putting a damper on Jewish BBQs.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-30-08 at 22:06:28 PDT   Listings
My suggestion is to NOT even mention BBQ around Texans.
Usually it sets them off waxing eloquent on all sort of hidious heresy.
(that "hidious heresy" thing another gift to alliteration for on line poetry fans)
(courtesy of me -- the e.e. cummings of on line chat) :o)
Chief Texan insult to the high cuisine of BBQ,
is their bizzare insistence that COWS (aka "beef" in its rendered form) be the object.
Clearly BBQ was invented for the PIGGIES!
This is inviolate, and I believe its even written in the Bible that way.
(in the old testament Jewish section somewhere - trust me).
Another weird variant of the Texan demands the use of a funky tasting weed/scrub they call "mesquite".
Combine this with the usual desire all of them have,
to build a MASSIVE pit fire,
and then impale the unfortunate BBQ victim over it,
until the hapless beast looks like it was 1/4 mile or less from from a ground zero blast,
......its best to simply NOT bring up BBQ around them.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 21:23:10 PDT   Listings
Lynn If it works, hold on to it. My gut has shown an increase since my new love came into my life. She definitely overfeeds me. I consider myself a very good cook as well but I usually know how much I can eat. When 6 or 7 large prawns will work for me she prepares 12-14. What ya gonna do? They're to good to ignore.
Taking some tums and goin to bed.
Sleep tight Ya'll
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-30-08 at 21:00:38 PDT   Listings
I'm always afraid to get rid of my duplicates for fear that I'm throwing out stamps with plate flaws or perf varieties or cancels that are so rare that I could send the grandkids I don't yet have to college with them.

Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of Easter Bunny tacos, guacamole and chips, and trolling for treasure in the duplicates. Anne
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 255 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:58:09 PDT   Listings
WOW! That woke everyone up! As a fat boy this is a subject near and dear to my heart.
Mitch, I am certain my wife could give yours a run for her money, I've got the gut to prove it.
Due2, Rabbit is good eats allright, even at easter, as long as you clean all the eggs out.
Wheres the Tejas boys, I wanna learn some good BBQ tips.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:43:35 PDT   Listings
we had bunny tacos for dinner tonite.
yes we eat rabbit. Just not on Easter.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:42:51 PDT   Listings
Lynn If I lived where you do, and I have. I would be eating all the tempured Oysters an Oyster omelets I could.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:40:24 PDT   Listings
Lynn Hi buddy. I guess you missed my 15 minute "perfect enchilada recipe" posted a few years ago?
At the moment I am eating the perfect quesadilla.
My woman is de best cook I know.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:33:48 PDT   Listings
Lynn - How about stamps we spilled food on?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:33:08 PDT   Listings
Pro I do think going to Kabul for a smoke break sounds inticing. I may be old but I ain't dead and still am a bit playful.....<:~`))
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 255 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:30:23 PDT   Listings
How about a new topic, like food, recipes etc...
Then we could show food stamps or stamps on food or stamps about food or something like that.
Or maybe not
okay, fine!nevermind

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:28:10 PDT   Listings
Pro I for one think stamps are a good investment if you buy right. I have been collecting for fifty year now but really only seriously for 20. Many many times people (experts in their own mind perhaps) have posted on this board that stamps are not where you should bank your money.
I have never agreed and may well be proved wrong in the long run. On the otherhand does anybody know of a hotter hobby to be into now? It sure ain't coins! Stamps are doing GREAT and why shouldn't they be. Little works of art.
Nice ones 150 years old that look like they were made yesterday (how does that happen with paper) still boggles my mind. Air conditioning and climate control are pretty new things!
No you are not going to get a C3a in 2075 for a quarter, not even a quarter million $. Better snatch one now for a hundred grand.
I wonder what the stamps from other solar systems are worth now or what they might be worth then?

Anybody with a spare XXX light year rocket ship onboard?
I have a bunch of Christmas stamps to send to alpha Centuri for mega profit.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:21:25 PDT   Listings
one of the lurkers e'd-me
and I discovered that what I ran into would be a great item , problem is that the ownership is in question.
That is a problem with Rare sports stuff
I am trying to do some contacts (well will during business hours this week) My only out will be maybe a Finders fee for the return/locating .seems the Item was just on loan when it was aquired as collateral in a
shady deal.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:05:18 PDT   Listings
due2cents - Did'ya ever get an answer to your sports memorabilia request?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:01:21 PDT   Listings
And I ain't talking about Shearing time ....

A nod's as Good as a wink to a blind man you know,
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 20:00:01 PDT   Listings
In a few years (+or- 20)
NO Collectors barely
just a few Eclectic dudes like me
That even know what a stamp was.
I plan on waiting everyone out.
Then I get them all for Pennies on the Dollar.
if the future
Hey (2075 A.D.) Just picked up an Inverted Jenny for a quarter.
Dude A what.? I just got the latest implant want to beam to Kabul for a smoke break. The lambs wool harvest is
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 19:53:30 PDT   Listings
Due2cents I really have to say that you are exactly the kind of contributor this board has wished for, for many years (not kiddin). A young guy with a burnin yournin love of stamps. Plz keep it up, young guys like you will surely boost the value of us old farts collections.... <:~`)
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 19:43:19 PDT   Listings
One more day for the RA man
and I ain't talking noodles

that is a nice SS
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 19:38:07 PDT   Listings
Paul Just got back from helping my son work on a car.
Yes, you are correct in boxing up stuff and consigning. One of my best friends has an auction house in Kansas City (E&D auctions) I have been planning for quite some time to have him take them off my hands. Other than just being lazy about it, I do have one other problem with that. Many times I have run up against the "brick wall" in collecting a country. If it is one I am not to obsessed with I will sell it if a buyer sets a good price. When I do this I have the urge to start over again and my dups are a good place to start. I have done this with several countries including Finland, Iceland, Japan and several French colonies, to name a few.
I recieved this beautiful and pristine SS from Alex a couple days ago. He sent it with no strings attached. I must say he can be a very generous person and I have no doubt a man of his word. I could of course not accept such a fine key item without reciprocation. He is wanting to start/expand his small European countries. It will take a bit of time to assemble my duplicates but they will be going his way.
This sheet is one of two German semi postals I have not owned. I had a B58 (1933 sheet, still shown on my site) but traded it for a fake one and several other better stamps several years ago. Germany is one of the collections I will die with as I am primarily of German decent.
One of the great things for me on this board has been the generousity and philatelic sharing of actual stamps from others. Many board regulars have done a lot to help my collection and they will always be appreciated.

I appreciate the cordial conversation.

Mitchell aka antonius-ra
Ebay Users Stamp Club
target="_blank">The World of Stamps
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 19:17:28 PDT   Listings
Never mind found one almost as nice on Ebay for 99 cents.

not graded or hyped but nice
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 19:16:13 PDT   Listings
here is a challenge for you philatelists
without looking around the internet
tell me which stamp is 3 dollars or so
and which one is 3 Hundred or so

Posted by charlietuna619   ( 5 ) on Mar-30-08 at 19:07:05 PDT   Listings
sneeky.... nope just and old marine...that loves tuna fishing.

been using this handle for some time....
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:57:33 PDT   Listings
What is the First Stamp in the collection
are they in albums
are They Used or Unused
are they US or World wide
If albums What KIND (first page)
If not albums how stored
sheets, blocks of Four
are they mounted if so how.

Got any scans..Photso
share a few.
Posted by v12raven   ( 757 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:50:19 PDT   Listings
I need help...i have a stamp collection, that is at least 50 + years old. it was my dads'
i do not know anything about stamps, how would i go about selling this?
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:45:41 PDT   Listings
Charlie I quit at 46.73

blame it on my youth

story is that it is an US Air Force Pilot elemenator test

must keep cool and calm with pattern Recognition
It's a simple pattern to pick out.
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:41:47 PDT   Listings

By chance would you be former Navy, know a Tin Can Sailor on another chat that goes by that handle??
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:39:11 PDT   Listings
Posted by charlietuna619   ( 5 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:33:00 PDT   Listings
due2cents........ Just wanted to say tyvm for driving me crazy with your little test... After more time invested in than i wold like to admit 4.75 is the best i could do. Not sure if I'm getting old or brain dead lol... tks again
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:09:13 PDT   Listings
MITCH-------I do sell off what I don't need ,since I live only a mile or two from a stamp auction firm ,I consign material to them.

Once a year I purchase from a office supply store a bundle of 5 banker boxes and keep one under my desk .All year about one or two of those boxes get filled with glassines,albums,album pages,and stock cards then I take them over to the stamp auction for sale .

Since you lost interest in the smaller break down of lots why not just sell the whole box as one lot and be done with it.But with the huge increases coming in catalog values maybe wait to see how they sell in 2009 .

Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 18:03:07 PDT   Listings
Jim - It looks like you are right. Jul.6 was the first day of the new rate. Boy, do I have a LOT to learn about rates and dates.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1507 ) on Mar-30-08 at 17:02:03 PDT   Listings
Thanks much. I did get the extra charges for the pics credited to my account. I also learned that eBay knows there is a bug in the listing page where it does not clear out pics correctly all the time. I’d experienced the bug, but not very trusting of eBay fixing the problem. Far to many times they’ve taken what works just fine and made a royal mess of it.

Jim (jaywild)
I’ll wish you an early “Happy 3000 Weeks.” :8^ )
Jim L.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:55:38 PDT   Listings
Paul In addition, I have a very large stock of U.S
(mostly common stuff). Several years ago I ran 30 or so 1,000 diff U.S. mixtures. They all had some earlies and a half dozen Columbians etc. Took around 4 hours for two or three of us to make up 8 lots. They only sold for $35.00 on average. Lately I have seen many lots of 500 diff or less going for three times that. Wish I would have waited a few years more before I had made them up. I still have 200k
U.S. dups (or so) but my heart isn't in it.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:47:22 PDT   Listings
how did those lots do
I hope you visit some more
new blood and all that
I hope you were not just looking for some stampers to see your goods.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:45:15 PDT   Listings
Re1Wind thanks
will give it a look
I have a batch that have numbers annotated as Hoover number @@@
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:44:56 PDT   Listings
Paul Of course I have seen how well stamps are selling for now (makes me quite happy regarding my collection). I have listed many stamps for sale in the past but it is rather like having my teeth pulled. As many here know I would rather give them away than list them, as I have little interest in dups. On the otherhand why do you not do so? I cannot remember you ever running any ebay auctions, if not why don't you just give them away?
I consider them useless bagagge. Especially when my storage spaces are inadequate and several crates have recieved water or mouse damage. It does take a considerable amount of time for me to rig up a country lot for auction. It often times seems (in the past) that the time spent is not worth the trouble. Also I have sold most of the better stuff or given it away. Still thinking it may be worth the while to run some Russian lots.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:42:40 PDT   Listings
I do not chase the Fairer sex at all,
I use live bait Salamander-outfit she is soo good about asking for help," my daddy thinks this looks ok can you help me."

She knows No rings , no kids,

Thanks Balconeer buddy
yes I will be there tomorrow , will meet you under the big steer. Michelob is fine.
Posted by re1wind   ( 278 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:41:15 PDT   Listings
due2cents - try this

Posted by re1wind   ( 278 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:39:07 PDT   Listings
DUE2CENTS - I think so, I printed mine from the internet, let me go find it again...hang on
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:35:18 PDT   Listings

Is there a chart anywhere that will transpose Hoover numbers to the modern system of catalogging Precancelled stamps.
Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:28:41 PDT   Listings
Pro -
You rote while I was composing )'>)
"I nrmly lv vvwls out"

That is much too difficult. First you have to learn where the vowels are located, then remember to leave them out. Guess it's youthful brain cells looking for a job before they get frozen, or left unused. Just remember male humans only use two brain cells for 99% of their normal daily functions. All the rest are used in pursuit of the fairer sex. Doesn't leave many for stamp collecting. LOL
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:24:19 PDT   Listings
here is a little test of skill for those so inclined


10 seconds is excellent time
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:22:13 PDT   Listings
NEW ADDITION ----Here is a new addition to my collection while sitting here posting ......Broken center line in frame ...... BROKEN CENTER FRAME LINE ....paul
Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 16:21:02 PDT   Listings
Pro -
I'd also buy you a beer. Any one collecting razors has to be careful who they talk to at shows. They think you are out to slice stamps off covers.

My Thought for the Day - Re: Short Term/ long term memory (must be relevant to philatelists)

Did anyone see the program this week about memory in chimpanzees vs humans? The set up was a computer screen where numerals 1 - 9 were randomly spread out all over the screen and the object was to learn where they were. After a set period of time the numbers were replaced by blank squares. The object was to remember where the numbers were located on the screen and then touch the squares in the correct sequence.

It has been discovered that small children are better than adults at short term memory, therefore, 9 year-olds were used in the test. They were shown the numbers and could take as long as necessary to learn the location of the numbers. Most got lost after 5-6 numbers. They couldn't get to 7,8,9. Adults don't do any better!

Chimpazees were given the same test. The researchers discovered they could remember the numbers and the locations with no problem. The researchers kept reducing the time allowed for the Chimps to learn the placement of the numbers on the screen. Guess what? The best Chimps got down to 6/10ths of a second. Time after time watching the screen, the chimps casually glances at the screen, then like a touch typist runs his/her hand over the screen touching the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, no matter where the hidden numbers were located on the screen. It was simply incredible!@#

Suggested reasons for the difference between chimps and humans - chimps can run through trees or run through the jungle making what seem to us instantaneous decisions. No problem as it is required for their survival. With humans short term memory is not as important as long term. Long term memory allows us to add to our own memories and allows others to contribute & combine to our knowledge pool.

Short term memory is better at saving your own life in a new unexpected emergency (such as a branch sticking out and hitting you in the face), but long term memory helps you avoid possible emergency situation in the first place. That's what I got out of the show. All in all a very interesting program. I guess some of us are short memeoried and others here long memoried. )'>)

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:58:02 PDT   Listings
spain 1850… The date on the Humphreys cover looks like 13 Jun 1932. The rate was bumped to 3¢ only in July of that year, so 2¢ postage is correct.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:56:47 PDT   Listings
MITCH -------When are you going to sell those hundreds of thousands of duplicates ,im sure you have seen how well country groups and collections have been selling for .If you look at the two Davids here you can see whats going on with lots like 50 diff. Lithunia,50 diff. Hong Kong or as seen today 9 Tanna Tuva for $2.50 man- oh- man this is stuff that was in the two cent boxes 20 years ago .

Or better yet put 100 or so stamps on a album page and call it a specialized study and get big bucks for it .You can soon retire rich with e-bay sales .

Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:53:30 PDT   Listings
spain: Perhaps the ship's postal clerk unknowingly accepted the short franking.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:51:26 PDT   Listings
it only hurts when they suspend the rpivilege of posting for a week or a month.

Years ago Mom told me (some here remember her as do those at other phila sites.)
Be whatc are

She used to have fun when "SARGE" and others complained about her Vernac-ulaair
me it's how I was raised up talkin'

she used to get a kick out of the regulars here going "postal "over her grammer and spellin"

sometimes she would post just to see the ire.

YOU GUYS are lucky
in real life when using a keyboard
I nrmly lv vvwls out
call vanna can i have an "EEEEEEEEEE"

Posted by re1wind   ( 278 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:45:23 PDT   Listings
be=been ....for the spelling moderators
Posted by re1wind   ( 278 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:44:10 PDT   Listings
due2cents - they got me! I've be moderated! LOL
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:36:39 PDT   Listings
Paul No need to worry about anyone being mistaken for you. For good or bad you are unique.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:34:41 PDT   Listings
Links not working now for some strange reason, so you can copy and paste:

Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:33:37 PDT   Listings
Huh, strange!

Here is the cover.
Posted by djs127   ( 657 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:32:43 PDT   Listings
My 2 latest Ebay wins arrived in the mail this past week
Collection of Old Stamps From Tannu Touva. Item number: 220213545420
Lithunia 50+ In Mixed Cond! To $17.50 As Set! #AK417A
Item number: 120235987419

Ann- I only put in the scott numbers of the stamps I have in the vintage scott pages. I can still create want lists by seeing which numbers I am missing.
David Snyder
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:32:39 PDT   Listings
DUE 2 BEWARE -----The regulars here don't take too kindly to your misspelling and bad grammar ,they are soon going to be saying that your just me trying to hide behind another I.D. ....Paul
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:32:28 PDT   Listings
220man, due2cents - HERE is the Humphreys cover.

Graded stamps - Never liked the idea, and I will be glad if it fails. I am also a sports card collector and have to deal with this problem in that hobby as well. The difference is, in my opinion, that in sports card collecting there are a whole lot more younger collectors who have gravitated towards the "new, shiny cards, encapsulated in plastic" thing, and don't care about collecting like us "old timers" any more........you know, for fun.
On the other hand, in stamp collecting, the older generation still seems to rule the hobby, and are unwilling to sacrifice the fun. Keep on stamping I say!!
Posted by re1wind   ( 278 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:31:38 PDT   Listings
due2cents - gotcha....sad, very sad
I'll be glad when penny days are over...usually there are only about 600-650 items in a precancel search, the last few days its been over 970. So much "stuff" on there now can be found in nickle approval packets.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:23:51 PDT   Listings
Re1wind a waste of time.
in most cases.

yoous say tamato he says potatoe
opinions are every where across the board
Maybe in his collection this is a good sound example.
also linking to active auctions might get you a Pink Slap.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-30-08 at 15:23:19 PDT   Listings
PEETAH Thanks for posting that reponds from Michael Rogers. Interesting respond since he is one of the top China dealers in the world and has maybe the best reference library .

Nice to see what was stated here many years ago finally confirmed by others that the graded stamp huge valuations was nothing but a fad .But that Fad also has cause prices for average to fine stamps to fall in price for a lot of collectors who had U.S. for sale ,just look at prices Dr. Bob has been getting for U.S. on e-bay .

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 14:27:49 PDT   Listings
A couple questions on new ebay stuff.

I recieved 4 positives from a seller yesterday. My feedback score went up two points instead of one. What's up with that?

2. CAn't figure all these a***s bidders. I won several lots today and most were like that but spattered in between the bidding list were real ebay user ID's.
For example I've seen many auction that were only at a couple dollars with the &***? crap. this one is well beyond that point and still has "real" ebay user ID's.

I have the stamp and mine is even better, just monitoring to see what the real time value might be.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 14:25:41 PDT   Listings
Razor man
I would also note , thanks to an email from a balconeer,that he heard me chattin with a seller at the Webster West Side flea market, and KNEW instantly who I might be. and intro'd hisself to me.
And I have no doubt Ifin I had not been who I am I would not have gotten a free beer. And a nice guy to sell them loose stamps to.
Ifin you know
what I mean.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 14:20:05 PDT   Listings
Roger I kinda thought the same thing asr the plate crack theory. If that is the case I would think Bensons thoughts might be well regarded. Such a perfect plate crack should surely be of interest to those specialists.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 14:15:08 PDT   Listings
I type likes I talk

when a thought is finished
or a point
I start a new line

I always throw in a couple of gaps
while thinkin'

and then
I'm back to abby
normal for me

Have had same complaint/question/observation pointed out quite a few times in the last years ,even got emails on the subject from folks i Do Not knwo.

Hey I have almost eliminated my use of my normal speech
it might bget better Ifin i think real hard about it.

NICE going on the Gold BTW
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-30-08 at 14:14:11 PDT   Listings
Pro Reminds me of the oft told story about a newly discovered hoard of high denomination series of 1869 covers. The punchline to that one, is excited philatelists arrived at the owners house, only to find the well intentioned man had "helped" them in his excitement, by physically PEELING the stamps off.

I'm pretty sure that one is just a horror story they tell philatelists are around the campfire. I sure hope so anyway.

Unfortunately, the desecration of nice things, like the now ruined 8 sisters of that #314, is ongoing as we type.

I was against the whole grading fad from the begining. What are we COIN collectors? Do we really need others making the call on an items relative virtue for us? What next.....encapsulated stamps with signs at shows....no flash bulbs please, DON'T even point....keep conversation to a whisper around these JUMBO 98's! Stupid vanity, leading to even stupider people, doing completely stupid acts, like stupidly cutting off "possible 95's" from covers.

OK....rants over. :o)

Time to eat my wife's chicken and dumplings.
HOMEMAID dumplings, from scratch!
Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 14:01:56 PDT   Listings
Pro -
Jus curious. Do you hit the return key when you write in the "Your message" box. It seems your posts are the only ones truncated and are about the width of the box. You know, there is no need to hit the return key, just keep typing. Computers are great.

peetah -
If that's a plate crack I'll eat the block. The only other plate cracks I've ever seen tend to have a jagged break and random direction. For yours to be perfectly straight is not credible in my opinion.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:49:00 PDT   Listings
helloooo. Been off on biz for a few days. A recap:

220man Thank you for the heads up on that 10c Nebr. box cancel. Good thing I have that one already, as the the item you linked (a magnificent strike) ended. Someone got a pretty thing for $6.

Matthew A bit late, but please accept my condolences too.

CONGRATS! -- to our "golden boys" Malolo & Nomad55.

Stamp prices Considering the rank INSANITY surrounding the recent prices of graded stamps, nothing suprises me about trends in that nitch. You'd think the elite of philatelly would have learned from the lesson of what happened to Dutch tulip collectors.....but no. Hey, its their money, if they wish to bid silly against each other, let them.
Posted by peetah   ( 530 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:39:37 PDT   Listings
dbenson Nope. What I posted was cut/pasted in here. So you have all the correspondence. No update on the Egyptian block of 9 yet. Waiting for the cert.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:36:22 PDT   Listings
Those that would destroy EIGHT NICE Stamps to make this

Irk me and those Eight folks who want and will never have a nice MNH of this stamp, should IMHO

BE unhappy campers too.

I recently ran into a gentleman who I have purchased covers from before
he gave me some leftovers for the marking for my Refence collection
he had CUT the stamps off because he had seen GRADED stamps selling so well
and he thought the cancelled one he had CUT of looked like 95's to him.
I hope he lost money getting them graded.
Posted by dbenson   ( 9005 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:33:01 PDT   Listings

that is an interesting answer and sounds 100% logical as there would be the reason why the local printers didn't bother to repair the plate as it didn't affect any of the stamp impressions.

It sounds like it is a rare item in a block that size and would appeal to specialists of that issue. Did you ask Michael to give you an idea of value,

David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:24:49 PDT   Listings

Maybe those Supporting the graded market, have Invested too much for the current economic weather,
and Now we are seeing reality , just a thought

When those parks stamps sold for a bunch of money just cause the other stamps around them were destroyed .
for big bucks I laughed so hard co-cola came out my nose.
If those in that market are NOT supporting it any more
maybe that price list will just be another gauge like Scott's
Use a percentage.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:24:25 PDT   Listings
Deman I think the answer is that people came to their senses over the new grading fad. $150 for a stamp that grades 96 (or something) and value at 20 cents is complete insanity and reminds me much of the NH fad started many years ago (although the new grading is much more sinister). It, in my opinion is a way for dealers to manipulate buyers into thinking they are making a wise investment.
I bought a collection from a woman who worked at the post office as a clerk for nearly fifty years (retired 1986). She always saved the very best centered, colored, sharpest stamp out of all the sheets she saw. I was a bit tempted into getting most of them graded and offer them for ridiculous prices.
Luckily, my conscious got the best of me.
Posted by peetah   ( 530 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:22:30 PDT   Listings
Here is an update for the China Guideline(?) block of 4. China Guideline(?) block of 4.

The question was put to Michael Rogers, well known Asian dealer, writer for Linn's and author. The question: I wonder if you could help me to learn more about an item I have. It's a block-of-four of China Scott #260 (see attached). It has a thin blue line (the same color as the stamp) going precisely through horizontal perforations. Is it some kind of a guide line? If so - what it was used for? If not - what is it?
The reply: This is called a plate crack, a faulty plate. It is not used for anything.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:20:20 PDT   Listings
Thank you for the encouragement. You remind me of a radio personality who years ago gave real estate advise to people who called in. His name was Bernie Meltzer. His favorite saying to people who were outbid on a houses was : "the house you do not buy does not give you any trouble".
I may be dating myself.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:14:04 PDT   Listings

Is the Humphrews Cover Cacheted

That was the Date of Her Recommisioning,
In Philadelhia

is the address in the "CITY"

Might just be a Recommissining strike for a Keepsake
or does it look like
regular mail ?
Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:10:52 PDT   Listings
spain: USS Humphries has an interesting history. It was one of the old "four stack" WW1 destroyers and was mothballed after the was. Was recommissioned in 1932 (maybe concurrently with your cover?) and served through WW2 as a high speed troop transport. See http://www.navsource.org/archives/05/236.htm

Posted by deman5   ( 341 ) on Mar-30-08 at 13:06:46 PDT   Listings
Like I wrote, the Nutmeg sale of MArch 15 had prices realized 20-40% below SMQ price, even for the "classic" U.S. stamps with top PSE grades. Only a couple of months before that, prices realized for a top-quality auction from Shreves were pretty much AT the SMQ value. PSE also published that prices at recent auctions were pretty much AT the SMQ price.

That is why, I asked if something has happened to bring prices down RECENTLY!!

Whether you follow graded stamps or not, have the prices for top quality U.S. classic stamps fallen recently??

Can it be that the "emperor has no clothes?" or is the market stable and the Nutmeg sale is an aberration??

Posted by wrd3   ( 106 ) on Mar-30-08 at 12:58:43 PDT   Listings
19bls70 regarding your question on Schermack control hole perfin patterns, while most of the patterns are based on a 3 x 3 grid (total of 9 holes maximum), there are 2 patterns listed in the US Perfins Catalog that are based on a 4 x 4 grid .... one has 12 holes (pattern Des 91-1) while the other has 10 holes (pattern Des 91-3).

Bill D.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-30-08 at 12:40:20 PDT   Listings
Graded Stamps, JayJim, Deman maybe the philatelic community has at last realized the emperor isn't wearing any clothes!
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-30-08 at 12:40:20 PDT   Listings
Jim, Jeff - Thanks for the information concerning the Washington Bi-Centennials.

I went to a small local coin/stamp (12-13 coin dealers and 3 stamp dealers) show and managed to find 12 Washington cover. It's a small envelope with a 2c on it. But I didn't understand the rate. It's dated June 13, 1932, which is after the 1st class rate change to 3c. The cancel is a "U.S.S. Humphreys" hand cancel. Did military personnel get a rate break?

lluehhhb - Thank you for the link, it'll help me tremendously. I wasn't aware that Bob did that site (I've been out of the loop for a while).
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 12:20:10 PDT   Listings
NOIP… Here’s an interesting site on which to while away an hour or two. Scroll down and check out the “birthday calculator” link, by which I discovered that on April 3, 2008 (this coming Thursday) I will have been alive exactly 3000 weeks.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-30-08 at 12:02:40 PDT   Listings
Not that I have any interest or like/dislike
for the Graded stamps, when I saw One site a few months ago runing a sale - discounting- I thought what many here and other boards had warned of.
I also feel that while the true classics and rarities
may continue to hold and maybe even appreciate
Those that were jumping in to my hobby as INVESTORS
I hope they all crash and burn, Yes I am happy that the same happened to the SPECULATORS in the real estate market too.
In my neighborhood for a while (a couple of years agao) values were rising by 3 grand a month my taxes and insurance were climbiong based upon these False numbers.
my granny's favorite word.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 11:52:13 PDT   Listings
Bjorn & J.D. That Swedish due was misidentified.
Seems someone else also noted it. I was just outbid by 50 cents. My bid of around 8% didn't do the trick <:~`((
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1015 ) on Mar-30-08 at 11:31:46 PDT   Listings
Mitch, I agree that it must be '75. This red-violet shade catalogues at 5x the ordinary grey one.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 11:28:35 PDT   Listings
deman5… It may be the “poisonous proximity effect”, such as happens when one tech stock suffers an implosion on Wall Street and other tech issues fall as well, even though they may be in fine shape financially. It’s an irrational mentality, but nevertheless a very real one. For my money I don’t think I’d rely on the SMQ valuations too heavily just yet. Graded stamps is a relatively new phenomenon and a lot of jostling and jitters need to be shaken out of the market before a reasonable, stable assessment of values can be made.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 11:23:44 PDT   Listings
NOIP… I just noticed that Betty Windsor has become the third longest reigning British monarch in history. About a month ago she passed Henry III.

If she can hang on until May 11, 2011 she will be the second longest reigning monarch, eclipsing George III (Mad King George).

If she makes it to September 9, 2015 she will be the longest reigning British monarch ever. That’s only 7 years, 5 months and 11 days away!!!

James III
Posted by deman5   ( 341 ) on Mar-30-08 at 11:15:50 PDT   Listings
Jim and Matt- thanks- I definitely agree that an over-supply of high PSE grades of more recent stamps will cause the price to fall. But the Nutmeg sale had prices well below SMQ for all the classic, older stamps, where the supply is nowhere near the recent stamps. So there must be another reason. Opinion?

Also, I understand PSE is issuing an upadte of the SMQ- any word on what new prices will be???


Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 11:00:10 PDT   Listings
NOIP… Well, that was fast…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:51:54 PDT   Listings



Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:44:56 PDT   Listings
J.D. Thanx, must be 1875. It looked to me that it was 1873. Since the stamps were not issued till 1874 I was also wondering if it might be a fake one. Lot of difference in the value of the first (1874) issue and the latter.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:40:01 PDT   Listings
Mitch… Here is an enlarged, contrast enhanced view. The last digit seems to have more cancel ink where the downstroke of a 5 would be (blue arrow).

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:31:20 PDT   Listings
Mitch… Closest I can get is 22 Feb 1875. Might be 1873, but much less likely than ’75.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:28:37 PDT   Listings
Scott… If I get outbid on something I always consider it a good omen. Stamp deals are like buses. If you miss one, another will come along before you know it.

deman... Have to agree with Matt. So many people rushed to get 95+ certs on stamps that the “superb” population of certain issues mushroomed, and whenever supply exceeds demand the price will crash. While such certs for older, scarcer stamps remain a good idea, those who obtained them for stamps which are plentiful will, sooner or later, suffer much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:22:14 PDT   Listings
this cancel.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-30-08 at 10:20:59 PDT   Listings
Can anyone make out the year on this cancel.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 09:53:19 PDT   Listings
I guess my luck has run out. I just got outbid on 3 indian KEVII high values even though I bid over cat for them. Hmmm maybe I was Lucky. ;>)
Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-30-08 at 09:44:44 PDT   Listings

The amount of graded certs is down also. I think it's more market saturation than the economy.

Matt in Arizona

Jim (Jaywild),

Very nice solo 13¢. Congrats.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by deman5   ( 341 ) on Mar-30-08 at 09:35:04 PDT   Listings
Hello- I just noticed the prices realized on Nutmeg's PSE graded gem sale of MArch 15. Perhaps the group has already discussed it- but what does the group think of the prices realized- looks like most were 20-40% below published SMQ pricing. IS this due to the recession? or just that this sale was weak? or some other reason???

Many thanks.
Posted by the-oc-in-wisconsin   ( 584 ) on Mar-30-08 at 09:25:59 PDT   Listings
Posted by rumplstyltskyn   ( 31 ) on Mar-30-08 at 09:10:48 PDT   Listings
happy happy joy joy
Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 08:23:23 PDT   Listings
Very nice solo use.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 08:20:31 PDT   Listings
It looks like my luck ran out after less than 10 hours.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 07:30:26 PDT   Listings
NOIP… I see it is once again time for the Children’s Hour…

Scott... You moved into the “888 suite” just after Roger (malolo) vacated it. Do you guys have it on a time-share??

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-30-08 at 07:27:24 PDT   Listings
NOIP… Was pleased to win this today. John W. Underwood wrote many books about aviation, and also co-authored books by Ted Williams and Bear Bryant among others.

It is the correct rate for < 4 oz. surface rate to Europe. Pretty hard to find these 13¢ prexies with correct solo use.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-30-08 at 05:07:55 PDT   Listings
According to posts several days ago regarding the intrinsic value of the number 8, I guess this should be my lucky day.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-30-08 at 05:01:42 PDT   Listings
Jim L sorry, don't know what is causing that to happen. Last time I did something silly, listed one item twice because I was impatient with the slow loading and hit LIST NOW again, I went to eBay LIVE HELP on the Home Page (upper right of screen, little yellow ? icon). You will need to know the auction NUMBERS you require refunds on, if you are lucky and patient, you should get a refund. Talk to Live Help.
off to bed now for me, its 11pm.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1507 ) on Mar-30-08 at 04:24:47 PDT   Listings

RE: The pics carrying forward to the next lot listed.
I’m also interested in talking to someone who understands the cause of this so I can take actions to avoid it.
One of the times on the second listing page it indicated that the charge as going to be the 1 cent, but then when I viewed the Seller’s account page it showed the extra charge for multiple pictures. Sure enough when I checked the lot there was a picture I needed to remove from the previous lot listed. Another time I had to list the lot with no pictures as every time I moved on to the second listing page eBay added pics from the two previous lots I’d listed. So, I gave up and listed with no pics and then opened the lot to revise it and added the pictures. Sure slows down the listing process. :8^(
Jim L.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1507 ) on Mar-30-08 at 04:18:39 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Sorry for messing up the board last night. :8^(
I reported them immediately, but it took a while for Live world to get around to looking at the reported posts.

Just finished up listing a number of lots last night. Somehow a couple of times a pic from the previous lot carried forward to the new lot. Of course eBay charged me for an extra pic, which I had to delete right away as it was not a part of the lot and was included due to an apparent software glitch. I suspect it’s connected to the local infrastructure. The noisy copper telephone lines really slow down connection speeds. Is there someone I can contact to see about having those charges removed from my account?
Jim L.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-30-08 at 02:55:53 PDT   Listings
reperf, the only (small) upside to new sellers 'reappearing' is that they MUST offer PayPal as a new seller, thus giving some further protection to the buyer.
As long as DSR's are anonymous and not able to be responded to by the Seller, they will never be worth anything.
Posted by reperf   ( 45 ) on Mar-30-08 at 01:57:48 PDT   Listings

Regarding your post about third party contracts. It may be that eBay beleives that the Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) will fix all problems. Maybe a bad seller will start having problems after the first hundred or so scams, but then new seller IDs are always available. Many of the sellers previously thrown off of eBay, especially the ones with past experiences of having been led away in handcuffs, may be expected to reappear.

Perhaps SCADS will rise again.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-29-08 at 21:20:03 PDT   Listings
David S. and Roger H. Congratulations on your medals .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-29-08 at 21:18:15 PDT   Listings
MATTHEW Condolences to you and your family on your Dads pasting .
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:58:15 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… Also, contact Mike Ellingson, through eBay as “mikedak”. He would be more than happy to help you out. I’ve bought some very scarce cancels from him, including this “unknown”. It is the only copy in existence, and that very card is pictured among the Unknowns in Hanmer.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:51:32 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… I stopped bidding at 65¢…

Arizona plates can get real pricey, but not quite like that! When Arizona became a state (1912) there were only a few hundred cars in the entire state. Someone has a run of the same plate number for I think 8 of the very earliest years—you could order the same number every year from Motor Vehicles.

Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:41:26 PDT   Listings

Delaware license plate sells for $675,000

I know it's not an AZ plate, but I was wondering if you were involved in this bidding?

Matt in Arizona
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:36:35 PDT   Listings
There are a few other familiar names on the awards lists too.

David S: I probably still have close to two feet of Vintage pages to put in. The pile started out higher. I've been writing Scott numbers, so it takes a long time. But want lists will be easier and it feeds my OCD.

Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of piles of album pages, gaudy gold medals, and quirky cancels. Anne
Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:34:37 PDT   Listings

There is a definite break in my dial, just below the time die. Seems to be a little more than half above, like maybe 60/40. Notice also that the town name 'Washington' differs. Your scan has a space between the T and the O whereas mine has letters evenly spaced.

I looked through every illustration is Payne's 'Machine Markings Primer' and Hanmer, plus a handful of other references!

I appreciate the help,

Matt in Arizona
Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:30:42 PDT   Listings
This is the front side

Matt in Arizona
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:30:13 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… Your dial might just be a V-34 without the dial being mismatched. I have a hard time seeing those mismatched dials sometimes.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:28:41 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… Yes, the bottom line in the reproduced cancel did not print. You can see that for the die space to be centered vertically there needs to be another line at bottom.

Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-29-08 at 20:22:31 PDT   Listings
Jim & Matt,

re: Barry machine...


Jim - In your scan there are only 6 killer bars, mine has 7. Did one not impress? Also my time die seems differerent.

I only have Vol 3 of 'The Barry Story' by Morris & Payne.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by djs127   ( 657 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:53:24 PDT   Listings
Matthew - my condolences on the loss of your father. At least you shared a love of stamp collecting. My father got me involved with the hobby and I took over his worldwide collection 17 years ago when he passed away. I remounted much of it into scott internationals but still have over 24 binders with stock pages and stamps on 3 hole xerox pages with scott numbers underneath which have to be put into the international pages.

Anne I bought some of the Vintage reproduction old Scott Brown pages and have put some of them in my international binders but need to finish the rest. I have so much work to do on my worldwide stamp collection but between work, my wife and 3 kids never seem to have enough time. Maybe when I retire I will be able to get to them.
David Snyder
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:49:30 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… Rating for a V-34 ( ) in 1900 from Washington DC is A, very common. The more I look at your cancel I’m not sure it is one of the hybrids (there were four types, however none are valued). If Mike Ellingson (mikedak) shows up he will know for sure.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:40:08 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… There’s a picture in Morris & Payne of your exact cancel. I’m trying to find the value guide…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:31:25 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… More info in a moment…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:27:00 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ… I’m pretty sure it’s a Barry, Funk & Bond type V-34 ( ).

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1997 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:26:29 PDT   Listings
Matt in AZ: It's a funky Barry.

Garfield-Perry Palmares here.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3834 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:10:09 PDT   Listings
US Machine Marking 1900...

Washington, DC 1900

What machine?

Ok, I'm stumped. I bought a nice Pittsburg Streetcar RPO and the back has a Washington, DC machine cancel, used as a receiving marking, 15 February 1900. 'D.C.' is at the bottom of the dial, the :30 in the time is smaller, there is no '19', just '00' for the year, but it looks like an American 'B' style split-year dial. There is a blank round space towards the left side of the killer bars, not centered.

It's a fancy embossed Valentine's card envelope so the impression is uneven.

So the split year looks American, it's too early for a Universal, and has a round, empty diespace (grub screw hole?) towards the left.

Anyone know what I have here?

T I A,

Just caught up on the Board... Matthew - my condolences on the loss of your father.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 676 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:09:48 PDT   Listings
Matthew Let me add my condolences on the loss of your father.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 19:03:47 PDT   Listings
there appear to be instabilty and posting probs everywhere
or least the places i read here
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1507 ) on Mar-29-08 at 18:51:10 PDT   Listings
My condolences on the lose of your father.

Jim L.

Posted by matthew1999   ( 177 ) on Mar-29-08 at 18:13:27 PDT   Listings
Thank you to all who expressed kind words about my father. I shared them with my family and it means a lot to all of us.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 17:50:40 PDT   Listings
Have you ever had a BINGO moment

I have a bunch of early US postals (franked postcards)

They had what I thought was normal shorthand But try as I might and even after tracking down some
olde ladies who were shorthand taking secretarys, back in the day, I never got a truly understandable message .

Today I got a "spencerian chartier shorthand " Guide

the system was made basically for business comunications.
I can now understand more of what I have.
Not that it made any big news yet. But
I have a few hundred and am Hoping it will hep.
still never got
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 17:37:50 PDT   Listings
Roger… Yep, congrats from me too on a very well-earned


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 17:13:17 PDT   Listings
the price of cable TV is a lot of stamps.
Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-29-08 at 16:50:53 PDT   Listings
Well, I've just watched my first "cage" fighting bout on cable TV.

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1997 ) on Mar-29-08 at 16:46:39 PDT   Listings
Roger: congrats. I hope to spend some time with your exhibit tomorrow morning....
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1015 ) on Mar-29-08 at 16:08:18 PDT   Listings
I reported another, and within a minute it was gone *poof*
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Mar-29-08 at 15:42:49 PDT   Listings

May CCMouse and myself extend our deepest condolence on the loss of your Dad.
Only those of us who have lost a parent know the void it creates in our lives.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 15:42:48 PDT   Listings
I got him bang bang

Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 15:42:15 PDT   Listings
That explains why Live World couldn't find it. They were inthe process of removing it.

Off to work.
Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 15:41:28 PDT   Listings
Aloha -
I went to report the post below leading to a fake sign-in page.

When attempting to report it, Live world cannot find the message. Stay clear of the links until Live World gets rid of the phisher.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 15:37:29 PDT   Listings
Check is in the mail alexandre

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 14:40:22 PDT   Listings
Sales is as easy as ABC

Always Be Closing

Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 14:16:09 PDT   Listings
Statement - Why I didn't go into sales as a career, I miss golden opportunities:

Swiss Razor Cancels

Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 14:12:52 PDT   Listings
Aloha -

I see a nice wake up. Thanks for the accolades.
A correction I must make - Hugh is not nomad, David S is nomad55. I met Hugh and David in Taos last September. Hugh's expertise is in early mail carried on the waterways of the Eastern US. He recently published a book, which is now considered "The" book for students of the topic. Not bad for an Englishman living in England! David S collects Exposition cancels and recently revised "The" book on US exposition cancels (a 5 year project) which is available on CD. He stops by here often and is worthy of congratulations just for hs efforts on rewriting the book.

Matthew -
My sincere condolences. Philatelic research would be impossible if it weren't for people such as your father and yourself. Writers make it possible for those of us who exhibit to explain the intricacies of our exhibits. Sure we add some new information, but I don't think you'll ever find me writing a book. Much too difficult!

Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 14:00:45 PDT   Listings
I guess that should be Scott Classic Specialized.
Its fairly sunny even in Northern NJ.
Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 13:58:03 PDT   Listings
Thank you for your reply. I thought there might be an online site that had detailed illustrations that would help with organization. I like stock books so I guess I will organize by Scott world specialist. Is there a good catalogue for India and Indian States revenues?

Malolo, nomad let me add my congratulations to your accomplishments.


Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-29-08 at 13:14:41 PDT   Listings
Afternoon/evening/morning from a sunnyish NJ.

Matthew: Condolences from here as well. His memory will always be alive for you in philately.

Malolo, nomad: I am in awe. Us poor mortals will have to kiss your feet from now on. Congratulations.

Scott, I bought a set of Vintage Brown Repro pages a couple of years ago and have slowly been incorporating them into the rest of my International pages. The repro pages are better than the International pages, but there are still gaps and some pages with multiple states. Have you tried Steiner's pages? His might be more complete.

I doubt that Indian States is ever going to be a serious collecting area for me, but I might pick up a lot or two at some point. Worldwide collecting is mostly a break from Egyptian flyspecking. Anne
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-29-08 at 13:06:25 PDT   Listings
Matthew - My condolences, to you and your family, as well.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 12:50:17 PDT   Listings
Matthew1999… Please accept my condolences. You are a good man, which speaks very highly of your father too.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-29-08 at 12:07:56 PDT   Listings

what was his brand
I'll toast him later with some friends.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1015 ) on Mar-29-08 at 11:59:51 PDT   Listings
Dragon, I was there when the 39-block of Norway #1 was last sold in 2001. It went for NOK 3,800,000 (+ commision), which by the current exchange rate is about $ 750,000.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1015 ) on Mar-29-08 at 11:52:37 PDT   Listings
Matthew, my condolences on your sad loss.
Posted by philatarium   ( 256 ) on Mar-29-08 at 11:35:02 PDT   Listings
Matthew: So very sorry for your loss.

Now that the New York Times has made its archive available for free online, I often find an article of your father's (and sometimes yours!) showing up in a Google search of a philatelic topic. Truly a wonderful legacy to leave to the philatelic community.

Peace and comfort be with you and your family.

-- Dave
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 10:32:47 PDT   Listings
That is sad news, indeed, Matthew.
Your father wrote many an interesting philatelic article for the New York Times.
Posted by matthew1999   ( 177 ) on Mar-29-08 at 10:17:49 PDT   Listings
Sad news. My father, Barth Healey, passed away this morning after a battle with prostate cancer. The end was peaceful and my brother and I were at his side.

He had a lot of friends in the philatelic community that I don't have contacts for, so please pass the word around.

Posted by knuden   ( 2417 ) on Mar-29-08 at 09:51:12 PDT   Listings
Roger Heath (malolo), Hugh Feldman (nomad55)has both won a GOLD MEDAL at the March Party.

K.E  I'm a catalog King, Expert and Philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by re1wind   ( 278 ) on Mar-29-08 at 09:40:07 PDT   Listings
GOT_THIS_ONE - Your father had over 30 years of enjoyment putting the collection together, that you can smile about. I'll bet he didn't even thing about it in investment terms (or he would have kept a ledger), as with most collectors its the thrill of the hunt that counts.
Posted by 19bls70   ( 22 ) on Mar-29-08 at 09:17:26 PDT   Listings
Good Morning,

I have a question regarding the number of pin holes in a Schermack control perfin. All I have seen have always been 9 holes. I have a stamp with a 12 hole pattern. Did any Schermack control perfins consist of 12 holes? I appreciate any information.

Thanks, Brian
Posted by got_this_one   ( 0 ) on Mar-29-08 at 08:19:21 PDT   Listings
That's what I thought. It's a shame he collected stamps for over 30 years and none of his 4 kids were involved and sadly they got sold for much less than costs. I was the lone dissenter on selling the stamps which included about 10 large cases. I did try to figure some of it out and it was way too difficult, my kids had no interest. The family revolted and contacted 3 collectors and they paid us only $2,500. I am sure there were stamps of significant value in there, I just couldn't prove it. He was very sick his last few years and those stamps weren't even put away.

For those of you who collect, keep a list of your stamps with value and make sure someone in your family has a clue as this was a disgraceful loss of a very significant man.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 08:13:30 PDT   Listings
NOIP… I just got this inside information about eBay terminating its relationship with APS—
“eBay is terminating ALL their third party contracts. The ANA contract is long gone and their contract with APS ends in June. But they also are pulling the plug on tradeshow participation and their contracts with individuals giving programs about how to sell on eBay.

They are going to try to monitor their reviews of ALL material based upon voluntary reports from trusted contacts.

Read another way—they ain’t gonna be paying anybody.

This probably will work for fake CDs, DVDs etc where the problem is pretty black and white; i.e. for the most part people selling fakes know they are selling fakes.

But when they start pulling stamp listings down without explaining to the seller what’s wrong, I think they are in for real problems. We’ve tried explaining that to them, but senior management has spoken and the Trust and Safety folk are marching to that drum.

It will be interesting to watch what happens or doesn't happen in a few months. It could become the wild west again or if too many lots get pulled by unmanaged referrals sellers may simply go elsewhere else.”
I can’t reveal who wrote that, except to say that he was at the heart of the APS/eBay collaboration.

I predict the same fruitless merry-go-round we had in the past.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 08:09:17 PDT   Listings
got this one… My suggestion—put the posters up in the child’s room. At worst perhaps you would be encouraging him/her/them to think about stamp collecting. Most of that special commemorative stuff was manufactured for people who like to squirrel things away in hopes that they will be valuable in thirty years. It hasn’t happened yet, however.

As to your coins, check out the Coins category on eBay, and look at “completed listings” to see what coins like yours have fetched.

Posted by got_this_one   ( 0 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:58:17 PDT   Listings
My father passed away and cleaning out yet another closet, we found signed prints in original cases from the Isle of Man post office. One has the original receipt and the document. They are signed by Anthony Theobold. The first is The Parachute Regiment 270/850 signed plus an additional 2 copies, 1 inside and another seperate copy. The second is titled The Battle of Britain on the receipt and has the following listed on the print"spitfire 1's of No 610 (County of chester)Squadron engaging enemy over Southern England 1940" and this one has the documents, receipt and is number 416/500 plus again there is an additional poster copy. Total of 4 containers maile from the Isle of Man.

My question is do they have any decent value or should I just have them framed and put them in my kids bedrooms as they are very cool?

Is there any information other than a UK website that I found?


My brother sold my dads stamp collection against my will (I found many receipts well in excess of what was paid to us) and I found still a few other albums, including some coins. What's the best way to list these? I found old Scott's books too. Very confusing.

Thanks to anyone who could help me.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:48:42 PDT   Listings
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Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:41:07 PDT   Listings
stamphick… Allow me to gently disagree with you. Reptilian strength had nothing to do with building civilization. Whereas a reptile can think only in terms of applying brute strength, the human thinks “Aha! I can use a lever, or a pulley here!” There certainly have been reptiles among the human population doing a whole lot of grunt work through the millennia, but all could have handily been dispensed with, with no negative effect on progress.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:20:35 PDT   Listings
Spain 1850… Oops—I left out the 1½¢ stamp. Used for 3rd class single piece, 1925-49.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:20:26 PDT   Listings
stamps12345 and Anne. I too have recently become interested in India and been bidding on some items. You are right, I have been surprised by the prices I have been paying and how frequently I have been outbid for even relatively common items. I guess I picked the wrong time to start this area.
Anne did you download the pages from somewhere?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:17:28 PDT   Listings
Spain 1850… Here are some solo Washington Bicentennial rates. (Note: the stamps were issued 1 Jan 1932)—
1¢ Domestic postcard, 1928-52. Also some 2nd class.
2¢ First class rate till 6 Jul 1932. Ditto 2nd class.
3¢ First class rate after 6 Jul 1932.
4¢ Double first class rate until 6 Jul 1932.
5¢ Domestic airmail 1928-6 Jul 1932. Also overseas surface mail. Also some 3rd class 1926-55.
6¢ Double first class rate after 6 Jul 1932.
7¢ 2nd class (periodical) zone 8. Also local, zones 1 and 2 one lb parcel post 1925-44.
8¢ Domestic airmail 1932-34.
9¢ Triple first class rate from 6 Jul 1932. Also 3rd class books per lb, 1928-49. Also parcel post zone 6 one lb, 1928 – 1 Oct 1932.
10¢ Zone 6 parcel post one lb, 1928-1 Oct 1932. Also airmail to/from/between Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands from 1925. Also domestic 1st class with $5.01-$25 insurance, 1925 – 1 Jul 1932.
Just some ideas, there are many others, and as you can see I didn’t look very far into overseas rates.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4074 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:14:24 PDT   Listings

Morning all - RE half-cent Wash Bicentennial, no half-cent rate, just use as a make-up rate, primarily for uprating 1c PSEs to the 1.5c third class single rate.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-29-08 at 07:10:38 PDT   Listings
What does all that have to do with the price of arugula.
Did the balcony run out of bananas? hehehe


Posted by lluehhhb   ( 360 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:57:38 PDT   Listings

You could try checking this page. It's for the later prexies issue (1938) but you can get an idea of the rates and the kind of usages you can find.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1507 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:56:44 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:37:51 PDT   Listings
spain 1850… Let me emend my earlier comment—I don’t think the ½¢ Wash. Bicent. stamp has a proper solo use.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:34:30 PDT   Listings
Roger… Well said.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:29:09 PDT   Listings
spain 1850… I think there is a proper solo usage for each of the Washington Bicentennial stamps. I’ve thought of collecting them myself. Let me dig around and see what I can come up with. May take awhile. If Jeff S. wakes up and sees your question he will probably be able to answer right away.

Hi Lindy. Did you bring your earplugs??

Posted by jaywild   ( 1064 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:24:10 PDT   Listings
NOIP… A congenital disrupter may from time to time seem to pose interesting, on-topic questions to this board, but his agenda will still always be working under the surface.

They know this at Wikipedia, where our resident troll has been labeled a “pariah”, and has been banned.

They know this on the Jack Vance website, where our troll is known by the name “Evil Troll”, and has been evicted there as well.

They know this on other stamp websites, where the troll is not referred to at all because he has been permanently banned and all would just as soon forget about him.

So if you feed the troll at all, you will still have him here in your midst. My suggestion, and I hope to express this as objectively as possible, is


Don’t feed him anything, not the smallest scrap. He will always be a troll.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-29-08 at 06:10:22 PDT   Listings
ROGER I really can't show concern over kids fighting and getting each other on the ground to submitt each other .What causes concern is the combination of freely accessible guns and doctors issueing drugs to treat so called "mental inbalances" to millions of school age kids as we just seen at the unversity in Virgina and in Illinois,sad and tears the heart out of any parent with a college student .That is why parents want their kids to be able to react .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-29-08 at 05:52:16 PDT   Listings
DRAGONSTAMPS A week ago or two ,I posted a piece about the coming prices increases from a news article that Scott catalog put out that said some of the biggest{biggest ,means a lot of } prices increase in philately were coming in next years catalog ,so its not surprising we start to see huge price increases on the rare and gems of the hobby .

So is it possible that those of us who sold stamps over the past few years are going to be crying .But in turn those who were buying will be smiling ....paul

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-29-08 at 05:37:41 PDT   Listings
BACK TO STAMPS ---------ANNE Trying to do something with India and the States should be difficulty.Its a hot area on E-bay and a lot of material is going back to the homeland .Prices are now the best ever for sellers .Good Luck on finding anything but the cheapest material .
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-29-08 at 04:46:28 PDT   Listings
I'll come back later.


Posted by dragonstamps   ( 501 ) on Mar-29-08 at 01:10:48 PDT   Listings
NOIP: (from Linn's)The Norway Trondheim block of 39(Norway #1) is going to be sold at auction on April 4th. (David Feldman auction)

Also in the auction is the Baden 4b unused, which is so far unique in that condition.

Each should realize over $1,000,000.
My guess is the block of 39 will be over $2 million.

Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-29-08 at 00:48:36 PDT   Listings

There ain't no such thing as "collective intellect."
Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-29-08 at 00:08:22 PDT   Listings
Alex -
I started a discussion posting this - "Youngsters are pliable to any new technology." This in reference to eBay's new Searches and "look".

Paul broadened it to physical fighting for kids by showing a news clipping. I addressed him specifically in each of my posts expressing my disagreement. I stayed out of the name calling that some on this Board continue. I didn't once address or make any comments to you or your points, but twice you insulted me. What's your problem?

You continue to expouse the position your income is derived by using your intellect, but if I suggest We have a collective intellect beyond reptilian brutality, you get snotty and use personal put downs towards me. I don't recall even addressing you, and didn't even consider you as part of the dialogue.

I hope you get overwhelmed by work as I find your reappearances here totally out of line. To make the comment -
"That's why crocodiles survive for 200 million years, and ideas are born and fizzle out overnight is the most stupid comment I've read here in a long time. Maybe most of your ideas fizzle, but lucky for us you aren't the only human on this planet. There are intellectual ideas germinated during the past century that reptiles are unlikely to consider, even if they are left alone for another 200 million years.

Bood night
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-28-08 at 23:35:06 PDT   Listings
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-28-08 at 23:09:32 PDT   Listings
Spent the last few days putting together pages for India and all those states as a prelude to filling a few scanty spaces Not my favorite cup of tea, although educational. Rajpeepla, anyone?

Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of upgrades that work, the Nepalese Andes, and boxing gloves in the balcony.
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 22:58:51 PDT   Listings
Good thing you put "intellect" in quotes, Roger. I don't see it as your bragging point, either.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 379 ) on Mar-28-08 at 22:53:24 PDT   Listings
due2cents - I kinda dabble in sports memorabilia. Mostly football, but I have sold lot's of oddball stuff here over the years. What you need?

Anyone - Recently I got back into my stamp collecting, but only the Spain portion. Now, I'm kind of getting the bug for the U.S interest I began a couple years ago but never quite got off the ground with.
Just to recap:

I started a small collection of 1932 Washington Bicentennials on cover. But I forgot just about everything I had learned in that short time, so I'd like to ask a few questions:

1) Does a rate exist for each of the values in the set? In other words is it possible to find solo, appropriate usages for each value?
2) Is there an online resource for postal rates from 1932-33? My Scott catalog (1998) has some basic information about basic rates but nothing very detailed. I'd like to find all the esoteric rates I can.
3) How does one differentiate between a philatelic usage and an actual commercial cover? I'd like to find FDC's for each value, but all I find are cacheted covers, and covers with inappropriate postage for what they are suppose to be.

Well, these are but a few ???'s I'll probably have.

I'll check back in the morning.
Posted by malolo   ( 890 ) on Mar-28-08 at 22:43:30 PDT   Listings
Paul -

My final disagreement to your comment - "The kids are well protected with pads and there more learning defensive methods ,breathing and form . They also don't have the ability to hurt someone unless by accident ."

When techniques are used in the playground or hallways, etc, there are no pads, and kids get hurt.

No more from me.

In case nobody had noticed Reptilian Strength in on the brink of extinction caused mostly by "intellect". I don't see that as a bragging point.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 21:45:17 PDT   Listings
stayed up digustingly late for a couple of snipes

did not win but some one paid dearly.

Heck it's tomorrow here already



Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Mar-28-08 at 21:38:45 PDT   Listings
The world was built upon ideas, not reptilian strength.

Actually it was built on a combinition of both since neither alone would have been sufficient.
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 21:37:52 PDT   Listings
That's why crocodiles survive for 200 million years, and ideas are born and fizzle out overnight... What kind of fighting have you chosen over intellect, Jaybrain?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-28-08 at 21:16:45 PDT   Listings
Paul It was just an observation, Paul. When given the choice of doing something, at an advanced age, to learn techniques of fighting or doing something to improve the intellect, the crocodile always chooses fighting. The world was built upon ideas, not reptilian strength.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1505 ) on Mar-28-08 at 20:59:00 PDT   Listings
Neat set of 02s.

Ive been working on a short book on the Kokomo Stamp Clubs Printed Mailers Postmark Permits. Not sure Im satisfied with the picture of the printing press yet, but Hopefully it will be ready for its final proofing the first part of April.
Jim L.

Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 20:50:19 PDT   Listings
Yep, I had those "Feedback reminder notes in the Won section of My eBay." Ugly sight it was, and no way to remove them.

All in all, though, eBay is not that bad. Only their (and PayPal's) fees are still way too high.

I am paid for work sometimes via PayPal. A client transferred $5000 yesterday, PayPal ate $188! What for???
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 20:42:10 PDT   Listings
The eBay site is currently experiencing multiple issues. Earlier, members may have seen Feedback reminder notes in the Won section of My eBay. This issue has been resolved. However, items relisted in the last hour or so may appear to have not been relisted, and Page Not Responding errors may also be occurring. Some members may experience other issues as well. Please rest assured that we are working to completely resolve these issues as quickly as possible, and we greatly appreciate your patience while we do so.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 20:15:57 PDT   Listings
ALEC Congratulations on picking up that Netherlands stamp. Interesting country to collect .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 20:11:56 PDT   Listings
You guys don't understand the training that goes into learning how to deliver a strike or the strength and conditioning one needs to inpact a correct technque. The kids are well protected with pads and there more learning defensive methods ,breathing and form . They also don't have the ability to hurt someone unless by accident .

JAY------Believe it or not your negative respond factor is getting to a critical level ,try your best to change that .

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-28-08 at 20:00:54 PDT   Listings
afart I am assuming you speak from experience.

Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 19:47:58 PDT   Listings

Call me Alex.

Couldn't get this stamp in good used condition for less than 50% CV for two years. Every time I would get it, there was a crease, a short perf, or something.

No I am missing only 5 gulden (#54) in this set, and some rare perforation varieties. The cheapest I could find 5gd stamo so far was $199. Well, we'll see about that...
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 19:29:55 PDT   Listings

what's that about 25% of cat or did you get MUH
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 19:19:02 PDT   Listings

Got a good Netherlands Scott #50 for $19. Finally!
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 19:15:13 PDT   Listings
Roger says:
If one is going to be punished for fighting, one might as well get in first licks, as the punishment was going to be determined by someone who missed out on hearing all the BS.

Pity you didn't really learn your lesson, Roger. Now it's too late.

Crocodile's is much better view of the world than bedbug's, Jaybug.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 19:13:13 PDT   Listings

One of the FEW times we disagree

I guess we disagree on the benefits of training young immature fighters

I do not think anything wrong with the training my little one to defend herself if needed.

It's the pitting them in Combat I think wrong.

I pity the fool ever tries to grab my little bottled up moster besides kicking , she would try to eye gouge
among other defensive measures.
Not that she will ever be Unchaperoned till she's 20 or so.

Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-28-08 at 19:06:49 PDT   Listings
Paul -

I don't mind what adults do to each other, especially when its within ground rules enforced by other participants. I do object to young kids like those in the picture, because at some point, usullay during middle school years, they find a need to prove themselves against others. I've seen a 6ft - 6th grader teased by much smaller kids just because he was "really" big for his age. He told me that if he was ever caught picking or fighting against smaller kids his Dad would take care of him. So he didn't fight back, and he had every right to do so, because he was afraid of getting it at home. The other kids called him "chicken", and I ended up having to write up a hand full of these littel kidsand luckily I was around every day to make sure the agreements were enforced.

I don't believe any kids under (do I have to write 18) are aware, or responsible enough to know how to separate sport fighting from playground mobbing.

I guess I was teased too many times when I arrived in this country for having a funny accent to have any sympathy for bullies. I can remember being in the VP's office for fighting and asked to shake hands. The other kid said, "Sure". I said, "No". Two hours later there was my Mom in the office questioning the VP why he wasn't punishing the other boy who had started the fight. I'd had to stay in the office ou tof class. I learned a lesson that day. If one is going to be punished for fighting, one might as well get in first licks, as the punishment was going to be determined by someone who missed out on hearing all the BS.

I guess we disagree on the benefits of training young immature fighters.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-28-08 at 18:53:18 PDT   Listings
Paul You have the cultural viewpoint of a crocodile.

I mean that in the nicest possible way

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 17:57:00 PDT   Listings

Youngsters are pliable to any new sport .............This is from today's newspaper ........Its good that this chat room is more up-to-date to the interest and trends going on . LATEST TREND .........and all you old farts thought I was the only one doing this ,about a year ago notice more and more young kids,especially teens coming to watch us fight and wanting to know how to take someone to the ground fast and submit them with a arm lock or a rear naked choke.

Looks like you learn more about whats going on by reading this chat board ...lol.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 17:35:01 PDT   Listings
RICHARD /1 COVERS I applaud your work on the constant plate varieties ,that is a much more serious study than what i've done .The time and the money is more than Im willing to give it .

My interest only lasts a few weeks on any country and finding and identifing as much varieties as I can in a recent purchase old stockbook or collection .Then adding those to my worldwide collection. As pointed out by others sarcasticly here not all or even most varieties are recognized by the philatelic establishment.

The fun is in the hunt and creating your own pages with the describtions on them . Im surprised over the years how much items were found and written up that years later ,when I got a chance to see a foreign catalog or the Scott Classic lists the item that I have.

What was a joy for many years was the finding of all kinds of varieties that American collectors had no interest in since it was the "fill the hole mentally" ,now as Europeans are coming here to buy and the catalogs are expanding each variety listing ,those days are ending .......paul

Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-28-08 at 17:15:07 PDT   Listings
Pro -
Youngsters are pliable to any new technology. Those of us who've been around don't trust anything eBay does that is touted as "NEW" or "Beta". I was randomly selected/included in the NEW format last summer as a test subject. None of my searches worked, and there were enough problems I went searching on other chat boards to determine if there was a way out. I discovered one had to go into "cookies" and delete the cookie for the NEW format. Have fun, I'm staying with the old until I die. ARUTOhchchh!#@$

BTW - Now that "Google" maps changed its programming and made sophisticated "enhancements", I'm no longer able to use Google maps without upgrading Safari, my browser. Of course, the Safari upgrade won't work without a system upgrade which costs $75 -$100. There is another newer still operating system available but not suited to my older computer.

A couple of weeks ago Mapquest also changed its programming blocking me out of finding locations via the US access site. Luckily I discovered a while ago that access via Mapquest Europe was easier to find European addresses (no surprise really). So I now access maps within the US by going to Mapquest Europe and clicking on "New Map", which offers search boxes for US addresses. This works fine. Using the same boxes on the US site giives an error box.

Mapquest is better. Why? Because it just doesn't work. Google crashes Safari, so all the windows I may have open disappear along with the history of the current open windows. I finally sent a stink note to Google expressing my dissatisfaction with the new change, especially since many "Mpa This" links in web sites are Google maps. I have trained myself to now hesitated over the link to determine whether it is a Google Map link belfore I click it. Clicking before thinking means CRASH.

PS - and you thought I had no problems living here in Hawaii. Between Google crashes, and lava flows, and new eruptions, my life's a mess. Think I'll have a fresh Kona coffee that'll put a new perspective on today. );>)
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 16:44:29 PDT   Listings
is anyone else in the Beta format here on the bay

I just love the Beta version of MyEbay

so much easier to me.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 16:41:44 PDT   Listings
All them oldies look alike to me..
Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-28-08 at 16:03:52 PDT   Listings
BRIGUY1: Check my post below.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-28-08 at 16:03:26 PDT   Listings
Thank you Jimbo2


You are too young, you are thinking of Melina Mercouri, another "hot" lady in her time.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:59:07 PDT   Listings
Briguy was looking 220man

unique cacel
from sellers description
Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:56:51 PDT   Listings
Who was it that is looking for boxed cancels of the Kansas-Nebraskas?

Posted by hungaryjim   ( 1016 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:53:20 PDT   Listings

Found it! Scott 2736.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:52:03 PDT   Listings

I guess hot women are born over hot rocks.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:50:22 PDT   Listings
wasn't she a cabinet memeber or something over there.
or a UN something?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:49:43 PDT   Listings

Pozzuoli is a fumarolic area within the Campi Flegri, just to the northwest of Napoli.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:47:56 PDT   Listings

hometown of Sofia Loren

Posted by hungaryjim   ( 1016 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:45:19 PDT   Listings

Who, or what, is Pozzuoli?

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 15:16:20 PDT   Listings

NIce postcard
half the time when I try to sort, because I do it buy the postal side i get lost in the stories on the cards.

Thanks for sharing..
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1260 ) on Mar-28-08 at 14:30:05 PDT   Listings

I think I have found something you might appreciate. Its part postal history, but mostly personal history.

I have a post card of a Danish farmhouse where my father was indentured at 8 years of age. His father had been killed in a tractor accident and the family had no other means of support (he was the oldest of 7).

Someone sent this
side2, I believe in 1917, to his sister, Sophie (I think).

His story of how he made to America is another piece of little known history. As a farm hand, living near the German border, he stole/bought horses, took them across the border and sold them to the Germans.

That's what paid his passage to the USA!

Knud, if you are still around I would be grateful for a translation.

Ken C

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-28-08 at 14:28:42 PDT   Listings

I should have added for Italy.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 14:14:30 PDT   Listings
kinda early oone Jeff

worm holed and done
over mileage,
but jaws still opens and it pulls tight just like any ole tool a new handle and anoother 100+ years.

I'll try and get a viewable photo for you
I rely on a scanner to much.

Sorry Iomoon my catalogs stop back in the last century.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-28-08 at 14:03:25 PDT   Listings
Can anyone supply me with the Scott number for the 2006 issue in the continuing tourism series for Pozzuoli?

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 13:51:05 PDT   Listings

Due2 - wire stretcher? Wouldn't have recognized it for that. Ours are all metal jawed things, they sure can pull a wire though.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 12:13:28 PDT   Listings
Brand name on the Barb Wire Stretcher
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:59:23 PDT   Listings

Can't see the postmark.......

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:59:20 PDT   Listings
Any "SPORTS MEMORABILIA" guys here on in the Balconny

I need to ask a question about an Item


message me
i gots stamps

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:44:54 PDT   Listings
This is also from Texas

message below relates to the Glassine
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:30:05 PDT   Listings
I looked again
I like the PO made versions
as well as those sold with the card

I also like the card to be "unmailable"/
not allowed/
not thru mail
refused-Reg Mail Only
Envelope matter
envelope required
due 1 cent - glass
not allowed
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:25:03 PDT   Listings

The German article you have linked (unlike the American one) is very informative. However, it concludes, on the basis of the opinion of two German experts, that both "British Guiana" stamps are fakes (it doesn't mention, for some reason, that Caspari came to the same conclusion back in 1930s). I always suspected that this is the case.

Does anybody have a clue, what jaywild's delirious last post was about? He is becoming really embarrassing to himself.
Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:24:08 PDT   Listings
mint stamps are sad inside
also longing for the licking and sticking we were all meant for.

I mean ---Think how sad You would be if there was never any



On the other hand ;-}

Nice set,

elusive ...........


Nice HTL card
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:11:20 PDT   Listings
Ken - Got it now! Most people have zero appreciation of how hard that set is to put together in true VF+ condition. 3c is notorious as being off-center. One of the major sleepers in 20th cent US IMO. Nice 313! BTW stamps are just "unfulfilled covers". ;-)


Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:05:23 PDT   Listings
kchrist499...Gorgeous set but you need to take the plus sign out of your URL.
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1260 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:04:18 PDT   Listings
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 11:03:30 PDT   Listings
Ken - Link is bad.
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1260 ) on Mar-28-08 at 10:59:58 PDT   Listings

To continue my totally uninteresting attempt to come down from the balcony, here is a set from my US collection. Sorry, no covers!

Ken C.

Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-28-08 at 10:39:34 PDT   Listings
"from" = "from jaywild"
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 10:29:16 PDT   Listings

Gary - not familiar with it but obviously out of my specialty area of US XIX fancy postmarks on stampless covers.

NOIP - I think last week there was discussion on mailing glitter cards. Here is an elusive example of one mailed in a glassine envelope. Note the diecut hole over the stamp area by which the stamp can receive part of the postmark. The rest of the postmark is on the glassine.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 10:05:42 PDT   Listings
William Shakespeare

Have had this cinderella quite a few times mint, but do not recall seeing one actually tied on cover. I have seen them pasted on, but not with a tying cancel. Any ideas of value? Took a shot and probably paid too much.
Willy S.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 09:04:08 PDT   Listings
RF - That's what I sort-of remembered, manuscript names in the field, like a return address present day covers. BTW "real-time" is happening today, got answers before I even posted to your board, my apologies.

Jeff - Tough to find anything to St Pierre, nice card.

Posted by 1covers   ( 1377 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:59:24 PDT   Listings
PS - Sometimes those do have a person's name in the center that were used to mark their Hane's, etc for ownership purposes. When on cover, still nada.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:58:54 PDT   Listings

US 2-cent Washington & Shield on PPC to St. Pierre, a less-than-common destination.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:53:37 PDT   Listings
Jeff - A little bit. Somewhere buried in the old grey matter, I remembered something about these with nothing in the field area, and they were not postal markings. Nonetheless, after your post, I dove for the ASCC (love it, plenty of pictures!) and found a couple that are strikingly similiar, but nada in the field. No worries for $15, it was a "gottahave".


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:47:17 PDT   Listings

Gary - heart rate go up any?

Posted by 22028   ( 1691 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:06:39 PDT   Listings
thines, 2,05 is the registration fee and 1,70 the normal postage fee. Maybe the sender of the letter asked the postal agency (I guess it was posted a a small village) to create a more interesting cover since this postage paid handstamps are rarely seen these days.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:04:57 PDT   Listings

Thanks. RF I just posted this to your board also, just disregard....

Posted by 1covers   ( 1377 ) on Mar-28-08 at 08:02:43 PDT   Listings

That is a "linen tester" device handstamped by a private party in your example. A common device that was rarely used as a postmark at some towns and also used by some steamboat pursers (all with name of office, or ship, in center). The actual devices are still around. Your example has no postal significance.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 07:49:55 PDT   Listings

Gary - the eagle is a postmark, just thumbing through ASSC Vol 1 and came across a similar from UPPER DUBLIN, CV of $2000.00

Might want to do some digging on this one. Jeff

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 07:29:20 PDT   Listings
More stuff:

A not-too-exciting stampless with great content. Written from a sailor in Haiti in 1852, discusses severe yellow fever, black vomit raging on the island. Always read the content folks!

Cuba, not difficult to find, but about as nice a strike as they come.

Hawaii - dark blue stamp, black cancel, magenta HONOLULU black FORWARDED. Aaahh, very easy on the eyes.....but only a front &*%$#@!!

Lundy: Always thought these were cute!

Jamestown NY stampless DUE 6. I would guess the fancy eagle handstamp is just a private applied marking?
Jamestown NY


Posted by thines   ( 1582 ) on Mar-28-08 at 07:03:43 PDT   Listings
Oh, I forgot to mention that the cover is registered.

Terry Hines

Posted by thines   ( 1582 ) on Mar-28-08 at 07:02:58 PDT   Listings
Good morning all,

I received a cover from Germany yesterday, containing payment for an Ebay lot. But there's an unusual feature of the cover I'm curious about. It is franked with e2.05 in stamps. There is also a purple rectangular handstamp reading "Entgelt bezahlt / Taxe percue / 170 ct" with the "170" in manuscript. I assume that this indicates that additional postage of e1.70 was paid. So, is the German post office doing away with stamps now and just using a handstamp? If the sender had used no stamps, would payment of the entire amount have been indicated with only a handstamp?

Terry Hines

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4066 ) on Mar-28-08 at 07:00:59 PDT   Listings

Morning everyone, if you can't go to covers then go to Stamps Texas

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15502 ) on Mar-28-08 at 06:54:56 PDT   Listings
Good Day

Jeff - re:Nigeria cover. Thanks, I barely passed math too you know...
FA Covers: Very nice, but hands-down, mine is uglier. That counts somewhere I think... (grin)
Mike: Only see him at Sarasota, my 1st stop. Amazing "little" stock he carries.

Mitchell Thank you!


There is a detailed booklet pane book by Robert Furman, Subway or the like should carry it. May be a little out of date, but tons of info. The Littlefield/Frank I am not familiar with, but Furmans goes to '95 I believe.

NOIP Got an email from a customer that buys very regularly, every other week maybe, had his payment returned as undeliverable. Only had the same addy for over 11 years now....God bless the PO, we are so lucky to have them..


Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 06:51:32 PDT   Listings
OK balconeers

(and to keep it Philatelic)

join me and the Old US Postal System



Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-28-08 at 06:46:58 PDT   Listings
NOIP Uh-ohsomeones been trolling the dictionary again.

For the curious, this is how the story that was mentioned at 11:35 last night ends

Once the IRS had enough evidence against a certain expatriate from Ekaterinburg, made easy by his chatboard braggadocio of vast money-making schemes that did not match up with his tax payments, they swooped down on him, deprived him of the citizenship in the country he so scorned, then pulled an extraordinary rendition and sent him back to the Land of No Sympathy for Whining Children, where the folks were very happy to see him again. He spent some time in a re-education camp, proved intractable to persuasion, then was moved elsewhere in the middle of the night and was never heard from again.

Now if that isnt happily-ever-after I dont know what is.

Posted by due2cents   ( 27 ) on Mar-28-08 at 06:06:11 PDT   Listings
Off Beat Precancel question

Can anyone tell me when O.E.Frost was the membership Secretary
from Verona Pa

Posted by 1covers   ( 1377 ) on Mar-28-08 at 06:04:36 PDT   Listings
Paul - I did some work with Antigua constant plate varieties a few years ago and posted on the web here. The trick is sorting constant varities that exist from a single plate position, or overprint position, from the near infinite number of non-constant varieties. Once you prove a variety as a constant variety, it takes on significance.
Posted by rioroyal   ( 394 ) on Mar-28-08 at 06:00:11 PDT   Listings
antonius-ra-- What do you want me to say? Sorry you could not wait the 4 days to have your tongue restored. I admire your collection, but why can't the man show his stuff and have an opinion, or is it only your opinion that matters?
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1505 ) on Mar-28-08 at 04:59:49 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 04:52:36 PDT   Listings
postalhyteria Have to agree with you that going to covers has been nice financial move,a lot better that the stock market over the past year .

Have you seen what one of our powersellers been getting for groups of stamps like 6 or 8 Macu stamps or MOZAMBIQUE stamps ,these are stamps I remember finding in the two cent boxes at stamp shows .These stamps put on e-bay are getting 20 or 30 cents apiece when layed out even when they are only a partial set . Amazing properaly presented the junk box stuff of years ago is getting a ten-fold price realization .

Another area were stamps are getting high realization to catalog price is all the 1960's to 1990's MNH complete sets ,this material has been called wallpaper and common in bulk sales but now a dealer could sell that material by the set on E-bay. Remember in past years dealers at shows had books and books of that MNH material and they would sell only a few dollars worth of it to someone who sat at their table for hours with a list of what they wanted . E-bay has changed that all.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 04:27:32 PDT   Listings
CHINA -----So nobody has taken this seriously--------really do you think I care ---------Here are more of what I found , is it a known varity ,is it certificateble , who cares .It makes for a interesting look ....... JAY- DOESN'T THINK THESE ARE SERIOUS ENOUGHT TO BE COLLECTED .......paul
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-28-08 at 04:01:55 PDT   Listings
NEAT FIND----This doesn't need a certificate ,it just adds to a interesting collection. CHINA .....paul
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1012 ) on Mar-28-08 at 00:34:02 PDT   Listings
Roger, nice Kristiania/razor item. As for the spelling, there was never any official decision to change from Christiania to Kristiania, it happened gradually during the last decades of the 19th century. Sometimes it was abbreviated Xania. In some travelling post office cancels it's abbreviated CHRA or KRA.

At the same time Christianssand was changed to Kristiansand (note single s) and Christianssund to Kristiansund, leaving Charlottenlund (here in Trondheim, now closed) as the only post office on C, probably the only with a C in its name.
Posted by 22028   ( 1691 ) on Mar-27-08 at 23:49:35 PDT   Listings
Afeht, see here ... http://www.phila-kompass.de/fileadmin/PDF_Dateien/guiana.pdf
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-27-08 at 23:39:28 PDT   Listings
"Soes" = "Does"

Oops! -- forgot the mandatory pneumatic "jaywild" font...
Posted by afeht   ( 1297 ) on Mar-27-08 at 23:35:25 PDT   Listings
I seem to remember a story about a well-known German forger submitting a second British Guiana to the Royal Philatelic Society, accompanied by a very dubious story about some ballerina receiving it from the former Romanian king, etc.

At the time the story was published, the esteemed Society was stymied by the apparent genuine attributes of the submitted stamp, and couldn't issue a decision for two or three years.

Soes anybody know the conclusion of this story?
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1504 ) on Mar-27-08 at 20:25:17 PDT   Listings
Jim L.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:43:35 PDT   Listings
Hey girl

Iomoon... Damn, but if I havent had the same ideawhats wrong with dumping spent nuclear fuel down in the Marianas trench, or even the Puerto Rican trench? Its plenty heavy enough, and even if the containers/whatever rupture, uranium certainly isnt going anywhere. Seems like a 100% safe way of getting rid of it.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:33:09 PDT   Listings

COVER CITY is in Nevada

Cover City, NV information
State: Nevada
Country: Elko
Area Code: 775
FIPS: 32007
TimeZone: PST
More Info...
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:18:45 PDT   Listings
checked a few maps, still can't find COVERS but when I do, I'm sure it will be a crowded and overpriced destination!
:o) Linda
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:16:27 PDT   Listings
postalhysteria - Check that 20 now. Unbelievable.


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:11:21 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:09:54 PDT   Listings
Darn it
go away for a few minutes to snipe something come back and missed one of them thar exchanges

OK back to
I am Digging thru some boxes and decided to do a rough sort as I go
this card caught my eye because of the date.
I bet the exhibition kinda went downhill the last few days.
message on card says me are filling the streets to sign up to back england.

Back then I am sure the promoter was ok with that

now adays I bet you'd here gripping.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-27-08 at 19:07:16 PDT   Listings

However or whyever the Hispanic word Huascaran could be interpreted as Nepalese is totally beyond me.

Brian Won't work
Max. temp. of even Precambrian volcanoes was 1700 C. We have lots of substances which allow for experiments with such materials.

Alternative is a subduction zone. Send it down the Marianas trench. Only trouble is plates only move at about 20 cm per year and material has to be sufficiently dense to go down.
At least it will be rid of for about 250 million years.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:58:40 PDT   Listings

George - go to covers? (grin)

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:57:47 PDT   Listings
Briguy Sounds good to me. The major "waste disposal" collectors around here now call themselves recyclers as they haul their crap to the landfill.
I must be missing something?
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:48:05 PDT   Listings
OK, ...todays completely non philatelic question for Io

Jim W/S, because you're a geology professor with a volcano fetish, my wife wants me to solicit your opinion. Don't know how it happened, but we got on the topic of waste disposal. She asserts volcanos are our perfect untapped alternative to landfills. We just dump all our unwanted crap into them, and it'll be vaporized instantly, with the toxic stuff safely incinerated away, we can all go home and be happy.

I assert its completely non practical. Imagine Roger having to have to learn the new art form of sailing defensively around barge after barge of reeking disposable diapers heading to Mauna Loa.

Still she persists in advocating this grand scheme.

Please, be our honest arbiter of this dispute.
Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:47:14 PDT   Listings
JIo -
That mountain can't possibly be located in Nepal. I just looked it up. Make everyone else look it up, then you don't have to give an answer.

Is that stamp considered an error, or just an ignorant mistake from a postal review board that doesn't have access to the internet?


Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:46:06 PDT   Listings

Drink one for me, I'm out.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:45:13 PDT   Listings
Gawg Ask her what she really wants?
Then tell her what you really want!
Perhaps then you can have agreement. She can go to the store and you can go to the beach, or stamp store and have some fun?
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:38:50 PDT   Listings
I can't win. The wife doesn't want anything for the anniversary so I send flowers to her office and bring flowers home. She always leaves the flowers at the office. So today she brings the flowers home and with the flowers Gavin brought over on Easter there are three vases of flowers on the dinning room table. So what does my wife say, "Looks like a funeral."
I can't win. It's Southern Comfort time.


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:33:22 PDT   Listings
Prochute I have a pretty nice collection of disney stamps. They are yours if you get an acceptance on your proposal.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:31:17 PDT   Listings
Prochute I'm stunned?!? After reading your infrequent posts of many years I thought you and Paul were
birds of a feather.
Please excuse me if I am wrong. Where's Rioroyal

Actually, I would be into doublr barreled 12 gauge shotguns.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:18:46 PDT   Listings
two countries?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:17:23 PDT   Listings
At least Scott got it right!

What is wrong with this stamp?

Prize is an ego boost.


Got three wrong.
Irony is, I've been to two of the ones I got wrong.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:14:45 PDT   Listings
Paul O.K. you agree with me for once?
Sorry, that will not fill my bucket.
You have apologies that are many years overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 18:10:46 PDT   Listings
I like that
rule of Aq 76
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:52:29 PDT   Listings
ok ,I agree with you ....end of discussion
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:39:15 PDT   Listings
All collectors and newbies:
Burn all your reference catalogs and books.
All you have to do is forget everything you thought you ever knew, go to Chicago and be a really bad student.
Then forget readin and writin and just put your substandard ego up front. No problem!

Arse fault Pauli Is that all the Honduran trains you got? Pretty pitiful.
If I would not be chastied by a moron with photographic memory, I'd get out my book that shows the differences.
Whats the point. You rule dude!!!

The one good thing about you Paul is that your own mouth says more about you than any of your antagonists could ever hope to or make up.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:30:46 PDT   Listings
fxxy I got a current list and the name of the top dealer ,what exactley are you looking for on PNC {PLATE NUMBER COILS ---for you experts who have no clue what he is asking about }
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:29:09 PDT   Listings

do you have a copy of
U.S. Booklets and Booklet Panes, 1900-1978, Volume 1: Flat Plate Regular Issues
by Donald B. Littlefield and Sam Frank.
Describes the 185 different complete booklets in which these issues were sold to the public and the forerunner items that preceded them. Provides in-depth information about each of the 22 issues, including design, specifications, postal history examples, plate number data, siderographer and plate finisher data, pane and plate varieties, minor and rare varieties, and many illustrations. 290 pages (2004), Paperbound.

thanks for the offer
but it would cut down on her work
she likes to soak and press
makes fun of me for my covers and cards
besides the Hunt is half the fun..
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:22:31 PDT   Listings
DUE I have never seen them reference any place ,not really sure how the counterfeits were used .

If she needs a set ,I got a extra one for her ,just give me a mailing address .

Posted by fxxy   ( 449 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:20:15 PDT   Listings
I am looking for info on US booklets and panes. I already have the PNC3 list, but it is a little short on full dscriptions, as is Scott. Also looking for a dealer who specializes in this material. Is there a board some where for this??????
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:12:58 PDT   Listings
would you know if those fake trains were used on cover
as postage or were they made for collectors?

My little one has a bunch of Trains on covers

(we have almost every triangle stamp she started trains)

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:10:34 PDT   Listings
TIM /OREGONSTAMPS Here is what I got ,I've never seen anything in writting about the counterfeits but the catalog says they are excellant counterfeits but these stand out as being poor quality and on rough paper{the paper is pitted .The printing stands out as poor if you look at the "UPU" in the upper corner and a lot of the lettering is of poorer quality. HONDURAS TRAINS .......paul
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 17:04:36 PDT   Listings
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 674 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:51:35 PDT   Listings
Hi yall!

I'm still here but cannot say much as my tongue has been bitten off.

gary.nes I am glad to see you on board and posting many interesting items.

with only 4 days left to go................

Mitchell aka Antonius Ra
President EUSC

target="_blank">The World of Stamps

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:39:04 PDT   Listings
just trying to provide 'Plausable denyabilty"

is is
Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:36:03 PDT   Listings
Pro -
I didn't correct on the spelling becaus eboth are correct, but only during certain periods of "Oslo" history. I could dig up the dates, but won't. I have other things to do today. LOL

That wasn't such a deep dig after all. From Wikpedia, first sentence:
"Oslo (called Christiania from 1624 to 1878, and Kristiania from 1878 to 1924) is the capital and largest city of Norway."

On to other things.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:28:23 PDT   Listings
Thanks much
could not see the pattern
Posted by wrd3   ( 106 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:23:30 PDT   Listings
due2cents the pattern in the 371 I just obtained is pattern W7.11, a common E rated perfin associated with American Steel & Wire Company from NY, NY. The only other pattern I recall seeing in a 371 is W82, a C+ rated perfin. I'm sure there are other patterns in a 371 .... I haven't really been looking that hard. But still happy to get this stamp.

Bill D.
Posted by richintalent   ( 174 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:18:11 PDT   Listings
Something has always puzzled me about stamps: These little backwater countries like Liberia, Yemen, the pre-UAE sheikhdoms [Dubai, Manama, Umm al Qiwain, Ras al Khaima, etc.] produce these big beautiful stamps, and what do WE have? 'Chrome and Fins' and 'Marvel Comics'! I think- and I may be the lone voice of dissent here- the USPS should print something on par with the above mentioned stamps!

Rich K.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:07:24 PDT   Listings
Thanks for looking! Appreciate your opinion.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 16:06:31 PDT   Listings
Whats the perfins.?
inquiring minds need to know.

I was wondering about the Paper and Ephmera show
that is part of the Fest in Roundtop
Just remember that scan BUM
going to do a Postcard clean on it
it is bigger than my scanner and Ugggleee
today anyway.
need an antique worm eaten Strecther for that thar barb

I spelt it wrong so you could deny Briguy
of any knowledge kinda like the meaning of IS

stamp was and still is perfect no hinge mark it was orginal gum no thins creases or tears

Just goes to show my "Apostrophe" syndrome is very real
it exists almost without fail.

Posted by wrd3   ( 106 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:43:50 PDT   Listings
dolores6143 if the Elvis stamps are unused, use them to mail someting .... there were millions printed, so they are only worth face value.

NOIP perfins in imperforate US stamps are somewhat scarce. I'm happy this 371 arrived in the mail today. I found it without the perfin being mentioned, so won it at a good price.

Bill D.
Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:41:29 PDT   Listings
Jeff -
I googled the address on the cover to London. 10 Whitehall housed the offices of the Ecclesiastical Commision, which apparently was the accounting office for all the Crown and Church lands. I didn't spend too much time. Recently the whole building complex was sold to investors in Dubai.

Posted by dolores6143   ( 11 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:32:50 PDT   Listings
Hi,just wondering if Elvis stamps are collectible?,,,found a few and don't know to use them or not thanks for any help
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:28:50 PDT   Listings
DB - thank you, it has a Galata backstamp, and I typed what I saw without looking at a map. I guess that renders that point, well, pointless.


Posted by dbenson   ( 8999 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:11:03 PDT   Listings

just to let you know that Galata is a suburb of Istanbul,

David B.
Posted by oregonstamps   ( 253 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:08:23 PDT   Listings
Honduras Forgeries Scott #103-110, Michel #85-92
Could someone please describe how to identify the forgeries from the genuine stamps?

Thank you
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 15:01:39 PDT   Listings

due2 - I have friends who have gone to the Round Top event, I have thought about taking my wire items there but something comes up. Certainly not the place for covers.

Your shoe thing in philatelic terms is a BUM - Big Ugly Mother

Mikedak - thank you for the info.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 14:44:44 PDT   Listings

MacDowells to England and Denmark censored, both returned.

MacDowells to Turkey, British Censorship via Galata and Egyptian censorship.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 14:30:19 PDT   Listings

Mike Meade is great, always somehting, interesting no matter what country.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 14:12:07 PDT   Listings

Gary - mia culpa, I ment to write the air rate was 1-/ 9d, yours is franked 1-/6d, thus short paid.


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 14:09:14 PDT   Listings
speaking of the different rates

Here is an Ugly (it has potential tho )
top of a box used to ship shoes

4th class merchandise

it has 12 booklet panes on it
granted some of them are hiding under the brown tape the po used after cancelling the stamps with a roller

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 13:48:08 PDT   Listings
and recycling DOES NOT work with beer
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 13:44:12 PDT   Listings
Gary Rememberyou only rent beer

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 13:44:06 PDT   Listings
Sure and the check is in the mail
Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 13:31:58 PDT   Listings
In reference to yesterday's reommendation to collect Kristiania, Norway, cancels.
If you read this page

you'll understand why I bought this card, which will go below the Kristiania razor. To me it will be a cool juxtaposition. I'll be removing the current Geneva card.

BTW here's a best read until I get it in my hands. - This first Rue Du Stand canceler used as a receiver is quite scarce. On this card it was used as both a receiver, 8 March - 7am, then attempt to deliver was made, the card was returned to the PO and forwarded the next day, 9 March - 4 pm to the new address. Probably unique. I need to confirm the marking sequence.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 13:02:10 PDT   Listings

NOW you tell me....Jiminey Crickets, I hope beer stops THAT stinging..but then again, why waste beer?

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:52:25 PDT   Listings
Gary Just dont touch anything delicate while that burning lasts

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:49:38 PDT   Listings
Jeff - Forgive my stupidity (you know I need pictures!), the 1/-6d is correct, but they charged the 3d because of the Postcard inscription?
Dang, and I thought you'd be groping for the keyboard over the FA! Is pretty neat though, huh? Picked it up from Mike Meade, he some god-awful strange stuff in his stock!


Washed in muratic acid, can't figure out the burning sensation in my hands though...

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:48:40 PDT   Listings
postalhysteria - Are you feeling better?


Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:46:26 PDT   Listings
Say it BY Telephone - that's a classic with all those cancellations on it. Someone had a sense of humor!
Posted by mikedak   ( 1401 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:39:37 PDT   Listings
Probably a type C-11 (1) International. I got 0310 1894 as an earliest date.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:39:12 PDT   Listings

Gary - sweet cover. I have 4 international covers with that stamp, and although not with all the "character" your has, and actually that's 2 more than I need myself. Thanks for showing.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:37:17 PDT   Listings
Gary After you send that Wasserman item off, wash your hands.

Cant be too careful!!

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:36:19 PDT   Listings

Gary - early 1950s PC rate from Nigeria to the USA was 2-1/2d or 3d in 1958. Air mail letter was 1-/6d. Thus yours is 3d short paid which someone computed to be the charges on the card.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:33:42 PDT   Listings

Please take a seat before opening these links. I sure hope you do other than 3rd class mail...



Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:28:59 PDT   Listings

Mike - what was Dallas Texas' first machine cancel and ERD? Jeff

Posted by peterc8888   ( 387 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:27:21 PDT   Listings

Thanks for the post regarding the unregistered seller. I just want to avoid getting into any potential scam.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:20:35 PDT   Listings
When is a postcard not a postcard?

Nigeria 1/- and 6d inscribed POSTCARD at top. Obviously an envelope with flap sealed. T21c French due marking, 7c US due handstamp. From 1959. Any ideas of what the rate was for a card vs. envelope? Seems to me the 1/-6d should of been enough for the letter, but maybe the postcard inscription was penalized?


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:16:35 PDT   Listings
it will be off in a little while I'll look

off to get the pumpkin
she kicks when I'm late
Posted by mikedak   ( 1401 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:08:24 PDT   Listings
That postcard might have passed through several hands before some dealer tossed it into a quarter box, w/out ever having looked at the back. I have found lots of 'head-scratchers' over the years also. If one over bothered to lift the stamps on those, (i.e. the $1 cattle in storm creation posted a few days ago), you will almost invariably find a faulty stamp, such as major thins, repairs, or tears that otherwise makes them mostly worthless and good fodder for messing around with.

I know a couple old-timers around here that have personally concocted many dubious items over the years (some very good), mostly just to fool friends and fellow club members and the like. However, some dangerous items invariably end up on the market after folks sell collections, pass away, etc..

Not familiar with any Brookings activity, though South Dakota has a friendly tax environment, so many financial institutions and the like locate there for that very reason..
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:07:19 PDT   Listings
as I am a half full guy
I always look at the upside

Best wishes ( simple card)

Name: Abigail B Hansen
Birth: abt 1896 -
Residence: 1920 - Nebraska

She ended up in SD how about that for coinkydink

As far as thr Show It's in Texas either you know it
or who cares. as my dad the texican would snort over his beer.
Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 12:01:52 PDT   Listings
Pro -
Another thought about the card. I have in my collection registered cards and they are seen for sale once in a while. Maybe this sender just wanted to make sure the card was delivered and the recipient took special notice of the "extravagance". Love is grand and what's 9 cents, two Cokes in those days.

Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:56:35 PDT   Listings
Pro -
Sort of strange. I must have been away from the mainland too long. I look at the Roundtop web site and can't find where the event is taking place other than a highway intersection. I mean everyone knows where this is, right?
"Located on 12 acres at the American Legion Post #338, Hwy. 237 off Hwy. 290"

I guess I'm looking at the internet as a global entity and the promoters are still thinking locally.

Sort of like in Kona. people still give directions according to te location of Burger King, MacDonald's, Costco, etc, since it's so difficult to find any business here due to severe signage restrictions. And even though there are street numbers, they are way too small or non-existant!

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:51:15 PDT   Listings

Thanks for your thoughts also

for a quarter I buyem
can't always explain em but I buy em .

I have stranger
again I just can not fathom someone taking a perfectly good stamp worth more than the postcard and licking it and pricing for a 25 cent piece
going to all the trouble to even do a purple pencil with correct box number notation and the fountain pen writing
lot of effort for a little return.

Mike are you famalair with the Brookings SD bank doing the new paypal like payments? Heard any thing either way good or bad.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:38:21 PDT   Listings
On the PPC
I have no clue but both names and addresses
i foound in old city directories
looks kinda like a boxed cancel smeared

i figured maybe philatelic leanings

I have many whatsits in my stuff
I payed a quarter for it in a Greeting card box
Find it hard to believe someone would waste a stamp with a little value
on a 25 cent card.
But again what do I know.
I have many overfranked postcards
many with aux markings I feel are OK this one
has always been a HUH/

JEFF- Here

one of my favorite dealers has raved about this week long extravaganza if I had not committed to other things i was going.
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:36:07 PDT   Listings
LYNN - I think your precancel is a Chicago, Ill. L2TS date 6-1. Listed. It could be deemed a triple, maybe a 2 and 1/2 with a shift :-) Catalog states, conterfeits exist (I have never been given a good answer on how to tell if precancels are conterfeits), font variations exist in some or all positions, line spacings vary with the device by more than 0.5 millimeters, various dates exist. Precancel value------ .15c. Nice stamp, thanks for sharing.

Posted by mikedak   ( 1401 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:33:28 PDT   Listings
I think it is safe to say that the INSURED postcard just shown is a modern creation. If I recall, insured service was around as early as 1913, but that was only for parcel post (4th class?) and another special service. Don't think it has ever been available for strictly 1st class (unless it contained merchandise).
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:32:00 PDT   Listings
JAY ----What did you do ?????? E-BAY just sent me a note that your up to 1057 negatives .

Im out with a crew on state road 34 and its almost a white out here, so much for global warming .

We don't need personel histories ,hey the other guys in my neighorhood were breaking into train cars and rolling drunks and nocking old ladies over their head for their purses ,so lifting a few stamps wasn't a crime to law enforcement .

On the subject of who is a expert get real ,people here can tell when textbook information is being past on .

Your also wrong about the Chinese stuff, none was of the type that a certificate was need it was just common printing issues/problems not catalog listed varities .Your good at twisting and posting half truths ,it seems to be your speciality .

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:20:55 PDT   Listings

What's the Round Top show?

On the PPC, what was there to insure?

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:13:34 PDT   Listings

The subject matter, and it being a wrapper, certainly did not hurt!

I'll defer to the 20th cent. rate experts, but the INSURED markings seem very modern. Insured postcards are quite uncommon. If correct rate and time period, I would think it is a pretty good piece for a W/F student.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 11:07:46 PDT   Listings
Thanks Gary I have a few correctly rated solo 4.5 prexie uses

I just wondered if the subject matter helped the price.

HERE is A Postcard

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:55:24 PDT   Listings

Wasserman was the test for syphilis. The wrapper conatined a blood sample for testing. I'm sure Jim or Jeff can expound, they explained it to me. The 4.5c rate is correct, that is the reason for the interest/price. Tough single Prexie to get used correctly.

4/26: Bummer, will catch up with you one day.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:54:37 PDT   Listings
JEFF do you do the ROUNDTOP show
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:46:55 PDT   Listings
I missed 1 Roger
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:43:15 PDT   Listings
That Solo
eas part of the cachet the wasserman part,
I gots some of those on tourist stuff
caves newspapers
couple of map/attraction brouchures

Thornebrook Village Antique Market & Garden Show
April 25-26 Gainesville, FL is where I'll be.

picking up a container about 80-- 1900-1910 advert covers

Posted by malolo   ( 889 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:39:16 PDT   Listings
Aloha world postal historians -

I assume everyone here uses internet maps to locate the origin and destination of thier "unique" covers? Well, in your wonderings around the globe you should have run into these features and destinations.

A TEST of your geographical awareness. I missed two.

Swiss Razor Cancels

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:26:03 PDT   Listings

Go to covers. (did I mention that today?)

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:20:08 PDT   Listings

Thanks to Jeff and Jim for their help in getting the story on the wrapper. Muchos gracias, owes yous'es boths a beer or maybe two....

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:17:47 PDT   Listings
Gary Go to solo prexies on Wasserman test wrappers!!!

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:11:47 PDT   Listings
Aw shucks Jeff (big grin), been trying to tell these people GO TO COVERS, heard it from someone I met not-so-long-ago!

Very pleased, to say the least!

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:07:59 PDT   Listings
Due 2

You know I'm just joking, I can well imagine what you must have (certs or no certs!). April 26: show on Dale Mabry across from the Bucs stadium, behind Sam Seltzers, can you make it? Would like to meet if possible. I'll be there on Sat only, may not work for you. Let me know.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4065 ) on Mar-27-08 at 10:05:09 PDT   Listings

Gary should be HAPPY!!

Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:59:25 PDT   Listings
Was told it was a triple stike.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:57:46 PDT   Listings
Is that precancel a double strike
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:56:48 PDT   Listings
Thanks Jay wild

Just got this itch

needs to scratch it

have a few grand (sold a nice olde book)
just have this undeniable Urge

maybe I'll try a Real live guy.
just can not decide
besides I hum don't worry be happy must of the time
so i think that there is a better time ahead
the other half this is going thru my little brain



I went to cards and covers years ago.
i gots tons ( by weight not metaphor)

Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:54:49 PDT   Listings
Precancel collectors
I was told at one time thisL2T5 ty. 1 was unlisted.
Is that still true?
TIA Lynn
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:42:24 PDT   Listings
due2 I would only suggest to you that you look very carefully at all brokers currently offering online trading. Financial markets are very troubled, and if a broker happens to get blindsided by bad investments (most usually have an investment banking arm) and the company teeters toward insolvency it may be very difficult for you to recover your holdings. (Discount brokers hold securities in street name, which means actual title is not transferred to their customers generally, otherwise transactions would be too cumbersome to be done at a discount.)

I have cleared everything out of my most recent broker and am in the process of evaluating a new broker to sign up with.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:21:56 PDT   Listings
due2 Funny!!!!!!!

776... Congratulations on your anniversary

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:19:37 PDT   Listings

Are you deaf? GO TO COVERS (or CARDS maybe?). With much respect to Hysterical Jeff. Sorry, couldn't help it...


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:14:01 PDT   Listings
any WHO fans here


Roger D.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 09:02:40 PDT   Listings
Paul When you initiate a discussion by severely attacking, without basis, someone whose credentials in a particular field are above reproach, no one in their right mind will compliment you or pat you on the back.

Heres a story you related about your pastas a young boy you stole stamps from a variety of places (from mailboxes, shoplifting, approvals you never paid for) then eagerly presented your collection to a group of mature collectors and were heartbroken when they pronounced them worthless.

Now lets come back to the present daysomeone posts some information on the chatboard that reflects their many years of study of a particular aspect of stamp collecting, and you feel envious so you post some disparaging (and wrong) comments as a means of discrediting the expert. Then you loudly complain that no one ever compliments your knowledge or expertise.

I hope you can see the parallels between these two stories, but if not, let me try and illuminate them further.

If as a boy you had saved your allowance, got a paper route and saved those earnings, then began buying stamps and also the reference material that would give you knowledge about them, any experienced collectors you showed your budding collection to would almost certainly have responded with enthusiasm. At least some of them wouldthats how mentorships begin. But to steal a bunchy of low-value crap and then, feverish for praise, rush it under the noses of serious collectors will always result in exactly the treatment you received.

You may disagree, but as far as I can tell you havent yet made a serious study out of any aspect of stamp collecting, therefore the stuff you tend to post to this board is not taken very seriously. Remember the Chinese stamp variety you posted a week or so ago (which was in reality only the result of underinked printing) then defended valiantly, saying you were going to send it in to be verified as a legitimate variety? That says something very dramatic about your level of scholarship. I dont know Chinese stamps from Green Stamps but I have taken the trouble to learn printing, and if you think you should be praised for your discovery then I am sorry to inform you that you dont know the first thing about the subject you are professing expertise in.

As long as you pick fights here and try to pry compliments out of people you will be on the worlds most frustrating train ride, one that goes around and around in a circle and never leaves the station.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 08:48:53 PDT   Listings
for those gloomy about the ecnomy
here is a perky thought


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 08:40:43 PDT   Listings

I have decided to do a little stock marketing

anyone out there have any preference for any of the on line traders
anyone you are satisfied with
anyone to avoid
worst I can do is lose money
not going to risk a ton but would like
to try it
Not quick in's and out's
but some gambles i guess
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-27-08 at 08:31:19 PDT   Listings
due2cents - either that or a Purple Heart.


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 08:15:29 PDT   Listings
She should get a DSC Gawg
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-27-08 at 08:02:36 PDT   Listings
I have done my duty. Been married 32 years today. That's the flowers anniversary,,,,right.


Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Mar-27-08 at 07:44:00 PDT   Listings
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provide LINKS to pictures
rather than posting them directly to this board.

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Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 07:29:23 PDT   Listings
Couple of things kicking around the desk this AM:

Neat China Diplomatic Mail w/ Postage Due


Cover from the late Jack Molesworth, 3x $5 Moore, strip 3 $1 O'Neill coil. Slightly philatelic, going from one stamp dealer to another, but still a nice franking.
$5 Moore

Very pretty overall Magnus of Columbia College & Carver Barracks Hospitals. Unused, but eye-catching.

VERY EARLY Sigma Pi corner card envelope. Actually bought this from a Sigma Pi member...1st cover he ever owned. Was quite a famous stamp guy in his day.
Sigma Pi


Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 07:16:53 PDT   Listings

Works now, thanks for letting me back in ;-)

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 06:53:26 PDT   Listings
Gary I had no problem getting to photobucket
and looked at some posts elsewhere with active photobucket photos

must be you
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-27-08 at 06:48:49 PDT   Listings
Good Day

Anyone know if Photobucket is down? Can't get in, even slinking and sliding...

Jim Poot? You sly devil, my new word for the day. :-))


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 06:36:06 PDT   Listings
For the PRECANCEL Fans


GAWG- still digging
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 06:23:42 PDT   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 06:11:07 PDT   Listings
BOX Cancels

I see these on Post Cards on occassion


and This card is the kinda thing I am always loking for

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 05:39:53 PDT   Listings
JAY ----Some where your going to have to say something positive about something I post a stamp or a scan because E-BAY auditors have these numbers so far on you ...............................NEGATIVE comments about Paul ---1,056 ..........Neutral comments to Paul-- 31 ...........Positive comments to Paul-- O .................

Jay the numbers don't look good ,we need a approvement from you

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-27-08 at 05:21:45 PDT   Listings
Paul Your post seems to indicate that the Fishing for Compliments season is open

Gawg... It depends on what you mean by consistently. Non-stop? Then perhaps yes, after 6 years. But one dainty little poot per day probably wouldnt cut it.

Ooopsdid I just say that???

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-27-08 at 05:14:25 PDT   Listings
Did you know -

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer
than left-handed people do.

You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in
the evening!

During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of
food, that's the weight of about 6 elephants.

If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months,
enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic

Gawg, eating beans.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-27-08 at 05:09:01 PDT   Listings
PAOLO B.--------Got a e-mail this morning from a board regular who want me to mention a error in your original posting -------

You stated "As you know Bill C. is {also} specialized on these ." That would be wrong he shows a scan of a album page from Mitch's scans.......It would of been better and more correct if you would of said "As you know Paul is {also} specialized on these "........................so for future postings hope you get it right .

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-27-08 at 04:04:13 PDT   Listings
Rainer, leider nur Tinte!

I collect Inkwells, and advertising items for Ink. Blotters, Envelopes, Leaflets and Stamps if they advertise Ink Companies (I just added some to my me page too)

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1504 ) on Mar-27-08 at 04:03:14 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

Jim L.
Posted by 22028   ( 1691 ) on Mar-27-08 at 03:50:33 PDT   Listings
Mini*Lindy, Please add INK before Post stamps...
Posted by 22028   ( 1691 ) on Mar-27-08 at 03:46:27 PDT   Listings
Mini*Lindy, are you only collecting Poster Stamps or also Shoe (Boot) Polish Poster stamps? O just got a letter with a Boot Polish Poster stamp.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-27-08 at 03:13:37 PDT   Listings
good mornin'
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-27-08 at 02:14:57 PDT   Listings

..added a few new Ink Advertising Poster Stamps to my collection this week.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-26-08 at 23:02:40 PDT   Listings
PC Peter 888 I have seen that happen before to a seller I was dealing with. It is usually that they are No Longer Registered because they owe eBay for their monthly fees and they forgot to put enough $$ in the bank, or notify eBay of their new c/card expiry date... then it gets fixed in a week or 2 and they are re-instated.

rparrny as I told you on other boards where you posted the same whining post... follow eBay Guidelines, do the right thing, report via the DISPUTE CONSOLE, the non-delivery of your purchase BEFORE you leave a negative, and you will most likely get a prompt delivery of said item, and the seller cannot leave you a neg. Follow the rules for everything on eBay and you will have far less problems than you do now. Of course, reading the sellers f/b and DSR Before bidding helps too.

New feedback rulings come into effect in May.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-26-08 at 22:57:48 PDT   Listings
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-26-08 at 21:52:50 PDT   Listings
Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of historical covers, roller(blading) cancels, and winning the philatelic lottery (I plan to win the real one and use my winnings to buy a pyramid). Anne
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 21:19:08 PDT   Listings
later all
I hear a quilt with my name on it calling

Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-26-08 at 21:00:15 PDT   Listings
Sorry, didn't mean to tease you. If fact, if you would like that 7c in your collection email me with address.

PS I have really enjoyed the revitalized flavor of this board of late. Lots of information and very positive attitude. Great people/place to visit.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 20:45:17 PDT   Listings
was it an impluse buy the seller probably had it dropped shipped to you
they sell lots of books

there are lots of them remaindered for a buck

46 Heal Thyself: Nicholas Culpeper and the Seventeenth-Century Struggle to Bring Medicine to the People[Buy it!]

[match this title] Benjamin Woolley $1.00 Abebooks OwlsBooks HarperCollins [published date: 2004] Hardcover Buy from the best: 4,000,000 items shipped to delighted customers. We have 1,000,000 unique items ready to ship today! [Hammond,
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 20:36:40 PDT   Listings
rparrny Consider yourself lucky that it hasnt happened to you before. Its know as retaliatory feedback, and is the reason most buyers in the past were afraid to leave negative feedback, no matter how richly it was deserved. I have three negatives, and each one was given purely out of spite. What can be done? Nothing.

This is scheduled to change soon, when sellers will no longer be able to give buyers negative feedback. Dont know when this change is to take effect.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 20:35:31 PDT   Listings

was one of Austins' original 300


21 Mar 1792 - 22 Aug 1855
BIRTH: 21 Mar 1792
DEATH: 22 Aug 1855 [351]
EVENT: 1 League and 1 Labor (4605.5 Acres)
LAND GRANT: 19 Jul 1824, Matagorda and Colorado County

If he is not shown as serving maybe this letter will add to list

no quakes/shakers here in Fla

Sender wish I could remember name was Officer

I will Find it
I will Find it.

it also listed a couple of more names he should bring back with him, for their payments as the signed up
during the required period.

I WILL Find the Da**n thing

Posted by rparrny   ( 217 ) on Mar-26-08 at 20:16:51 PDT   Listings
What do you do when someone leaves you negative feedback as a revenge motive without any reason??? Monkfish2 did that to me. I waited nearly a month for my book, paid for it the day I won....emailed him 2 weeks later and found out he hadn't even shipped it yet! When I left him negative feedback because of the slow shipping, he left me negative feedback in return...the reason??? He didn't give a reason (how could he I didn't do anything to deserve it)...how did he get away with not commenting (ebay requires it) he used characters to make a face instead of words. I checked and he does this with anyone that leaves him any poor feedback (Gee..no suprise I'm not the first!)
After researching...my only option is to pay square trade 30 bucks for a mediator...not paying more than I paid for the book to prove a point but I am tempted. What he did to me and others is wrong and ebay does nothing...unless you give them money that is....
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 20:15:18 PDT   Listings
To all who are P****d off at the post office. Buy your own, and run it any way you wish. This would be a great place or a stamp shop. LOL

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-26-08 at 20:05:59 PDT   Listings
due2cents - I hope you don't live in an active earth quake zone. I would hate to hear you were killed when your stamp collection fell on you. hehehe

Nice cover. But I can find no record of him serving in the Texas Army. I think he was only in his 30's at the end of the war.


Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:54:11 PDT   Listings
malolo - I totally agree! But isn't it fun to be in that small .001%? Others just look at us funny!
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:34:35 PDT   Listings
re1wind -

"The first thing about winning the lottery...."

The problem with most esoteric cancels is that they are not recognized by more than .001% of collectors, so money isn't the issue. It's finding them that is the issue, so if winning the lottery means quitting work and spending one's days looking, then I agree with you. If winning the lottery means one will have a lot of money and can buy them, no such luck. Same with razor cancels!

Brian -
Catch off the end of the pier. Did you notice the structure used here for "stringing" up your catch? Man that's heavy duty "I" beam construction. LOL
I'd love to go fishing with you and to be brutally honest the last time I fished was for trout in the High Sierra in the late '80's. (;<(

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:31:01 PDT   Listings
links ugly but work
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:28:09 PDT   Listings
I am still looking for it 16 months is deep in my boxes o stuff

and of course I keep having those moments
Oh That's where that went

when did I get this
what the heck did I get that for?

Here is a scan of the cover
Scans I can always find


Sent to a Famous Texican from
another Texan Pioneer
who I do not remember
gist of letter
Come on back
You get free section of land
and our Texas Republic scrip is now worth Gold/silver
in NO getting tobacco and stiff drink
Bring back all those who signed up between .......

it's been months since i read it
but the writer and receiver
are historical Texicans.

it might be

I have not exhuasted

and that is just the little stamp room
lord hep me ifin it's in the Big room
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:26:40 PDT   Listings
5partners -
"Secondly was quoted the DMM which states that full value of the contents must be stated even if one has personal insurance for contents."

I have no problem declaring the value of the item being registered, but I do resent the value being plugged into the computer, then being forced to pay for unecessary insurance. Double insurance doesn't make sense.

David S -
Someone posted the announcement, but since the action by eBay affects so few here, it is irrelevant. I did notice a bunch of high priced (retail) items being offered, so don't know where this 99 cent thing comes into the picture. The items I'm seeing are high priced, and are unlikely to sell in the way they are presented, such as no certificates! It has been common knowledge for a few years that lots should realize over $15-20 for it to be economical to sell here. Hey, if eBay has backed itself into a corner and can only get major sellers to list if they open under 99 cents, then eBay has obviously lost a lot of sales recently.

Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:20:16 PDT   Listings
thebriguy1 - First thing after winning the lottery should be buying those box cancels on the Kans/Nebr overprints!!! :-)
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:14:12 PDT   Listings
I'll let Roger off the hook, he's a nice guy. Anyone who fishes can't be bad. Besides, when I win the lottery, I'm going to need a guy who knows how and where to find 1200 pound marlins.
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:10:10 PDT   Listings
Jim_Lawler - CYE
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 19:06:14 PDT   Listings

Pick Christania Razor

Posted by 5partners   ( 2717 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:57:56 PDT   Listings
Thirdly, if one has sold the philatelic material and has an invoice to a customer then you can insure; but if one is sending off material for certs, exhibits, etc. then may not insure. You figure that out!
Posted by djs127   ( 655 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:57:12 PDT   Listings
I did not see any comment on the 1 cent sale for listing items under 99 cents for those with the required DSR numbers.
David Snyder
Posted by 5partners   ( 2717 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:56:17 PDT   Listings
Thanks everyone for the thoughts. Talked with various USPS people through the day. Apparently as seen in LINN's this week, there are ongoing activities by the Postal Inspectors on registered mail and certain offices are having clerks question contents more. Secondly was quoted the DMM which states that full value of the contents must be stated even if one has personal insurance for contents.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:54:49 PDT   Listings
Jaywild I agree with you on Buchanan, he was a miserable excuse for a human being. Whole chat rooms right now are dedicated to babbling away about the various perceived misdeeds of modern Presidents like Bush and Clinton, but Buchanan easily takes the cake. My vote for the most dispicable thing he ever did, was when notified the Supreme Court looked like it as on the verge of siding with the slave Dred Scott on his claim of freedom, he personally visited the Chief Justice and secretly pleaded with him to change his vote. He did. What followed was one of the most shameful decisions EVER by the court, one that virtually assured a civil war would soon result.

They say when he met the new incoming President Lincoln, he said something to the effect of: Sir, if you are as happy at attaining this position as I am at leaving it, you are a lucky man Lincoln reportedly shook his head after their meeting, and commented to friend in his typically forward rural style, that it puzzled him how such a morally flawed and hesitant man ever got as far as he did. Lincoln made that damning assesment, correctly,....after all of a 10 minute conversation.
Posted by peterc8888   ( 387 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:50:40 PDT   Listings
Does anyone have experience in pending transaction due to seller who became unregistered after the listing was closed and then the seller is registered few weeks later?

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1503 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:30:59 PDT   Listings
Thats a neat cover!!!! Now, if I can just find one similar from Indiana with a precancel paying for the Third Class Mail rate.

Spent the last couple of hours fighting through some poor penmanship and bad spelling to transcribe a newsy letter from 1932 about how good times were in 1929 and how bad they are now. I wonder if some will be writing such letters in the near future?

Heres one of the early rollers. A Post Office employee in Fort Wayne developed it around 1908 and applied for a patent. The special roller had an ink reservoir attached which fed ink to the roller while in use. A similar roller was reportedly made for Washington, D. C. There may also have been a similar device made foe South Whitley, Indiana. Id add them to my Fort Wayne pseudo page IF I had them. For a while it was listed as a precancel, but later was de-listed as the device was also used on parcel mail. Its known on 1908 Washingtons, (I have the 2, 4, 5, 6 & eight centers) one commemorative and the Parcel Post stamps (I have the 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 & 25).
Link to the commemorative.
(I sure hope that I did this one right.)

Im another one of those precancel collectors who also saves the box cancels. If for no other reason to show that its not a precancel to those who believe theyve discovered a new unlisted type. So, if youve any old neglected Indiana box cancels Id love to give them a good home where they will receive good care. :8^ )
Jim L.

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:25:54 PDT   Listings
Brian -

Ahem, cleared throat to stop foam from reaching da mout. You wrote:
"I may have to take up Swiss razor cancels. At least those are easy, cheap,...and should only take a week or so to master! ;-P"

Are you still looking for fish through holes in the ice, or something? You need to get away from that Southern stuff and get a real grip on real philately - the collecting of important, significant cancels, invented by a guy who understood the value of quality! You can be saved, and I'll be your savior. I will send you a "quality" razor cancel (my choice), if it is all you need to get started. Don't let the wife know you are starting a new collecting area, but if she asks tell her you are starting it for her - a loud "rasierklingenstempel" will get her attention. Let me know via email, as I know you don't want it on the record here. I'll be generous, which town would you like to start with ?'>)

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:23:30 PDT   Listings
due2cents - Something to show me, oh goodie, goodie, goodie. Let see it!


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:20:24 PDT   Listings

spyware maybe
do you have good protection

clicked on anything lately that asked you to sign in again
Posted by breffington   ( 406 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:18:23 PDT   Listings
Had my ebay account hijacked today and about 50 laptops listed in my name.All on three day listings and started at low prices. Ebay's software caught it and removed the listings. Had an hour's worth of fright until I changed the passwords for ebay and my ISP? Any ideas on how they accessed my password? Precautions for the future? Thanks,Frank
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:08:55 PDT   Listings
Nice Jaywild

I have been looking
so far unsucceefully for a ppiece i got back in 2006
to show Gawg next time he comes by.
to much stuff
( why did I not listen to Matt L)
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:03:23 PDT   Listings

This cover was postmarked the day of the US Civil War Battle of Antietam, but the addressee makes it important. Joseph Holt is one of the most important figures of the American Civil War that nobody has ever heard of. As a member of James Buchanans administration, the chief executive with the least backbone in the history of the world, Holt was named Secretary of War in January 1861, replacing John Floyd of Virginia. Buchanans refusal to do anything to stave off the impending Civil War can be blamed largely on his 1860 Cabinet, which was heavily stocked with Southern sympathizers and thus refrained from recommending strong measures against the states which were contemplating secession. (Buchanan never in his life developed or acted on a single initiative of his own.) With Holt at the War Department the tenor of the Cabinet changed so dramatically that the idea of placating the Southern states was no longer possible. The South hoped that Buchanan would make some small mistake that would commit the Federal Government to acquiescing that seceding from the Union was a Constitutionally guaranteed right. Had this happened, Lincolns hope of preserving the Union might well have proved impossible. However Union sentiment in the Cabinet had been stiffened, and Buchanan was forced to declare that neither he nor anyone else in the Executive possessed the power to turn over federal installations to the control of the states in which they were located (i.e. Ft. Sumter).

Floyd had also been instrumental in trying to arrange the distribution of several hundred cannon throughout the South in 1860 from a Federal arsenal in Pennsylvania. When Holt discovered this after succeeding Floyd early in 1861, on the eve of the shipment of the first guns, he peremptorily nullified the order and sent the weapons back into storage.

Holt was later named Judge Advocate General of the Union Army. It was in this post that he presided over the trial of the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination, and when it was later discovered that he had suppressed evidence he was severely excoriated, effectively ending his political career.

The cover shown is a mourning cover, and it is interesting to note that in the best known photograph of Holt (here) he is shown with a band of mourning cloth tied around the left arm of his coat.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 18:00:21 PDT   Listings
KEN------Beautiful stamps
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:53:10 PDT   Listings
JAY -----I was trying to help new readers understand how to tell the difference between real stamps and fake stamps ..He didn't make it clear ,all he does is give textbook rehash stuff and you and others fall off your chairs in amazement of his brillance . ....Give me a break .

Here is how to tell the difference on the BLACK ROSE baj5 not the black on blue baj5 .The fakes which are mostly FOURNIER forgeries are brighter in color and also the size is bigger ,here are samples from my collection of both ...... FAKES AND REAL STAMP ........I'll fall off my chair if you say something positive about my knowledge and or collection so be careful what you say ......paul

Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:52:39 PDT   Listings

Ken C.
Ken C., Great looking stamps, thanks for sharing them with us.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:49:28 PDT   Listings

I would guess that Paolo spent about 3 to 4 hours of intensive study to come up with comments using his knowledge & reference material to work with and to get them put down by someone who has very little knowledge on the subject is gravely insulting to Paolo's work.

David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:42:50 PDT   Listings

Nice stamps thanks for sharing
while I prefer used and stuck on something
I can understand those who collect the little pieces of ART.
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1258 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:38:23 PDT   Listings

Someone invited us bench sitters to join in the fun (?)

So here are a few of my favorite things:

Sc 278

Sc 313

Sc 245


I've started selling my personal collection, so you might see these on eBay in the future.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:36:21 PDT   Listings
Paul You began the insult cycle by trashing Paolos analysis of infla-alecs stamps.

Chicago is best known as world headquarters for hot-air generation.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:22:19 PDT   Listings
WHAT LANGUAGE...........Im shocked ,sorry my mother told me not to be around people who talk like that ,so I got to leave, shocking we don't talk like that around Chicago .
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:20:01 PDT   Listings
Will you two stop it? You may both think you're funny, but its far less amusing then watching Hillary Clinton and her tormenter, argue over who'll put Marx on a stamp first.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:13:00 PDT   Listings
JAY -----That sounds like a insult ,but it also shows that you really know nothing about the powerhouse Chicago is throughout the philatelic world .

SO IS TONIGHT INSULT NIGHT ,let me have it --- im ready to start firing

Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:12:39 PDT   Listings
I see that with the troll -- who is a detriment to philately and himself -- in action it is impossible to have any serious conversation on this channel.
Talk about copying and pasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What an hypocrite you are.
The troll, however, is probably infringing some kind of copyright.
I didn't, how the f*ck can you plate stamps or tell letter rates, or judge on colours, or interpret cancels or etc. with just copying and pasting???
I hope the competent authority will catch this fellony and puts him away.
I do not think he can ever heal, he's insane.
I hereby depart straight away,
good bye for now Brian and David, I cannot help!
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:09:51 PDT   Listings
the defacement used on those stamps as an attempt
to stop reuse of postage
did not (IMHO) make any new stamps and I just skip over those .
Just a way for the Stamp dealers to sell more stamps.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:09:05 PDT   Listings

you couldn't afford them, you would have to sell your house, cash in all your assets, and sell your huge accumulations in the bookcases,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:08:58 PDT   Listings
NEW READERS and COLLECTORS Here is a correct usage of the Neapolitan cancel that others said was on the PARMA stamp,thought it would help you understand some of the textbook talk here from others ......NEAPOLITAN cancel
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:07:33 PDT   Listings
Paul The only stuff that ends up in Chicago is auction floor sweepings that nobody else wants, that are sold by the ton.

Paolo... The links can always be accessed through my ME page. Feel free to tell anyone about them, I like to think they may be of service once in a while. BTW, very nice descriptive and analytical work you did for infla-alec.

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 17:03:16 PDT   Listings
paolo Don't feel bad about the grills. Few American collectors really unterstand them either. They must truly boggle collectors in other countries. I think only American stamps of a period of 2-3 year, and a few Peruvian issues made under contract, ever received them.

I personally avoid them if I can. They exist for rich people, and EBay scam artists, to dabble in
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:57:18 PDT   Listings
DAVID B.... Doesn't it just tick you off that someday those Tonga covers will be in Chicago ...lol
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:54:56 PDT   Listings
NEW READERS and COLLECTORS Here is more information so you can tell about the last stamp on ALEC scan .... ,from PARMA. This will make it easy for you to tell its fake . Info on the PARMA ....paul
Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:51:54 PDT   Listings

and p.s for your Philatelic education,

the " Burrus " (not Burris which was your incorrect spelling and presumably not a typo) cover is one of two known and is incomparable with the Registered combo cover to Germany which is unique. I can't give provenance for it as I bought it from a dealer in about 1970 and have forgotten which dealer it came from,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:50:15 PDT   Listings
First I have nightmares about black widow spiders killing their mates, now I have to deal with ginormous female marlins out for a good time on the Oceans.

No wonder we aging fellows take solace in stamps!!
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:45:48 PDT   Listings
Paolo My appologies for that weak attempt at German. Plugged into a language translator, is asks if I was trying to speak in Venutian (as in from the planet Venus).

Basically, all you need to know is when she speaks to you with blazing fire in her eyes, and the words come out in German...look out....you've done something horribly wrong, and now there will be dire consequences to pay.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:42:58 PDT   Listings

I totally agree with Paolo, no use answering your inane comments, hopefully others will see though what you have said and realise it is caused by you being envious of other collectors knowledge & material,

p.s. I don't take any notice of typo's on Chat Boards or correcting them, they happen,

David B.
Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:42:23 PDT   Listings
Jim (Jaywild) and Brian,
I tried to open a topic on 2c. Jackson and Grills on the Italian eBay Forum, but there is a filter for some more English words.
Anyway I put it it doesn't work, message gets refused, and I do not know which words are filtered. As of recent, in fact, on eBay.it it has been put one against chinese spammers, which were clogging all of the threads with their electronic product advertisments.
I saved your posts and will remember of the link, anyway.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:37:18 PDT   Listings
DAVID B. ------What happen thought you would of caught it ......or do you only catch certain people ??????.

DAVID B. ------You of anybody know text book knowledge and long winded postings which are just rewritten from a reference book ....say it ain't so

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:31:54 PDT   Listings
Paolo I have a solution to your catalog translation issues. To quote numerous comedians "Take my wife --PLEASE!" She speaks and reads good German, having learned it as a first language, in of all unlikely places, growing up on a southern Indiana farm.

One word of caution, German is a VERY threatening sounding language when shes yelling at you. Sends shivers up my spine anyway.....

Das beendigte Versuchen, Sie vorzutuschen verstehen nicht, hatten Sie besser zu hren zu mir oder sonst!

Of course, if she sees this post,....then I'm REALLY screwed. :o)
Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:31:08 PDT   Listings
Paul, that is not my centerpiece, it is a minor item from my collection, I had received Gold before it was even acquired.

p.s. there are about 30 or 40 items that are of much more important in the collection anyway,

At least I acknowledged where it came from,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:28:00 PDT   Listings
Paul, " wow ", you caught Paolo's typo, he copied & pasted and forgot to change " White " to " Pink ", what a catastrophe,

David B.
Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:23:46 PDT   Listings
P.S. I purposely refrain to make comments on a few recent posts, which are a waste of space: it would be like shooting at the Red Cross!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:20:57 PDT   Listings
DAVID B . -----NO ...Its like your collection of TONGA ,I don't say the center piece combination cover is from the BURRIS collection ,It from DAVID B. collection.....agree
Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:14:14 PDT   Listings
Gary.nes, Spain_1850 and Alec,
Thanks for your kind comments.
I vaguely recall of our conversations in the past, Richard.
It was the time you started your comparative web-site of Spain originals versus forgeries or fakes.
I recall Evrytania was also posting.
I wanted to begin collecting Spain, but I started Switzerland, instead.
That's because a local dealer is (or, should I maybe better say, was ;-)) well furnished of the latter... and I am eager to learn German (doing little progress, with the help of the Dutch language). This comes at use, also because most of my Swiss catalogues and books are, in fact, in German ;-).
Synergies from different fields are important in philately

Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:09:50 PDT   Listings

don't you mean from " Varro Tylor's " collection,

David B.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 16:09:45 PDT   Listings
re1wind A perfect example of a roller type rectangular cancel. Not a "box" city cancel (as I'm defining it), but a close mimic, and one more type of cancel nitch that can plague my sanity once this current quest ends.

I may have to take up Swiss razor cancels. At least those are easy, cheap,...and should only take a week or so to master! ;-P
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 15:57:50 PDT   Listings
When a box cancel, or as I call them "roller" is NOT a precancel. Auction# 230236155241. The "," and the dividing line give it away. The type is almost like a PSS# L1HS, but its not.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 15:55:35 PDT   Listings
On his no.11 its not a 5 Baj black on light blue but a 5 Baj black on rose .....{thats right }...off to shower ,eat and rest before sh!t hits the fan
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-26-08 at 15:45:38 PDT   Listings
DARN CAN'T COUNT ,its 11 is the Baj5 ,let me repost it .
Posted by infla-alec   ( 592 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:46:55 PDT   Listings
Paolo Man you sure know your Italian States. Much more information than I ever thought would be possible to give purely from the scans. Thank you very much.
Eventually I'll get around to listing them. See no point in keeping anything I don't collect. That said if there was anything there that you could use for your own reference collections or research please do get in touch.
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:38:13 PDT   Listings
thebriguy1 - As a precancel collector, I do feel your pain. I only collect the 1922-26 regular issues all perfs and all denominations. Some denom's are tougher than others to find, but thats the thrill of the hunt. And then you have people like Lynn that like to tease :-) Yes, you will go bald and you will go blind in your hunt. Hang in there! Make a spot for then in your album and they will come. I heard that is a movie once or something to that effect.

Mike - Thinning hair and wearing glasses
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 86 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:36:46 PDT   Listings
Hi Jimbo, thanks for the link, I'm a dumbo as far as old planes are concerned so I guess it's a moth. Flying out of the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow next week to HKG, hopefully it will be a big improvement as for the past 18 months it's been a nightmare.
Nice to see so many good stamp posts, it's getting hard to keep up with the threads:-)
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:32:11 PDT   Listings
Could you email me thru my 'ME' address?

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:28:03 PDT   Listings
Thursday Morning Bookmark
off to the r&b...:)

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:18:39 PDT   Listings
Okaaaay Lynn Now I hate you. :o)
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:08:43 PDT   Listings

I know little of foreign airletter sheets, thought you meant US. Like due2 said, list them, if they are good they will be "found". Portugal may be your biggest suprise...


Posted by 2nd*cuppa*coffee*   ( 4 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:05:49 PDT   Listings
At least I'm lightening up a little after reading your post! I mean how serious can one be, here, they look real to me and I'm going to list them.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:01:58 PDT   Listings

Oh, do you mean like this?

Posted by 2nd*cuppa*coffee*   ( 4 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:01:11 PDT   Listings
Gary, they are the fold up airletter sheets. If I tried to fold these up the edges are a little fragile and discolored so I'd better not try that. Thanks for the information. The stamps are '44, '45 of Australian, Portugal and Columbia sheets. So, those would be minimal too I guess. All looks real to me but then I'm not a collector. Thanks again.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 14:00:38 PDT   Listings
go on and list
if it does Not stop the crooks why should it stop you
Posted by 2nd*cuppa*coffee*   ( 4 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:50:23 PDT   Listings
Geeze, I failed to mention that my previous post came about because I got this scary message from EBay just before I was about to list and I want to be sure I'm doing this right?
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:50:03 PDT   Listings

If they are the airletter sheets that you fold up to mail (becomes its own envelope), they have very minimal value. You could actually use them yourself and be ahead of the game. Do you have a pic? Sheets of stamps, probably be the same answer.


Posted by 2nd*cuppa*coffee*   ( 4 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:45:40 PDT   Listings
I have six air letter sheets back when it was 10 cents via air mail and started to list them on ebay, however, how do I know if they are real or not? I don't want to make a mistake and I am not a collector. What I do know is they were collected along with stamps by my belated step father in law who was a collector. He was retired railroad sorting mail in the mail cars until that time. I have held onto these too long I think as well as the South American stamps and just wanted to get rid of them. Help?
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:41:43 PDT   Listings

For further enlightenment:

I also learned about the biggies being female when I fished in '06. They hunt for ____ (insert any crude female remark here, their talk NOT mine ladies), not males.
What I was shocked to hear was they actually use less than 100lbs for a local type of sushi. When I boated (it was still in the water) the 325lb, the captain asked what I wanted to do with it. Smart a** than I am, I told him I could not fit it in my luggage so turn it loose. The two mates bickered, apparently they could sell it for 10c per pound for a fish spread ($32.50!). Told them tough s**t turn it loose. Captain invited me to the fly bridge and thanked me for releasing the fish, 99 out of 100 customers take them back for photo-op and then they get sold. Tipped the mates well, made up for their greediness, but voiced my opinion on their methods. Got plenty of vidoe and pics, who needs to kill the fish?


Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:34:35 PDT   Listings
Oh. One other thing about the "box" cancels. There were package cancelers made (like the wavy line continous deals frequently seen on mass frankings of Prexies). Those continuous package cancelers are like old fashioned stencils. Think wheeled device like a pizza cutter, only with a continuous pattern of a city name in a rectangle. The "box" cancels we're talking about are hand stamp devices. One whack left one image. If you ran a teeny tiny post office out in the dust bowl era Kansas or Nebraska prairie, the lone box cancel may have been all you had.
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:26:41 PDT   Listings
Milenko -
Sure to be international rate.
I've seen many 19th century Swiss items with "RL" or "PD", one just needed the maps to determine distance. I have a number of Sitting Helvetia circa 1870-1880 with these markings, for example Basel to Mulhouse, or Geneva to Mornex. RL = Rayon Limitrophe, meant limited distance, and confirmed cross border rate. I'm pretty sure I've seen 20th century items also with the "RL".

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:25:26 PDT   Listings
Lynn BINGO!....now try to find those on the "goofy" denominations like the seven or nine cent. You'll get male pattern baldness too!
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:22:33 PDT   Listings
lluehhhb So true! I just couldn't avoid a little moaning, afterall, there may be a grain of truth to my wifes claim I'm cheaper then Jack Benny. I will say one thing, dabbling in Kans/Nebr issues is WONDERFUL compared to drooling in vain over CSA stuff I can never afford.

5partners I agree wuth the advice you've been given. Do NOT tell a PO clerk your insuring valuable stamps/covers. If some nosy clerk persists, just say the contents are "important documents", NEVER blurt out there are valuable things easily stuffed into ones underware within. I know, I know....intentional thefts in the USPS system are rare, and any postal workers reading this will now flail at me. However, they do occasionally happen, even out of registered mail!

If those were my covers, I would be so sick over it I'd have to be hospitalized. :o(
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 254 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:18:46 PDT   Listings
Did it look kind of like this Nebr?
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:18:44 PDT   Listings
Gary -

When I arrived in Kona and read of 315lb marlin being taken, I wrote a letter to the fishing correspondent, a very knowledgeable fishing writer. My question was this: If marlin grow to 1250lbs, why are professional charter fishermen keeping 315lb fish instead of tagging and releasing? Aren't these small fish going t grow up and become monsters?
The answer was enlightening. The smaller 315lb marlin are mature males, the monsters are female. There is no such thing as a 1250 male marlin! Since so few monsters are caught and they are known to exist and travel the whole tropical Pacific area, we don't need to worry about the few that are caught. Some marlin tagged in Kona are caught off the coast of Mexico, I think one in less than 9 weeks later.
Though not recent this shows the travels of marlin, scroll down to NEW TRACKS updated 2-15-05

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 356 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:10:34 PDT   Listings
I'm sure that if you would have passed on that stamp, the regret today would be a lot more than those $25.

Thank you for the help. The cover I'm investigating is this one. Rheinfelden is almost in the border with Germany. This letter was mailed from Dresden, not even close to these 30Km so the letter is correctly franked with the 25Rpf international letter rate. The other option was a 30Km double weight letter sent in november 1933 (rate was reduced by 1 rpf in december)
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 13:06:26 PDT   Listings

The eternal question with the PO. You'll get a different answer from every clerk you ask. NEVER tell them stamps, they will always squirm, plus it is not their business what the merchandise is, as long as it is not illegal. My philosophy, less said the better with the PO. "Merchandise worth XXX", end of story. Lick 'em and stick 'em and "Have a nice day".


Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:55:45 PDT   Listings
briguy: "...I don't think I'm alone in this quixotic quest." Nice alliteration! Maybe someone will post an example. Thanks.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:50:36 PDT   Listings

5partners - your post office has official complaint forms. Fill it out in detail then ask for the postmaster to make sure you spell his/her name correctly before submitting it. I bet things will change

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:49:32 PDT   Listings

I knew I screwed up the spelling. There must a town with a similiar name on the North coast the bartender insisted we came from. As I recall, Honokaa was at a "major" N-S road, so I knew that I passed it numerous times. After 3 or 4 beers, we figured it out and then the wife drove me back to Kona!

BTW Had to look twice at the Marlin, missed the 1 at the end of 1251. My 325lb looked like a minnow compared to that monster.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:48:13 PDT   Listings

5partners - not a bit of trouble, I was questioned once regarding strictly insured first class mail and told them it was merchandise with an invoice. Any more is none of their business. And there certainly should not be any question about registered mail. Jeff

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:44:51 PDT   Listings
Phil Sorry, no scanner at the moment. By "box" cancel, I mean the functional equivalent of the ubiquitous double oval handstamps that were in wide use in the 1930's. I can only speculate the brief apperance, and rapid disappearence, of the rectangular box cancler was due to their being prone to break (because of the stress on 90 degree angles).

I hope someone here will put up a scan of some stamp displaying one of these. This is nitch philately at its finest, and it may well be a topic never covered here before.

I don't think I'm alone in this Quixotic quest. About a year ago an EBay seller plunked up a Nebr. overprint, with a gorgeous boxed strike of Red Cloud, Nebraska (1930 census population 310). Despite my mentor Roger's careful schooling, concerning smart people always sniping stuff, I ended up in a tit for tat bidding war with what I assume has to be the ONLY other person attempting this endevor. I ended up paying something like $25 -- for a used 6c Nebr.!!
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:32:11 PDT   Listings
Jeff - No sweat, just jerking your chain to make sure you didn't wonder off to the land of Nod on your meds. The Ferrari dealer is getting impatient though....

thebriguy1 Count your blessings...mine is fourth generation Naples Fl native. Rattlesnakes, panther male parts (trying to be diplomatic, not my strong suit!), roots and herbs...heavy mystical stuff. I'd take a frying pan any day of the week :-))

11 down 11 to go? 1/2 bald or still 1/2 head of hair?
Seriously, sadist that you are, it is the correct term! Very tough issue to find with anything but machines. Low value covers are abundant, but then you get into "cuts". Good luck, it will be a challenge.


Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:26:06 PDT   Listings
Pro -

ROPEX web site (Friday, May 16 - Sunday, May 18). Scroll down for list of exhibits and click on links to synopsis or title pages. That is really a great idea, Ive not seen it before, but now possible on the internet. You can read about the exhibits prior to driving to the show, rather than being overwhelmed once inside the building and maybe disappointed I think the idea of posting the synopses is great and see it as a requirement for all future exhibitions.

Gary -
Hon'aka'ka = Honokaa
Pronounced: Hono (both longish o) - ka - a
No diacritical marks necessary as the final as must be pronounced individually.
BTW - Mainlanders pronounce Honolulu - hanalooloo
Should be Ho-no-lulu - longish os, shortish looloo

Milenko -
Swiss border rate was for origin and destination to be 30km apart (straight line). So could be 1km inside Switzerland to 29km inside Germany, or 10km and 20km, etc. Zumstein catalogue shows the special rates in effect until 1.4.1959. The rates differed between 1850 and 1959. If you need Swiss rates for a specific year, let me know.

Bait and Fishing -
Todays sports page has large photo of a large fish. Im not talking pan fry!
Even though I dont fish here, I get a thrill out of seeing these animals each time they are pulled out of the ocean. These are usually caught on lures or live bait, which is caught first. The bait is usually 20lbs each@#$#@.
A 1251lb blue marlin.

To All -
Thanks again for the nice comments about my exhibit. Remember, I could have been using my time in a more productive manner, such as working harder. LOL

Swiss Razor Cancels

5partners -
I assume you have philatelic insurance. )'>) If you do, it is only necessary to send Certified, the requirement beign the delivery signature. I went through this whole problem last year when I wanted to mail my exhibit via Registered. I was told and it was confirmed that Registered fees now include insurance, therefore, the necessity of declaring the item and value! I said I was self insured and didn't need the PO insurance. Answer, "tough". This time I sent it Express mail which cost about $56 instead of Priority Mail/Registered/Insured which would have cost $53.95. The PO takes the Express Mail no questions asked. I don't understand the rationale of requiring insurance on registered items, then denying acceptance.
Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:19:29 PDT   Listings
briguy: Let's see one of the boxed cancels.

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:05:47 PDT   Listings
Gary I understand. I married a GERMAN woman. Shes into that exclusive thing too -- and is perfectly willing to back it up with her fifteen pound cast iron skillet.

Sucks all the fun right out of life...,
except for stamps. :o)

Boxed cancels OK sadists, want to torment yourself? One day I noticed a couple of neat boxed city cancles on Kans/Nebr issues. So I embarked on the snipe hunt of finding ALL 22 of those with nice readable strikes of little Kansas and Nebraska towns. I'm convinced this is what has led to my male pattern baldness.

So far?....Eleven down, eleven to go.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:03:40 PDT   Listings

Gary - key word was barely. Its off in the mail already. Besides if I am going to owe somebody I want to make it worthwhile. Grin.

Posted by 5partners   ( 2717 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:02:53 PDT   Listings
My local post office ( St. Matthews - Louisville, KY USA - not a small branch at all, still has a Philatelic Window ) is refusing to allow insurance on registered mail containing stamps and covers. No intrinsic value they say. Calls to ASK-USPS replied in kind. Any one else having these problems?
Posted by dbenson   ( 8993 ) on Mar-26-08 at 12:00:03 PDT   Listings

I have to agree, there is always plenty of interesting material to see at any show here. What I have noticed in the last few years has been the improvement in the standard of one framers with most of them showing material that would have been impossible to display in normal larger entries.

David B.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 356 ) on Mar-26-08 at 11:48:51 PDT   Listings

I remember that there is a nice page in a polish site with images from an old set of Norway postcards.

Warning The site puts a random ad banner in the top of the pages, one of these is from an erotic site and contains nudity, may be not safe for work.

page here

To all, that site (www.widelec.org) is an excellent source for interesting photograph sets, I've spent hours there. Highly recommended.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 11:41:25 PDT   Listings
jaywild me 28

I always use the line
"I'm an olde soul deep down"
blame it on my parents

Lots of Swap meets , flea markets and Biker Bars
when young
When mom was dancing anyway. :-}
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 11:21:04 PDT   Listings
due2 That is one cute kid. I always thought you were one of us geezers?

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 356 ) on Mar-26-08 at 11:07:36 PDT   Listings

thank you for the data!
If I'm reading correctly the rate table here, the Grenzenverkehr rates were valid in 1923 up to 1941-42. It should be safe to assume that the straight line information is valid here too.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 1011 ) on Mar-26-08 at 10:48:39 PDT   Listings
Milenko, the Grenzenverkehr rates were valid from 1875 (from 1879 to Denmark, and to Belgium until August 1914), and applied if the distance (in a straight line) from the place of posting to the destination was less than 30km.

At least until 1916; it's not explicitly stated in Michel Spezial that the same rules applied after 1916.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 10:43:28 PDT   Listings

You would of known the acronym...CYE

Doesn't she scream when you put the hook in? ;-)

Cutie doesn't do justice.

Redheads, blonds....my wife made me give them up, only one special brunette am I allowed...seems unfair :-( LOL

Just kidding, HAPPILY MARRIED AND PROUD OF IT! (See honey, I put it in, actually shouted it, now please leave me alone...OK she's gone now...)

Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-26-08 at 10:26:49 PDT   Listings
afternnon/morning/evening from a mild NJ.

Welcome to all of the formerly balcanized. It's good to see new people posting. The more posters, the more diverse--and less stale--the board becomes.

Interesting discussion of exhibits. Roger, I really admire your focus on the razor cancels and the exhbit you've put together. That was a good piece of advice you were given.

I wish I had the dedication and focus to exhibit. The academic in me says that I can't be a really serious philatelist unless I do (blame the influnece of all the accomplished philatelists here). But I haven't found a story that I can a) take beyond a simple show and tell level, b) afford to do so and c) that hasn't already been done by Peter Smith or other major Egyptian collectors.

So I continue filling spaces, although the kind of space filling gets more sophisticated over time.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 10:25:33 PDT   Listings
don't recogonize the intials Gary
besides not being a joiner I rarely associate
with anyone. Redheads always an exception, tall ones,
oh and Blondes, brunettes on occassion
need to find a momma for the little one.

Best bait in the world

I picked all the Coils, Streetcar RPO's and Non stardard mailings, anything with AUX markings etc.
Found a couple of unlisted Doanes
Bought all the expo markings of course
left the rest cause I don't collect the pretty side.

They might be still available. I'll find out.
I see huge lots of cards 5 or 6 times a year.
lately (last 2 years or so) it seems like most inheriting think they are worth more than 20 cents each in bulk.
I do not.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 10:13:08 PDT   Listings
Jim Nuisance critter. Bait - they are good for. They got my wifes roses one year, holy smokes, you would not believe how fast those things go through plants! My wife is scared to death of them, so I am the killer for hire (puff out chest here). Boy they stink sometimes too..


Can't argue those priorities.....Sarasota could well be the exception (maybe once!), try to make it.
200,000 postcards, what happened? They still for sale? Could you possibly be a past associate of JHS? You sound awfully familiar.......

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 09:47:28 PDT   Listings

Bait- That's a Lubber
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 09:46:44 PDT   Listings

Did not shop the boxes like I normally would
we went to see the exhibits
and the little one had a pile of Granmas money
for a stamp or two.
we were on a mission , got there early left by noon,
had 200,000 postcards to look at, nice olde dealer had gone to sorting room in the sky.
Family asked Us to come get first picks.
and fish and have Dinner.

We have a priority list
#1. is always fishing

all else is 2nd

The Sarasota show too has been conflict of dates,
we are usually up in Sopchoppy family thing.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 09:35:27 PDT   Listings
Gary & due2 A friend of mine who lives in Florida (St. Petes) sent me this picture of the critter he uses as a watchdog

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 09:01:53 PDT   Listings

Formerly FLOREX, now The Florida State Stamp Show. They have been trying to get back their APS World Series of Philately status. I think we have one more year, I'd have to check my board minutes from the last meeting to be sure. After that, they will improve..dramatically. I had the big table at the far right side of the show, with all the $1 covers, New England Stamp. I confess I did not look at the exhibits, so really can't comment on their quality.

Naples/Ft Myers

Naples was Mar. 15-16, Ft Myers has disbanded. Naples is my local show, but only 10-12 smaller dealers and three exhibits, doubt you would be impressed. I get to sleep in my own bed that weekend, so the best show in my book!


Went once, stamps were few and far between. Spent a few $100's but with guys I would of seen at the next stamp show..


Does it really matter if you find anything :-) ?

Go to SARASOTA 1st weekend in February, by far the class of Florida right now and they have wonderful exhibits. Harvey showed his US 1847 collection for a few years....breathtaking. It is an APS WSP show and competition is very high. I always spend 9AM-10AM wandering through the frames...only show I do I never miss them. Snowbirds galore, everyone wants to be there in early Feb...

Jeff Yikes...sound serious if you can't even write a check! I'll be happy to be POA if you need. I was hoping to announce my retirement, but I have this one slow pay in A/R that is holding it up....... Poor mouth my philatelic gem...grumble,grumble... damn Texans..


Posted by lluehhhb   ( 356 ) on Mar-26-08 at 08:41:09 PDT   Listings
Hi all
I've been so busy at work for the last days that I've barely followed the board.

A question about a German rate, from the 20's to the 40's there were special rates for cities in Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland that were located at 30km or less from the German border. My question is, this rate was available from all Germany or it was just for the German cities near the border too?
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 08:28:01 PDT   Listings

Gary - you are correct,

some are Hooey!

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 08:20:06 PDT   Listings

Gary - barely well enough to write a check.

cough, cough

gasp .. . . . . .

Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 07:58:08 PDT   Listings
sorry about the pic in the message!!!! I'll go back and read how to link....sorry again!
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-26-08 at 07:57:08 PDT   Listings
Good Morning from a rainy Southern Oregon - I too will jump down as a balcony sitter and share. POSTALHYSTERIA combination mailer brought it to mind. I just sold a block of 4 Lilypons precancel. lilypons

As a precancel collector box cancels always catch my eye.
Posted by spain_1850   ( 378 ) on Mar-26-08 at 07:49:32 PDT   Listings
Paolo - The posts you routinely put together are amazing! I've said it in the past and I'll say it again, if at some time I get totally tired of collecting Spain, and want to move on to something else, it will be Italian States. Thanks for the mini lessons.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 07:29:16 PDT   Listings

The Big Show at the Orlando Fairgrounds
end of November I think. maybe in Early Dec.

Oropex maybe it was called.
I have always wanted to make it to the Naples /ft myers area show
But it always falls on a date I am going another direction. at least so far.

again it was my first time to see exhibits in person, but i was disappointed . My expectations were high
and I came away low.Might be me.
Do you ever do the FUN shows I like the one in Lakeland.
Am going to an Antique show in Sanibel this weekend.
Might waste a few minutes at the Sarasota Fairgrounds show also
but those 21st expo shows seem to be failing.
Fewer dealers and less variety.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 07:10:15 PDT   Listings

Haven't fogotten you! Been busier than a three legged man in an ....


Posted by gary.nes   ( 15501 ) on Mar-26-08 at 07:07:09 PDT   Listings
Good Day


Small bump for Hawaii, 20th high school reunion at the same time. Getting hammered to put the trip off until 2009 :-(( BBQ Marlin? Texans (and transplants) sure have strange tastes...


German Zepps. I have literally had decks of 100 sheets of each in my hands, common as toilet paper (but not badly done!). Never bought or sold them, but I think "sets" of sheets of all varieties were $25 or so. See a lot on the Bay at $5-$10 per set of singles.

220man W/O a doubt an owners mark, most collectors frown on them in my experience, especially red ones ( Jim LOL).

Due2 I do most Fla major shows, which one did you go to with poor exihibts? Email if you don't want to say here.


re: Italian States. Impressive! I have the books but would probably take 3 months to do what you did!

Howdy Jeff Hope you're feeling better!

Who said the 19c 21c 22c and 24c Prexies are difficult to find? Hooey


Forgive my mangling of the Hawaiian language, but I remember going from Kona to Hilo, in the middle is Hon'aka'ka (please forgive me!). Apparently one with different diacritical marks is on the North coast. Got into an arguement with a bartender in Hilo, swore I had to come from the North coast, no such town between Kona and Hilo...I only passed it 10+ times.

The tower of paper on my desk is getting close to a monster crash, gotta get some of this busy work done..See ya's.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 06:41:23 PDT   Listings

A recent addition to my US Third Class Mail collection, a combination mailing of a catalog in the larger envelope with a 3c Prexie (>2 oz, to 4 oz, 1.5c per 2 oz) and a first class letter in the smaller envelope mailed at the 3c 1 oz first class rate.

I find it interesting that the posting strictly followed the rules in that the first class portion is postmarked with a fully dated cancel, and the third class with a mute (dateless) boxed town cancel.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4059 ) on Mar-26-08 at 06:18:34 PDT   Listings

A belated thank you to those who responded to my Radio Moscow item.

The paper it is printed on is similar to heavy newsprint with much wood pulp. That was what the secret mark was.

Some time ago I heard the plan for communist takeover of the US in the 1950s (maybe earlier). One step was infiltrating and taking control of the education system in the US. Thus it does not surprise me that a person at a college, Catholic or not, mole or just curious social dissident, would be on the Radio Moscow mailing list.

My father was in the US Air Force in the 1950s, and during that time we were stationed in Puerto Rico. A number of interesting things at that time.

There was a U2 squadron based there.

Castro was just about to overthrow Batista.

We had periodic "drills" in which we were filed out into the halls to a seated position to protect us from a nuclear blast.

Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 06:00:06 PDT   Listings
Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
provide LINKS to pictures
rather than posting them directly to this board.

Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

Yellow Boxes
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Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 05:57:45 PDT   Listings
Hello Alec,
From your page (also here), from top left, in my opinion from the images of recto:

1. Naples 1858, 2 grana pink, plate 1, used.
I suggest to check if it bears a portion of the watermark "fleur de lis". No watermark makes no difference in value; eventual watermark letters "B.T." makes a big difference in price; moderate interest, for plating, revest copies with sheet margin w.m. (portion of rectangular frame with a wavy line inside or letters from "BOLLI POSTALI").
Cancelled with boxed "ANNULLATO" (most usual cancellation), appears to be a fine copy (Vaccari 2006/2007 net sale value Euro 10,00, for commonest w.m.).

2. Government of Tuscany 1860, 10 centes. brown, used. It should bear watermark "vertically interlaced wavy lines" (or sinusoids, if you wish); I suggest to check whether it also bears portions of the diagonal letters part of the w.m. in the sheet.
Cancelled with cds of LIVORNO (Bargagli type 9) with hour, dated "7 / FEB 61" at "6(?) p" (6? p.m.), even though it's close at right it appears to be perfect (priced in Vaccari as above for VF Euro 42,00, for commonest w.m.)

3. Forgery of Duchy of Modena 1852, 15 cent. black on "yellow" paper, no stop after 15, obliterated with cancel of bars at top: appears to be the same type as that described in Fritz Billig like forgery Type XIX, but with different denomination, "CENT. 15" instead of "LIRA 1"; from Fritz Billig "Modena", Wien 1934 -- many thank again to Bill B. - Jakstay - for these magnificent books!

4. Roman States 1852, First Issue, 8 Baj. oily grey on whiteish hand-made paper, IV printing of March 1854, used.
Cancelled with cds dated "1 / MAG. / 54" (1 May 1854), belongs to the experimental printings with oily grey inks, verged at reducing the incipience of fraudulent re-use of used adhesives. It would appear to be perfect, if that darker line on top margin is not a tear (Vaccari for VF Euro 165,00).
It is and remains anyway a very interesting postage stamp, with the precise time coordinate available; as a matter of fact I do not have these scarce exp. printings in my collection, belonging to the fourth and fifth printing (of 31.10.54, according to Vaccari).

5. Roman States 1852, First Issue, 8 Baj. black on white machine-made (I suppose) paper, used.
Cancelled with "lozenge of lines" introduced at the end of October 1855.
In the sheet of 100, four groups of 25 (5x5), it likely occupied position 10 (NE corner copy in the sheet), with, among else, the E of POSTALE deformed.
It appears to be a fine-very fine copy (Vaccari for VF Euro 20,00 on machine made paper, Euro 45,00 on hand-made paper).

6. Roman States 1852, First Issue, 1/2 Baj. black on grey hand-made (I suppose) paper, used on minimum fragment of printed matter (for which these adhesives were provided; with 1/2 Baj. you could mail 1 sheet of printed matter within the territory of the Roman States).
Cancelled with town linear cancel, with medium uppercase straight letters of FANO (Postal Direction in the Region Marche): medium-scarce cancel!
It is bottom left corner copy in one of the 4 panes of 25, it is likely or position 41 or position 46, and, if so, the space at bottom would be the interpane gutter rather than the bottom sheet margin.
It appears to be a fine-very fine copy with interesting cancel! (priced in Vaccari Euro 75,00 for VF).

7. Roman States 1852, First Issue, 2 Baj. black on greenish hand-made (I suppose) paper, used.
Cancelled with "lozenge of lines" introduced at the end of October 1855, the stamp occupied position 6 in the sheet of 100 (4 panes of 25), in the NE pane is the top left corner copy, with sheet margin at top.
It bears some paper adherences on the top right side and the cancel is rather intrusive (Vaccari Euro 11,00 for VF, commonest colour/paper).

8. - 9. Roman States 1852, First Issue, 3 Baj. black on orange bistre hand-made (I suppose) paper, two copies used.
Cancelled with "lozenge of lines" introduced at the end of October 1855, the left copy bears a somewhat heavy cancel, the right copy appears to be fine- very fine
(each Vaccari Euro 20,00 for VF).

10 Roman States 1852, First Issue, 7 Baj. black on light blue hand-made (I suppose) paper, used.
Cancelled with "lozenge of lines" introduced at the end of October 1855, it appears to be position 79 (or, less likely, 80) in the sheet of 100 (with the B of BOLLO smudged at bottom left).
This copy is well margined but, besides bearing a somewhat heavy cancel, appears to have some problems on the right side (creases?).
(Vaccari Euro 70,00 for VF).

11 Roman States 1852, First Issue, 5 Baj. black on light blue hand-made (I suppose) paper, used.
Cancelled with "lozenge of lines" introduced at the end of October 1855, it occupied position 32 in the sheet of 100.
Well margined but it appears there is a problem on the top right side (oblique crease?).
(Vaccari Euro 10,00 for VF).

12 Forgery of Provisional Government of Parma 1859, 40c. "red", curiously obliterated with fake cancel of Neapolitan Provinces.
It appears to be the same type as that described in Stiedl-Billig like forgery Type E;
from Otto E. Stiedl - Fritz Billig "Parma", Wien 1935 -- I can never thank enough Bill B. (Jakstay) for these invaluable books!

OK, these are just my opinions from the images, of course from an image I could make a mistake; however, I try to do my best not to!
Please forgvive the repetitions. As you can see the forgeries you have are rather old reproductions, therefore interesting as well.
As you know, Bill C. is (also) specialized on these.

Best regards,
Paolo Bagaglia
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-26-08 at 05:56:42 PDT   Listings
Like most here and up there I come here for the Philatio ;-}
Thanks for coming down
I thought for sure someone had stolen the ladder

That set of Semi-Postals was very nice looking
I use Semipostals on most of my mail but am starting to get low on my Heroes and Breast cancer stamps.
Little uprateing required but I have lots of prexies to use up.
Hole fillers are as good as Jumbo XF 100's
in my mind . It is a hobby after all .

It has always been that way here , i think, years ago
Mom used to say the same thing at the dinner table,
20 posters yet a few hundred views on her stuff.

I sometimes get 20 or 30 messages about an item when I would really prefer that they shared the thought/info here.

But we all have our own way .

Maybe I am Jaded BUT
with the availability and depth of philatelia
so easily accessed on the WWW . I just thought I would be amazed and astounded by Exhibits.
Maybe my expectations were too high, But again it looked to me like the bar was set low for the times.Maybe the next generation ( you folks in your 40's) will change that. Only time will tell.


Yes i saw those before. Nice.
what are the dates in May I plan on being up that way
in the middle of May and wonder if I could adjust my
scheduling to see those Razors.
Would you know if Lars B's Transatlantic exhibit will be there?

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1503 ) on Mar-26-08 at 04:41:28 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

I went back and revisited your link. I only get part of an article, and the bottom of it goes through the middle of a line of type.
That is a neat set of stamps. With the various areas I collect I also have a couple of binders that should be labeled stuff I liked the looks of.
Jim L.

Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-26-08 at 03:04:09 PDT   Listings
Good day all from overcast Shoes!

Hello back to you dear Jim (Jaywild) and Brian!

Many thanks for the pieces of information you provided regarding the grill, and the "fancy cancel" that is not the case on the copy shown. I will pass the info. on the eBay Forum, of course mentioning the source (your links etc.)!
Think I will open a new topic there as it might stimulate someone to collect these topics.

Now, I am almost "ready" with Alec's stamps! BRB

Greetings, Paolo

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 00:25:40 PDT   Listings
Roger Perhaps theyre using this calendar

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-26-08 at 00:19:12 PDT   Listings
johnpiet Welcome down into the lobby. I think your stamps are quite lovely, thanks for posting a link to them. The tone of the board, and its usefulness, are always improved when people like you put in their 2. Welcome again, and I hope you have more items to share from your collections.

Also, I like your choice of red

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-26-08 at 00:04:30 PDT   Listings
Aloha -
The phishers are really somehting else. You would think with al the effort they would at least look at a calendar and make sure their email didn't go out before their "Account Review Team" identified a problem.@#@

" We are contacting you to remind that on 28 March 2008 our Account Review Team identified some unusual activity in your account. In accordance with PayPal's User Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been compromised, access to your account was limited. Your account access will remain limited until this issue has been resolved."

I really would like to meet the person to see what a true computer idiot looks like. Wait a minute, maybe the phisher is using a Julian calendar?

Welcome. I got into the same rut as you seem to tell about. I collected GB and reached the point hwere only $500 plus holes were left. That didn't seem to be any fun, so I followed up some advice. Change my area, find something interesting, find an area that requires more time than money, start looking on eBay! I'll bet you specialize within comic books and beer steins. One can't collect them all, same as philately. Start foinding things that look neat to you. I am now collecting the cards as shown below, items where people refused to pay the postman the collect fees. I also collect PC's and letters with cancelations, which duplicate a walking trip taken by an American as he travelled through the Swiss Alps in 1880. I haven't put that together yet, still accumulating. If I see something on eBay that fits into either of these categories, I determine what I will pay and set an eSnipe. Later in the week, I either get it or don't. It doesn't matter, becasue nothing is "must have" in thses types of collections. The result will be the story told with what I do happen to find. I have a large number of razor cancels which aren't in my exhibit, but are really nice. I can't show everything. LOL

Have a fun return to stamp or postal history collecting. Find your own way.

Posted by johnpiet   ( 168 ) on Mar-25-08 at 23:04:08 PDT   Listings
due2cents Your recent rant about your pet peeve has lured me down from the balcony. I am amazed that there are so many lurkers. I think it shows how good this board is, despite the occasional bickering. I have learned a lot by lurking. I have found many links to helpful sites here, and not just those concerning stamp collecting. I enjoy looking at the scans of old covers and wrappers, especially those of the German inflation period. I started collecting in 1951 in Germany and was enthralled at all the high value German stamps that were so common.

I would love to show some of my interesting items, but I really dont have any. I am just a hole filler. I quit collecting for 14 years when I was in the Air Force. When I dug out my old collection in 1979, I looked closely at my old stamps and realized that most of what I had was low grade, so I continued to fill my holes with lower grade stamps. Now most of my holes are too expensive to fill, so I put most of my free cash into my comic and beer stein collections. Once in a while I will get the urge to buy some new stamps, so I will buy something inexpensive that appeals to my eye. This is my latest acquisition. Nothing special, but they look nice next to my set of Portuguese navigators. I apologize for the long post. Keep the scans coming. I am going back to the balcony now.

Posted by spain_1850   ( 378 ) on Mar-25-08 at 22:29:59 PDT   Listings
Briguy - Thanks for the compliment. I'm not sure how much I'll be around here now. I recently got married (my first time!), and have to now balance my time between my new family and my fun time.

Concerning the lot of Spanish stampless covers I won (really cheap), and mentioned earlier, I haven't heard anything, as of yet, from the seller. Maybe I just got lucky and they were simply trying to "dump" them. That's fine by me.

Exhibits - I don't go to many shows nowadays, but when I do the exhibits are almost always the highlight for me. I haven't really seen an exhibit I didn't enjoy to some degree. They pretty much all impress me because I've never done it myself and know I don't have the patience, skill, or material to do one to my own satisfaction.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-25-08 at 22:09:55 PDT   Listings
Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of prize-winning Swiss exhibits, daughters engagements, and bronchitis gotten over. Anne
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 597 ) on Mar-25-08 at 21:14:47 PDT   Listings
due2 you cannot be serious, at a National Philatelic Exhibition only ONE exhibt impressed you!
I've been to dozens, if not a hundred, State, National and International Exhibitions here and in other countries around the world, and would say at each only one or two DIDN't impress me. The material, the layout/work/depth of knowledge necessary to exhibit at that level is 99% of the time extremely impressive.
You must be a very hard man to please.

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 20:44:04 PDT   Listings
Thanks for finding those errors and digging so far into the pages. Don't know why I wrote Bucharest in Hungary, other than a brain f**t.

Obviously I can't make any changes until I get all of the pages back. I'll be showing again at ROPEX in Rochester, NY, in late May. The American Helvetia Philatelic Society is having its annual meeting there and many Swiss exhibits will be on display. Anyone interested at all in seeing good Swiss stuff should make plans on visiting. Keep in mind some of our US collectors have been winning team awards in Switzerland, beating the Swiss on their home turf.

Pro -
I'm putting together a 1 framer of "refuse" covers and cards. I showed these a short time ago. In case you missed them here is a reprise:
These are first drafts of the pages and include errors, etc, so thanks in advance, but there is no need for proofing!


PS: One can't really use a diacritical mark in Hawaiian, since it isn't a Hawaiian word! Here is a good online primer of "Olelo Hawaii" ( language of Hawaii) .
A good word showing the use of the okina is the source of the ongoing volcanic eruption from Pu'u O'o crater. Now you know enough to pronounce it - Poo oo Oh oh, not Puu Oo ( Pooo Oo)

Posted by revenue-bc-2*   ( 242 ) on Mar-25-08 at 19:13:19 PDT   Listings
to Postalhisteria
I am a pharmacist. what you have experienced can happen in chain drug stores where the entire inputting on the computer is handled by "certified techs". where all the inputting is done at the front end & the pharmacist only "checks" the results. Of course, the directions do not mean the same thing. This is why the pharmacist must council all new precriptions(does not always happen, do to high volume or laziness). It is so important to know your pharmacist and give your input and ask questions also. We try really hard to make sure that all patients receive the correct directions.
Sorry someone let you down.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 19:10:06 PDT   Listings
JIM /IOMOON Will try to follow up and made notes off your posting about the Civil War Colonel and see if there is any connection .....paul
Posted by dbenson   ( 8986 ) on Mar-25-08 at 18:34:56 PDT   Listings

page 6, frame 7, Bucharest is in Romania not Hungary,

David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 18:21:56 PDT   Listings

On page 11 of frame 1, the description for the Gibraltar card in the middle, consession should be concession.

By the way, thanks to you, Io and stamphick for explaining the purpose and placement of the apostrophes in Hawaiian words.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 18:03:29 PDT   Listings

Sniped by the Razor man
glad I refreshed

I think in fact an Owners mark too

I really like that marked up Retour card

Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:53:50 PDT   Listings
malolo: Thanks!

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:50:57 PDT   Listings

not there buddy
Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:49:54 PDT   Listings

There just happens to be an article about him in the latest London Phil.

Some snippets:

Colonel Corcoran led the 69th (NY Militia) at the first battle of Bull Run, 21st July 1861 and was captured, spending the next year at Libby Prison in Virginia.

On his release he was promoted to Brigadier with his own brigade consisting of the 155th, 164th, 170th, and 182nd NY regiments.
He died when his horse fell on him at Suffolk in 1863.

Commemorated in Eire stamp for 1995 as the "fighting 69th".
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:45:39 PDT   Listings
220man -
Probably an owners mark.
In olden days many owners marked their stamps in such a manner. Then there are expertisers who also mark stamps on the backs and that is a very complicated arena. Depending on the country, the marks can be upside down, sideways, etc. It could take a lot of time to research whether it is an experts mark or not. It's really irrelevant because a current certificate would be required to sell at a premium today.
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:41:02 PDT   Listings
Pro -
There is always one that arrives too late, such as this that came today. It will probably have to go onto this page:

PS NOIP: Needless to say I'm off work today and the next three days. I'm getting caught up on projects that require some thinking. No snotty comments, thank you.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:36:45 PDT   Listings
JIM Don't know
Posted by 220man   ( 173 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:35:03 PDT   Listings
due: OK, down from the balcony with a question. What is this mark? It looks like a rubber stamp of some sort on the back of a US Sc.68.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:34:48 PDT   Listings

Any relation to Brigadier Corcoran of the Irish Brigade killed at Suffolk Virginia in 1863?
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 253 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:22:28 PDT   Listings
Last link messed up> try here
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:21:42 PDT   Listings
ROGER ----Since your wife met and talked to Sherry and she liked her independent thinking ,here is something she would enjoy .Its a engagement announcement not the wedding announcement. ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT ...
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 253 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:19:26 PDT   Listings
I was just startin' to crack a smile 'till I read the fine print on the back.

Oh well, now I don't have to worry about mailing them to some stupid old auction house.

BTW, remember DB Cooper? Some new evidence

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:09:25 PDT   Listings

sign up for a FREE picture Host

I like Imagecave
others use photobucket

It takes about two minutes
once an account(yours) is created
all you have to do
is Upload photos from your computer to the FREE host

they all have the tag
that you need
to share your photo with right nest to the photos you up load
Then copy and paste

the one that says URL

next to it


do that then someone will show you
the next and easy step to make it
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:02:55 PDT   Listings


Try the Sci-Fi board maybe they like Fantasy's
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Mar-25-08 at 17:01:20 PDT   Listings
Neither the Star Bulletin nor the Honolulu Advertiser use diacritical marks when printing Halemaumau. I think they were the ones that started the whole nonsense with all the marks.

The diacritical marks actually do change the pronunciation since they differentiate whether two consecutive vowels are each pronounced or whether they are a diphthong.

Posted by richintalent   ( 173 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:58:15 PDT   Listings
How does one post pictures of stamps to the board?

Posted by jimbo   ( 433 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:56:32 PDT   Listings
Link: DH60G Gypsy Moth

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:56:28 PDT   Listings
Paul -
Yes, I can download anything! LOL
Congratulations to your daughter. Remember to keep your mouth shut during the whole wedding preparations, and especially the ceremony. You have done your job, now must wait until you are called to babysit. )'>)

Posted by jimbo   ( 433 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:55:15 PDT   Listings
Is the airplane possibly a DH60G Gypsy Moth?

I think Pr = Per = By, as in specifying a carrier will have to do for now.

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:50:37 PDT   Listings
Jim -
The problem is that the diacritical marks are used to break vowels where they could be pronounced differently if the marks were absent. Such as a road name I drive by every day:
Ka'iminani = Ka imi nani
Kaiminani = Kai mi nani (this doesn't translate and is incorrect but was up on the highways signs for years until recently.

And there is the island of
Moloka'i = molo ka ee (think bolo tie)
Molokai = molo k eye
Kaua'i = kowa ee
Kauai = ka whyee

Anyway Halemau'mau may be close, but I don't think necessary since there is no confusion in the pronouciaiton.


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:50:14 PDT   Listings
ROGER ----ITS Sherry 's wedding announcement ,thought she would like to see it .
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:44:22 PDT   Listings

small rant here

OK there have been just a few posters here today
over 400 seperate views on more than one of my links

put down the bananas
finish the cold beers and
and show your stamps

I know you are out there

You and You and Yes YOU

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:43:54 PDT   Listings
ROGER ---Can you download a picture if I put it here for your wife ?
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:41:19 PDT   Listings

you added some new stuff

you know that razor CDS and related are one of my little vices
Heck I even buy things that might be close.

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:36:40 PDT   Listings
Paul -
The new eruption started just after your visit, and I swear the present event is directly down the crater wall from where you are standing in the lower photo. I don't believe in coincidences. You must have looked at the crater floor and think, "what a sloppy paving job, it needs resurfacing." So be it, we'll see. LOL.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:31:31 PDT   Listings

It's the USGS trying to be politically correct in showing that each and every vowel in Hawaiian is given emphasis.
However, when you start to write hawa'i'i'an, it starts to look stupid.
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:29:53 PDT   Listings
Pro -
Thanks for pointing that out, you're right on it! LOL Somehow I lost the large scan of that page, and since the exhibit is now in Cleveland I can't make the fix until I have the page back in my hands. Sooorrrrry.
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:27:12 PDT   Listings
Jim -
I don't think Halemaumau has diacritical marks. The crater name is pronounced, sort of like "holly bow wow" ( (halay - mow - mow ). Closest I can get without starting serious discussion here.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:25:42 PDT   Listings

bad page at


no work for me
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:25:14 PDT   Listings
JIM / IOMOON I didn't forget my camera ----Here is the top of the volcano . Hawaii volcano National Park ....paul
Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:12:44 PDT   Listings
As promised and it appears on topic.

Pro - You don't always have to visit a musty old gymnasium to see an exhibit. Just hang out here long enough and I'll show you the newest version of my Swiss Razor Cancels. )'>)

As you will see I've added an email link at the bottom of the first page for anyone who wishes to send individual comments to me.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-25-08 at 16:08:11 PDT   Listings
There is now continuous emission of ash from the new gas vent in Halema`uma`u Crater, turning the formerly white cloud of fume a dusty-brown color. The top of the ash plume, which is currently being blown to the southwest of the Crater, reaches 0.5 to 1.0 mile above ground level. Hawai`i aviation agencies have been notified of the potential hazard to aircraft.

Last night, small incandescent particles were observed erupting from the vent below the Halema`uma`u Overlook. A few particles were ejected with sufficient velocity to be deposited on the rim of Halema`uma`u Crater.

This morning, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologists reported finding Pele's hair, Pele's tears, and spatter in the overlook area, indicating that particles ejected overnight included molten lava, the first erupted from the new vent, which is now 30-35 m (100 ft) wide. The largest fragments of spatter, or blobs of molten rock, found on the crater rim are 10 cm (4 inches) in size.

The amount of lava erupted from the vent last night was small, but it represents the first lava erupted from anywhere in Halema`uma`u since 1982. Previous eruptions included lava flowing into the crater from fissure eruptions on its southwest rim in 1974 and 1971 and an 8 month eruption in Halema`uma`u in 1967-1968 that created a lake of lava that covered the entire crater floor.

Don't forget to take your camera Gary

We want pictures of fire fountain BBQ'd Marlin!!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:58:18 PDT   Listings
JIM L. ------The whole article is there . the top is page 8 and the bottom is page 9 .Look at the scan and you can identify the two parts .
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1502 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:48:08 PDT   Listings
Could you post the other half of the article?
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:34:03 PDT   Listings
she's a handful briguy

printed matter
here is another twin spin in this case

A Perfin on a printed matter rate

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:23:01 PDT   Listings
Pro.....LOL!.....I remember the "good old days".....as a tiny child filled with big adult concepts. I remember a dealer showing me a used 6 cent Columbian (per my request). I may have been about 7-8, and commented all snooty like that the only one he had wasn't "decent enough", for it had a crease. He laughed his ass off, and handed it to me saying;, "Here, just use it as a space filler until your right one comes along".

Now all of the dealers just look at me as yet another annoying old curmudgeon they have to suffer through..... :o(
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 86 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:19:05 PDT   Listings
Spent yesterday at my brother's house going through loads of memorabilia left by my mother packed away in cases. Thought I would share a couple of items with the board:-
First a POW cover from a soldier in a POW camp in Yozat, Turkey to my Grandfather who was based in India. How collectable are these and value? Not that I intend selling! Reverse has interesting reading, seems life as a POW in Turkey wasn't all bad.

Second, for you flyers, was concerning my Great Aunt Tibs who was a pilot. Newspaper cutting showing her collecting a certificate and badge for the 10,000 aviators license in 1931. She also held altitude records for the Scottish Flying Club, anyone know what the plane is?



Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:04:37 PDT   Listings
JIM LAWLER The article came from two different pages ,thats why it was chopped in the middle
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:00:49 PDT   Listings

it was a National show,
I only went to see exhibits in real life
had never seen any and wanted an idea of real
feel so to speak.

of all the exhibits only one appeared to be a true labour.
the rest were unimpresive to me,
but even tho it took the luster off it did
make me confident i could do as well as most of them
just with what i have already aquired .
ifin I ever wanted too. Exhibit.
In fact i followed a couple of the judges down the line and listened to their own biases in looking at the exhibits.
Best part was when a dealer tried to send my little one to the Kids table, Free stamps don't you know
and she looked up at him and said
" I need a nice margined Cape of Good Hope Triangle #6"
the Dark Green one
He had none so we moved along.
I feel he thought we were blocking "Real " customers
the Olde guys from his table.
Fortunately a very nice lady who was working her Husbands booth
took the time
and in fact got a lot of our money.

She thought the little one unzipping a hello Kitty bag
for her loupe and Clarity was a hoot.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 15:00:44 PDT   Listings
776 -----Texas and Southern Comfort ,what a combination makes me think of a girl who could really sing like no other..........Darn I miss her
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 14:50:12 PDT   Listings

My mistake, 19th century would be a little hard to swallow.
*Personally I don't like posthumous proofs but accept they are part of the printing (or reprinting) process*
I agree, but thought this one had enough going for it, "feel-wise" at least, to inquire about. Thanks again.


Posted by dbenson   ( 8986 ) on Mar-25-08 at 14:28:52 PDT   Listings

I presume you mean early 20th. Century not 19th.

It is still a worthwhile item and many have been cut apart and the single impressions sold as genuine contempary proofs. Personally I don't like posthumous proofs but accept they are part of the printing (or reprinting) process,

David B.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 14:04:59 PDT   Listings

I agree DSR will be important, but transit time is absurd to rate. 7 days from Oz to Georgia? You should be ashamed of yourself
I get inquiries 3 days after payment...what can you say?

NOIP Free and eBay are never in the same sentence.........


Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 14:02:35 PDT   Listings
Jeff S Funny you should mention being edgy from your medicinea couple years ago when I had really severe back pain the doctor gave me morphine pills, which killed the pain but I have never been more irritated and agitated in my life. At first I couldnt figure out what was causing it, then stopped taking the morphine in favor of other painkillers. I suppose the consolation is that I would be a failure as a morphine addict

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:58:10 PDT   Listings
NOIP I see Ding-Dong School is back in session...

Posted by malolo   ( 888 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:45:09 PDT   Listings
Aloha All -

Feedback for shipping time is really stupid and naive. It has taken between 3 days and 6 weeks for letters to arrive from Germany. This since the end of January. Presently I have one in transit that appears to be a record attempt. I have bought from the sellers previously and have no qualms about their honesty. So how would I rate a seller where the postal cancel shows the item was mailed the day after I paid, and the post office "services" took a month to deliver something that goes into an airplane and travels the distance within 24 hours!

I'm working on posting up my exhibit for this "season". Got a few corrections to made in the coding, then it will be up for all to see.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:28:53 PDT   Listings
postalhysteria - Here's one of the Cancel devices of the Texas FDC's on display at the Gonzales museum.


Posted by mini*lindy   ( 596 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:25:16 PDT   Listings
Reading that article by Barbara Mueller, I would say MANY of her predictions were correct.

DSR, the yellow star ratings, will, in the future be more important than some sellers realize. Special offers (as seen this week), where you items appear in Searches, etc. will all be determined by your DSR. I agree, shipping time cannot be regulated by the seller and I think eBay was foolish to make this one of the ratings. On my other ID I got a negative f/back this week (later mutually removed), because a parcel didn't get from Melbourne Australia to Atlanta GA in 7 days!. New eBayer of course, who finished with an email saying 'Sorry I didn't think it would take THAT long to arrive'

due2 I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at a Stamp Show. Maybe try another one, a larger State or National Show. Here, in Australia, we have many younger men who have become full or part-time stamp dealers, (well younger than me!, but there are several under 50 yrs old) and regularly attend Stamp Shows. A good sign for the continuance of the hobby here.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:24:42 PDT   Listings
I will find you a couple tonight

am on a mission for an item that is with them

or should be
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:18:02 PDT   Listings

Uncommon Texas pseudo-machine cancel, that is a handstruck postmark designed to look like a machine cancel.

Dammm medication makes me sleepy and edgy at the same time.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 13:11:08 PDT   Listings

Show some pics if you can find them. Fake postcards I have not encountered (repro cards excluded). Thought you may be talking about the other aspects.


Double vision is no excuse to overmedicate (grin), unless you have two doctors...


Figured I could count on you! I would think these are towards the earlier part of the 19th century. Quite "real" feeling, but assumed they were reprinted at some point. Thanks for the link.


Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:33:51 PDT   Listings
speak of the devil......

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:33:11 PDT   Listings
Spain_1850 Nice to see you back! I've always enjoyed your primers on early Spanish.

Paolo I'm not an expert on grills, but the stamp looks perfectly fine to me. As with many early still on cover grill items, you can actually "see" the grill in the scan. The grime that accumulates in the grill points, makes it scanner visable. The "imperf" at right is just a natutally occuring straight edge. As for "fancy" cancel, I'll argee that while the geometric design makes it LOOK like a fancy, most US colectors wouldn't consider it one. Its a standard "cross roads" cancel, used by far too many different US cities to be identified and classified as a genuine "fancy" from someplace. Jaywild would probably have a better answer on this, save the American rebel post stuff for me. :o)
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:23:03 PDT   Listings
Paolo Also, the cancel on that grilled stamp is just cut-cork, not really fancy. Postmasters would cut slashes in the end of a cork, and that would serve as a canceller. The stamp also seems to have a diagonal crease through it as well.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:19:53 PDT   Listings
Paolo Hello my friend. The grilled 2 Jackson appears to have an F grill, and is pretty common. The straight edge at left appears to be natural, although these are frowned on by collectors of early US. More info on grilled stamps is available on my page. Just scroll down to the bottom.

Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:15:33 PDT   Listings
P.P.S. I just told him it's defective and bears a "fancy cancel", hadn't noticed the grill.
Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:10:47 PDT   Listings
P.S. Jim (Jaywild) or EOIG,
what do you think of htis grilled "black jack"?
(from a question on an Italian board, stamp is not mine):


Stamp is defective at bottom and the owner (his image) says it is imperforate at left.

Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-25-08 at 12:01:04 PDT   Listings
Postalhysteria - Reason I asked asked about Cicero was because I didn't see it in my Precancel Town and Type Cat. Figured it got sucked into the windy city.

And get better soon. Remember, directions on scripts are just suggestions, take as many as it takes to feel good. I'm not a doctor, I just play one on chatboards :-)
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:50:54 PDT   Listings
Hoosierboy I dont remember seeing you on the board before. In any case, welcome! It sounds like you have Beecher & Wawrukiewiczs rate booksam I correct?

cobbie... Yes, eBay is doing its damnedest to make it impossible to find anything. One thing I buy is Arizona license plates, and for years there was a specific categoryUS PLATES>ARIZONA. Well, in a new system they are slowly cramming down everyones throats, this has been completely abolished. License plates as a category will be gone before long, and a search for them will need to be conducted in the vast incoherent haze of eBay Motors, and only those items whose title says, word-for-word Arizona License Plate will show up in a search, along with a bunch of other totally unrelated garbage which is added because, in the view of eBay Market Research, it is hip or cool so of course everybody will want to buy it. For now, one can opt out of the new search modes, although every time I go back to my Arizona Plates search eBay has unhelpfully opted me back in.

Anne... That haiku of yours was very cleverly placed. I missed it entirely until it dawned on me that there might be more there than met the eye. Kudos to you, girl

Posted by dbenson   ( 8986 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:31:14 PDT   Listings

the " Australian States " proof was reprinted in various colors.

It is described in detail near the bottom of this page,


David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:27:43 PDT   Listings

Fake markiings , wrong stamps, etc
as i am moving some boxes around today I'll see ifin i can find some to show you.

Just added this to my Printed matter rate pile

There are in fact huge numbers of Repro cards coming into the market But I don't look at the pretty side.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:22:48 PDT   Listings

Just reading the labels on my scrips:



Posted by vonbag   ( 209 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:21:51 PDT   Listings
Good day all from snwoy Shoes!

It's snowing at the moment. Sorry was awya for Easter, wish everyone of this conviction passed good these days!

Alec and David B.,
First of all thank you for your kind mentions.
I am looking at Alec's postage stamps right now,
I will reply as accurately as possible later.
I anticipate that at eyeglance I agree with what written by David B. - the Modena 15c. is a forgery as well as the Parma, prov. government 40c., which, by the way, bears a Neapolitan Provinces cancel on an impossible period of usage: 8 April 1862.
There is an important detail to add for the 8 Baj. stamp on the left in the picture.

I didn't forget about those postal rates. Still have to print a few pages, the valuations of the frankings, then I will mail it to your postal address.


Posted by cobbie10   ( 6545 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:05:07 PDT   Listings
Ok, found it - you have to go to Advanced Search on the main page and put in the options there - a huge pain in the behind.
Posted by cobbie10   ( 6545 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:03:28 PDT   Listings
What the hell has happened with the search function ? I used to be able to look up specific Scott numbers under specific countries to find out what prices they were selling at, now I can only find specific items that are still active or ALL completed items for each country.

Man, they sure know how to mess up something....
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 11:00:01 PDT   Listings

Fake postcards? The postcard themselves or cancels etc. That's a new one to me!


As a long time seller here, not happy w/ FB changes. I've gotten my fair share of negs, 99% for non-delivery uninsured mail or retaliatory for non-payment. No-win situation. After a certain amount, I think buyers can get a feel for a seller based on the amount of postives (not just the number showing). Repeat business will be "counted" in some convoluted way soon, but should be a major impact on the FB if you drive extreme amounts of repeat business back to your items. I always said FB was a joke, but then again, I am slowly converting to my website, so may not have to worry about it much longer!


Tough issue to study, especially non-philatelic imperfs. Had a few 5c to Scotland, about as exotic as I can recall.

NOIP Geeesh....just worked up an order of GB Machins. Customer went through a Global album and marked what he wanted (set up by year of issue). Must admit the Scott is better now, putting all the info in one place, but my eyeballs hurt from looking at umpteen different shades/printings or each value. Think charging face or face + 1/2 would of been easier....


Posted by hoosierboy   ( 1542 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:57:48 PDT   Listings
postalhistoria, yep, you are probably safe saying it is a 30 cent registry indemnity rate for indemnity up to $100. Item must be from before the 1944 rate changes? If so, the next lowest registry indemnity rate dividable by three was eighteen cents. Would have provided up to $25 indemnity and the item would have then carried five units of postage?

Good fine. Hoosierboy
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:57:37 PDT   Listings

Time to medicate and nap

re1wind - I believe you are correct.

I heard from ogilby, he can't make it, guess reworking wood floors didn't fit into his vacation schedule. (Dang, and he had cheap child labor with him) grin.

Posted by hoosierboy   ( 1542 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:51:22 PDT   Listings
due2cents, thanks for the comment. Great to have another youngster in the hobby. For the last twenty years or so I have restricted myself to buying only postaly used stamps on cover or card avoiding all FDCs and most philatelicaly prepared items. I find the contents in many items more interesting than the item itself. To me, documenting the correct use of an item is philatelic,

Boy, times have changed since I was in school back in the B.C. era - before computers ...

Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:47:40 PDT   Listings
Afternoon/evening/morning from a sunny NJ.

The Offspring is finally back at school and the computer is mine again. While he was here, he reconfigured the computer to make it run faster. This he accomplished by removing "unnecessary" stuff from the start-up--things like Norton and Spybot.

State of the Hobby: Not all of us are graying. Some of us color our hair.

Seriously, there will still be collectors, although fewer and the way into collecting will be different. In the past, kids got hooked by looking at the stamps on the mail coming into the house. In the future, collectors will come from the ranks of those who have a more antiquarian bent.

Jaywild: Much better haiku than mine.

ebay feedback changes: eBay is about to remove another tool for both buyer and seller. There are a lot of dingbat buyers out there, and not letting sellers leave feedback is unfair. Not all negatives are created equal. Being able to check both buyer and seller's feedback is useful in deciding whether to trust a seller. As usual, eBay attempts to "make it better" do anything but.

Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:38:03 PDT   Listings
Postalhysteria - Without have to look it up, is Cicero now part of Chicago? I worked in the Cicero district of Chicago about 6 years ago. Not the most pleasant work environment I've worked in.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:31:18 PDT   Listings

Due2 - I guess so, but that doesn't get them off the hook any more than any other excuse.

On the FB rating, I amazingly have been clear of negs for over a year, just one neutral and that was selling a used computer aqccfessory that the buyer didn't check the specs on.

I pity those selling mainstream items on eBay.

Or as Mr T use to say I PITY THE FOO(L). Am in total agreement with re1wind's comment.

And, it may become a fiasco and revert back.

George - It seems to have been a faulty cover at the time of the addition, likely why it was chosen.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:24:49 PDT   Listings

In today, new addition to my US Commemoratives on Cover collection, 9c National Parks block of 4 which rates out to 30c Registration, 3 cents postage, 3 cents AR fee.

Of course it could be a lesser registration fee, and higher postage.

Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:23:34 PDT   Listings
DUE2CENTS - I have found the stamp collectors/buyers are decent people, I haven't had any bad experiences. I have heard horror stories, but those people with the stories sell all sorts of stuff (non stamp related). Right now I'd have to say that IF that policy on feedback happens, it would be one less step for me to not have to give feedback.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 10:22:09 PDT   Listings

Can Not the seller
use another excuse
like lot lost
cat threw upon

or is that only for the Ended early ones
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 09:53:12 PDT   Listings
HOW do you SELLERS feel, about the upcoming only buyers give feedback
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 09:34:13 PDT   Listings
postalhysteria - It's a pretty cover. I have many of the event covers. Too bad someone put that other stamp on it. They ruined a fine cover.


Posted by spain_1850   ( 376 ) on Mar-25-08 at 09:16:45 PDT   Listings
Postal- Yep, those are about the same choices I came up with. Gotta run to work now, so we'll see when I get home.
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-25-08 at 09:13:12 PDT   Listings
RE: DSR Ratings (what is good and what is not) - I started selling again in March and I needed 10 unique ratings to get my stars. I got my stars! But the rating thing is wacked. The shipping time, for some reason is an issue. The buyer's types praises in the dialog and state arrived fast, but the rating they give is not what they type. I have a 4.8/4.9 (depending on feedback rec'd that day) rating for shipping time. I can't figure it out. According to what they type, it should be a 5. Unless I deliever the item myself, I have no control on how fast the mail truck driver drives. I'm thinkin' the 5 star ring is out of reach. I've been in retail all my life and owned 3 business's (grocery and video rental shops) and learned one thing....you can't please all the people all the time, just most of the people most of the time. Don't let those DSR thingy's get to you. Just do what you do and do it good!
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 09:07:57 PDT   Listings

Spain - its your. Of course the seller may

1. Refuse to honor the sale and suffer a non-compliant seller complaint

2. Never ship it and claim it was lost in the mail and refund your money

3. Be perfectly happy with the sale

4. Be looking for a knife to cut his throat but still honor the sale.

Posted by spain_1850   ( 376 ) on Mar-25-08 at 09:03:27 PDT   Listings
Hello all!
Opinions please.
Last night when I got home from work, I found this lot on ebay, from a stamp seller with pretty high feedback. I've seen their lots on ebay before, usually overpriced, but have never seen anything interesting enough to bid on. This lot of 37 Spanish stampless covers was absolutely too good to pass up. Indeed, I'm thinking that they may even have made a mistake on the listing, but for a $9.00 BIN, I couldn't wait to ask questions, when someone else might scoop it up. If it turns out to be a mistake in the listing, does the seller have the right to back out of it? I paid (very quickly) via Paypal.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:43:49 PDT   Listings

776 cover for George

Not a FDC, but originally postmarked at Mission Dec 4 1936 part of the Centennial Celebration and signed by then Governor Allred.

Re-stamped with Republic of Texas stamp and re-postmarked 50 years later Dec 4 1986 and signed by then Governor Mark White.

Texans please rise when viewing this cover.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:41:28 PDT   Listings

I collect the postal markings on things
so i guess i am not really a philatelist.
Loose stamps have no draw for me.

my 7 year old likes stamps (triangles )
but i really envision a day when her hobby will be like
the days of VCRs and 8 tracks are to me.

We did a little exhibit for her first grade class.
kinda like show and tell.
Over 80% of her classmates had never seen or touched a stamp.
I was both amazed and discouraged
When i gave them each a postcard and some stamps to affix almost all said EEEWWWW
you have to lick them.
the teacher asked where have they been are they safe.

it bodes ill for the future of the hobbist.

I myself as noted below have only been to one real stamp show.
Every dealer there who's table i approached
said almost the exact same thing.
Not what do you collect, what can i help you find ,
But lookin' to resell on ebay.
I was the youngest there in the room while i was there. And the natural assumption was he does not collect he must sell on ebay.

The graded craze also (imho) hurts the hobby.
as do the many nuggets of knowledge that the organized part of the hooby has kept from the general public.

A stamp Catalog is like a Beanie Baby price guide Might work for ID, but really that's about all.
and then even the ID part is so confuszeld that only those "experts" or insiders know for sure.
Or do they.


the stampwatch commitee and the ebay moderators protect us kinda
and much progress has been made as far as fakes and forgeries
BUT many are still out there and it's like spittin in a hurricane trying to fight them all.
check out the SCADS site in the Big Yellow box below it might give you a little help'
BUT Remember it is just a Venue
Buyer BeWare.

Want to see some China stuff I have piled up.
Posted by wastandley   ( 76 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:24:51 PDT   Listings
I am new to selling on ebay...have been at it for only a few months now...so I'm not sure if this subject has been covered. (If it has is there an archive anyone knows about that I could look at.)
I collected China stamps and postal history for about 20+ years...specializing in early PRC...so thats all I can really comment on. But there is a large amount of fakes, reproductions, etc. being sold and not being identified as such. The favored method seems to be just describe something as "China stamp" and post a picture. Does this get them around any kind of legal responsibility? (Obviously the ethical responsibility doesn't bother them.) The fact that a couple of them are Ebay "super sellers" and have Ebay stores makes it seem Ebay is just turning a blind eye to it all.
I have been tempted to either message the sellers and ask them to explain themseves...or contact Ebay...but wondered if their lack of proper write up somehow protects them.
I see a couple very obvious fakes in a sellers list...and am immediately suspect of everything.
Well..thanks for letting me vent anyway....but I'm doubtful it will change much on Ebay.
Posted by hoosierboy   ( 1542 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:21:04 PDT   Listings
Hello friends,

I am a collector and APS member since 1965. Somehow, we did just fine back in those non-electronic dark ages? The world has changed much more dramatically over the years than philately. However, time and changing life priorities are having a negative impact on our hobby. Yes friends, this is a hobby first, business second, way to make a living third, and a way to make your fortune well down the list.

After a six year absence as a seller (except for my son's old motor bike which, BTY, did better than expected), I posted eleven stamp and postal history lots last Sunday. This is my test of the health of our hobby.

Checking current comments on this board, reading between the lines, let me humbly ask: will our hobby be able to attract a core group of true philatelists large enough to keep it viable after the USPS and other postal agencies evolve into a FEDUPS type computer driven delivery service producing self-distructing gumned labels for the political and financial gain of the issuing agency and country?

Please hold the hate mail for using the term "true philatelist". Honestly, I am not sure how to define one. Let me close with the thought that such a creature might be defined as a person who enjoys spending time acquiring, organizing, and studying some aspect of philately resulting in the sharing of knowledge through personal contact with other collectors, exhibiting and publishing.

This creature, the traditional backbone of our hobby(?), may need to be considered for listing on the endangered pilgrim list (as in automobile customer?) given the hype and price related issues that seem to be prevalent in many posts to this board?

Philatelicaly yours, hoosierboy

BONUS QUESTION: What percent of the folks involved in philately today only participate because of non philatelic reasons?

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:18:37 PDT   Listings

I am not a shopper on the Bay. I heard you can only leave a 4 or a 5. True?

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:14:01 PDT   Listings
hey 2.0 passes in the state of fla
actually 1.0 ifin you tried hard.

want to see my diepluma
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:11:56 PDT   Listings

From eBay announcement board:

Starting tomorrow, if you have Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) of at least 4.5 on all criteria - and you specify your shipping costs or use the Shipping Calculator - simply list your auction-style item with a starting price of 99 or less to pay an insertion fee of only 1! New sellers who don't yet have DSR ratings are also eligible. This promotion will run through March 31st, so make sure to take advantage quickly.

Since when is 4.5 a good rating?

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:07:54 PDT   Listings

LRRH - don't reveal the ending!

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 08:01:19 PDT   Listings
Jeff - B+W, there's my answer. I need pictures to read ;-) Slowly getting through Little Red Riding Hood, tough sledding there bubba.
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:57:29 PDT   Listings
Australian State Proofs

Is this vintage? Engraved, cardboard stock, die-sunk style edge lines. I know a lot of countries fooled around with these type of things much later, but this "feels" legit.



Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:52:49 PDT   Listings

Gary - From what I can see in B&W, for this flight it was $1.20, thus 5c overpaid.

Looks like sender franked first for surface mail then added Zepp fee. Or perhaps thought both were required. It is from KC MO and not Los Angeles, or Lakehurst, or one of the prevalent origination cities for Zepp mail.

Jim - It was less than $20, like I said blind hog philately.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:41:50 PDT   Listings
Jeff - I'm terrible at Zepp rates, shouldn't that be $1.30? Or was that only the 1930 flights?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:38:26 PDT   Listings
Jeff S Wownice find. How much did it set you back?

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:35:16 PDT   Listings

Just listed a 99c item for only 1 cent fee. Going to be a zoo here today.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:20:33 PDT   Listings

Last month produced a great find, or score, for me here on eBay, a Zepp cover (which looks to be true commercial mail) franked with 12 copies of the 10c 4th Bureau coil and a single 5c coil.

The significance of this cover is that prior to this, the largest recorded franking of the 10c coil on cover was 6 copies. This is a terribly scarce stamp to find on cover.

I stumbled across this lot which had a totally horrendous scan (ipix and fuzzy) and the stamps were described as the sheet versions.But the layout of the stamps just screamed coils even if I couldn't tell for sure.

The lot even had a terribly old looking typewritten notation which accompanied it ID-ing the stamps as the sheet stamp Scott numbers.

Blind hog philately at its best.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:18:26 PDT   Listings

I have a suspicion it was physically made as a quiz. Why would someone get everything wrong on an item, possibly worth $5,000 or more? All in all, an interesting coffee table item...

Prexie--could get interesting. :-))

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:08:26 PDT   Listings

I too have a small faked postcard collection
I find it interesting what some dealers will do for a couple of bucks.

Thanks for visiting again
makes me think of Tyco
fond memories are nice and warm on a cold morning.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:07:53 PDT   Listings
I keep a pint of Southern Comfort in my desk drawer for medicinal use.


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:06:03 PDT   Listings
Jay - Nice, I wish the letters to Gen Green had had contents.


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:03:31 PDT   Listings
little Jack in the tea helps alot
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 07:00:15 PDT   Listings
Jeff S Hot tea with lemon in it. If you like it sweet, add honey rather than sugar. (Mesquite honey is the best.) Fix you right up.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:58:23 PDT   Listings
Gary That was a nifty little test. By the way, I see your solo prexy Wasserman test item is doing quite handsomely.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:55:01 PDT   Listings
Gawg It is a SFL, apparently a summary of court cases for the Spring Term 1849. Here is the first part of the first page. (Be sure to click on the image to expand it to full size.)

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15499 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:52:32 PDT   Listings
Good Day

Barbara Mueller: For what it's worth, the cover shown yesterday was bought as a fake many years ago. I have collected W/W fakes for over 25 years. The "quiz" was a great success (IMO). All points were adressed by someone (some more than one), nice to see the various "schools" who know what was wrong in their field, collectively everything in that instance. Kind of the purpose of this board? Try to learn a little bit. I knew the answers, but learned the placement of the machine cancel (certainly not my field) was a dead give-away.

Native India States

Is there any reliable reference for fakes and forgeries? Have a pretty amazing lot here, but have serious doubts they can be genuine. Not really something to scan, pages and pages, but would be interested if there is any good condensed literature to be recommended for purchase. I have numerous small handbooks/tearsheet styles, but are scattered in the library (and quite old).

Jeff - Hopefully the Doc gave you some good anti's, I usually struggled the 1st 24 hours when I used to get the "crud", usually after ASDA NYC....


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:50:24 PDT   Listings
postalhysteria - No, not yet. May have to look into it it I get into this much more.


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:45:01 PDT   Listings
Jay - Nice item. Did it have contents?


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4054 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:41:58 PDT   Listings

George - you a member of the Texas Postal History Society?

Regretably I have no 776 FDCs.

Just waking up, terrible night sleep trying to breathe with sounds from a Steven Spielberg movie emitting from my throat last night.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:41:48 PDT   Listings
Gawg Heres a Texas item, although its not from the Republic era. The postmark is Victoria, Texas, enlarged here. I bought it because of the dateMarch 4, 1849, Zachary Taylors inaugural.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:29:59 PDT   Listings
Gawg Dont you have all the FDCs anyway? Regardless, you can always jest drop in and set a spell, chew the fat. No need to buy anything.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:29:13 PDT   Listings
Jay - I've started moving more to the Republic of Texas covers. These are even harder to find.


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:26:55 PDT   Listings
jaywild - I'd be around more if someone would list what I collect. 776 FDC's are very thin now days.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:24:20 PDT   Listings
Gawg Well, at least theyve removed one of puppys posts below. Perhaps the rest will disappear too before long.

BTW, nice to see you on here. Its been a while. I still think of you every time I see a US Scott 776 when I scan through the stamps categories.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:23:12 PDT   Listings
He should be on the Bass Pro Tour.


Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:20:54 PDT   Listings
Interesting, looks like puppyfish11 posted the same thing on every chat board.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:19:56 PDT   Listings
NOIP All I can say about puppyfish is to keep reporting his posts. Sooner or later someone at eBay or DeadWorld will wake up. I sent a message to a contact in eBays Presidents office warning them, but dont know how long it will take to effect a solution. Its still very early yet

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 06:00:53 PDT   Listings
due2 Ha! I thought of that, but was afraid mentioning it might stir up trouble, and I wouldnt want to do that

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:59:14 PDT   Listings
due2 Im not trying to change your mind about global warming, youre perfectly entitled to your opinion on the subject. Its just that raising it here wakes up the ogre from beyond the Oka. Then its like a bomb has gone offopinions and insults flying as thick as mud. When responsible posters see his name they go away and the board suffers. (Its like finding your neighborhood park overrun with gang-bangers.)

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:56:38 PDT   Listings
maybe he had to bid against her somewhere.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:48:28 PDT   Listings
Paul Here are a few things Barbara Mueller wrote that came to pass
I feel children will be less attracted to stamp collecting in the year 2000.
Governments will have to return to simpler stamps. Self-stick stamps may be perfected
The tendency to break specialties into even smaller units is growing.
The transparent mounts used now may eventually damage stamps. [Crystal Mounts, anyone?]
Stamp shows, I fear, will suffer.
While many of her predictions did not pan out, she was able to foresee much of what has happened since 1977. So I dont understand why you got so stirred up when her name was raised here yesterday. (BTW, the word you wanted yesterday was biddy, not bitty.)

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:38:40 PDT   Listings
soory jaywild

but i think global warming is a load of hoey

and can not hep myself when i find
reasonable links and info

i hate the chicken little mentality of most global warming lemmings.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:36:03 PDT   Listings
NOIP The links in puppyfishs post are definitely dangerous. Ive reported the post to eBay but nothing happens. I guess theyre still asleep.

Posted by balkania05   ( 747 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:34:21 PDT   Listings
jim !!!!
If you are asked to sign twice is a spoof link.Trust me , I've been cheated once long time ago, same way. balkania05
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:33:07 PDT   Listings
due2 Mentioning global warming on this board is like leaving the lid off a garbage can. It does nothing but attract cockroaches.



Posted by bocosa1212   ( 47 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:32:53 PDT   Listings
don't click on the links!!
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1502 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:31:43 PDT   Listings

Im suspicious about puppyfish11s links. They may be phishing for your eBay sign in. Im signed in on eBay and the link asked me to sign in again. Thats something eBay usually does not do.
Jim L.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1502 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:21:54 PDT   Listings
and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all

stamps12345 (Paul)
Is there a reason you cropped the article in the middle? The scan you posted makes it difficult to evaluate your claims about Mrs. Barbara Meuller.

Jim L.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 05:10:10 PDT   Listings
right and the checks in the mail fishy
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-25-08 at 04:46:20 PDT   Listings
BALKANIA-------On your ITALY scott 477 ,its not in the design or color but it could be in the perforations or the watermark on that stamp .Without the stamp in my hands I could only guess what the error could be ? I should mention I have about three different perfs varities that scott doesn't list .
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 04:43:22 PDT   Listings
and for thos not aquainted with yakko
here is a map of the world that mightb help The Young Stampers

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-25-08 at 04:34:17 PDT   Listings
well it's a cold 40 in my yard this am
almost dawn but to cold to fish

"It is said ebay has brought in a whole bunch of new collectors who may never have been to a stamp show, belonged to a stamp club or subscribed to a hobby publication. I hope that's right although I haven't seen it reflected in strong demand for lower price lots on ebay. "

I am less than 30 years
have been to 1 stamp show
(boy was I disappointed)
1 club meeting in a nearby city.
(I'll never do that again)
I subscribe to no pub, belong to no societies, heck there are NO pubs to buy at the book/mag stores .I have read a copy of Linn's once. Mostly over hyped adds .
Why would I want lower priced stamps
ebay has shown the world that stamps catalogged at 100's sell for 10's

I'm sure the rarities will remain such and always demand good money. But the others we will have to see if they pass the test of time. graded etc
While good marketing to me, it is like the snake oil saleman of olde.


Get US out of the UN, was a bumper sticker on my Granpas
truck, a firmly held family belief.

in the measure of time we are nothing more than"a mote in god's eye"
the Earth is neither aware/ or against
just the third rock from our sun spinning around.

sang it the best and explained it all so concise


I need to go no further in the direction

altho I always liked Yakko's song


GOOD Morning (mine anyway)

Posted by 22028   ( 1691 ) on Mar-25-08 at 00:19:40 PDT   Listings
balkania, absolutely, it is not the empire who is striking back, it is the earth who fight vs. humans and we humans can only loose. Well, maybe not we personal but our children and grand children definitely.
Posted by balkania05   ( 747 ) on Mar-24-08 at 23:59:50 PDT   Listings
Afeht ! I guess we can translate the global warming in HUMANS AGAINST NATURE. The global waming , in my opinion is the effect of damage VS. nature done by humans. and how you know the boomerang effect can be THE NATURE VS. HUMANS. Think about and let me know if I'm right or wrong.balkania05
Posted by afeht   ( 1294 ) on Mar-24-08 at 23:30:50 PDT   Listings

Thanks for interesting links.

AGW is a lie. Very dangerous economically and politically -- and very profitable to very many people -- LIE.

I believe in facts. I don't believe politicians or people financed by politicians. For governments and international bureaucracies to create problems that apparently cannot be resolved without their involvement is a vital, never-ending process of self-preservation and expansion.

The only sensible solution to the "global warming" hysteria, I think, is to disband the UN (a corrupt, wasteful, and marasmic snake nest in all other respects, anyway), and to abolish all government-financed "scientific" bureaucracies, including NASA, EPA, and USGS. Otherwise, lies will proliferate unfettered by reality.
Posted by balkania05   ( 747 ) on Mar-24-08 at 22:44:21 PDT   Listings
Hello e1,
Question. I have a nice collection from Italy. In this collection is a stamp Scott # 477 and next to the stamp the word " error". I've tried to compare my stamp with one from an Italy site and think the error is a the color. Can somebody tell me why is an error other than color? Thank you very much
Posted by breffington   ( 406 ) on Mar-24-08 at 22:19:53 PDT   Listings
Charlietuna619:On a volume basis, yes, stamp prices have dropped in the past number of years. This, I think, reflects not enough beginning collectors coming into the hobby to sop up the under $50 lots. Better items remain strong overall with keen competition sometimes. We are experiencing the graying of the hobby. Mostly guys in their 50s to 80s are the backbone of the hobby today. It is said ebay has brought in a whole bunch of new collectors who may never have been to a stamp show, belonged to a stamp club or subscribed to a hobby publication. I hope that's right although I haven't seen it reflected in strong demand for lower price lots on ebay.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-24-08 at 21:57:11 PDT   Listings
JAYWILD------Here is for your eveing reading entertainment what BARBARA R. MUELLER wrote in 1977 about the future of PHILATELY in the year 2000 . Please make notes how many things she got right and how many things she got wrong .Also be so kind to share your results with the rest of us . Looking forward to your answer in the morning ........ MUELLER ......paul
Posted by charlietuna619   ( 3 )   on Mar-24-08 at 21:44:15 PDT   Listings
Jim... tks for the response....
Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-24-08 at 21:34:07 PDT   Listings
Postalhysteria - The last two covers on MY me page are written to James Pier. He fought at San Jacinto. On my last trip to Texas my dad gave me a diary to read. It was written by James Pier during a trip he made to Milan, OH and back to TX. He starts out before the start of the Civil War and near the end of his trip he writes that he hopes Jeff Davis will be a good President.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 20:55:20 PDT   Listings
Charlie tuna Its hard to say about eBay prices. I think eBay has made it tougher in a lot of ways to bid on stuff (or even find it with their new weird useless searches) that has driven people away. Some areas are soft some days, very hot the next. I think the market for certified US grade 90 or better has gone through the roof, no matter what the venue. Hard to say how long that will last. Some of the prices being paid for such items are ridiculous.

Posted by charlietuna619   ( 3 )   on Mar-24-08 at 20:19:50 PDT   Listings
If I may... having been away from collecting 10/12 yrs and recently starting to get the bug again I would like to offer this observation. Checking back thru my records and watching
prices being brought here on ebay and other sources I have found,
at least in the areas that I collect (americana,airmails), the values have remained or dropped from then to now. Has this been a trend thru out the hobby?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 20:04:32 PDT   Listings
Dave F Yes, Mike E. (mikedak) is far and away the guy to go to for machine cancels. Where my information might fill a pamphlet, his would overflow an encyclopedia.

Posted by philatarium   ( 256 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:54:37 PDT   Listings
Mike: Thanks very much for your reply. No harm, no foul. And definitely understood about trying to keep too many things going at one time.

Also agree about promoting the good work of specialist societies.

And I'll check in with you soon on machine cancels.

Thanks again!

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1501 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:51:33 PDT   Listings
Jim L.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:44:27 PDT   Listings
due2 Yep, millions upon millions of them. Fortunately they only swarm for a brief period during the summer. At dusk you can see literally hundreds silhouetted against the sky. Pretty creepy sight.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:41:13 PDT   Listings
NOIP Heres another imagenot for the faint of heart. Imagine that thing flying at you out of the dark

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:35:48 PDT   Listings

But do you have Millions of them
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:34:50 PDT   Listings
and another here


It's 40 degrees here in central florida tonight
I do Not beleive in global warming.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:34:25 PDT   Listings
NOIP Sorry, but I cant sit still any longer for these cockroach claims. Wait until you get one of these stuck in your hair.

Its Arizonas state bird!

Lindy... Well, just so long as youre off the streets at least one day a week

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:32:34 PDT   Listings
here is an interesting article for those
that believe in global warming

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:24:32 PDT   Listings
Jeff - Ok, get well. Looks like I'll be hibernating this week. I'm waiting on a new chair from HQ.


Posted by mini*lindy   ( 596 ) on Mar-24-08 at 19:14:02 PDT   Listings
Jeff that brings to mind the excuses we used to get at work in the 1970s from the UK collectors ... sorry my cheque must have gotten lost in the Mail Strike!

JayJim Easter Monday is a holiday here, so I worked today instead!

IO Jim - just for You!
I think all the email spammers were working overtime hitting all the eBay boards with bad links and things this weekend.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:13:04 PDT   Listings

NOIP - just received this email from a purchaser

I'm Sorry but there is a Strike of Customs in Brazil and the Post Office Service is Stopped or Very, Very Slow.
Thank You SO MUCH!!!

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:11:34 PDT   Listings

Hi George, got your e-mails, went to Dr today with bronchitis, in and out of bed for a couple of days. Will get with you when voice can talk.

Bunny & Snake were a hoot!, thanks.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:11:11 PDT   Listings
NOIP I notice JP Morgan got a big fat foot put in the middle of its sweetheart $2 a share takeover of Bears Stearns. Today they had to bump the offer up to $10 a share. Something pretty shady was going onBear Stearns headquarters building is worth at least $4 a share, so how did JPM get such swift agreement from the Fed to pony up only $2 for BS, with the Fed underwriting $30 billion of any potential risk?

Sure wish I had those connections.

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:09:07 PDT   Listings
Jimbo - I give up. So what could Pr stand for? Private, Per, Personal, Parsnips.


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:08:33 PDT   Listings
on second thought maybe because of the lower valued dollar they are
learning the euro languages

Sehr geehrter Herr ist es mein Vergngen, Sie zu informieren, da Sie die Vereinigte Staaten Lotterie gewonnen haben
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:03:42 PDT   Listings
due2 Ha!

Posted by 776   ( 655 ) on Mar-24-08 at 18:03:02 PDT   Listings
The Feds have been hitting the email spammers pretty hard lately. Maybe they are learning something. Naw, probably just looking for a way to get past or hide from the feds.


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 17:58:52 PDT   Listings
Maybe the spammers are on spring break
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 17:53:35 PDT   Listings

Jim - taco bueno tambien!

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 17:37:51 PDT   Listings
Jeff Thanks for the Barbara Mueller info.

Paul... What did Barbara Mueller do to ruffle your feathers? Inquiring minds want to know.

Io... Ive had the same thing with my spam emailvirtually none over the past few days. Maybe a new law went into effect, death by asphyxiation (alone in a room with a spilled bottle of Jungle Gardenia) for repeat offenders.

Posted by mikedak   ( 1397 ) on Mar-24-08 at 17:37:21 PDT   Listings
Philatarium (Dave)
Sorry if my post came across the wrong way. I went back and reread it and it was a bit on the terse side. I guess it was a bit of a "to the point, can't spend a lot of time on the topic, trying to keep my day job" kind of post. No malice intended.

Was mostly trying to make some potentially interested folks aware of a very beneficial society, if they were so inclined to check it out. It's amazing how many times folks (me included) spend a lot of time and effort chasing down information that is already available to them if they know where to look. (and no, I wouldn't spend $100 to check out a dozen markings either!) I would gladly look them up for you, but I am away from my reference material at present.

BTW, I will gladly give my 2 cents worth on machine cancel topics anytime I can help..

Posted by iomoon   ( 1064 ) on Mar-24-08 at 16:51:22 PDT   Listings
Dang, I haven't gotten any spam emails in two days, I'm starting to feel deprived!

This, hiding the bidder's names on 99 cent starts is ridiculous. No more early bids for me.

What is the point?
Except to encourage shill bidding?
Posted by dbenson   ( 8981 ) on Mar-24-08 at 15:36:36 PDT   Listings



Parma, Provisional Government 40c., the figures of value are entirely different,

David B.
Posted by philatarium   ( 256 ) on Mar-24-08 at 15:19:10 PDT   Listings

It's easy to misread tone in a post or an email, and I hope that's perhaps the case here, but I've been thinking about your post since I saw it this morning.

It feels like you're saying, basically, shut up and join the relevant society and buy the literature, and that I'm being too cheap to do so.

If I knew RPOs were going to be a specialty area of mine, or even a minor collecting interest, then I would agree with you. I belong to a number of specialty organizations already, and have, over time, spent thousands on the relevant philatelic literature. In fact, in the last few months, I've been investing in and trying to learn more about your specialty area, machine cancels.

What appears to me to be standard reference on RPOs, although that is one of the questions I was trying to clarify, costs $75-85, and membership in the relevant society is $23, so about $75-100 to dip a toe in the water.

I have 16 cards, that may or may not be worth much more than 50 cents apiece, and was trying to get a feel for them.

They came from a non-philatelic source, and so are essentially "unchecked". I was trying to "check" them.

I've been on eBay 9-1/2 years, and on this board a little less than that. Whenever anybody has asked a question about a Japanese item, I have always tried to answer that question to the limits of my knowledge (and I'm no expert in this area, I freely admit). I've never told anyone just to join the ISJP and buy the right catalogs.

And I don't believe very often that, when anyone on here asks a question looking for specialty knowledge, we answer,
here's the society, join and buy the literature. We usually help out, to the extent that we can, and to the extent we have access to that specialty literature.

We are likely to bring many discussions to a rapid close, and discourage many people from exploring new collecting areas, if that becomes our fallback answer. Again, I hope I've misread the tone in your post.

NOIP: Picking up on due2's comment, in my experience, some societies welcome interested parties with
open arms, knowing that their field benefits from having new interest and enthusiasm and energy, and some societies
are distant and stand-offish, with the need for one to prove oneself as worthy, and showing disdain if a prospective
member isn't already essentially an expert in an area. I don't know what his specific experience was, but I'm
always troubled when we don't try to welcome people into our fields and nurture their interests.

-- Dave

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 15:11:55 PDT   Listings
Nice Link Riff

I knew I had read it somewhere
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 14:51:35 PDT   Listings

More about Barbara Mueller, who, unlike Paul, accomplished much in philately and has received esteemed recognition from her peers.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 592 ) on Mar-24-08 at 14:36:52 PDT   Listings
David Thanks. I know Paolo is our resident Italian expert here and hope he gets to see the link and can comment further. Great pity the Parma is bad, though I don't know why it is. Knowing how to spot the forgeries can be quite interesting in itself. Have several things to do here now before returning to work, so I'll check back tomorrow for any further comments.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 14:28:32 PDT   Listings

Go to covers.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8981 ) on Mar-24-08 at 14:15:48 PDT   Listings

at 1st. glance the only one that looks bad is the Parma 40c. Red. and possibly the Modena 15c.

I am sure Paolo can comment better than I can,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Mar-24-08 at 13:20:53 PDT   Listings
BARBARA R. MUELLER--------That old bitty ,blew it trying to predict the future of philateley ......she got everything wrong in 1977 and im mean EVERYTHING .
Posted by infla-alec   ( 592 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:50:54 PDT   Listings
Re Italian States forgery or real I've placed all the images in a folder to make it easier for anyone to view

Please feel free to comment if anyone spots a forgery and if possible can you please point out why it is ?

Posted by infla-alec   ( 592 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:12:16 PDT   Listings
Hmm somehow links to 3 etc are missing. But you can view them simply by changing the URL numbers to 03, 04 etc up to 010. Sorry about the screwup.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:11:12 PDT   Listings
late by a minute
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:09:41 PDT   Listings

i think a well known philatelic writer/ exhibitor too
again i think.

many stamp related awards recognitions
Posted by infla-alec   ( 592 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:09:41 PDT   Listings
Italian States Can anyone please tell me if any of these are genuine ? Larger individual scans I hope can be seen at following links, 2 5 6
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:07:50 PDT   Listings

From the National Postal Museum website:

Barbara Mueller is one of American philately's most distinguished writers and editors. Over the last 50 years she has made major contributions to philately, editing and writing publications for audiences that range from novice collectors to specialists. She is one of the most honored philatelists in the hobby and was the first woman honored with the prestigious John N. Luff Award by the American Philatelic Society in 1956.

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:07:07 PDT   Listings

Barbara Mueller did actually have a semi-famous collection quite some time ago..Bill Bilden handled it I believe (I got the cover from Bill years ago, can't recall the exact way he came into possession of it)

Stamp is XF+, what a shame...


Ain't no roach like a SW Fla roach....maybe Madagascar hissers (sp?).

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:02:48 PDT   Listings

He's just a Texan, probably throw it on his next steak as a topping....Bizarre Foods next weeks special feature presentation: Florexas (or Texorida) cuisine...Sorry Jeff (big grin)

Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 12:01:29 PDT   Listings
Jeff/Gary Whos Barbara Mueller?

Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:58:29 PDT   Listings
Gary - Thanks for the quiz...interesting. Was Barbara Mueller the "artist" of these or just a collector of fake items?

That cockroach had to be over the .41c first class limit. I've had to work in Florida 5 times in the last 10 years. Great place to visit, and ummmmmm....you have to respect the people that live there. :-)
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:55:12 PDT   Listings
NOIP Lordythat pile-driver is going again. At least its not one of those old steam-driven monstrosities that could be heard across entire time zones.

I say get rid of the waterboards at Guantanamo and install a pile-driver.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:46:58 PDT   Listings

Please do NOT share our fine florida wildlife with others
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:40:57 PDT   Listings
Jeff - Too funny! 2nd time my wife and I watched it, I told her I knew what was in it.... after the 7th time she decided I was FOS...can't blame her there...Now I have the answer.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:34:32 PDT   Listings

Gary - mailer opened, a thing of beauty, now I know what the boys were carrying around in Marcelis' briefcase in PULP FICTION. Jeff

Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:32:34 PDT   Listings
And here I thought you could "not tell anything from a scan"...hmmmmmmm
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:24:53 PDT   Listings
We have numerous winners!! Congratulations, you have won....let me see here....aaaah NOTHING! That's right an endless supply of NOTHING on me! What a guy, huh??

Stamp is real
Envelope is real
ALL postal markings and handwriting is FAKE!

Actually was from Barbara Muellers collection.....

Jeff - May as well, since you're getting beat on the other. Watch out for the 'ol Florida cockroach I threw in though.. (grin).....


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 4047 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:17:08 PDT   Listings

Gary - the Barbara Mueller notation on the back is the crowning touch!

Got your mailing today, hmmm, dare I open it??


Posted by lluehhhb   ( 355 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:16:22 PDT   Listings

I don't know well, but to me the cancels on front and back look suspicious (like if they were hand made or drawn). Are they real or fake?
Posted by mikedak   ( 1397 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:12:54 PDT   Listings
In addition to just about everything else that looks wrong with that $1 TransMiss cover, the Barry machine cancel lookalike on the front basically can't be in the middle of the cover. Feeding mechanism on those machines would have prevented that.
Posted by paperhistory   ( 1997 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:12:27 PDT   Listings
Gary: actually most of those markings look like they are drawn-in fakes. And the faker couldn't decide if he wanted his cover to be registered or not.

Incidentally, the New York cancel on the front is the dial portion of a Barry machine, or is supposed to be anyway. Without going back to look, I don't think that style was in use in NY in 1898. (and if the cover did indeed go through a Barry machine, that's not a placement on the cover that could occur unless the cover was bent, folded, spindled, mutilated, etc. Also, if it actually passed through a Barry machine, there should be a telltale set of pin markings, which I don't see here).
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-24-08 at 11:09:17 PDT   Listings
Gary - My second look shows only the time rec'd in Norwalk, no date other than Oct. 98. So I might be wrong on the date rec'd. The markings for NY NY on the front and the back are an hour apart. All the markings make it an interesting item, even though its doesn't have a precanceled stamp :-) I'm wondering what the red marking is all about? Registered mail?

Mike (1922-26 Regular issue Precancel Collector)
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 10:44:53 PDT   Listings

Both on the right track....anyone else? Will post answer before I leave the office in 2 1/4 hours....Gary

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 10:21:00 PDT   Listings
here is an interesting altho tatty

cover a 1965

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 10:17:42 PDT   Listings

express service
Posted by re1wind   ( 275 ) on Mar-24-08 at 10:04:25 PDT   Listings
Gary - Mailed on the 8th in Goshen and arrived in CT on the 7th? Now that is service!
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 09:08:48 PDT   Listings


I do not know if the snippets/results i collect are more than
snapshots of what a given rpo went for on a given day
i have been trying to use it as a way to find those that Might be the real scarce ones.
I see so many rpo's on postcards i can not buy them all. Just like Doanes I have to have a way for ME to pick out what is worth the 2 or 3 dollars when i see them.
I agree with WRD it is just a way to get, for me an idea of the range that value might be set.

I rarely (anymore) email those organized keepers of
lists,rosters, etc.
In my early years of this hobby
i was jerked around, scammed, ripped off,led astray,
and had my time wasted so many times and
I got so tired of the Apostrophe that exists
in the world of stamps
and then Like most here REALIZED philately is and
always will be a solo hobby.to me anyway.
I do it my way.


I do not like the half of the CDS on that Stamp
but what do I know. Buy a compass would be my thought.

I like that Red marking though.
Posted by baylove   ( private ) on Mar-24-08 at 08:35:34 PDT   Listings
DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS @ Posted by mattmnb ( 27 ) on Mar-24-08 at 08:19:25 PDT
Posted by gary.nes   ( 15497 ) on Mar-24-08 at 07:46:56 PDT   Listings
Good Day

Monday is pretty busy catching up, will email you late today or tomorrow. Haven't gotten to your pics yet. Got to have something to look foward to this afternoon!

What is wrong with this picture? (overpayment is not a valid arguement!)
292 $1 Cattle Cover

Jim Nice 24c single, but pretty hard to display, no? I'm sure a better style example is out there!

Jeff You may be getting a rasberry in a few days (grin).....


Posted by wrd3   ( 105 ) on Mar-24-08 at 06:15:55 PDT   Listings
The Mobile Post Office Society page linked below has links to some eBay prices realized files. due2cents you might consider responding to the A Few Words About the eBAY Prices Realized Project request for assistance from anyone who is interested in maintaining / compiling a list of auction realizations......

I do something similar for my US Perfins collection. I've created a spreadsheet where I save the prices realized from eBAY auctions I've followed as well as past club and private auctions. There are too many possible patterns, and the auction realizations are too infrequent to compile anything near a comprehensive list, but it helps me gague an appropriate price (sometimes).

Bill D.
Posted by mikedak   ( 1397 ) on Mar-24-08 at 05:32:47 PDT   Listings
re: RPOs

Few areas of postal history have been as thoroughly studied and documented as that of railroad postmarks. There is a large body of useful (and affordable) literature giving great background information as well as multiple books listing and describing virtually all known railroad related postmarks. See http://www.eskimo.com/~rkunz/mposhome.html for info on the Mobile Post Office Society. The very nominal membership fee is money well spent. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I would suggest that interesting parties take a look and see what is already out there.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1062 ) on Mar-24-08 at 04:34:02 PDT   Listings
due2 Thats a lot of work you did on the RPOs. Any chance of locating the information online once you have compiled it all? I think it would make a terrific resource.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Mar-24-08 at 03:38:03 PDT   Listings