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Posted by 22028   ( 1684 ) on Feb-17-08 at 22:41:44 PST   Listings
73vinylpaste91, if you are a member in ebay USA you can use the same login informations at the other ebay sites as well.
Posted by 73vinylpaste91   ( 485 ) on Feb-17-08 at 22:13:48 PST   Listings
how can a person sign on to a ebay site in Germany, Demark, Sweden, UK etc.. Tom
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 22:11:26 PST   Listings
So your assertion that self-declaration of independence is all that is required for fait accompli independence is simply not correct;

Of course, I made no such statement.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 22:07:58 PST   Listings
I take the position that Congress has better things to do and this is really none of their business.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 22:07:11 PST   Listings
First, the signatories of the Montevideo Convention were all solely from the Americas, and nineteen countries can scarcely be said to speak for entire world.

However, as a restatement of customary international law, the Montevideo Convention merely codified existing legal norms and its principles therefore do not apply merely to the signatories, but to all subjects of international law as a whole
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 22:01:52 PST   Listings
stamphick… Er—just a guess, but in the he-said/he-said baseball steroid use flap, I have a hunch you take the part of Roger Clemons. Am I correct?

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 21:57:05 PST   Listings
stamphick… First, the signatories of the Montevideo Convention were all solely from the Americas, and nineteen countries can scarcely be said to speak for entire world. Further, the signed compact rather flies in the face of history US policy toward its own rebellious provinces. As cited earlier, the Confederacy was never treated in any fashion by the US government, let alone any other in the world, as an independent entity. It lived and died as a rebellion, despite what it may have thought of itself.

The most important part of your citation is the section about the European Union, and its definition of a “state”, which differs from the Montevideo agreement in that a state’s existence is a question of fact completely independent of the conveying or withholding or recognition by other states. So your assertion that self-declaration of independence is all that is required for fait accompli independence is simply not correct; there are four standards required by the Montevideo pact, three by the European Union, none of which is a self-declaration of independence. The article cites the specific instances in which such a loose system would (and has) caused chaos, the “Republic of China” being a glaring example. There is really no such entity.

Posted by 22028   ( 1684 ) on Feb-17-08 at 21:08:24 PST   Listings
Jim, the Tibet items are of interest, but only for collectors of forgeries...
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 20:59:03 PST   Listings
"here are four accepted standards to qualify as a nation that are described in international public law: territory, population, sovereignty, and government."

"The Montevideo Convention - which is an international treaty signed and ratified by the United States and numerous other countries - makes this clear in its article 3. Recognition is not a formal requirement of statehood. Therefore, neither a political unit needs to be recognized to become a state, nor does a state have the obligation to recognize another one. At the same time, neither recognition is enough to create a state, nor does its absence abolish it."

Starting from those quotes you should be able to satisfy yourself if you're so inclined.

There's lots more on the web or you can continue to lecture off the top of your head.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 20:25:39 PST   Listings
stamphick… I look forward to your providing some concrete citations to support your assertions as to “international law” on the subject of independence. Funny, but the situations in Biafra, Katanga, Chechnya, or Tibet, to name a few, haven’t followed what you have “found” to be a dictum. A definite citation from you will certainly clear things up, which I eagerly await.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 20:18:57 PST   Listings
Rainer… Is this of interest?

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 20:07:20 PST   Listings
I was interested in the question I asked earlier about when a country becomes a country so I looked up a little international law.

What I found was that most states do indeed become states by self declaration and in international law the political existence of a state is independent of recognition by the other states.

There are a few other requirements like having a defined boundary and an established political system.

So it looks like Kosovo is indeed a country as of today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 19:57:31 PST   Listings
due2cents… I think your Jamestown cancel is from a International machine, a nice strike on both sides.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 19:49:53 PST   Listings
I liked this coil use

and the term
LOCAL used in 1916 Washington DC
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 19:33:58 PST   Listings
some danish


Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 19:22:13 PST   Listings
Hey Jaywild

I got this expo mark
because it was a miss
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 19:17:00 PST   Listings
Not in Alec's time
But got this
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 18:44:18 PST   Listings
due2cents… Your card is from Infla period 27. The date is December 11, 1923, not November 12. (Europeans write their dates day-month-year, Americans prefer the month-day-year format.) The stamp’s denomination is 5 Rentenpfennig, reflecting the new currency introduced on December 1, 1923.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-17-08 at 18:39:26 PST   Listings
Io… If I may insert a quibble—a declaration of independence does not make a province, region, colony etc. “independent”. The best example I can think of is the American Confederacy, which was recognized as a nation by no one on earth but themselves.

While there are no standard rules for a nation to achieve independence, such a situation usually occurs only when the original hegemon agrees to formally cede the territory involved. The US was not made independent on July 4, 1776; it merely stated the goal toward which it was struggling. Holland recognized its independence first, to its severe detriment—Holland would suffer for well over a century for its rashness—but it was the Treaty of Paris that verified the United States’ status as an independent nation. (It’s first government was under the Articles of Confederation, a doomed, unworkable arrangement that proved no less successful when the Southern states resurrected it eighty years later.)

Regarding Kosovo there will be much wrangling in the UN, at the end of which Serbia and Russia may agree to recognize Kosovo as independent or they may not. If they don’t I doubt they have any leverage to force a return to the earlier state of affairs, seeing that the US and the EU are pretty solidly opposed to such a move. So perhaps in this case de jure independence will only come after a long, bitter period of de facto independence. Rancor dies hard in the Balkans, always has…

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:48:30 PST   Listings
The other sides of those


Here is one i picked up today in your range.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:38:03 PST   Listings

Any one here or upstairs in the balconeers
ever do any business in the 50's-60's
with "M.UHL"
in Fla
I guess he ran a ww fdc and cover service/club/business

He had a bunch of this kinda thing


should I buy more of this kinda stuff WW
for .25 per or not.
My last shot at them is in the AM.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:35:47 PST   Listings

Posted by 220man   ( 170 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:25:09 PST   Listings
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:13:05 PST   Listings
Tomorrow we might see first day covers on eBay.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:12:08 PST   Listings
just kidding. They were asking if the stamps were "legal". I am not sure if a mailman in podunk knows where Kosovo is, to say nothing of whether their stamps are "legal".
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-17-08 at 16:04:23 PST   Listings
Just heard on the news that Australia has recognised Kosovo independence,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-17-08 at 15:59:19 PST   Listings
Bill C.

I would imagine that one of the last things that Kosovo would be likely to do in the euphoria of declaring independence, is registering their stamps with WDAP.

I may be wrong.


Stop provocating international crises :-)
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-17-08 at 15:31:45 PST   Listings
If Kosovian stamps are recognised on international mail then they would be deemed legal. Wonder if anyone wants to organise some covers from Pristina to Belgrade or Moscow and see what happens,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-17-08 at 15:29:31 PST   Listings
Claghorn, AFAIK not every country registers their stamps with WADP and there are many who are years behind in paying their registration fees. That does not make their stamps illegal, just not registered,

David B.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-17-08 at 15:14:47 PST   Listings
Illegal stamps are unfortunately flourishing in the names of existing independent countries (members of the UPU and their dependencies), in the names of existing places not authorised to issue stamps, and also in the names of fictitious places. This market is estimated to be worth at least five hundred million dollars, if not more. In terms of the numbers sold, this represents a considerable loss of potential revenue to the countries concerned, which are mostly the developing countries of the African, Asian and Eastern European regions (more than 50 UPU member posts have been identified). Work in this area is consequently considered a priority issue for the WADP.

Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-17-08 at 15:12:18 PST   Listings
IO Jim I thought that there is a board member here who says that any country which does not register stamps with WDAP and UPU are illegal stamps? Please clarify?



Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-17-08 at 14:54:01 PST   Listings
Very simple David, when they say they are.

They "officially" declared independence today.

Therefore they are officially independent.

It really doesn't matter two cents if the UN, Russia or Serbia don't recognize them as such.

Which country pays any attention whatever to the UN unless it's to ask for funds which usually come from the US and Eu anyway.

Is the USA not independent because the UN (non-existent at the time) or Great Britain, its ruling country, did not recognize it as such at the time of independence?
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 14:24:55 PST   Listings
due...Yes, I guess that started it all but as far as I know no one recognizes it yet. The EU and the UN are both meeting to consider the situation -- tomorrow I think.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-17-08 at 14:04:39 PST   Listings
I thought when we sent US Troops to Kosovo
it made it a country.

at least started it all.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-17-08 at 13:47:05 PST   Listings
It was the U.N. that first issued stamps for Kosovo .It was a joint issue between the U.N. and the Post & Telecommunications of Kosovo that issued stamps in 2000 .
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-17-08 at 12:46:53 PST   Listings
When is a country a country? When they say they are or when he EU recognizes them or when the UN acknowledges that they are.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 984 ) on Feb-17-08 at 11:25:48 PST   Listings
Kosovo have actually issued their own stamps since 2000, valued first in DM, then in Euros. But I guess they will soon have stamps which just say "KOSOVA" without any UN stuff. Or will they also include the Serbian name which will look like "KOCOBO"?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-17-08 at 10:46:31 PST   Listings

I'm pretty sure Kosovo has already had such stamps in preparation for use tomorrow.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 672 ) on Feb-17-08 at 10:42:56 PST   Listings
Looks like we have a new country in the World today. I wonder if they have their first stamps ready.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-17-08 at 07:22:05 PST   Listings
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Posted by bjornmu   ( 984 ) on Feb-17-08 at 06:17:53 PST   Listings
NOIP: One of the items in my collection now has a twin! Last year I bought this SCADTA cover with the wrong date BARRANQUILLA 2-II-1935 (should have been 3-II-1925), now I've just bought its twin! Different sender and receiver, but same franking and same date.

NB the first image is over 500K, it's from Rubystamps.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-17-08 at 05:56:56 PST   Listings
Rain in Chicago ,good day to stay home and work on stamps ......taken the wife out for breakfest and then spent the whole day working on early China ,up to 1946 . Seen very few attempts of collectors to ever fiqure out all the overprints,perfs,watermarks of those long sets of cheap /common material .It will be a long and slow process much like the long sets of watermark variations of Brazil ,another area where nobody has a decent showing of the watermark varities .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-17-08 at 05:35:37 PST   Listings
DAVID B. ----The Egyptian fake was not on watermarked paper . A scan showed nothing so I didn't make a link .

PAPERHISTORY -------Your not looking at your situation correctly ,You now have a philatelic assistant who can sit with you and you can spent quality time talking about the stamps in front of both of you ,some of my best memories are of us sitting with my assistant Paul's stamp assistant ....paul

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1995 ) on Feb-17-08 at 04:37:52 PST   Listings
pro: nice card. Amazing the stuff you dig up....

Not many stamps for me these days. In the midst of buying a house....need to get into a better school district since my daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall. Will put a crimp in the stamp budget for the next 30 years! :)
Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-16-08 at 22:32:23 PST   Listings
vinb29, it seems to me like at $1.50 for the first stamp and $0.10 each for additional, you'll never have to worry about paying extra when the envelope gets too thick. By that time you'll have raked in several dollars in extra shipping. Maybe if you were offering the cheaper sets of 10-20 stamps each you'd put things on a better footing for the low income and beginner stamp collector.
Posted by vinb29   ( 889 ) on Feb-16-08 at 21:35:33 PST   Listings
Matt, You know I guess that makes some sense, but that is where I get annoyed because when I (we) shop on ebay, I won't buy anything from a seller when it is obvious this is happening(the price of the item is so low and the s/h so high). I don't know about other shoppers because like I said we try to stick to the rules, we combine s/h and when we sell 1 stamp even if it cost me nothing to purchase we charge a $1.50 U.S. this covers shipping/handling and fees barely. If the stamp sits in the store for more than a month it is 6 cents every month. We charge only 10c extra to combine each stamp and if the envelope gets thick the post office gets more $. When I look at a purchase I look at the whole picture If I see a stamps CV is $1.75 and someone wants a $1.00 for it? plus s/h? All I can say is I am going to have to revamp my entire store. And it isn't cost effective to send those stamps to auction because the cost will be the same price as what I charge in my store. And it won't stop those sellers from charging outragous s/h they will just charge $1.00 for an item instead of a penny.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3757 ) on Feb-16-08 at 20:18:01 PST   Listings

There probably is some logic for the change. eBay gets a percentage of the closing price. Many Sellers keep these costs to a minimum by having a very low BIN then a high shipping charge, of which eBay gets nothing.

If a stamp Seller had a BIN price of $1 and allowed a SASE, the Seller would lose money (even if the stamp cost them zero) with the listing fees, selling fees, Paypal fees etc.

Why not just have an auction with a $1 (or 99¢) opening? Same effect, basically.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by vinb29   ( 889 ) on Feb-16-08 at 19:44:54 PST   Listings
I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the nice new Ebay rule that any BIN price Cannot be under a $1.00?(starting feb. 20th) We try to cater to beginners, people with limited income, kids and everyone else but who is going to want to pay 100% CV? Does anyone else see this as a problem or are we the only ones?
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-16-08 at 17:15:13 PST   Listings

Saw a bunch of these


or any one with a passing interest

Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-16-08 at 17:04:33 PST   Listings
I've told this seller several times now that the sales sheet he's illustrating is not a certificate, and in fact the item is a common forgery... Yet he keeps on sending his listing fees to eBay. :-(
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-16-08 at 15:39:29 PST   Listings
Paul, you never got around to showing the back of your 2nd. Egyptian forgery,

David B.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3899 ) on Feb-16-08 at 15:02:05 PST   Listings

Re my post: Mi should be MEF, my comment about 3-across referred to other pages from your table at left

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3899 ) on Feb-16-08 at 14:56:47 PST   Listings
Hi Alec:

I was delighted to view your inflation pages and appreciated the ease in which the rates were made clear, the various frankings to achieve the rates, (I am a big fan of Mi frankings from anywhere), the first day of stamp uses, the first day and last day of rates, the examples of only 3 or 4-days of valid single franking.

The patterned border is terribly distracting, and the gray borders distracting. Your covers have enough color tone to them to set them off a white page on their own. The gray inhibits this.

Should you be able to make one adjustment, in your 3 columns where you show 3 covers across showing the same rate with different stamps, it would be cleaner if you could insert just a single rate description across the top of all 3 covers instead of having to duplicate it atop each one.

I appreciated your larger images from the start and enlargement capability. Their resolution to me with casual interest was fine. Specialists would likely wisher clearer enlargements.

You stated from the onset that this is an online presentation, not a traditional philatelic exhibit. I have no trouble with what you have done given the restraints of your template other than the borders. It is far more ambitious than anything I have ever done.

Noe: On a pair of adjacent covers you have a technical error in a period of use, in that they are not the same by one day. You should spot it easily.

Thanks for taking the time to create this online reference, when completed it will be an easily used and valuable tool.


Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-16-08 at 14:48:30 PST   Listings
Yep, defining the column widths in percentages rather than pixels would be a big improvement and would allow the various browsers to use the available screen width.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-16-08 at 14:28:04 PST   Listings

For you to read tomorrow, and someone may correct me.
The table width is determined by the TD command in your code.
In your case it is set to 149 (pixels wide).
You could probably increase it to 200 without having people scroll.
Alternatively, you can express it as a percentage of page width.
I use TD=25% so I can get a table 4 columns wide.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 582 ) on Feb-16-08 at 14:13:16 PST   Listings
Jim the table width isn't something I know how to change. I figured out how to put it on the template site ok and then add the picture and text. Once that is done table width is determined by itself ? Don't ask me to explain how it does that but it does. Getting late here so I'll say goodnight for today.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-16-08 at 13:42:40 PST   Listings

I wasn't suggesting adding another column of covers.
As it is, what you have only occupies three quarters of my screen.
Just increasing the width of the tables slightly would not detract and shouldn't cause Roger to have to scroll sideways.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 582 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:58:37 PST   Listings
Roger ok point taken I never considered the usual blue underline as being links. I'll re think that colour for sure. Text size increase by one font shouldn't be too much of a problem either but no promises when that will be done.

Width wise I think I prefer the two cover width. So presumably Jim has a volcano sized screen to view things on :-)

Obviously I can't please everyone all the time and the end layout is mainly done to what I think and like the best. But constructive critique is always welcome.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:50:32 PST   Listings
Alec -

When I hover over the links t the left they turn from white on grey to black on white and are highly legible. I assumed at first look that the "titles" such as Printed Matter / Drucksache/ were links. They aer blue and underlined on my screen which always means the should be a link. In this case they aren't, are they?

Like I said, if you add a third card horizontally I will need to scroll to see it. That action will make the links on the left disappear off the screen to the left. I like the width. Sorry, IO. I use Safari which I understad is a Mozilla version of somehting. Not sure of all these browser versions.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 582 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:47:43 PST   Listings
Billsey Forgive my ignorance but I don't know what you mean by rollover function ? I'm using Firefox and their FTP to do the uploads and view the site as updates are made also using firefox. Yet I know when I view in IE it doesn't look the same as when viewed in Firefox. No idea why that happens or what can be done about it.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:43:59 PST   Listings
Alec -
A great improvement in layout.
I prefer the plain grey frames, do not like the zigzaggy ones that you have retained on some of the cards.
I like the width. Some sites make the pages too wide and force me to scroll both directions. I don't think you need to go wider than two cards on a page. If it was wider text would make for very long lines.

I'm an image person and my critique comes from that pint of view. I think you need to increase the sharpness of your scans. The scan on the page you showed should have been done at 72 dpi, and the enlargements most likely 150 dpi. I suggest you don't try to reduce, definatley not enlarge, from a single scan. Scanning the same card twice is no great time consumer when done at the same time. I'm viewing at 1024x768, and many times I go to 800x600 which allows me to read everything on a page. I haven't a clue what size font some programmers think we can read on web pages, but for me anything smaller than 10 point is difficult forcing me to "increase" fonts size on my computer. I tend to not read the text and move on! It wouldn't hurt to have your text one size larger.

Posted by infla-alec   ( 582 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:43:54 PST   Listings
Jim Yes I agree on too much on the one page but I am more concerned with having the content filled in just now and organising the layout better as time permits. I still have all of Period 18 to scan and upload.
By width I assume you mean to add width to the site with an extra table width ?

Then I have some other information chapters that I'd like to add to make it of interest to the pure stamp collector also. It is hard work for me but also a lot of fun even if frustrating at times when I don't know how to do certain things. I'm determined not to let Katrina do the work and take the easy option. Better I try and learn how things are done even if it is the hard way to go about it.

mccoy A link to the certificate in question or more details about the sheet would help someone give you a far better answer. Yes there are many experts here but we are not mind readers and so do need some more information please to try and help you.
Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:37:55 PST   Listings
McCoy161 [I assume you're the real one? :-)], we're going to need to know a bunch more before we can really answer that question. Can you provide a link to a scan of the stamps? (Look at the Yellow Boxes below to find out how to do that if you don't already know). Failing that, can you describe the stamps for us? What country are they from, what does the certificate say as a description? How many stamps on the sheet? What's pictured on the stamp, what color(s) are they?
Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:35:04 PST   Listings

With my browser (FireFox 2.0 under Vista) when you hover your mouse over the links at the right, the highlighted section ends up white lettering on a white background, only the underline for the link is visible. I see in function doRollover() you are checking for various versions of IE and Netscape, I'm not sure where FireFox will fall out in that function.
Posted by mccoy161   ( 1 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:28:13 PST   Listings
I bought a sheet of stamps at an estate sale There is a certificate of authenticity but I don't know where or when they were purchased. How do I know if they are authentic other then this piece of paper that is numbered?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-16-08 at 12:12:28 PST   Listings

My two critiques would be that there is too much on a single page and that it only occupies about 75% of my browser width.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 582 ) on Feb-16-08 at 10:58:18 PST   Listings
Pretty quiet week for philatelic postings so I'll take this opportunity to show some updates to my OPD site.

Following the comments about a more uniformed look does Period 19 appear easier on the eye and more structured than before ? It is my first attempt at using tables. No, I haven't gotten around yet to learning how to make the exhibition style pages. Bear with me that will come in good time.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-16-08 at 08:57:59 PST   Listings
NOIP… Here’s a cheerful, upbeat seller. Below I have copied some of her terms of sale (red/bold are my enhancements)—

This seller leaves feedback after bidder's have posted feedback. The seller no longer automatically leaves feedback in good faith due to feedback blackmail. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase then contact the seller before posting feedback.

It is your legal responsibility to remove any accidental or intentional false feedback within 30 days after it was posted. Should it be necessary for the seller to obtain a legal judgment against you (including small claims court) in order to remove false feedback you are hereby agreeing to:

Pay the seller a service charge of $25,000.00.
Pay the seller any additional actual and punitive damages as awarded by the court.
Reimburse the seller all legal fees including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and court costs.
All expenses associated with your legal defense are your financial responsibility.
All legal disputes shall be decided within the local legal jurisdiction of the seller. Failure to appear at a legal proceeding initiated by the seller shall result in you agreeing to a no contest default judgment in favor of the seller.

On the 30th day following the date of the judgment against you all unpaid balances due the seller in relation to the removal of feedback will be sold to a collection agency which is authorized to report unpaid balances to the national credit reporting bureaus as a unpaid debt. All unpaid balances shall incur a $5.00 administrative fee each 30 day period (or fraction thereof) and a finance charge of 1.25 percent interest per 30 day period until paid. All paperwork and transaction details associated with the legal judgment(s) against you will be forwarded to the collection agency. All legal fees, attorney's fees, court costs, administrative costs, collection agency fees, and other costs deemed necessary to collect the unpaid balance will be added to the balance due.
I think I’d rather kiss a tarantula…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-16-08 at 08:33:27 PST   Listings
NOIP… I’m not sure I want to know what an Iron Remedy is…

Posted by keleofa   ( 3757 ) on Feb-16-08 at 06:23:36 PST   Listings

The Post Office doesn't keep plate blocks as you wondered, they destroy the whole sheet . There is no reason to destroy good higher value mint stamps. The adjoining stamps may have been damaged. Were you looking at a scan that was cropped?

Matt in Arizona
Posted by philaweb   ( 361 ) on Feb-16-08 at 04:05:30 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!

iomoon Adjara.

Posted by breffington   ( 404 ) on Feb-15-08 at 21:22:32 PST   Listings
Hi, I was looking at a plate block of the $2 Kerosene Lamp definitive Scott#1611 and noticed that it was trimmed so that part of the adjoining stamps were still attached with part of their denomination showing. Has anyone heard if the PO takes left over stock retains the plate block and destroys the remainder of the sheet on high denomination stamps like these? Frank
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 21:18:49 PST   Listings
Io… Adzaria, straight from ПРАВДА…

Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-15-08 at 20:13:52 PST   Listings

Posted by brad   ( 544 ) on Feb-15-08 at 19:35:47 PST   Listings
Sorry, probably asked and answered here already, but how do I find United Nations and US Possessions with the latest revisions?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 19:03:35 PST   Listings
NOIP… Also, a glimpse of the side of Mercury unseen until Messenger arrived in January of this year. Some pretty big splats there…

Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-15-08 at 17:58:57 PST   Listings
and another hour,


David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-15-08 at 17:54:47 PST   Listings
anyone got an hour to spare,


David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 15:47:47 PST   Listings
NOIP… News flash from Mercury—copyright symbol found on surface by NASA Messenger mission.

Posted by 220man   ( 170 ) on Feb-15-08 at 15:20:09 PST   Listings
This of course was to show everybody that we could do it, specifically the Russians.
Posted by 220man   ( 170 ) on Feb-15-08 at 15:15:03 PST   Listings
Way back in 1985 an F-15 launched a missile and knocked down an American satellite, see http://www.cdi.org/program/document.cfm?DocumentID=3106

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:31:08 PST   Listings
Io… Then I hope they are successful! I’d hate to have to spend a day combing hydrazine out of my hair.

I reserve, however, the right to be dubious…

Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:25:48 PST   Listings

I'm sorry to inform you, he is deceased.
Ironically, like me, he did not even have a driving license!
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:15:04 PST   Listings
iomoon...I'd like to meet that guy. Actually the total solution needn't be made pre-launch if the missile has mid course and terminal guidance correction capability. I'm not familiar with the Standard-3 missile but I'd be surprised if it didn't have that capability. If it doesn't the Navy is going backwards.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:11:45 PST   Listings
Roger...It doesn't matter if the ship is pitching, rolling, or yawing. The guidance solution doesn't start in earnest until the missile is airborne.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:11:07 PST   Listings

I have sat next to a person (who shall remain nameless, but he worked for Rand Corporation) at a conference, who could do those calculations in his head in minutes.

No need even for computers.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:08:11 PST   Listings
Io… Scientists had about ten years to plan, build and test the vehicle that successfully sent a probe smacking into that comet. The current timeframe is about one month. That should only provide enough time for the first paragraph of the shoot-down proposal to be written, edited, wrangled over and finally agreed to...

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:03:25 PST   Listings
Milenko… Here’s what my device map says about the CD-DVD drive. The computer is only about a month old, so I will take Brad’s advice and go with the “+R” disks.

I’m with Roger on the difficulty of smacking that satellite down neatly and cleanly. This is the old “hit a bullet with a bullet” problem. We’re not going to send up a pipe-smoking old harbor pilot that will board the satellite and gently steer it away from the sleepy villages below, chuckling all the while. The object, alas, will be the same as with the Chinese satellite, that is explode something near enough to it to cause it to disintegrate and enter the atmosphere in shards. The experiments run in the 1990’s to test an anti-missile missile over the Pacific were all dismal failures, rendered “successes” afterward however by changing the supposed intent of the test (i.e. moving the goalposts after the game was played.) It will be interesting to see what is accomplished by this upcoming attempt. We can at least all expect headlines on the order of—WORLD SAVED FROM HYDRAZINE DISASTER

Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-15-08 at 14:02:53 PST   Listings
BTW Roger,

Since 1973 Cape Canaveral returned to its original name.
It is the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-15-08 at 13:49:06 PST   Listings
If JPL can hit a 3 km wide comet at a distance of 429 million kilometers at 37,000 km/hr, the Navy ought to be able to hit a satellite coming out of Earth orbit!
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-15-08 at 13:16:29 PST   Listings
You know chasing something that is going 17,000 mph with a missle is not the same as lauching into orbit to rendezvous with another space craft. It is much more of a chance collision at an intersection in Chicago where we know traffic goes by all day and someone in New York wants to crash into a specific car at 5pm on Thursday, March 17th. That's a lot of calculations, especially when the car has to be modified from an all purpose vehicle to one that ignores all traffic along the way. And the Navy is shooting the missle! It's not being launched from Cape Kennedy or Vandenberg. What if the missle is not fired on the top of the roll? (I've been reading more Patrick O'Brian recently.)

Anyway, I'm no more an expert on spy satellites than I am of Egyptian stamps. Quality of product is apparently the same.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-15-08 at 12:49:52 PST   Listings
thebriguy1...What we intend to do is quite different from what China did and the aftereffects will be different. We're not leaving space junk in low earth orbit.

As to proving that we can do this -- knocking down a satellite is not rocket science. Well, I guess it actually is but is very elementary rocket science. I was modeling guidance for satellite intercept in the mid 60's.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 984 ) on Feb-15-08 at 12:25:00 PST   Listings
Or, they shoot it down as a realistic excercise and a way to demonstrate to the world that they can do it...
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Feb-15-08 at 12:24:16 PST   Listings
PS.....the launching of this hyper expensive dud satellite, and the associated costs of then shooting it down......will be funded by a one cent increase in USPS postal rates effective this coming May.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-15-08 at 12:23:33 PST   Listings
i got beer
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Feb-15-08 at 12:15:19 PST   Listings
I do believe this is a perfect example of a red herring.
The US pitched a royal fit, when China knocked into zillions of bits, one of their defunct satellites a year ago. Now we intend to do it too? Jaywild is on track with his not so wild "conspiracy theory". So is Stamphick, by pointing out items as large as this 5 ton object HAVE in the past, managed to survive re-entry. The excuse of "hydrazine is going kill us all" is beyond lame. The reality is someone in the US military, someone with top secret eyes only intel access, is FREAKING OUT right now. Since this dud satellite never fully deployed, that can only mean there are super secret highly classified technologies on board, stuff that would really ruin the day if it plopped down in say, a field in Iran,....or smack into the center of "we all love Kim Jung II, really we do" plaza in Pyongyang.

Best to just blow it up into tens of thousands of teeny tiny little vaporizable bits while we still can.

Then sit back and enjoy the artificial meteor shower.

I'll make the popcorn. :o)
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-15-08 at 12:06:28 PST   Listings
oh spammy hello
look at me

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:56:24 PST   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:55:42 PST   Listings
Here is one of mine

You will notice that I collect Used with a great margin

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:53:56 PST   Listings

Got Stamps
Posted by minoico2000   ( 96 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:46:15 PST   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:38:42 PST   Listings
Jay wild

It's the esrever Injun ears

that's not secret
Posted by brad   ( 544 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:28:25 PST   Listings
oops... the -R squeezes a bit more on
Posted by brad   ( 544 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:17:31 PST   Listings

the +R was introduced in 2002, so if you intend to use any readers older than that, go for the -R

every drive that I have that is newer and supports +R also supports -R

the +R squeezes just a tad bit more onto the disk

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-15-08 at 11:03:22 PST   Listings
Roger...The gas tank on the Columbia landed intact in Texas. It didn't contain much fuel.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-15-08 at 10:55:53 PST   Listings
Paul, does it have a watermark,

David B.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 343 ) on Feb-15-08 at 10:49:37 PST   Listings

far as I know the +R and -R are different technologies, and they're NOT interchangeable. the DVD-R is the most used one.

It seems you have a Toshiba drive, but I can't find the model TS-H635N. Please check again if that's correct!
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 10:32:38 PST   Listings
Roger… Yipes! That means the scammers have time machines now too!!

And you’re right about the Columbia disaster—nary a word spoken at the time or since about the “danger” of hydrazine exposure when it broke up, and the shuttle is ten times the size of that satellite and surely carried a hundred times the amount of hydrazine.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 10:24:17 PST   Listings
NOIP… I have a question for any computer-savvy gurus out there. I went to the store to buy writable DVDs and was confronted by two possible types—DVD+R and DVD-R. Trouble is, the packaging on neither explained the difference. I came back home and only found gobbledygook (i.e: DVD/CD-ROM drive TSST corp CDDVDW TS-H635N, meaningless to me) describing my drive. Anybody know what the difference is between DVD+R and DVD-R, and which one I should opt for?

Note—the types do not appear to be interchangeable, that is a DVD+R will only record on a DVD+R drive.

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-15-08 at 10:22:08 PST   Listings
Aloha -

Scammer emails are becoming very intersting. One email I received this morning sees into the future:
"We are contacting you to remind that on 19 February 2008 our Account Review Team identified some unusual activity in your account."
Should I forward it to Paypal today, or wait until the 19th. If I send it today I don't think they will take the email seriously. LOL

jaywild -
I thought the same thing this morning. Not much fuel reached the ground when the space shuttle came apart on reentry. Me thinks the "spys" don't want any technology collected by anyone. Why don't they just let it burn up and give those on the ground a great viual display. Maybe a sign from the skies for future generations.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-15-08 at 07:27:26 PST   Listings
NOIP… Here’s today’s story for that segment of the populace which will believe anything.

Hydrazine, of course, is what’s in that gigantic bulbous tank that the Space Shuttle uses when it is blasted off. There’s always quite a bit of residue in those tanks when they are jettisoned, yet no one expresses any sort of worry about that situation. Further, hydrazine is extremely volatile and explosive, and the chance of any surviving a fiery 15,000 MPH re-entry through the atmosphere is about as small as Billy Graham and Osama bin Laden both moving to Massachusetts and getting married. Hydrazine, a formulation of hydrogen and oxygen, is much less deadly than chlorine gas, which is routinely dragged through vast metropolitan areas of the US daily in railroad tank cars.

No conspiracist me, it nevertheless strikes me that what the brass are really afraid of is that satellite coming down in hostile territory with enough gathered information intact to prove embarrassing. Then what’s so hard about just coming out and saying so?

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-15-08 at 05:57:27 PST   Listings
try again EGYPT
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-15-08 at 05:54:25 PST   Listings
Center stamp as requested by David ------ Egyptian stamp ......
Posted by figmente   ( 912 ) on Feb-14-08 at 21:02:28 PST   Listings
Some frugal ebay sellers will ship practically anything media mail, disregarding the USPS policy. There is a danger in this, because the P.O. reserves the right to open any media mail packages to check for complience with their rules, and they really do do so. At least 3 x I've received books with notes that the package had opened by USPS to check for media mail eligibility... I think that when one they open is not compliant they charge the receiver postage due.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-14-08 at 19:32:36 PST   Listings
jaywild...I didn't say it was logical I just said that is how many if not all postal clerks are interpreting the rule. You will notice that in the list of things allowed that magazines as well as catalogs are conspicuously missing.

The rules do specifically mention that media mail can contain no advertising.

Feel free to use your own interpretation of the rules, follow the rules as the postal clerks interpret them ,or as you suggested below just lie to the clerk.
Posted by expcman   ( 586 ) on Feb-14-08 at 19:28:18 PST   Listings
Thanks, guys, for all your helpful responses, all of which I do appreciate - you were most prompt in assisting my by answering my several questions. But I must single out for special appreciation what "stamphick!" had to say about the difference between "bound printed matter" and "media mail," a distinction that I hope to keep in mind in the future! Frank
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 19:12:09 PST   Listings
stamphick… Forgive me, but USPS rules all have some basis in logic, or at least the original idea did. What you describe makes no possible sense. The truth is that USPS wants to keep advertising in a separate class or classes of mail. That makes sense—but to think that they would care, and make rules accordingly, about advertisements in century old magazine invites stupefying incredulity.

Too bad they don’t have a Snopes.com page about misunderstood postal regulations…

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-14-08 at 19:07:11 PST   Listings
I hope it's obvious that my comments are referring to mailing Scott Catalogues. It should be obvious to anyone that FDCs are not media.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 19:06:01 PST   Listings
220man… “Strigil” has stuck with me all down the years because of the impression the description first made on me. I couldn’t imagine any process more cumbersome and potentially agonizing.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-14-08 at 19:04:46 PST   Listings
iomoon...Yes, it is a blatantly stupid rule. What constitutes media mail and what doesn't depends a lot on what your local postal clerk says. Now, if you want to fight it and have the time and energy you can certainly demand that they adhere to the proper rules. Clerks all over are refusing old magazines and yes, they can and do sometimes demand that media mail be opened and inspected.

Media cannot contain advertising with the exception of incidental mention of books. The regs do not define advertising to be current advertising only so even old magazines with advertising is prohibited.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-14-08 at 18:56:34 PST   Listings
seem to be some instability in the sign in process
anyone else having probs
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-14-08 at 18:24:02 PST   Listings
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Posted by 220man   ( 170 ) on Feb-14-08 at 18:09:24 PST   Listings
Jim: I had to look up "strigil." Amazing what you can learn here!
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 17:21:53 PST   Listings
Io… Yep, the venerable typewriter has joined the strigil and the buggy whip in the Land of Outmoded Technology. I actually have dial telephone in the bedroom—my nephew looked at it and asked what it was.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-14-08 at 17:05:52 PST   Listings
Further beating the horse to death.

How many first day covers contain handwriting or typewriting?

I couldn't find a single typewriter on campus last week.

FDC's are printed with laser printers etc.

Put an elastic band around them, then FDC's are "bound".
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 16:58:26 PST   Listings
NOIP… To beat this horse completely to death, FDCs do not qualify as “Bound Printed Matter” either.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 16:55:11 PST   Listings
NOIP… This is how USPS defines the category Media Mail—
“Media Mail is used for books, film, manuscripts, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, videotapes, and computer-recorded media like CDs and diskettes.”
So First Day Covers would not appear to be eligible, but it has nothing to do with whether or not they contain advertising.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 16:49:53 PST   Listings
NOIP… USPS Media Mail is not for sending advertising, however there is no restriction on advertising that happens to appear within whatever is being sent Media Mail. Some examples…

1. Films in VHS and DVD format are always acceptable as Media Mail, yet every film put on VHS or DVD nowadays contains advertising for other films produced by the same studio.

2. Most paperbacks books contain a page encouraging the reader to buy other books by the same author, or of the same genre. Of course this is “advertising”, but all paperback books that are not specifically advertising materials are allowed under Media Mail rules.

3. Anyone who wants to can send boxes of old magazines via Media Mail, regardless of whether the magazines contain advertising.

This confusion is similar to the one that arose from the USPS rule that “letters” cannot be insured, so clerks all across the land refused to insure merchandise that was sent in a regular-sized envelope. The rule meant that simple correspondence, which has no intrinsic value, could not be insured; only those items the loss of which would result in a dollar loss could be insured. Thus merchandise, such as stamps, sent in a #10 were perfectly acceptable as insurable. The rule-writer’s mistake was in not realizing that if, given even the remotest chance, some people will misinterpret something and that misapprehension will in no time blossom to become the law of the land.

The simplest solution, it seems to me, is to box your materials up, whatever they are, request Media Mail at the PO window, and if asked, reply that the box contains books. Nobody is going to demand that you open the box up and prove it.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-14-08 at 16:36:29 PST   Listings

What a blatantly stupid rule.
I have 19th century books that would be disqualified on the basis of containing advertisements.

Even though the companies are long defunct.

If you have a friend or are at a school, library or university, you can get books, CD's, etc, sent at the library rate even if they do contain advertizing.

Nobody in the PO is going to open a parcel and read books from cover to cover to ensure they don't have advertizing, anyway.

What they don't know, can't hurt them.
It really all boils down to a matter of personal ethics.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-14-08 at 16:16:45 PST   Listings
Frank...You can send them "bound printed matter" but not media mail. That is because, as your correspondent noted, they contain advertising. Even 50 year old magazines with 50 year old advertising is not eligible for media mail.

Bound Printed Matter Rules
Posted by expcman   ( 586 ) on Feb-14-08 at 16:03:54 PST   Listings
It has been a while since I came down out of the balcony but I do so now because I am confused and need wisdom ... although I would settle just for some good information (smile!), about the restrictions the USPS places on "media mail." The reason is that to-day I got a message from a seller on eBay who said that he could not use "media mail" to ship me 120 first day covers because USPS would not allow that. I find this most strange since some dealers/sellers do it all the time. So what is going on? Further, he added that he no longer sends even Scott catalogues "media mail" as he had such returned to him as not qualifying ... because they contained advertising ... ??? So what is it that I do not know since I have sold more than a few of my old Scott catalogue and usually sent them "media mail" because they are obviously "bound printed material"? Any clues from any of you would be most appreciated. Frank
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:52:17 PST   Listings
Paul, any chance of seeing the middle stamp in your scan, it is covered up,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:50:59 PST   Listings

that's evading the question,

" yes " = it is genuine
" no " = it is fake
" ? " = can't make up my mind,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:48:26 PST   Listings
Shucks, we are now under a

Winter storm watch
High wind warning
Fire weather warning

I may hibernate for a few days!!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:45:16 PST   Listings
I agree with PEETAH ,a certificate is the way to go because of the perfs and paper.He will get a much better price that way .
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:39:45 PST   Listings

have you decided if Peetah's block is genuine or a forgery,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:20:24 PST   Listings
NEW READERS and COLLECTORS Here is a sample of two forgeries and the original EGYPTIAN 1 Piastra of the Second Penasson type.Notice how the "ONE" is formed .The forgers made the Arabic inscriptions wrong ,so its hardly be considered dangerous.The two forgeries are on top and the original is at the bottom. COPIES OF TWO FORGERIES AND THE BOTTOM IS A REAL STAMP....paul
Posted by iomoon   ( 1060 ) on Feb-14-08 at 15:09:35 PST   Listings
How about the "American Society for the Prevention of Prostitutes and Pimps"?


Posted by asfound   ( 293 ) on Feb-14-08 at 14:42:14 PST   Listings
Posted by jimbo   ( 428 ) on Feb-14-08 at 14:34:44 PST   Listings
I am quite certain that your vase is not related to the American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels. They are much too young an organization for such an item. On the other hand, I have no real idea what it might be from. My first thought is firefighters but ASPPP doesn't fit at all. Maybe someone else can help.

Posted by asfound   ( 293 ) on Feb-14-08 at 13:33:13 PST   Listings
Hello, hoping someone can help me, I listed a vintage silverplate trophy vase, yesterday, and the bronze monogram on the front looks like Phila asppp in script, in researching today I came up with the American society for Philatelic Pages Panels ? could that be right? do not know how to post a pic here,listing #320218038146 I thought it was a fraternity piece, any ideas? thank you
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-14-08 at 12:51:51 PST   Listings
Aloha David -

I give in. Will wait for expertizer's opinion. peetah, your move.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-14-08 at 11:55:09 PST   Listings

Have you checked the web page of Hong Kong Post, it gives a list of all current Post Offices,


David B.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-14-08 at 10:10:57 PST   Listings
Jaywild Nice

Here is an interesting to me anyway



Front - indy-peoria
Posted by stamps-4-ever   ( 141 ) on Feb-14-08 at 09:56:15 PST   Listings
I was doing research on the Hong Kong Branch Offices, and the books and magazines that I consulted only give a listing of the Hong Kong Branch Offices and stop at 1959 when they quote that there were a total of 19. Could someone give me how many Hong Kong Post Branch Offices there are now, and if they have a list, could they sent it to me by email.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1052 ) on Feb-14-08 at 08:01:08 PST   Listings
NOIP… I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the Egyptian stamp discussion over the past couple days. I am interested to see what the expertizers declare when/if peetah send it in. Also, it would be nice to have some more input from Anne, if she can pull herself away from tormenting her students…

(What follows will be drearily boring to some, so please feel free, anyone, to skip the rest of this post. There will not be a quiz.)

On another note, this came in yesterday, a cover postmarked the exact day Fort Sumter was fired on in Charleston harbor, SC, igniting the American Civil War, and docketed by the recipient the day it was received, which was the day the fort surrendered to the Confederates. Appropriately enough, it is a mourning cover, intact but for a little mousie taste-test in the upper right corner.

Despite the ferocious 34 hour bombardment of the fort, which began at 4:30 a.m. on the 12th, there were no direct casualties of the engagement. A Confederate soldier was injured during the misfiring of his cannon, and bled to death, while a Union soldier was killed in much the same way on the 14th of April during the Union’s 100-gun salute to its flag allowed by the Confederates as the fort was handed over. (Because of this casualty the cannonade was subsequently halted after 50 shots.)

In the war fever that ensued, Abraham Lincoln issued a call in early May for both volunteer regiments and a doubling of the regiments in the regular Army for the purpose of suppressing the rebellion. The Confederacy, feeling its oats, made the imprudent move of declaring war on the United States, on May 6. This act would later give the lie to one of Jefferson Davis’s favorite cries on behalf of the Confederacy—“All we want is to be left alone”—especially when that putative nation was in the throes of its eventual collapse.

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1471 ) on Feb-14-08 at 06:11:55 PST   Listings
Posted by dcderoo   ( 1723 ) on Feb-14-08 at 05:14:26 PST   Listings
iomoon, if you have access to Astronomy magazine, you may be interested in a small article in the latest issue (March 2008.)
On page 17 they consider the possibility that a trio of Martian volcanoes may not be extinct.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8847 ) on Feb-14-08 at 01:04:57 PST   Listings
sorry Roger, but Peetah's block is the genuine article and yes, the printing is poor and shows the lack of expertise that the printers had as well as poor quality ink, poor quality paper and poor quality workmanship, that is the reason that the Egyptian government decided in 1879 that De La Rue products were better,

David B.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-14-08 at 00:31:34 PST   Listings
Aloha -

I just looked at the Egyptian stamps in question. If Paul's is a fake then the block must also be fake. Forgeries nearly always are coarser and less refined than the originals they are copied from. It seems to me that there are too many details in Paul's stamp such as the horizontal lines which image the pyramid and the fine frame lines surrounding the full image and denomination tablets, that are rough or nonexistant in peetah's stamps. I can't believe the printing plates disintergatrated to such this extent.

I believe the perfs are irrelevant. The printing of the block is so poor and unrefined I find it hard to believe we are discussing them to such length.

I would be more likely to send Paul's for a certificate than peetah's.

PS: My expertise in Egyptian stamps is limited to those of Ramses 2nd of the 19th Dynasty. They were very large and lithographed from stone cylinders (some still remain), but archeologists have placed them vertically instead of their normal horizontal position. The size served two purposes, squeezed out excess water prior to printing and provided a nice deep embossed surface difficult to forge. The stamp were printed on wove papyrus, a medium which did not shrink prior to perforation. They were canceled with cuniform devices made in Huttikon, Switzerland, which very often punched holes through the stamps. This characteristic gives to the stamps their familial name of Holey Ramses. Inventors during Ramses's reign were always ahead of their time. They invented such things as dune buggies and off-road tires, and for the kitchen, craftsmen made rolling pins by the millions. Is it no wonder there are still some collectors of Egyptian stamps? Hi Anne, long time no see. )'>)
Posted by aj-gory   ( 184 ) on Feb-13-08 at 21:59:17 PST   Listings
Posted by aj-gory   ( 184 ) on Feb-13-08 at 21:57:03 PST   Listings
Austalia aerogrammes 1960's. I have aerogrammes addressed to Artur Lewandowski (LAVA), USA. He was the editor of Kessler's Catalog of Aerograms. The sender address stamped on the back is "P.O. Box 235/ FORTITUDE VALLEY, QLD." Any idea who prepared these aerogrammes??? Many Thanks Allan
Posted by 22028   ( 1683 ) on Feb-13-08 at 20:03:33 PST   Listings
Lynn; Thanks a lot. It seems I am becoming old..., i do not remember what pages you sent!
Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-13-08 at 19:38:37 PST   Listings
EGYPT Block Well, I just took a fresh look at the perfs and still believe it to be 13 1/2 by 12 1/2. Here's the gauge I used. And no doubt "over 13 1/4 to under 13 3/4 = 13 1/2" as dbenson states (below) Gibbons jiggles their perf readings. Still haven't put watermark fluid to it yet.
Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-13-08 at 19:10:53 PST   Listings
EGYPT BLOCK of 9 As a convenience, here is the image at 1200 dpi. XP users should be able to enlarge it even more.
I am reluctant to keep handling the block, as I don't want to cause seperation. Not a problem right now and want to keep it that way.
Posted by schwarz720   ( 60 ) on Feb-13-08 at 19:06:24 PST   Listings
Does anyone know how to have the supersized picture when selling something???
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-13-08 at 17:54:41 PST   Listings
DAVID -----I can't tell from the scan if its real or not a forgery ,its too low quality for me .But PEETAH measured it and that tells me it could be ok but a cert. is the best way to go about it and thats what he is thinking,.

Here is a fake from my collection and as everyone can see it again is a low quality scan even at 600 dpi ,so I'll stay away from a call on his . EGYPTIAN FORGERY....paul

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1470 ) on Feb-13-08 at 17:42:54 PST   Listings
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 239 ) on Feb-13-08 at 17:33:20 PST   Listings
ant-ra Your items posted today.
22028 Your photocopies posted today.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-13-08 at 15:36:27 PST   Listings
Interesting footnote to buying stamps from the Tristan da Cunha post office.

At the end of the invoice it states that the time of delivery depends upon the date of arrival of the next ship.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-13-08 at 15:08:28 PST   Listings
peetah, Gibbons state in a footnote that the Bulaq printing exist without watermark due to the paper being misplaced in the printing press although on a block that some impressions must show the watermark,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-13-08 at 15:03:09 PST   Listings

why did you add this to your info,

" Also SPIRO made forgeries of six stamps in the set "

do you believe the block is a forgery, Spiro or otherwise,

David B.

Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-13-08 at 14:58:23 PST   Listings
So, are the Egyptian stamps in question exactly 2cm wide? That's the only time when perf 13 1/3 would account for 133 1/3 perforations across 10 stamps.

Perforations are measured in the number of perfs in 2cm, not in the number of perfs per stamp...
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-13-08 at 13:14:18 PST   Listings
Kchrist, it also has a cancel of Pozsony which may interest Hungary Jim,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-13-08 at 13:12:58 PST   Listings
Gibbons state in their introduction,


over 12 3/4 to just under 13 1/4 = perf. 13
perf. 13 1/4 exactly = perf. 13 1/2
over 13 1/4 to under 13 3/4 = 13 1/2
perf. 13 3/4 = perf. 14

David B.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 983 ) on Feb-13-08 at 13:09:26 PST   Listings
Oops, sorry I didn't notice David B had already suggested the same.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 983 ) on Feb-13-08 at 13:08:17 PST   Listings
Kchrist, I think what Peetah meant was: has it been cut from a stationary envelope? I don't have a stationary catalogue but I would be quite unsurprised if such an envelope with this stamp image was issued; 5kr was most likely the domestic letter rate.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-13-08 at 12:21:31 PST   Listings
MINOR CORRECTION There is no 13 1/2 perf. on the Egypt stamp ,all the catalogs are wrong its a 13 1/3 ,just a minor point . So that would be a 133 1/3 perforations on 10 stamps across .That series of stamps are called the SECOND PENASSON type of Egypt 1872-9 according to my collection.

Also SPIRO made forgeries of six stamps in the set.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-13-08 at 12:19:28 PST   Listings
manhattanconcepts...You can quickly check out negs and neutrals of any eBay user at www.toolhaus.org/
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 339 ) on Feb-13-08 at 12:03:08 PST   Listings
Sellers should be careful with what they say.

This "totally authentic" (sic) stamp has a fake overprint and a fake cancel. The only authentic thing is the base stamp!
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1223 ) on Feb-13-08 at 11:42:16 PST   Listings
David B

Thanks, that makes sense.

Ken C

Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-13-08 at 11:40:40 PST   Listings
peetah, it is not a forgery however if the watermark is not clear and it is on plain paper then possibly it is a perforated plate proof.

It may be best to contact Charles Hass and get a certificate from him. His certificates are world recognised and he will give you advice about the disposal of the block,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-13-08 at 11:25:38 PST   Listings

if the perfs. are 13 1/2 x 12 then it makes it s.g. 38f. or 38fw if it is inverted watermark. Upright watermark cats. at 70 Pounds & inverted at 80 Pounds which would make Ebay the wrong place to sell it and it should go to a specialist sale.

Ken C., it is a Postal Stationery cutout, most probably Newspaper Wrapper,

David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1051 ) on Feb-13-08 at 10:47:41 PST   Listings
NOIP… Here is a recent acquisition to come in, a DEAD LETTER OFFICE penalty envelope enclosing a returned item and assessed the 5¢ dead letter fee, neatly paid by a 5¢ prexie when the addressee picked the item up at her local P.O.

Posted by kchrist499   ( 1223 ) on Feb-13-08 at 10:40:15 PST   Listings

No, that's what is so confusing to me. The stamp is all one piece. I soaked it to take off what I thought was part of an envelope, but nothing came off! Was there such a thing as an imperf back then?

Ken C.

Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-13-08 at 10:28:54 PST   Listings
kchrist499 has it been cut from an envelope?
Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-13-08 at 10:25:51 PST   Listings
dbenson the one thing the stamps are DEFINETLY NOT is perf 12 1/2. They are 13 1/2 by 12 1/2.
stamps12345I am thinking cert. too. Especially after what abt1950 mentioned about watermarks and their abscence. The gum is so heavy and the front is so busy, I don't yet know if there is a watermark or not. I can VERY easily feel the raised surface by gently passing a finger over the faces.
Posted by kchrist499   ( 1223 ) on Feb-13-08 at 10:20:09 PST   Listings
Can someone identify this for me?

I'm cataloging some stamps for a friend. This one has the "K" watermark, from 19th century Austria. I don't understand the perforations!

Ken C.

Posted by manhattanconcepts   ( 10 ) on Feb-13-08 at 10:09:24 PST   Listings
Is there a link to see negative feedback comments or is it scrolling hell?

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1470 ) on Feb-13-08 at 05:23:52 PST   Listings
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-13-08 at 03:30:16 PST   Listings
ETC.........Also many auction houses will not take consignments of less that $1,000.00 for one item.So you may have to ask around.But a cert. should still be the first step.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-13-08 at 03:23:45 PST   Listings
PEETAH Nice block ,first you will need a certificate that identify the stamp to perf and paper type .This will be well worth getting in the final price .That stamp has known forgeries

Second call around to the major auction houses after you got a good cert. and see who is planning on a Egypt or related area auction so you can get your stamp presented to serious buyers ----.paul

Posted by philaweb   ( 361 ) on Feb-12-08 at 23:42:08 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-12-08 at 22:55:31 PST   Listings
peetah, the online version of Gibbons is the simplified " Stamps of the World " version. It looks like thin paper s.g. 38 rough perf 12 1/2 which cats. at 9 Pounds each. I wuld guestimate the block of 9 at about $50-$60.

David B.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1688 ) on Feb-12-08 at 21:01:14 PST   Listings
due and infla-alec, I tried to figure out Pro's card and I am at an impasse. Rate is correct for the day it was mailed, but the postage due is incorrect (in my mind). I can't figure it out (not the first time). Postage dues in Hyper-inflation are tough (and uncommom for the most), but this one has me stumped?
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 20:12:31 PST   Listings
Peetah, I'll take a look at your block tomorrow and post then. Not to leave you hanging or anything...

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 339 ) on Feb-12-08 at 19:18:44 PST   Listings
Misdescribed lots

Yes, everyone can make mistakes describing stamps or covers. That's part of our nature.

However, from time to time some lots leave me speechless.

I'm sure This one is really hard to defeat!
Posted by peterc8888   ( 374 ) on Feb-12-08 at 18:54:48 PST   Listings
This is a simple paypal question that I hope someone can help me. How can I enter adjust amount now using this new paypal checkout?


Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-12-08 at 18:03:34 PST   Listings
Anne Egypt stamp is now the full block of 9. Scroll back to view.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:46:54 PST   Listings
Love those misdescribed lots. Definietly a bargain.
Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:40:57 PST   Listings
My Egypt du jour is a slightly mis-described Turkey lot I won the other day. The lot consists of several run of the mill Turkish fiscals, another run of the mill local and a nice early Egypt. :-) The Egypt actually looks better in the flesh than it did in that photograph.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:32:30 PST   Listings
Peetah, it's pretty common used. Mint, especially MNH is less so, no matter what the stamp.

Anne (typing is awful-"implrmrny"= implement.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:28:30 PST   Listings
Peetah: Both links work for me. BTW, I didn't see any listed plate flaws in that particular stamp.

io: What about the Volcano House in Hawaii? Spectacular view of the steam rising from the crater below.

Me, I'm off to rewrite an implrmrny of torture for tomorrow's class. I have two retreads form summer, one of whom is the reason I now automatically fail all students I catch plagiarizing. Oh joy.

Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:28:23 PST   Listings
Anne At $55.00 how can a 22c be considered "pretty common"?
My online SG reference makes no mention of a perf 13.5 by 12.5 All it has is 7 pages and I went through all of them. There are no images to go by either. Earlier I refered to SG 38 because I had seen someone else's image and noted it was refered to as SG #38 (as well as 2 other SG #'s).
I too lost a long post. Has eBay changed things here? I can no longer use the "view source" to try to find out how my html messed up in earlier posts.
Now, I'll cross my fingers as I TRY to post this.
Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:21:12 PST   Listings
Here's the Egyptian stamp.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:10:50 PST   Listings
ARGH I just lost a logn post.

Peetah, I just saw your original post.
1) Don't break up the block. 22c is pretty common, but blocks are still out of the ordinary. They are great for plating and this set also has a number of tete-beche settings.

2) Watermark: The normal waermark should have the cresecent pointing up. But The Nile Post catalog also lists an inverted watermark variety and one that's unwatermarked. Be careful here, however, since most unwatermarked examples of this issue are fakes.

3). Perfs: several varieties as well. NP lists the normal perfs as 12 1/2. Other possibilities: 13 1/3 x 12 1/2.

4) Plate flaws: I'll take a quick look at what you've got posted, but if it's a block, you need to see all 4 stamps.

5) Auction houses: Sphinx Auctions in Cyprus is a possibility. Feldman also has strong Middle Eastern sales.

Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-12-08 at 17:00:15 PST   Listings
No idea why my last post messed up. I tried it offline before posting here and it worked fine. But, I see it is still messed up below. I had merely pasted in what I had tested. THEN after seeing it meesed up below I went back and tested it all over again and it worked! I have reported myself so I can clear the 2 posts. What a pain this is becoming!
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 16:49:55 PST   Listings
peetah, "rough perfs" is one of the characteristics Scott uses to describe the second (1874-75) printing of that issue. I don't have my catalogues available at the moment, but try checking by printing dates.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-12-08 at 16:48:31 PST   Listings

I'll ignore the "stark-raving" bit.
I'm used to it.

It's actually not as dumb as it first appears, the Spanish government erected Parador Canadas del Teide within the caldera of Pico el Teide on Tenerife.

Lets hope it doesn't erupt in the middle of the tourist season!!

Hi Anne

Guess the key word was "essay" rather than Egypt.
Posted by abt1950   ( 231 ) on Feb-12-08 at 16:37:36 PST   Listings
Drive-by post from a snowy NJ:

Io: Last time I looked, my search for Egyptian essays had links to sites selling term papers to students.

Anne, still around somewhere
Posted by de66   ( 1191 ) on Feb-12-08 at 16:36:28 PST   Listings

Dosen't look hilarious from where i am sitting, you must be stark raving bonkers!

Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-12-08 at 16:20:28 PST   Listings
This is hilarious.

At the bottom of my usual search page I now have these sponsored links.

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What I've always wanted, to stay in a hotel in a volcano.
Eating and sleeping on the job in comfort!!
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1470 ) on Feb-12-08 at 15:09:56 PST   Listings
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-12-08 at 15:08:43 PST   Listings
peetah, blocks sell at a premium and there should be a good demand for it as early Egypt is very popular on Ebay.

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-12-08 at 14:47:20 PST   Listings

Sounds like the M-Bag.
I bet they had that "tried to deliver" message written before they left the PO.
Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-12-08 at 14:20:01 PST   Listings
Is there much demand for stamps of Egypt? I have a block of Scott 22c MNH. SG 38 (I believe) Rough Perfs 13 ½ by 12 ½ Should I break up the block and offer singles on eBay or is there an auction house that does well with Egyptian material that would do better for me?
Posted by infla-alec   ( 575 ) on Feb-12-08 at 14:02:49 PST   Listings
Re OPD web site Many thanks for the kind comments made by many here. Like I say it is my first attempt and I know what changes I need to make to allow everything to be more user friendly. I am aware that text and pictures need to be coordinated better but as yet I haven't got the HTML or knowledge skills to do all that yet. Hey come on guys Rome wasn't built in a day! :-)

Bear in mind that I can only really do things as I learn exactly what can be done. Yes Katrina is a massive help & although using a template isn't perfect it has allowed me to begin to understand computers far more. I'm just glad Katrina has the patience to try and teach a real DAU :-) (dumb a** user). Obviously the teaching is all done remote and this does make things difficult because of the time differences.
The helpful links posted by some here are also very much appreciated. I shall defer to my tutor as to what is within reach of my being able to understand and use. For sure though I will not be selling anything to buy any software !!

Anyway the point of my showing the collection is to try and show at least the English speaking inflation collectors a little more about a very difficult and often misunderstood area of postal history. My intention is to also have the site available in German as I know some friends in Germany who collect Infla have also learnt a thing or two.

Due2cents Neat infla card you showed from October 1923. I saved the image because it looked interesting. I'll let you know if I discover later if there is anything special about it.

IO/JIm I had a notice shoved through the letter box that Royal Mail tried to deliver a large parcel today. I'm only expecting a "M Bag" so if it is that I'll collect tomorrow and let you know for sure everything has arrived safely.

Lindy Have a nice holiday.
Posted by peterc8888   ( 374 ) on Feb-12-08 at 13:44:12 PST   Listings
Does the overprint look genuine for this US stamp?


Thanks for any help


Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-12-08 at 13:02:53 PST   Listings

Many thanks for agreeing to do it.
You will enjoy meeting Pat.
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Feb-12-08 at 12:50:08 PST   Listings
I/O Jim, last time I was in China was October, maybe they have let you off the hook:-)
BTW Pat made contact yesterday so will be calling to see her dad next Monday. Looking forward to it.
Posted by de66   ( 1191 ) on Feb-12-08 at 12:48:42 PST   Listings

Bring your rain coat!

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 582 ) on Feb-12-08 at 12:35:43 PST   Listings
Last post before my Vacation. WE leave in an hour, so, stay nice, be good, no fighting or bickering while Aunty Lindy is on vacation, please. :o)

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-12-08 at 11:30:18 PST   Listings
Pro -
No snipe, since I don't collect wine items. Just a couple of things I saw when scrolling early in the week. I bookmarked them before there were any bids, then this morning saw "spirited" bidding. );>(
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-12-08 at 11:09:05 PST   Listings
what was y6our snipe set at Roger
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-12-08 at 10:54:34 PST   Listings

Seller's delight
The underbidder is a quick learner!

Posted by jimbo   ( 428 ) on Feb-12-08 at 09:10:52 PST   Listings
Another possibility is to make use of the services of Bill Weiss who offers such services. He will confirm the identification of your stamps, and, if requested, write a certificate. And, I suspect that if what you really need is an appraisal, he would provide that as well. He also would probably be willing to provide a market assessment if that is what you need rather than an appraisal. He is a respected professional and provides quick turnaround. Contact him and ask him your questions.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1051 ) on Feb-12-08 at 08:28:24 PST   Listings
lengold1… Let me emend billsey’s remarks if I can—you need to be a member of APS in order to get certificates from them. Membership was $30 last time I checked.

Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-12-08 at 07:36:55 PST   Listings
lengold1, as David indicated, what you are really asking for is to get a certificate of authenticity for each of the items. There are three main expertizing groups in the US; APEX, PSE, and PF. For simple items like these it's probably cheapest to use APEX, but check out all three.

Also, for the 1869 issues, you will most probably not want to get some of them expertized, since you pay on a per stamp basis and several of those are inexpensive.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-12-08 at 07:27:52 PST   Listings
Welcome to the eBay Stamps Chat Board!

It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants
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rather than posting them directly to this board.

Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks.

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Posted by dcderoo   ( 1722 ) on Feb-12-08 at 06:25:04 PST   Listings
lengold, I presume your question means you don't feel competent enough to make the evaluation of the stamps.
A good 300-600 dpi scan of the back and front of the stamps, and comments about unseen problems (creases, tears, etc.) would save you the time and cost of an authentication.
And authentication is much more significant than an appraisal because it generally includes comments on condition.

PSE is one that is often used.

I'll leave it to the better informed in here to flesh out (or flush out) my comments.
Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-12-08 at 05:53:20 PST   Listings
dbenson Finally! A uniquity!
Posted by lengold1   ( 125 ) on Feb-12-08 at 05:48:59 PST   Listings
Hi, I have a set of US 1869 Pictorials and the Franklin Scott #1 that need to be appraised before putting them up on ebay. Anyone have suggestions as to who to use (that's reasonable)and how much these appraisals cost. Thank you in advance for the help.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-12-08 at 05:13:40 PST   Listings
Three new PAQUEBOT
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Feb-12-08 at 03:23:57 PST   Listings
LOL, Roger!

A very little sized man is in a bar saloon looking at pinball games. He's an expert.
A 6 foot tall man enters the room, inserts a coin and waits to pull the handle. The small man rushes to the side of the flipper table, takes a chair and stands on it so to see how he plays. He throws the ball, and after some blings, bangs, zzzzzs, ding-dings, bling-blings, the ball goes right into the origin. The small man, lifting his eyebrows, says:
"You did very few with one ball!"
Upset, the other replies:
"Yet more than your father did with two!"


Posted by srailkb   ( 3174 ) on Feb-12-08 at 03:10:20 PST   Listings
For those interested in more information on the coming USPS rate increases, here is the new "Notice 123". Rates for Express, Priority, and several other classes of service have not been determined yet.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-12-08 at 03:04:26 PST   Listings
Jokes for old stamp curmudgeons -

Three old guys are out walking.
First one says, 'Windy, isn't it?'
Second one says, 'No, it's Thursday!'
Third one says, 'So am I. Let's go get a beer.'

A man was telling his neighbor, 'I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art. It's perfect.'
'Really,' answered the neighbor . 'What kind is it?'
' Twelve thirty.'

A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool. After catching his breath, he ordered a banana split.
The waitress asked kindly, 'Crushed nuts?'
'No,' he replied, 'Arthritis.'

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by philatarium   ( 246 ) on Feb-11-08 at 23:05:26 PST   Listings
Katrina: It looks like there ^is^ a Mac version of Nvu, in addition to versions for Windows and Linux.

It was a little easy to overlook (I missed the Windows version at first) because the downloads for the different platforms are only indicated by the logo of the platform, so look for the Mac "X":


I don't know if this will change your plans, but in case it makes a difference, I thought you should know.

(I'm going to take a look at the Windows version. I'm familiar with, and have, FrontPage, and wanted to see how this compares.)

-- Dave
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 22:31:56 PST   Listings

the color of the paper on the front and reverse appear to be different. If they are the same then they are postage stamps but if they are printed on surface coloured paper then they are fiscals.

s.g. lists the 1d. postage stamps as.

s.g. 1 on Blue paper.
s.g. 2 on Rose paper.
s.g. 3 on Buff paper.

The only 1d. fiscals imperf. are


30 on Pink paper
31 on Blue paper.

The only reprint recorded of the 1d. is on Deep Rose,

Your stamp appears to be Drab surface with White reverse which is an enigma,

David B.
Posted by manhattanconcepts   ( 10 ) on Feb-11-08 at 21:09:13 PST   Listings

lluehhhb Great information, thank you. especially the web content checklist. It is bookmarked and I don't bookmark much.

I have decided to help Alec build the exhibition site in Dreamweaver. Across the sea and across platforms, it is the best way to go because I can walk him through it and it won't fight back. He might have to sell one of those precious inflation babies to pay for the software but what the heck. (just kidding alec, i know you wouldn't be able to part with any of your children.:(

Posted by peetah   ( 519 ) on Feb-11-08 at 20:31:54 PST   Listings
dbenson Here is the front of the Natal stamp. A difficult stamp to scan.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:55:08 PST   Listings
BTW, just bought a whole bunch of modern stamps from Tristan da Cunha.
I normally wait to see if people put them on eBay with a 99 cent start, but it seems no go with British Crown colonies.
They get placed on eBay with dealers prices and are then bid up by, to quote Glen's favorite word, "bunnies" to ridiculous amounts.

In the long run, it is cheaper to go to the issuing countries' web site and buy direct. It may take longer, but the chances are that one postal authority is not going to risk being ripped off by another. Plus their shipping rates conform to what actually exists, rather than an eBay sellers mark-up.

If only they would put real stamps on the transmittals rather than laser cancels.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:46:46 PST   Listings
The "one" for North Korea is probably Kim Jong Il.

Hope that doesn't put me on a North Korean hit list!!!!
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:41:49 PST   Listings
Japan and Taiwan are both "up there".
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:40:23 PST   Listings

the highest percentage in Asia is South Korea whilst it's northern neighboe has the lowest, it doesn't give a figure but it is most probably only 1, (that's 1 person not 1%)

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:37:56 PST   Listings

Asia statistics are at the bottom of this page,


surprisingly Singapore is just over 50%

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:31:55 PST   Listings
The big number is Asia with 56% of the world's population and only 13% internet usage.

Most of which, at the moment, is probably Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.
The mind boggles at future possibilities.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:13:02 PST   Listings
It's at the bottom of this page,


I wasn't reading the statistics properly,

The 80% was for percentage of Oceania,

Australia 75.9%

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:07:36 PST   Listings

It looks to me like Australia/Oceania 57%, North America 71%
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:02:42 PST   Listings

Yep, I know that.
Some fantastic Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam.
There aren't that many Indonesian volcano stamps though (71).
Netherland Indies (13).
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 17:00:42 PST   Listings

found this site, interesting that Australia has over 80% population using the web whilst the US is just over 70%,


David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 16:49:48 PST   Listings

but it has a large number of Indonesian residents as well as ex-colonials who went back to Holland,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1059 ) on Feb-11-08 at 16:18:52 PST   Listings
This is really perplexing.

The greatest number of hits to my volcano web site (after the USA, which simply has the greatest number of web users) comes from the Netherlands.

A country with no volcanoes and I don't think any volcanic rocks. Maybe there are just a large number of stamp collectors in the Netherlands?

BTW Peter, China ranks 18th (out of 108) in hits to the site. I am really surprised you could not access it in Beijing.
Posted by abelstamps   ( 1576 ) on Feb-11-08 at 15:22:42 PST   Listings
Excellent! Thank you.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1051 ) on Feb-11-08 at 14:41:52 PST   Listings
rio… As long as it’s not a cow pat

Posted by jaywild   ( 1051 ) on Feb-11-08 at 13:52:31 PST   Listings
Baffling notation of the day… Written in pencil on this cover—“Deceased over 5 years ago; Moved, no address.”

(The folks down at the cemetery might have an idea…)

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-11-08 at 13:32:36 PST   Listings

At least the post office got away from having prime numbers for postage. I would rather the price went to 45 cents, airmail 90, and additional ounces 22.5 cents. That would make it very easy to use only three denominations. )'>) Next raise would be in three years and go to 50, 1.00 and 25 respectively. Then we'd hold for 60 years as did the Swiss starting in the 19th century. The time wil come when the post office will be competing for business rather than raising its prices to gouge the public as do the "express" services.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Feb-11-08 at 13:09:20 PST   Listings
Actually they're going up May 12.
Posted by rioroyal   ( 392 ) on Feb-11-08 at 12:34:54 PST   Listings
Jaywild--Yeah, maybe you will get the pat from Paul.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1051 ) on Feb-11-08 at 11:55:31 PST   Listings
NOIP… This just in from Dow-Jones News Service—one cent first-class postage increase set for May 1, 2008.

Didn’t I predict that? Huh? Huh??? Don’t I deserve a pat on the back for telling the whole world that there would be a postage hike in May of this year????


Posted by dbenson   ( 8840 ) on Feb-11-08 at 10:50:44 PST   Listings

this should give you some idea,


David B.
Posted by jimbo   ( 428 ) on Feb-11-08 at 08:33:06 PST   Listings
Thanks so much for the Smashing link for website builders. I thought it focused on the real principles. I was particularly interested in the "white space" suggestion. I've always thought this was a good means of focusing attention on items which were meant to communicate. I'm appalled by the many exhibits I see which attempt to fill every single bit of space with text, pictures, or material. I think they are difficult to follow and rather like watching a Yahoo! page - much too much to get the message - too many distractions.

Excellent beginning of an authoritative website on HyperInflation and the German Postal System. I've got it bookmarked.

I did notice one thing. I had to increase the size of the text to make it easier to read. The layout suffered as a result and the continuity of the columns got confused. I've used tables (actually single boxes) to help keep the text together.

Dave E.,
Thanks for the suggestion regarding Front Page. Since I don't normally use MSIE, I wasn't aware of that application. It worked like a charm. Now if Front Page would only build more compact code!

Posted by sayasan   ( 746 ) on Feb-11-08 at 08:15:40 PST   Listings
alec - Nice site!
Posted by knuden   ( 2409 ) on Feb-11-08 at 08:05:05 PST   Listings
As I recently (sort of) have started to collect Belgium up to 1950, I would like to have covers and cards in the collection as well as forerunners.
Today I happily won 3 nice lots:
A starter
A little of this and that.
A good destination. and I hope there will be more to come. :O)

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1470 ) on Feb-11-08 at 07:55:42 PST   Listings
Posted by billsey   ( 888 ) on Feb-11-08 at 07:26:18 PST   Listings
The last version of FrontPage is that which shipped with Office 2003, for Office 2007 they have Expression Web instead.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1688 ) on Feb-11-08 at 06:50:27 PST   Listings
infla-alec, Alec, let me echo some of the other postings about your web site - nicely done

due2cents, Pro, no, Alabama is not my collecting interests, but I do enjoy your postings and cards.

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 339 ) on Feb-11-08 at 06:24:15 PST   Listings

I gave a full read of your new website and let me thank you for putting so nice covers and information. Great!
I have an interest in inflation mails and it's a great resource in an area where most of the information is in German (a language I barely understand).

Some comments about usability:
1) Some of the covers are framed with a gray bricked line, I guess it's a way to indicate relevant items but it's just a guess. If that's true, you think you should indicate that in the home page.
2) In each of the rate periods, it's somewhat hard to separate the different postal services and they look mixed. I'd suggest you to introduce a separator or a subtitle for Letters, printed matter, registered mail, etc.
3) Altough the rate is explained for every cover, it could be useful to have a small table with the postal rates of the period in the beginning of each period page. With the current layout I have to go back to the rates page, check the rate and go back again to the page with the cover I was looking.

now for katrina (and Alec too)
From what I read, I understand that the template you've been using isn't 100% OK for your needs and needs changes?

if that's right, from my experience I think that before looking for software, you should work first on the design of the site. The way we do it on my workplace is
1)defining what contents would you like to have
2)once you get the contents, define the usability (give to the users an easy way to access the information)
3)and the last step are the graphics, usually in the form of "screen shots".

All this can be drawn on paper, no need to construct it right now.

About the software, I can't reccomend one since I write my pages directly in html using a text editor. I feel it gives me more flexibility, but that's just personal taste. However, I'm sure there are open source (free) programs for that. I'll give a look in the next days.

And just for info, here is a nice article about 10 topics to care about web design. It's focused on commercial sites, but gives you light about things you wouldn't think before.
Posted by abelstamps   ( 1576 ) on Feb-11-08 at 06:05:35 PST   Listings
I should have included a link to the stamps in my previous post.

Does anyone have information or documentation on a recent sale of

Greenland Scott #10-18 (9) hole punched Specimen Overprints? I am

trying to find an auction realization or retail price.

Thanks for any help.
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-11-08 at 05:21:43 PST   Listings

I have a few hundred olde postals
want them on your photo/census site

Posted by de66   ( 1191 ) on Feb-11-08 at 01:35:11 PST   Listings

My vista [now 8 months old] came with FrontPage, it has never crashed and easier [for the novice like me] to work with than Dreamweaver & Fireworks which i also have. Works fine with PhotoShop 7 as well.

Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-11-08 at 00:09:58 PST   Listings
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