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Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-03-08 at 22:48:57 PST   Listings
Greenrose For stamps and covers virtually any normal scanner will do the job. Price wise will depend on what you want but pretty sure you can get some good deals at your local computer store.
I'll have to let others advise you on what brand name or type is best. But if you want to scan from books for example then a flat bed type may suit best.

Jeff Nice Poland inflation item although must admit I also am ignorant as to their rates etc. Inflation covers from other countries I do like to see also and would have loved to collect them but my budget won't stretch that far.
Posted by greenrose74   ( 0 )   on Feb-03-08 at 22:37:17 PST   Listings
Linda suggested that I use a scanner to upload pictures rather than dig camera. Does anyone know what type of scanner is suitable? Does the flatbed scanner scan small items such as stamps? Or do I need a more special scanner, if there are any. Thanks
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-03-08 at 21:48:28 PST   Listings
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Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-03-08 at 20:26:58 PST   Listings
No Antiwue show and then a bookstore that has 100,000
cards to pick thru. most 1.00 or less.
although I did splurge and get a couple of held and a couple of Battleship cancels that were 1.75 each.

There was a postcard show in tampa this weekend but I had seen the cards those dealers carry a couple of times,(it's a club show 20 or so dealers)
I did excellent last weekend driving to Daytona for a smaller show . am hoping to find some more goodies at Webster , a flea market that is only on mondays up in the middle of the state tomorrow.
and then a couple of Antique malls on the way back.
I seem to do better in the odd box of cards here and there.
Than in the boxes that go show to show.

also picked up for a dollar this deck o cards
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 20:17:29 PST   Listings

EXCELLENT night for selling Canada covers, now for a restful sleep, Jeff

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Feb-03-08 at 20:08:58 PST   Listings
I pretty much missed the super bowl. I spent the first three quarters driving between Toledo and Cleveland (after taking full car of stamp collection to the inlaws -- trying to get stuff out of the house to get it ready to sell).

Managed to get home in time for the fourth quarter but could only "watch" the score on ESPN.com -- last thing I did before leaving for Cleveland was to pack up the TV until we can find another place for it. I swear, next time I move out of a house, it will involve me being in a pine box.

anyway, I spent three years in Boston for law school, so I suppose I have a slight affection for the Patriots. So much for that.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 19:38:19 PST   Listings

Due2 - postcard show?? The cards with the seals are always popular, hope you did will in your prices.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-03-08 at 19:20:48 PST   Listings
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-03-08 at 19:20:04 PST   Listings

I bought a few hundred post cards
am picking out the Doanes, Coils, RPOs, Streetcars,
PPIEs etc
And of course the postage due and My Favorite HELD FOR Postage

Only found a 60 non US I liked this weekend.
here are a few
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-03-08 at 17:48:48 PST   Listings
NOIP… Curiosity of the day…

Among the grass I am growing for my cat to nibble on there is a completely white blade. I have never seen grass completely devoid of color. If it grows without light then it is still yellowish, never completely white.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 17:36:04 PST   Listings

due2 -what are you sorting out?

Jay - they could advertise here a lot cheaper.

I have about 45 Canada cover lots starting to close now, looks like it is going to be a very nice evening.


Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-03-08 at 17:16:36 PST   Listings
NOIP… Game? What game???

I too am missing out (is it over yet?) on the contest. I heard advertisers are being charged $2.7 million per 30-second spot.

Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Feb-03-08 at 16:53:29 PST   Listings
Not everyone is watching the game
I am trying to sort a bunch of stuff I picked up
this wekend
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 15:35:19 PST   Listings

And to Paolo, I changed internet services and lost my emails which were stored with them (bad idea). I still have your pretty lady here to send to you, if you can provide again your mail address. Just make contact through one of my lots.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 15:31:35 PST   Listings

Something else unusual, a 1-1/2c US printed matter permit cover to Dutch East Indies, censored, 1941

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 15:28:16 PST   Listings

Guess everyone in the US is Superbowling but me.

Here is what I think is a great Poland inflation cover, I bought it maybe 15 years ago at a show in Toronto, it was just too neat to pass up. I am ignorant of the rates, inflation period etc, but thought it would be a good piece to build a Poland inflation collection around.

Cover Front

Cover Back


Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-03-08 at 12:59:57 PST   Listings
Knuden -

Congratulations on that Swiss double wrapper ! )'>)

Posted by dbenson   ( 8828 ) on Feb-03-08 at 12:43:43 PST   Listings
claghorn, it seems to me that having a genuine cancel will give the chances that the overprint is OK a much higher rating of being genuine. Most forgeries of the better value overprints are usually on stamps with a cancel from one of the larger volume users such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia etc.

David B.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-03-08 at 12:22:43 PST   Listings
D2 Yes, but my concern is with the overprint.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-03-08 at 12:17:25 PST   Listings
NOIP… I saw this amusing image in one of the lots I was looking into this morning. (Red arrow is mine.)

Is an astronaught one who never amounted to anything???

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-03-08 at 11:56:50 PST   Listings
Alec, Those barred letters were first isssued 1886, there are 12 different known. AL AR B BE D E F G GR GT K or P. for various West Australian Towns
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-03-08 at 11:42:43 PST   Listings

Glad to be of help.
Those M-bags are definitely the way to go for heavy items.
I'm interested to see how long it takes.
Never having used the M-bag before.
Those M-bag labels must be pretty uncommon.
I have to admit I have never seen one before.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-03-08 at 11:37:27 PST   Listings
David B Thanks for the Freemantle Duplex information. Seems a similar cover with F cancel was mistakenly taken in write up to mean the F was a transit cancel.

IO/ Jim The Paypal matter has now been resolved and you should have some $ now. Many thanks for your help. I'll let you know when the M bag arrives.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8828 ) on Feb-03-08 at 11:12:54 PST   Listings
claghorn, looks like a genuine St. Pierre, Reunion cds. If the overprint is genuine then it may be useful as a spacefiller as the 1f. is a very scarce stamp. There is always the possibility of genuine usage on a Colonial issue,

David B.
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Feb-03-08 at 11:02:15 PST   Listings
D2 Lots of investment bargains to be found on eBay such as this one at only EUR 70,00.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-03-08 at 10:33:28 PST   Listings
As a student in Providence, Foxboro was just across the border in MA, so it's the Patriots for me.
Despite all my family being devout NYers.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8828 ) on Feb-03-08 at 10:32:59 PST   Listings
Alec, it is not a transit marking, the stamps are all cancelled Barred Letter F of Fremantle with a Fremantle cds. to the left. The Crown marking is a standard Western Australian marking.

David B.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Feb-03-08 at 06:52:27 PST   Listings
Didn't help the HTML skills though.....
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Feb-03-08 at 06:51:54 PST   Listings
Jeff Northern IL. As a displaced redneck, once these yankees told me you could WALK out on the frozen lakes at night...and pull out crappies....I became an ice fishing fanatic. :o)
Posted by keleofa   ( 3736 ) on Feb-03-08 at 06:49:23 PST   Listings

The Super Bowl is here in Phoenix today (well, Glendale on the west edge of town) and a big golf tournament is drawing as many or more in Scottsdale. Been crazy all week. Seems like every other vehicle is a limo!

Let's see... I grew up near the Meadowlands in New Jersey and was always a Giants/Jets fan, but I went to school in Boston and became a Patriots fan, even when they were pitiful. I am just hoping to see a really good game today. (Sidebar: Red Sox/Yankee games make me crazy!)

I have a beer in the 1st quarter, a beer in the 2nd quarter, and If the game is boring I sleep through the 3rd & 4th!

But this morning I'm off to the 1st Sunday Stamp Bourse (traffic Gods willing!)

Matt in Arizona
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 06:32:18 PST   Listings

thebriguy1 - crappie... Yum, my favorite, what state do you live in? Jeff

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-03-08 at 06:30:18 PST   Listings

scottpel3 - thank you much for the information. Have you a reference to document these letters? It would be helpful assistance in its writeup. Jeff

Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Feb-03-08 at 06:03:32 PST   Listings
No stamps here today. People coming over to eat fish, drink to excess, and watch the Super Bowl. Greasy food, liquor, and stumbling around drunk people, need to be kept far far away from Confederate covers. My poor covers already have too many condition issues....

Speaking of fish, I got in at 1:00 AM last night. I was 200 yards from the Wisconsin border, sitting out in the darkness on a frozen lake with a lantern, the ice popping and creaking all around me,....staring down a little hole.

Got 12 large crappies, or as I refer to them now, 24 slabs of fresh fish-N-chips for the game. Is it allowable for an American redneck, to serve British style fish and chips at a Super Bowl party? OR am I crossing some sort of unspoken line here?

Now for something completely different......

I got a genuine belly ache laugh last night too. About the time us bundled up fisherman wandered on in off the ice, the stranded AMTRAK train we heard so much about recently, arrived in its station a day or so late. We walked into our on shore watering hole, juuuuust in time to glance at CNN on the tube, and watch the media goofs assult the recently stranded with a slew of shouted questions.

One guy finally looked up all tired like, and said, Lady, I just spent over a day stuck in thirty feet of ice and snow on Donner Pass (famous for the last party of stranded travelers stuck there - having EATEN half their number to survive), and to make things even worse, the on board movie was.....Al Gore's "Inconvenient truth" (bible of the global warming cultists). PLEASE, don't compound my misery, OK?

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha gasp ha ha ha ha.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1467 ) on Feb-03-08 at 05:44:06 PST   Listings
Bookmark. I've yet to hear about a palce for paper convervation from anyone. :8^(
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-03-08 at 05:11:31 PST   Listings
Nomad/David Nice Infla covers. Thanks for showing them.

Aussie Question? Can the Australia experts or anyone else please confirm that the F cancel is a Freemantle transit cancel on the upper left stamp ? Was this applied by a railroad type post office ? Also I assume the R in circle and crown registered cancels are also Australian is that correct ? Any other information would be much appreciated. Not my cover but one belonging to someone in Germany.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-03-08 at 01:57:38 PST   Listings
Lindy… Shouldn’t you be down at the jumble shop???

I spent the evening playing pool and consorting with disreputable friends at the pool hall. Didn’t learn anything I didn’t know already…

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-02-08 at 20:22:22 PST   Listings
SOLER. what you appear to be showing us as cheap single stamps from sets, probably from a kids World Wide Stamp Packet. Try to borrow a Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World to identify them by year, and figure out how many stamps should be in each set.

red dog nice stamp!

Posted by nomad55   ( 960 ) on Feb-02-08 at 20:02:57 PST   Listings
For Inflation-Alec

Here are some pics of the two most interesting inflation era covers in the stack I sorted through.

To El Paso, Texas
front - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v313/nomad55/ElPasofront.jpg?t=1202011205
reverse - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v313/nomad55/ElPasoreverse.jpg?t=1202011251

To South Africa
front - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v313/nomad55/SouthAfricafront.jpg?t=1202011294
reverse - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v313/nomad55/SouthAfricareverse.jpg?t=1202011324

Nothing from the Wager issues.

Posted by scottpel3   ( 863 ) on Feb-02-08 at 19:39:14 PST   Listings
Re Arbor Day item.
This is the first chance I have had to get back to the baord. The stamp was sent out by the PMG as a promotion for the Arbor day stamp. The letter was sent out before the FDOI and had the mint stamp affixed to the letter.
Posted by red-dog9   ( 3554 ) on Feb-02-08 at 19:29:36 PST   Listings
Greetings: My attempt with picture-monster:

Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-02-08 at 19:12:31 PST   Listings

Make that Morocco!
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-02-08 at 18:59:44 PST   Listings

How much information do you need to identify a stamp?
Especially when it has the country name written on it.
China, Cayman, Luxembourg and Marocco.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 18:39:32 PST   Listings
Hi if someone could help me identify these pls .. comment .. also a market value opinion. Thanks

1 -> [URL=http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=unknown3eq9.png][IMG]http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/9775/unknown3eq9.th.png

2-> http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=unknown4em9.png

3-> http://img218.imageshack.us/my.php?image=unkown5qn5.png

4-> http://img218.imageshack.us/my.php?image=unkown6mh6.png

Thanks alot guys
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 18:06:17 PST   Listings
.... referring to me man?
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-02-08 at 18:04:43 PST   Listings

100 cover lots scanned and listed in 2 days. I'm tired.

Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 18:02:39 PST   Listings
Now this same country .. I think [URL=http://img221.imageshack.us/my.php?image=unknown3he6.png][IMG]http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/3844/unknown3he6.th.png[/IMG][/URL]

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:52:42 PST   Listings
SOLER----It could be one of two types of stamps ,depends on how it was printed if its typo. then .30 or litho. $5.00 ,still a nice Shanghai stamp
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:46:28 PST   Listings
I see so that is why the value is that low... thanks for the info any comments on this one


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:42:33 PST   Listings
SOLER ---That PRC stamp is most likely a reprint ,all the early Communist China stamps here in the U.S.. are reprints ,something like 95%.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:25:46 PST   Listings

and this i am sorry beginner in these things


what data base do u use??
Posted by keleofa   ( 3736 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:18:04 PST   Listings

I have no comment but can identify it as such:

China-PRC, (Using Scott Catalog) 1L155 (1950), perf 14; $15 Mint, $18 Used

Matt in Arizona
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 338 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:14:04 PST   Listings
Yes, you're right. There are perf holes in the top ink mark!

However, the ink marks in the cancel and in the stamp are so identical that it's hard to think about a replacement. Besides, far as I know this cover has never left Chile and the supplies of this US stamps are quite limited.

Maybe the stamp moved due to the water? or maybe there's just a missing 3c stamp?

anyway, the cover is not in its original state. I'll return it to the owner. Thanks!
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:12:58 PST   Listings

This one pls comment
Posted by keleofa   ( 3736 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:00:33 PST   Listings

Scroll down to the big yellow post at 14:06. There be the instructions.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-02-08 at 17:00:15 PST   Listings
SOLER. check the Big Yellow box for information on uploading LINKS to pictures to this board
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Feb-02-08 at 16:56:13 PST   Listings
how can i upload pics, due to I have problems to identify some stamp staff
Posted by dbenson   ( 8828 ) on Feb-02-08 at 16:46:46 PST   Listings

whenever I see a stamp placed at an angle I automatically prsume it has been replaced to match the marks that were on the cover and a stamp needed to replace the original stamp that was there.

David B.
Posted by keleofa   ( 3736 ) on Feb-02-08 at 16:31:59 PST   Listings

Looks suspicious to me. The stamp isn't quite tied. That appendage of the killer rays seems unnatural. Looks like that ink mark beloned to the killer of another stamp. Look at the ink on the perfs... I would think some of it may be transferred to the cover, in between perforations.

Also, from the water stains upper right it looks like a stamp may have been removed.

Of course, anything is possible, but I would be wary.

Matt in Arizona
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-02-08 at 16:29:19 PST   Listings

lluehhhb _ cover shows signs that the stamp has been added to replace one now gone. Rate was 5 cents at cover time, 7c Banknote this late would be highly unusual if not suspicious. Just from what I can tell from the scan it is a bad cover.


Posted by lluehhhb   ( 338 ) on Feb-02-08 at 16:17:12 PST   Listings
Hi all

today a friend asked me to put this US cover in eBay:


It should be a Scott #160 (with secret mark and without grill).

However it seems to be a late usage so I'm suspicious. It's OK?

I'd like some help with the rate too. I didn't find a similar cover in philamercury and 7c seems to be a curious rate.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-02-08 at 15:41:38 PST   Listings
sorry Kathmoon..that link did not work for me.
Posted by emerald2p   ( 944 ) on Feb-02-08 at 15:19:11 PST   Listings
Looking at 3 Malta 1863-80 one pence Victoria issues and trying to differentiate between the colors of yellow buff,brown orange and orange yellow..does anyone know of a color guide that I could see the differnces?


Posted by kathmoon   ( 387 ) on Feb-02-08 at 15:05:05 PST   Listings
A test to see if it worked: http://www.picture-monster.de/image/view/n7yTkkYxCc/yypapua0001.jpg
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:14:52 PST   Listings
See even my HTML is wrong but hopefully you can use one of the options to show something here.

Just holler if you need help.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:13:12 PST   Listings
Here is another very fast and easy one to use.
Called Picture Monster but easy to use really and below is how as some of the instructions are in German.
1. Click Browse.
2. Find the picture on your computer that you want to show and Click OPEN
3.Check the box with "Ich akzeptiere die AGB"
4. Click "Hochladen" = upload
5.Once uploaded you will see four URL's in little box's. Copy and paste the URL only in the box which says "DirektLink"
6. That then should give a URL seen here such as
which will allow others to see your image.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:06:10 PST   Listings
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Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:05:38 PST   Listings
Howdy Linda and Alec...

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:05:12 PST   Listings
Jhc The host I use for example is afree download and is called imagecave You simply register, set up a picture album and follow the instructions to upload as many images as you like to the imagcave album. Each picture will have its own URL and it is that which you need to post here for us to see any images.

Don't worry if you screw up the post or link. We all do that even those of us who are experienced posters. Help is never that far away.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:04:29 PST   Listings

Looks like its time for a yellow box post

jhc - there is usually a yellow box of helpful info daily, perhaps someone who does that or has access can fire it up

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 14:01:12 PST   Listings
Jhc You need to upload the image to a web host or web server. Then either copy and paste the URL of the web page where you have the image uploaded to or to make it a s text link here you need to use some computer HTML code amongst the text.

The yellow box bellow tells you also how to post a link here. If you need help with a free image host please just ask.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:59:37 PST   Listings
jhc.. you need to have your pictures on a server (photobucket or similar) If you scroll way back to the BIG YELLOW BOX post, you will find directions there.
Look forward to seeing your stamps.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:59:28 PST   Listings

jhc... - welcome, chats often go in spurts following a subject until burnout. Your posts are as welcome as any, philatelic preferred. Jeff

Posted by jhcstriker   ( 460 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:56:46 PST   Listings
ok... ist stupid question.. how do i provide a link to something i want to show...
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:40:51 PST   Listings
.. and .. as I'm in a silly mood...This is the Isle of Man's greatest gift to the world
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:28:57 PST   Listings
Thought I would throw in a couple of 1909 postcards from IOM just for fun from Ramsey and Douglas IOM



Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1467 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:27:23 PST   Listings

Yesterday I picked up a 1796 Philadelphia cover that really needs some conversation. Scotch paper stains and separations. The similarity of the cancel to a Bishop Mark is what caught my eye.

Any one here willing to give me some suggestions on where to send it? I'd want to have it marked as conserved.

You can post your answer or email me through eBay's "contack a member"
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:20:55 PST   Listings

No rush.
I'm having bigger problems with Paypal than yours.


There are plenty of US collectors on this site.
The ones that post seem to be specialized by a specific issue or postal history.

Many get beyond the "hole-filling" phase and start to concentrate on something.

Particularly if they don't have infinitely deep pockets.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:20:21 PST   Listings
jhcstriker no interest in US stamps here.... Far from it. The interest here is stamps and postal history from anywhere you wish to post. If you look, for example, at the ME page of jaywild you will find a dozen links to various aspects of specialized USA philately.
Many new collectors / would be sellers, come here looking for advice, and there is always someone to point them in the right direction, or find information elsewhere for them, or introduce them to chatboards in other countries / sites to find an answer to their questions.
This Chat Board has a variety of collectors with a depth of knowledge you would not find at any Stamp Club meeting anywhere.

As you are a fairly advanced collector, perhaps you would care to share some of your collection with us?
My particular collecting interest is the postal history of just one suburb of London,England. I have shown over 50 of my covers here in the last few years.

So, welcome to the Stamp Chat, please feel free to share your collection at any time.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:12:48 PST   Listings
Jhc Firstly welcome to the board. Actually there are several US experts who frequent this board.
The trouble with other auction sites from a sellers point is that the mass of potential buyers either don't know these alternative venues or don't trust them. Sure ebay isn't perfect but few sites are. I won't go into pro's and con's of ebay here.

I agree we all started out as space filler collectors. Not everyone decides to expertize and to me that is fine as we should all be free to collect what we want, when we want and how we want.

I wouldn't like to think any new collector would feel embarassed or ashamed to post any question here. There are no stupid questions if you don't know the answer.

Please do feel free to share your knowledge with us all here. Yes not everyone is a US collector but I'm sure everyone likes to see new material or to see how others collect and why.
Posted by jhcstriker   ( 460 ) on Feb-02-08 at 13:01:32 PST   Listings
hello..i never visited the chat room and have a question and a couple of observations. i realized that i can only read the last 24 hours of postings but it seems that there is no interest in US stamps here.. is that a fair observation? regarding "stamp wants" site, i have bought several items there and have never been disappointed. especially from a couple of particular dealers ( i'm presuming that it is not acceptable to name them here) also it seems to me that unless one specializes in a particluar area then we are all hole fillers. by that i mean that i collect US.. one country and innumerable facets of specialization... once you get to a certain point in your particular area of interest, it becomes prohibitively expensive for most to continue unless you get really lucky at auction etc....so you either quit or move on to another area which requires further study.. but until the time you feel quite comfortable in your knowledge of a new area, you by default, are a hole filler... i know of no stamp collector who did not start out as a hole filler.. the biggest problem with our past time is that we are no acquiring new hole fillers... i am a fairly advanced collector and i feel a bit uncomfortable posting this for fear of the "what an idiot" comments.. i can only think that a new collector or someone who doesn't have the expertise evidenced in this chat room would never ask a question or post a comment...
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 12:46:56 PST   Listings
Jim Many thanks. Once the refund arrives I'll resend. Seems to be some delay with Paypal site and e-mails arriving my end this evening. If it is the European Music composers set you are missing strike those from your wants list. I have a spare set MNH.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-02-08 at 12:32:34 PST   Listings
In other words, the letter would have gone via England, not Ireland as Ireland was neutral in WWII.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-02-08 at 12:29:06 PST   Listings
When my wife and I last visited GB we also went over to IOM. The closest port was Heysham north of Liverpool. See this schedule of current ferry services to IOM and you can see that even today Dublin/Ireland service is much less frequent than England/IOM.

It was a great experience staying at a farm B&B. The government of IOM is subsidizing farmers so the countryside can remain "traditional". The taxes gathered from the off-shore banking industry covers all the expenses of this subsidy. Farmers have a good life, but must keep the farm in operation and maintain it. There is a lot of history there. The Vikings came ffrom the north and settled leaving a form of government that continues today.

During WWI and WWII internment camps were in operation on th eIOM.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-02-08 at 11:26:40 PST   Listings

Replies are on the way.
Easy mistake to make.
I negated it.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 11:19:57 PST   Listings
Io/Jim please see urgent e-mail. I goofed :-(
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-02-08 at 11:00:03 PST   Listings
Via Ireland does not make much sense.

Especially since there were internment camps on the Isle of Man.
Even a nicknamed "prison ship" between Holyhead and Douglass.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-02-08 at 10:35:06 PST   Listings

I just came across this website for Broome County New York, quite nicely done.


Posted by keleofa   ( 3736 ) on Feb-02-08 at 10:32:59 PST   Listings
IOM Question,

Thanks Jim, IO and Bjorn. Via Ireland makes sense.

Appreciate the combined efforts! Jim - your dotted yellow line on the map was most helpful :-)

Matt in Arizona
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-02-08 at 10:23:56 PST   Listings
Bjorn & Io & Matt… Perhaps that cover did go through Ireland—Isle of Man is close to Dublin.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-02-08 at 10:18:59 PST   Listings
Knud-Erik… Thanks!! Here is the front of the cover. Since it is a Christmas card, in order to fit within your dates it would have been sent in November/December 1939.

Posted by nomad55   ( 960 ) on Feb-02-08 at 10:15:52 PST   Listings
Thanks to all who provided info/tables/scans for the German postal rates. I think that I will have a fun afternoon.
Posted by bjornmu   ( 974 ) on Feb-02-08 at 09:51:05 PST   Listings
Yes, even if the I.O.M may have a separate political status, mail would have been routed via the UK. In theory, it could also have gone via neutral Ireland.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Feb-02-08 at 09:46:02 PST   Listings
The Isle of Man was (till 1973) and still is, treated as part of the United Kingdom's Royal Mail.
No idea as to lack of censor.
Posted by knuden   ( 2407 ) on Feb-02-08 at 09:35:47 PST   Listings
jaywild - As far I can see, your German censor label was attached in Frankfurt and this type of label was used from November 1939 to April 1940.
Could I see a scan of the front of the cover?

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-02-08 at 09:20:26 PST   Listings
Matt… I’m sure a Brit can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Isle of Man is a separate entity from the UK in certain respects. Thus it may have had its own way of receiving mail from the US that was independent of the rest of the UK, thus the lack of censorship on your cover.

I think Io would probably know.

Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-02-08 at 08:53:48 PST   Listings
NOIP (or knuden or infla-alec, if you’re still around)… Can anyone tell me when this censor tape came into use? Because it mentions the Wehrmacht, did it come into use after the war began in 1939, or after it had commenced in Western Europe (May of 1940)?

This is on a Christmas card sent from the US to Germany third class unsealed, and since the 1½¢ prexy stamp on its face was issued in May 1938, the card could have been sent in 1938, 1939, 1940 or (just barely possible) 1941. I’d like to narrow it down to a specific year.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by keleofa   ( 3736 ) on Feb-02-08 at 07:01:07 PST   Listings
World War II Censors...

Los Angeles to Isle of Man 1942

Did mail from the USA to the Isle of Man not need to go through the censors? Does anyone know the policy at the time? Most mail seems to have been censored.

T I A,

Matt in Arizona
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-02-08 at 05:50:53 PST   Listings
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Feb-02-08 at 05:47:59 PST   Listings
NOIP-----When postal service was a SERVICE ...... BAD ADDRESS BUT STILL GETS DELIVERED .....paul
Posted by philaweb   ( 361 ) on Feb-02-08 at 02:49:50 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 01:42:17 PST   Listings
For anyone interested in the numeral cancels of the Dutch East Indies 1874-1893 This site is new and looks to be quite interesting.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-02-08 at 01:14:47 PST   Listings
Greenrose My warmest welcome also to the board. You have had some excellent advice from Linda so far. I would add a few points like depending on what camera you have these days you can get quite a good result also which may be suitable for when selling stamps also. Basically buyers of stamps more than any other category like to see exactly what they are bidding on and in detail. More so if they are the better stamps. Out of focus or blurred , grainy pictures simply don't inspire confidence in bidders.If possible you could showing as a link an example here using your camera of what you wish to sell. Then you should be able to receive a much better informed opinion as to what is best to do and if such a picture is suitale for selling stamps.

My personal opinion also is that before selling try getting yourself a few feedback points. Sellers with 0 feedback who do sell high priced or more expensive items tend not be trusted too much. A few points lets others see that you at least know your way around the basics of ebay.

Once you do start I'd start slowly say about 5-6 items and just get the feel of how things go. By that I mean be sure you know how to send invoices, collect payments and ship items safely. More importantly all in good time.

I'd also try and state shipping costs and say clearly what payments you will and won't accept and to where of course you are willing to ship items to. Sure selling at first can be a bit of a minefield but it can also be a lot of fun. If you have any questions at all far better to ask here than when it is too late and you have made a big mistake somewhere along the line.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-01-08 at 21:59:24 PST   Listings
greenRose you will have to search eBay completed auctions to see what % of Catalogue the stamps you have are selling for. I'm sorry I have not sold any stamps for a long time.
Yes, a scanner is important for a correct representation of the stamps, and camera photos just dont work as well. Again, look at the types of stamps that sell on eBay and how the sellers represent them with good clear scans.

check the items for sale by sellers on this board such as dbenson, postalhysteria, for how scans of stamps should be presented.

Posted by greenrose74   ( 0 )   on Feb-01-08 at 21:45:25 PST   Listings

Thanks. I've already done all the registration process w Ebay & Paypal.

I don't have a scanner. Is it important that I use a scanner rather than camera? My stamps are in the binder and usually have multiple stamps on one page.

I'm not sure on how to price the stamps. I understand that its an auction system, but what prices are people buying at? Retail, wholesale, or in between?
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 338 ) on Feb-01-08 at 21:35:47 PST   Listings

This is what you need:
From Michel Postgebühren-Handbuch

domestic rates:

International rates:

In the international rates, note that there are special rates for Danzig, Saar, Austria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Lithuania (not scanned).

These are surface rates. Air mail rates are a mess and they're not all in the book. too much to scan :)

If you got some covers with stamps from the 1933 Wagner charity issue, It would be nice to see them! (specially international usages, they're quite scarce)
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 581 ) on Feb-01-08 at 21:32:42 PST   Listings
Hello, GreenRose, welcome to the Stamp Chat. You will need to register with eBay as a Seller and set up a PayPal account to receive payments.
Go to the eBay Site Map (top every page) for details of how to sell, what the fees are (read the Announcements as all the fees change around Feb.20). The eBay SITE MAP is your handiest tool for finding out all information on eBay rules, regulations and how to's.
You will need to scan your sets of Korean Stamps (use a scanner NOT a camera for eBay), write your descriptions, upload you photos and you're on your way. I presume you have the extensive collection catalogued already.
Check eBay Advance Search Completed Auctions for sales of similar material.

good luck
Posted by greenrose74   ( 0 )   on Feb-01-08 at 21:04:52 PST   Listings
I am a beginner on Ebay, and I have an extensive collection of Korean Stamps of all varieties. Can anyone give me some advise on how I can start selling my stamps on Ebay?

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 20:35:06 PST   Listings

Good night all, and good morning to the rest. This has been a very pleasant stamp chat day. Pleasant indeed. Jeff

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:55:03 PST   Listings

Correction G3 should be G4

The Powermac was a G3.

And while Mac hour continues, do you remember when Radius got license to build boxes with the Mac OS? They had a System 100 that had I think a 133 meg processor. When it broke for sale it was at $10,000!. I bought mine on closeout for only $3600. Only. And I thought it was screaming fast, esp compared to my Quadra.

It too went to the curb in our move this summer.

Can't museum everything.<>P>Jeff

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:50:27 PST   Listings
I should have included this in my last post.
My first computer, Mac SE.
My second Performa 6400
And current Power Macintosh G4 (AGP Graphics)

The first was bought through a friend who's company used all MAC SE.
in medical research. )'>)
The second via a friend who worked at Apple.
The third at an educator's discount for a version that was being replaced.

Maybe having graphic cards makes handling all my scanning easier. I never really thought about it before, everything has been easy from the start.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:50:16 PST   Listings

Thanks Scott, I cant read the whole thing, and don't know if the stamp came on it or was a late added souvenir.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:48:56 PST   Listings

At this moment I am on our new HP with dual-core AMD 1.4 gig (i think that's right) processor. It is about twice the speed online as my trusty G3 with 864 mb or the like single processor. I had a Powermac 6400 with a 750 mb Sonnet Creshendo card which did quite good on DSL too.

And we are using Vista on it which so for has been flawless.

I had a Powermac 6400 with a 750 mb Spnnet Creshendo card which did quite good on DSL too.

Here in the country we opted for Verizon wireless internet, didn't have the exta for Hughes dish installation. We are on the fringes of service still, about 10x the speed of dialup and about 1/5 the speed of dish. But at some point things get irrelevant. I can still make mistakes faster than I can upload them.

But the new Macs with the stand alone monitor are a sight to see. I saw one recently at my Mac Wizzard's place. Might as well been a Porsche!


Posted by scottpel3   ( 863 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:45:17 PST   Listings
That is a great price for the Arbor Day letter. Even though it is not cancelled it is a pre First Day usage.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:38:51 PST   Listings
Jeff -
I'll bet you have discovered thing you never knew existed on the internet. Blinding speed, opening more than a single application at a time, etc. I'm on my third Apple in 20 years. First lasted for 10 years. 512k ram, no hard drive, had to buy a 20MG external. Next was much better a 6400 Performa, but the hard drive broke litteraly. The read mechanism broke and chewed up the silicon disc, nothing to recover except powder. The current computer has 1.12GB of RAM upgraded from 128MB ands upgraded syatem from 9.2 to 10.3. I can't believe it is as fast as it is. At 450hz it would be considered slow, but the dedicated Apple applicaitons apparently use much less memory than PC applications. I don't remember the difference but read about the issue many years ago. A reason why clock sped on an Apple can't be judged against a PC.

Anyway, glad I didn't own Apple stock when it went into the recent down slide, but I'm considering it at this price. (Not an endorsement that anyone should consider seriously, including Paul.)

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:25:15 PST   Listings

Roger - I this sumer discarded my first Mac, a Quadra 605 with 8 megs of ram and a 230 meg hard drive. it came standard with 4 megs ramI had a signifigant upgrade! $1100.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:18:52 PST   Listings

Just snagged this nice Arbor Day addition to my US commems collection


Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:18:37 PST   Listings
jaywild -

At double the market price? Makes one think the powers that be at MS could have but a lttle more effort into testing their sofware in recent years. But if you have that much in the bank, and people keep buying anyway, why bother with making things work first time out of the box.

I found it interesting recently to read Apple computers are making headway in computer market share against the traditional PC manufacuters. Why, because the newest Apples operate and can play both Apple and MS software.

The Dawning of the Age of Apple
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Feb-01-08 at 19:15:36 PST   Listings
David/Nomad The German rates difference for 8 and 12 Pfennigs is most likely to be the difference between Local and Distance letters. The former being 8 Pf . It was 8 and 12 for basic letters weight up to 20g from 15 January 1932-until the end of the war I think i'm correct in saying. But would need to dig out my Michel to confirm that. The 25Pf International I'm sure is for normal mail up to 20grams in weight and the 40 Pf would be second weight up to 40g. Then additional 15Pf per each part 20grams over the 40grams. Not sure what weight limits there were though without looking it up.

It then gets a litle complicated after April 1943 when some countries were classed as being subject to Inland letter rates. The fun starts when it comes to Airmail rates which aren't in Michel.

As for inflation rates those I know very well and would be interested in seeing any you have even if not for sale. Non inflation collectors often miss things on what appears to be a normal cover or don't understand why something is franked with a certain rate which is in fact correct but they read it as being wrong, and vice versa.

IO/Jim Much appreciated many thanks.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:53:25 PST   Listings

I just did a quick ebay search and came up with India used in Iran, LINGA . Had to google thereafter. Always something new for me.

Posted by andrew1966020   ( 23 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:51:19 PST   Listings
Hallo there!
A question to the more experienced, or just anyone who knows: why there are no brass hand held stamps around for sale? Are they illegal or something, even those form long gone states?
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:48:29 PST   Listings

Thanks dragonstamps - the Aden does stand out, I don't know much about the others, or if there is much interest in India squared circles as with other colonies.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:33:13 PST   Listings

Thanks Matt

Posted by paperhistory   ( 1993 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:21:52 PST   Listings
jeff: the one used in Aden is a nice touch.
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 496 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:19:59 PST   Listings
Nice Jeff.... I am getting proud of my 1st page of India in my single Citation WW book. I should scan it, but maybe tomorrow. Nothing expensive, but one of my favorite pages.
Early India can net you some very well done stamps.
For low money...
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:12:54 PST   Listings
NOIP… Exxon/Mobil released their earnings for 2007—over $40 billion, highest ever in the history of the world.

Instead of paying dividends, they could have beat Microsoft to the punch and bought Yahoo!

Posted by nomad55   ( 960 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:11:19 PST   Listings
Roger....please check your "other" email.
Posted by dragonstamps   ( 496 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:10:07 PST   Listings
Mitch: Try the bass guitar?
You need the time though. It would most likely conflict with doing your stamps.
I have three hobbies, and stamps would never get pushed aside, even if it would be 3rd hobby at any given point.
The same goes with music. I play like 5-6 instruments, and none of them very well. Great hobby though. You get to express yourself through music....
Sports is the other, and the Patriots will win the super bowl.
I hope.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:03:52 PST   Listings

If anyone is interested here is my little accumulation of SON postmarks I have accumulated from India


Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 134 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:03:06 PST   Listings
First, hiya to Dave F and Colin and some of the other "oldies" who have popped in lately! Hiya Pro!

And thanks to everyone posting scans and information, all very interesting.

And jaywild, thanks for your comments on the CSA #12 on laid paper. If I ever decide to sell it, I'll definitely take your advice and get a cert.

I did get a nice e-mail from John Kimbrough about the scan, confirming that it is a nice example. He also mentioned that although streaked gum can create a ribbed appearance, there are examples with no gum "that also show the variety very clearly".

With that in mind, it's hard to explain why the Scott Specialized chooses to mention the variety but questions it's validity. An example with no gum would be the best proof.

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Feb-01-08 at 18:01:30 PST   Listings
Roger If you remove the "alt" key, your brain will eventually fry. I would not suggest doing that!
I have very large hands which might explain some of my clumsiness on the keyboard. They seem to get bigger with age which long ago got me off the guitar. They are most troublesome now, with trying to make jewelry.
Luckily, not a problem with stamps.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-01-08 at 17:59:47 PST   Listings
Roger… Microsoft is ponying up $44.6 (not $14) billion for Yahoo. This works out to well over double the current stock price, so the folks at Yahoo are saying “Yahoo!!!!!”

Posted by dragonstamps   ( 496 ) on Feb-01-08 at 17:52:01 PST   Listings

Yahoo does so much more than supplying a search engine.
I use it more than Google.
It's got a little bit of everything.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-01-08 at 17:48:14 PST   Listings
nomad -
A closer look at my Michel Specialized seems to indicate that the rates that went into effect 1.12.33 stayed in effect until 1946. It is on a single page and may be useful. Would you like a scan of the page. My copy is 1989 version. Email me through eBay system and make sure I get your email address.

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-01-08 at 17:41:04 PST   Listings
Oh boy, am I in trouble now.
Mitchell and jaywild are leading me down the path of un-designing keyboards. Luckily I never use the numeral pad, so haven't been introduced to the "Num lock" key, and I don't have an "insert" key. I guess I'll now take out my typing tutor, did anyone in the house say, "Mavis". When I'm at work the login requires "Control, Alt, Delete" keys to be hld down. I always have to think about the "Alt" key as it's "Option" on this keyboard.

Did everyone see today that Microsoft made a 14.something billion offer to buy Yahoo. I guess the powers that be have finally decided they can't compete with google so must buy a search engine. I have to ask the question, what does Yahoo do? I don't use it in any knowing manner so hard to beleive it's worth 14+ billion.

Posted by nomad55   ( 960 ) on Feb-01-08 at 17:16:00 PST   Listings
Roger - Germany isn't my area of expertise, so I do not have a Michel specialized.
Actually, I'm having better luck with the inflationary rates.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1047 ) on Feb-01-08 at 17:08:24 PST   Listings
Roger… I remove the NUM LOCK key also. There was never a more worthless key on a keyboard—it does nothing but convert the number pad to making characters that are found elsewhere on the keyboard. As an ex-accountant, I always use the number pad rather than the numbers over the QWERTY area.

First person to be shot will be the guy that dreamed up that key!

On my last two keyboards I also popped the INSERT key. Doing some simple insertion I would hit it by accident and before I looked at the screen again half of my text was gone. But this keyboard puts the key way up isolated at the top, where there is little chance of hitting it by accident.

Bjorn... I keep a slender tool by my keyboard which I use to engage the CAPS LOCK key when I have a string of capitalized text to enter. It fits perfectly into the little hole where the key used to be.

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Feb-01-08 at 16:38:50 PST   Listings
David -
My Michel specialized has all rates spread throughout the catalogue. Try it, you'll like it.

Posted by nomad55   ( 960 ) on Feb-01-08 at 16:27:09 PST   Listings
Can someone please point me to a German rate table, both domestic and international, for the late 1930's?
I am sorting a pile of covers. Some rates I can figure out, such as 3pf for printed matter, 5 pf for local postal card, 6 pf for out of local area postal card.
But I can not discern the difference in domestic 8 pf and 12 pf rates, nor the 25 pf and 40 pf international.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3874 ) on Feb-01-08 at 16:20:09 PST   Listings


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:53:08 PST   Listings
After looking through British Asia I have come to the conclusion that the catalog makers are blind (Unless one considers that Roses come in many different colors).
This topic could go on forever. The real deal here seems to be that the color rose should might only be defined when comparing against other variations in the same set/year/country.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:33:23 PST   Listings
Paul I think you meant Carmine Rose and Rose. It is curious that Scott only lists the 10 centimos in Rose. To me both of those stamps look basically like the same color.
Not one of them Rose. I would venture that anyone catalog is not consistant with there color discriptions. Shades of red are often times very difficult to define and one persons color sight is often times different than anothers. Reds are also more prone to fading than most other colors. My father keeps most of the British collection (and all of the Gibbons cats) but I do have a few countries. I'll see if I can find something that the catalog and my eyes agree on.
Davids Last example confuses the comparison even more as that paper is not really white. I do agree the color of that stamp is Rose though.
Posted by buybling   ( 273 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:29:46 PST   Listings
hi all
Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:28:30 PST   Listings

Quick note to all those who donated Stamps and stamp collecting supplies, got an acknowledgement back from the Tucson VA Hospital, that they had received all three boxes(60lbs). Know this donation who you folks made possible, will be appreciated by those who will receive them,MANY THANKS!!
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:21:51 PST   Listings

Does Paul need my rose colored scanner from last night?


Posted by poppadawg   ( 805 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:19:18 PST   Listings
NOIP Well since it has been 24 hours and no response to my post of 1/30 17:43:11, that tells me all I need to know about StampWants.com. Sometimes silence is deafening. I suspect,like many other alternate sites, lots of sellers and few buyers.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:18:31 PST   Listings

While we were in Ireland, I kissed the Blarney stone which some of you may have already realised,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:17:08 PST   Listings
Roger, by the way, that is one hell of a nice 5s. Plate 4.

It also has a nice Limerick cancel,

as an aside, when we went on a tour of Ireland a few years ago, the tour leader said as we were approaching Limerick watch out for cars parked anywhere. Everyone parks where they like including sideways in the middle of the main road, true enough when the bus arrived it have to weave between parked cars which were mainly parked at strange angles,

David B

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:13:03 PST   Listings
Rogher, yes, your 1st. GB 5s. is Rose also printed by De La Rue using the same ink as they printed for the Colonial issues. As usual with De La Rue as it got later on in the century then the colours starting getting deeper & brighter and the paper became thicker,

David B.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-31-08 at 18:11:02 PST   Listings

Roger Nice cancels on those first two (I especially like that first stamp) which I would call Rose. Are you sure Scott calls them: Rose, Rose, Carmine Rose? This catalog Queens Bible seems to say Rose, Carmine Rose and Deep Crimson. Which I would tend to agree with. Some of the other purported Roses shown here seem to be much to deep in color. I've always seen Rose as a very washed out Pinkish Carmine.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Jan-31-08 at 17:52:50 PST   Listings
Aloha -

I thought I'd chime in on this as well. GB stamps during that period also had examples of rose, rose-carmine, carmine-rose, etc.
In this Scan Gibbons describes them as
Rose, Rose, and Crimson.
Scott describes them as
Rose, Rose, Carmine Rose.

To me the bottom line is that the true rose is softer and more bluish in tone than the later roses, and carmine roses. When you get to the EVII 5sh the color is a very strong color.

Fun to show something other than Switzerland.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 17:42:47 PST   Listings

this is not a good example but it is the best I can find on the web at the moment.


It is an earlier printing of De La Rue 1d. Rose of Natal but the colour is close to the 1d. Rose of Malta. You will also notice that it is underinked which is usual for the earlier printings of De La Rue. It is normally found on a thinner paper than the later Carmine printings. Once you have seen the real colour of the 1d. Rose you shouldn't hae any problems confusing them. Many sellers on Ebay list the Carmine as the Rose as either they are fooling themselves or trying to fool others,

David B.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-31-08 at 17:33:21 PST   Listings
an pictures dbenson? BDW thanks for the help
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 17:19:15 PST   Listings
Soler, just wait, the 1d. Rose turns up fairly frequently on Ebay and usually sells for about $10. It also turns up mint no gum.

There is no action that can be taken as Ebay can do nothing about it. If the seller of the Revenue overprint insists it is Rose then tell him to check Barefoot's British Commonwealth catalogue, that should convince him that is doesn't exist,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 17:15:34 PST   Listings
An easy method to determine the De La Rue's 1d. Rose from the Carmine is to compare it with the Gibraltar 1d. Rose & Carmine & the 10c. issue of 1889 which only exists in Carmine.

David B.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-31-08 at 17:10:29 PST   Listings
anybody has the difference of 2, the fact is one contacted me and he is saying that it is Rose ... he is not stupid that is of great value plus there are some on e-bay also claiming that , who should take action?
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:54:20 PST   Listings
sorry Paul, they are both Carmine,

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:52:37 PST   Listings
SOLER------Here are your two stamps of Malta ------ ROSE and CARMINE ROSE .....paul
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:49:48 PST   Listings
soler, Barefoot only cats. the Revenue overprint on the 1d. Carmine, it doesn't exist on the 1d. Rose,

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:43:58 PST   Listings
Looks to be!

But only an opinion.
Not a certifiable fact.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:43:27 PST   Listings
soler, the Revenue overprint was issued in 1899 and that was a long, long time after the 1d. Rose had been printed. It cats. at 25p. in Barefoot and that about all it's worth,

David B.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:15:21 PST   Listings
therefore Carmine?
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:12:06 PST   Listings

You can see the difference in color here.


Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:11:54 PST   Listings
Thanks Alot and how about....


Click on first picture on the left pls
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-31-08 at 16:04:49 PST   Listings
soler, the reason you cannot distinguish the Rose fropm the Carmine in his scans as he is showing the Carmine printing in both spots, 11 & 11A. The Rose is a much paler shade and is not an easy stamp to find, especially mint,

I found this on Ebay


It is the Rose shade but appears to be slightly faded at the top,

This is listed as Rose but appears to be Carmine,


David B.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-31-08 at 15:41:55 PST   Listings
Hey I need help in this thing

The 11a and 11 what are the differences i have been searching all week, there a big price difference as most of you know
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 14:38:38 PST   Listings

Alec & Roger, thanks, boy have I been wasting valuable megabytes, I just posted a lot with this scan 200dpi, saved at 100%, at lowest quality resolution, an it uploads from my storage place at only 47kb.

For those a lot smarter than me in this area, forgive my slow learning curve.


Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 14:31:18 PST   Listings

Didn't make it today.
But it will definitely go in tomorrows mail.
Unless we have a blizzard and 60mph winds.

For single stamps for my catalog, I scan at 600 dpi and keep reducing them till I get to a size that I like. They generally end up at 20 to 40 kb after running through irfanview.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 13:52:47 PST   Listings

Alec - thanks for the suggestion. For my image manipulation I am using a 10+ year old version of photoshop. I have seen the technique you mention on other computers and my wife's pc here has something similar that she uses with her family albums.

My selections for image quality on my photoshop are low, medium, high, maximum. I have saved scans at the same resolution al all 4 saves and will find out if any difference when I list tonite. Some of the lower end files were 47kb after uploading to my image place. I have not used ebay image thing for years.

Thanks agian,


Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-31-08 at 13:18:28 PST   Listings
Jeff For ebay listings I scan at 150dpi and compress the image to a size no wider than 600 then save the image file size no greater than 70Kb. Try that and experiment. But remember if you are using ebay pic service their pics always look grainy in my opinion.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 13:03:46 PST   Listings

Thanks Roger - my question is more for images with listings, originally I scanned 72 dpi for listings but they looked really grainy compared to other sellers who had really crisp images. So I started larger dpi like 150, even at 100% they actually linked at twice the size of a 72 dpi. At this moment I am scanning lots 200 dpi at 605. I'll see what the diff is between what I already have up.

Obviously I have missed the boat on this somewhere.

Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Jan-31-08 at 12:57:38 PST   Listings
Pro -
Check your eBay email. For some reason no message arrived from you.

Jeff -
I gave up scanning at higher than 72 dpi for posts to chat boards, unless I wanted to show higher "magnification". I found that the quality is best when scanning at the same dpi as I'll be posting. My links last night of the cards from Chile were scanned at 72 dpi. Remember that if you scan at 72 dpi, it's not possible to enlarge without the pixels showing, whereas, scanning at 300 dpi (a 4x enlargement) one can reduce to any size necessary. The real effect is the kb size of the image that is stored on your hard drive. If it is not neceessary to have a 400kb scan when a 100kb scan does the job, there is no need to go to the higher resolutions of 300 dpi.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 12:48:21 PST   Listings

Scanning question - is there any difference in the final output in scanning 300 dpi and saving at 50%, than scanning at 150 dpi and saving at 100%


Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:55:35 PST   Listings
Will see what I can do.
I'm almost certain they'll try to slap a PVI on it though.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:46:42 PST   Listings
Oh Jim forgot to ask if possible can the M bag be franked with stamps and nicely hand cancelled ? If so I'm sure one of the US postal collectors here wouldn't mind an example of such a franking. Better not make it in $1 stamps though :-)
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:35:35 PST   Listings
Jim Don't rush on my account. I'll await the mail with what I have to do next then. Besides can't have you Texans running around with no ten gallon hat on. I know that is where you keep your stamp slush fund hidden from your wife :-)
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:31:10 PST   Listings

will try to get to it this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon at the latest.
Have been thwarted by 30 to 60mph headwinds the last few days.
Posted by rioroyal   ( 392 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:19:46 PST   Listings
wrd3--Thank you. Finally a voice of reason.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:17:03 PST   Listings
Many thanks for the 40 Reis information. Exactly what I needed to know. Any news on the M bag shipment ?
Posted by due2cents   ( 26 ) on Jan-31-08 at 11:12:34 PST   Listings
check check check

can you hear me now

Back on the WWW after 2 months of travel

got some things to share

Hello Roger cye
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-31-08 at 10:47:41 PST   Listings
stamps12345 I don't know why you asked that I ask "my" president anything. Not that it's relevant, but I am not a member of the EUSC, never have been, and don't intend to join. If you had wanted to check your facts before making an assertion, you could have checked here.

I enjoy seeing the posts others make of their philatelic items .... whether the hand-drawn pages you show with varieties that strike your interest, or the specialist pages Roger shows with his razor exhibit, or the country collections Mitch or Bill show, or any other material the board participants take the time and effort to show. I know I've only listed a small fraction of the people who post such information ..... but I'd like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who willingly shares their philatelic intersts with everyone on the board. And I would like to encourage others to join in the sharing. Paul, I'd love to see more of your material. I'm sure you've only posted a miniscule fraction of your collection ..... could you choose an area where you think you have interesting material and share? (And to the other board participants, if Paul does choose to share, PLEASE refrain from taking jabs at the material ..... that only stifles the sharing).

I've been on this board, and posted stamp information for a long, long time (since a bit before you joined eBay, if your joining information is accurate on your feedback page), so your post, which I found elitist and denigrating, didn't bother me, and does nothing to stop me from wanting to post images of my mundane, boring philatelic material as the mood strikes.

My sarcastic "thank you" to you in the earlier post was because it is posts like that one that I'm positive DO CHASE OFF new participants. You have rightly complained about the treatment you receive on this board. There are a number of posters who, in my opinion, do this board a disservice in their treatment of you, as it creates a hostile atmosphere that is not conducive to gaining new participants. I chose to respond to your post because it was directed partially at me ..... not to say I was offended, but rather to highlight the atmosphere to which it contributes.

Bill D.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 10:38:14 PST   Listings

it also has the doublet cancel on the stamp.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-31-08 at 10:34:28 PST   Listings

I think you'll find that it is 40 reis.
Which equaled 2d.
Raising the price to an overall 8d.
Which would have been the correct rate overland through France.
Posted by philatarium   ( 245 ) on Jan-31-08 at 10:08:45 PST   Listings
Reviewing my message, I also meant to include Bill D., Roger, Paul and anyone else whom I may have unwittingly omitted.
Posted by philatarium   ( 245 ) on Jan-31-08 at 09:53:26 PST   Listings
Following up on my own post, I keep thinking that there must be new technologies out there that have advanced the ability to display collections. I've seen a couple of new sites that, frankly, don't do this as well as I would have expected (Collectica, in particular, comes to mind, although I haven't re-assessed it in the last couple of months), but I've wondered about using Flickr or one of the other image sites that way. And Paul (philaweb) has demonstrated the power that Picasa may have in this area.
Posted by philatarium   ( 245 ) on Jan-31-08 at 09:47:43 PST   Listings
I would like to encourage anyone to show any of their stamps.

This may not be important to a worldwide collector, but because I've specialized in a particular country, I don't usually get to see the stamps of other countries, especially when laid out on album pages. I really appreciate the efforts that Mitchell and Bill S went to to display their pages.

And because there really isn't any kind of online catalogue that really shows worldwide stamp images (there are some good ones for the US, however), I would very much like to encourage more of this.

Perhaps this is an effort that EUSC could get behind, including what happened this weekend, which was some kind of instruction about how to get started on it.

Show 'em if you've got 'em!
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-31-08 at 09:23:33 PST   Listings
Paul You are either paranoid or have a sense of to much self importance. I made no comment to you.
If you mean the comment I made to Milenko that it was a shame many world collectors rather ignore So America. That is a true statement in my experience. Most seem to concentrate mostly on Europe and colonies, Scandinavia, No America, Asia etc. So America and modern Africa seem to be the most ignored.
You only proved the point.

Jeff Ebay is probably the best place to look for that radio as with most car parts than can be shipped reasonably.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-31-08 at 08:01:05 PST   Listings
Chaswilly Nice rate and indeed a bragin, although my only concern is the cancel. Known as a forged type in Infla Band 13 second edition but that of course doesn't mean it is forged as you well know. Good luck when submitting. I'll be seeing Dieter Weinbuch in March and will be sure to pass on your regards.

Now I hope someone can explain to me why the 40 cancel is on this GB QV cover to Lisbon ? Was the rate incorrect ? If so what does the 40 denote if postage due ?

Now don't start again with all the name calling. So far as I'm concerned anyone can show whatever he likes here. I get just as much pleasure seeing common stamps as I do the classics. Specialization of Chile isn't an easy task and I doubt there are more than one or two here who could show anything other than a general collection of that country.
My point being that nobody should be discouraged from showing anything here. We all collect in different forms and so it should be.

Posted by chaswilly   ( 1687 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:54:58 PST   Listings
jaywild...from July 1, 1906 to November 30, 1923 there were 26. Then duality of the old issues and the Rentenpfennig beginning December 1, 1923. In both Diana Manchester's and Gerhard Binder's handbooks, they indicate 27 total. Diana's # 27 is indicated 27 a for Marks and 27 b for Pfg. Gerhard's period # 27 is indicated as both in Marks and Pfg.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:50:19 PST   Listings
chaswilly… Nice acquisition! How many inflation-era rate periods were there in total?

Posted by chaswilly   ( 1687 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:36:16 PST   Listings
infla-alec - Huge Score here. Zeitungssachen (Newspaper Order) from rate period 24 for practically nothing.
Posted by 220man   ( 167 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:26:02 PST   Listings
Conduct an inspection on the right hand stamp.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:09:46 PST   Listings
NOIP… If someone is not a “hole-filler” does that mean he’s just a “hole”?

Just trying to get some remarks sorted out…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:07:32 PST   Listings
12345… Is an “indirect manor” one that is set back off the road?

Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-31-08 at 07:05:02 PST   Listings
MESSAGE TO STAMPHICK… Please view the message from Paul at Jan-31-08 at 05:01:26 PST before you submit his name to the Vatican. The Office of Beatification will surely have some embarrassing questions, and I’m just trying to spare you the mortification.

Posted by brad   ( 523 ) on Jan-31-08 at 06:35:14 PST   Listings
Ken S, thanks for the explanation of the lots that vanished. It was 2 of your items that I was watching to see the results!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 06:12:47 PST   Listings
WRD3 ---Ask your president about feeling welcome ,I was answering a question about my Chile stamps ,don't want to be told garbage from your president.Ask him why and were the garbage started .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 06:09:02 PST   Listings
thanks ---Knuden

Postal ----Thanks ,you got it right ,its a hobby for me ,expensive but still a hobby .But not a hole filler.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 06:03:33 PST   Listings

Paul -

You wrote and please don't show me a bunch of miscut Classics ,those i already have .....show me something above dime store stamps . Serious collectors want four margin copies and pairs or better on the early issues .......

Thanks for finally admitting what so many of us have known for years,
that you are not a serious collector.


Posted by knuden   ( 2407 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:54:02 PST   Listings
Paul - A small correction.
Your stamps is not from St. Thomas but S. Thome e. Principe.
St. Thomas is one of the islands in the former Danish Colony Danish West Indies now Virgin Island.

K.E  I'm a catalog king, expert and philatelist - whoopee!!

Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:46:13 PST   Listings
Paul I've never claimed to be a philatelist - I'm a hole-filling stamp collector, and enjoy every minute of it. Although the posting bored you, at least it was related to stamps, which I thought was a welcome relief from the lunacy of the board recently.

Thank you for making everyone feel welcome to share scans of their stamps.

Bill D.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:34:58 PST   Listings
another find this morning ,found nothing to show this variety ST. THOMAS ........paul

Mitch ---why take a cheap shot at me and not expect it back ....then everybody starts crying about a disruptive board and community values ......can't figure this out .

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:18:45 PST   Listings
POSTAL ---Say what you real think ,some are put off by your indirect manor
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:16:36 PST   Listings
NEW READERS and Collectors Please don't misunderstand me ,it doesn't have to be expensive stamps or valuable stamps .Many here want to see effort and philatelic knowledge in ones collection .Even cheap stamps laid out and displayed is nice and commendable .But showing a album page done by a hole filler without reguard to colors ,perforations and types is to say the least is a beginner collection while these same people hold them selfs up as philatelist as for me im a stamp collector .
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:15:02 PST   Listings

Paul - and you toot your horn about an insiginifigant broken corner on a surcharge?? You are such a jerk.


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:10:21 PST   Listings
and please don't show me a bunch of miscut Classics ,those i already have .....show me something above dime store stamps . Serious collectors want four margin copies and pairs or better on the early issues .......
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-31-08 at 05:01:26 PST   Listings
BORING and UNIMPRESSIVE Those Chile collections are the same stuff found in general worldwide collections .To those not familiar with Chile.Those collections are the run of the mill stamps which we all have.

I thought we would see some early studies of the first issues known as the COLON CLASSICS or a run of airmail complete sets .Those are the only thing that country has to offer ,thats why my statement of never putting money in that country was miss interpered as ignoreing the country ,it doesn't have a lot to offer unless its the Colon Classics .

WHAT DO WE SEE ,,,a bunch of cheap stamps ,which is ok but where are the studies were is the above grade school level stamps all ive seen here are the common material .I got to give WRD 3 credit for at least showing type differences in the 1900 Columbus stamps======Come on impress us with something a little higher than kiddy collections of Chile.

Last night before going to bed ,I did some research on the country and I think with out the early issues of Colon Classics ,you can buy the whole country complete for less than $500.00 at AUCTION ,gee no wonder i've never put interest in it.-------LET THE CRYING BEGIN .

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-31-08 at 03:38:17 PST   Listings
Thanks catman for the link to BUSINESS WEEK but that reported just 'dont get it' !!

and I quote....
Sellers also have additional protection from bad buyers coming down the pike. Through its electronic payment service, PayPal, eBay will offer reimbursement for items, even when sent to so-called nonconfirmed addresses. Previously the company would only reimburse a merchant when a buyer did not pay for an item if the ship-to address matched the one on the buyer's credit card as registered with PayPal. As a result many sellers could not claim losses from buyers with solid ratings who failed to pay. The new system also removes caps on the amount of fraud losses sellers can claim in a month. "The overwhelming positive is for some of the seller protections that are coming through," says Wingo. "I think everyone is excited about that."

HUH??? ITS THE OTHER WAY 'ROUND MATEY??!! THAT IS NO PROTECTION TO THE SELLER ?????? What'cha talking 'bout Willis?????

OK I admit I have been out celebrating tonight, the 'opening' of the new auction house in Australia MOWBRAY AUCTIONS, former licensee of the Stanley Gibbons name in Australia. I have had SEVERAL glasses of bubbly but I can still see that paragraph in Business week is topsy turvy! even if I cant type it!
goodnight to one and all :o)
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Jan-31-08 at 01:14:49 PST   Listings
Aloha -

Since it seems to be Chile night, I thought I'd show a few of my Swiss Güller cancels on Chilean covers.
Scan 1 - Valpariso 1890 to Liege, Belgium, and Valpariso 1892 to Rome, Italy.
Scan 2 - Valpariso 1903, (left and right pair different shades) to Wohlen, Switzerland.
Scan 3 - Iquique 1914 to Munich, Germany, and Pisagua 1916 to London, England.

These cancels are to be found in the Guller proof books housed in the Bern Postal Museum archives.

Swiss Razor Cancels

Posted by atlas_5_catman   ( 546 ) on Jan-30-08 at 23:48:26 PST   Listings
Posted by philaweb   ( 361 ) on Jan-30-08 at 23:28:48 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!
Posted by postalviews   ( 4386 ) on Jan-30-08 at 23:24:20 PST   Listings
Mitch Well, the real estate crash has left an ill feeling similar to that of the proverbial s--- sandwich, hence the analogy. At least both of my units are rented and paying the mortgage which is better than most although it may just be prolonging the agony while others already dispossessed can now at least dream of past riches and of what might have been. In my case I now live in the garage with Tiger and dream of past showers in the new bathroom now in use by the new tenant and of what might be if I can ever make some money somehow. Did find three geo-related engineering jobs to apply for in SD County tonight which was surprising as this has always been the land of the autocad and military contracting EE elite.

Forgot that you are an old pro at selling BMW parts and I hope sales go well for you there in Dorothyland.

We are still in midst of winter and had a wind storm day before yesterday after the rains. A wet dust devil with it blew the entirety of my large gas BBQ grille part way across the yard which was rather impressive but disconcerting as it might just as easily have gone through the sliding glass door it was right next to and on top of my ever-screaming redheaded psychotenant and her 3 year old miniature replica. I'm not that mad at her ... yet. :p

Unlike the beach rentiers in San Diego, out here one must make do with whomever happens along .... :(
Posted by billsey   ( 881 ) on Jan-30-08 at 21:28:06 PST   Listings
No, I haven't yet gotten together with Bob. I'm hoping he'll be able to drop by my place in The Dalles one of these weekends, but the weather has been bad enough this year that I don't feel I should be asking him to travel...
Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-30-08 at 21:23:34 PST   Listings
billsey… Yep, my Chile sure needs work!

Did you ever hook up with Bob in WA to fix his computer? He seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

Posted by billsey   ( 881 ) on Jan-30-08 at 21:01:08 PST   Listings
Heh, a little thin there Jim... :-)

I wonder where the heck my Chile is? I think I left it all in one of my older Scott Internationals, and I think *they're* in a box downstairs in The Dalles. Since I'm in Manzanita I can't easily check though... IIRC I've got more 'first page' items than the others shown here, but get sketchy toward the early to mid 20th century. I know I'm missing the 50c lilac, and the 'burnt sienna' 5c of 1854. I'm also missing one of the two good overprints from the 1904 issues, and I think the 5p and 10p from 1910. After that my memory is vague, except for certain airmail and postage dues that I know aren't in there.

Chile was my last country before I started on Argentina, and it was Argentina that got my web pages started. I know I didn't go into the level of detail with Chile that I've done since ... though I did pick up a newer Socopo (1997) recently that will replace my 70s era example when it arrives.
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:58:19 PST   Listings
antonius-ra CYE.

Bill D.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:33:04 PST   Listings
NOIP… I thought I’d show my Chile page too.

Mighty nice stamps from Jeff, Mitch and Bill D.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:32:53 PST   Listings

ok, but what do you think my chances are (professional opinion) in just finding one? I have not checked yet on eBay, is there a used radio section or the like. Too tired to look tonite.


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:24:18 PST   Listings
Jeff Sorry I don't do GM. Mostly just Hondas and BMWs.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:19:48 PST   Listings
Bill D. Looking good! Your scans appear to be accurate in color. With a quick look at my dups I see a couple you could use. With a little more time I might find some others. If you like email me your snail mail address and they are yours.

Jeff Scanning with a Mac through photoshop might be the deal. That scan looks like something that has been tweeked with photoshop to me.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:17:22 PST   Listings

lluehhhb - I once had a classic Chile postal history sale catalog, the items were breathtaking. e-mail me via one of my lots with what you are looking for in covers, all my foreign is in storage but I would be glad to make the trip if I knew some specifics (that I could list through ebay of course) ;^


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:13:03 PST   Listings

Hi Mitch, I agree, mine is too dense and dark. Thanks for the comparison.

Re car parts, what is the chances of me finding an original radio/casette player with slider equalizer toggles for my 91 Buick park Ave? Mine burned up this fall.

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-30-08 at 20:12:50 PST   Listings
Hi all,

Nice to have a Chile night!

Jaywild You're welcome! I posted those covers some time ago, but maybe you missed the post. Well, it adds to the surprise!
The covers are here

Thank you for your words about the board archive. I haven't updated it in weeks... but I've been saving it. I have plans to reorganize it but I'll have to talk with Bill S. first (soon).

Bill D. and Jeff
Nice pages! you both managed to get a correctly identified copy of the rouletted 50c lilac shade. It's really common to get a bleached iolet one as the lilac.

If you think that Chilean stamps or postal history is ignored, you're wrong! prices are quite high for better items. Cancels on rouletted issues are in high demand. And classics with 4 margins may sell for multiples of catalog, specially for the first seven stamps.

Currently I'm trying to get into unexplored areas of postal history. I took the USA model of definitive series collecting (Prexies, Liberty series, etc) and I'm applying it here. A lot of fun and (more or less) cheap.
Posted by wrd3   ( 100 ) on Jan-30-08 at 19:53:17 PST   Listings
NOIP Interesting article on the BBC site about mail delivery in the Ivory Coast. Probably some interesting postal history items will come out of this.

Chile at the risk of showing the weakness of my Chile, here are the first 6 pages from my album (on Steiner's pages):
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Bill D.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 19:51:43 PST   Listings
Jeff Compare yours with my page The colors of mine on my monitor are qutie correct. All of yours seem to have a much deeper richer tone, which does not seem correct. I assure you that I have gone through hundreds of stamps to get the ones I have and depth of color is a priority (although I like many of your cancels better). I have filled that one space and will include in forthcoming update.
p.s. Can't help with all that techy scanner verbage <:~`)

Tom I just deleted a long post I made to you with an unconscious cut and paste.
Was curious as to your new title; "Real Estate Maggot"?
Thinks must be heating up in your area......
Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-30-08 at 19:49:51 PST   Listings
Duncan… Very nice acquisition!

I might suggest sending it to PSE with the same explanation you gave here. The Scott catalog is not the be-all-and-end-all. They make many mistakes of omission, in addition to other goofs, most admittedly minor. If you can get PSE to agree then a precedent will have been established, and eventually Scott will have to accept the change, although they may have to be dragged kicking and screaming to this realization.

And Colin the Helpful... Nice to see you here!!

Milenko... Thanks for the terrific October 5 covers, which arrived today. What a nice surprise.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 19:23:40 PST   Listings

Mitch - I scanned it on my Mac in photoshop with no tweaks. When I pulled it up on my 21" Dell CRT it looked great.

But online with a 21" HP flatscreen - diff computer - it looked coloring book harsh. So I tweaked the settings on my monitor until I hit a comparable match.

This new monitor gives me selections of 9300 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin (think that's photography light) something called custom and sRGB. each have a character of their own. Guess I need to find the dang manual??

And the stamps all do have deep color themselves. Probably the only page in the book that is completely filled in.


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 19:06:06 PST   Listings
Tom I don't really have any fresh stamps to offer.
I'm going to list car parts. They take up a lot more room and I'm getting quite crowded around here.

I got a headache reading thru all the recent ebay fee crap but it seems that they might be trying to make ebay stores more friendly?
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 19:01:55 PST   Listings
Jeff The scan looks very flat, nice job. That is really the big problem updating my site pages (removing pages). Wouldn't be quite so bad but the loose unmounted stamp variations in the margins are tricky to keep track of.

I have to think your scanner is not duplicating true color.
It seems to be better than reality.
I had a recent problem with a seller who's scanner wasn't showing me what I thought it should. He was gracious enough to refund my paypal payment when I questioned the stamp/scan.
The scanners I have had since the first P.O.S, I spent $750 12 years ago have been so much more accurate and infinitely cheaper.
Posted by postalviews   ( 4386 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:56:41 PST   Listings
Mitch Greetings! You are in a great position to list right now as you have what would be considered fresh material. Mine is all stale crackers at this point as I have not had time or money to buy much for quite a while as I play real estate magnate (or maggot?). You will enjoy your sales a great deal, of that I am sure!!! Best of success to you! :-)

Yep, those "new lower listing rates" are what one could refer to as a 'bun job'.

My lovely stamp, postal history and cancel collection of Chile is still here and yes, I would advise all that it is indeed a very nice country to collect.
Posted by postalviews   ( 4386 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:49:02 PST   Listings
Guess I will apply for a bunch of engineering jobs instead, what the hey.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:46:36 PST   Listings
Hiya Tom I would think.......list list list.
Most people probably think they should wait till Feb 20 for the "new lower rates".
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:43:31 PST   Listings
I presume that there will be major changes to the Feedback changes that were announced, whichever committee planned them needs to be replaced with ones with brains,

David B.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:41:53 PST   Listings

Mitch: Thanks. The settings likely aren't correct as you an tell from the tone of the paper which is a bit yellow over the years but not as dark as that. It is a fairly cheap Epson Stylus CX6400, don't think it is made any more, was about $90.

It was a biatch trying to scan a page from a bound old 1930 Scott, part of the binding separated from the signatures. Don't think I will try that again.


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:37:32 PST   Listings
Jeff Nice showing! Does your scanner have a rose colored bed (like rose colored glasses).
Nice, deep coloration in those.
What kind is it, I want one?!?
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:28:14 PST   Listings

CHILE from my little brown Scotts

Hi AR + JW, nice to see you back

IO & DB, thanks for the primer on ivory heads, I have found it really interesting.

There is a similar silly phenomenon in Canada, that is the 2c Map stamps of 1898. There is a so-called muddy water variety which usually gets asked high prices by the uninitiated, but it is in fact a color changling, some attribute it to a natural oxidation-type process. I'll see if I can locate one on ebay here or elsewhere.


Posted by postalviews   ( 4386 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:20:33 PST   Listings
Shall I list, or shall I be listless, that is the question.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:16:14 PST   Listings
Jeff I did not know Silver had gone to $20 oz yet.
I'd bid on it but can't bear to read the voluminous disertation. Besides, the shipping is nearly four times the value of the item, that is when Silver gets to $20.
I wonder who it is that's backing that.
Seems a bit vague and possible illegal.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:04:08 PST   Listings

who are the dumbest, the ones that list them or the ones that buy them,

David B.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 18:02:51 PST   Listings



Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 17:51:49 PST   Listings
Milenko The EUSC owes you thanks for archiving the board.
I found your link to last years posts quite entertaining and
I will be updating my Chile pages in the near future.
I am suprised that some world wide collectors ignore this country. Just look at a map or google earth. Roads are few and far between. For a narrow strip of land that is 4/5ths as tall as the U.S. is wide, postal complications combined with unending political strife must have been
extremely strained. I would think it to be one of the great, but mostly ignored postal history areas on the planet. It is no wonder why they issued so many airmail stamps! South America in general seems to be somewhat ignored. A shame as they have some of the most beautiful stamps ever issued.

CYE in a bit
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-30-08 at 17:47:00 PST   Listings

I've seen some absolute crap in my time, but some of your links leave me almost speechless.

The only good thing about the auctions is that most sellers start them at GBP 0.99 which is a lot more than they are worth (to me) in US$.
Posted by poppadawg   ( 805 ) on Jan-30-08 at 17:43:11 PST   Listings
NOIP Anyone here have any experience with the auction site StampWants dot com.?
Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 133 ) on Jan-30-08 at 17:00:36 PST   Listings
More about the ribbed Confederate stamp...

I had seen the ribbing on CSA stamps described during the huge discussion about ribbed stamps at Richard Frajola's site. Someone might even have posted a scan.

My Scott Specialized data (from 2003) mentions it too, but dismisses its existence. There, it is referred to as laid paper - I guess there's a difference but that is somewhat of a disputed issue too, but either way, it refers to the parallel lines in the paper.

At the introduction to CSA #11 Scott says, "The so-called laid paper is probably due to thick streaky gum." and adds, in parentheses "(These notes also apply to No 12)."

The coolest thing is, this stamp has gum streaks, too! There are wide striations from the gum, slightly fanned out across the stamp, the fan shape being wider on the left side. In the scan you can see a brown stain from the gum on the left margin, and you can see the gum striation sloping slightly downward from there and passing just above Jefferson Davis' eye.

The ribbing (or laid paper lines) don't show when the stamp is dipped in watemark fluid, but that's probably due to the transparency of the pelure paper, everything shows dark.

However, when the stamp is wet from the fluid, the face of the stamp is highly reflective and when held at an angle with light bouncing off the reflective surface, the gum stiations show up quite nicely but there are no parallel lines visible.

One curious thing, though, when held up to the light it's tough to be sure if the parallel lines are there, but tilt the translucent paper so that the light travels through it at an angle, and the lines do show, but not as clearly as in the scan. That might be partly due to the fact that, with gum on the back, the stamp is a bit curled, making it a bit more difficult to examine, but in the scanner it is pressed more flat.

Somehow the scanner and the dark background really made the lines pop out, a very happy accident.


Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-30-08 at 16:56:46 PST   Listings
Ivory Heads,

take 2,






without scan of backs of stamps



missing Ivory Heads,

Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-30-08 at 16:43:50 PST   Listings
IO, the mint hinged, mint lightly hinged, mint never hinged asect is more to to with the commercial side of stamp collecting not the study of the item, however if a collector wants to spend the premium then so bit it plus it keeps the regummers in luxury.

David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1043 ) on Jan-30-08 at 16:36:25 PST   Listings
Jeff S… Interesting about the “buyer” of those Golden Replica FDCs—of the last 11 feedbacks he received, 9 have been from wesellnow, who sold those FDCs. And all items have been vastly different; dolls, switchplates, autographed baseballs. Sounds suspiciously like Ima Shill & Co.

Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-30-08 at 16:34:19 PST   Listings

About as important as whether a stamp is mint hinged or mint never hinged.
Do people really admire the view of an unsullied back of a mint stamp?

Admitedly, the presence of the ivory head depends on the printing process, rather than the whims of previous collectors.
Posted by duncan_doenitz   ( 133 ) on Jan-30-08 at 16:33:33 PST   Listings
Here's an interesting recent purchase, and I'm looking for any information that will advance the story.

First, just for kicks, the auction scan, which didn't give a clue as to what would be found...


Then an explanation. the seller mentioned that it was a ribbed stamp, CSA #12.

Well, it is a nice example of #12, and it was a decent price. When I received it, my first thought was that the seller was mistaken about the ribbing. I figured he saw striations from the gum, and I noticed that the embossing from the intaglio press was evident in a few spots when seen from the back, where the cross hatching surrounds the portrait. However, it was on thin translucent pelure paper, so that was a nice bonus and I was happy.

Then I scanned the stamp for my records, and the ribbing showed up in the scanner image! I mean, it REALLY showed up!


(Oops, more later, got to go place a bid.)

Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-30-08 at 16:20:13 PST   Listings


It is very hard to define what an Ivory Head is as it has been used to describe any area of ghosting on the reverse of the stamp whether or not it is very light or dark. It is about time that the catalogues dropped it from their listings as it is confusing and philatelically almost unimportant.

David B.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-30-08 at 14:31:02 PST   Listings
Ooooppps ---Southern Route started May 20,1939 and flew from Port Washington to the Azores not Bermuda ,should of look at my cover collection first .Ken's ticket is Sept 5 1938.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-30-08 at 14:17:20 PST   Listings
KEN SRAIL Wonderful ticket with the revenue usage .Your ticket is a gem to a Clipper cover collector or a Pan Am buff .Should realize a nice price from someone who is showing Bermuda airmails or Clipper flights on the Southern Route .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-30-08 at 13:51:32 PST   Listings
LLUEHHHB------Never spent any money on Chile ,just got the early stuff with pen cancels and cut into on the sides ,the kind of material found in a general collection.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:55:52 PST   Listings
Colin Wow! thats a lot of stuff to move. Good on you, and good on P&O ! I know what you mean about busy now you are retired, I retired 2 years ago, but what with my eBaying (I have 2 selling IDs), and looking after my sick husband, and volunteering part time at the local Charity Shop as a sorter I am kept quite busy.

I have, in the past, tried other sites. Lots of sellers but the buyers do not know these sites exist!!

Linda, off to the Shop!
Posted by alexiosp   ( 249 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:54:04 PST   Listings
thank you for the tip about Paulo. I hope that I will get a response. If not I will contact him throu ebay.
Posted by malolo   ( 877 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:47:21 PST   Listings
Aloha -
Weather news from West Hawaii. Hail landed during a heavy thunderstorm within three miles of the airport! Many residents who ran outside had never seen hail before and thought it was great. Long time residents remember hail around 1970, long time no see. As side effect of the cooler overnight temperatures - I presently have on long sweat pants while typing this post. First time this winter! No need to close the windows yet as it will warm up later today. )'>)

I was looking for examples of ivory head from my GB that I sold on eBay, but didn't scan the reverse sides as I didn't expect higher than normal bidding.

Swiss Razor Cancels
Posted by xzephyr   ( 996 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:42:57 PST   Listings

This is a separate post, just in case it is controversial. You are right, of course, the fee for the Gallery has just been added to the FLF, along with a bit more.

I have just sold one cheap lot on a stamp trader site which cost me $5 for 150 lots for a year with no FLF! But eBay has all the people watching. Other sites do not have their clientele.

Colin the cheapskate

Posted by xzephyr   ( 996 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:42:29 PST   Listings

Thanks for the “welcome back”! For a while I have felt that I had nothing positive to add to the discussions. I guess I read all the board, but sometimes miss a few days due to pressure of work! My mind boggles at some of the goings on on this board and I tend to forget how “discussions” started – so I try to keep off my hobby horses, politically, morally and religiously defined.

Although retired, I end up doing lots of voluntary work and acting as IT consultant of my wife and others! Tomorrow we are loading a 38 ton articulated lorry with medical and other supplies for Romania, and the weather forecast is very windy with showers. An all day job, but it is so rewarding recycling all sorts of items not now wanted in the UK. P & O have reequipped their liner “Aurora” and we have received 600 single mattresses along with sheets, blankets, pillowcases and bed covers. Heaving all that lot about keeps me fit (or fit to drop!)

Superman Colin!

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:27:30 PST   Listings
Alexiosp The resident Italian expert here is ebayer "Vonbag" so hopefully Paulo will see your question and respond if no one else here can help you. If not you can try contacting Paulo via ebay. Paulo is Italian but lives in the Netherlands and speaks pretty good English.But also participates in a few Italian speaking Forums so he would be better placed than most to ask there for you if need be. Though a scan as a link to your cover/ cancel in question may prove beneficial to obtaining you a much better answer.
Posted by alexiosp   ( 249 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:18:27 PST   Listings
Hi all, I have a question in regard with Italian pre-phelatelic postal history: Does anybody out there know anything about the 'Salonico' postmark used by the Neapolitan Post on incoming mail from Salonica in the years 1764-5? Thanks is advance!
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:11:03 PST   Listings

Yes, they're called "Cabeza de Marfil" (it's the same as "Ivory Head"). You can find them in the 5c value from the first and second London prints.

Yes, they're collected and have some extra value, but they're of a secondary interest. Main is the color shade (and margins of course).

There are some pricey ones: when the blueing is omitted. I recall seeing just one in a local auction several years ago.
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:08:53 PST   Listings
Mark my words here. This is step #1 in EBay setting up an internal clearinghouse for higher priced items.

Of course, this will provide an opportunity to nip both parties of a percent or two more on each deal......
Posted by dbenson   ( 8819 ) on Jan-30-08 at 12:03:51 PST   Listings

are the Ivory Heads of Columbus on the Blued paper issues of Chile collected and what are they called in Spanish,

David B.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-30-08 at 11:50:29 PST   Listings

Just for curiosity, do you have some classic Chile to show?
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-30-08 at 11:42:15 PST   Listings
MIKE IN OTTAWA no problem ,glad to have you on board ,this chat room just gets off subject every once in awhile.It was a different poster who brought up the blueing on British stamps and that led into the Ivory Heads discussion ,but it was your remark that got me to take a closer look at that catalog,thanks .
Posted by theottawamike   ( 173 ) on Jan-30-08 at 11:15:57 PST   Listings
STAMPS12345 - Sorry, I didn't mean to duplicate information you had already provided. And thank-you for your most enthusiastic response to a question I don't recall asking (big grin!). Actually, I am reasonably familiar with ivory heads. I've always considered them to be accidental. The agents were added intentionally, of course, but I don't believe the intent was to produce the ivory head effect, so in that sense, an accidental "side effect" if you will. Also, it goes to prove that philatelists will collect and study anything that just looks cool.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 668 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:53:35 PST   Listings
Alec There has been a lot of talk on the community boards about a boycott on listings for the first couple days of the new MUCH HIGHER FEES (feb 20).
I doubt enough people will pay attention to that to make ebay turn its head.

I'm getting ready to start listing tomorrow. I'd like to get as much listed before the new fees take place.

I wish CNN would do a little math here and report the facts of this new ebay sham. EBay seems to think we are as stupid as the politicians do.
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:30:29 PST   Listings
laumpc, I've (maybe wrongly) assumed that my auctions are targeted because of my approach (start everything at $0.01 with no reserve, even the $1,000+ items.) The high bid counts & high prices draw attention (even early on,) and all that "action" probably gives crooks confidence they could easily fence the items...
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:21:19 PST   Listings


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:20:27 PST   Listings

Not much of an investment


Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:12:24 PST   Listings
Every time eBay makes a change there are boycott threats. I'm sure there will be boycott threats over this too (which won't amount to anything, like all the others.)

What surprises me is that I believe eBay is honestly trying to react to competitive threats (like Amazon) and the on-going decline in listings, ASP & sell-through. Hiking FVFs by 20-70% is not the way to go about that!

Posted by laumpc   ( 2982 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:10:30 PST   Listings
Ken - do you have the PayPal flag turned on in your listings?
Posted by laumpc   ( 2982 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:07:25 PST   Listings
Ken - have you try using pre=approved bidder list on high priced items? Just to see if the bidders are willing to go thru the process of getting approval?

My friend often sells items over $500 in a different category and does not seem to have any problems.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:04:50 PST   Listings
NOIP With the forthcoming drastic price hike for sellers has the time come for ebay sellers to act en masse and boycott ebay as a selling venue ?
I don't really sell that much on ebay and so despite the increase in fees I will in all probability continue to sell via ebay as and when the urge takes me.
Yes I know there are other selling venues available but few I feel offer the same amount of potential bidders as ebay does at the moment. As for the feedback system I can't say I really care one way or the other. I shall continue to leave feedback once paid the same as I have alwyas done. I don't think the abuse of the feedback system is so prevelant in the stamp community. I for one have certainly never had anyone threaten to blackmail me with a negative feedback if I refused a refund or price reduction.

Paul Always nice to add a variety to the collection. I don't know if that is a known flaw or just a one off accident. I don't have a SG for anything past 1952 to tell you anything more.
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-30-08 at 10:00:29 PST   Listings
laumpc, they obviously can determine an account has been hacked and cancel an auction within seconds of the fraudulent bid being placed. Why can't they do that BEFORE the bid is placed?

As I said before, MORE THAN 50% OF MY AUCTIONS which go >$500 never get completed. That level of fraud (eBay cancellations, NPB's, etc.) is mind-boggling. Do any other large ticket-item sellers lurk here? If so, how often do your >$500 sales end up experiencing problems?

Posted by laumpc   ( 2982 ) on Jan-30-08 at 09:31:20 PST   Listings
Ken - if eBay simply adopts the BOA strategy of displaying a personally selected picture to help validate you are on the real site, this will help to minimize the spoof sites. A very simple fix. Instead, eBay spends their programming dollars elsewhere on stuff we don't need.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3866 ) on Jan-30-08 at 09:00:16 PST   Listings

Ken - I don't know anything about its value, but I always enjoy the philatelic esoteric, thanks for the post


Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-30-08 at 07:36:43 PST   Listings
Paul, your Bermuda post reminded me of this 1938 Pan American Airways ticket (size = 122kb). I know very little about Bermuda -- is this an unusual usage? Even if it is, will anyone care? For those who want to see the inside of the ticket, here you go! (size = 220kb).
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1465 ) on Jan-30-08 at 06:57:46 PST   Listings
Still no home computer :8^(
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-30-08 at 06:29:42 PST   Listings
NEAT FIND Found this variety this morning ,will write it up today and add it to my collection . C of cent on this overprint of BERMUDA---defect.....paul
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-30-08 at 05:18:37 PST   Listings
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Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-30-08 at 05:17:07 PST   Listings
brad, for example...yesterday 5 of my lots "vanished" (out of the 26 I listed.) Those 5 were moderately expensive items, collectively selling for over $5,100 at the time eBay ended the listings. eBay did this because of fraudulent bidding (have I mentioned that fraud is a real problem on eBay?) ANY TIME I have lots which go over $500, there's a >50% chance the sale will never be completed (the 10c Trans-Miss PB8 I was selling -- and was ended by eBay -- has had this happen TWICE to it, both times when it went >$1,500). eBay better get their arms around the fraud problem and fix it (especially if they think large sellers will pay 30-60% more to use their website after Feb 20th.)

My understanding, after talking with my powerseller rep and someone from "Trust and Safety," is that it works something like this -- (1) someone falls for one of the spoof sites and enters all their eBay & PayPal info, (2) the crook searches out expensive items that are closing, and places a flurry of bids using the hijacked account, (3) the crook uses the hijacked PayPal account to pay for items, being careful to change the shipping address (usually to a PO box or other untraceable address), (4) crook gets the item, hijacked account owner gets the bill, seller eventually loses the money from the sale for shipping to non-confirmed address.

If the crook is quick enough, they get away with it. This is the reason eBay immediately (and completely) removes all lot information when they detect fraudulent bidding -- it prevents the crook from paying directly for the items using the hijacked PayPal account.

Posted by 220man   ( 167 ) on Jan-30-08 at 05:07:11 PST   Listings
Yippee! Got an email this morning that I've won the GLOBAL LOTTERY!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-30-08 at 04:53:40 PST   Listings
MIKE in OTTAWA I mention that catalog a week ago ,nice pictures plus a reference source .

It has a nice GREAT BRITIAN engraved issue of 1841-1854 lot better called the IVORY HEADS .Those ivory heads come in blue,intense blue ,greenish,lavender head,lavender ,pale blue,reverse bluing ,brown head, a very intense blue ,pale,and a fine detail blue .

The handmade paper used for printing the one penny of 1841 was not naturally blued,as I stated earlier in a posting here.The fugitive ink used in the printing contained prussiate of potash.The statment earlier that it was a chemical reaction is correct ,I leave it to David B. and Iomoon to figure if its a "accident or not " " .

On printing the damened paper disolved this and precipated prussian blue.If the disfussion was not fast enough only part contacted was dyed ,leaving an IVORY HEAD on the tightly inked parts.Also aging and gum chemicals interaction have also increase of the variety ..........hope this explains this better than what was posted earlier ......paul

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-30-08 at 03:20:28 PST   Listings
Colin the Gallery pics will not be free, they will just be charged for in the exhorbitant final value fees sellers will have to pay.

Overall the fee structures have changed a lot, but bottom line is the seller will have to pay eBay more to list and sell an item on ebay.usa

Nice to see you posting on the board tho!..:o)

Posted by xzephyr   ( 996 ) on Jan-30-08 at 03:01:22 PST   Listings

Thanks for posting the new eBay changes Mark. I can see value in protecting buyers against retaliatory feedback. I have ceased to sell on eBay because of their and Paypal fees on low value items – which most of mine have been as all my best items were sold yonks ago – but I like to keep up to date and am glad to know I would have to pay more in Final Value Fees. When I buy I like to see the gallery pictures and their being free will help sellers and will help me when I buy, which I do very occasionally. Thanks again.

Colin the grateful

Posted by sayasan   ( 742 ) on Jan-30-08 at 02:00:09 PST   Listings
d1, d2, Linda - Many thanks! Sorry I got the number wrong, but Linda, that's the right flight - many thanks. To be honest, I'm now not sure that the "D George" who navigated that flight was the philatelist I'm thinking of, as the chartered plane started at Singapore, and Eustis must have carried the Burma covers himself on a commercial flight from Rangoon to Singapore. So it may not be worth probing any further, as this Mr George has no clear Burma connection. Must just be a coincidence in the names ... But thanks for all your help on this - it's useful to eliminate possibilities! Appreciated.


Posted by theottawamike   ( 173 ) on Jan-30-08 at 01:44:25 PST   Listings
A small contribution:

I was visiting a friend today who had the Harmer auction catalogue for this month. Some wonderful BCom on offer, including a page of rather spectacular GB ivory heads.

Posted by brad   ( 523 ) on Jan-29-08 at 20:15:10 PST   Listings
lluehhhb --- thanks.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-29-08 at 20:13:21 PST   Listings

Some time ago I was looking for a snipe service for Delcampe, and found Snippy's. I've tested it in 5 delcampe lots and everything went good.

Now I'm going to test it for ebay Germany. I've been a long time user of eSnipe, but I've always tought that the charge for non-US dollars auctions is unfair ($1 plain rate per lot). Snippy charges 0,1 EUR per every 10 EUR final price!
I'll report the results later.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-29-08 at 20:05:47 PST   Listings

when ebay cancels an auction, they "vanish" from the system. Maybe that was the case. When a seller cancels its own auctions, they stay in the watching list and in the system.
Posted by postalviews   ( 4386 ) on Jan-29-08 at 20:03:51 PST   Listings
it will backfire badly,
Posted by postalviews   ( 4386 ) on Jan-29-08 at 20:02:36 PST   Listings
Just got the fees changes, what a huge load of horse manure,
Posted by brad   ( 522 ) on Jan-29-08 at 19:52:34 PST   Listings
I had 2 items in my watch list today that seemed to have just vanished. Anyone know how or why that happens?
Posted by billsey   ( 879 ) on Jan-29-08 at 19:24:10 PST   Listings
With as many good references as there are for classic Romania, it's hard to believe there have been so many bidders. Though I guess they could all be going for that center 6P, which might be genuine (though it only catalogs at $4.50 in my older Scott).
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 19:19:58 PST   Listings

jay-jim: that's what you get for looking for them gee-raffs!


Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 19:02:34 PST   Listings
Sniped by Jeff-raff… I guess I should refresh the board before I post…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 19:01:27 PST   Listings
D2 & Io… Thanks for the background on the blue-tinted Victoria stamps. I have wondered about them from time to time (I have one on an Oct 5 cover) and now I know the story.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:39:41 PST   Listings

Thank you IO and DB for the info on the ivory heads and blueing.


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:37:23 PST   Listings

apropos logo


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:36:36 PST   Listings
off to school ,they finish class at 9 and start fighting ,off to find a fight for tonight .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:28:00 PST   Listings
MITCH ----It was real funny when the owner came on this board and stated the SALK sheet had ink in some places and was considered a freak ----remembering laughing so hard that I fell on the floor .Can I sue the club for injuries .
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:23:42 PST   Listings
LLUEHHHB -----Thanks for that link
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:22:15 PST   Listings
Paul You did not get the last laugh. You were not in on any joke because there was none. You simply called that person a liar for days on end. When the sheet proved to be legitimate you offered no apology just your same old B.S.
The only joke was you and as usual not funny.
Get a life, somewhere other than here.
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:05:38 PST   Listings
by the way, here in the board archives (Jan-29-07 to Feb-04-07 week) are some post about that (after the sheet was checked by linn's).

And in the same page you can find another of the epic threads of the board: The Venezuela ESCUELAS stamps.

another interesting reading are the Jonathan Dean Posts and his family members, but they're in other pages.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 18:04:25 PST   Listings
LLUEHHHB------Thats right first I thought it was someone playing around on a computer graphic software picture ,then Dana point out there was two not one printing of the black colors.Thats when I question the whole thing and told the guy it had no value which it didn't.-----If i remember right I got the last laugh and Mitch said I was in on the joke from the beginning ......he who laughs last laughs best .

It had to be real because its stupid and a federal crime to print a U.S.stamp

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:54:34 PST   Listings

Since you asked, I remember clearly that you insisted that the sheet was a fake and/or the picture was altered, and called the poster a liar.

And yes, it was a badly printed sheet, more a variety than an error, but it was real after all.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:46:53 PST   Listings
Io, thanks for that, I have never come across that comment before that it was added to the paper, that makes a lot more sense,

David B.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:45:13 PST   Listings
Io, I have never thought that Ivory Heads were of much philatelic interest and just more like a curiosity as they are extremely common especially those from the earlier printings on deeply blued paper. Gibbons lists them as s.g. 8h with a premium from 15 Pounds to 22 Pounds and if they had a MX cancel they cat. them at 45 Pounds and most Ivory Heads have a MX cancel, wonder if that also adds another premium. They list the 1841 2d. at 75 Pounds & 85 with Ivory Head but with a Black MX then it shoots out to 200 Pounds,

David B.

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:44:09 PST   Listings

A slight correction.
Prussiate of potash was not added to the ink, it was added to the paper during the printing process.
An article on the use of Raman spectroscopy by, among others, David Beech, indicates that it is a useful technique for distinguishing forgeries.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:41:56 PST   Listings
WAIT A MINUTE JAY ------You got the whole story wrong .

Others here can verify this the JONAS SALK sheet was not a error as judged by the editiors of LINN'S .It was a printing freak of little or no value --------JAY,YOUR 100% WRONG ON THIS ------ask Mitch or Dana {who corrected me on the inking of that sheet},,,,come on ,somebody can confirm this

Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:32:55 PST   Listings

Only Lowe, who states that it was an anti-reuse device, by indicating stamps that had cancels removed.


Worthwhile to give as a kid's present, nothing more.
Though someone may buy for its historical interest.
It won't reach the same prices as John Lennon's childhood stamp album.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:30:07 PST   Listings
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:29:36 PST   Listings
Soler Welcome to the stamp chat. You would do well to know that most stamps are of little value. I am not familliar with the "Thunderjet" stamp album but it sounds like something a kid would collect in. Even stamps that are 75 years old usually have little value. Usually kids don't have a lot of spare change to buy stamps of value.
There are really no free websites that show stamps and values. You could try your local library referencing Scott Stamp Catalogs.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:28:39 PST   Listings
Soler, Im not familiar with that particular brand of album, sounds like a kids album. If it was from the 1950s-60s-70s the paper used is usually of such poor quality, turns yellow, and would not be used by a serious collector today.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:27:15 PST   Listings

have you got any references why Prussiate of Potash was added in the ink in 1841 and also to the various fiscals, some of which were used for postage and the high values in 1882 & 1883-4,

David B.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:19:12 PST   Listings
how about Stamp album ..... "Thunderjet" Stamp Album 267 illustrations Spaces for 900 Stamps
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:16:40 PST   Listings
I thought due to being an old book of stamp it would lead some interest :(. IS there any website were they can give you market value of stamps and staff like these?
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:14:11 PST   Listings
SOLER.. since the 1970s Gibbons have also done a lot of re-editing and re-numbering of some countries. Therefore your catalogue, apart from the obvious outdated prices, will also have outdated numbers for many stamps. Definately paper waste now. Sorry.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:11:34 PST   Listings
Jeff S… What silly giraffe? I don’t see no giraffe…

Posted by iomoon   ( 1058 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:09:09 PST   Listings
The "Ivory heads" were not caused by "accident".

They were caused by a chemical reaction.
Prussiate of potash was added to the paper.
The red ink of the GB Victorian penny reds reacted with the paper to produce the blue coloration.
The lesser amount of red ink used for Vicky's head did not react to the same degree.
Thus on the back of the stamp, the deep red background of the front of the stamp appears blue, whereas the head appears white.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:08:33 PST   Listings
1234 et alia… Now it’s my turn to be surprised, as you claim to be by the tone set here. If the bar is low it’s because you squatted in the mud to put it there.

Do you remember the verbal thrashing you gave member patina when he brought a Jonas Salk error sheet to get the board’s opinion? That’s right, you called him a liar many times, and even after his sheet was adjudged a true error and written up in Linn’s, you did not apologize for your behavior. Previous to that I had always thought of you as a harmless blowhard. That point was when I began to actively oppose you, because I felt, as I still do, that you are a serious detriment to both the hobby and this chatboard.

You might want to pass that Salk reference along to stamphick, who seems ready to confer sainthood on you. Perhaps it will jog his memory, but most likely not. I get the impression he has an ax to grind and thus will be unimpressed.

Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:08:21 PST   Listings
soler, sorry such an old out of date catalogue has very little 'value' at all.
Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:05:44 PST   Listings
way out = of no value?
Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:04:58 PST   Listings
soler, not much, too outdated, much more info has been added since 1970 and the prices will be way out,

David B.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:03:30 PST   Listings
no dirt about a PERSONAL life was thrown, only items available to the general world wide public were mentioned so.. nothing to fear, its PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE
Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:03:11 PST   Listings

This is the message I wrote,

" Alex,

this makes interesting reading,


Just a minor question, apart from Paul do you have any friends, "

David B.

You will see it is addressed to Alex, shame on all the others who opened the link, it was supposed to be a private message.

Posted by soler19m   ( 12 ) on Jan-29-08 at 17:01:49 PST   Listings
stanley gibbons priced postage stamp catalogue part one british commonwealth ireland and south africa 72nd edition 1970

somebody knows the really value of this book in good condition pls
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 16:51:45 PST   Listings
mini----you lost me ,how is it right to throw dirt about someones personnel life and call it right and you have nothing to fear ?
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 16:31:12 PST   Listings
1234 I have a postcard, framed, on my desk. It was published by Marlborough Co in Australia ca.1910 I believe. It is a motto, and one I try to live by.

Sadly, I know I do not always succeed, but I do try. :o)
Posted by thebriguy1   ( 64 ) on Jan-29-08 at 16:24:43 PST   Listings
LOL!....so you want to take the class found here one level lower?
I can do it. :o)
Frequently my father would look at me and just shake his head, saying:
Boy, you was born without a scrap of "couth".
Just go find Maarten and get some of his finer whisk(e)ys.
That ought to speed up the process.
I warn you though, I'm told I'm one of those jovial hug everyone drunks.

I looooove you maaaaan!
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 16:12:22 PST   Listings
MINI-----Im surprised by you, one who values the rights of each member ,to let this kind of dirt start on your beloved chat room is shocking just shocking .
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 16:08:22 PST   Listings
1234 grow up, wikipedia is www.wikipedia... ... those www's stand for World Wide Web.. so NOTHING private was posted here...
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 15:53:43 PST   Listings
SAYASAN and MINI-LINDY --------To answer your questions ,no it was not about Mr. Gee ,it was the infomation posted by DAVID B. about another member of this chat board .

I think it is in poor taste to dig around the internet into someones personel life and bring that information into this chat room .This leave the door wide open to go into someone financial,marriage and divorce records and other things about their family and put it here. Is this part of the community values you talk about ?


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 15:17:08 PST   Listings

Thanks all for your patience on my silly gaffe


Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 15:10:56 PST   Listings
worry-raff, that link just goes to a gmail sign in page :)
Posted by bjornmu   ( 970 ) on Jan-29-08 at 15:10:34 PST   Listings
Yes, the URL just end with "/mail/?ui=1", which is clearly generic. Your browser's cookies will be used to go to your mailbox if you're logged in. Anyone else who'se reading their gmail using the same browser will see their mailbox. I just see a login page.

It's like the the "My eBay" page, the URL is the same for everyone, but if you're loggeg in, you will see your watch list etc.
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-29-08 at 15:05:55 PST   Listings
jeff...It is harmless. When anyone else clicks the link it doesn't go to your email account, only to their own if they have oneor to the gmail signin page.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 14:54:14 PST   Listings

I just did a test, when I am signed into my email then the STAMP WANTS link goes to my open email inbox.

That's not good.

Or is that something that is going on internally in my computer??


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 14:35:41 PST   Listings

Bjorn - thanks, didn't know that. whew....

No thanks to the eBay trolls


Posted by bjornmu   ( 970 ) on Jan-29-08 at 14:27:22 PST   Listings
Jeff-raff, don't worry, it's a simple generic URL and only you will see your email, others might see their own if they use gmail.
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 14:21:56 PST   Listings

would some of you mind reporting my STAMP WANTS post below, it links to my email and 5 requests by me have not accomplished it



Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 14:01:10 PST   Listings

I have been looking for his email address, I have checked everywhere I could think of but now better try to see if my wife has it, she has everyone's card,

David B.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:47:21 PST   Listings
oppps I should mention those prices may be out of date, thats a 1997 edition of the catalogue~~!
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:45:20 PST   Listings
Richard, the AAMC reference you are looking for is probably this one.. 1690-1705 1969,December.

Sorry I do not have any contacts within the Air Mail Society now.
David, perhaps you could introduce Richard to Tom Frommer ?

1234 are you referring to comments I made on this board about Australia's most famous forger, David Gee? If so, all information I posted was quoted direct from one of the books published on his life as a forger, and is public knowledge...
If YOU have something to say, say it, dont pussyfoot around about someone said something...

Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:41:29 PST   Listings

Try this:


Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:40:37 PST   Listings

that was scary, I just linked my email inbox!!

Posted by bjornmu   ( 970 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:34:04 PST   Listings
Volcano alert: Nicaragua official airmail on cover front to Norway 1939.
Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:32:14 PST   Listings

1608. Papua New Guinea-Hong Kong -

Eustis 1608 : 1967 14 Sep Qantas with boeing 707 VH-EBS included Port Moresby as an intermediate on the Sydney-Hong Kong route. Souvenir covers carried on Manila and Hong Kong, backstamped.


Posted by de66   ( 1184 ) on Jan-29-08 at 13:19:04 PST   Listings

I am registered with Tradera in Sweden not had a problem yet.

Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-29-08 at 12:18:55 PST   Listings
Alex -
"And you dare talking about fair judgment, Roger?

I think everyone should take a look at your history on other forums via Google. Being fair minded I think you should stick with translations and music (which I assume is acceptable), Your interpersonal relationships on the net seems in need of serious modifications probably requiring counseling.

My recommendation to anyone reading this Board is silence. (I know I responded, but judges have that responsiblity.)


Brudda, you gotta font size envy?

Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1464 ) on Jan-29-08 at 12:03:25 PST   Listings
Posted by sayasan   ( 742 ) on Jan-29-08 at 12:00:54 PST   Listings
Alex, please take your flame wars somewhere else.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 10:32:59 PST   Listings

For your information, I never participated in any other philatelic board before coming to this one.

Everyone who tried to edit a controversial page in Wikipedia would run into some kind of trouble with their admins -- this is a common knowledge. Currently, I use, edit and tranlate Wikipedia articles as usual.

Goofed again, Gooffalo.

You don't come here for huntin', do ya?
Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-29-08 at 10:32:12 PST   Listings

thank you for posting that site. I found a nice coin and emailed it to a collector friend in UK.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-29-08 at 10:23:31 PST   Listings
Yes I know the Tradera auction site. A little difficult to follow but once you know the Swedish philatelic terms and names not so hard to find your way around. The hardest part with Tradera for buyers at least is that very few will accept Paypal as a payment method. They have a somewhat similar system called Payson but I have never used it. I have bought via Tradera before but I have friends in Sweden who helped me with the payment.
Posted by sayasan   ( 742 ) on Jan-29-08 at 10:14:10 PST   Listings
Folks in Oz - Linda, Charles Leski was helpful - thanks. Turns out that David George was the navigator on the 1969 flight from Burma. Might be a coincidence of names, but ... I need to ask two favours -

Can anyone suggest a friendly committee member of the Australian Airmail Society that I could email to see if someone can tell me more? I've googled the Soc but can't locate an email address.

Also, does anyone actually have an edition of the Australian Airmail Catalogue, and can quote/scan me the info on Eustis 1608? Or at least the names of the peole involved? If not, no problem, but any help appreciated. Thanks.

Paul - Whose personal details were posted on the board? Are you referring to David Gee's date of birth?

Didn't know that paranoia could be elevated to a political outlook. "To find this ubiquitous propaganda on this board was the last straw to break camel's back." OK, bye ...

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:56:41 PST   Listings
NOIP… An amusing story out of Wall Street this morning.

Morgan Stanley has decided to stop using the terms “write-offs” or “losses” when describing the worthless subprime investments that keep piling up on their balance sheets. Instead they are implementing a system of “reclassifying” these “assets” in various levels they have created especially for the current crisis. So instead of a package of junk mortgages being “worthless” it is now merely “reclassified” to a LEVEL 3 status.

Presumably under this system LEVEL 4 would be kitchen garbage, LEVEL 5 sewage.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:53:44 PST   Listings

Anyone familiar with this auction site in Sweden ?


Posted by abuynsellshop   ( 46 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:45:57 PST   Listings
Hello, I am new to the stamp thing I bought a collection from an estate would like to know where I can get info on stamp values with pics so I can match them up is there a place like this Please help and thanks alot
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3865 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:23:16 PST   Listings

I think we in the stamp trade here, also the post card sellers, are much better off than regular merchandisers who sell everyday things, electronics, jewelry, just stuff. In spite of a few spoiled sales a year (very few, and mostly my fault) for me it doesn't compare to what a retail merchant looses in a storefront through pilferage etc.

And really the cost to sell on eBay is advantageous (for me) compared to doing a show circuit or having a shop with all the expenses. I do a couple shows a year which are well worthwhile. But I can't sit at a show in my PJs like now and work. I will have to take a closer look at what I put up for auction or Buy-it-Now, or store listing. There are advantages to all 3 depending on what one has. It is easy to dwell on the misgivings encountered selling here. There are also advantages if we look for them and exploit them.

As to feedback I assume sellers will still be able to offer a counter reply to negs received. The reason for the introduction of the eBay star system of 4 categories is clear now.

I think most eBay feedback ratings are higher than storefront retail merchants would get in a similar circumstance. I am thinking what rating I would give my last excursion to Wal-Mart, or Dairy Queen, or Sears would be.

A lot has changed here since trading Pez dispensers.

Starting to ramble, bad cold and sinus meds...


Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:23:09 PST   Listings
Geez that is pretty sad. I thought ebay was going to lower fees. Only a complete idiot could believe they have.
If you list something to start at $24.99 your listing fee will be 5 cents less than before. On the other hand your final value fee will be 75 cents more.

The feedback issue is bound to blow up on them.
Makes me a little bit more leary in even wanting to sell.

All I see in this is that bay is putting the screws to the sellers again, the only ones who pay them.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:22:52 PST   Listings
Ken S… In my view, the standard feedback system has been a waste of time. In my admittedly unscientific research, I would bet that nearly 50% of all negative feedback has been retaliatory, and buyers are hesitant to leave complaints, even when fully justified, because they know they will get slapped right back.

I don’t think the number of deadbeat bidders will increase. That would involve someone making a conscious decision—“Hey, I think I’ll bid on this item and not pay simply because now my feedback will not be hurt” which would require a level of industry beyond the normal deadbeat’s habits. I agree with billsey that buyers are lazy, and deadbeat buyers are even more lazy.

There’s no way to make any feedback system perfect, and while I’m not endorsing this new plan unreservedly I think it’s worth seeing how it works out.

Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 09:03:06 PST   Listings
billsey, what do you think will happen to the percentage of non-paying bidders (now >10%) once they figure out no one can leave them a bad comment? What incentive do they have to complete a transaction when they develop a case of buyer's remorse?
Posted by billsey   ( 879 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:44:14 PST   Listings
Ken & Richard, my guess is that the 100x figure is a bit more than will actually happen, buyers typically are lazy. Look at feedback for other online sales sites, which currently only allow feedback left by buyers. Most sellers are still four or five stars out of five.

More likely would be more realistic feedback, with neutrals left for orders which went wrong but got fixed and negative for orders which went wrong and didn't get fixed. I'd expect more like a 10x change in neutral and negative, with problem sellers getting hurt worse than the good guys. This isn't a bad thing for buyers, but it does make it much harder for a seller to evaluate a potential buyer before the lot closes. I'd expect to see sellers being more free with their buyer blocks now, but most likely only after they've been burned at least once by a buyer. The smart seller will be going over old transactions and working toward using up that 5000 banned buyer limit based on past history.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:39:46 PST   Listings
Sniped by billsey…

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:38:25 PST   Listings
In addition to getting kicked off Wikipedia, which the administrator confirmed was for making himself a “pariah”, a certain someone seems to have been kicked off and banished from another philatelic chatboard for presumably the same personality traits he has exhibited so explosively here.

One could come to the conclusion that this person is just a big squalling baby, but perhaps that would be unfair.

stfae5… Charge 41 cents, unless you accept PayPal, then it is reasonable to increase your s/h fees to help cover your PayPal fees. The less you charge for s/h, the more it will please potential customers.

Posted by billsey   ( 879 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:35:55 PST   Listings
BTW, the $4.60 charge (Priority Mail most likely), will not get you out of the chargeback, since PM items aren't trackable to PayPal requirements.
Posted by billsey   ( 879 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:34:31 PST   Listings
stfae5, in general you should mail a stamp inside a glassine envelope or ziplock bag, with a 'cereal box' type cardboard stiffener, in a standard first class envelope. That will keep your costs down under $0.50 yet still protect the item. You probably shouldn't charge more than $1.00 or so for that level of service. Add $0.50 or so for international mail, since the stamp will cost $0.90 now instead of $0.41.

On the other hand, PayPal will not cover you for non-delivery if you mail that way, you have to be able to track the item online. That pretty much means registered mail, so you have to add the $7ish for any item that's expensive enough you can't afford to simply absorb the cost of a refund if the buyer chooses to file an 'item not received' complaint. :-(
Posted by stfae5   ( 0 )   on Jan-29-08 at 08:26:07 PST   Listings
I need help figuring out what to charge to mail a stamp. I am new to ebay and it seems kind of crazy to charge $4.60 to mail a stamp when I can put it in an envelope and mail it for 41 cents---protected of course.
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:26:04 PST   Listings
cobbie10, the entire buyer feedback system will quickly become irrelevant. Why bother? Who will even check buyer feedback after May?
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:20:16 PST   Listings
On the fee changes, they probably should have done the opposite -- hike listing fees (raise the threshold) and lower FVFs (encourage items which actually sell.) One of the biggest problems for me is navigating through all the junk which either shouldn't be listed in the first place or is priced too high to ever sell. This move will only encourage more of the same.
Posted by cobbie10   ( 6491 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:18:26 PST   Listings
On a serious note, it shouldn't surprise anyone when sellers stop leaving feedback - why waste your time when everyone is 100%? One unintended consequence: it will become just about impossible for new buyers to develop a "reputation" on the site

Because I feel that buyers are not going to bid on lots from sellers that do not leave feedback, so you could end up losing potential sales by not leaving any positives.

I'll still leave them, but I will be vetting my buyers much closer when they place bids. If they have a history of leaving negative feedbacks, their bids can be cancelled, although obviously this cannot happen on snipers.

Roll on May 1st ! LOL
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:09:57 PST   Listings
Richard, no doubt buyers will feel emboldened to leave negative feedback, whether deserved or not. "100-fold" might turn out to be conservative.
Posted by 1covers   ( 1374 ) on Jan-29-08 at 08:05:35 PST   Listings
Ken - My guess is that the total number of negative feedbacks given will increase 100 fold. The "warm and fuzzy" myth will soon evaporate and ebay will be forced to recognize the real extend of fraud committed on their site. Might apply less to stamp sales where fewer buyer know when they have purchased goods that really aren't what they think. They find that out only when they sell.
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 07:27:58 PST   Listings
cobbie10, just buy it and don't pay. The seller won't be able to leave you a negative, but you can leave HIM a negative for not completing the transaction. When he relists after your NPB, do the same thing again! Just keep adding negatives every time he relists and you'll have him booted in no time (for no reason.) BTW, if your first userID gets suspended, sign up for a new ID and start the NPBs & negatives all over again. You'll always have 100% positive feedback and the seller will look like a crook.

On a serious note, it shouldn't surprise anyone when sellers stop leaving feedback - why waste your time when everyone is 100%? One unintended consequence: it will become just about impossible for new buyers to develop a "reputation" on the site.

Posted by cobbie10   ( 6491 ) on Jan-29-08 at 07:10:12 PST   Listings
Anyone got $1¼m to spare ? You could own the very first $2 ever printed !

Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 06:47:09 PST   Listings
Just thinking about the feedback changes...the good news is that every buyer will now have 100% positive feedback. There's no ability for sellers to leave a negative, for any reason. Bounced checks? Non-pays? Doesn't matter - 100% positive!

I guess eBay has finally found a way to make their feedback system completely irrelevant. I can just see it now -- millions of scamming buyers registering new accounts come May 20th. There have been complaints that 10% of eBay sales are to deadbeat bidders. This ought to really help, LOL. Maybe they'll have 25% by 2009.

This has to be one of the dumbest things eBay has done, and believe me, they've done more than their share over the 12 years I've been here. As far as I'm concerned, they might as well just eliminate feedback entirely.

Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 06:12:02 PST   Listings
Sniped by 9 seconds! Darn.
Posted by srailkb   ( 3164 ) on Jan-29-08 at 06:11:18 PST   Listings
eBay will be announcing sweeping changes to fees & feedback today. The cost to use eBay will go way up for most; any savings from lower listing fees and free gallery will be more than offset by the huge increase in FVFs (from 5.25% to 8.75% on <$25 items for instance.) Also, in what will surely be considered a very "questionable" move, sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral feedback (yes, you read that right...)

Here are links with details on the coming new prices and changes to feedback

Posted by cobbiestamps   ( 376 ) on Jan-29-08 at 06:11:09 PST   Listings
New Ebay feedback rules as from May 2008 - including sellers no longer being able to leave negative or neutral feeback for buyers :


New Ebay fee structure from Feb 20th 2008 - including lower listing fees, free gallery, but higher FVF.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 05:20:27 PST   Listings
SAD DAY FOR THE CHATROOM Yesterday something happen here that was very disturbing to me and im surprised nobody else caught it .

Yesterday information about someones personal life outside of E-BAY was posted here ------THAT TO ME WAS GROSSLY WRONG .

You would not believe the access that one has to personnel records of each other legal records,marriage and divorce records,financial records all for sale on the internet .......


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 05:12:19 PST   Listings
DAVID B. ----I think you should let the issue about people senting e-mails to each other and new posters about not talking to PAUL and not communicating with me die.

Your getting into a area were E-BAY legal department could tell the watch committee/minitoring service to shut the board down .Im not the kind of person who would want that to happen........so becareful it could get to were someone else will see something and call it LIABLE......but for me , who cares -I don't .

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-29-08 at 05:04:30 PST   Listings
IOMOON------To expand on my earlier answer about ---the chemical reaction is due to a bleaching agent with the printers ink and othe constituents present . {that is from the S.G. GREAT BRITIAN VOL 1 Queen Victoria specialised stamp catalogue page 200 11th edition }...hope that clears it up .
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 04:44:05 PST   Listings
Oh, bjornmu,

I forgot to add three very important words.
Here they are, for your benefit and education:

Like I care!
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 04:37:06 PST   Listings

Your second statement is also patently false, and for the same obvious reason. Were you a person averse to indecent behavior, you would make critical demands of several regular visitors of this board long ago. You never did.

Therefore, the only reason of your aversion to me is ideological one. End of story.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 04:33:51 PST   Listings

The messages I mentioned were sent via eBay messaging system. You know perfectly well that these are being automatically deleted after a certain period of time; currently remaining messages are only those received in January. You are also perfectly aware of the fact that these messages were sent before January. And you are perfectly aware of the fact that I am not the kind of person who would save other people's private e-mails just because they contain compromising material (that is, my attitude, far from being a phobia, is called "decency" -- for those who are unfamiliar with the concept).

Therefore, your unjustified demand is clearly a provocation, nothing else.

Your previous "minor question," about friends, also was an insidious provocation.

I've noticed that in America and other English-speaking countries a definition of a "friend" is very vague. Usually, people call "friends" those with whom they are socially acquainted and, time to time, meet in pleasant social circumstances. I have dozens of such acquaintances but these aren't what I would call "friends." I have had seven real friends, people who would trust me, and to whom I would trust unconditionally, people who would come for help offering all their possessions and time if need would arise. Two of my friends are dead now, five are still alive.

Incidentally, how many real friends do you have, clever David?
Posted by bjornmu   ( 970 ) on Jan-29-08 at 03:35:06 PST   Listings
Alex, and now you're immediately accusing me of lying through your fautly logic, that's the kind of behaviour I don't accept. First, even if I de-watched your item you wouldn't notice if someone else watched it around the same time. Second, I never said I wouldn't watch the item (I still do), I only implied I wouldn't bid.

And you seem to know better then I what I like or not. No, I don't approve of some of your opinions but it's how you voice them and your behaviour towards others here that I object to.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8817 ) on Jan-29-08 at 03:08:51 PST   Listings
Alex, I think you have a phobia about internal emailers. As far as I know it occurs very little on this chat and the myth has been exacerbated by a particular person who also has the same phobia.

One of the comments you made before was about some emails you received which mentioned the same person's name. By any chance do you still have those emails as I would like to see them as personally as I doubt they existed and have only been mentioned by you to stir.

David B.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 03:02:20 PST   Listings

If you would like to know, what is really going on with Wikipedia, visit Wikipedia Review site. Hundreds of thousands of people are finally rebelling against what they call "a cabal of admins." It has been proven that Wikipedia administrators maintain and distribute behind the scenes black lists of users and editors not conforming with their prevailing leftist ideology (sort of like the local mafia on this board is trying to control it by private communication, only on much larger scale).

My involvement with Wikipedia was limited to translating some articles of interest into Russian, and suggesting to remove unscientific "consensus" argument from the locked "Global Warming" page. The latter move was naive: that page has its own 24/t Gestapo expelling everybody who even hints at the skeptical approach. As a result, the article is biased and unusable. The same can be said about most Wikipedia articles on controversial subjects.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 02:39:09 PST   Listings

Damn, I am tired today.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-29-08 at 02:37:19 PST   Listings

Most probably, your statement is false, because I've been watching closely the amount of watchers on My eBay, and during the day it only increased. Looking up to the perceived popular opinion will get you nowhere.

Anyway, it's not my behavior that you don't like, it's what I think, and the wat I think. Otherwise, you wouldn't condone pass up in silence the much worse behavior of your ideological comrades.

One thing I really don't understand: there seem to be enough grown-up people on this board but nobody ever tells that little prick to stop using the larger font size than everybody else. And you dare talking about fair judgment, Roger?
Posted by philaweb   ( 360 ) on Jan-28-08 at 23:39:57 PST   Listings
Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening!
Posted by bjornmu   ( 970 ) on Jan-28-08 at 23:37:50 PST   Listings
Yikes, what has this board turned into lately? Alex, I was watching an item of yours with the intent to bid but seeing your behaviour here I've lost any desire to have anything to do with you.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 22:43:40 PST   Listings
Yes, Rainer, I sincerely hope that senile synapses finally clicked, and some people understood today that their tolerance toward malicious and insidious behavior turns out to be a discrimination.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-28-08 at 21:44:20 PST   Listings
Billsey, you forgot to mention that they can all be plated and if you are keen enough to plate every position on every type of paper in every shade it can amount to thousands of variations and 4 margin examples are fairly easy to get except for the rarer stamps.

David B.
Posted by 22028   ( 1681 ) on Jan-28-08 at 21:38:06 PST   Listings
It seems it was a fruitful day here at the board... and iomoon, Dixey, phonetically spelled, is also the name of portable toilet cabins (Dixi) in Germany. Very famous..., i believe even used by US-Troups in Iraq.

To stay philatelic, jaywild at 20:48:17, the iraq cover is out of my philatelic interest.
Posted by chaswilly   ( 1685 ) on Jan-28-08 at 21:29:16 PST   Listings
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-28-08 at 21:29:13 PST   Listings
And thanks to Paul as well. CMR 1974 seems to have the best info, though they also tend to show many more shades than I'd wish. There were actually four major releases of this issue:

The 1st was in January 1871 and consisted of the 5B red, 10B yellow and 25B brown on white paper. Note that CMR lists ten shades for the 5B 1st printing, 9 shades of the 5B for the 2nd printing, three shades for the 10B 1st printing, 8 shades for the 2nd printing, four shades for the 25B 1st printing, and 7 shades for the 25B 2nd printing, as well as five papers on the 5B (3 1st, 3 2nd with 1 paper used in both printings), three papers for the 10B (only the white for the 1st printing, all three for the 2nd) and two papers on the 25B during 1st printing, one only during the 2nd printing.

The second release was at the end of 1871 and was of the 10B type I and the 15B red. CMR lists 9 shades for the 10B and 7 shades of the 15B for that printing, all but one on white paper, one of the 10B was on yellow paper.

The third release was the perforated issue in Feb-Mar of 1872 with seven shades for the 5B on white paper, and one shade on yellow paper; seven shades for the 10B on white paper, one on yellow paper; and seven shades for the 25B on white paper with (again) one shade on yellow paper.

The last release was again imperforate in Aug-Oct 1872 with the Type II 10B in four shades, with both white and yellow papers for most, as well as the laid paper and a cream colored paper. This was also the release of the 50B, with two shade combinations for it's 1st printing and four shade combos for the 2nd printing.

Needless to say, my pages won't be quite that complex! :-) I'm doing it in only two pages with only paper varieties, (actually a page and a half since the whiskers issue takes up half the first page... It's a lot simpler)
Posted by claghorn1p   ( 414 ) on Jan-28-08 at 21:28:46 PST   Listings
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Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-28-08 at 21:05:44 PST   Listings

Dixey is phonetically correct, even if misspelled.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-28-08 at 20:58:41 PST   Listings

Due to the admixture of prussiate of potash into the paper.
As my earlier post indicated, it was still in use in 1884.
Not exactly sure of the chemical reaction.
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-28-08 at 20:56:31 PST   Listings
Thanks Alec, that was exactly the info I was looking for. I'll hold off on opening boxes trying to find my Michel then, since they aren't as specialized for Romania as they normally are for other countries.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-28-08 at 20:50:38 PST   Listings
Postal, on the 1841 1d. Reds the blueing which caused a cameo effect to the Queens Head on the reverse are known as Ivory Heads. They was caused by accident, the later Blued papers were printed on purpose as a method to stop the cleaning of pen marks, rubber stamp ink markings & cancellations,

David B.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-28-08 at 20:48:17 PST   Listings
Rainer… I think this might be later than items you collect, but thought I would point it out anyway.

Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3864 ) on Jan-28-08 at 20:11:39 PST   Listings

Paul - thanks

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 20:05:59 PST   Listings
not familiar with any cameo heads on the blues ,maybe ask someone else or they can answer .
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3864 ) on Jan-28-08 at 19:56:30 PST   Listings

PAUL - is that the same reason for the so-called cameo heads on the 2d blues etc?


Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 19:51:02 PST   Listings
POSTALHYSTERIA ----The early blueing of British stamps was the result of chemical action between the paper which was greyish white and the fugitive inks introducted in 1841 ,by 1857 the blueing was eliminated .
Posted by postalhysteria   ( 3864 ) on Jan-28-08 at 19:33:55 PST   Listings

zilcho - see if you can find a used Brookman catalog, maybe one a couple years old here on eBay. Understand that condition is everything and retailers usually discount pretty good off Brookman. But if you find a better stamp you can then do a stamp search on eBay by the catalog number and see what the history for that item is.

IO & David - what was the purpose of the blueing?


And it's Dixie.

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 19:31:45 PST   Listings
BILLSEY Here is the brake down that I have ------10b yellow-laid paper,.....10b orange -white wove paper,,10b orange yellow - white wove paper and 10b orange-- yellowish wove paper.

On the 5b red,rose,rose carmine vermillion all on white wove paper 5b vermillion----on yellowish wove paper ,....5b rose red {perf}on white wove paper.....hope this helps

Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-28-08 at 19:29:58 PST   Listings
ant-ra… I was interested in the cover, but the cancel is completely unreadable. (I even emailed the seller—he can’t read it either.)

I will settle—someday—for a cover with the date of the actual battle.

Posted by sneeky37   ( 237 ) on Jan-28-08 at 19:21:49 PST   Listings

sneeky 37
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 18:33:19 PST   Listings
Sorry Bill gestreift translates as laid paper not chalky
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 18:29:12 PST   Listings
Billsey Michel Ost 1999 only states for the 1871 issue one colour for the 10 Bani Orange, imperf Mi 27. issued between 1st and 13th January. They do however list a Mi 27x as being gestreiftes Papier (chalky paper) With footnote that forgeries exist of the Mi 27x.
The 5 Bani 1872 Perf 12 1/2 has two listings Mi 32a Karmin and Mi 32b Zinnober. I'm not sure if Michel do a Romania Spezial catalogue but I see no mention of different papers in the general Michel Ost.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-28-08 at 18:28:29 PST   Listings
J.D. Way Kewl cover. I wondered what it would have brought with a well centered Pink?
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-28-08 at 18:17:08 PST   Listings
NOIP… Nice realization here. Almost 1000 looks were taken at the lot, which usually means ferocious bidding.

Posted by dcderoo   ( 1718 ) on Jan-28-08 at 18:14:53 PST   Listings
zilchco, head to your local library and find the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogues.
Way too expensive to buy just for price info.
Posted by zilchco   ( 9 ) on Jan-28-08 at 18:04:17 PST   Listings
can anyone reccomend a reputable stamp price guide, i have mostly US and game stamps
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-28-08 at 17:59:20 PST   Listings
Thanks Mike in NY.

I am now convinced that people using an 1884 cancel to indicate a blued stamp are just whistling dixey.

Pity so many eBay newbies seem to fall for the subterfuge.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-28-08 at 17:56:55 PST   Listings
Stamphick David, sorry it was not clear (although it seemed to be)

Your quoting of Harry T. (a Democrat also makes me cause to pause).
A fine quote but I am rather questioning the context or meaning you might have (although it also seemed clear). Double speak can be fun but when the $#ei+ hits the fan, riddles can be confusing and unproductive.
Posted by billsey   ( 878 ) on Jan-28-08 at 17:47:21 PST   Listings
Anyone with the appropriate Michel handy: The 1871-2 Prince Carol with Beard stamps of Romania were printed on several different papers, in many different shades. I'd like to know the Michel numbers for the various 10 Bani yellow/orange. I'm guessing they'll list various shades on either white paper, yellowish paper or on vertically laid paper. Same question on the 5 Bani, white paper, yellowish paper, gray paper and rose paper.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:58:40 PST   Listings

I hope my interpreting ability is not questioned any more?

If so, I am done here for today, have lots of work.

See you when I see you.
Posted by meostamps   ( 99 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:55:56 PST   Listings
IO...In my SG QV 13th edition, under 1880/1900 surface-printed General notes...Blue paper.."The practice of adding Prussian blue to Anchor paper ceased in 1884." page 299. No specific date mentioned. Mike in NYC
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:55:35 PST   Listings

You may be interested to know that Wikipedia has had many huge problems lately. It has been banned as a source of information in schools and universities, it hired a convicted felon as a treasurer, and ine of its senior admins happened to be an MI5 agent, of all things.

Ny little brawl with "Global Warming" page Cerberus started when he posted my private email on public forum. I complained to the British Arctic Survey, where he is employed, and they apologized for him.

I consider global warming hysteria to be one of the most dangerous mass manipulation schemes of our time, dangerous politically and economically. This is why, coincidentally, I was outraged when I came to this chat board to talk about stamps, and found jaywild and Rainer exchanging inane comments assuming the AGW to be an axiomatic article of faith. To find this ubiquitous propaganda on this board was the last straw to break camel's back.
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:31:05 PST   Listings
Io, yes, I have seen plenty of late 1884 usage which are definitely on White paper with no sign of blueing.

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:19:49 PST   Listings

Am I to construe from your last statement that you have encountered stamps from 1884 which are not blued?
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:14:25 PST   Listings
IO, quoting from 1st. Edition,

The stamps were at first printed normally blued, the blueing varying from deep to light. In 1884 a change was made to white paper without any normal blueing.

I doubt if anyone has ever studied the records, if they exist of when the change to white paper was.

Personally I check all of the values which are dated 1884 to see if they have any blueing, any dated later than 1884 I automatically presume that have had a blue rinse,

David B.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:06:44 PST   Listings
antonius-ra...Sorry, but either I was not clear or you misinterpreted what I wrote. I was not referring to paul who rarely if ever make personal attacks.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-28-08 at 16:04:26 PST   Listings
The board has been saved to disc.

Alexander I have to bring your interpretting ability into question. Stamphick Was not speaking about Jaywild or Jeff. He was speaking about Paul.
Paul has busted this boards arse for far to long. You would not know because your knowledge of the boards history is much limited. With your obvious intelligence you should know that posting provocative comments on a chat board or in any mixed group is bound to insure backlash. You have made many comments that are quite controversial and provoking regarding national and ethnic tendencies. You should know that this board is 99% lacking of idiots. Most here are pretty good with the history thingy. If you had not made many inflamitory comments in some of your earlier posts (first one to Rainer who is well regarded here), you would not have garnished some ill will from others. Hey, this board is supposed to be about stamp collecting. Although when we get bored it can drift to other subjects (ethnic/nationalistic bashing, politics and religion have been found to not be ones that work).
I do know that Jaywild and Jeff are good guys. I think a few earlier encounters between you and them were unfortunate.
It maybe that they owe you more of an apology than you owe them but I would not like to bet that. I would hope apologies might be forthcoming from all.
Bascially without their apologies you are threatening to ruin this board.
I do think that is a tad against ebay rules regarding chatboard behavior.

I've been waiting for apologies for ignorant and slanderous statements directed to me from Paul for many years (and i'm not alone).
I'm not holding my breath though. His posts at least continue to show exactly what kind of person he is (I could not imagine reporting one)

Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:51:33 PST   Listings

Would such information not be in the De La Rue archives?
Surely someone must know, considering the price differential between the blue and white paper.
I'm thinking July 1885 must be a SG typo, which should have been July 1884.
Posted by jaywild   ( 1042 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:48:48 PST   Listings
NOIP… Somewhere in Russia, a village is missing its idiot.

Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:43:56 PST   Listings
Paul, with friends like you, I don't need any enemies,

IO, in the 1st. edition of QV Specialised it states,


Blued paper, 1st. April 1884,
White paper, Rose 1884
Crimson 1890?.
I doubt if anyone knows when the White paper was issued but I would presume about June 1884 and any cancelled before would be Blued paper and any cancelled up to about the end of 1884 may be.

David B.
Posted by iomoon   ( 1057 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:30:30 PST   Listings
Does anyone know the real date of issue of the Victoria GB 5/- rose on white paper with anchor watermark, perf 14?

K12 in Gibbons specialized which contradictorarily states the white paper were issued in 1884 and July 1885.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:25:20 PST   Listings
Posted by dbenson   ( 8816 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:20:34 PST   Listings

this makes interesting reading,


Just a minor question, apart from Paul do you have any friends,

David B.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 15:00:34 PST   Listings

Never use machine translation, it's never right.

Nobody makes you read anything. But if you read my messages, and disagree with them, find an argument that would convince me that you are an intelligent person capable of having an informed point of view.

Worst regards,

Alexander Feht
Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:56:28 PST   Listings
Mitchell -

It must have been a whiff. Anyway I'm a duck, what with jumping into the water and not minding my feet getting wet, and it always slides off my back.

Changing the subject. Have read any of the recent research about the different species of Albatross? They were always of interest to me, but now they are my favorite bird. 10ft wing span, circle the globe 500 miles per day, not landing except for mating. Well, we all have to land sometimes, just a matter of where and for what reason. Their's seems to be the best reason, keep flying until you feel the need, then start flying again. )'>) I guess they don't have time for stamps.

Well, it's off to work to keep the planes in the air. My contribution to global warming in a round-about way. I must say it is encouraging to see young adults coming through the check-point and say to me, "you were my sub at Kelalahehe". They are 6 years older and sometimes with kids of their own, but they didn't forget who taught them to think. Wish sometimes the adults coming through the check point were smarter!

Posted by breffington   ( 402 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:55:00 PST   Listings
AFEHT:Please don't make people reading your statements on this board think you a man of:отсутствие культуры.
Best regards,Frank
Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:47:52 PST   Listings
Mitch...Because you do not agree with me does not mean that you are my enemy -- Harry Truman
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:45:02 PST   Listings
MITCH -----CRAPPY is not a word that I use ,maybe lower quality or not what Swiss collector standards are .Since your so well listen too here maybe you can tell people the same for me ........na {just a thought }
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:41:34 PST   Listings
More true than that???????????????????????????
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:40:46 PST   Listings
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:40:21 PST   Listings
VONBAG-----You need to start telling the truth ,or people are not going to believe you
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:38:13 PST   Listings
PETER That stamp isn't even what I call junk ,its trash basket material-------$31.00 in bids ,wow
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:34:16 PST   Listings
""NOBODY IS SUEING NO NOBODY HERE ...we are all friends here""

Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:32:37 PST   Listings
Alexander I cannot, ever, remember posting anything negative towards you. On the contrary, I have tried to be friendly to you. Even though I don't agree with much you say I think your philatelic contribution to the stamp board could be quite benificial.
Perhaps you do not recall the frist post here directed to you. You had asked why some of your auctions were not getting any bids. Paul responded quickly that it was because your stamps were crappy.
Also, I have actually asked a couple people to stop confonting you as I don't see it amounting to anything but
discontent on the board.

Stamphick David, it is no secret that we do not agree on many things. I do think your comment of 13:28:36 PST.
"That is a really odd statement considering that the personal attacks alleged were made against the person who practically invented the stamp chat personal attack."
Is absolutely spot on, and is more than anything responsible for the tenor of the board.

Roger Gee, I'm sorry buddy but I do not remember slapping you around. I must have been sleep surfing.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:31:43 PST   Listings
LOW END MATERIAL-----Doesn't mean junk its the stuff like the complete set that catalogs $3.00 and been at $3.00 for the past 20 years,or the complete set of MNH stuff from the past 10 years ,these are getting high returns from the person who purchase that stuff in a binder at 1/6 catalog or 1/10 catalog at auction,thats what is getting 1/2 catalog or better .
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:31:27 PST   Listings
Paul Disagree with junk going down, who in their right mind is going to buy this:- 230214557300 maybe its plate 11 somewhere:-)

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:26:41 PST   Listings
PETER I notice the same thing as you. Prices are moving upward in a lot of different areas ,some faster than others. Also a lot of low end material keeps pushing near catalog value.

On my computer there are about five big sellers that I watch almost everyday just to get a idea of what sells and how it goes.Prices on complete sets and better material are getting stronger .The junk has gone down in price but the collectible market is better than in the past .Wonder if the indiviual seller is sold out and the professionals are now paying higher prices to find decent material.....paul

Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:10:33 PST   Listings
Paul You are absolutely correct about putting up scans and helping others with questions. Sometimes think you need a new scanner though:-)

Changing the subject is there an upward trend in prices on eBay? Reason I ask is because in the past 6 months or so I notice in my specialist area (British Central Africa)many new bidders fighting from listing day and pushing up prices often to 50% or more of cat. Gone are the times when I could make last minute snipes at 25% of cat more often than not I am way out. Often the material is poor quality/fiscal or fake as well. Welcome thoughts or comparisons with other areas.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 14:03:23 PST   Listings
No, I am not kidding, Roger. I can only repeat what I said: you know absolutely nothing about my political views for the simple reason that I never discussed them here.

My statement is confirmed by the fact that all your guesses about my political views are way of the mark. Not surprising, since -- and I say it the third time -- I never explained or defined my political views on this board.
Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:54:39 PST   Listings
"forgot to remind you that you know absolutely nothing about my political views for the simple reason that I never discussed them here."

You are kidding, right?

I assume you didn't read the about "shibai", suggest you look up definition of "infer". Not difficult to determine your poltical persuasion. "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:51:36 PST   Listings
PETER------Your right ,but you need to see that community values and respect are not extended to all .How many times have I put up a scan to help a eusc member but never given a "thanks" but I do get them from visitors and a few {very few}members .

READ DOWM----to ALEC comment about who has to respect who ,you think for one minute that I don't know wants their plan and intentions are ......

Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:48:35 PST   Listings
Paul By other board members I was refering to, "anyone" who posts on this board. To my mind the board belongs to any ebay member who decides to post a message here.So hopefully my earlier comment is also clarified to all. The Eusc does not control this chat ebay does. I include therefore any attacks made on you as being unwarranted also. I admit I don't always agree with your comments made either and I have in the past openly said so. But the same applies to comments made by others also that certainly come across as being insulting, even if not intentionally meant to be as such.

Alex You really do not know me well enough to know who here I class as friends and I most certainly do not agree with every comment made here by the as you call it,"some kind of a closely knit (and rather stale) group of individuals who know each other." Yes many regulars here do know each other but I don't know anyone here well enough to consider them a friend.I certainly have never had the fortune to meet any in person. Though that doesn't stop me helping out with some issue or another whenever I can. Yes I am friendly with a few but only on the basis of exchanging or helping out on a philatelic issue. So please don't go tarring everyone with the same brush when you cannot know all the facts. I consider myself very much an individual and as such I do not always take the side of one party or the other.

Roger At first I thought your earlier post was directed at me. Please note the different spellings Alex and Alec. Mine ends with the "c".

I've seen enough for one day. I'm off to do more important things with my life.

Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:43:40 PST   Listings
Paul It has nothing to do with EUSC, it is all about community values and respect as Roger just mentioned. In case you are feeling persecuted, I for one enjoy your posts just because you say what you feel couched with a certain brand of humour that is probably lost on some:-).
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:42:35 PST   Listings
Oh, Roger, forgot to remind you that you know absolutely nothing about my political views for the simple reason that I never discussed them here. My making several observations about historical responsibility of the mass-murdering nations could be found in any (contemporary) textbook, these are not exactly my personal views.

Don't be ridiculous.
Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:39:12 PST   Listings
Actually I have been hoping for a change in the laws that would allow George W to run for a 3rd term.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:38:54 PST   Listings

You are simply blind, or you are intentionally putting things upside down.

It's your friend jaywild who needs to learn to behave. And if you, being "appointed a judge of what is right and wrong, out of date and irrelevant to a Stamp Chat Board," decided to overlook and condone his behavior for so long, you lose all authority and all respect, no matter who appointed you, and how.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:35:11 PST   Listings
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:32:30 PST   Listings

Very good news. I was worried about that bill. But they will try again and again: you know that...

Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:30:37 PST   Listings
Alex -
The only time I've heard political chants about Nazis and FASCISTS was during the 1960's and watching newreels of Europe during the 1930's. Except, of course more recently from you. You not recognizing outdated slogans makes my point.

In Hawaii there is a word that reflects the smoke and mirrors of politics you discuss. It's called "shibai". That's what I think of your political views and why you try to pound them into our brains is beyond my comprehension. Life ain't fair! I agree, but I'm not interested in your continuous rant against us all for want of a couple of personal slights. Grow up, toughen up, everyone who doesn't like your political fervor is not a Fascist. You are using the typical bullying attitiude of kids in school who have no other way of attracting attention than saying to everyone when asked to behave, "Make me!"

I have been appointed judge of what is right and wrong, out of date and irrelevant to a Stamp Chat Board. I guess you didn't realize but there are probably another 100 here who were also appointed. It's called community values, and you are not meeting the standards of this community with your onging rants about Nazis and Fascists.

Come up with something new and philatelic, I will be more than pleased to applaud your collecting efforts and knowledge.

Posted by stamphick!   ( 338 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:28:36 PST   Listings
Alex Personal attacks on other board members here are simply not welcome

That is a really odd statement considering that the personal attacks alleged were made against the person who practically invented the stamp chat personal attack.

afeht...The remote thermostat bill in California is kaput, although that it was considered at all seems to me to justify your criticism.
Posted by mini*lindy   ( 578 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:27:23 PST   Listings

Milenko - well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lego. I love the work of Escher, and that guy's attempts at Escher Lego are very good!
Thanks for sharing
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:23:17 PST   Listings

I propose -- openly, unlike your "friends" -- not to give them an inch from now on. Either they learn real tolerance and respect toward others, or they will get their own medicine tenfold.
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:20:25 PST   Listings
ALEX ------You were not here yet but ROGER use to be fair and took the high road in these types of exchanges .But that all changed after MITCH slapped him around a few months ago because he asked someone what they collected when that party was insulting me . Now after getting slapped a few by Mitch he has been quiet.

Oh by the way there are people here who do forward those e-mails to me ,they trust me not to disclose who they are .

Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:16:48 PST   Listings

I appreciate your attempt to make peace, but no. Unless jaywild and postalhysteria apologize, this is the end of your comfy banquet here. Enough!
Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:14:12 PST   Listings
Roger Yes I will save this page it's becoming quite memorable:-)
ALL Everyone is welcome here including newcomers. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but also, please respect the opinion of others.
Can we please keep our posts friendly, fun and mostly on topic?
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:09:35 PST   Listings

I don't know what "outdated slogans" you are talking about. Please be more factual in your statements. Your post, addressed to me, is all vapors and no substance.

Somehow, however, I get an impression that you are telling me what to say, and what not to say. Also, I get an impression that you appoint yourself a judge of what is right, what is wrong, whout is contemporary, and what is outdated.

What an arrogance, indeed!
Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-28-08 at 13:01:32 PST   Listings
Peter -

Save this page. All the information during the Meeting can be used as reference. But I guess you mean as a referecen for future visitors.

I agree all the HTML, image, etc informaiton here is worth keeping. The rest, just edit out. )'>)

Posted by greenwave4u   ( 84 ) on Jan-28-08 at 12:55:11 PST   Listings
Billsey Many thanks for your posts/ideas on making web pages, I for one learnt a lot. Any chance of tucking it away somewhere on IUSC?

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 12:53:55 PST   Listings
NOTICE THE WORDING ----------INFLA-ALEC said Personel attacks on OTHER BOARD MEMBERS here are simply not welcome ...................OH!!!!! ok but if your not a member its open season for insults and foul language and nobody will say anything ......oh ok now I understand the ground rules here ... from corn-fused in Chicago .
Posted by malolo   ( 875 ) on Jan-28-08 at 12:53:47 PST   Listings
Alec -
There seems to be a certain sophistication in political discussions here that you seem to miss. You make brown shirt, nazi, red, etc, statments that have no bearing on the views expressed by others. If you are so pissed off about how you've been treated in the US find another venue which cares what you think.

When you first started posting here I thought, "ah, an expert on Russia adding to the internaitonal flavor of the Board." But instead we got someone who seems to be stck in the past and accuses anyone who disagrees of having 1930's political views.

Like you I emigrated to the US and served this country during war. Don't use that reason as an excuse to write anything you wish. It is not valid. You are making an ass out of yourself by coming here and making outrageous statements then appealing to all as the victim. Get over it! Nobody really cares what you think if you are just going to use outdated slogans.


What arrogance!

Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 12:45:44 PST   Listings
NOBODY IS SUEING NO NOBODY HERE ...we are all friends here .

You can not sue anybody for whats said on a public chat room ,especially if it is political in nature .

To have a legal lawsuit you have to first prove your as innocent as white snow. You can't have a on going discussion over time turn into a one posting lawsuit ......your own lawyers will walk away from you .

Posted by lluehhhb   ( 336 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:40:43 PST   Listings
For a change...

Today's is the 50th birthday of LEGO bricks!

Here is a nice timeline plus some curious facts.

And my personal favorite: M. C. Escher drawings made with LEGO bricks! be sure to check "Ascending and Descending" and "Relativity"
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:35:50 PST   Listings
infla-alec, I don't see any reason to be lenient toward a person who tried hard to insult me in any possible way since the moment I stepped on this board. Next time you talk about personal attacks, talk to him first.

Secondly, becoming American doesn't mean fawning forever about your new surroundings. On the contrary, being free means, among other things, to be free to criticize the political system and the government of the country you live in.

Thirdly, Gooffalo Jim regularly allows himself chap shots at the current U.S. government. Why don't you tell him to move somewhere else.

Fourthly, be careful! I won my US citizenship by risking my life. Which means that I have more reason to stay where I am than all welfare wards who were born into freedom but chose to ride on my back.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:29:16 PST   Listings
Apoligies for the bold screw up below. I'll say no more on the subject no matter what provocation is thrown in the ring.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:27:10 PST   Listings
Alex Personal attacks on other board members here are simply not welcome.Not by you or anyone else for that matter. By now we all know what your political beliefs are. I'm not even going to try and stop you making such comments if that is what you wish to do. What I really don't undertsand though Alex is you obviously an intelligent person who emigrated to the US to enjoy a much better lifestyle than which you had before in Russia or wherever. Yet nearly every time you post a message you either condemn US politics or slag off some form of the US government system. If it's that bad then move somewhere else for heaven's sake.

However if you want to call someone a Nazi no matter how much you try and disguise the intended persons name you are accusing making such a statement on an open chat board could I believe under US laws leave you open to being sued.

Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:14:11 PST   Listings

To me, a brown shirt is any patrioteer who doesn't tolerate the differing point of view, and resorts to malicious bee-hive attacks on his opponent, being unable to stand on his own. Red shirt quickly becomes brown one, and vice versa, depending on what substance it is soaked in at the moment.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:07:49 PST   Listings

You are talking to a straw man. I don't believe in any god, and there are no rights "given" on this long-suffering planet, messed up by good intentions more than by anything else -- there are only freedoms taken and protected by the armed force.

On the other note, I suspect that one of Paul's peacock overprints (the one on a brown stamp in the middle, marked as worth 16 pounds) is genuine. Just a hunch, I don't know much about Burmese stamps.
Posted by antonius-ra   ( 667 ) on Jan-28-08 at 11:05:50 PST   Listings
Seems I'm not the only one to get email today. It amazes me that anyone would fall for such crap but some must on occasion. Not sure what the stronger influence is here, greed or stupidity. I sure would not want to be those guys if the IRS catches up with them.

It is most curious to me how some people percieve what a Brown shirt (nazi) is? Somehow it oftens seems to be totally opposite to my interpretation.

Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:55:58 PST   Listings
Hey, Alex, for heaven's sake - don't let other people's good intentions interfere with your God-given right to mess up the world. Frankly, I don't think the two instances are comparable ...
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:44:44 PST   Listings
Re: Being Imprisoned for Possession of a Fax Machine

Burma may not be as far from home as you think. In California, for example, the new law will give a State Government the right to remotely control thermostats in private homes, on envirohysterical grounds. Down the yellow-brick Road to Serfdom we go, and of course it's paved with good intentions...
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:32:21 PST   Listings

Sometimes painful explanation of the obvious is the only protection from unfounded accusations. Preventive maintenance, so to speak.

Besides, Paolo overreacted. Why don't you tell him to lighten up?

As to Gooffalo Jim, I know a stuffed brown shirt when I see one, all his camouflage PC Newspeak notwithstanding. On his deathbed he will curse the day he dared to lock horns with an Unavoidable Russian from Hell.
Posted by 19thcentpostal   ( 229 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:19:39 PST   Listings
Playing hookey today and here is the reason. Lynn
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:12:13 PST   Listings
"Italian stamp collectors are not responsible for the stupidity of the current volatile Italian government". Really? I never would have known ...
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:11:14 PST   Listings
3emarketeers Sadly no not woth listing on ebay as one lot even as the costs alone of listing would i doubt even cover the price realised. Maybe $1-2 if you were lucky. Though the 3 and 5 cents have Plate numbers they might add a few cents to the final price but I don't have any idea as to which US Plate numbers have any real value. But very few US mint stamps from that era have ever increased in value. Check out similar lots ended on ebay and you will see what I mean. You can buy mint stamps at well below face value.
Posted by sayasan   ( 741 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:10:01 PST   Listings
Crikey, afeht, lighten up a bit, eh? Paolo comments on Paul's cheap shot at Italy and you find that a pretext to label Jim a Nazi? So he has a different outlook to you. Get over it.

David and Linda - many thanks for the comments and help. I've seen David George's signature next to that of Nelson Eustis on a 1969 Burma Ross Smith anniversary cover (Eustis carried these on the flight from Burma and put them into the mail at Singapore), so I think he may have been one of the flight organisers/committee or whatever. So the Leski suggestion sounds good - thanks.

Nelson Eustis tried to lick Burma into philatelic shape as a consultant around 1970-71, but he didn't get far. They set up a "State Philatelic Advisory Board" which lasted for two issues, he managed to get a bunch of trivial Burma-related articles into Linn's, and they issued, at his suggestion, a single miniature sheet (with printed perforations, oddly) but on a deadly dull political theme. Thankfully, his advice to issue lots of brightly coloured topicals was turned down by the killjoy generals. In 1999 he wrote up his recollections of his days in Burma for "Australasian Stamps" - very interesting. In 1996 he was in Burma on some numismatic contract, and shared a fax machine with Leo Nichols, a businessman who acted as honorary consul for Norway and other countries. Nichols was later arrested for illegal possession of a fax machine(!) and died in Insein prison. That's Burma for you.

Interesting comments on Gee. I have in my keeping, among the papers of the late Gerald Davis, what look like direct strikes of some of the dies illustrated, rather blotchily, in the Robson Lowe booklet, Burma peacocks included. His dies, or close imitations of them, are about the most frequent peacock forgeries encountered, and some of them are tricky. I think Paul has one or two, judging by that recent link. So hey, I'm a Gee fan on that account alone. Just waiting for news of his passing so I can write him up in my "Who WAS Who of Burma Philately" (ongoing project).

Thanks, all, Richard W.

Posted by 3emarketeers   ( 1751 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:06:12 PST   Listings
Thanks so much afeht! I appreciate it.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 10:02:10 PST   Listings

No, they aren't. Plate number blocks could sell for 50 cents, but eBay fees will swallow half of your $1 even if they sell, which I doubt. Most American stamps issued after 1920s are worth virtually nothing.
Posted by 3emarketeers   ( 1751 ) on Jan-28-08 at 09:47:49 PST   Listings
Hello everyone, Someone brought me these stamps into my consignment shop and I am wondering if anyone here can tell me if they are worth trying to sell on ebay for them. Thanks so much in advance for any help. Angela

Here is a link to a picture of them. They are unused and only have a face value of 62 cents.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 09:40:56 PST   Listings
I must add that I don't support the statement that "Italians and stamps don't mix." That is not true, and Italian stamp collectors are not responsible for the stupidity of the current volatile Italian government.
Posted by afeht   ( 1253 ) on Jan-28-08 at 09:30:09 PST   Listings

The latest Italian Fiume stamp (and the Italian text on it, as you are certainly aware) is clearly provocative. Considering the current explosive situation in the Balkans, it seems very strange that Italian authorities would decide to issue this stamp. Considering that Croatians, generally, are Italian allies in matters related to the Muslim endemic hatred of Western civilization, this stamp is even weirder.

When somebody would write that Russians litter not-so-pristine Abu Dhabi beaches with empty vodka bottles, or that Russian soldiers raped practically every East German woman in 1945, I don't get upset about such "sweeping generalizations," and you know why? Because they are true.

Yes, many individual Russians opposed the Soviet regime and its crimes, but Russian nation in general, as a whole, supported it, and condoned its crimes. Yes, many Germans opposed Nazi regime, escaped from it or were persecuted by it, but the whole German nation, as a whole, supported the Nazi regime, and condoned its crimes.

Russia and Germany bear responsibility for the mass murders they committed as nations. An individual Russian or German may be innocent; as nations, Russians, Germans, Japanese and Turks are guilty forever, without redemption. In this respect it should be noted that Italians as a nation, despite Mussolini and his antics, demonstrated a much more humane, civilized character in modern history.

There is nothing more repulsive and primitive than patriotism, the last refuge of Gooffalo Jim and his American Nationalist Socialist ilk.
Posted by infla-alec   ( 574 ) on Jan-28-08 at 08:54:38 PST   Listings
Online Presentation I also must admit to admiring the way many here have already managed to master the skills needed to put their collections online. So just a thanks from me for showing just what can be done.
I can't say I have even begun to understand half of how it is accomplished but it sure is nice to see.

Paolo Regarding modern Italian stamps I was told that sometime recently Italy decided to issue a stamp which was given free to all children under 18 on request. One was pink and the other blue depending on the sex of the applicant. Am I correct in understanding that this issue was not taken up in any great numbers by the youth of Italy and as such the Italian post has destroyed any existing copies ? Thus making those in the hands of the youth quite scarce and extremely sought after . Unfortunately I don't have an image to show anyone here which issue I refer to but perhaps you are able to show an image via your Italian contacts ?

As for the Fiume thing Italy isn't the only country to issue a stamp that causes offence to another. In recent times 2005? even the UK post has withdrawn a 68p Christmas stamp I think it was because it "might" offend some non Christian religion I think it was. I have this stamp on cover and kept it just in case someone i know wasn't able to get a copy. No idea how valuable such stamps might become in the future and to be frank I don't care. When the day arrives that philately for me becomes all about monetary value it will be the day I am selling up for good. Which isn't something I ever intend to do.
Posted by jim_lawler   ( 1464 ) on Jan-28-08 at 08:38:34 PST   Listings
Still no computer at home. :8^(
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 08:07:32 PST   Listings
All of my non-profit foreign relations (in this language) are hereby once again interrupted by myself.
Paolo Bagaglia
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 06:34:46 PST   Listings
Posted by stamps12345   ( 225 ) on Jan-28-08 at 05:44:19 PST   Listings
BILL S. Nice collection and very nice layout .Too much time spent on all that software work and layout stuff. It must take away from your collection time . Good presentation.
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 05:26:12 PST   Listings
P.S. I will open the thread right now. Maybe also on F&F forum.
Posted by vonbag   ( 207 ) on Jan-28-08 at 05:23:54 PST   Listings
"See the Italians are up to go good and starting trouble again .......more later"

"STAMPS and ITALIANS don't mix ,they started trouble once with their Fiume stamps and now as can be expected here we go again ---------- italians again ....paul "

Apart from the rather explicit categorical and racial content of what written above,
which could be taken as an offense to all Italian collectors -- and of which I am outraged! --,
these are OLD NEWS!
It has been already thoroughly discussed on eBay.it Forum "Francobolli" (make search for FIUME) and not (only) in broken Italian. The problem, from what I gathered, originates from "a last minute" protest of the right Croatian wing because the initial date of Issue, in October, was coincidentally during the Croatian elections: the Croatian authorities were already aware and had allowed the Issue that had been planned and proposed in that form already from several months before.
The last "Fiume stamp" was Issued on 10 December 2007, after having been blocked from being Issued on October 31 (?).
However, some sheets and a number of single pieces were sold accidentally - or incidentally - before. There are a number of FDCs of October which are very sought after.
We stamp collectors didn't design and plan the Issue of this stamp. Furthermore, I am not interested about contemporary stamps if not for their graphical execution and mean of commemoration/communication.

I might open a topic focusing on these badly worded assertions on the Italian Forum of eBay.it, which is read by several collectors and sellers,
Paolo Bagaglia